Late of the Pier

Posted Heartbeat from UK's Late of the Pier not too long ago, but I've been digging their new album Fantasy Black Channel so thought I'd post a couple more. Seems they were produced by Erol Alkan (no wonder they're so good!). In the vein of bands like The Klaxons, they put out high energy electro rock suitable for the dancefloor.

They also recently made it on the cover of an old favorite of mine NME. Here's a snippet of what NME had to say about them.

"It's something fresh, original and very smart. Prepare yourself: this band are the future"

Now NME tends to be pretty fickle so who knows for how long they will keep liking them, but their off to a great start!

MP3: Space and the Woods - Late of the Pier (YSI)
MP3: Bathroom Gurgle (Artwork Remix) - Late of the Pier (YSI)

Here's the video for their single Heartbeat...

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Chris said...

I have been playing the Late of the Pier album quite a bit. It's not my favorite per say, but I'm digging it. Hot Chip has a pretty good remix of one of their tunes.