Gotta Love Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes is a one-man band from Östersund, Sweden striving to make pop music that is sweet, simple, and short. He is one man in the studio but seven when on stage.

His latest release Valentine Vacancy EP (Jjune 2007) is available for free, including artwork, on the Bedroom Eyes website. You will also find his debut EP from 2006 there, also free.

Here is a sampling:

(Here's One For You) Underdog
MP3: Norwegian Pop

Typewriters, Blenders... Anything Can Be An Instrument

When I hear a song played by another DJ that I really like. I hunt. I hunt until I find it. I read about it, the artist, the history, versions of the song. Until I know it.

Tom recently came to light via the Hot Chip DJ Kicks compilation. If you have it, it is the song the segues into My Piano. I knew the version on the comp had been reworked by Hot Chip so I was on a hunt for the original. Considering most of his work was originally release in the 60's and 70's it took a bit.

Luckily David Byrne discovered Tom on a trip to Brasil in the 90's and re-released much of his work as a comp (Brasil Classics Vol. 4 is dedicated solely to Tom ) and found it.

Tom was instrumental in the Tropicalia style of music BUT was also know for his experimental instrumentation and creative use of time signatures. Cademar is prime example.

"I don't make art, I make spoken and sung journalism."-- Tom
In 2005, he released an album entitled Estudando o Pagode (Studying People), exploring the historical suppression of women

MP3: Cademar (original)

I have a sudden urge to go to Rio.

Talk About Moving Up Quick

From the website of A Classic Education:
Dear ladies and gentleman,
a few months later from our last rant here is a bit of news we are really happy about!
A Classic Education has been asked to open for the mighty ARCADE FIRE...and the show is quite soon..actually in less than 24 hours.
We will be opening tomorrow night in one of the prettiest piazzas ever!
July 11th
Arcade Fire
A Classic Education
in Ferrara, Piazza Castello
It all starts early around 9pm.

As usual there will be six of us on stage tomorrow.
Our official mood is: joy!

This will be our 5th show ever! After a self-organized festival, an unbelievable show with the Marr-Modest Mouse bunch, a flight to London for White Heat and a hardcore fest...well this one will be magic. what a journey!
Fifth show? And they are opening for The Arcade Fire? Time to take a listen. What do you think? Fool's gold? Or the real deal?

MP3: Victory At Night

I Was Hesitant At First When I Saw This

Badly Drawn Boy, remixed? Even I have my limits. But it's pretty good. Badly Drawn Boy's aka Damon Gough, next single, Promises, is the third track to be taken from last year's album Born In The UK.

The vinyl has three versions of the track. In the Reverso 68 Remix, the beats and added synths effortlessly blend with Damon Gough's vocals and allow the song to coast for six minutes. It is a Sunday drive remix for the ride to the beach.

The second remix from the 12" vinyl is The Wizards Sleeve Reanimation. This one focuses on the piano before the vocals (which briefly appear at the end). It is a teeny tiny bit more upbeat with the synths slurring around melody.

The A Mountain Of One Version At 45 RPM the track sounds like a vintage down tempo disco track.


MP3: Promises (Reverso 68 Remix)

Start of the Weekend Tune

Short post cuz imma almost outta here (work) and I don't wanna delay it any further...

Here is a Four Tet remix of Arab Strap. It reminds me of those 90's techno tracks with its spoken vocals and a thumping 4/4 beat.

MP3: The First Big Weekend (Four Tet Remix)

Toronto Preview: Part Deux - Björk

One of the headliners of the festival I am going to in Toronto is Björk. I hear some people comment that Björk is passed her hey day, whatever... It is Björk, I think she has established herself enough and delivered more than plenty genius music and is allowed to do whatever she wants.

If this does not sound like classic Björk, I do not know what is. Simian Mobile Disco, turns the track into a party and her vocals stand out even more.

The EP has a ton of remixes, here is the tracklisting:

björk innocence

one ___ mark stent radio edit
two ___ simian mobile disco twelve inch remix
three ___ alva noto unitxt remodel twelve inch remix
four ___ ghostigital untouchable innocence still amazes fearless remix

MP3: Innocence
MP3: Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)

La Musique, La Musique, La Musique....

Australia once again showing their dominance in the dance music world at the moment with Riot in Belgium. These guys are incredibly/deliciously/infectiously catchy! Even though it looks like they've been around since 2006 I'm just catching wind of these guys recently thanks to my Attic partner Jonathan who's been playing their track 'La Musique' for awhile now at our Tuesday Night Party.

The band comprises of 2 members. DJ Damage of Bang Gang and DJ Belgium one time member of Cut Copy. Together they are one of the closest examples of the Nu Rave sound. Except they do all the right things.

They do their own original music 'La Musique', which is spectacular! The song just keeps pushing and pushing till that climactic 'La Musique, La Musique....' chorus which kicks in about 3:50 into the song and explodes.

They also do amazing remixes for other artists such as K.I.M. (from Presets fame). The remix they do for his song 'Wet N Wild' is hot! Makes you 'Wanna Party....' under a disco ball in your room, car, club, wherever! Dance music at it's best!

Check out some of their tracks and remixes. All Highly Recommended!!

We also recommend the volume be turned way up!

MP3: Riot in Belgium - La Musique
MP3: K.I.M. - Wet N Wild (Riot in Belgium Remix)
MP3: Sneaky Sound System - I Love It (Riot in Belgium Forest Rave Mix)

I hear the drums echoing tonight... Toto I don't think we're in Africa anymore...

Let's forget who is in the group. I will get to that later. The music. It flows. It trips. It's smooth as shit. Wow. Map of Africa wants to take you on a journey. They are not forcing you, but you want to go with them. Any plans you had take a back seat, and you start reaching the stars.

The production is amazing but somehow creates a fuzzy vintage sound with bluesy guitars and spaced out drums.

Harvey (DJ Harvey) and Thomas Bullock (A.R.E. Weapons, Rub n'Tug) team up with Carlos, the head of Whatever We Want Records to create this sick LP.

What makes it even more enticing is that Whatever We Want releases are limited edition runs in beautifully package 12"s. Get it while you can because once they run out, prices go up for secondhand editions.

Brooklyn has its surprises.

MP3: Map of Africa
MP3: Black Skin Blue Eyes Boys

Blu-ray or HD-DVD?

Sometimes auto-save doesn't work and it sucks. I had this post all written up and happy with how I had it and Firefox's stupid memory leak caused me to crash it. Now I am going to attempt to remember what I had type... here we go...

VHS or Beta, I know everyone has heard the tracks Night on Fire and You Got Me one too many times, maybe two too many times if you count the remixes. Well, the boys are back at it again, minus a member (Former VHS guitarist Zeke Buck is set to release the debut album from his own new band, People Noise, a duo with Matt Johnson (formerly in Boom Bip's band). And I just read that their keyboardist, Chea Buckley left the band also? WTF?

Bring On The Comets
was released yesterday on iTunes as a sneak peak. The album drops on August 28th. This albums sees the band move towards generic indie rock (wow, is indie rock really getting generic?) and further from their disco punk roots of their 2002 instrumental debut Le Funk (which is the funk in my opinion better than their breakout 2004 release). Regarding VHS or Beta’s transition from Night on Fire to Bring on the Comets, Pfunder states that the new album was written “for the world” instead of “for one group of people.” ie. We would like to make a lot more money by targeting a larger audience than our last album and possibly getting some songs on a Super Bowl commerical or two.

The track Bring On The Comets sounds like it could be played by a few bands out their but Craig Pfunder's sets it apart. Burn It All Down brings the guys to dance floor complete with a catchy chorus asking to burn it all down (flags, houses, churches... Issues? Wanna talk about it?).

MP3: Take It or Leave It
MP3: She Says
MP3: Bring On The Comets
MP3: Burn It All Down

(Let's just hope they have ditched their asymmetrical haircuts and focus on the music...)

Something About This Track

Maybe it is Jamelia's vocals that give a throw back to 90's or it could be Mr. Oizo's production skills. Either way, I like it.

It was released as a promo only back in September of last year.


MP3: Something About You (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Let The Beats Rollllll.........

If you like your beats big then look no further than Skint Records the home of Fatboy Slim and The Lo Fidelity Allstars. They are release a few EP called Let the Beats Roll. It has some remixes of old hits, rare classes and new tracks all wrapped up into one neat zip file. It is definitely a party album. Not exactly the type of stuff you go to sleep to.

Get the EP here. (Note you will have to sign up for the Skint Newsletter, but you can always unsubscribe after.)

01 Kool Roc Bass - Lo Fidelity Allstars
02 Give It - X-Press 2
03 Right Here Right Now (Redanka Mix) - Fatboy Slim
04 We Have Control - Alloy Mental
05 Everybody - Goose
06 Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Alter Ego
07 What was her Name? - Dave Clarke
08 Let the Beats Roll (Section 23 Mix) - Tim Deluxe
09 Feel too Good (Midfield General Remix) - Kidda
10 March of the Pams - Ralfe Band

Blonde Ambition

Believe it or not, even after all these years, decades, Debbie Harry has always been with Blondie. But she sometimes strays and releases her own solo material. She is at it again, the queen of cult pop is releasing a new album in 2008 and since it is on an indie label, the first single is being released free (at least I think it is...).

It is impressive when an artist can continue their career not just for a few years but through decades. I did not expect new musical ground being explored here. Just general pop sensibilities with a big chorus and indie styling. The album is called Necessary Evil (I can do without the album cover though, so I will not post that). Check it out. The song grows on you as it builds up.

MP3: Two Times Blue

Looking up to the Stars...

So it looks like the new album from the Stars 'In Our Bedroom After the War' got leaked way early. Wasn't due till late Sept so the band did what most artists should do nowadays.

Release the album early! They released the whole album on Itunes only 4 days after completing it!

Hey it beats all the bloggers out there posting bad copies and making some dough while their at it.

Not to mention people getting bored of the album by the time it's actually released.

Seems like the CD and album versions with the artwork won't be out till that Sept date but you can buy the whole thing on Itunes already.

They did a great job with this album from the tracks I've heard so far. I always loved their dual male/female vocals but this one feel's like they've gotten better at what they do. More cohesive and beautiful!

Check out these 2 new tracks... Plus a sweet Junior Boys Remix of an older track of theirs 'Sleep Tonight'.

MP3:The Night Starts Here

MP3:The Ghost of Geneova Heights

MP3:Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

Goo Goo Goo, GA GA GA

'Is all I have to say to you....'

Oops got my songs/bands mixed up.

Been listening to the new Spoon album 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' and I have to say is, sweetness!

Always a peer band favorite (Interpol loves them) and for good reason. These guys rock!

They have influences here and there from a bunch of different bands/artists. Like Prince on 'I Turn My Camera On' from their last record 'Gimme Fiction' and 'Don't You Evah' from this new one, but yet they still manage to have their own distinctive style/sound. You instantly know it's them. Mostly due to Britt Daniels great voice, melodies and catchy lyrics.

Yet they still manage to stay slightly beneath the mainstream radar, which I think is a great thing. Allows them the freedom to keep trying out new things and experimenting with their sounds and styles, as true artists should.

This new record might be the one who puts them over the top to more mainstream success, but let's hope it doesn't. I like them right were they are now. Respect from many music peers and critics as well as selling records to keep them out there doing what they love, making music for a living! There's too much pressure on top anyways. Better to stay slighly underground and around for the long haul I say.

Anyways whatever their doing is working. Check out these great tracks from their new album.

Then go buy it. It's in stores now!

Preview of Toronto: The Cansecos

So in preparation of my trip to Toronto coming up, I decided to post some music from a band I just discovered from there. Honestly, I just really like the song and it has nothing to do with my trip. But maybe I can see one of their shows if our schedules align.

Anyways, The Cansecos, they are difficult to describe. They are dance friendly (despite the image to the right-I think that was the baseball game in the 80's where they burned disco records a huge mob rushed the field but that's for another post...). The Cansecos do a good job of pushing pop music further than it has gone before (I would say similar to Hot Chip).

They release their self title debut album in 2003. And they are set to release its follow up this year entitled Juices!. It was self-produced and recorded by Adam Nunn (Radiohead, Air) at Abbey Road Studios. You can get a taste of it via their just released remix project called Juiced! You have to check it out. Within the first few minutes of Side A, you hear the familiar (hopefully) baseline of Supernature by Cerrone but with their vocals on it. They do the track justice. The rest of it is just fun.

Scoop it up. And let it ride.

MP3: Juiced! Side A (web release)
MP3: Juiced! Side B (web release)

From their self title debut:

MP3: Faster Than You Go

New Zealand's 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo

If you have not caught the new HBO series, Flight of the Conchords, do yourselves a favor and set a reminder, set your Tivo, crash your friend's pad that has HBO, whatever you need to do so you do not miss another episode.

The show follows the lives of two New Zealand folk artists as they try and make in the Big Apple. So far they have found a manager who also works at the New Zealand consulate, a crazy married fan and a new friend that owns the local pawn shop. They are still searching for fame.

However, in real life, the two have had a little more success. The project started in 1998 for the two stars of the show, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, as a touring musical comedy act. They have won several awards, released a live album and are currently signed to Sub Pop. Add to that their new show on HBO and they seem to be on the right track.

The real star of the show though? The music. Part musical, part faux reality TV, the scenes do not get to far before one of the two actors breaks into song. And the songs are good! Funny and varied in the music style (not straying far from electro-tinged folk using their beat machine) they help tell a hilarious story.

From the Show
MP3: I'm Not Crying
MP3: Inner City Pressure (channeling The Pet Shop Boys)
MP3: Sally

From their Live Album
MP3: Pencils in the Wind
MP3: Bowie (hilarious... questioning David Bowie's obsession with space during his Ziggy years...)

We've Got You Covered: Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer left the world a fantastic catalog of music before he passed away in 2003. This blue-eyed soul singer aged gracefully in the pop world over 3 decades. From his jazz and reggae period (he lived in the Bahamas in the mid 70's) to his synth-friendly nu wave albums in the 80's. He was known for his near-perfect pitch and heartfelt delivery.

His album Clues was produced by Gary Numan and Chris Frantz (drummer for the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club) and produced the track Johnny and Mary. Radio friendly, this track gave him a newer younger audience and paved the way for his late 80's success on MTV with Addicted to Love and The Power Station.

Along with the original, we have a version from Placebo and a stream from The Notwist.

MP3: Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary
MP3: Placebo - Johnny and Mary

Stream: The Notwist - Johnny and Mary

Mmmm... Tasty Slow Burner from Kompakt

Here is a new release from Jurgen Paape, one of the founders of Kompakt Records (Germany). His releases are rare but you can tell from listening they very controlled and planned.

Kompakt is set to release their annual compilation in August, Kompakt Total 8 which includes the Jurgen Paape track. It is their most prominent release every year full of hits from earlier in 2007 as well a whole bunch of new material. Definitely a worthy purchase.

MP3: Jurgen Paape - We Love


CD 1
1. Burger/Voigt - Man Lebt Nur Zweimal
2. Jürgen Paape W/ Boyschaufler - We Love
3. Superpitcher - Rainy Nights In Georgia
4. Partial Arts - Trauermusik
5. Rex The Dog - Everyday
6. Thomas/Mayer - Überwiesen
7. Jörg Burger - Polyform 1
8. Supermayer - Two Of Us Geiger Mix
9. Steadycam - In The Moog For Love
10. Nightcats - Inside
11. The Rice Twins - Can I Say
14. Axelbartsch“Deal”
15. Motiivi:Tuntematon “Mankindfailed”

CD 2
1. Herve Ak - The Closer
2. Dj Koze - Mariposa
3. Reinhard Voigt - Follow The Dj
4. Jürgen Paape - Nord
5. Echo Club - Falter
6. Aril Brikha - Berghain
7. Gui Boratto - Mr Decay (Robert Babicz Disco Universe)
8. Justus Köhncke - Pickpockets
9. Broke - Coladancer
10. Schaeben & Voss Feat Schad Privat - Cold Wind
11. Oxia - Not Sure

Release date is August 13th.

* Looking forward to hearing track 7 by Gui Boratto.

Our B-Sides to Admire

The album is barely out on the streets and we have a b-side from Interpol from their latest release Our Love to Admire. The track seems to bring out the old atmospheric Interpol of Bright Lights (think a newer Leif Erikson). Perhaps it was their move to a major label that caused this track to be nixed from the current domestic release. But thankfully, there are imports and this track is found on the Japanese version. As well as the upbeat instrumental track Mammoth (Also on The Heinrich Maneuver single).

Oh and Carlos D has an Italian Greyhound. I know I have said this before but my dog is better looking.

Either way, the tracks are pretty good. As well as The Scientist Remix of The Heinrich Maneuver. Maybe if you guys are nice, I put that out there for you guys. In the meantime, enjoy...

MP3: Mind Over Time
MP3: Mammoth

Ease into the week...

I just scooped up the second release for Air from their album Pocket Symphony. Placed near the end of the album Mer Du Japon is soaring landscape of sounds backed by the ever present whispy vocals of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel. It is the only track that seems to want to break free from the somber mood of the album.

The Teenagers and Kris Menace take notice and bump up the track to almost club ready form (maybe the track is better suited for a lounge instead...). I am actually pleasantly surprised with The Teenagers version. Kris Menace has the whole Daft Punk/One More Time build up perfected. The single also has a new vocal mix done by the boys.

MP3: Mer Du Japon (Kris Menace Remix)
MP3: Mer Du Japon (The Teenagers Remix)

The video for the track is a full on interpretive dance (you know the one your friends think is hilarious at 3:00am after a few tequila shots and everyone whips out their camera phones to capture it only to realize the next day that there wasn't enough lighting and the microphone just picked up alot of screaming and laughing... forever lost).

Friday the 13th






Gonna be a great Show/Night!!
Don't miss it!

Doors 11 PM
Show Starts @ 11:30

In The LAB this Week Junc Ops Returns for their Monthly Residency! These guys are awesome! They rap they mix they do it all... Don't miss em....

FREE PATENTED TEST TUBE SHOTS for all in attendance! Look out for your Hosts :: Lolo & JSIN! in their Lab Coats!

Also this night Friday the 13th we will be Hosting the Official Sneak Peek CD Listening Party for the Great New Album by legends The Chemical Brothers!

Their new album is called We Are the Night and once again they are back in top form! You guys are gonna love it! They've managed to keep their identity and yet make their sound more contemporary to whats going on in 2007. Come early as we listen to the entire CD as well as giveaway 40 CD Singles off their new album called 'Do It Again' Great song that we've been playing out for weeks! Classic Chemical Brothers!

Time to D.A.N.C.E.!!!

You're probably expecting a Justice track. Sorry not here. They're good and all but you can easily find one of the 10 versions of that song out there somewhere. Has it come to the point that whenever we see the word dance spelled out we will think of those two scraggly French men?

Anyways, I have been informed that my friends want to dance this weekend so why don't I post a little re-rub of a dance classic?

MP3: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Mathematikal Re-Rub)

And you can cue this song up for a wake up call. Maybe the pounding bass drum can knock the hangover out of you.

MP3: Curtis Vodka - Saturday Morning

Jamaicans Beat the World To It

Here is an interesting article from Wired discussing Jamaica's influence on remixes, mash-ups, and music sharing. And a related interview with DJ Spooky (also through Wired) titled How a Tiny Caribbean Island Birthed the Mashup.

It is all centered around Trojan Records 40th anniversary (and the recent compilations mentioned here before by contemporary artists).

Even after 40 years, the Trojan philosophy of "reuse and remix" remains oddly in sync with today's culture of the copy.

"Everyone borrows from everyone," says Miller. "That's what digital culture is all about. Information, the cliché goes, wants to be free.

"I guess that Jamaican culture got there a little before everyone else."

What are the chances...

Imagine being a new band and getting an email asking you to play Coachella. That is what happened with The Octopus Project a band out of Austin, TX (they have played SXSW too) in 2006. They were entered in and won a contest sponsored by MySpace to fill an open spot in the festival. The best part for the band was that they did not even know they were nominated.

Flash forward to 2007 and the band is working on a follow up to 2004's One Ten Hundred Thousand Million. Here we have a hint of what to expect. Sounds from outer space. Thin drum beats. And an atmospheric melody. Almost as if the track is haunted. We also have a track from the their prior release that is more fuzzy and aggressive.

MP3: I Saw the Bright Shinies
MP3: Tuxedo Hat

Check out a few more tracks and their collaboration with Black Moth Super Rainbow on their website.

Follow the White Rabbits

Sometimes an album slips by only to appear months later while shuffling through your iPod. I picked up the White Rabbits album a couple of months ago but I do not remember playing it. Either way, I heard one track yesterday and it stuck. They are like The Walkmen but mixed in with a little jangly pop.

One thing that definitely stands out are the drums and I am not surprised since they have two drummers. But do not think they overpower the rest of the music. Each drummer realizes there is another one there and they compliment rather than complete with each other. You can hear all types of influences in their music but particularly calypso. And it works.

Check out their MySpace profile to check out their tour line up including a spot at the Siren Music Festival at Coney Island, NY next week.

MP3: I Used To Complain Now I Don't

MP3: While We Go Dancing

More Chemicals....

Loving the new Chemical Brothers album We Are the Night they managed to update their sound but still retaining their classic style. As always loads of guest vocals on this one. My favorite track happens to be the one featuring The Klaxons called All Rights Reversed. Since Chris just posted about The Klaxons I thought I'd post this one as well for all the Klaxon fans out there to collect.

Here is also a great intrumental track from the album called Das Spiegel.

Enjoy and be sure to come out to Off the RADAR this Friday the 13th for the Official CD Release Party for the new Chemical Brothers album. Plus while your there don't miss a LIVE Performance by Canadian Art Rockers Dandi Wind in their first Miami Performance! With an opening set by Miami's own Animals of the Arctic! Scroll down for MP3's and videos by both these great bands.

Did I mention the Open Bar 11-12?!? See you there....

MP3: All Rights Reversed (featuring The Klaxons)
MP3: Das Spiegel

Buttered, Salted, Caramel, Cheese, Kettle...

I was driving with some friends over the weekend and scanning what was on satellite radio and I heard a brief bar of a song that caught by ear before he switched it.

"Go back!"

And that was when I discovered Popcorn by Hot Butter (1972 version). Digging on the internets, I found that this song has a pretty interesting history considering it has been covered over 500 times over the past 30+ years starting in 1969 with the original version by Gershon Kingsley. It is widely considered the first primarily electronic-based piece of music to reach the American popular music charts. Paving the way for other synth-pop bands and increasing the Moog synthesizer's popularity.

Aphex Twin, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Bim Skala Bim, the Boston Pops and Hot Butter have all covered the song. Hot Butter produced the most famous version and was the one that had caught my attention. There was a rumor around the time that it was released that a computer had generated the melody for it.

Because it has been covered so many times, many of the versions are mislabeled. One of the most common versions is attributed to Kraftwerk. It sounds nothing like them and was actually released by the M&H Band. It sounds more like Pet Shop Boys.

MP3: Hot Butter - Popcorn
MP3: M&H Band - Popcorn

It even has its own web page! Go check out for snippets of other versions.

It's Not Over

Okay, so yesterday I said Nu Rave was over. It's not completely over as the Klaxons have reminded me.

I think this is a new remix by Brodinski. I cannot find any info on it.

MP3: It's Not Over (Brodinski Remix)

Either way, the single was just released along with the video. The video is like a cross between a Dungeons and Dragons meeting and Michael and Janet's Scream video.

Dark Disco

A little no-wave action for you from Portland. Glass Candy has been around for a bit. Even playing a show in Miami back in the day... This summer they are playing P.S.1's Warm Up on August 11 (one of the many reasons to visit NYC in the summer) as part of the Trouble Man Unlimited/Italians Do It Better label showcase. (Anybody else notice the heavy disco line up for this year's Warm Up?)

Anyways, Glass Candy is evolving their sound from the post-punk garage sound to a darker more minimal disco sound (a la the Italians and Germans). The newest single I Always Say Yes has a balearic beat to it (think heavy, slow, 90–110 bpm). Okay maybe a little faster.

We have an older track of theirs Love Love Love where lead singer Ida No channels Siouxsie when she sings (Karen O anyone?). And a newer track where her vocals sounds like galactic purrs. Nice.

MP3: Love Love Love
MP3: I Always Say Yes (12")
MP3: Computer Love (Kraftwerk Cover)

One more. It is so good.

MP3: The Chameleon

Also out is a comp album out on Italians Do It Better called After Dark that showcases contemporary artists embracing Giorgio Moroder-styled synths. Incredible how long disco has survived. Electroclash who? NuRave what? (yeah that died already - how much more of fluorescent colors can you take?) All good music but a little short on the longevity.


I love me some good dance music... Seeing as it's Friday I thought I'd leave you with some good beats for the week-end and to enjoy on your way to the clubs.

Not alot of talk, just kick-ass music...

Here's a few recent additions to the arsenal.

Let us know what you think.



Here's the super-cool Midnight Juggernauts Video for Road to Recovery. Australia seems to be the new hot spot for music. Can't wait for their new album!

Super Early Release

The Super Furry Animals are releasing their 8th studio album on August 27th. Continuing their tried and true blend of pop, folk, psychedelica and eccentric lyrics. Check out the song titles...

1. The Gateway Song
2. Runaway
3. Show Your Hand
4. The Gift
5. Neo Consumer
6. Into the Night
7. Baby Ate My Eight Ball
8. Carbon Dating
9. Suckers
10. Battersea Odyssey

Yes you read correctly, Baby Ate My Eight Ball. Here's to hoping they go back to their "Rings Around World" days. Their last albums have been a little ho-hum. Not horrible but not "Slow Life".

MP3: Neo Consumer
MP3: Into the Night

The bassist from Super Furry Animals is the next person chosen to handpick the tracks from Trojan Records vaults for a dub compilation. Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan by a Super Furry Animal is out now. Excellent series. The last one was curated by Jonny Greenwood (Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller) and is up for a Mojo award for best compilation of the year.

Almost Famous...

We got a little write up in the current issue of the Miami New Times (in stands now!)!!
"Ray Milian is like a barometer of coolness. He’s a well-respected local DJ who was one of the original creators of Poplife back in 1999, when the indie world was still fresh and untapped. But when a scene gets too played out, Ray gets itchy to bring some new flavor. Hence Off the Radar, a Friday-night bash that’s bringing all the cool kids to the Sandal Club."
Continue reading... (Miami New Times)

Much love to Patrice for hooking it up and helping spread good music and good times!!

Off the Radar goes off tonight (FRIDAY) @ Sandal Club


Love this guy... Seems like the new album Make Sure They See my Face from Kenna has been pushed back again to Sept 11th? Sucks to have to wait but the date kinda makes sense for this artist which always seems to get a little political. Not one of my favorite things in artists but does it with such a good dance beat that you forgive him.

The first track I ever heard by him was 'Freetime' played out one night in a club and I was instantly attracted to it... Had to ask the DJ, who is that??? Apparently it was an older track which had already been out for like 6 months or so. So much music nowadays, even some slip by us here at Off the Radar.

Anyways soon thereafter I started playing Freetime out all the time and it soon became one of my favorites. I played it out every chance I got, till I got sick of it... The rest of that album New Sacred Cow is great also. Highly recommended!

Anyways still waiting for the new album but I just got a new track from him called 'Out of Control' off their NEW EP 'The Black Goodbye' which will also be on his new album and looks like it is gonna be their first single, so here you go. Also including the Freetime track I've been raving about.


MP3: Out of Control

MP3: Freetime

Interpol is Back!

Loving the New Interpol album 'Our Love to Admire', as almost everyone else is! It's all over the blog world, so they must have done something right.

Third albums are so important. Even if your second albums are a bit of a slump which they almost always are. The third one is usually the make or break one. If it sucks your pretty much screwed. If it rocks everyone quickly forgets about the not so good second one. Plus your chances for a long career increase exponentially.

With this one you can tell they are back in it and in top form. They are in it for the long haul. As time goes by all the Joy Divison comparisons should wane and they should start to build a legacy of their own. It's a solid album all the way through. Paul Banks voice sounds amazing and you can hear some classical influences coming through in a couple tracks. Supposedly Carlos D aspires to be a classical composer one day.

Keep it up boys! Plus love the new artwork! Glad they changed it up from the first two. Sucks when you can guess what the new artwork for bands is gonna be like. Gotta keep it interesting.

Here's a couple of my favorites off the new album... They always start their albums good and this one is no different with Pioneer to the Falls.

Be sure to make it by Off the RADAR Friday as we Host the Official CD Listening/Release Party for it!

MP3: Pioneer to the Falls

MP3: No I in Threesome

Dead Air Space :: Message from Thom

blank space
things are quiet here right now.

we are unable to explain.

nothing can be revealed.

we have not disappeared.

merely become invisible.

for a short time. we may be hiding in the woods.

meanwhile thebigask has set up an online video march
to hastle the government to commit to cutting our CO2.
which is a good idea i think. and you can post your own message.
so i'll have to do that. once i've found me camera.

ever since Gordon Brown became PM they have gone a little quiet on this subject.
i do hope rumours of Mr Brown lack of interest in climate change aren't true.
we don't have time for such crap.


Set Adrift...

Balancing acoustic and electronic sounds can be a daunting challenge. There is a fine line between adding the occasional out of place blip or tweet and smothering a perfectly placed guitar with a beefed up drum loop.

Christopher Willits (Ghostly) manages to blur the distinction between the various music styles. You are not listening to electronic music or acoustic music rather his own creation where he uses his prowess on the 6-string along with a custom-made signal processing system to perform a unique real-time mixture of melody and rhythm.

Sounds tasty! He just released an addendum to his 2006 release Surf Boundaries called Surf Boundaries Addendum that is available as a free download courtesty of (one of my favorite labels) Ghostly International.

MP3: Yellow Spring
ZIP: Surf Boundaries Addendum

*yawn* streeeetch We're back!

We never went anywhere. Sorry for the delay but it has been a BUSY week. Not just socially (birthday, holiday, summer...), but even WORK has been crazy.

No fear, it was just a brief hiatus. And that only means the new tracks have just piled up and are itching to make it on to the blog.

First up, a party promoter from Berlin turned DJ turned remixer turned artist turned producer, Phonique. He regularly works with Alex Krüger (of Krüger and Dorfmeister fame), producing new tracks for Morcheeba's former vocalists solo release, and his own 2007 release Good Idea on Dessous Recording Germany.

Phonique frequently teams up with Erlend Oye. Erlend has been a guest vocalist on Phonique's previous albums and Phonique remixed Erlend's version of Fine Day for his DJ Kicks compilation.

Here is the newest single from Good Idea.

MP3: Casualities (Feat. Erlend Oye)