Beck is Back

Beck is Back. This time he's brought a little help in the form of indie producer du jour, Dangermouse. (Do I have to? Okay, The Gray Album, Gorillaz, Gnarlz Barkley, Danger Doom, The Good, The Bad and The Queen you get the picture...). In this album we see Beck going back a bit to the 60's. Apparently the new album called Modern Guilt has the definitive mid-century London garage sound.

Album details were sketchy in the beginning of the year, secret product, end of the year release date, etc... But all those questions have been (sorta) answered and the LP should drop sometime this month. Oh and did I mention that Cat Power has a guest spot on it?

The first single, Chemtrails, was released a few weeks ago and premiered on no less than BBC Radio 1 (has a better ring to it than Y-100. Radio in Miami is ridiculously lame...).

And so far so good, I have always been a fan of Beck and I do not think he is going to disappoint with his 10th full length release (TEN!!!). I am digging the guitar solo at the end of Chemtrails. I read some comments on different blogs making comparisons to Caribou. What do you guys think?
Anyways, here is a lowish-bitrate but listenable MySpace rip. Also, grab a cool remix of Nausea by XXXChange (Spank Rock crew) that might allow you to forgive me for the quality of Chemtrails. XXXChange is on a roll, check out his remix of Thom Yorke's The Eraser and Bjork's Earth Intruders if you have a chance.

MP3: Chemtrails
MP3: Nausea (XXXChange Remix)

Here is a video of the title track, Modern Guilt, performed a couple of days ago at a secret show in L.A.


Moby Dick said...

Beck is great. I would like to see him/them in concert sometime.

Victor Castro said...

heck yeah! thanks for the xxxexchange mix! i think the picture was taken by Hedi Slimane, which I'm a huge fan. Seriuosly,if you haven't, check out the bands he endorses and look into his photo diary.