Let The Beats Rollllll.........

If you like your beats big then look no further than Skint Records the home of Fatboy Slim and The Lo Fidelity Allstars. They are release a few EP called Let the Beats Roll. It has some remixes of old hits, rare classes and new tracks all wrapped up into one neat zip file. It is definitely a party album. Not exactly the type of stuff you go to sleep to.

Get the EP here. (Note you will have to sign up for the Skint Newsletter, but you can always unsubscribe after.)

01 Kool Roc Bass - Lo Fidelity Allstars
02 Give It - X-Press 2
03 Right Here Right Now (Redanka Mix) - Fatboy Slim
04 We Have Control - Alloy Mental
05 Everybody - Goose
06 Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Alter Ego
07 What was her Name? - Dave Clarke
08 Let the Beats Roll (Section 23 Mix) - Tim Deluxe
09 Feel too Good (Midfield General Remix) - Kidda
10 March of the Pams - Ralfe Band

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