Nous Sommes Loup

Hailing from Montreal, We Are Wolves has a new track out that takes off from the first beat and does not let you catch your breath until 3 minutes and 4 seconds later. I think anything longer and there would be mass heart attacks on the dance floor.

Too messy. So they kept it short.

Their last album came out a couple of years ago. And their new one drops sometime later this year.

Here is a teaser from the new album.

MP3: We Are Wolves - Fight & Kiss

Okay fine, here's the B-Side. It's some good ol' rock 'n' roll.

MP3: We Are Wolves - Coconut Night

This Isn't Your Parent's Tour Guide...

I have been sitting on this track for a bit. It is a collaboration between Bpitch Control artists Ellen Allien and Apparat. Taken from 2006's LP Orchestra of Bubbles. It is interesting to see Apparat stray a little further from his IDM beginnings to something with a more structured sound.

It also appears on the most recent Timeout compilation The Other Side: Berlin. Looking at the track listing for this series, I am impressed with Timeout's willingness to showcase some underground music. Timeout basically picks an artist to curate the tracks on the CD. Other curators include Fischerspooner (NY), Black Strobe (Paris) and Damien Lazarus (London). I have all the discs in the series which on the flipside of the disc has the artists themselves touring their respective cities and giving hints of places that they like to visit, eat, and shop. (There is a sneaker store that I keep forgetting to visit when I am NY).

The first three were released at once a while back and I had begun to wonder whether the series was dead or not. However, why did they change the cover art? I like it when a series has a consistent look on my shelf. The new one sticks out like a sore thumb (at least it's a cute sore thumb with Ellen's photo on it...).

MP3: Way Out

Dance Music is a Weird Science...

Haven't posted in a bit (thanks to the super duper Chris for posting and holding the fort) Been busy with The Attic and OFF the RADAR Re-Launch, but I got some time on my hands today and I've been getting lots of new dancey tracks in preparation for the parties. So I thought I'd share some of the wealth and hit you up with some of the better ones.

These are the cream of the crop. The best of the best. The ones sure to get the crowds jumping. At least most of the time...

It's so weird how playing the same track can have completely different results on the dancefloor from week to week. It's all up to timing and vibe. You have to be able to read the crowds and reactions to each song and then compensate. No party is ever the same twice. Good thing I have a BA in Psych, it comes in handy. Dance music is a weird science. Anyways enjoy and let me know what you think.

MP3: Turzi - Acid Taste

MP3: Mr. Oizo - Trina 700 (Trina Kills Xtended Edit)

MP3: Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Weird Science

MP3: The Whip - Divebomb (Crystal Castles Remix)

MP3: Gosub - Laugh Track

MP3: Junior Boys - FM (Tensnake Remix)

MP3: Lismore - All that You Are

Didn't miss the boat with this video...

Max Tyrie entered a recent Modest Mouse video content for their latest single Missed the Boat. I do not know if the contest is over or even if Max won. Nevertheless the video is pretty cool and considering it was all shot with an SLR camera frame-by-frame it makes it even more amazing.

Besides the song is incredible with James Mercer from The Shins on background vocals.

"Myself and a couple have friends have entered the above into the Modest Mouse video competition. Using green screen footage provided by the band we cut a simple music video. We then degraded the images and printed out each frame sequentially. (all 4133 of them) We then nailed each "shot" of 50-100 posters to various structures and posts. Then using a digital SLR camera with a long exposure we frame by frame shot each poster. Oh, and theres a little video projection (again, frame by frame on the SLR) just to mix it up. There is no compositing, no shortcuts, just lots of blood, sweat and tears, and a huge Kinkos bill!"
--Max Tyrie


Whenever this song comes up on my iPod, I have to see who the band is. I always confuse the opening notes with a stripped down version of The Arcade Fires's Rebellion (Lies). Fitting seeing that they are touring with them this summer in North America.

Well, I finally got the name down. Electrelane. They are four piece all-female band from Brighton formed in 1998. Their fourth album was just released this month. The song below is both quiet and loud at the same time (I'm not talking screaching death metal loud...). The vocals want to have a sense of urgency but the guitars seem to do most of the work.

I am curious of what their older instrumental material sounds like.

MP3: Electrelane - To The East

Recovery Mode...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My abs still hurt from laughing so hard on Sunday night. Purdy was out of control with the Stunnas in the front and Ray/Jessica in the Scarface room. No one wanted to leave when the lights came on. After a sucession of three word chants ("One more song!", "Let it play!" and "Three word chants!!") we ventured deep into Sobe (San Loco's) which was CLOSED! Missed some guaco-loco by minutes...

Sorry for the late post but the bloggers (not the blog) are in recovery mode... (Dominos until 2am last night...). Anyways, on to bizness...

Boston's Boy In Static has his first album dropping today called Violet on Mush Records (Aesop Rock, Daedelus, Boom Bip!!!, Her Space Holiday...). When the track highlighted below, starts, you are hit with a minimal beat. But before you know it, fuzzy guitars pop in and the beats drop to the background. Vocals, viola, organs, more blips and beeps and Alexander Chen's smooth vocals all start piling up on each other (in a good way) make this an early standout track for the year.

The group is just Chen in the studio with a larger touring band for live shows. Fans of Slowdive, DNTEL/Postal Service, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead will enjoy this track.

MP3: Where It Ends

OFF THE RADAR + THE LAB Launch Friday, June the 8th @ The Sandal Club!

That's Right! We're back and fresher than ever at a great new location! We took our time and found this great new spot for OFF the RADAR! It's got 2 Rooms, an Outdoor area, a Stage, plus tons of parking... It reminds us of the vibe of the 1800 Club for all you old timers out there. A comfy spot with lots of nooks and crannies. It will bring a fresh new alternative to Friday Nights. Something different from the usual.

Lots of surprises in store for you as we plan on making this night a collaborative event with lots of friends helping out in The Lab Side-Room to make this the best party possible. Stay tuned for opening night details...

Sandal Club
1060 NE 79 St Causeway, Miami
(10 Blocks East of Biscayne Blvd on NE 79 St)
Doors 11PM-6AM! 18+ Welcome!

Opening Night is Friday, June the 8th!!!
Hope to see you there!



We've Got You Covered...


This is the start of a (hopefully) recurring theme here at Off the Radar where we post songs by artists you like covered by artists you like even more!

Without further ado...

MP3: Gorillaz - Feel Good, Inc.
MP3:The Magnetic Fields - Born On A Train

MP3:The Editors - Feel Good, Inc.
MP3:Arcade Fire - Born On A Train

And now we have a survey. Which version did you like better?

Feel Good, Inc?
Original (The Gorillaz)
Cover (The Editors)
Free polls from
Born On A Train?
Original (The Magnetic Fields)
Cover (Arcade Fire)
Free polls from

Indie Cross Breeding...

The Microphones begat Khaela Maricich who hooked up with Jona Bechtolt (YACHT) to form The Blow.

So we got The Microphones, Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano (Maricich), YACHT and The Blow. That would make for a pretty good 6 Degrees of Indie seperation game.

They also make some pretty good music. The music involved from a lo-fi indie sound, slowly adding electronic elements and sometimes just going for straight dance music.

YACHT recently opened for LCD Soundsystem in NYC and from the reviews it seems he killed it and did not disappoint. He is actually making a name for himself because of his life performances. He also remixed a couple of tracks for Architecture in Helsinki. He keeps a pretty detail blog called Team YACHT. (HINT: If you dig around there enough, you might find some freebies!).

MP3: The Microphones - Don't Smoke
MP3: The Blow - Pile of Gold
MP3: YACHT - I Believe In You

Guilt Free Downloading Ahead...

I just stumbled upon this. They have a ton of free MP3's to download. Including DNTEL, Bright Eyes, Air, Elliot Smith, Apples in Stereo... the list keeps on going for a bit. Most of tracks are fairly recent releases.

Go pick up a few and get the beach play list ready for the holiday weekend.

The Space Lab

A few to get you started:

MP3: Apples in Stereo - Energy
MP3: The Blow - Hock It (YACHT Remix)

(There is a longer post on The Blow/YACHT coming up, hopefully today. So check back,ya here?)

It Drives Me...

So I am leaving Miami Beach one evening (okay about an hour ago) and Lindstrøm & Solale's Let's Practise is playing in it's full 12inch glory. And the song just feels right. Then as I approach the MacAurther Causeway, Shit Robot's Triumph queues on the iPod. (Stay with me, it's going some where...) For those of you that do not know the Shit Robot track, it is basically what the theme of Miami Vice would be if it was reincarnated today. Even the synths evoke Jan Hammer's guitars from the original.

Okay, you understand the music a bit, now imagine that you are cruising (there is no better word for it) over the first bridge. Star Island is on your right, on your left is the Port of Miami. Up ahead the new Miami skyline (it is already in the top 20 worldwide in terms of height) is rapidly approaching. Further off, because Miami is so flat, the horizon seems to never end and we can enjoy a sunset at almost 8pm.

The music and the scenery began to form a Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz moment for me (for the newer kids, it's like the Volkswagen commercial with the Stereolab song where everything from the windshield wipers to the clicking of the turn signals goes with the music).

I always felt that not all songs are meant for the dance floor, headphones, home stereo, and house party... Some songs are only suitable for one of those. Some are only suitable for driving.

The ones that make you forget that you live in a city with the worst road rage. The ones that make you want to take your car to the extreme. Or drive as slow as possible to see everything around you. Kraftwerk's Tour de France was practically orchestrated around bicycle race. I never said you had to drive a car... Listen to the breathing at the beginning of the song. For those that have cycled before you know that feeling. The song is a metronome for peddling.

These are some songs that drive me. What drives you?

From my recent drive home:

Lindstrøm & Solale - Let's Practise (12" mix)
Shit Robot - Triumph

I cannot stop playing this song:

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

Try this song on a bicycle:

Kraftwerk - Tour De France (Paris Live)

A 4 minute drive home lasted exactly 7 minutes and 11 seconds until the song ended as the gate to my garage opened:

LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous

(Yes, my driving soundtrack all sounds like disco. I already told you I liked disco. Oh and what did you guys think of the season finale of Lost? I have my theories so do others.)

23 + 2

Blonde Redhead strays even further from their Sonic Youth beginnings with their newest album 23. The follow up to Misery is a Butterfly was going to be difficult, everyone knew that. The emotion that went into recording it would be too difficult to recreate.

Perhaps Kazu Makino's wounds have healed (a horrible horse riding accident that left Makino bed ridden, inspired much of Misery is a Butterfly) because the songs in the new album are full of hope and discovery.

They chose to go further into a blissful dream pop but with muscle. The beats and bass lines are still there. Here are two bonus tracks from the Japanese import.

Signs Along the Path
(We are a Real Team) Harry and I

Tracey Thorn is not Missing...

You may have thought Tracey Thorn had gone missing considering her last studio album was about two decades ago. Well there was that little stint as the vocal half of Everything But the Girl but who remembers that?

Everything But the Girl is a funny group. The first half of their career veered towards acoustic folk albums. It was not until Todd Terry's remix of Missing (do not even pretend to not know it, it was a mainstay on WVUM AND Power 96 in the mid 90's...) that the group changed their style.

They continued that sound in 1996's album Walking Wounded and their last album Tempermental. After EBTG went on hiatus, Ben starting up a hugely popular London Sunday deep house party (I heard the parties were literally in houses throughout London). He is still is an active producer (he showed up on Respect is Burning's 2005 Ete D'Amour). Well what does this have to do with Tracey?

Well it seems the Ben's projects have influenced her latest album (after all, the two are married). It is not a house album. But it is far from her acoustic sophisti-pop beginnings.

The following IS a house remix. Suitable for the upcoming Sunday afternoon BBQ's.

MP3: It's All True (Escort Extended Remix)

Same Chemicals but Different Outcome...

I have always liked The Chemical Brothers. But after 2005's Push the Button, I was skeptical. I understood what they wanted to do but they missed the mark. We Are the Night is working to change that. It seems to continue from where Come With Us (2002) left off instead.

Guests are abundant on the Brother's previous albums and We Are the Nights is no exception. Fatlip (formerly of the Pharcyde), Klaxons, Midlake, Willy Mason and Ali Love (featured on the first single Do It Again) all contribute to the album. However, it is the tracks that The Chemical Brothers are alone doing their own thing where the songs really take off.

There are definite dance floor killers on the album and towards the end the more introspective tripped out space epics prevail (think Beth Orton on Where Do I Begin from Dig Your Own Hole).

MP3: The Pills Won't Help You Know (feat. Midlake)

Video: Do It Again (First Single from the Album)

I Got That... Feeling All Over...

Adult Swim released a new (and free!) compilation entitled Warm And Scratchy with tracks by The Rapture, Les Savy Fav, 120 Days, Broken Social Scene, and a whole bunch of other indie artists.

What? Free? That is what I first thought. And this is not your run of the mill, O.C., Laguna Beach, indie for a second compilation either. The Raveonettes!!

Go run and get yourself a copy. They even include artwork for your iPod (or whatever other MP3 player you nonconformists have).

MP3s: Adult Swim - Warm and Fuzzy

Sample: The Raveonettes - Dead Sound

Edit this....

The Editors are back with a new studio album An End Has a Start which comes out June 25th in the UK and probably sometime in July for the States.

The new album follows their 2005 sleeper album 'The Back Room' which took awhile to catch on here in the US, but I think eventually earned them some accolades and positive reviews (despite contant comparisons to Interpol) This success was probably mostly due to their constant touring and great live performances.

I saw them perform Live here in Miami @ Studio A in 2006 and that was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen there. Before their performance I liked the band but it wasn't until after that show that I became a real fan.

You know studio records are great, but you get all the studio advantages. If you can perform the records out and sound just as good or better than the recordings, now that's hard to do. You don't see that too often anymore. Mostly live performances are let downs for me.

The Editors are the real deal though. They seem like they are reaching for something bigger (the heart mostly) with their epic music and you gotta love that voice.

Check out this new track from their forthcoming album...

I Wish this Blog Would Write Itself...

But that would be too easy, no?

I have been sitting on this track for a couple of months now. I got it on the Music For Robots Volume 2 compilation
(highly recommended blog). Each time it comes up on my iTunes, I let it ride.

It is a short sweet pop song that catches you from the opening kick drums through the soaring chorus and is over before you catch your breath.

After several EPs,
Pela is released their first album last month called Anytown Graffiti. You can download another great track of theirs Lost to the Lonesome on their MySpace page.

MP3: The Song Writes Itself

More New Jangly Pop From Overseas...

Ignore our earlier post about Cajun Dance Club (okay not completely) but THIS is the new stuff coming out of London.

I have no idea how many teenage bands London has but they seem to keep pumping them out. Bombay Bicycle Club is composed of three 17 year olds and a 16 year old and have only been together for about a year.

Their lyrics show their youth. On the song Sixteen they sing:
You realize, you realize...
It's real life, it's real life...
They must be talking about getting their licenses or deciding who to take out to the school dance (what age to Londoners get their licenses anyways?). I remember thinking that I was adult at 16. But, the simple lyrics make it even easier to listen to the steady drums and jangly rhythmic guitars. The lead singers voice has a nice British twang to it and is easier to listen to than other teenage sensations from the UK (eg. Arctic Monkeys). Give them some time to grow up and we should see some nice music from them. They have already been signed and released their first EP independently, The Boy I Used To Be.

MP3: Sixteen

Workin' for the Weekend...

It's FRIIIIIDAY!! What? You thought we were going to leave you high and dry as you planned your playlist for the weekend? Come on now, we got the tracks to keep your body shakin' straight through 'till Sunday night!!

First up is a relatively new group from the Mid
west, called Codebreaker (I'm talking Milwaukee here people! Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated stuff). But do not let that fool you. These guys have got the electro-funk thing down pat. Check out the MySpace profile for two more tracks of theirs (downloadable!!)

MP3: Are You Ready 2 Love?

Continuing on the electro-funk path, the second group honestly does not need an introduction.

All I have to say is Chromeo-meo-meo!

MP3: Fancy Footwork (Guns N Bombs Remix)

Codebreaker is actually playing/DJ'ing a night with Chromeo in San Francisco this summer.

Travis is Back!

Luckily for their new album The Boy with No Name, Travis have employed the genious that is Nigel Godrich behind the controls. After a mediocre and uninspired attempt without him at the helm on their last full length 12 Memories they figured, we better stick to what works on this one. (smart move!)

Nigel worked on their other classic albums The Man Who and The Invisible Band which helped propel them to stardom and opened the doors for other mid-tempo contemporary rock bands such as Coldplay.

Some bands just need that great producer to point them in the right direction and maybe nudge'em if their steering towards the land of cheese. Considering Nigel is one of the best engineer/producers of the last 10 or so years and has done such classic albums for the likes of Radiohead, Beck, and Paul McCartney, they're not in bad hands (or should I say ears).

Check out this great new track which proves they are back and in top form... Good to have you back Travis!

MP3: The Big Chair

Sometimes It Is Worth Buying the Single

B sides, alternate versions, covers that's why! I know sometimes they are hard to find. Imports, limited printing, perhaps vinyl only. But check out the track listing to LCD Soundsystems new EP for All My Friends

Album Version
Franz Ferdinand Version
John Cale Version
No Love Lost (Joy Division Cover)
Harvey Mix
Freak Out/Starry Eyes (amazing 12+ minute jam session...)

So you get the original, covers done by two completely different artists (they are not remixes each just gives the original a different flavor), a bonified remix, a bonus track and a cover of a great tune. Go buy it.

Here is the Harry Nilsson version of Jump Into the Fire. LCD covered it as their B-Side to Daft Punk is Playing at My House (... my house!) 7" . Nilsson was an influential singer/song writer in the 60's/70's penning songs for The Monkeys, The Turtles, Three Dog Night, Ronettes, Blood, Sweat and Tears, you get the picture.

MP3: Jump Into the Fire

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And while you are at it can you find me a pair of Action Jeans?

Oh did I mention that we may/may not have the new Spoon album Ga ga ga ga ga in house?

I heart Disco

I will not lie. I like disco.

When I first listened, I looked around my speakers to see if Moroder was hiding there. This new disco (Nu Disco) is everywhere lately and I'm all for it. Lindstrøm has been doing his remix thing for a while (LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand, Chicken Lips, Annie, Juan Maclean - list goes on for a while).

On this track he gets back together with Solale Christabelle as
Lindstrøm and Solale. The duo got together last for the 2004 single Music (in my Mind).

Now before you diss repetative music, consider the environment the music was made for. Dancing. So get out under that disco ball and DANCE. Okay this is dub version so might just chill by the pool with it with your favorite vice. But you can help if move a bit. (The dub is done by a friend of theirs that wishes to remain anonymous. I wonder who at Feedelity Recordings did it...)

MP3: Let's Practise (Mystery Dub)

They ain't from Louisiana...

Set to take over the sought after next "it" British band title from last year's Arctic Monkeys, Cajun Dance Party are creating a name for themselves by ignoring the current wave of new rave and dipping just enough into post-punk to create their sound. They are even being compared to Belle and Sebastian (sorry missed that relation...)

Bearing a few similarities to their simian predessors (Londonites? Check. Teenage Members? Check. Catchy eager vocals? Check.), they are taking their sound out of the garage and into what sounds like the indie-est barn dance ever. So go grab a Jack 'n' Coke and enjoy the tunes.

MP3: The Next Untouchable

Synths and Bass and Cattle

Warning syth-disco ahead! And that is not a bad thing. Hailing from across the pond, in gay Pari-- Denton, Texas? Wait a second, I thought all electro goodness only came from France? At least that is what Mr. Banger and Kitsune want you to think.

With Italo stylings and a long list of influences (Sexual Harrassment, Kavinsky, Junior Boys, Chromeo, Cabaret Voltaire...) seems like the perfect Off the Radar group to us.

The group is still young (they played their first show last month), but that means they can only get better. Right?

MP3: Parking Lot Nights

(There is another demo track floating around out there, Losing Tracks.)

Say Unkle!

So James Lavelle is back at it again albeit a bit differently this time. With a shift to a more rock sound, UNKLE is releasing their third album this summer (July) entitled War Stories. There will be a limited edition double disc the first one packed with guest vocalists: Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), The Duke Spirit, 3D (Massive Attack), Autolux, Gavin Clark (Clayhill), Richard File and rock icon Ian Astbury of The Cult. And guest instrumentalists: Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez lends his bass playing skills to “Burn My Shadow”; Psychonauts’ Pablo Clements plays synth on “Twilight,” “Morning Rage” and “Restless”; Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws contributes guitar riffs to “Broken”; Eagles of Death Metal’s David Catching also plays guitar on songs “Hold My Hand,” “Morning Rage” and “Tired Of Sleeping”. The second disc will be all instrumental.

Not only are there a total of 28 tracks BUT it will come with a 50 page booklet with photos from Joshua Tree , where the album was recorded as well as commissioned artwork from 3D (Massive Attack).

The regular version will be single disc but will still come with a 32 page booklet containing some of the photos and artwork.

Out now is the Nights Temper EP (a prelude to War Stories).

James makes his vocal debut on the lead single off of the album Morning Rage.

MP3: Morning Rage

The Other Half of Kings of Convenience

So in-between recording the third Kings of Convenience album, touring with fellow "King", Erlend Øye in his electronic-turned acoustic side project The Whitest Boy Alive, and some guest vocals on Feist's 2007 release, Eirik Glambek Bøe has managed to put together some nice songs under the name Kommode. (times I wish I had an international keyboard...).

Presenting Kommode (I searched for a translation from Norwegian but to no avail...).
The band includes musicians from Øye and Bøe's first project Skog (early 90's) without Erlend.

Check out the track Patient on their MySpace page.

Tellé will release an EP by Kommode titled 'Under the Autumn Star' on June 4th.

  1. Look Back On Happiness
  2. Ghosts
  3. Spring Night
  4. The Birds
  5. Ice Palace
  6. Hunger
Because you guys are special: Kommode - Look Back on Happiness

Welcome back Mr. Dear!

It is not that we did not like your little venture into minimal tech (a la Audion), I saw you perform under that moniker twice. But in all honestly welcome back as Matthew Dear.

I will admit, this reviewer is a little biased. The tracks Dog Days and Send You Back (from Ghostly's Idol Tryouts Vol. 2) have both been ringtones (the latter my current one). But judging from the few tracks from Mr. Dear's forthcoming LP (Asa Breed) he is bound to win over a few new fans. The album is more accessible than his previous efforts but still maintains his touch. Matthew Dear has assembled a three piece band for the Matthew Dear's Big Hands tour (North America this fall...).

Labelmates Mobius Band (highly recommended) are guests on one of the tracks. Available June 5th on Ghostly International.

Asa Breed tracklisting:

  1. "Fleece on Brain"
  2. "Neighborhoods"
  3. "Deserter"
  4. "Shy"
  5. "Elementary Lover"
  6. "Don and Sherri"
  7. "Will Gravity Win Tonight?"
  8. "Pom Pom"
  9. "Death to Feelers"
  10. "Give Me More"
  11. "Midnight Lovers"
  12. "Good to Be Alive"
MP3: Deserter (Four Tet Remix) / YSI