Living Thing

Peter, Bjorn & John's new album 'Living Thing' is set for release March 31st. I haven't heard the whole thing yet, only heard 'Nothing to Worry About' and 'Lay it Down' from the video Chris posted last month but I like what I've heard so far! Here is artwork for the new album, plus the tracklisting and MP3 for 'Nothing to Worry About'. Soo much new music coming out right now, I'm loving it!

MP3: Nothing to Worry About - Peter, Bjorn & John (YSI)

'Living Thing' Tracklisting::

1) The Feeling
2) It Don't Move Me
3) Just the Past
4) Nothing to Worry About
5) I'm Losing My Mind
6) Living Thing
7) I Want You!
8) Lay It Down
9) Stay This Way
10) Blue Period Picasso
11) 4 Out Of 5
12) Last Night

I'll Be Back

So I've been on a little hiatus from the "scene" (ie. going out), I even took a slight LOA (leave of absense) from my Thursday gig (Happy House @ PS14) this week but fret not, the guys held the fort proudly. But you know that can't last, I already have an itch to drop some new tunes on the 1's and 2's to my legions of adoring fans. (I'm kidding! ...About the legions of fans... maybe just a couple bu they are adoring nonetheless!)

Anyways, I digress, back to the music... Seems like Mylo is ready to make a come back too! Finally.

His track Drop the Pressure (heard of it?) was staple when Off the Radar (the party) made it's debut back in 2004 at Buck 15. His album Destroy Rock & Roll shook up the indie dance scene and I think paved the way for more house music to be introduced to its guitar loving members.

He DJ'ed at The District a few years back (May 2006) and induced the entire garden into a sweaty heaving mess. There were live visuals by the same guy that work with The Knife on their tour. I remember when I went to pick them up at the hotel that Mylo had some wicked pair of Reebok pumps in Miami Vice colors. People in the lobby kept stopping him asking where he got them. He bought them just for the trip. I tried finding some photos from the night but who knows where they are now.
So, Mylo debut his new track on the Annie Mac Mash-Up show on BBC's Radio 1 last Friday (hey I'm in Miami, what do you expect? It's not like they play this shit on Power 96 or Y-100...). Anyways, it might or might not be aptly called I'm Back that's how he labeled it and Annie Mac named it. What do you think? Is he making a return as the "savior of dance music"?

And to top it off here is a white label 2009 remix of that track with the unforgetable chorus.

MP3: I'm Back (Radio rip from BBC Radio 1) (ysi)
MP3: Drop the Pressure 2009 (Mix 1) (ysi)

Dig Out Your Soul

Although NOT an Off the Radar band, I've been digging Oasis latest record 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

I didn't hear it when it first came out in October, but then I saw it on a few Best of '08' Lists & Nominated for Best Album on NME, so I went back to check it out. Used to be a big fan back in the Definitely Maybe/What's the Story, Morning Glory/Brit-Pop days, but kinda stopped listening to them after that. Didn't like what they were putting out. Not that it was that bad, but it wasn't that memorable either.

After listening to 'Dig' I can safely say they are back and sounding better than they have in a long time.

The record feels fresh and you can tell they pushed their boundaries and tried a few new things/sounds. Maybe their producer pushed them out of their comfort zone? The result, probably their best record since 'What's the Story, Morning Glory'.

In particular I've been loving 'I'm Outta Time' with those classic sounding TV soundbytes towards the end. The way The Smiths/Morrissey used to do it.

Here's that plus the great video for it, and another favorite 'Falling Down'.

If you dig these I recommend you pick up the whole album, especially if you used to be a fan like me. It will remind you why you loved them in the first place.

MP3: I'm Outta Time - Oasis (YSI)
MP3: Falling Down - Oasis (YSI)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

If you've been craving some shoegaze, fuzzy guitars and sweet melodies then check out NYC's The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Recommended for fans of bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, M83, Stone Roses or My Bloody Valentine.

Though not as heavy as My Bloody Valentine, their kinda a middle ground between them and a band like Stone Roses. If those two bands got together and had a baby this is probably what it would sound like.

Their self titled 10 song debut album is set for release next Tuesday, February the 3rd on Slumberland Records and it's a great one! Heard the whole thing last night.

'This Love is Fucking Right' reminds me of 'Graveyard Girl' by M83. Like a sister track that would match perfect on a playlist or a mix cd. 'A Teenager in Love' is probably the poppiest of the bunch and my favorite so far, even though it's probably the one that sounds the least like the rest of the album.

Lots of great tracks, best enjoyed in it's entirety!

Get started with these two tracks and their video for 'Everything With You'.

MP3: This Love is Fucking Right - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (YSI)
MP3: A Teenager in Love - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (YSI)

Royksopp are Back!

Last album we heard from Royskopp was in 2005! Jeez! Time flies! 4 years on and Royksopp are on the verge of releasing their brand new album 'Junior' on March the 23rd.

I managed to find first single/song from the new album 'Happy Up Here' and it's pretty amazing! A little piece of joy and energy bundled up in a very compact 2 min. 40 sec. song. It's pretty brilliant! Amazingly catchy, simple and dancey as hell! If this is any indication of were the new album is going we're in for a treat!

For the new album they enlisted vocal support from artists such as Robyn, Lykke Li, Anneli Drecker and Karin Dreijer from The Knife/Fever Ray! Nice! Can't wait to hear the whole thing.

With no further ado here is their amazing first single and the album tracklisting.

*As a bonus here is a Free Track they're giving away which they did last month to celebrate their Birthday which was on December the 15th. Although not on the album it's a fun little number as well.


MP3: Happy Up Here - Royksopp (YSI)
MP3: Happy Birthday - Royskopp (YSI)

Röyksopp ‘Junior’ Tracklist:

1 - Happy Up Here
2 - The Girl And The Robot
3 - Vision One
4 - This Must Be It
5 - Röyksopp Forever
6 - Miss It So Much
7 - Tricky Tricky
8 -You Don’t Have A Clue
9 - Silver Cruiser
10-True To Life
11-It’s What I Want

War Child 'Heroes'

War Child which is a non profit organization that helps kids in war ravaged areas will be putting out an album of covers called 'Heroes'. It features famous music icons such as Bob Dylan, Roxy Music, Blondie, The Clash, David Bowie, U2 etc to pick a new artist they like to remake one of their tracks with profits going to help the foundation and it's mission.

Seems it's release date has been postponed to mid February from November of last year because many big names wanted to get involved with the project.

In the album Hot Chip covers Joy Division's Transmission. Think they did a pretty good job, although the quality of this track isn't the greatest (128) at least you can get an idea. Then go buy the thing when it comes out. It's for a good cause! Thanks to Stereogum for the track.

MP3: Transmission (Joy Division Cover) - Hot Chip (YSI)

Here's the rest of the tracklisting...

1- Beck (Bob Dylan: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat) :: info ::
2 - Scissor Sisters (Roxy Music: Do The Strand) :: info ::
3 - Lily Allen (The Clash: Straight To Hell) :: info ::
4 - Duffy (Paul McCartney: Live And Let Die) :: info ::
5 - Elbow (U2: Running To Stand Still) :: info ::
6 - TV On The Radio (David Bowie: Heroes) :: info ::
7 - Hot Chip (Joy Division: Transmission) :: info ::
8 - The Kooks (The Kinks: Victoria) :: info ::
9 - Estelle (Stevie Wonder: Superstition) :: info ::
10 - Rufus Wainwright (Brian Wilson: Wonderful/ Song For Children) :: info ::
11 - Peaches (Iggy Pop: Search And Destroy) :: info ::
12 - The Hold Steady (Bruce Springsteen: Atlantic City) :: info ::
13 - The Like (Elvis Costello: You Belong To Me) :: info ::
14 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker) :: info ::
15 - Franz Ferdinand (Blondie: Call Me) :: info ::

Hmmm.... some interesting ones. Can't wait!

Off the Radar 'Live Sessions' Weds @ The Standard

Join us this Wednesday (1/28) for another great night of Off the Radar 'Live Sessions' @ the beautiful Standard Hotel! Great food (the Standards Kitchen is open all night and serves great entrees/appetizers), conversations & cutting edge new music courtesy of! It all starts @ 8PM and goes on until slighly past Midnight....

Afterparty this week is next door at Purdy Lounge w/Spam Allstars and Joshy Josh!

Off the Radar
Wednesdays @ The Standard
40 Island Ave
(Off the Venetian Causeway)

$5 Beer, $6 Wine, $8 Cocktails
No Cover

Valet for $7 w/Bar Validation or Park at Purdy and walk on over...
(We Recommend car-pooling or if you're on the Beach grab a Taxi or ride a Bike)

* Coming Soon....
Lipstick Mafia Invades Off the Radar, Morrissey CD Release Party/Concert Tix Giveaways & more!

Lay It Down

New York's Golden Filter which put out that great track Solid Gold which I posted awhile ago just did this sick remix of Peter Bjorn & John's new track 'Lay it Down' from their as yet unreleased new album.

They added their own vocal take to it and slowed it down to a more minimal disco beat that is pretty sweet. Really digging it!

Here it is for your consumption...

MP3: Lay it Down (The Golden Filter Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John (YSI)


CFCF from Canada just released their Debut EP called 'Panesian Nights' yesterday on Paper Bag Records as a Digital Release. He first gained attention after doing a remix for Crystal Castles and has since done remixes for many other artists such as Health, Sally Shapiro, The Presets & The Teenagers. Great instrumental electronic music a-la artists like Mylo. The first track off his EP is called 'Crystal Mines' and has been on repeat at my place.

Sample more tracks on his Myspace player then go buy this great EP at your favorite digital music provider or at the Official Paper Bag Records Site as full 320 kbps files!

MP3: Crystal Mines - CFCF (YSI)

Panesian Nights EP Tracklisting::

1. Crystal Mines
2. Call Girl
3. The Explorers
4. Arctic
5. Sogni Rossi
6. Goodbye
7. Color Dreams

* Editor's Note
Ran into the Video for CFCF's Crystal Mines the other day so wanted to include that in this post.

Skeleton Boy

Friendly Fires new video for Skeleton Boy is pretty sweet! The song's not too shabby either...

Here they are for your viewing/downloading pleasure...

MP3: Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires (YSI)

Marina & the Diamonds

Marina from Marina & the Daimonds is a pocket of energy and creativity from Greece/Wales that reminds me of early Tori Amos. Probably because of her vocals which go all over the place and especially that piano she uses on her debut track Obsessions. Quite good, I can see how it can easily become an Obsession. Catchy as hell!

Seems she is working on her debut album to be released later this year. So far she's got a few tracks you can listen to on her Myspace player.

Here is Obsessions, plus the video..

Noticed local toy superstars Friends with You are on her top friends list. Go Sam!

MP3: Obsessions - Marina & the Diamonds (YSI)

Off the Radar Wed @ The Standard from 8-12 then Afterparty w/The Juan MacLean @ The Vagabond!

***OFF THE RADAR Weds @ The Standard***

Music lovers and cultural aficionados gather each Wednesday from 8PM-12AM in the gorgeous Lido Bar of The Standard Hotel for Off the Radar 'Live Sessions'.

Sampling the finest foods (The Standard's Kitchen is Open all night and serves great entrees/appetizers!), lovely conversation and cutting edge new music courtesy of!

DJs Ray Milian, Danny Ashe + Tom Wareham.

Hosted by Off the Radar & Jason Jimenez of Sweat Records.

$5 beer - $6 wine - $8 cocktails

Valet for $7 with bar validation (car-pool recommended!) or park at the Purdy Lounge meters and take a short walk to The Standard. If you live on the beach grab a taxi or ride a bike.

Off the Radar
Wednesdays @ The Standard
40 Island Ave
Miami Beach
(Right off the Venetian Causeway)
8PM till Midnight
No Cover

* Afterparty this week is at The Vagabond for the Scion Party with Juan Maclean (DFA) & Still Going!!!
Don't forget to RSVP for FREE Admission!

Here's a few tracks to you get excited for Wednesday...

MP3: Be My Crush (The Juan MacLean Remix) - The Twelves (YSI)
MP3: Still Going Theme - Still Going (YSI)
MP3: Anywhere (Still Going Remix) - The Presets (YSI)

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

When you first hear the name Ou Est Le Swimming Pool you think French right? At least that's what I thought, but after further investigation they are actually a British trio.

This track from them 'Dance the Way I Feel' is sooo good! It's been stuck in my head since I first heard it a few days ago. Doesn't get much catchier than this.

Listen to it at your own risk... Once you do no telling how long it will stay in your head.

Check out a few more solid tracks, particularly 'Jackson's Last Stand' on their myspace player.

MP3: Dance the Way I Feel - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool (YSI)

Off the Radar Press on the New Times

Off the Radar is Back on the Screen

By Dominic Sirianni in NightlifeThursday, Jan. 15 2009 @ 11:35AM
In 2005 a recently separated (from Poplife) Ray Milian wanted to explore the b-sides, new cuts, and rare grooves of underground and so-called indie and electronic music. To do so, he created at a weekly party, Off the Radar, at the then-newly minted Buck 15. Then there were several venue switches (the Marlin, Amendment 21, PS14, the Sandal Club), the advent of a music blog with longtime scenester Chris Mora, and the addition of promoter Jason "Man-Kitten" Jimenez in 2007, before a complete hiatus. Now, Off the Radar has landed at an extremely pleasant setting in the bar of the Standard, located on the grounds of the old Lido Spa on the Venetian Causeway (40 Island Avenue; Miami Beach). The setting is nicely appointed with a retro, living room-style lobby, and a dimly lit bar interior where DJ's Ray Milian, Danny Ashe, and Tom Wareham play their trade.

Music is pumped throughout the lounge and lobby. Poolside chairs and a firepit also make for good smoke break spots, as there are no cigs allowed in the building. The no-cover night starts every Wednesday at 8 p.m. and ends at midnight, with most heading over afterwards to dirty Purdy to watch ex-Dear Starlet, (comma included in name) frontman, Joshy Josh spin more nostalgic cuts. Purdy is the best place to park for the evening, unless you want to valet at the Standard for seven bucks with validation. Expect rare, local, and cutting-edge hits (or should-have-been hits) from these guys, and prepare to be taken aback by the friendly vibe from a sometimes unfriendly scene.

Here's the direct link to the Post::

Thanks to Dominic & Miami New Times! was out taking pictures of the party last night also. I'll post a link to those as soon as their up, plus the pics we took as well.

I Can't Keep A Secret - Not When It's A Good One

Actually, I think I can. At least when it involves my friends. I'm pretty good at keep my mouth shut (people, back me up on this!). BUT when Erlend Oye has new material out, particularly if it's his dance music project The Whitest Boy Alive, I can't help but blurt it out.

The follow up to 2006's amazing Dreams, called Rules will be released in March of this year.

A-MA-ZING. That's what they should have called it. The album is smooth. Your ears will love you more when you put it on. I guarantee you will be playing this album whenever people come over for cocktails. And no one will complain about it. "Wow? Is this the new album from The Whitest Boy Alive? When did it come out? Where did you hear about it?" (Don't forget to send them over to us!)

MP3: Keep A Secret
MP3: Courage

  1. Keep A Secret
  2. Intentions
  3. Courage
  4. Timebomb
  5. Rollercoaster Ride
  6. High On The Heels
  7. 1517
  8. Gravity
  9. Promise Less Or Do More
  10. Dead End
  11. Island
Is this blog on a roll this week or what?!?!

Brrooooooo I'm So Pysched - New Gorillaz Demos

Yesterday, Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and Murdoc took over the controls at Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show and debuted three new Gorillaz (demo) tracks! Back in the fall of 2008, the duo said in an interview that they were going to begin working on a new album in 2009, and here is the proof!

In the interview last year, Hewlett had said, "I'm so fucking bored of drawing those characters. But then we had a moment where we had a new angle on it... I'm gonna adapt them." I really hope he draws SOMETHING.

Speaking of Gorillaz, last night my Kid Robot Murdoc doll lost it's head, literally. This is the third time it happens. I even bought a new one on eBay (well it was used) soon after the first accident, and it's head had already been glued on. Maybe it's a sign, kinda coincidental it happened on the day three new demos are released.

Binge (or Stylo)


Electric Shock

Did anyone have a chance to catch their Circus Opera, "Monkey, Journey to the West"? The visuals looked amazing.

Franz Ferdinand >> Tonight

Heard the new Franz Ferdinand album 'Tonight' and it's pretty amazing! Possibly their best yet! A great progression for the band that sees them experimenting a bit, but still retaining their classic style.

The first half is full on dance, whereas the second half has some great slower tracks as well. Even ending on a killer acoustic track 'Katherine Kiss Me' were it's just Alex Kapranos on an acoustic guitar! Beautiful!

I think it will be a big hit for them! My favorite tracks so far are 'Live Alone' a full on disco dancefloor jam that I think will be huge, 'Twilight Omens', plus the acoustic closer I mentioned 'Katherine Kiss Me.'

Here are a couple of those, plus their new video for Ullysses.. 2009's off to a great start so far.

MP3: Live Alone - Franz Ferdinand (YSI)
MP3: Twilight Omens - Franz Ferdinand (YSI)

Dead Man's Bones

Saw this great 'live' video the other day for Dead Man's Bones which is Ryan Gosling the actor! The guy's got talent! I loved his movie Lars and the Real Girl and now it seems he can play/sing as well! The song/video is pretty dark & eerie which I love! Definitely gives me a goth feel. Love the piano he uses and the kids choir with all of them dressed in their Halloween costume is a genious idea! Here it is plus the mp3...

MP3: In The Room Where You Sleep (wrap party live version) - Dead Man's Bones (YSI)

Hxxxppy House

After you attend the Off the Radar Live Sessions @ The Standard on Wednesday, I'll give you one day to recover before heading over the bridge to Happy House @ PS14 where I have been holding a new weekly residency. The mixture of all styles and avenues of dance
music lead to our house, Happy House!

This week we have special guest, XXXChange (Fully Fitted/Spank Rock) joining us on the decks. I have already posted the mix he did for Shilo's We Make It Good series (you gotta check it out) so I can't wait to hear what he has in store for us this Thursday (tomorrow). I'm expecting to dance. Hopefully

I don't know if many of you are aware but Spank Rock is a group composed of MC Spank Rock, XXXChange, Devlin and Darko. They have lead the "indie" dance music scene for a few years now with their own singles and as well as a slew of high profile guest appearances and remixes for the likes of Thom Yorke (he always seems to be first on the list), Santogold, Justice, and Neon Neon.

On his own, XXXChange has worked with everyone from Beck to Coldcut to CSS to Deadalus to Bjork. See where I'm going with this? Check out his full production credits here.

Well, anyways, hope to see you guys out this week.

As always, no cover and $4 drinks all night.

Since the entire blogosphere is on an Animal Collective trip, here is a remix he did for their side project Panda Bear. And probably one of the only Justice remixes (or edits) I can still swallow 100 Million based off of Justice's Phantom. And finally an unreleased Lily Allen remix.

MP3: Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (XXXChange Remix)
MP3: XXXChange - 100 Million
MP3: Lily Allen - Smile (XXXChange/Darko Remix)

Also, go on the interwebs and get the The Eraser remix he did. Or send me an email and I'll hunt it down in my library for you.

Classic Album Spotlight :: The The 'Dusk'

One of my favorite albums to come out in the 90's is The The's 1993 soulful masterpiece 'Dusk'. As many albums/bands/fads have come and gone since then (grunge rock anyone?), this record out of place at the time holds up amazingly well as a true modern classic.

During my college years I was a huge The The fan particularly 1984's 'Soul Mining' which is also a classic from them, (albeit more of a dancier record) and 'Dusk' which is a more mature mid-tempo guitar record that came out right around the time I was entering college. It featured Johnny Marr of The Smiths playing some of the most beautiful/subdued guitar work since his Smiths days, but really the mastermind behind The The is Matt Johnson. His vocals on this record have to be one of the most beautiful voices/lyrics ever recorded. Deep, rich and heartfelt. He wrote all the music and lyrics himself, but like other talented artists like Trent Reznor, he prefers to hide behind a band moniker. They've always been more of an underground Off the Radar type of band if you will, like another favorite of mine James.

I think one of the main things that attracted me to The The's music growing up was Matt Johnson's introspective lyrics that were always questioning himself and how he fit into the world around him. A common theme that many teenagers probably go through like I did.

The record features tons of different sounds and instruments (harmonica's, trumpets, hammond organs, tambourines, acoustic guitars) that give each track a slighly different sound and feel.

The record kicks off with True Happinees this Way Lies with Matt Johnson pouring his heart out while a laugh track plays at the oddest times for a bizarre effect until it leads to him whispering and playing an acoustic guitar as the album slowly builds.

Then the album kicks off with the second track Love is Stronger than Death. A beautiful ballad and homage about the power of love over even death.

Then the record moves on to grittier/funkier tracks like Dogs of Lust and This is the Night to the gorgeous introspective Slow Emotion Replay were he questions himself with lyrics like 'Everybody knows what's going wrong with the world, I don't even know what's going on, in myself' and how he's 'just a slow emotion replay of somebody he used to be'. Gorgeous track with a great beatlesque type of harmonica and fast driving pace. My favorite of the bunch!

Another great track is Sodium Light Baby. A love song were he declares 'You're the strangest feeling I ever had' and how 'we're all hostages to our hearts desires' and finally closing the album with Lonely Planet a song about overpopulation and changing our bad habits 'If you can't change the world, change yourself' with a genious twist in the last lyrics were he says 'If you can't change yourself, then change the world'. Pure brilliance!

The entire 10 song album has to be heard in it's entirety to be fully appreciated. Try it out late night with some wine, smokes and maybe some good company.

Here's a few tracks to stir your interest. If you like these I highly recommend you pick up the whole album. You won't be disappointed!

MP3: Slow Emotion Replay - The The (YSI)
MP3: Sodium Light Baby - The The (YSI)
MP3: Love is Stronger than Death - The The (YSI)

Click here to check out their their video on youtube for Dogs of Lust with Johnny Marr playing the harmonica!

Off the Radar 'Live Sessions' Weds @ The Standard

We had a great time last week for our debut @ The Standard! We do it again this Wednesday January the 14th. Join us for cocktails, conversation, dinner (The Standard's kitchen is open all night and serves great entrees/appetizers) and most importantly to sample some of the great music we showcase here on the blog in the beautiful/laid back environment of The Standard Hotel! Hope to see you there....

40 Island Ave
Miami Beach
(Right off the Venetian Causeway)

$5 Beers
$6 Wines
$8 Cocktails

Valet or Park @ Purdy and walk on over...
*We Recommend Car-pooling. If you're on the beach ride a bike or grab a taxi.

After Party Next Door @ Purdy Lounge w/Resident DJ Joshy Josh & Off the Radar Guest DJ's!

This is Nu Disco

So everybody is saying disco is back. It is almost like people (and bloggers) want to be the first ones to say it. My only suggestion is don't just resurrect an entire culture from 30 years ago as is (or for the house heads, a culture from 10, 20 years ago) like no one ever heard it before.


2 years ago, if a DJ was playing a disco track, people would have harassed him. Nowadays, those same critics are probably playing the same song.

Anyways, PLEASE, if you do decided to DJ disco/house. Change it up. Make it fresh. Take advantage of what there is now and create something new. Don't just dig up and dust off a bunch of vinyl and call it "nu" because you weren't there the first time it came around.

This was a pointless rant.

Anyways, if there is anybody that I'll schedule a trip around to perform in 2009, it's Joakim.

November 10 2008, Versatile release party 2008
Joakim And The Disco
At Flèche d'Or, Paris, France

Morrissey Returns

The Godfather is back! Morrissey will be releasing his new studio album 'Years of Refusal' February the 17th in the U.S.

The first single from the album will be 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' which is being released one week prior to the album. Of course it's all over the internet already. Did you expect anything less from his obsessive fans? Although I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be, I still have immense respect for him. His music with The Smiths and his first solo albums helped shape who I am today. Vauxhall and I has to be one of my favorite all time records! It still sounds just as fresh today as when it was released back in 1994. Hard to believe 15 years have passed so quickly.

He's calling the new single 'a cosmopolitan hymn to architecture'.

Here it is...

MP3: I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - Morrissey (YSI)
Editors Note::Just saw this posted on Myspace today. Morrissey's new video for Paris...

Killer on the Dancefloor

One of my favorite guilty pleasures Denmark's Private have just released their video for Killer on the Dancefloor from their debut album Secret Lover. It was always one of my favorite tracks from them. The video's pretty sweet, kinda reminds me of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Here it is plus the track, just in case you don't have it.
Can't wait for their follow-up album...

MP3: Killer on the Dancefloor - Private (YSI)


Hockey hail from Portland, Oregon and like the game they throw a mean punch. They list their musical style on myspace as New Wave/Soul (a joke I'm sure, at least the new wave part). Their sound is basically good old fashioned rock 'n' roll to me, although I can definitely hear that soul influence in there. Fans of bands like Kings of Leon or The Strokes will surely enjoy them.

They are already playing gigs in New York City and the U.K., so it seems they are on their way to stardom. Here's one of their more rocking tracks 'Too Fake'.

Check out their myspace to sample a few more...


Just wanted to do a quick post to share this great remix I got by Moulinex. I've written about him before on the blog. Love his remixes! Here's another great one he did for College. A little piece of dancefloor heaven...

MP3: Fantasy Park (Moulinex Remix) - College feat Anoraak (YSI)

Off the Radar Standard Pics

Thanks to everyone who came through last night for our Debut Night of 'Live Sessions' @ The Standard! We had a lot of fun! If you missed it, don't fret we'll be back next Wednesday from 8PM till Midnight. Till then here are a few pics from last night... (There's more up on our Facebook Group page)


Editor's note:
Um, you missed a picture...

Photo Credit: Justin Namon of the Miami New Times
More pictures on their blog as well.

* How could I forget that one. One of Li and my favorites! Renzo came out like a champ!