Feeling Spiritualized?

Been awhile since we've heard from Spiritualized and their main man Jason Pierce. The wait's almost over as they're set to release their New Album 'Song in A & E' on May the 27th. I managed to listen to about 5 tracks so far, including the First Single 'Soul on Fire'. They're mostly of the downtempo variety, but that's kinda what they do best and what their fans love about them. I've never been the biggest fan, but I know many are and I still appreciate their music and Jason's voice and vision. I'm sure this one will be a welcome return to form for this great band who in 1997 had NME's top album of the year with their classic 'Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space'.

They've always had very cool minimal artwork and this one continues that tradition...

P.S. This post is dedicated to my APT partner Josh who's a huge fan and has been telling me for weeks how I've been sitting on this one. There you go...

MP3: Soul on Fire (YSI)
MP3: Baby I'm Just a Fool (YSI)

Here's one of my Favorite Classic Tracks from Spiritualized. 'Do It All Over Again' off of 2001's 'Let It Come Down'. Another great album they had that I had forgotten about.

MP3: Do It All Over Again (YSI)

Here's a BBC interview with Jason talking about a medical warehouse with stuff they used for their new video 'Soul on Fire'.

Here's the finished product. You can see were they incorporated the medical gear. The video came out great!

Zeigeist Release Debut 'The Jade Motel'

One of my favorite electro-pop bands Zeigeist from Stockholm, Sweden are finally set to release their Debut Album 'The Jade Motel' April the 30th! Pretty excited, been digging them for awhile. Even picked their single Black Milk which is also on the album as one of my favorite singles of 2007.

Fans of bands like The Knife who they are constantly compared to (her voice's resemblance is uncanny!) will love Zeigeist. They are a great mixture of bands like early Fischerspooner's live theatrics and The Knife's dancey sound.

You can preview the whole thing albeit 30 sec samples on amazon. I managed to get a hold of 'Humanitarianism' which is set to be their first single and the lead-in track to the new album and 'Bunny' which I bought on Itunes. You can also listen to 'Wrecked Metal' another new track on their MySpace player.

If you like these I recommend you pick up the whole thing when it becomes available later this week. Not sure if it'll be on Itunes, but I think you can buy it directly from them on their MySpace page and on Amazon Wednesday.

MP3: Bunny (YSI)

Here's a Live Concert of theirs at a Pop festival in Europe condensed into 4 in a half minutes. Some of the cuts are pretty crappy, but at least you can see what a great live show they put on...

Quiet in the Village

Quiet Village have just released their amazing debut album 'Silent Movie' (out now on Itunes and May 13th as hard copies) and just like the name implies it's like a soundtrack to an amazing movie that hasn't happened yet. Like other bands like The Avalanches who they remind me of, they mix and match a lot of different elements and samples to form an amazing piece of art. Mostly instrumental you can put this album on and let yourself be transported away to another place and time, from India to a secluded island beach. It's exactly the type of music that lets your mind float away and enjoy the beauty that music can bring. Sure to be a Classic! Highly recommended!!

Here's a couple of my favorites so far....

MP3: Free Rider (YSI)
MP3: Broken Promises (YSI)

Bullet Park

Miami based electronic band 'The Waterford Landing' have just released 'Bullet Park'. This EP is their follow-up to their excellent self titled debut album which they released a couple years ago. I featured 'Skylark' a dark/synthy dance track from their debut on a PopLife Compilation CD in 2005. They also won Best Electronic Act in 2006 by the Miami New Times in it's popular yearly 'Best of Miami' Issue. Not too shabby for these local musicians who have been at the game, albeit with different projects for awhile.

Their first album was more of a New Order/classic electronic sounding affair. This new 5 Song Bullet Park EP sees them experimenting a bit more and trying out new things. Some songs are more pop oriented 'Folksong #1', 'Theme from Through the Night', some more experimental 'GetBent', 'Bullet Park'. One thing's for sure they're definitely growing as a band and trying to push the envelope, which is what every artist should strive for.

Great comic book style artwork by Dan Goldman as well.

Go to their website at or their myspace link above for more.

My favorite track so far is the intrumental opening track 'Theme from Through the Night' and the self titled closer Bullet Park. I'm only gonna put these on YouSendIt, so they'll be up for a week or so. Get'em while they're hot!

You can buy their EP & album online at CD Baby.

Here's the sleek sounding Skylark from their debut album.

I Can't Swim To Japan

So I think I have mentioned that I am going out of the country later this week. That is of course if the US Passport Agency can process a replacement for my passport in time (they promised 2pm by Wednesday and I leave at 8am on Thursday). There is no reason for me to be worried but this trip isn't exactly a commute to NYC if you know what I mean.
Osaka Castle
(minus the Cherry Blossoms which I missed by about 3 weeks).

Oh so what happened to my brand new passport? The one that was less than 2 months old? Let's just say that I have a very... um... anxious dog that doesn't like it when I leave him alone.
So before I leave, I will leave you guys with some new music. Courtesy of Adult Swim and Ghostly. This is similar to their last comp almost a year, Warm & Fuzzy.
This one features Ghostly artists exclusively including some unreleased tracks.

Matthew Dear
FLYamSAM (Flying Lotus and SAMIYAM)
School of Seven Bells
Kill Memory Crash
Osbourne (I have been playing this guy out a lot lately... new EP out)
(and Miami's own Egg Foo!) Michna

You can download the entire thing here.

MP3: Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped (YSI)

So if you see a post from me after Thursday, then you know why.... otherwise SAYONARA bitches!!

(Ray will take good care of you guys while I'm gone!!)

Proud Of It

Laptronica must one of the most awkward words in music. It takes a type of music electronica and even simplifies it more by just associated the music with one particular type of equipment (a laptop, duh). Armed with a laptop (Apple MAcBooks have the upper hand here... they just look really good on stage...) and a hard drive full of software sequencers and samplers, Laptronica artists create music that is generally a bit too leftfield for the dancefloor. But perhaps a bit more accessible than other IDM artsts (Aphex Twin, remember Atari Teenage Riot?). Artists such as Four Tet, Mouse On Mars, The Octopus Project, Schneider TM, Mum all have combined glitchy elements of electronic laptop music with more traditional instruments to evolve this new music genre.I Am Robot and Proud (IARAP) is Shaw-Han Liem, a one man band from Toronto that creates Laptronica music. The title of his last album, 2006's The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing, says it all. At the end of 2007, he announce a new album this year.
there will be a new record in 2008.. work has slowly been turning into tiny pieces of songs. today i recorded a mandolin part... who knows, maybe it'll be "the new sound"?

also, some remixes for De De Mouse (avex trax, jp), Chihiro, and a collaboration with Gentleman Reg. here comes 2008!!!
He just wrapped up a mini-tour promotional tour for Yamaha to launch their new musical instrument invented by Toshia Iwai. The tour included artists Mouse on Mars, Pole, and To Rococo Rot.

Okay I have a soft spot for one of the titles of the songs I am posting. Maybe because I am going to Osaka next week! The girls are short over there? Yes! My friend confirmed. Those that know me, understand. The track is from a compilation that IARAP put together for Piehead records.
Tower Records, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan!

MP3: Girls Are Short - Osaka (I Am Robot And Proud Remix) (YSI)
MP3: I Am Robot And Proud - The Electricity In Your House Wants to Sing (YSI)
MP3: I Am Robot And Proud - The Catch (YSI)

When I Get My Ears - I Am Robot and Proud
(video by Toshinori Tanaka)

Timed Perfectly

Via Boing Boing:

Joshua Allen of The Morning News contemplates the length of a perfect pop song.
What else is at 2:42? “Don’t Do Me Like That” by Tom Petty. “Divine Hammer” by the Breeders. “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby, Stills & Nash. “Get Up” by R.E.M. “California Dreamin’” by the Mamas & the Papas. “This Charming Man” by the Smiths.

You need more proof? Jerk. Let’s look at Sgt. Pepper. “Lovely Rita” is two minutes, 42 seconds. It delivers that psychedelic vibe and a coda but then gets the hell out of your life.

Compare that to “With a Little Help From My Friends.” It’s a mere two seconds longer but feels like it drags on for hours. Maybe it’s Ringo, maybe it’s the tedious melody—or maybe it’s the two goddamn seconds.

Then over here we have “Good Morning Good Morning,” rightfully discarded by the masses as a throwaway. Why? Two minutes, 41 seconds. Hey, Beatles, maybe next time think about tacking on an extra second to give a song the grandeur and majesty it deserves.
MP3: The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin' (YSI)
MP3: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - Don't Do Me Like That (YSI)
MP3: The Beatles - Lovely Rita (YSI)

Just an interesting topic. I actually could not even find a 2:42 minute version of California Dreaming. They all ended at 2:41.515. Maybe he was rounding it up!

Speaking of pop music, Weezer is still on the hunt for the perfect pop song. The 6th studio album (the "red" album) comes this summer. The first single, Pork and Beans, is out next week and KROQ leaked it early! The boys seems to have grown up a bit. Well maybe not judging by the lyrics but they could honestly give a rat's ass... Fashion note, last night at the Spoon show, I saw the return of cardigan sweaters, was that a perfectly timed marketing scheme to bring the Buddy Holly days before the album's release??
They say I need some Rogaine to put in my hair
Work it out at the gym to fit my underwear
Oakley makes the shades that transform a tool
You’d hate for the kids to think that you lost your cool

I’mma do the things that I wanna do
I ain’t got a thing to prove to you
I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans
Excuse my manners if I make a scene
I ain’t gonna wear the clothes that you like
I’m finally dandy with the me inside
One look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink
I don’t give a hoot about what you think

Everyone likes to dance to a happy song (Hey, hey)
With a catchy chorus and beat so they can sing along (Hey, hey)
Timbaland knows the way to reach the top of the charts
Maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art

I’mma do the things that I wanna do
I ain’t got a thing to prove to you
I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans
Excuse my manners if I make a scene
I ain’t gonna wear the clothes that you like
I’m finally dandy with the me inside
One look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink
I don’t give a hoot about what you think

No I don’t care,
I don’t care

I’mma do the things that I wanna do
I ain’t got a thing to prove to you
I’ll eat my candy with the pork and beans
Excuse my manners if I make a scene
I ain’t gonna wear the clothes that you like
I’m finally dandy with the me inside
One look in the mirror and I’m tickled pink
I don’t give a hoot about what you think

MP3: Pork and Beans (KROQ Radio Rip)

Classic Album Spotlight::Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs

In 1998 Mercury Rev released Deserter's Songs, their most accomplished album and a true modern classic! An amazing work of art filled with fairy tale imagery, gorgeous melodies, strings, lyrics, artwork all wrapped up in 12 beautiful songs. Before this album there were glimpses of Mercury Rev's genius, but it wasn't until Deserter's Songs that they really hit their stride and mass pop stardom.

I first found out about this album in 1999 as I was reading NME's top albums of 1998 and this was sitting pretty as NME's #1 Album of 1998. A pretty amazing achievement for an experimental band who previously was known for being too experimental and loud. I read they got shut out from Lolapalooza one year for being too loud. That from a tour that would routinely feature Industrial Acts like Ministry.

Once I bought this album I instantly feel in love with it and them. Unlike their previous efforts this album was almost all ballads. Beautiful strings, bowed saws, melodies and choruses all as if from a dream or coming directly from heaven itself. For awhile Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips with which they share some history were two of my favorites.

Deserter's Songs was engineered by Dave Fridmann. One of the most gifted engineers on the planet and who is also a member of the band. He was instrumental in putting this amazing album together. He's also been responsible for engineering many other classic albums like the Flaming Lips 'The Soft Bulletin' which came out the following year and won many accolades for the Lips as well.

I revisited Deserter's Songs the other day and it's still an amazing piece of work. I love listening to this album at night, it's just a perfect time for music like this. There are so many amazing tracks on this it's hard to choose which ones to put on here. The whole album as a whole is the way to go. You have to listen to it all in one listen to fully appreciate it's brilliance.

The single 'Goddess on a Highway' is probably one of the dancier tracks on here. It has those amazing lyrics in the chorus that proclaim 'when I see your eyes arrive, they explode like two bugs on glass'. Who would ever think to write something like that? But it's perfect, a great track to jam out to in the car and I did so on many occasions.

The Funny Bird which is the track right after Goddess is equally as impressive. The moment around the middle of the song when it almost fully stops and then the drums kick back in ever so gradually and with amazing restraint is specatacular! Still gives me chills.

Then there's plenty others like Tonite it Shows when he's very nostalgic and recalls 'the way you looked, the way we were, the way we met, the way I lit your cigarette' just beautiful stuff.

Holes, Endlessly, Opus 40 all amazing songs as well from a band at their absolute prime and who were able to record it for all of us to enjoy for many years to come.

Gotta thank Mercury Rev for this amazing work of art that reminds me why I love music so. It can take you away from life's problems even for a little while and transports you to another place. The way a great movie can as well. An escape from reality even if just for a short while.

'Bands, those funny little plans that never work out quite right', indeed...

Here's their amazing video for Opus 40 directed by Anton Corbijn of Depeche Mode/U2/Control fame...

Foam City

(It seems the original higher quality version wasn't playing nice with IE... So here is the YouTube version... I'm waiting for YouTubeHD....)

About a month ago Sony with the help of Fallon London came to Miami to film a commercial for their line of digital products. They turned downtown into Foam City. Sucks I was at work when this happened. I live literally across the river from where this took place. I can see many of these buildings from my balcony.

Sneak some stills from the shoot here and some more over at Sony UK.


Guess who I am finally going to see in concert on Wednesday?
Close but no cigar...
Much better. FINALLY! I get to see Spoon! Living at the tip of the United States, has a few perks (mainly the weather and croquetas) but sadly many tours leave us out in the cold (75 degree weather). The ones that do come down, figure that Broward country is close enough for people from Miami to drive to. Ugh.

Who cares?? I'm going to see Spoon!!!

Add to the bill The White Rabbits and The Walkmen and the evening is a sure hit.

So first up is the track that got me enamored with the band.

MP3: Lines In The Suit (YSI)

It is easily it is one of their best songs.

The next are from Spoon's latest single, Don't You Evah. The Matthew Dear mix is a dance floor ready, singable version that ends up with all the instruments swirling around you. The Diplo mix (it is a promo mix, so it fades out halfway through.. very slowly...) slows the beat down a bit and throws in a nasty bass line.

MP3: Don't You Evah (YSI)
MP3: Don't You Evah (Matthew Dear Mix) (YSI)
MP3: Don't You Evah (Diplo Remix) (YSI)

Oh and I almost forgot. I got really bored and created a "city" at And I need people to visit it for it to grow. So help a brotha out! Just click that link. That's it!

So to increase the population of Cabezitaville click here. Then to help increase industry click here. Leave a comment if you want! I want the stupid city to get past its Mongolia status.

Oh and Spoon is playing at the Culture Room on Wednesday. Oops. I meant Revolution! Which is actually way better, Culture Room gets too packed. Thanks to Jennifer for catching this!!

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules

A little late to getting to Hercules and Love Affair (at least by Off the Radar standards). My partner Jonathan has been spinning these guys as well as tons of new disco stuff for months. Keeps telling me that's 'the new thing'. We shall see.

One thing's for sure Hercules and Love Affair self titled debut is pretty impressive. They have a disco sound that reminds you of the classic stuff (horns and all), but with a modern twist all their own. In particular the single 'Blind' is out of hand! The vocals by Antony Hegarty is powerful stuff. It's destined to be one of the biggest dancefloor hits of 2008. It's already climbing up the charts in the U.K.

They're from NYC and signed to DFA, but apparently it's not gonna be available in the U.S. till June. Pitchfork who are big fans gave their album a 9.1! By pitchfork standards thats almost unheard of. Seems their pretty pissed over the lack of availability of this in the U.S. Here's what they had to say about it.

'We've made no secret of our love for Hercules and Love Affair - shucks, we even think it's some of the Best New Music going around. But we've also made no secret of our chagrin over its lack of availability in H&LA's home country: the United States.

But, like a real live Hercules smiting the mighty foe of import fees, the folks at Mute Records have seen fit to license the LP from DFA for release in the U.S. It will be in stores June 24. What's more, they're releasing the fantastic Antony Hegarty-laced "Blind" as a single May 27 for all your American neo-disco needs.'

So looks like your best bet to getting this is in the U.S. is as an import or through lovely blogs like ours for awhile. Here's the amazing Blind plus the almost as impressive Athene and This is My Love to hold you off. Also one of my favorite remixers Riton did a pretty good remix of 'You Belong' which you can get on Hype Machine.


MP3: Blind (YSI)
MP3: Athene (YSI)
MP3: This is My Love (YSI)

Here's the amazing video for Blind...

Non-Arcade Fire B-Side

When I heard the opening strains of A Needle In Your Eye, I was wondering where this Arcade Fire b-side came from. But the artist was listed as The War On Drugs instead. Further listening to their catalog and musical similarities to other artists appeared as well. Particularly lead singer's voice reminiscent of Dylan at times and other times a young Boss. Those of you in Philly, they are playing a show tonight in their hometown at the North Star Bar.

Their last EP is available as a free digital download from their label Secretly Canadian. It is composed of 6 demos (3 are short instrumental tracks). The group recently played in SXSW show and is in the process of releasing their full length debut, Wagonwheel Blues, sometime this summer.
And once you are are for the EP, you might want to spend some time on the Secretly Canadian site, they have a bunch of MP3's available from other artists they represent as well (Jens Lekman, Antony and the Johnsons, ...).

Check out a couple of TWOD's newer tracks on their MySpace profile.

MP3: Arms Like Boulders (YSI) - Arcade Fire resemblance
MP3: Pushing Corn (YSI) - Non-Arcade Fire resemblance

ZIP: Barrel of Boulders EP

Never Too Late To Discover New Artists

I just came across this video directed by the Gondry brothers Michel and Oliver Gondry for the artist Lacquer. The track is Behind and was released in 2003 (along with the video). The video is reminiscent of Gondry Bros. standout music video for me, Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers. This time the method of transportation is a 1966 Chrysler 300 (convertible of course) versus a train. And the landscape is a cross country tour from New York to L.A. in seven days.
RES's Sandy Hunter: "The video consists of digitally fast forwarded time lapse 16mm photography shot from a rig set up in the back seat. The entire seven-day journey, shot at one frame per second of driving (one frame per 10 seconds at night) is compressed into less than four minutes."

But is it Olivier's editing that syncs key moments in the trip with the music that makes this video interesting. It is subtle but noticeable with key changes in the music or bridges in the song. I t particularly like the changes from day to night.

I last heard Lacquer on Kitsune's 2002 compilation Kitsune Love. All the tracks on that compilation are stand out and I highly recommend it. Though it is not a "mix" CD the tracks flow smoothly from one to another. I usually follow up on artists I hear on comps to see what else they have done and I cannot believe he slipped through the cracks. So five years later (wow... but for a pop song to sound fresh after 5 years is not bad...) I find this excellent piece of electro pop. It definitely has that driving bass that was popular a few years back (think Mylo, Kylie, etc...).

I have include the track from Kitsune Love, both are available on Lacquer's debut album Overloaded.
MP3: Behind (YSI)
MP3: X (YSI)

The Chemical Brothers - Temptation / Star Guitar (Live from Brixton Academy) (YSI)

Lacquer - Behind

The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar

Blak Swan

Our homeboy Danny Ashe of Marqui Adora / Lunabelle fame, as well as being a long time popular Miami Indie DJ (Off the Radar/Chocolate Sundays) has started a new electro-pop side-project through his alter ego Jules Vega called Blak Swan.

He's released two tracks so far 'A Perfect Day' and 'This Isn't It'. Heard he's gonna be adding female vocals to 'This Isn't It' to make it a male/female duet. Should make that track even better, it's already my favorite. If you enjoy these go to his myspace page at and add yourself on as a friend to keep abreast on his new releases.

Here's also a great dance jam Marqui Adora had in 2005 called 'Empty'. Used to play it out all the time, still holds up pretty well I think.

One Pure Video

I love this song. The video is a mix of pop art, Monet, and some Bauhaus shapes and colors.

I Lust U

Loving the new song & video from Neon Neon called 'I Lust U' featuring guest vocals by Cate Le Bon. It's top notch electro-pop and it has those great back and forth male/female vocals I love. Kinda like Postal Service did with 'Nothing Better' or Human League with their Classic 'Don't You Want Me'. Damn good stuff! The whole album is pretty amazing (I Highly Recommend that you go buy Stainless Style right this second!) Gruff Rhys is a genius! Here's the track and the video plus the Postal Service and Human League tracks just for fun.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!

MP3: Neon Neon - I Lust U feat. Cate Le Bon (YSI)
MP3: Postal Service - Nothing Better (YSI)
MP3: Human League - Don't You Want Me (YSI)

Indie Bands That Blogs Love

Two bands that I played A LOT of in 2005, The French Kicks and Tapes 'n Tapes both have new albums coming out this spring. I figured yesterday I went a little beat heavy, so today I'll bring back some guitars from two of my favorite indie bands.

The French Kicks track is off of their just released (4/1 on iTunes) album Swimming. Nothing can replace The Trial of the Century, it is one of my favorite tracks of all time, but I like how the bass line teases in track Abandon before coming out in full force. It has the same haunting tone I think they pull off very well.

The French Kicks have their roots in DC but pretty much started after moving to Brooklyn. With two of the three original members no longer with the band after A Trial of the Century was released, I think it showed in 2006's Two Thousand. But it seems they have once again found their music space with their latest. They have been teetering on the verge of breaking out and 2008 might be the year.

MP3: The Trial of the Century (YSI)
MP3: Abadon (YSI)

The Trial of the Century

Now Tapes 'n Tapes is another band whose track Insistor burned a whole in my play list back in 2005, probably well into '06. In fact I really want to listen to it right now after talking about it. You can call these guys one of the earliest music blog success stories. Their popularity rose quickly after their first release, The Loon, was featured on several popular music blogs (Music for Robots, You Ain't No Picasso, Gorilla vs. Bear, Pitchfork (Okay not a blog per se, but you know you all read it...).

You can get a whole bunch of older Tapes 'n Tapes tracks on their site. Hang Them All is showing that Tapes 'n Tapes have matured.

MP3: Insistor (YSI)
MP3: Hang Them All (YSI)

The Insistor

South Park ON-LINE

If your a fan of South Park like me and Chris you'll be excited to know you can now stream every South Park episode online for FREE! That's right no need to buy all the DVD's or watch the same re-runs over and over on Comedy Central. Go to to watch every episode of the last 12 seasons whenever you want. Except for a month wait on the new releases you can watch them all. That's alot of South Park... Seems the creators Matt and Trey got tired of having to look for each episode each time they needed one and decided to put them all together here. Kinda sucks if you've been spending your dough on all the DVD's, but it's pretty awesome for us broke folk. I've been catching up on lost or missed episodes the last few nights. Pretty nice to go to bed with a smile on your face. Now if only Family Guy were to do this too I would be totally set! Here's the Theme to South Park from Primus plus a couple funny snippets I found of Cartman and the gang.


Musical GPS

I love my iPhone again! (I'll admit it I have one - all those times I said iPod I was lying). Anyways, I finally got new music onto it. I had a bug (?) in one of my Smart Playlists and no new music was coming onto it. Look up how to use them, it is a pretty handy feature in iTunes. Since my iPhone (8GB) cannot hold my entire music library AND I like to listen to different music all (most) of the time, I use Smart Playlists to update my music based off of things like last time played (or never played) and date added, etc... Well the point is a BUNCH of new music made it to my iPhone. So here is my recent journey during my lunch break through my new music. Oh and when I mean new, I don't necessarily mean new release (but there are a few of those too).

First up, I finished a pretty big project at work this morning and so far so good, no problems. Kinda funny that this next song by Chaz Jankel popped up at lunch. It is from the 1985 movie Real Genius starring Val Kilmer. I kinda felt like Val in the poster at work. Except I'm in a suit and tie and and I don't a CRT monitor or bunny slippers. Or blond hair for that matter. I DO have the alien antennas though.

MP3: Chaz Jankel - Number One (YSI)
How awesome was that movie? (Um Uncle Rico - Napoleon Dynamite as Laslo?!?!) When I saw it (yes, in the theatre when it came out), I always thought college was going to be like that. Lasers and secret government missions. And mansion in the desert filled with popcorn. But um, yeah FIU's engineering campus in Sweetwater is, um, in Sweetwater.

So Chaz Jankel is still extremely relevant (Ray posted his new track back in November). How about a fresh release of the track with a Hercules & Love Affair remixes and a Todd Terje re-edit b-side) (that was a mouthful) Okay, I'll post one and you go buy the other and let me know which one you like? Deal? (Wow they are both so good...).

MP3: Chaz Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair House Mix) (YSI)

The next track reminded me why I like to DJ. Even though I took a brief hiatus, I know I'll find myself DJ'ing again. I can't help it. I have too much good music to share. I pretty much expect this next song to be my set opener. I prefer the shock-n-awe technique to DJ'ing. Juxtaposing weird (but still danceable - at least on some planet) beats and textures next to each other. And this new track by Free Blood from the upcoming EP Part 2 is INSANE. I can see myself going crazy on the dance floor to this song. And the funny thing is that of all days to post this song, I'm not even grumpy...

MP3: The Free Blood - Grumpy (YSI)

And since all this happened while I was driving my car, why not put on some Hot Chip offshoot- Grovesnor and a remix of the Drive Your Car by Bird Peterson?

Let's pretend I was driving this car...

Wow the bass just drops to the floor and rubs itself in baby oil after the chorus break.

MP3: Grovesnor - Drive Your Car (Bird Peterson Remix) (YSI)

Leopard skin and tiger eye...

I love the "Gears Changed by..." on the cover.

Soooo basically, the point is, I need to DJ again so you guys can hear these tracks in all their thunderous glory. Zshare is having some difficulties so I'll try (yeah no) posting them later there.

I know all of you chismosos wanna know what I ate for lunch. I had a papusa and taquito from Paseso Universitarios (say that three times fast) at Mall of the Americas. A few doors from Last Chance (you chongas know what I'm talking about.. I kid! I kid!) Papusas are some damn good tortilla concoction from El Salvador. I got the pupusa mixta with Quesillo, beans, and chicharrĂ³n. It's the pancake looking thing on the right. And now I'm stuffed. And clicking on publish post...

Portishead '3'

WMC is Over! Thank god! For the most part it sucked... Maybe only a handful of good parties in the whole thing and the crowds/traffic on the beach were pretty lame. Most of the DJ's play out every night of the week making it not so special and kinda repetitive. Probably some of the best ones were the live shows which I prefer, but were way fewer (Simian Mobile Disco, Brazilian Girls, Calvin Harris (all on the same Sat Night!, so of course you can't catch them all plus Digitalism which I heard played Thursday at the Raleigh for FREE (damn me for missing that!) Don't know why more artists don't do live shows and make their gigs more exclusive. Makes people try harder to go see them if they know they can only see them at one particular place/party. Oh well...just kinda burnt out and glad things are getting back to normal.

Got the new Portishead album '3' a couple weeks ago (got leaked pretty early), it doesn't officially come out till the end of April and I'm still trying to digest it. It's definitely different than any of their first two albums. Her voice is still the same as we remember (quivering & soulful), but the music is more minimal somehow. Wasn't digging it so much at first, but since I love them so much I've been giving it a chance and seeing if it'll grow on me. I think it's starting to work. Most of the reviews I've been reading are going two ways. Either people are loving it or hating it. Which is probably a good thing. If people were just like it's ok, it would be a bad sign. Extremes are better when it comes to music. Brings more attention to your work. Not that they will need it, after being out of the game for nearly a decade and fans begging for new material for years, I'm sure it will be a hit. Some other good news I read from them is they're already talking about a 4th album and how it won't take 10 yrs for a follow-up. Thank goodness for that! Anyways here's a couple of my favorites so far and the video for their first single Machine Gun.

MP3: Nylon Smile (YSI)
MP3: The Rip (YSI)