Wigs, fake eye lashes, Ketamine...

M.I.A. and Spike Jonze, a taxi cab and a polish hairdresser...

Part one of a taxi cab confessions series by

MP3: M.I.A. - Jimmy

Without love, it ain't ain't much...

She wears a long fur coat of mink
Even in the summer time
Everybody knows from the coy little wink
The girl's got a lot on her mind

She's got big thoughts, big dreams
And a big brown Mercedes sedan
What I think this girl
She really wants
Is to be in love with a man

She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
She don't need a man's touch
She wants to lead the Glamorous Life
Without love
It ain't much

It's the brown Mercedes sedan that cracks me up. The funny thing is brown cars are making a comeback now. I know the knew Infiniti Crossover SUV comes in brown and so does a Lexus.

Anyways, I decided to do my own Friday playlist. I tried to get stuff for the dancefloor but I think some of the tracks are suitable for hanging out as well (Temposhark and Spiral Beach track particularly). Flying Lotus signicantly slows down Stunt and at first Sheila E is barely unrecognizable (until the vocals kick in). Makes you want to find a pair of glow-in-dark drumsticks and start playing the Timbales. Mondo Grosso is a Japanese artist that creates music that sounds little like Japanese music. Not sure about the Adam Kesher track.. let me know what you think. I know you won't but it doesn't hurt to ask.

MP3: Erlend Oye - Sudden Rush (The Twelves Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Mondo Grosso - Shinin' (YSI)
MP3: Mr. Oizo - $tunt$ (Flying Lotus Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Adam Kesher - Feel You In My Arm (YSI)
MP3: Sheila E - Glamorous Life (NiteCourt's Sheila B Edit) (YSI)
MP3: Temposhark ft. Imogen Heap - Not That Big (Metronomy's Not That Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Spiral Beach - Ball (YSI)

Oh and I am going out of town this weekend. Take a guess where.

MP3: Margaritaville (YSI)

(I swear if someone says I'm going to Margaritaville, they probably think Kokomo is a real place. I can't wait for a change of pace this weekend. Well I don't know if the pace is going to change but at least the scenery.)

Honestly one of the most scenic drives in the U.S. Coupled with the fact that there is amazing seafood all along the way you can't beat it.


Young man, what is the meaning of this?

Hoax or for real? The publicist for Radiohead says, "I know nothing of any official site by that name."

That's tomorrow, Saturday, 10am (Miami time).

There is a visitor counter there. Doesn't seem like too many people are waiting.

In no particular order...

So Miami has been water logged for the past few days. FINALLY, the weather cleared up and true to South Florida we were treated to an amazing sunset.

Here is what I am approximately playing this week as I try to keep my life somewhat sane... Most of this stuff you can find on other blogs (and I'm being REALLY lazy right now -- but some of this stuff is too good not to at least mention). Just head over to Hype Machine and grab it if you like what you hear.
  • Holy Fuck - "Coming on as a cross between Battles & Liars they give it too you raw." - Just Press Play (this guy is always on point, add him to your blog roll).
  • A Mountain of One - It is hard to describe the music, it sounds similar to Map Of Africa. - 10 minute epic remake by Studio.
  • Vampire Weekend - A good friend introduced this band and you cannot deny that they are making exciting music.
  • Grovesner - After catching my attention with the opening track (Nitemoves) on the Hot Chip DJ Kicks comp, I discover that it is a side project of the Hot Chip drummer!
What else? The new Prefuse 73 album Preparations has some good cuts. I have the entire Pitchfork Top 200 of the 60's which I weeded out a few here and there. Go back and listen to that Soulwax remix of LCD Soundsystem. It is out of control. Oh and I am basically grabbing any Flying Lotus I can find. Like his remix of Mr. Oizo's Stunt or the incredible From L.A With Love compilation. Talk about let a record play...

And I guess the heavens felt bad for all the rain because this morning, the moon set was just as amazing.

Collaborations Between Favorite Artists

I saw that Booka Shade is putting out a DJ Kicks album next month. Alright, not that exciting (even though I am a big fan of artist curated comp albums), until I saw that Hot Chip reworked Matthew Dear's Don & Sherri possibly my favorite track off of this year's Asa Breed.

Hot Chip not just reworked it but re-recorded it. It sounds more like a cover version than a remix. A little more digging and I see that Ghostly is putting out a Don & Sherri EP that has a few versions of the track and a remix of Elementary Lover (featuring Mobius Band) which is only available on the iTunes version.

Though I get excited when artists that I like get together for a collaboration, the last one between Mr. Dear and the Hot Chip boys I heard was a bit of a let down for me. Matthew Dear's minimal-tech alter ego Audion remixed No Fit State a bit too minimally for me and all the exciting points of the song got washed away. Thankfully when the remixing duties are swapped the outcome is this amazing track.

So get out those free iTunes gift cards that you got at Starbucks! (Starbucks is giving away 50 million song downloads to celebrate the launch of the wireless iTunes store inside Starbucks Coffee Houses). This is not a MySpace hoax! (hahahaha) ...And get the track!

Back to the DJ Kicks album, it seems worthy enough for a listen... (Yazoo's Situation, Escape from NY dialog, Italo, Aphex Twin...).

Both the comp and the EP are out next month on !K7 and Ghostly (respectively).

MP3: Don & Sherri (Hot Chip Rework) (YSI) - Sorry Link Removed

To The Rescue

What happens when Kompakt Records' most visible players Michael Mayer and Superpitcher join forces? You think the result would be minimal. Supermayer is anything but. Today they release their first full-length, Save the World.

Please Sunshine is the track probably the closest to what you would expect out of Cologne, Germany. The rest of the album is full of experimentations in pop, noise, and genre bending sounds. Their mission, to thwart the evil sounds of bad music.

More from the group at their MySpace.

MP3: Please Sunshine (YSI)

Okay fine, I guess this post was a little super model waif-thin in terms of music, so here is a Superpitcher version of the DNTL track (this is) The Dream of Evan and Chan.

MP3: (this is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Remix) (YSI)

Out of Retirement? Nah.

Gorillaz are set to release D-Sides a following to their b-sides/rarities comp G-Sides from 2001.

Check out the track listing to D-Sides below. The collection will come in double-disc standard and deluxe editions, and will hit UK retailers via Parlophone on November 5 (and worldwide - aka the U.S. on November 7).

Who said you couldn't come out of retirement? Even if it's for a quick buck. I'm a sucker, I'll probably get the Deluxe Edition anyways.

Disc 1:
1. "68 State"
2. "People"
3. "Hongkongaton"
4. "We Are Happy Landfill"
5. "Hong Kong"
6. "Highway (Under Construction)"
7. "Rockit"
8. "Bill Murray"
9. "The Swagga"
10. "Murdoc Is God"
11. "Spitting Out the Demons"
12. "Don't Get Lost In Heaven (Demo)"
13. "Stop the Dams"

Disc 2:
1. "DARE (DFA Remix)"
2. "Feel Good Inc (Stanton Warriors Remix)"
3. "Kids With Guns (Jamie T's Turns To Monsters Mix)"
4. "DARE (Soulwax Remix)"
5. "Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)"
6. "El Manana (Metronomy Remix)"
7. "DARE (Junior Sanchez Remix)"
8. "Dirty Harry (Schtung Chinese New Years Remix)"
9. "Kids With Guns (Quiet Village Remix)"

MP3: Gorillaz - Re-Hash

Toronto Vids - Interpol

So in anticipation of the Interpol tonight at University of Miami's Convocation Cente-- I mean Bank United Center, here are a couple of short video clips we took when Interpol hit the stage V Fest in Toronto.

They looked bored as always. Played a solid set (...minus the one false start they had. Paul Banks looked a little embarrassed in the monitors. The drummer frustratingly tapping out the beat their second time around.) but for some reason it just did not feel loud enough.
We were noticeably further back than we were for Bjork but I have seen them in festivals (and clubs) before and they definitely feel more comfortable in the dark and smoky confines of a club (nothing beats their show at Ice Palace a few years back in Miami - 2003 - Wow).

So in honor of their performance tonight, I give you a remix of their current single Mammoth and an orchestral version of the fantastic album opener Pioneer to the Falls. I am not sure how I feel about Mammoth yet. It is definitely a change for them, Banks vocals do not even sound like him. The rework by Erol Alkin smartly stays away from the current electro movement and just beefs up the drums and high hats and makes the song a bit more dance floor friendly.

MP3: Mammoth (Erol Alkin Rework) (YSI)
MP3: Pioneer to the Falls (Orchestral Version) (YSI)

Aaannd here are the videos of Interpol peforming Obstacle 1. You can obviously get better quality videos from other users of YouTube.

Tigercity Live @ The Attic

Last week Tigercity (NYC) performed an encore show @ The Attic after their earlier show at Studio A. Suffice to say that the guys enjoyed their time here in Miami. A LOT! The Attic is one of the Residencies for Ray Milian (the other half of this blog).

THE ATTIC :: A Merger of Art, Music & Culture
Sponsored by Absolut
Tuesdays @ Jazid (Upstairs)
1342 Washington Ave
Miami Beach
(Right Next to Miami Ink)

Hosted by::Ryan, Shannon & Andy
Resident DJ's :: Ray Milian, Jonathan & Mike Deuce

Live Intallations Weekly + Rotating Artworks on Display
Party Starts @ 11
No Cover!

Here's a couple great tracks from this up and coming band to watch!

MP3: Other Girls (YSI)
MP3: Dark Water (YSI)

Toronto Vids

When I say amateur, I mean it. Eddy's videos are better than mine so I am posting his. I might try and edit the ones I have because I do have a few of Bjork's literally explosive ending.
Bjork and her army of brass instrument players

Anyways, here we have a video of her performing Joga. And an MP3 of another version of her latest single (and concert opener) Innocence.
Technology was at the heart of her performance.
Touch screens are not just for iPhones...

MP3: Innocence (Ghostigital Untouchable Innocence Still Amazes 12" Remix) (YSI)

Bjork declaring independence with confetti and lasers.

Video performance of Joga.

UPDATE: Pitchfork has some even better pictures of her recent ATL show. Damn I really want to see her in New York but it looks like I am going to miss her by 2 weeks.

Another Tease From Hot Chip

Hot Chip keeps teasing with a follow up to the break through 2006 release The Warning. They seem to enjoy doing that. Over and Over came out a good 8 months before the album was released. Generating ridiculous hype (no one can deny it's hook). This is not a new track if you have been to their live shows. But the first time I hear a studio version of it. Does that mean an LP is in store? Remixes are great but come on guys! Give us another full release.

I give this track about 27 minutes gets blown up on the dance floors all over. After first listen you are probably wondering why. Wait until the 2nd minute. I don't I have ever heard the guys get this rave crazy on a track.

Just listen. Wait for it, it's coming... 1:58... 1:59... 2:00... 2:01...

MP3: Shake A Fist (YSI)

There is just no stopping these guys. I am impressed how they can embrace pop music and still keep their cool factor. These are the tracks that will be the "retro" tracks for the next generation.


It's Friday!!!! Which means RADAR Mix-Tape Time, Wooo....

This week I found some cool rock tracks as well as dancier electronic stuff, so I thought I'd do a little of each, 50/50 Yo! Actually it's more like 60/40 but 50/50 sounds better, don't you think?

Last Saturday @ Circa some friends were requesting/raving about a track by Roisin Murphy called 'Overpowered', which I didn't have. So I told them to send me a myspace message so I wouldn't forget to check it out (my memory sucks!) So they sent me a link for it and its real good. Turns out she's the ex-lead singer of Moloko. Reminds me of Pop female artists like Tracey Thorn, Annie, stuff like that. So you if you dig those artists this should be right up your alley.

Brit-Pop band Athlete who was kinda lost in the shuffle with their last album should be coming back with a Bang with their upcoming New Album 'Beyond the Neighbourhood' which comes out Sept 25th on Astralwerks. Check out this sweet mellow track with the great name 'Airport Disco'.

Also here's a New Track by British Band The Wombats called 'Let's Dance to Joy Division'. Can't argue with that... They've been around for a bit, but apparently this track is starting to move up on the Pop charts in Britain. Good for them, their excellent!

Duran Duran, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland working together! Wow! I couldn't believe it either, but it's a great track! Check out 'Nite Runner' produced by Timbaland who seems to be on top of the music world at the moment. He's got his hands in everything. Did you see him all over the place at the VMA's?

Finally check out the great mix Mike Deuce (Deuce Crew/Miami) did of Pogo by Digitalism. I am lucky to have this talented fellow spin with me every Tuesday Night @ The Attic here in South Beach. Last week I was about to play the original when he reminded me of this great remix, which I played to everyone's delight. Mike's got a big future ahead of him. He's got a bunch of remixes which I'll be posting up soon.

Enjoy and have a kick ass week-end!

If your in South Florida don't miss the Chocolate Sundays BackRoom 1 Year Anniverssary Sunday @ Purdy! We have tons of DJ's coming in and 2 Bottles of Free Jager for everyone in attendance! Should be a grand ole time! Always a blast back there!



Rock Stuff ::

Dance Stuff ::

Gucci Soundsystem Mix Tape

Enjoy this mix tape courtesy of Gucci Soundsystem (Death From Abroad) in honor of their eminent release ACARPENTER on September 25th.

gucci soundsystem
'acarpenter' 12”

a1. acarpenter
a2. lord a mercy

b. acarpenter (joakim remix)

available 25-09-07 physical & digital

MP3: Gucci Soundsystem Mix Tape


While I'm on the soundsystem trip...

Gucci Soundsystem is remixing LCD Soundsystem's Time To Get Away on LCD's next single (and personal favorite off of the last album) Someone Great. The single will also have the Soulwax remix we posted yesterday and a Carl Craig remix of Sound of Silver.

BUT I would hold off on the getting the single because there is an EP coming out that will have ALL that stuff and the Franz Ferdinand version of All My Friends (second favorite off of the album).

Aaaannndd James Murphy and Mahoney are the next selectors for the Fabric Live series.

AAaaaannd the previous digital only release 45:33 that Murphy did for Nike will finally be getting released on vinyl and CD formats with Freak Out/Starry Eyes, Hippie Priest Bum-Out (eh single), and some other material.

(There is a Tonight Show performance somewhere there too and a Arcade Fire split single on 7").

DANG talk about staying busy. Then again they are just releasing tracks that had previously only had limited releases.

Toronto Finds Part Deuz - Kill The Lights

Our final night in Toronto we decided to check out The Drake Hotel. You can see from the poster why. The hotel is cool as shit and highly recommended if you plan to stay in Toronto. It is on Queen Street W. surrounded by random bars and clubs (not the mega dance clubs of College Street) with live music, rock 'n' roll and soul music dance parties scattered about. In other words, an indie kids Saturday night dream.

Back to the party... Peter Hook I could do without, his legacy with New Order is historic and he is a nice guy so I will forgive his musical selections when he DJs (he is probably better suited for Space or Mansion or anything but an indie dance party). BUT honestly after a few Irish Car Bombs and Chivas on the rocks who honestly cares? (Crystal by New Order still sounds good on the dance floor though.)

Before he went on to DJ, there was a showcase of Canadian talent. While entertainment execs hobnobbed upstairs in the lobby bar for a Pushing Daises (new ABC drama) party, downstairs in the Drake Underground (their club space) bands while filling the stage.

The first one we saw was Kill The Lights. A five piece band with members from Montreal and Toronto (I think they are based from Montreal though because the lead singer said he was happy to be back in Toronto playing). As the band started playing, we found ourselves focusing less on our conversations and more on the music. When the band asked everyone to fill the space in front of the stage immediately we complied (why do local shows always have that empty space in front of the stage anyways?).

At times melodic, shoe gazer, psychedelic, their shows are often criticized as inconsistent but that is only because the band is constantly experimenting.

Surprisingly, the lead singer spoke perfect Spanish to my friend after the show!

MP3: Bombs (YSI)

Also, check out The Cansecos. I won't post anything about them because we already did a couple of months back!! Go check out the older post while you are here.

Kill The Lights @ The Drake Underground
(So nice to have our own photos instead of having to Google them)

Soulwax Does LCD

Soulwax read my mind and swapped the beginning and end verses of Get Innocuous by LCD Soundsystem.

Give the song a few seconds (okay a a minute and a half) for the bass to kick in.

Synths and lasers!!! It even has a Kraftwerk moment around minute 4:00 right before Mr. Murphy takes over the vocals.

MP3: Get Innocuous (Soulwax Remix) (YSI)

Toronto Finds Part Un - The Carps

Simple setup, big sound

So after Blonde Redhead played their amazing (but short) set, we set off to wander the festival. Leaving the Beer Garden, my two friends stop short in their tracks and started singing Poison by Bel Biv Devoe. It was not as random as I thought because seconds later I heard the unforgettable metallic snare opening of the song coming from a nearby stage.

What we found were two guys, one on bass and the other on drums and vocals going insane on stage. Instantly we were mesmerized and started dancing up front. Two lovely ladies gave us the details of the band (they were friends of theirs). The Carps, a local band from the Toronto fake (sic) 'burb of Scarborough.

The best way to describe their sound is punk rock battling with R&B. One thing I always notice with talented musicians is that many of them lack a stage presence. Being up on stage you have to entertain the crowd. Give something more than just playing you music. And no, I am not saying you have to choreograph a huge routine with fireworks and back up dancers even that can backfire (poor Brit...) but interact the audience, make the performance special.

One of their songs tells a tale of a convenience store robbery gone wrong. Back and forth dialogue with the bass player (acting as the clerk) pleading for his life. It concluded with snare drum snaps mimicking the gunshots and the bass player falling to the ground. He kept on playing!!

That is how this band got our attention. And then there was the music. Frenetic beats. Soulful singing. It was enough to make us rush their stage for their final number! I lost control jumping and pumping one arm in the air behind the band because the drummer told us to. He had us under this control.

They have an EP out called The Young And Passionate Days Of Carpedia and is available through iTunes. Go check out some more of their tracks on their MySpace profile.

MP3: Let's Fall In Love (YSI)
MP3: All The Thugs I Know (YSI)

On stage with The Carps

I'm back!

Main stage before the field filled up.

I am back. Well physically, not mentally.

Toronto is amazing. Clean, environmentally friendly (recycle bins, bicycles, pedestrians...), culturally diverse, the weather was great (albeit it was not winter). Big city, extremely liberal, fantastic Indian food, friendly, more expensive than I expected. What should have I expected when the friggin' U.S. dollar is so weak?

The festival was incredible. All I have to say is BJORK. Wow. (I hear the hipster mumblings... "she's over... past her prime... not like her 'Post' days"... blah blah blah...). She was incredible. You have no idea what Hyper-ballad sounds like live. Her new stuff did not seem out of place at all. Drove the crowd into a frenzy.


Interpol was aight. Nice to hear the new stuff but considering they went on before Bjork on the main stage (ie. highly billed) they sounded quiet (and we were close). Explosions In The Sky, Blonde Redhead... awesome! Climbed one of the stages and danced my ass off with a local band that I will be showcasing later this week.

The venue was beautiful. A island just off the city, accessible only by ferry (suuucked on Saturday night when 35,000 + people leaving at once...). The grounds were impeccable. I think I could count the amount of garbage I saw on the floor with my hands. Weird "beer gardens" (or drunk pens like I like to call them) where you had to consume your beer (Bud or Bud Light ONLY... double UGH).

I have pictures and videos to come.

Checked out some more local music outside of the festival. Saw The Cansecos and a couple of other local acts before Peter Hook DJ'ed (still out of touch with what is cool, oh well) at The Drake Hotel Underground (awesome place... ran into Fisher Stevens from Short Circuit/Hackers there. Matt Damon was rumored to be showing up but we were too drunk to notice.) It felt like a smaller version of the I/O main room. Velvet curtains and all. Weak drinks, great bartenders.

I got some new music for you guys fresh out of Toronto... but alas work beckons. I got home a day later than expected. Stayed overnight in Florence, Kentucky. So things have unexpectedly backed up.

I know this was a tease post.

Off to Canada, ay!

Off the Canada to see what all the fuss aboot Toronto is, ay. I'll be back early next week. Ray promises to take care of you. 2 Days of music await me in our neighbor to the North.

Husky Rescue Remixes

I'm beginning to wonder if all Emperor Machine remixes sound the same? Not that it's a problem. They just all have that same groove. In this release from earlier this year, they tackle Husky Rescue.

Husky Rescue I like. This Finnish group's newest album takes their wispy electronica-folk and put a little umph to it. The follow up single to Diamonds In The Sky is Nightless Night and the EP is full of fancy remixes like this one by Fink.

I am in the giving mood so I am giving you both. Enjoy you won't be hearing from me until I get back from Toronto!!!

MP3: Diamonds In The Sky (Emperor Machine Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Nightless Night (Fink Remix) (YSI)

Mic check, 1, 2, 1, 2...

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The Housing Market Bubble


Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one And they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses all went to the university
Where they were put in boxes and they came out all the same,
And there's doctors and there's lawyers, and business executives
And they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same.

Everybody knows the show. Everybody knows the song. It is interesting to see so many varied artists tackle the song since season 2 when contemporary artists replaced Malvina Reynold's original version from season 1.

It was a protest song from the 60's against the urban move out to a conformist suburbia. It is thought to be inspired visually by the houses of Daly City, California, as Reynolds lived in nearby Berkeley. (Many of the houses in Daly City were designed by Henry Doelger after World War II, resulting in the similar architecture of many houses there and in the surrounding areas. They feature flat roofs and predominantly right angles, giving them their famed box-like shape. -courtesty of good ol' Wikipedia)

The song fits perfectly with the show's plot.

MP3: Malvina Reynolds (YSI)
MP3: Regina Spektor (Season 2) (YSI)
MP3: The Shins (YSI)
MP3: The Decemberists (YSI)