Day & Night

It's Friday! So in keeping with recent traditions we're gonna leave you with some new music for your week-end. We know you guys love that...

I usually make it full on dance tracks but this week I found a lot of cool mellower stuff as well, so what I'm gonna do is put the 3 dancey tracks first under Day then the 3 mellower tracks under Night. Feel free to mix and match.

I'm loving the Rich Girls track by the Virgins that I'm putting first. Might do a full post on them next week.

I also got a new Devendra Banhart track in Spanish to end the post. He's amazing! Does mostly english tracks but he'll throw in a couple spanish singing tracks on each album and they usually end up being my favorites.

The Main Drag sounds very Radio Dept'ish and will appeal to fans of that band. Like Me!

Also in this Post a new Swayzak track! People already starting to compare that album to The Knife's Silent Shout as a possible contender for electronic album of the year.

Great Stuff...Enjoy and have a great/safe Labor Day week-end!



Chill Out

Here's some ambience for you. But the type of ambience that makes it feel like the world is going to end by the time the track finishes. It is a cover of a Savage Republic track from the early 80s.

(Sam) Shackleton is co-owner of London based Skull Disco Records. Known for putting out trippy dub step full of spaced out drums, tribal beats, drippy melodies, echoes, etc, etc.

This track has the original singer from Savage Republic, Jackson Del Rey, reprising his duties.

These guys were on some SERIOUS drugs when they recorded this. Serious.

MP3: Next to Nothing (Original Mix) (YSI)

Explanation by Sam Shackleton of the Skull Disco name origins:
Who are you?
Skull Disco

Where did you get your name?
I read a book about a tribe in Cameroon who had a party where they dug up the ancestors skulls and place them in a circle around the festivities whilst the participants drank beer and played music. I thought that was the proper way to do a disco. It's also a bad pun on School Disco.

We've Got You Covered Across the Universe

When does Across the Universe come out in the theaters? I remember seeing the trailer for it a while back but nothing else. Some info about the soundtrack came out. The track listing has much of the cast doing the singing. (mind you, Joe Cocker and Bono are part of the cast.) And a couple of tracks by The Secret Machines.

Anyways, here we have Fiona Apple covering Across the Universe for the Pleasantville soundtrack. As well as the original. (Shame on you if you don't already have it.)

MP3: The Beatles - Across the Universe (YSI)
MP3: Fiona Apple - Across the Universe (YSI)

I have high expectations for the film. I hope I am not let down.

Frankie and Cyndi... Flashback

So I had a craving for Frankie's Pizza. The place has not changed. Neither has the pizza. It's the crust I think. But the sauce is involved in it too. Maybe it is because they already sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it that makes it so good. No it's not the best. I hate to single out one pizza and leave the rest behind. Instead I keep a few favorites around just in case I am in the neighborhood (though Papa Piccolo's is my #1 since I was 7 years old).

Back to Frankie's Pizza. On the radio, Cyndi Lauper was playing (adding the nostalgia). It got me thinking...

Damn, she was good. (So was the pizza of course.) She wasn't manufactured like current pop idols are now (or at least they did a better job of covering it). Had a unique, distinct voice that does not sound tired even after two decades. Started (propagated) fashion trends from the 80s underground. Shocked parents. Attracted teens. Produced some solid classics.

And talk about an iconic album cover.

MP3: All Through the Night (YSI) - This was playing on the radio at Frankie's.
MP3: She Bop (Special Dance Mix) (YSI) - Don't freak out, it's just an extended DJ friendly mix of the original with added 80's beats at the beginning and end for mixing into the next track. No headache enducing French electro crunch re-hash by some crazy mid-West kid with an all-over print t-shirt in Day-Glo. No, none of that here.

Do you guys remember watching the FULL video to Goonies R Good Enough? I don't. I mean I remember the song. And vaguely remember trying to record it on the VCR but the entire concept of it (plot line of the movie itself - but with Cyndi's family losing their home...) escapes my mind.

(Frankie's Website for those that are interested. Arbetter's is next... cheeeeese fries....)


So I've been playing The Glamour for a few months already, but I didn't realize I hadn't written about them. So here goes...

The Glamour is Asher Gray and Richard Galling and are a DJ Duo hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been throwing parties and remixing other artists for some time.

Recently they began doing their own tracks. It's mostly of the dance variety and talks about what they know best, Parties! They wear their influences such as Daft Punk on their sleeves especially with tracks like 'Get Into It', but it's ok, it's still good stuff.

They claim on their myspace page to be DJ's who make music for DJ's. Nice! That means we don't have to wait for remixes to be able to play them out like we do for a lot of other artists.

'Get Into It' was the first song I heard/played by them and it's a great dance track! It's a pretty good track to get the party started with lyrics like 'Get, Get, Get into This, Start Feeling This....' Yeah!!

'Respect the Party' is also a great party song. With a great beat and it pretty much talks about the same thing. Going to a Party!

'I'll scoop you up and we'll roll! Co,co co, come on down, Let's Party!'

Hmmm, why not?!?!

All music doesn't have to be rocket science...

MP3: Get Into It (YSI)
MP3: Respect the Party (YSI)

Ticking away...

No album, no soundtrack, no b-side, no remixes. Just a single. Just "a song for bonfires, blackouts, and the last hurrah of summer" from Beck.

Does this mean summer is already over? No wait! We have more one more weekend! One more party! Labor Day! What are everybody's plans?

MP3: Timebomb (YSI)

Raiding My Music Files

I have been fruitlessly searching for something to post and was about to give up when I heard this track by Bag Raiders. I had absolutely no idea who these guys were/are. A little digging and I discovered they are signed to Modular and have remixed the Modular gang (Sneaky Sound System, Muscles and KIM (The Presets), etc...).

Well they just dropped their first 3 track EP. And it seems the Aussie duo of Christopher Brave and Jack Sabbath have a few tricks up their sleeves. Both are classically trained instrumentalists (sic), I am still trying to figure out which classical instruments they are since the tracks they released are synths galore.

So far it seems they touring their island continent but I have a feeling they will be touring stateside soon.

Oh so the track. I like the build up, it does not seem like it is going anywhere, but then it soars. Nothing crazy, but it has momentum. It is Monday, gotta take it easy.

MP3: Punch Reprise (YSI)

Sounds like...

Plastic Operator are a Canadian and Belgian duo that met while in audio school in London. They released their first album this past summer (sometime between May and June, I am getting conflicting dates) after the success of their single Folder (with a remix by Styrofoam).

The comparisons to the Postal Service are inevitable (I mean it is kinda really obvious), but all groups have other bands as reference points. Besides when did the last Postal Service album come out anyways? I tend to over look similarities if the music is good.

They are getting pretty good reviews and after a first listen, I cannot disagree.

For more info about the band:

MP3: Home 0207 (YSI)

Mono Never Sounded So Good...

Mono in VCF hail from Tacoma, Washington and are probably one of the best unsigned bands you are likely to hear this year. Their sound is Classic 60's Pop and reminiscent of bands like early Goldfrapp, Nancy Sinatra or maybe even a band with a similar name Mono.

I found out about them on the Obscure Sound Blog and was blown away.

It's like music from another era. Majestic, grand and beautiful!

Even Jarvis Cocker is a fan! He picked them to open for him when he was in Seattle.

I'm sure it won't be long before these guys are signed and huge! Just check out these three amazing tracks and you will be convinced. A perfect late night soundtrack!


Kraftwerk Nonstop

Got a little treat for you guys. This does not come out until next month on Astralwerks but I managed to get a copy of the EP Kraftwerk is releasing to commemorate the Tour De France album from 2003. It is only two tracks but clocking in at a respectable 20 minutes and 7 seconds.
Both tracks have been remixed by members of Hot Chip, with Aerodynamik being tackled by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, while La Forme was remixed by Al Doyle and Felix Martin.
"What makes Kraftwerk brilliant is the combination of fascinating textures and sounds, simplicity and efficiency in production," said Goddard of the project, "and a habit of writing beautiful melodies."
I thought the tracks would have had Hot Chip's frenetic pop signature all over it, but surprisingly the remixes do justice to the originals with Doyle and Martin giving La Forme a minimal makeover.

MP3: Aerodynamik (Hot Chip's Intelligent Design Mix) (YSI)
MP3: La Forme (Hot Chip's King Of The Mountains Mix) (YSI)

Love In A Digital Age

LongLove12: *glare*
LongLove12: *squint*
LongLove12: *crazyeye*
LongLove12: *point*
AngelGrrl17: ...~stands~
LongLove12: *shakefist*
AngelGrrl17: ~both fist in the air~
LongLove12: *nunchucks pose*
AngelGrrl17: ~moves into crane pose~
LongLove12: *rock, paper, scissors motion*
LongLove12: *throws paper*
AngelGrrl17: ~ducks right~
AngelGrrl17: ~throws paper~
LongLove12: *throws rock*
LongLove12: *dies*
AngelGrrl17: ~explodes for no reason~
AngelGrrl17: well..i think that was almost an even match

LongLove12: how's it going?
AngelGrrl17: it goes
LongLove12: word
AngelGrrl17: yourself?
LongLove12: i think some god somewAngelGrrl17e has cursed me with some horrible curse that only lets me meet girls that are some combination of 1) far away, 2) underage, 3) lesbian, 4) already seeing someone
AngelGrrl17: im 4 of those

It is kinda funny how dating methods have changed. Even James Figurine mocked it in his song 55566688833.
I have to type eleven numbers into my cellphone
Just to make it spell ‘love’
So I usually don’t
And it takes up fifteen digits to spell out ‘goodbye’
But if I leave out the ‘good’ I can save us some time
Heads We Dance are based out of Leeds and based their name off a Kate Bush lyric. They have been around for a little over a year and their first EP is expected soon. These songs were released this past spring. I thought I had the original version of the Love In A Digital Age here at work, but I do not and all I could find was this remix. I heard the song on the drive into work and realized I had never posted it. Anyways, you have to trust me that original is good too. The second tracks reminds me a bit of Cut Copy (I even heard the lyric "heart's on fire..."), but nevertheless definitely sparks my interest for their full length album.

MP3: Love In A Digital Age (Frank Musik Remix) (YSI)
MP3: My Heart Is Set On You (YSI)

Bigger is Better??

It's Friday, so in keeping with recent traditions we're gonna leave you with some fresh new dance music for your week-end!

Included with this post is a pic my girlfriend took of a mannequin at a store on South Beach the other day. Thought it was funny that they make mannequins now with huge fake looking boobs. Gotta appeal to many of the South Beach patrons I guess.

Anyways, here's the pick of the litter. Some of the coolest dance tracks I've come across through my blog treks this week. The Teenagers Remix of Goodbooks is outstanding! They did a great job. Can't stop listening to that one. Highly recommended!

Also a New Track from Zeigeist!


The Mighty Midnight Juggernauts....

One of my favorite new bands at the moment is the Midnight Juggernauts. Hailing all the way from Australia, a current hot spot for dancey electronic music (Cut Copy, Presets, Riot in Belgium, etc..)

They have just released an amazing debut album 'Dystopia' which should be available in the US soon. This duo, now trio manages to seamlessly blend electro, rock and pop like few can. It's a classic record that doesnt fit easily into any category. It's got 80's synth/electro & indie rock influences all rolled into one.

They've been getting rave reviews all over the blogs. Even Justice recently cited 'Dystopia' as the best electronic album of 2007! Not a bad endorsement to have huh...

Two of my favorite tracks so far are the Singles 'Road to Recovery' and 'Into the Galaxy'

I like the edited version of 'Into the Galaxy' from the video better than version on the album so I'll post the video instead. Their videos are also great and different from each other as well. I posted the video to 'Road to Recovery' a few weeks ago if you wanna go back and check that out or go to you tube. They have a bunch of stuff worth checking out.

'Road the Recovery' was the first track I heard from MJ months ago and I still find it amazing (despite many repeated listens!) It has an amazing driving beat that leads you to a super catchy anthemic chorus of enlightment w/classic 80's new wave synthlines. A great song to sing along to in the car or boogie to in the club.

'Ending of an Era' is another great track on the album that reminds me a bit of U2's 'Numb'. Mostly due to the singing style on the track. The lead singer mouths off random rhyming lyrics for a bit until the chorus comes in and the singing returns.

Another great track on the album is the title track 'Dystopia'. This ones a slow dark jam that reminds me of Pink Floyd/Scissor Sisters. Slow brooding, dark and delicious. A great change of pace from alot of the dancier stuff.

With no further delay, here are the Midnight Juggernauts....


MP3: Road to Recovery (YSI)

MP3: Ending of an Era (YSI)

MP3: Dystopia (YSI)

Happy Birthday!

Today the compact disc turns 25. You have come a long way since your parents (Philips and Sony) developed you in Germany Mr. Compact Disc (or is it Ms.?).

You have grown so much over the years. From a 115 mm (68minutes) to 120 mm (74-80 minutes) so that you could fit Beethoven's 9th Symphony.

And your offspring each have their own accomplishments to tout! The CD-Rom, DVD, your poor disowned cousin the laser disc...

Anybody remember the first CD they bought?


Here are OTR we have a slight affection for Marqui Adora (website). It is not because their lead singer happens to be Danny Ashe (one of the musical selectors for the party) but their music is damn good! Good enough even that Nissan picked up their last single for one of their commercials. So what have the boys been up to lately?

Marqui Adora released their EP Don't Panic on July 8th. It's a 3 song EP with two new tacks and a reworking of Empty (the track that appeared on the commercial and PopLife's 6 Year Anniversary Compilation).

The band has not stopped there. A video for this new version of Empty will be out in a few weeks. AND two new singles are going to be released in the next couple of months.

One of the most interesting things that Marqui Adora does is their podcasts. They post a song and the following day, discuss it from its inspiration to writing, recording and performing it.

Check out the podcast here: Marqui Adora Podcast. From the band:
"We have a new feature on our podcast in which we put up one song and the following day we do another podcast talking about the writing and recording of that track. We are doing the first EP right now which should be done by friday... then we do Don't Panic and then it will be roughly every 2 weeks showcasing a new song each time."
MP3: Don't Panic (YSI)
Everything That (YSI) (Love the drums on this track...)

What's Going On...

I have been out of it for a few days, still recovering from a cold that is kicking my ass. I have a backlog of music to introduce you guys to, but in the mean time, some news...
  • DFA is starting a new record label Death From Abroad (how cute), focusing on music outside of the U.S. (Mock & Toof, Altz, Gucci Soundsystem, etc... etc...).
  • Basement Jaxx are lending their productions skills to Karel Appel latest installation at the Tate Modern Museum in London entitled Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
I thought I had more, must be the meds I'm on.


Remember WVUM's Friday retro lunch hour? The exact name of the show escapes me. It was in the mid-90's. This track by the Human League was a staple of the show (they used to close the show every week with The Boomtown Rats' I Hate Mondays). Enjoy an extended mix of the track (Keep Feeling) Fascination. Look out for the extended organ outro.

MP3: (Keep Feeling) Fascination (YSI)
Tigers, Explosions, (outer) Space, Superheroes equals awesomeness. Just go buy it.

I Apologize...

When I started writing the post (a while back) on Black Dice, I was briefly thinking it was Black Strobe (sorry the names confused me). After listening to the track is when I realized it wasn't them. BUT it seems we have a new track from Black Strobe also!

The song builds up, bursts your ear drums and then brings you back down (all in about 6 minutes). More guitars in this album for the Parisian duo but the minimal tech house is still there. Slap this one on at 3am when you need a boost.

Mp3: Brenn Di Ega Kjerke (YSI)

Remember when Off the Radar first started?

I distinctly remember listening to a lot of Moving Units during that time. There are definitely songs or soundtracks for periods in my life (I am sure yours as well) that you just happen to associate certain songs. It happens with prom songs and trips to Europe and summers renting on the beach. A couple of years ago (coincidently when Off the Radar started at Buck 15) Moving Units was all over my playlists. From that little bar upstairs at Miss Yip's to hanging out at the Tribeca Grand in NY (craaazzzzy weekend).

The Moving Units seemed to accomplish what many bands were (still are?) trying to accomplish. Take an older sound (in this case 80's new wave) and update it without sounding like you are trying. (Remember the song Anyone? How about when the synths kick in for the chorus?). On this attempt they have added a new guitarist lending a more mature sound.

Music Snobbery has the opening track to stream.

And we have two choice cuts from the album. Hexes for Exes will be released on Metropolis Records on October 9, 2007. (I am digging the black and gold for the album cover too...)

MP3: Crash 'n' Burn Victims (YSI)
MP3: Dark Walls (YSI)

matt pond PA

When I first heard this new matt pond PA track from the upcoming album Last Light I immediately thought they sounded like Spoon. Not complaining. Shifting to a more jangle pop sound in my opinion their new album is a step up from their previous EP.
Bitchfork does not care for them much but I find their newer tracks to be a lot better. Perhaps the refresh in the band line up (everyone but Matt Pond left when he moved to NY) helped to shake things up and provide them a new start.

The new album drops in September.

MP3: People Have A Way (YSI)
MP3: Honestly (YSI)

M.I.A. Brings it with Kala!

Just got a copy of the new M.I.A album 'Kala' which will be hitting stores Tuesday, August 21st!

So far digging what I hear!

I was a little worried that the new album might not live up to her debut 'Arular' which was a commerical and critical success and inspired many imitators. She was able to tap into a new sound/style that mixed middle eastern sounds/themes with hip hop, big bass beats and came up with her own unique style/niche. Artists like Uffie owe her big time for opening the doors. Except M.I.A. does it better!

I'm digging that she's trying some new things on this new album.

On Track #4 'Jimmy' she flirts with Disco and sounds like Dianna Ross straight out of the 70's. I love the fact that she's singing on this one too and not rapping. Sounds fresh and glad she had the courage to try something different.

Track #8 'Down River' is classic her with those amazing beats. First few seconds of the song and your already moving your head/body to the beat. A floor stomper that's sure to be a club anthem in no time flat...

'Bamboo Banger' starts the album off perfectly. Takes awhile to kick in but when it does it's a 'Banger, a Bamboo Banger!' Classic her with those middle eastern sounds/themes and similar messages of 'Power, Power...' We love that!

'Boyz' is outstanding as well and the single. We had that one on the Radar blog awhile back ago. Go back and grab that as well.


MP3: Down River (YSI)
MP3: Jimmy (YSI)
MP3: Bamboo Banger (YSI)

News on the Portishead Front

Fresh off of the Portishead Blog (*blink* are we that close to a new Portishead album?!?!?)...

*first off mark fukin ronson - i think it takes a amazing talent to turn decent songs into shit funky supermarket muzak. i also heard hes remixing dylan....... some music industry tit thinks it needs remixing. you would think he would have the respect to say no to the job, obviously not. whats the bets on the bob marley and nirvana next!!

anyways enough of that. were about a week away from mixing ...`gulp`. also we have booked jerry sadowitz for ATP and hopefully we will be able to bring some more people next few weeks who im really fukin excited about.

bye for now

geoff {P}*

There Is The Theory Of The Mobius...

UPDATE: Just got another email from the band and it seems they will be coming down in November. We'll keep you posted.

There is the theory of the mobius... A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop... (Orbital)

I have been a longtime fan of Mobius Band so I was very excited to get this email from them this morning!! (They were the band that opened for The Editors that everyone was asking their name after they performed.) Anyways, they are Ghostly (you can basically trust anything that comes out of there) but now Misra Records based out of San Francisco.

The new single sees the trio try a few new things (with strings, guitars) while maturing their familiar electronic flourishes.

And now a word from the band:
So we can tell you a bit more about our second LP, Heaven.
It will be out on October 2nd on Misra/Ghostly.
That's right, now we have two labels instead of one.
Our new partner Misra is based in San Francisco and run by the same team as Absolutely Kosher Records.

Heaven is 10 songs long, and looks like this:

01 Hallie
02 Secret Language
03 A Hint of Blood
04 Leave the Keys in the Door
05 Friends Like These
06 Control
07 Tie a Tie
08 Under Sand
09 Black Spot
10 I Am Always Waiting


The more interesting news is that you can hear the first song on the album, "Hallie," at our myspace page:

Or here:

MP3: Hallie

Check out a track from their previous album (there is a great Juniors Boys remix of this on the 2nd Ghostly compilation):

MP3: The Loving Sounds of Static

You don't know Jack

Get ready, indie kids are going to jacking soon. I can feel it. And it is going to be called something "nu". It is already infiltrating the dancefloors.

"grinding their pelvises together" HAHAHAHAHA

From Wikipedia:

Jacking is a dance technique that was popular in the late 1980s[citation needed]. "Jacking" came from the early Chicago house music scene. The dance itself was sexually charged, with couples (often two men or two women) grinding their pelvises together. The style gave birth to the dance styles popular during the early UK acid house scene.

When referring to house dancing this word has taken on a slightly more specific and less sexual meaning. Jacking is the technique that comes from moving the torso forward and backward in a rippling motion, as if a wave were passing through it. When this movement is repeated and sped up to match the beat of a song it is called jacking, or "the jack." This technique is the most important movement in house dancing because it is the foundation that initiates more complex movements and footwork.

Because of jacking's association with early house music, many early house tracks used the word in their titles. Examples include Raze's "Jack the Groove" and Steve "Silk" Hurley's "Jack Your Body".

Dance Music up the Wazoo!

So my last post was all classic tracks, but since it's Friday I wanted to leave you with some new dance music to get you pumped for the week-end!

Here's some of the best new stuff I've gotten recently through my treks through blog land. Call me your Filter if you will... I filter out the crap and bring you the good stuff.

If you like electro type of dancey stuff like the tracks on this post/blog and live in South Florida you should check out The Attic :: Tuesday Nights @ Jazid on Miami Beach. We play tons of stuff just like this! Plus we mix in Live Art as well!

Anyways enough self promotion, enjoy and have a good/safe week-end!

Happy Hour!

It's about that time! It's FRRRIIIIDDAAAYYY!!! Get out of the office and find your favorite 2-4-1 and get lit!

The self-proclaimed fourth best band in Hull (after Red Guitars, Everything but the Girl, and The Gargoyles), The Housemartins broke through with the single Happy Hour in 1986.

You may recognize the drummer from the band (2nd one after Ted Key left) as little ol' Norman Cook better know as Fatboy Slim.

Anyways, this track is a little blast from the past to get your evening started!

MP3: Happy Hour (YSI)

There's A Place Called...

So Black Dice have signed onto Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label. (WHAT?! They left DFA? Blasphemy! snicker Still love you Mr. Murphy!) They are planning to release their next album entitled Load Blown on October 23rd. And have released a nugget from that album a bit early for us.

About the new album, there are rumors of more accessibility, shit does that mean they have gone soft on us? Not likely, from the press release, "this is a work of over-stimulation, a product of frenzied media culture, a sonic sifting of the gratuitous amount of “stuff” out there."


The track sounds like a dub track that has been sent out into space, done a few laps around the milky way before crashing somewhere in the Caribbean, downing a couple of Red Stripes before showing up at an after hours show in Downtown.

MP3: Kokomo (courtesty of Paw Tracks)
(And please ignore the reference to the The Beach Boys most forgettable song ever -- they are in my top five favorite bands ever... except for Kokomo and John Stamos playing the congas in the video. I forgave them already.)

Best That You Can Do...

Me and my girlfriend are out renting movies the other night and she had never seen the Dudley Moore 80's movie Arthur and wanted to see it. I love that movie so we rent it and check it out. As the movie is winding down, it ends with the Arthur Theme song called 'Best That You Can Do' by Christopher Cross. Such a great song! Makes you feel like your on an island vacation somewhere on the white sand beaches of the Bahamas. Away from your problems and just relaxing away with an ice cold Bahama Mama or Corona.

Anyways that song inspired me to do a post on movie theme songs written specifically for movies that I dig. It's funny how some of the real good ones get intrinsically tied with the movie in your head. You hear the song and bang you think of the movie.

Anyways as I'm looking for other tracks to put for the post one of the finalists is 'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head' which originally was written for the 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It's a song by Burt Bacharach and was his biggest world wide hit and even won the Oscar that year! You've probably also heard it recently in movies like Spider-Man in that scene were Peter Parker is all happy walking down the street.

Anyways as I go to Wikipedia to read up on Burt I see that he also wrote the music for the Arthur Theme song! What a coincidence.... So instead of putting up cheesy movie tracks that I like I decided to make this a Burt Bacharach post instead and pay tribute to some of his great songs.

Another track of Burts that helped him reach a newer/younger audience was his song 'What the World Needs Now is Love' off of the Austin Powers movie were he's playing the piano on the bus with Austin Powers introducing him while he's on his date. Love that! I hear he uses that Austin Powers intro to start off his shows.

Anyways check out these 3 great tracks by this talented fellow...

Ha just for fun here was one of the cheesy movie songs I was gonna put up! It's the Bee Gee's Grease Theme song that starts off and ends the movie Grease. Love this track and the movie! It takes me back to when I was a kid. They keep playing it on TV lately. Love the cartoon drawings that go along with the song intro too!

She Wants A New Album

Go find your black eyeliner! She Wants Revenge is back. Doing what they do best, dark, brooding, synth pop (I really should not call it pop) let's call it dark wave. After their collaboration with Timbaland on his last release Shock Value (Honestly has everyone done something with this guy this year??), the guys focused on their new album due out on October 9th called This Is Forever.

MP3: Written In Blood

Sea Wolf

Hailing from L.A. and creating quite a buzz over there, Sea Wolf has announced that his debut full-length album Leaves in the River will be released next month on Dangerbird Records following his earlier critically acclaimed EP You're A Wolf.

Sea Wolf is the solo project of Alex Brown Church, one of the principal songwriters of Irving. His music is pure chilled out bliss. Filled with strings, images of nature, and definitely worth checking out.

He is heading out on the road with labelmates Silversun Pickups and later in October with Nada Surf.

MP3: You're A Wolf

Reality Check

So the baby on the Nirvana's Nevermind turned 16 last month. Oof.