Previously, on Lost...

Don't worry, there are no spoilers here... unless you really want to know who's in the casket (it has been on my mind since the scene from Through The Looking Glass)!! It felt like it took forever for them to reveal who was in it and I kept on yelling at the camera man to move his angle. I sort of guessed it about 2 minutes before they showed us. I swear! My friend was there to prove it.

Not that he cares about the show... "So Lost is on? That's kinda an important thing right?" was his response when he had called me early. He just doesn't understand.

Anyways, so apparently the show is about some people on an island. And an archipelago is a chain or cluster of islands. So these next songs are not only appropriate but damn good. Both have a completely different feel to them. John Dahlback's sounding more exotic with his trademark melodies and Gui Boratto's track filling out any room with his atmospheric synths.

Both have had their albums released by German record labels but Gui Boratto (Kompakt) hails from Brazil and John Dahlback (from his own Pickadoll Records) from Sweden.

Gui Boratto's track is from 2005, before his acclaimed debut, Chromophobia (people are constantly asking me about the track Beautiful Life from that album when I play it out).

MP3: Arquipélago (YSI)

After messing around with his dad's Atari computer to make music John Dahlback released his first demo in 2000 at 15 years old! By 2005 he had started his own label Pickadoll Records with an impressive line up that included Laidback Luke, Robbie Rivera, Sebastien Leger and Dada Life. Houses Of The Archipelago, is from John Dahlback's just released Winner's & Fools LP.

MP3: Houses Of The Archipelago (YSI)


Dude it's HOT in Miami. That temperature right there is in the SHADE (and don't even mention the humidity...). Now switch up what I mean when I say hot, and add an intro like this...

From the drummer sampled by Madlib and Yesterdays New Quintet... From the
band that backed DJ Shadow... Four years in the making, The Heliocentrics' debut
album is finally complete. Out There is here.

...And their latest single being amped up with lyrics from Percee P and MF Doom lets you know that Stone Throw's The Heliocentrics are hot.

Jazz has always mingled with hip hop (Guru's Jazzmatazz, Digable Planets, De La Soul, Tribe...) but The Heliocentrics manage to do it without samples (albeit they have some spoken word samples) and quirky English garden references (Doodle Bug? Really? Still one of my favorite albums from the 90's though...). Told you before, will you just listen this time?

MP3: Distant Star (feat. Percee P and MF Doooooooooom) (YSI)

And in the same spirit as Ray's Classic Album spotlight posts, you MUST have The Digable Planets' Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space) in your music collection. It still sounds great and gets everyone in a good mood. Add dominoes and some beers and...'re set.

MP3: Nickel Bags (YSI)
MP3: Where I'm From (YSI)

Why Don't I Do It?

Monday morning, Memorial Day weekend, I woke up early enough (better said my dog woke me up) and decided to just slap some songs together I have been listening to (on and off again) for the past few weeks. Some old, some not. I was surprised to record this mix in just one take.

It actually took longer to upload this mix than to record it! Crappy wifi kept on fading out on me. (I need to buy a new router.)

And since my early summer included my recent trip to Japan, I figure this is a good time to share a few of my pictures with you guys.

Early Summer Mix Tracklist
Clinic - Come Into Our Room
The Turtles -Happy Together (Wade Nichols Edit)
Chez Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules & Love Affair House Mix)
The African Dream - Makin' A Living
Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix)
(some beats from LCD Soundsystem - Time to Get Away (Gucci Soundsystem Remix))
The Knife - Silent Shout (Live in Gothenburg)
Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire (Joakim Remix)
Free Blood - The Royal Family (ACTH Remix)
Joakim - Lonely Hearts

MP3: Early Summer Mix (YSI)

Famous Glico running man billboard at the Dōtonbori Bridge in the heart of Osaka's entertainment district. Originally installed in 1935, the giant athlete is a symbol of Glico candy.

Inspiration for movies like Blade Runner and Black Rain in the Dōtonbori district.

House in an upscale suburb of Osaka.

Underside of an umbrella in Kyoto.
The top of Monkey Mountain in Arashiyama area of Kyoto where (surprise) Japanese monkeys (macaques) roam free.

Guardian of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto

Wishing well I am pretty sure in Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto

Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto

Shops were typically a surprise since I could not read the signs to know what was inside.

新幹線, Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo.

Shibuya crossing reportedly the world's busiest intersection. All traffic, in all directions stops and everyone scrambles to get where they are going.

Dinner was always a surprise. Here we have some of the ingredients for Okonomiyaki.

Seafood is everywhere.

View from the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt. Yes, where Bill Murray had drinks with Scarlett Johansson in that movie.

Forget trying to figure out the Tokyo metro map written in Kanji. But the Japanese are very friendly and helpful. I even had people approach me asking if I needed help (I did).


Harajuku station. You can see a couple of the Lolita girls just hanging out.

Hello Kitty floor at Kiddy Land.

Barrels of sake donated to the Meiji Shrine.

One of the world's largest Torii (gate) leading to the Meiji Shrine complex.

Mt. Fuji from the bullet train.

HOME! Downtown Miami, the engine covered up my apartment building.

OTRtv - Friday Videos

Weezer's new video for Pork and Beans on YouTube stars, who else, but a bunch of YouTube stars!! See how many you recognize.

Taste of Ratatat's upcoming LP3 (yes that's the name) with their new video for Mirando.

Here is Jamie Lidell's first single off of his recent release JIM entitled Another Day.

Here is Cut Copy's latest. Hearts on Fire... Is it me or does it seem like this track has been out forever? The video was just released.

Oh did I mentioend that Coldplay has a new album coming out? Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, whatever that means. The title track is the soundtrack for the current iTunes ad out.

Go ahead, download it. I won't tell anyone. You need beach music anyways. It's Memorial Day weekend! Just head to North Beach though... stay away from anything south of 17th Street.

MP3: Coldplay - Viva La Vida (YSI)

Seduced By Freestyle

A few months back I received a submission and had always planned on posting about it but things just got crazy and then I went to Japan and then I lost the music (on my work computer, it is still at home)but thankful to Gmail's motto "You'll never have to delete anything again", I easily found the email and that now leads me to this post.

Seeing how the 90's are cool now (I can't wait for Cavaricci's to make a come back), it makes sense that freestyle music is getting revisited. Sean Wilde takes inspiration from the synth-heavy pop music of the 80's and early 90's in 10 song album, Jungle Red. A mysterious character for sure, I cannot find much about Sean, even on his website. He was previous a music journalist and grew up in the 80's. His album took 2 years to create (after a first attempt that ended in "creative block when it all came to shit").

The album is (thankfully) not a complete retro throw back to 20 years ago, rather the artist has been influenced perhaps partially subconsciously to what he was raised around (Bananarama videos?). The funny thing is that Ray was the one that made the freestyle connection to Sean Wilde. I promise to find pictures of Ray from the 90's.

Opening night is reminiscent of Fischerspooner's Emerge. You're My One and Only (True Love) is a cover of a freestyle song from 1989 by Seduction who were know for their hit It's Take Two To Make A Thing Go Right.

The song (True Love)was written by none other than Robert Clivilles and David Cole of, ahem, C+C Music Factory and the original even has uncredited vocals by Martha Wash (Gonna Make You Sweat). There is actually an original club mix with Martha Wash singing lead and ... (pause for a laugh) featuring a rap by Freedom Williams. Sean's version even has a sample from Mega Man 2. I was obsessed with that game series on the original Nintendo.

Growing up in the thick of it (freestyle that is), I was honestly amazed when I learned years later that the phenomenon of Stevie B and TKA and Suzy Q never made it out of NY and Miami. I went to a freestyle reunion concert a couple of years back and it was crazy to see what the years had done to the artists (Will To Power who sang the hit Dreaming must still be dreaming about his glory days...) but the music was solid and everybody dance until Stevie B closed the endless (6 hour?) show. However, it was Lisa Lisa STOLE the show when she stopped during her performance of All Cried Out and actually cried, tears of joy no less, from the rave response the audience was giving her! She cried! During her song All Cried Out!! Perfection. We did not need to see anymore, we left right after to beat the crowd out of the parking lot.

Back to Sean, take a listen to a few of his tracks and head over to his myspace profile to show him some love. Oh and check out Seduction's video below, it is a prime example of clichéd 90's fashion fad in it (thank god girls don't wear shoulder pads anymore... then again I'm digging the short shorts!!).

MP3: Sean Wilde - Opening Night (YSI)

MP3: Seduction - It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right (YSI)

I apologize for no ZShare links but for some reason (IE or Firefox) it does not let me upload tracks from work. Oh well.

Seduction - You're My One and Only (True Love)

DAMN SON! Tuesday @ Jazid (Upstairs)

Quite possibly the oddest Damn Son Promo Video Yet! Yours truly, Maury, Depeche Mode, Jesus & Lesbians! I always wanted to be David Gahan! Lol... I'll be doing a Guest Spot Next Tuesday, May the 26th at my old Tuesday stomping ground Jazid. If your in the area come on by...

Damn Son!
Tuesdays @ Jazid (Upstairs)
1342 Washington Ave
Miami Beach
Starts @ 11
No Cover!!
$5 Drink Specials All Night Long!

Remixes + Stuffs

Thought it was a coincidence the first two tracks on my new comp CD both happened to have girlfriend/boyfriend in the song titles.  Hmmm, wonder if it means anything? How about the intro to a new post!

The first track here is a Twelves Remix of The Black Kids 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance'.  Great dance remix from this Florida band which has been getting tons of Press and Blog Love.  We were lucky enough to see them perform here in Miami @ Circa before they got too huge not too long ago. Free too! Not too shabby.. 

The second track is by my one of my favorite Norwegian guilty pleasures Annie.  Haven't really heard too much of her new stuff, but this Remix by Get Shakes for 'I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me' is pretty solid and a sure-fire dancefloor hit.   

This next band The Ting Tings I noticed was listed on Hype Machine as one of the most searched/blogged bands the other day.  Pretty impressive, usually the bigger names/more well known artists get those honors.  Anyway's don't know that much about them yet, but this track I have from them 'Shut Up and Let Go' is pretty sweet. Reminds me of bands like New Young Pony Club.


Finally I leave you with Woolfy.  Not the best name out there, but good music beats out a crappy name anyday! Just think how many crappy band names there are out there. Woolfy is a British transplant who resides in California. Recently he's been putting out music on Rong Music, which is Lee Douglas' label (who we recently brought down for WMC.)  This new track of his 'Oh Missy' is catchy as hell! Still trying to get that 'Oh Missy, Oh Missy, don't break my heart' chorus out of my head.  This might take awhile..  This track also has that great mid-tempo groove I love. 


P.S.  Not digging the new Death Cab for Cutie album 'Narrow Stairs'. What happened? Doesn't sound like a cohesive album to me.  There's a good song here or there, but as a whole just kinda sounds like a bunch of different styles thrown together with no rhyme or reason. Pretty disappointed.  I loved Transatlanticism and some of their earlier albums.  Can Ben just take like 6 months off at some point and put out a new Postal Service record. Thank you! Out!


Classic Album Spotlight :: Lali Puna - Scary World Theory

Boy does time fly! Doesn't seem that long ago when I was really into this German band known as Lali Puna on Morr Music. In 2001 they released their lo-fi masterpiece 'Scary World Theory'. They had already released the excellent Tridecoder a year prior, but it wasn't until Scary that they really hit their peak. A beautiful melancholic electro-pop record! The album garnered many rave reviews as well as endorsements from big artists such as Radiohead who were praising this record/band around the time of Kid A's release.

Lali Puna consists of Valerie Trebeljahr and members of Notwist/Console. Around the early part of the new millenium Morr Music was releasing some of the best music on the planet with bands on their roster such as Lali Puna, Ms. John Soda, Notwist and many others.

Valerie's voice in particular really brings the songs on Scary World Thoery together. She has a calm soothing voice unlike any singer out there. Sometimes singing in different languages the whole record can be played from top to bottom with not a bad one in the bunch. The music has tons of beautiful glitches, sounds and pop hooks that stay in your head for days on end. Extremely well produced! I can't remember how many times I listened to this album as well as Figurine's classic 'The Heartfelt' circa 2001. To this day I still enjoy listening to Scary World Theory, particularly as the night sets in. It's a perfect late night record that doesn't get old or boring, even with repeated listenings.

Highly Recommended!!! If you enjoy this I also recommend you grab Tridecoder. Almost as good of a record and definitely worth owning.

It's hard to choose, but here are a few of my favorites from this amazing album....

Here's the video for Middle Curse the second track off of the record.

Apocalypso = Nu-Industrial?

The Presets are back with New Album Apocalypso! This time around the Australian duo partially responsible for the emergence of the great Australian electro dance music scene of the last few years, along with others like Cut/Copy have now resurrected Industrial Music!?

While Cut/Copy has gone for more of the 80's New Wave/Pop feel The Presets have gone a bit harder and edgier with their latest release. Hard beats and hard synths are in abundance in Apocalypso. In particular it feels like they have resurrected Industrial giants Nitzer Ebb, of which I had quite a few albums. The album opener Kicking and Screaming (which even sounds like a Nitzer Ebb title) sounds eerily like Nitzer Ebb, as well as Track 4 Yippiyo-Ay. The beats and synths are fast, strong and pounding!

This isn't to say it's all heavy. They still retain their pop sensibilities and in tracks like the Single 'This Boy's in Love' you can hear pop influences by other favorites like Depeche Mode. While in other tracks like 'Talk Like That' they remind me of modern contemporaries The Faint.

Music always comes back around and I was wondering when Industrial Music would make a return. We've already kind of experienced a bit of a Goth revival the last few years with bands like Interpol, The Knife, The Editors, She Wants Revenge, etc... It'll be nice to hear some new interesting Industrial stuff as well. I always felt the reason Industrial/Goth music died out (or at least why I stopped listening), was because there weren't enough artists trying out interesting new things. This is just about right.

P.S. If you have a chance to catch The Presets Live, should jump on it! I've seen them perform twice and their great! Better than their recordings. Only two of them on stage, one on drums and one on synths/vocals, but they put on a great show! Highly Entertaining!

MP3: Kicking and Screaming (YSI)
MP3: A New Sky (YSI)

Here's a Classic Nitzer Ebb track 'Murderous'.

MP3: Murderous - Nitzer Ebb (YSI)

Here's the Video for their New Single This Boy's in Love... Be sure to grab the great Lifelike Remix I posted of this track earlier in the week.


LifeLike is Laurent Ash from Paris, France. Nice hometown! This guy's been on a roll... He does his own music 'Discopolis', remixes for tons of varied artists such as Front 242, Annie, Chromeo, Sneaky Sound System, Does it Offend You, Yeah and many more. Plus to top it off now he's on tour with Alan Brake! Lucky bastard!

I've been playing out a new Remix he did for The Presets called 'This Boy's in Love' off of The Presets New Album 'Apocalypso'. It's a great one! Really kicks the track into a peak time dancefloor stomper. Also been playing out his disco tinged Remix for Alyoa's track 'It's Been Too Long' which should blend in really well with any nu-disco/classic disco mixes you may have going on..

Here they are for your enjoyment... I'll be doing a Review of the New Presets album soon as well.

MP3: This Boy's in Love (Lifelike Remix) - The Presets (YSI)
MP3: It's Been Too Long (Lifelike Top Gun Mix) - Alyoa (YSI)

Here's the R rated (late night Cinemax) video for Discopolis... Umm, nice!

Indie Pop MIX TAPE

Just saw some of Chris's pictures from Japan and all I can say is wow! Pretty amazing place... Can't believe Chris actually came back. Here's a couple pics I'm stealing from him. Shhhh don't tell... Pretty amazing huh. He has over 1000! Lucky bastard! I told him to post some of the best ones on here so you guys can check them out as well. Let's keep our finger's crossed..

Anyways last week I did a Dance Mixtape so this week I'm doing an Indie Pop Mixtape for you guys. I don't get to play out too much Indie Pop anymore. It's all about the dance stuff nowadays, but I still love the jangly guitars and mellower stuff when I'm home and in the car.

Here's some cool tracks I've gotten recently, including new My Morning Jacket, Cinderpop, We Are Scientists, Electric President, Soundpool and more! Lots of cool stuff here, I'm sure there'll be something that'll tickle your fancy.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!

Radiohead = Amazing

I'm back! And I made it "just" in time for Radiohead's 1st date on their US tour on Monday in West Palm. Amazing show. Even the ridiculous traffic could not damper the event. If they are coming to your neck of the woods, it is your duty to go see them.

I just got a new computer at work (it's pretty ridiculous with dual Xeon processors, two 20 inch flat panels, etc, everything comes in two's...) BUT I lost most of my music. Okay, I was just too lazy to move it. (The music is at home no worries.) So it might take me some time to get back to posting speed. Plus, they're expecting me to work?? I'm Ron Burgundy??

M83 // Saturdays=Youth

M83 which comprises of Anthony Gonzalez from France is an artist I had heard about never got around to listening to, till the other day. I read a couple great reviews on their newest record 'Saturdays=Youth' which was released on April the 15th so I decided to go check it out. So far the verdict is wow!! They've released an amazing shoegazy, goth, pop tinged album drenched in 80's nostalgia, sound & feel. They even have a look-a-like Molly Ringwald on the cover! Fans of bands like Cocteau Twins, Psychedelic Furs, Tears for Fears, Radio Dept., Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Clan of Xymox or 80's New Wave/Goth bands in general will love this! They definitely tap into that feeling that 80's synth pop music made me feel growing up. The duo female/male vocals really add to the experience and music's beauty. Glad Anthony's putting out this kind of music for the newer generations who weren't around in the 80's to experience and enjoy first hand.

Stand out tracks so far are the First Single 'Graveyard Girl', 'Kim & Jessie' (my favorite!), 'Skin of the Night' and 'You, Appearing'. I'm gonna post up a couple tracks plus the video for Graveyard Girl. If you like these, I recommend you buy the whole thing. It's a good one!


Kim & Jessie (YSI)
MP3: Skin of the Night (YSI)

Graveyard Girl Video

MIX TAPE :: Dance Jams Edition

Wow, the Quinceanera Party was a blast last night! Jose El Rey killed it and I got to play Freestyle & Miami Bass! That's always fun. Don't get to play that stuff out too often. Some of that Freestyle stuff has some pretty amazing production values and beats. Funny how some of that reminds me of modern stuff I dig now. Music like everything else goes around in cycles. It all comes back eventually, albeit with a new modern twist. Gonna have to do a Freestyle Mix Tape for you guys one day.

Anyways, it's been awhile since I've done a Mix Tape post and I know how much you guys love those! I have a ton of new stuff for you guys so think I'm gonna split it up into two posts. One for this week and one for next week. Can't spill all your beans at once...

First off here's a bad-ass remix of Portishead's Nylon Smile by the Scienticians! It's great how you can get a slow song and have it remixed so it can also be a dancefloor jam as well. This is an excellent example of that!

MP3: Nylon Smile (Scienticians Remix) - Portishead (YSI)

I love Fred Falke as well as his partner in crime Alan Brake! First heard about these guys on the Erlend Oye's DJ Kicks compilation a few years ago and have been a fan of anything they do ever since. They're pretty amazing! Anything they touch turns to gold! I recommend grabbing anything with their names attached to it. They'll never steer you wrong. Here Fred Falke remixes Ladyhawke's 'Back of the Van' and creates a disco dancefloor masterpiece! Sounds like a classic 70's dance jam. Excellent! Check it out, I think you'll will dig it.

MP3: Back of the Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Mix) - Ladyhawke (YSI)

In keeping with the disco sound here is a great track by Aeroplane feat Kathy Diamond called Whispers. It's the original version. Sometimes tracks don't need to be remixed. They're just perfect the way they are. Like this...

MP3: Whispers (Original Mix) - Aeroplane feat Kathy Diamond (YSI)

I was playing this next track Flight Night by Muddyloop remixed by Love Vs Machine Keenhouse the other night and I had someone come up to me and say House? I never thought of myself as a House DJ but then I realized this track is pretty much a house track. Anyways I find as I've gotten older I don't care for genre boundaries so much. If it sounds good to my ears it's a good no matter what label people associate with it. Good music is good music in my book. Just check this track out and see what you think. If you like this I recommend you check out other stuff by Muddyloop. I got 3 tracks from them and they're all excellent!
'Take a Flight Night... When the Feeling is Right'

MP3: Flight Night (Love Vs Machines Keenhouse Remix) - Muddyloop (YSI)

This next track by Chavy Boys of London called Request Line is pretty pumping dance jam. It's mostly instrumental but it still manages to not get boring. I'm a big fan of vocals, so if a song is instrumental it better be damn good to keep my attention. This is one of them. Great beat and rolling synth lines.

MP3: Request Line - Chavy Boys of London (YSI)

Here's a great track by Headman called 'Catch Me If You Can'. Wasn't there a Tom Hanks/Leonardo Di Caprio movie by that name? Anyway's this is a great pop dancefloor track sure to get the Indie Kids dancing with smiles on their faces.

MP3: Catch Me If U Can - Headman (YSI)

Here's a great housey track by Millioners called Body into Use sure to get you moving up and down that dancefloor. This is also a great track to jam out to while your on the treadmill. Give you that extra energy to speed up even while your body is saying stop!!!

MP3: Body into Use - Millioners (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a track by Zombie Zombie called 'Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free'. Sounds pretty grim huh... Like the name implies it sounds like the score to a slasher or zombie flick. All dark and ominous. I love it! Great experimental instrumental track!

MP3: Driving This Raod Until Death Sets You Free - Zombie Zombie (YSI)

That should keep you busy for awhile... Hope you enjoy them and pass the love!

Here's the New Video for Radiohead's 'All I Need' off of their latest 'In Rainbows'. Their gonna be performing this coming Monday in West Palm Beach! Time to scramble for some tickets...