the return of a-ha

I loooooove A-ha! 'Hunting High & Low from '1985' and 'Minor Earth, Major Sky' from '2000' have to be two of all time favorite albums, yet they're very different records. 'Hunting' is more electronic while 'Minor' is more of a mature/guitar based record, but always the melodies and gorgeous vocal work by lead singer Morten Harket. Love that they have both styles to choose from, depending on your mood.

New album 'Foot of the Mountain' (out now) sees them returning to a more electronic sound of debut album 'Hunting' but with sprinkles of 'Minor' thrown in and it's just about perfect. Of the time and on par with their best work.

Went to bed listening to the whole thing on my headphones last night and I highly recommend you do the same! Gorgeous stuff. Hard to believe that these guys are still putting out such amazing music 25 years into their careers like contemporaries Pet Shop Boys & Depeche Mode.

Too bad the U.S. still lags behind and views them as one hit wonders!? They've sold more than 36 million records worldwide and are popular in South America and Europe, especially their home of Norway. Get with it U.S!

Check out these two great mp3's from the album plus the video for first single 'Foot of the Mountain' which wouldn't have been my choice for first single, but beautifully done. Can you believe he's 50? Still has that baby face.

MP3: The Bandstand - A-Ha (YSI)
MP3: What There Is - A-Ha (YSI)

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Victor Castro said...

these new tracks are great. cannot wait to buy the whole album. one hit wonders? not in our minds and ipods! i have 'Hunting High & Low' on vinyl and know that album in & out. I got to frame that! 'Minor Earth, Major Sky' used to be my fave album to jog to, plus the lyrics are sweet!