Never Too Late To Discover New Artists

I just came across this video directed by the Gondry brothers Michel and Oliver Gondry for the artist Lacquer. The track is Behind and was released in 2003 (along with the video). The video is reminiscent of Gondry Bros. standout music video for me, Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers. This time the method of transportation is a 1966 Chrysler 300 (convertible of course) versus a train. And the landscape is a cross country tour from New York to L.A. in seven days.
RES's Sandy Hunter: "The video consists of digitally fast forwarded time lapse 16mm photography shot from a rig set up in the back seat. The entire seven-day journey, shot at one frame per second of driving (one frame per 10 seconds at night) is compressed into less than four minutes."

But is it Olivier's editing that syncs key moments in the trip with the music that makes this video interesting. It is subtle but noticeable with key changes in the music or bridges in the song. I t particularly like the changes from day to night.

I last heard Lacquer on Kitsune's 2002 compilation Kitsune Love. All the tracks on that compilation are stand out and I highly recommend it. Though it is not a "mix" CD the tracks flow smoothly from one to another. I usually follow up on artists I hear on comps to see what else they have done and I cannot believe he slipped through the cracks. So five years later (wow... but for a pop song to sound fresh after 5 years is not bad...) I find this excellent piece of electro pop. It definitely has that driving bass that was popular a few years back (think Mylo, Kylie, etc...).

I have include the track from Kitsune Love, both are available on Lacquer's debut album Overloaded.
MP3: Behind (YSI)
MP3: X (YSI)

The Chemical Brothers - Temptation / Star Guitar (Live from Brixton Academy) (YSI)

Lacquer - Behind

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar


Ray Milian said...

digging lacquer! we really do put out some pretty amazing stuff! I hope people appreciate it :)

Victor Castro said...

great song, great video! how could you not love the artistic talents of the Gondry's (just knew about Olivier on this post). I always thoght Michel rode solo, NICE! Not sure if you guys have seen the stop-motion video for "Have You Seen in Your Dreams" by Miracle Fortress, but I'm if like Gondry(s), you'll like this!

oh, I'm very much appreciative of ::: Off the Radar :::, if I could comment more without looking like I strive attention, I would ;-) Keep it up! Thx!

.... said...

Ah, 'Behind' is such a great track. Totally forgot about it. Think I got it on vinyl somewhere. Thanks.