Portugal. The Man

“It’ll be alright” says Portugal. The Man… and I agree!

Portugal. The Man is a breath of fresh air at a time when good Indie Rock bands are few and far between. Originally from Wasilla, Alaska these guys, who now reside in Portland, Oregon, are a four peace band who incorporates an Indie sound with hints of soul, blues and folk music with a little psychedelic thrown in for good measure. How come I hadn’t heard of them before?

I first came across these guys a few months ago before they released their fourth album Satanic Satanist. Quite a prolific band, who since 2006 has released 5 albums, including an acoustic version of said album called The Majestic Majesty, and 4 EPs.

Here are mp3s for “People Say” and “The Woods” from the Satanic Satanist album and a video they shot with a live acoustic version of “People Say”.

Download these songs and go to their myspace to hear more. If you like what you hear please support the band and go buy the albums.


MP3: Portugal. The Man-People Say (YSI)
MP3: Portugal. The Man-The Woods (YSI)


Italoboy said...

the second link it's the same of the first.

Ceasetodream said...

oh man Danny, these guys are the shit, surprised you just discovered them. Although I have heard that live they're not so great, Church Mouth is a fantastic album that you should check out.

Ray Milian said...

fixed. yousendit link was working. thanks for heads up.

Jsin said...

I saw these guys at SXSW last year and they were great, actually.

Unknown said...

I have heard they are really good live too!

Unknown said...
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