It's a Beautiful Day

It really is. This is the time of the year meteorologists call "mild". Typically mild things are not very much fun. Mild mexican food? Mild sexual content? But when it comes to weather, it's the shiznig.

And judging from phone's forcast, the good weather seems to be sticking through the weekend. (Bob Marley Fest - I mean the Caribbean Festival is this weekend) Ignore the lighting on Sunday, that's probably some random Yahoo! weatherman from an office in NY who got jealous of putting in all the sunshine for our forecast. Speaking of the weekend....

It is here!!!! (technically for me, it's in 62 minutes... but whatever...) I am in desperate need for an escape from work and my friends have MIRACULOUSLY all confirmed for tonight so that means only one thing… PRE-PARTY! I don’t know about you guys, but our pre-parties usually end up being more fun that the actual destination (so much that we often ditch our plans to stay the fuck right where we are!) Plus, it goes without saying that pre-parties are completely in line with our 2009 party budget guidelines (aka getting sauced before heading out – along the same lines as asking for soda water and a lime at the bar – you better at least tip well!!!).

Anyways, I have said it before, I will say it again;
when you have get-togethers, use a playlist or even better play a mix from one of your favorite DJ’s. It keeps the music flowing and you can focus on other things like the beer pong tournament in your living room.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and neighbor Mike Sike dropped his latest mix, Crambone. I met Mike through a mutual friend (Brian from PS14) when he moved into my building (the coolest building in the world). Let’s put it this way, he has a PING PONG TABLE in his LIVING ROOM! It was from that point forward we became friends.
As a DJ, he has selected records as the resident DJ at NYC’s Nation, Jungle Nation and the infamous Save the Robots. The exposure gained from their allowed him to travel and DJ at Sundance and “wrap parties” for various Hollywood films.

As for his new mix, I played this mix for some friends last week and the music flowed seamlessly (what else would you expect?). Stylistically, it runs the gamut from (dare I say?) “vintage” Tom and Jerry cartoons excerpts and through various house genres (funky and minimal house) with a healthy sprinkling of fan favorites (Duran Duran’s View to a Kill – very apropos considering Grace Jones’ recent mini comeback) . Mike hits the ground running with this mix but it really shines when he puts on his house shoes (remember those things?? – House Shoes – HAHA) around minute 9:00 starting with Mike Dunn’s Freaky Muthafucker. Hilarious tongue-n-cheek lyrics about well, freaky muthafuckers.

Oh and if like what you hear (of course you will), head over to The News on Biscayne @ 55th Street Station (you know it, Soyka, Andiamo’s, Sushi Siam and… The News) on Fridays where Mike holds down the fort every week.

Download this latest mix right (through) here.

Pet Shop Boys! Yes!

Electronic pop legends Pet Shop Boys will be releasing their 10th studio album 'Yes' on March the 16th. Two days after my birthday, so I guess it's a birthday present for me!

Heard First Single/Video 'Love, Etc' the other day and I was blown away! Possibly one of their best songs ever! This 25 years on in their career! Pretty amazing! Not too many artists can remain relavant after so many years, but Pet Shop Boys aren't your average band. They are one of a handful of alternative legends that I grew up listening to and still am like DM.

They got a lifetime achievement award the other day at the Brit Awards were they performed a mega mix of a bunch of their hits throughout the years and it really reinforces how relevant they have been and how many great songs they have put out in their career.

Here is their excellent new video for 'Love Etc', plus the mp3 and a sweet remix by Gui Boratto and their excellent Live Performance at the Brits. Hope they swing through our neck of the woods for the next tour. I need to see them Live at least once!

MP3: Love, Etc - Pet Shop Boys (YSI)
MP3: Love, Etc (Gui Boratto Remix) - Pet Shop Boys (YSI)

We Have Band

Despite their somewhat ridiculous name, the London trio We Have Band play an infectious blend of indie rock and electro pop. The group actually consists of former EMI Records employees Thomas WP, Dede WP, and Darren Bancroft. With each member sharing vocal and programming duties, every song has its own unique feel but stays true to the band's overall sound.

The group was formed only last year, but has already received much hype. They had the song "Hear It in the Cans" featured on the most recent Kitsune Maison compilation and plan on touring extensively this year. The track "Oh" was released as a single in November 2008. That is their only "official" release but I was able to find a full album's worth of high quality demos that were recorded towards the end of last year. The tracks are choc-full of chugging bass lines, choppy guitar licks, and harmonious male/female vocals. So without further delay, here are a couple of demo tracks, as well as a pretty cool video for the single "Oh."

MP3: Hear It In The Cans - We Have Band (YSI)
MP3: You've Had Band - We Have Band (YSI)

Depeche Mode - Wrong

Wow! The first single 'Wrong' from the upcoming new Depeche Mode album 'Sounds of the Universe' is one of their darkest ever! Particularly this disturbing video for it that seems like it came straight out of a Dario Argento horror film.

Enjoy it while it lasts... Seems the record label keeps bringing down the videos almost as soon as they're put up. Can't wait for the full length! My beloved DM never gets old!

Ummm ok that lasted about a day... Here's another one. What the hell is wrong with EMI? I thought Videos were a good thing?? Helped promote artists and their new releases, no? Here is a Live Performance of DM at a German Awards Show were they debuted their new single Wrong, just in case they take down the video again.

Junior Boys :: Begone Dull Care

Finally the long awaited New Junior Boys album 'Begone Dull Care' is on the horizon.... It is set for release on April 7th in the US.

The album has been leaked on the internet for a bit, so I've heard the whole thing and it is quite good! Did you expect anything less from these electronic masterminds? They can do no wrong in my book.

Every album they've put out has been a little different from the previous one and this one is no exception.

Lo-fi electronic pop for the sophisticated listener that will grow on you and reveal subtleties with repeated listens.

They kept the album slim at 8 tracks, but it's an excellent 8. First single is set to be 'Hazel' which will precede the album's release.

Here is Track 3 'Bits & Pieces' for you to enjoy...

MP3: Bits & Pieces - Junior Boys (YSI)

'Begone Dull Care' Tracklisting::

1. Parallel Lines
2. Work
3. Bits & Pieces
4. Dull to Pause
5. Hazel
6. Sneak a Picture
7. The Animator
8. What It's For

Phoenix :: 1901

I love Phoenix! Been missing them lately. Luckily I woke up today to see a bulletin/note on their Myspace announcing the release of New Album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' on May the 25th!

Since the release is still month's away they've been kind enough to give away a FREE Track, '1901' to hold us off ::

Great Track!! Has that Classic Phoenix sound. Delicious guitar/synth goodness that they do so well.

Wanna hear it??

MP3: 1901 - Phoenix (YSI)

Yeah yeah yeah, they have a new single...

I missed Karen O's voice. I did not realize it until I heard the first single, Zero, off of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new album It's Blitz. Plenty of 80's throwback can heard culminating in fuzzy keyboard attack at the end of the song. I like what I'm hearing.

Karen O tells Rolling Stone, “But we came up with something new that we’ve never heard before from ourselves. Less angst and more positivity, man!”
Dave Sitek (TVoR) co-produced the album with previous YYY collaborator Nick Launay.

Tracklist (with a whole bunch of guests):
1. “Zero” (4:25/ Eric Biondo - trumpet, Stuart Bogie - saxophone)
2. “Heads Will Roll” (3:41)
3. “Soft Shock” (3:53)
4. “Skeletons” (5:02)
5. “Dull Life” (4:08)
6. “Shame and Fortune” (3:31)
7. “Runaway” (5:13 / Jane Scarpantoni - cello, Greg Kurstin - piano)
8. “Dragon Queen” (4:02 / Tunde Adebimpe - vocals, Stuart Bogie - saxophone, Kyp Malone - tambourine)
9. “Hysteric” (3:50 / Eric Biondo - trumpet, Stuart Bogie - saxophone)
10. “Little Shadow” (3:57/ Imaad Wasif - guitar)

MP3: Zero (ysi)

Dat Politics

Dat Politics is a three piece from Lille, France. They create music that is somewhat grenre bending but could be classified as glitched-out dance pop. All sounds are forged on laptops and they are not that disimilar from Matmos or Kid 606 but are decidedly more accessible and melodic. Their brand new album, Mad Kit, is a shot of playful electro that combines digitized vocals with distorted breaks and electric frequencies.

The band was actually formed in 1999 and they have released several albums of their own brand of deconstructed, abstract electronica. The group also oversees pretty much all artistic aspects of their sound, from the record covers to their website and music videos. Their style is pretty unique but is quite catchy at the same time. Here are a couple of tracks off the new album that I'm sure everyone will dig.

MP3: Bad Dream Machine - Dat Politics (YSI)
MP3: Freak Me Out - Dat Politics (YSI)

Abbey Road

This is a time lapse video of the famous Abbey Road crosswalk from the Beatles album of the same name. I can't imagine how many people have recreated the cover over the years. And judging from the video it seems like people pose every time the light turns red. (I'll go ahead an mark down Abbey Road as a street to avoid if I ever drive a car in London. If the light is green, you better move it if I'm around!)

Blame Ringo - Garble Arch (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road) (via Boing Boing)

Fare Soldi / 500th Post!!

First off just wanted to say this is our 500th Post!! That's a pretty big achievement I think. I think we can go into syndication now or something.

Anyway's just wanted to thank you all for listening and being faithful readers to the Off the Radar Blog!

When we started we barely had 30 visitors a day (mostly us and our friends I'm sure). Now little by little we are getting to the big boys level and getting readers from all over the world!

It's great to spread the word about new artists and music that we love.

The music industry is changing and blogs like ours are becoming more important than ever, especially when it comes to breaking new artists, music and trends.

Cheers from the Off the Radar Crew!

To celebrate I wanted to post this great new video from Italy's Fare Soldi for 'Survivor'. It's very italo disco sounding and features tons of 70's/80's references. A color explosion!

The video was so good it made me request a copy of their debut album 'Sappiamo Dove Abiti' on Riotmaker Records. The album features 16 tracks including some great little interspersed italian snippets.

The album goes all over the place from nu-disco to pop and funk. There's a little something for everyone. A great party record. They've even been remixed by the likes of Saint Pauli and Keenhouse.

Here's a couple tracks from their debut, plus the Survivor video I was talking about. Enjoy!

MP3: Survivor - Fare Soldi (YSI)
MP3: Message in Abaddo - Fare Soldi (YSI)


Yesterday I awoke to a great album in my inbox by Los Angeles electronic trio Pollyn.

They just released their debut album 'This Little Night' and it's quite good!

They compare their sound to Sade meets Hot Chip. I can also hear influences by Everything but the Girl, Massive Attack & Portishead.

The first track on the album 'Gave It Up' is my early favorite. It reminds me a bit of New Young Pony Club's 'The Get Go'. Even has a similar beat and tempo. Very smooth and delicious.

If you like this track I recommend you pick up the album. It's available on Itunes, Amazon & Emusic.

MP3: Gave it Up - Pollyn (YSI)

Fan Death

I apologize for the lack of posts as I was extremely sick for about three days. Anyways... this amazing new band, Fan Death, is the hottest act in London at the moment (it is also a Korean legend that a fan can kill you by suffocation, etc...hah). They are a nu-disco all-girl duo consisting of Dandelion Wind Opaine and Marta Jaciubek-McKeever. Their music will certainly get you movin' on the dance floor.

The debut single, Veronica's Veil, is an absolutely irresistible, dark slice of disco pop. It starts off with a funky violin-infused electro beat and never lets up. No word yet on a full-length album but hopefully we won't have to wait too long. If you dig Hercules & Love Affair and Glass Candy, then this band is for you. I can't get enough of this group and I'm sure you will love them as much as I do.

MP3: Veronica's Veil -Fan Death (YSI)

Fever Ray

What's up with the music industry? The Fever Ray album won't be available till March 24, yet bands are going on releasing 2 singles? They need to speed the process up, especially when albums get leaked so early, like this one did. I mean by the time this album is 'officially' released I'll be over it. (Not likely, just trying to make a point...)

Here's the new video for second single 'When I Grow Up' (one of my favorites) from their spellbinding debut, plus the MP3 for it, cause I know you're gonna love it!

MP3: When I Grow Up - Fever Ray (YSI)


Futurecop! are an electronic duo hailing from London, England.

From the looks of their myspace they are totally in love with all things 80's.

Some of their track titles include 'Karate Kid' & 'Transformers'.

They even have a clip from Kids Incorporated an old Saturday morning kids show that was big in the 80's. They have to be at least in their 30's to remember that.

Anyways they make some crazy good music.

Recently I got this sick remix for one of their tracks 'Class of 1984' by Anoraak. It's a little bit of dancefloor heaven. 7 mins and 18 seconds of dancefloor bliss.

They are gonna be in Miami for WMC so Miamian's/tourists if your in town for that be sure to check them out at some point. Seems they're gonna be here all week long. Saw some pictures of them in shorts by a pool at WMC 08', so it seems they liked it last year and are back for more. Who wouldn't? Miami weather rules! At least during winter time.

Here's that great track I was talking about, plus their video for 'Transformers' also a really cool track from them.

Happy Valentine's Everyone!!

MP3: Class of 1984 (Anoraak Remix) - Futurecop! (YSI)

Let's Get Physical

I have always considered Damian Lazarus, the boss man of the Crosstown Rebels imprint, a world class DJ. I briefly mentioned him in a post about the Timeout: The Other Side series. His was definitely the standout volume, opening the album with the amazing Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys' track Do's And Dont's and introducing me to Nathan Fake.

Now, he is getting ready to release his first single on Get Physical. I have read a couple of reviews where the person does not know what to make of the track, but it seems pretty clear to me (they consede in the end that they are intrigued by the direction he is going). He gives minimal tech, a typically emotionless genre, depth and feeling. He starts the track with a simple piano melody and him singing! Slowly building with electronic flourishes until a 4-4 beat sneaks up on you. Female vocals echo what Damian was singing a few moments ago. At points it reminds me of a very stripped down version of LCD Soundsystem's epic Someone Great. But it's not. I really hope this is the album opener.

MP3: Moment (ysi)

WMC buzz is already kicking here. From the Crosstown Rebels site (Circa 28 is back as the Electric Pickle, I'm curious... There was some crazy dance action going on upstairs in the past... ):

Crosstown Rebels in Miami 2009
February, 2009

Crosstown Rebels presents Get Lost, the legendary afterhours now in its 4th year at WMC. This year taking residence in a new home, Electric Pickle, after Studio A’s closure. Formerly Circa 28, Electric Pickle hosts DJs Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Butane. While room 2 plays host to the launch party of a new label from LA, Culprit, featuring Dyed Soundorom (check his new CDR release featuring Aaron Carl), the legendary Droog DJs, Lee Curtiss, Clive Henry and Lee Foss. Get Lost has become a successful compilation series and thriving set of events, encompassing the weird and wonderful and always full of surprises.

Do You Love Me? Check Yes or No.

For the second year in a row, one of my favorite bands, Mobius Band, is releasing a free EP of cover songs filled to the brim with the theme of the month "l-o-v-e". It's for some holiday this month. Presidents (President's, Presidents'?) Day, I think.

They also still have last year's compilation, available for download as well. Head over to their site to cop a feel. They also give a shout out to blog friends Tigercity (they played OTR's anniversary party a couple of years ago? Really? It's been a while.)

  1. Say You Will (Kanye West)
  2. Love Hurts (Felice & Boudleaux Bryant, as performed by the Everly Brothers)
  3. Lullaby (Dixie Chicks)
  4. Satellite (TV on the Radio)
  5. At My Window (Townes Van Zandt)
  6. You Don't Know How it Feels (Tom Petty)
Cake Wrecks is a funny blog. Check out their Valentine's post, What's Love Got To Do With It?
Amazon is giving away the Marvin Gaye classic Let's Get It On today and tomorrow in honor of all-lover's eve. Loverween. Follow the yellow brick road.

Te queremos mucho.

OTR Staff

Ballad For Space Lovers

32 years later it's relevant again... (No, I'm not that old... maybe Ray... hahahahaha). I love how it says "Instrumental Hit" and 7 bonus tracks. It's a single with seven b-sides!

This is one of those songs that just instantly feels familiar. Maybe it is because living in Miami disco lingered here a bit longer in the 80's than it did in other places? So I caught it during my formative years and it just stuck? (too many question marks) What I find surprising is that with people's penchant for everything "retro", disco is having a harder time coming back than it should. It guess it's not "Kung Fu Fighting"-"Hustle" disco.

Space - Magic Fly

Go to Castles In Space for a 1985 remix by Flood, real name Mark Ellis.

Heard of him? He produce of couple of artists.... you know... Depeche Mode, U2, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nine Inch Nails, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Sound, Erasure, Curve, Nitzer Ebb, The Killers, Sigur Rós and PJ Harvey... No biggie.

I'll forgive him for producing 30 Seconds to Mars' new album. (Side note, how much money did 30 Seconds pay to get onto Guitar Hero? And arent' their 30 Seconds up already? Really Jared Leto? Really?)

MP3: Magic Fly (ysi)

Ted & Francis

Ted & Francis are an electronic duo from New South Wales, Australia. They have been on my Radar for quite some time doing some amazing remix work. The remix they did for Empire of the Sun's 'We Are The People' that I posted awhile ago I liked better than the original.

Seems they caught the attention of Kitsune Music as well, as they got signed and will be releasing their Debut EP on April the 20th. 420! Good one!

Anyways I'll be keeping an eye on them. In the meantime here is the first original track I've heard from them called 'All Ways' and a couple excellent new remixes.

MP3: All Ways - Ted & Francis (YSI)
MP3: The Day We Feel in Love (Ted & Francis Remix) - Appaloosa (YSI)
MP3: Kilometer (Ted & Francis Chiller Mix) - Sebastian Tellier (YSI)

Fresh Music

Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester (aka The First Vegetable Orchestra) is an Austrian musical group who use instruments made entirely from fresh vegetables. The Orchestra consists of ten musicians, one cook and one sound technician. Some of the instruments ready made, like the tomato. Some are altered and assembled like their infamous carrot recorder.

Here are some of the instruments they have cooked up to make the sounds you hear. The "pepper trumpet" is my favorite.
onion peels
celeriac bongos
pepper trumpet
aubergine clap
leek violin
carrot sticks
carrot recorder
cucumber instrument

Here is a Q/A the group posted on their site:

when was the orchestra founded?
the orchestra was founded in February 1998.

who is the boss, the leader, speaker etc. of the orchestra?
there is none. we are a group of self-organized women and men working collaboratively on this project.

who had the idea?
we don't remember. it is not the idea that matters it is the realization. the idea was born and carried out by a group of people, who came from different musical backgrounds (improvisation, electronics, pop, rock, punk, contemporary,......) and have worked together before in various projects.

are you all vegetarians or vegans?

no we are not. don't ask again. we've heard this question 3 million times.

are you serious about your music?

yes we are. this is not a just-for-fun project.

As an encore at the end of the concerts, the audience is offered fresh vegetable soup. Awesome. Actually wait. Did they wash those veggies? Not sure sure about eating a carrot after it's been manhandled for 60 minutes for the show.

Anyways, I first came across this band via the Remix project of their album with artists like Ricardo Villalobos and Martini Bros handling some remix duties, giving the gurkophon and lauchgeige some dance floor friendly oomph.

Here are some videos of their live performances which begin 5 hours before the actual show as they head to the produce market to find their instruments. The performance starts at minute 1:36. Around minute 4:20 that shit gets ca-razy (as crazy as you can get with a bunch of produce in your hands). Another better quality video is available at The Guardian.

Using organic instruments is not new (well they formed in 1998). Matmos used samples of medical procedures in their 2001 album A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure and other items like a cow intestine and cigarette burns in 2006's The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast.

This quote from The Strait Times, Singapore, June 10, 2006 (we're global and shit... watch out...) seems to sum up the live experience well, "playing with food never had such interesting results. (...) the concert was truly a sensory experience towards the end when the sharp scent of celery and onion filled the venue and juices from bruised vegetables stained the performers' attire.

but this orchestra revelled in sound and as one left the concert more attuned to the aural rhythms of everyday life, it seems their devotion had paid off."

Even further giving them credibility, their track Radioaktivitat was written by their (sauer)kraut rock neighbors to the North(ish), Kraftwerk.

MP3: Greenhouse (ysi)

(I swear I hear the "Pump Up the Jam" synths in that remix...)

Where my vegetarians/vegans aaattt? (some of the Pumpkin Jam remix lyrics)
green peppers
here i come
veggie wrapper

no meat is need
pure veggies to complete it
And since I talked up Matmos a bit, and since disco is ALLLLL the rage nowadays... until James Murphy says it's not... here is a song Matmos did in honor of NYC underground disco pioneer Larry Levan.

MP3: Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan (ysi)

The Sound of Arrows

The Sound of Arrows are a duo from as they say 'Pop Heaven' Stockholm, Sweden. Seriously Sweden knows good pop music!

Anyway's these kids are barely 20 and have already signed to Labrador Records and just released an amazing single called 'Magic' which truly is!

Especially this sick remix by Let's Get Invisible. It has a little of the D.A.N.C.E. feel mainly due to the M-A-G-I-C chanting, but it's way poppier than Justice.

Pretty irrisistable dance track that will definitely light up dancefloors all over the world.

They will be releasing their debut album in the Fall. We'll keep our eyes peeled...

In the meantime enjoy this killer cut from them.

MP3: Magic (Let's Get Invisible Reading is Fundemental Remix) - The Sound of Arrows (YSI)

Off the Radar Press on Cooljunkie + Valentine's Charity Singles Auction


Event Spotlight: Off the Radar at The Standard
February 9, 2009 by Marcos Colón

It’s a Wednesday night in Miami and you start to get that feeling that you usually get at the end of your workday on Friday. That tingling sensation that starts in your brain and slowly works its way down to your legs. The average 9-5er labels Wednesday as ‘hump day,’ a day that has its peak at 3PM, then turns into the slope that leads into the weekend. But sometimes you have to have a nightlife appetizer that’ll hold you off until Friday night. That’s where Live Sessions at The Standard come in.

“Basically, it just started as an outlet for us to play music that we liked and was not getting played at the clubs around town,” says Off the Radar Music’s Ray Milian. “Back in 2005 we were one of the first places to play artists like Mylo & Brazilian Girls before anyone else even knew who they were. Of course that would change very soon.”

As he mentioned, Off the Radar first kicked up on Wednesdays in 2005 at Buck 15 where Milian, local DJ Danny Ashe and Tom Wareham would provide all the sound. From that came, a blog created to inform the masses of up and coming bands and artists that everyone should lend an ear to.
“It’s a way for us to promote artists that we like and help spread the word on them and their upcoming new releases,” says Milian. “We post mp3's, videos and links to their sites. We're usually pretty good at being ahead of the curve when it comes to new music and trends. So if you like new music you should definitely check it out regularly.”

While other weekly parties that take place prior to the weekend start off at around 10PM and peak at a time when you should actually be in bed and getting ready for those TPS reports in the morning, ‘Live Sessions’ kick off at 8PM and end at midnight, leaving you with the pleasant choice of calling it a night, or continue the socializing. But this isn’t the typical ‘Do or Die’ verdict that you’re subject to on weekends, it’s more of a ‘Would you like desert?’ query.

“The Standard's bar has to stop serving liquor at midnight, so we've been pushing more of an early dinner/hang thing, which we feel works better, especially for a week-day party when many people have to work the next day,” Milian says.

Think of it as having the happy hour vibe (the drinks are extremely reasonable), but with a chic and laid back style that offers an impeccable taste in music. The crowd that frequents The Standard on Wednesdays are the same friendly faces that you’d bump into on a Friday night at The Vagabond, starry-eyed young adults who enjoy a good drink accompanied with a little rug cuttin’. This event is only one of a few select in a city whose music taste is dominated by mainstream music and culture.

“Miami's not the greatest community as far as supporting local artists, but we have plenty of talented musicians, you just have to look for them,” says Milian. “When a few artists start to make it big I'm sure there will be an explosion and Miami will become a hot spot for music. That's the way it usually happens.”

Until that actually happens, the citizens of this great nightlife haven have to learn to appreciate the little events that make a difference. The ones that are curveballs outside of the normal fastballs. Sooner or later the growing live music scene and art movement that’s taking place will finally bring Miami the respect that it deserves outside of the typical big-club reputation that it currently holds.

“Off the Radar is a labor of love and that's mainly why we do it,” Milian says. “Introducing people to new music and artists is what it's all about. There's no better feeling than someone coming up to me and saying, ‘Wow, I love that new band, they're amazing!’ Brings a smile to my face.”

P.S. ::: Tomorrow (2/11) @ Off the Radar/The Standard as we Host a Valentine's Charity Singles Auction to benefit Miami's Homeless. We will be auctioning off Valentine's Day Dates with some of my Miami's most eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes with all the proceeds going to Miami Rescue Mission. Should be a blast + it's for a good cause. Don't miss it! Auction Begins @ 9 PM in the Standard Lobby. Plus as always amazing music selections by Bar from 8 till Midnight courtesy of!

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is an indie-electronic outfit from Boston, MA. The debut release, Chunk of Change, was written and recorded entirely by Michael Angelakos. It was originally recorded as a (belated) valentine's day gift to his girlfriend, who then prompted him to give it out to all of his friends and students at Emerson College. Eventually, it became a full-fledged band (at least for live gigs). Pretty soon they started opening up for a number of well known artists, including Death Cab for Cutie.

The music he creates is romantic and heartfelt but at the same time totally danceable. Imagine the classic pop of Randy Newman combined with the synth stylings of Giorgio Moroder.

I have not been able to get enough of this band for the last few months. The songs are totally catchy and have been stuck in my head for some time. They have been touted as one of the group's to watch in 2009. Be on the look out for a full-length album some time this year. Until then, be sure to pick up Passion Pit's debut ep, Chunk of Change. You can purchase it online at or at any fine record shop.

Here are a couple tracks off the ep for your listening pleasure.

MP3: Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me (YSI)
MP3: Passion Pit - Live to Tell the Tale (YSI)


Here's a few cool remixes that I've come across for artists that we've been posting about. Thought you might dig'em. Maybe get you pumped for the week-end, freshen up that Ipod for that run or get a dancefloor going...


MP3: Happy Up Here (Boys Noize Remix) - Royksopp (YSI)
MP3: My Girls (Straight Up! Remix) - Animal Collective (YSI)
MP3: Obsessions (Pink Stallone Crush Remix) - Marina & the Diamonds (YSI)
MP3: Teen Lovers (The Shoes Remix) - The Virgins (YSI)

Faded Paper Figures

Faded Paper Figures are an electro-pop trio that hail from Irvine, California. I posted a track from them 'Metropolis' last year on a mix tape. Recently got an email about them and their debut album 'Dynamo', so I requested a copy for review and after a couple listens I am thoroughly impressed!

They play minimal electro-pop a-la bands like Postal Service, The Stars & The Go Find. Good, good stuff! Highly recommended!! You'll love listening to this while cruising in your car or relaxing at home. There's not a bad track in the 12 song bunch. In particular I love 'Polaroid Solution' which sounds like it could have come straight from Postal Service's 'Give Up'. So if you're looking for something to hold you over till that second Postal Service record comes out you should pick this up. It will tide you over quite nicely. Who knows you may end up liking this more than Postal Service!

Check out these two stellar tracks off their debut. You can pick up Dynamo on Itunes or CDBaby.

MP3: Polaroid Solution - Faded Paper Figures (YSI)
MP3: The Persuaded - Faded Paper Figures (YSI)

The Japanese Popstars

The Japanese Popstars are a trio of Irish lads that put out some amazing heavy electro jams.

First heard about them in an interview w/Benny Bennasi were he named them as one of his favorite artists, so I did some investigating and was blown away. Full on peak time dancefloor material!

Their debut album is called 'We Just Are' and is available as an import. Not sure when we'll be seeing a domestic release date in the States, but you probably shouldn't wait.

Here is some of the believers they've amased in a short time...

"A Star Is Born....Or Should I Say Stars!" - Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1

"I'm knocked out! That is a BIG BIG record! Very strong!!" - Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

"This album is f*cking amazing. In fact it is in severe danger of taking over our lives..." -

"Is this the greatest record ever made or is this my imagination?" - Word Magazine

“They’re gonna be riding high in the charts before long... Cut from the same cloth as Orbital and Underworld, theirs is a sky-skimming stadium-sized version: the kind of tracks built to make an entire field of ravers jump in unison. They’re something special...” - DJ MAG

"Literally, amazing." - Word Magazine

"The Popstars should ready themselves for massive dance floor, make that stadium riots and complete oversaturation, as I fully expect these guys to be mega....Nowadays Ed and Tom could learn a thing or two from these dudes..." - EXCLAIM.CA

"Do believe the hype" - IDJ Magzine

Just in case you need extra convincing, here's a couple tracks from their debut album and their video for 'Rise of Ulysses'.

MP3: Delboy's Revenge - The Japanese Popstars (YSI)
MP3: Dr. Frenchy Bernard - The Japanese Popstars (YSI)


Casiokids hail from Norway and put out cute electro-pop a-la fellow country mates Roysksopp, except they do the singing themselves and in their native language.

Got sent their video for new track 'Fot I Hose' which sparked my interest in them. Great stuff! Seems they're on Moshi Moshi Records. Here's some of their own description/background info. from their Myspace.

'Old analogue and trashy keyboards, pop melodies and a digital & shadow puppet theatre make up the Norwegian electro-troupe that is Casiokids. The band sprung out of an idea of making electronic music more visual, but has developed further into being a collective of theatre blended with pop melodies often sung in their native language and influenced by afro-beat, techno and out-and-out pop. The music draws similarities and takes inspiration from Paul Simon's "Graceland", Ivor Cutler, New Order, King Tubby, Bob Hund, Cornelius and Fela Kuti.

October 27 2008 saw the historic release of the first ever Norwegian language pop single in the UK. Refusing to accept the notion of b-sides, Casiokids released the Double A sided single Grønt lys i alle ledd/Togens hule on Moshi Moshi Records. The band became the latest in a select band of artists to have released through Moshi’s Singles Club including names such as Late of the Pier, Lykke Li, Florence and The Machine and Kate Nash. The success of the first single will now be followed up by the second in a series of 7”s the band plan to release in 2009. Verdens største land/Fot i hose will be released on Moshi Moshi on March 2nd 2009 and will be accompanied by intense touring activity including a European tour as support for Of Montreal in January, a headlining UK tour in March and confirmed appearances at Eurosonic and South By South West to mention just a few of the highlights.'

Seems they're off to a great start! Here is 'Verdens Storste Land' plus their sweet video for 'Fot I Hose'.

MP3: Verdens Storste Land - Casiokids (YSI)

Off the Radar & Lipstick Mafia Present a Screening of Cult Movie 'The Room' Wed 2/4 @ The Standard

This Wednesday Off the Radar & Lipstick Mafia Present a Screening of Cult Movie "The Room" by Tommy Wiseau!

"The Room" ( is being touted as The Modern Rocky Horror Picture Show and has been called by NPR "A Cult Hit So Bad, It's Good"

It might be the most unintentionally hilarious film of all time and the LM is bringing this Los Angeles cult phenomenon to MIA.

"The Room has even infiltrated the halls of cinematic academia. ''It is one of the most important films of the past decade,'' says Ross Morin" -Ent. Weekly

The film has a HUGE celebrity following, and stars are even doing screenings at their homes: "Role Models star Paul Rudd and Arrested Development's David Cross are both fans, as is Jonah Hill, who uses a still from the movie as his MySpace photograph. Heroes star Kristen Bell hosts Room-viewing parties at her house and last year attended the film's monthly Laemmle screening with Rudd, Hill, and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

''There is a magic about that film that is indescribable,'' she says." -Ent.

Doors at 8pm. Early arrival is encouraged for best seating.

Screening starts at 9pm sharp in the Standard lobby.

Off the Radar music from 8-12 in the Lido Bar by Ray Milian, Danny Ashe & Tom Wareham.

$5 beer, $6 wine, $8 cocktail specials all night.

Valet for $7 with bar validation. Carpooling, bike or taxi is encouraged.

Extra parking available at Purdy lounge (a short walk to the Standard)

Off the Radar
'Live Sessions'
@ The Standard Hotel
8PM till Midnight-ish...
No Cover
40 Island Ave,
Miami Beach

*** After Party @ Purdy Lounge w/Joshy Josh & Off the Radar DJ's!!

Here's the Trailer for 'The Room'::


For those of us lucky enough to see Panic Bomber's Debut Performance @ The Vagabond on January the 9th it was quite a spectacle! Richard put on a hell of a show! Luckily they were smart enough to document the experience (glowsticks and all) and sent us the video for our viewers to enjoy.

Here it is... Panic Bomber doing Smooth Sailor off their Debut EP 'Calling in Threats'.

You can download the whole EP for Free off his website @