The Summer is Getting Hotter

I cannot wait for the new album to drop. Miami's weather is going to be warm compared to M.I.A.'s new album.

I can't help NOT posting this song. From the opening Pharcyde sample to the "Dt-Dt-Dt on your mobile phone" chorus... this track is HOT. It's from the UK release of her last album Arular (production credits for this track include a "Q. Jones".

The track is remixed by L.A.'s Luvtek who just finished remixing Justice's (heard of them?) The Party.
"U-R-A-Q-T! Is your dad a dealer? Cuz you're dope to me!"
MP3: URAQT (Luvtek Remix)


Unknown said...

I thought the lyrics were "Is your dad a dealer, cause you're dope to me." Like, dope dealer. Either way, AWESOME remix and thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

I caught that this morning and fixed it. I was reading it over and was like, "that doesn't make sense...".

And the whole reason I put that lyric there was because of that analogy. Too much time staring at the computer I guess.

Thanks for noticing it though! Nice to know the posts are read and it's not just a jump to a download.

Unknown said...

I read it all, and I appreciate the explanations and backstories on the songs. It makes it more than a music blog, y'know? Thanks for the online shout out, and so happy you liked the article!
Patrice AKA Afrobella