Saw this great new video for 'Tout Est Parfait' (think that means 'everything is perfect') from Montreal/Canadian duo Numero the other day.

Such a great video/track! Love the French vocals! You may also remember them from that great song they had not too long ago 'Hit Pop'. Apparently they opened up for Yelle on her recent tour as well.

Here is that video, plus the opening track from sophmore album 'Sport De Combat' out now on Itunes.

Enjoy & have a great week-end!!

MP3: Tonton Klaxonne - Numero (YSI)


Lizstomania is the new single from French electro-pop band Phoenix's fourth album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”. Although the song has already received the remix treatment by artists such as Yuksek, Alex Metric and New York’s Holy Ghost!, Phoenix decided to release the multi-track stems, for a limited time only, on their website for anyone to take a stab at it.

Here is the Holy Ghost! Remix which is a great dance floor pleaser (no surprise there). They replaced some of the catchy guitar lines, with equally catchy synth lines.

MP3: Phoenix-Lizstomania (Holy Ghost! Love Paris remix) (YSI)

Also, check out the official video for Lizstomania.

Have a good weekend!

*** If you are in Miami and would like a heavy dose of Off the Radar tunes, come by The Vagabond tonight as Ray Milian and myself will be manning the decks!

The Juan MacLean

The Juan MacLean performed in Miami this past Wednesday which of course I missed due to work. Check out some pics Miami New Times took.

Their new single/video is called 'One Day'. Great video and probably their catchiest track yet. I can definitely hear labelmate LCD Soundsystem influences on this one. When is new LCD coming out? Think we're about due on that. Curious to see what direction the new album will take us on.

Here is the mp3, plus a housier remix by Surkin with a great little sample in the beginning from 'Crazy Train' by Black Sabbath I believe? His latest album is called 'The Future is Now' and is available on Itunes.

MP3: One Day - The Juan MacLean (YSI)
MP3: One Day (Surkin Remix) - The Juan MacLean (YSI)

Dance, dance till you're dead...

New Video for Yeah Yeah Yeah's 'Heads Will Roll'.

Love the video! The Michael Jackson/Horror Wolf theme is pretty sweet and a good way to incorporate the severed head you knew had to come at some point. Karen O is still looking as stylish as ever. It doesn't hurt that the video's attached to one of the best tracks to come out so far in 09' either. Indie rock just doesn't get any catchier than this.

Buy 'It's Blitz!' or it's 'Off with your head...'


Need a Hot Summer Mix??

I got a great one that'll do the trick by NYC Brooklyn based duo Ladycreme. That area keeps blowing up huh, keep finding great stuff coming from there.

Found this sweet mix by Ladycreme entitled Alstublieft the other day on B-Electro and been jamming it ever since. You guys are gonna love it! The mix features many of the same artists we love here at Off the Radar.

I wrote the duo and they were kind enough to send me a few mp3's of their own original material for us to post as well. It mainly consists of Electro-House goodness, perfect for the dancefloor or a nice run.

Here is that mix plus a couple of mp3's from them in full 320 kbps! Go to their myspace link above to hear more from these up and comers.

MP3: Permanent Wave - Ladycreme (YSI)
MP3: Aera Cura - Ladycreme (YSI)

Alstublieft Mix by Ladycreme (52 Mins)


01 Discodeine – Tom Select
02 Streetlife DJs – Yo Jay
03 Dance Area - AA 24 7
04 Santiago & Bushio - Let Me
05 Tiga - Shoes (Green Velvet Remix)
06 La Roux - Quicksand (Autokratz Remix)
07 Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down
08 Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Grum Remix)
09 Guns 'n' Bombs – Riddle Of Steel (Classixx Version)
10 Etienne De Crecy - Punk
11 Donovan - Breakin (Charlie Fanclub Remix)
12 Cagedbaby - Forced (Foamo Remix)
13 Spencer Product - We Bite! (Designer Drugs Dub)
14 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Head Will Roll (Digiraatil Remix)
15 Justice vs Simian - We R Your Friends(Rico Tubbs&Will Power)
16 The Subs - My Punk Is Funk (Alex Gopher Remix)
17 Yuksek - Extraball (Pikooski Remix)
18 Appaloosa - The Day (We Fell In Love) (Acid Girls Remix)

Make the Girl Dance

Make the Girl Dance are Campana & Perrin (aka) Greg & Pierre from Paris, France.

They were smart enough to make a video for their track 'Baby, Baby, Baby' with these 3 models walking naked down the streets of Paris with only a toy radio on hand.

Seems a few bands have been doing nude videos lately, but I'm pretty sure the girls aren't as hot as these.

Would be nice to see the non-blocked out version. I'm sure the editing guy must have enjoyed this project. Funny to see the people who turn around for a double take!?

Besides the great attention getting video, the song itself is a summer anthem ala 'We Are Your Friends' that I'm sure will be making waves this summer at a club near you. Who cares if the girl is just spewing jibberish.

The single's officially released June the 1st.

MP3: Baby, Baby, Baby - Make the Girl Dance (YSI)

Kitsune Maison 7

Here it is folks, the newest compilation from the infamous French label Kitsune. They are responsible for introducing the world to such acts as La Roux, Heartsrevolution, Cazals, and Autokratz.

This one features tons of new discoveries and some soon-to-be hits, as well as familiar faces. It's the perfect weekend soundtrack.

One of my favorites is a song called Make It Reverse by Men. It has a real strong electro-punk, no-wave feel with some militant female vocals and Gang of Four-esque bass lines.

Another great track is Counterpoint (En Route Mix) by Manchester's Delphic. This one has a house element to it that bleeps and blips its way along. Great for the dance floor at 2 am.

Since this one is titled The Lucky One, there will be one lucky bastard who will win the entire Kitsune catalog for one year (remixes, albums, singles, rarities, etc.) by purchasing the seventh installment in the series.

Here is the full track list, as well as a couple tunes from the mix that are perfect for your Friday night out. As always, if you dig the music you can buy the full comp. directly from Kitsune.

1. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
2. We Have Band - Time After Time
3. Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx Version)
4. Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Xtra Loud Mix)
5. The Golden Filter - Favourite Things
6. La Roux - In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix)
7. Beni - Fringe Element (Shorts Like Me Edit)
8. Autokratz - Always More (Yuksek Remix)
9. 80Kidz - Miss Mars
10. James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
11. Men - Make It Reverse
12. Chew Lips - Solo
13. Chateau Marmont - Beagle
14. Heartsrevolution - 00000000
15. Delphic - Counterpoint (Delphic's En Route Mix)
16. ---Interlude Encore---
17. Maybb - Touring In NY (Short Tour Edit)
18. Renaissance Man - Rhythm
19. Tan Lines - Bejan

MP3: Make It Reverse - Men (YSI)
MP3: Counterpoint (En Route Mix) - Delphic (YSI)

***By the way, all of you Miami people should make it out to The Vagabond tonight. Join fellow bloggers Ray Milian & Danny Ashe as they spin the very best in electro, indie rock, and dance. This has become the hottest friday night party in town, so come out and get hedonistic with us.

Rex the Dog

Rex the Dog who has done some amazing remixes in the past for the likes of heavyweights Depeche Mode, The Knife, Mylo, The Sounds, Soulwax and many others kinda slipped under my radar there for a bit.

Don't know how I missed this great stop motion video he did for his original track 'Bubblicious' which samples Yaz to great effect. Maybe one day his first full length album 'The Rex The Dog Show' will be released in the US. (Why are we so far behind on some releases?) I'm sure you can find it online somewhere.

Check out his site at to see more of what he's been up to...

Here is that video I was telling you about, plus the mp3 for it and a great remix he did for Royksopp's 'Beautiful Day Without You' that I'm loving!!

MP3: Bubblicious - Rex the Dog (YSI)
MP3: Beautiful Day Without You (Rex the Dog Remix) - Royksopp (YSI)


Vega is the project of Alan Paloma from Austin, Texas.

This track I got from him last week 'No Reasons' is a huge dancefloor anthem. Perfect for these hot summer nights with great melodies, terrific vocals and a pulsing beat. What more could you ask for?

I played it out last Friday to a packed house and got a terrific response from the crowd.

I think you guys are gonna love it as much as I do.

Check out his myspace link above for more goodies from this up and comer.

We'll be keeping an eye on him...

MP3: No Reasons - Vega (YSI)

Cassettes Won't Listen

Cassettes Won't Listen is the brainchild of New York-based, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jason Drake.

He is set to release new album 'Into the Hillside' on June the 16th. It's a great instrumental electronic album. I heard the whole thing last night and I really dug it. Perfect album to listen to while at home, in the car or while working. It kinda reminds me of a mixture of Mylo & Fatboy Slim.

He has gotten tons of press from magazines, blogs and personalities such as :: Billboard, Spin, AOL, Myspace, Perez Hilton, URB, MTV, Stereogum, Music for Robots, Gorrilla Vs Bear, XLR8R & many more. Check out his Myspace for the links to alot of those reviews.

They've been kind enough to let us post first single of the same name 'Into the Hillside' for you to check out. I don't see it on Hype Machine yet, so this may be the first posting to make it on there. If you like this be on the lookout for the album which will be out in about a month or so. Recommended!

MP3: Into the Hillside - Cassettes Won't Listen (YSI)

'Into the Hillside' Tracklisting::

1. Into The Hillside
2. Later That Night
3. A Lovely Drive To You
4. Sidewalk Cruise
5. Back To LA
6. HMM
7. Quickly Approaching
8. Speeder
9. MPC
10. Siloee
11. 1985
12. Take Off
13. Wreked

Solid Gold

Solid Gold who I've written about previously are set to release new single 'Bible Thumper' June the 29th.

It's a great track! Short rocking dancefloor stomper. It was one of my favorites from their great debut 'Bodies of Water'. Which made it to my '2008 Best of' list at #11.

They wrote this great description of their new single...

'At just over two and half minutes, new single Bible Thumper whirls through droning synth swirls and low slung bass lines, with the band’s trademark melodic vocals taking the single to epic heights. A taste of Power Corruption and Lies era New Order with a hint of Metro Area, the band stand out against the monotonous tide of indie-rock and identikit electro fashion-pop.'

Couldn't have said it better myself.

They put out a great video (their first) to accompany the release. Here it is plus the mp3. If you like what you hear you can buy the album 'Bodies of Water' on Itunes. Highly recommended!!

MP3: Bible Thumper - Solid Gold (YSI)


Autokratz are an electronic duo from the fine city of London. They are getting ready to release their debut album, Animal, this June (this is actually their second full-length, the first being a collection of 12" singles).

I listened to a few tracks from the record and was really impressed. The opener, Always More, is a dark electro-pop number with killer vocals and melodic synth lines. This one is gonna kill the dancefloor.

Another great song is Speak In Silence, with it's pulsating grooves and dance beats.

Here are some MP3's of those two tracks. If you are into the music, then support the artist and buy the album when it comes out in June. By the way, Autokratz are giving away a FREE MP3 on their myspace page, so check it out!

MP3: Always More - Autokratz (YSI)
MP3: Speak In Silence - Autokratz (YSI)

Danger Mouse / Sparklehorse / David Lynch

Seems Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse put together an album which was gonna accompany David Lynch photographs called Dark Night of the Soul.

For the project they enlisted different singers to contribute vocals for each of the tracks.

Not just any singers mind you but, some of the biggest names in the indie music world like Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals), Frank Black (Pixies), Iggy Pop, Flaming Lips, James Mercer (The Shins), Julian Casablancas (Strokes), Suzanne Vega & even David Lynch himself sang on a couple tracks. Pretty amazing huh! I know I was impressed.

Seems like the album might not even see the light of day as David Lynch is having some problems with the record label EMI. Oh man! I hope they figure something out.

In the meantime NPR has it up on their website, so you can preview the whole album or individual tracks. Heard the whole thing last night and it's great!

Click on the NPR link above for more information and to sample the album. Thanks to Victor Castro for posting this on Twitter last night! Made my night!

If you haven't already done so add Off the Radar on Twitter to keep up with our updates.

Cheers and have a great week-end!!

*** If you're in Miami, the Vagabond is Celebrating their 1 Year Annv all this week-end!! Come get down at Miami's Best Indie Venue! I'll be spinning Friday & Saturday. See you there!!


Ringside are a band from L.A. consisting of singer/songwriter Scott Thomas and actor Balthazar Getty. I first heard them a few years ago while watching DOOM, a horrible movie inspired by the video game of the same name. Regardless, the song really stood out so I did a little research and found out the name of the band and the song. Aside from being featured on DOOM, the song “Struggle” was also featured in a Pontiac commercial.

Their self-titled debut album, released in 2005, is a perfect mix of Indie Rock and Electronic beats. Great swinging grooves, howling vocals, and a longing melancholy flow all throughout.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Balthazar Getty said he and Thomas were recording a new album due out sometime in 2008. Here we are a year later and still no album! On the bright side, they did post a video for a new song off the upcoming release called “Money”, which I liked very much. It definitely has a bit more of an edge than their previous work, reminding me at times of the Dandy’s or the rockier side of Primal Scream.

I’ve added that video and the mp3 for the song “Struggle”.

Keep an ear out for these guys, good things are coming… I’m sure!

MP3: Ringside - Struggle (YSI)

Pet Shop Boys New Video

Pet Shop Boys just released their video for second single 'Did You See Me Coming?'

Not the greatest video, at least compared to the amazing animated video for Love, Etc which got us all spoiled. Regardless it's a classic sounding Pet Shop Boys track and worthy follow up that I'm sure will do well. If you haven't already gotten their new album Yes, I highly recommend you pick it up! Great record!

Here's the mp3 for Did You See Me Coming?, plus one of my favorite tracks from the album the stunningly beautiful 'The Way it Used to Be'.

Did I mention Johnny Marr (The Smiths/Electronic) plays guitars on this album?? Yeah.

MP3: Did You See Me Coming? - Pet Shop Boys (YSI)
MP3: The Way it Used to Be - Pet Shop Boys (YSI)

Fred Falke

Fred Falke does it again...

Man this guy is a genious! Can't even count how many amazing remixes I've heard from him over the years. He rarely ever lets me down.

Whenever I hear one of his remixes 9 times out of 10 they are amazing, mind blowing dancefloor reinterpretations. Transforming the original into his own disco paradise that must twirl around in his head at all times.

Here are a few more great examples of that...

One is for Annie's 'Anthonio' that is a stunning, uplifitng dancefloor anthem! So good! Annie still has to be one of the best artists to remix with her gorgeous voice & beautiful melodies like these.

He also did this bumping dancefloor remix of The Gossip's 'Heavy Cross' sure to please even the most discriminate hipster.

Falke even got me to like U2 again! I haven't liked anything new by U2 in years, but once again he works his magic and transforms 'Magnificent' into an epic classic feeling U2 track, except for the dancefloor.

The Annie & U2 tracks are in 128 kbps. If you like them which I'm almost certain you will. You can buy the full 320 kbps versions on Beatport for cheap! The Gossip is in full 320.


P.S. If you're in Miami come enjoy a relaxing evening with us at The Standard Tonight for our weekly Wednesday gathering from 8pm-12am. Always a relaxing/fun time! Come have some dinner, cocktails, conversations, stroll through The Standard's beautiful outdoor areas for a smoke and most importantly enjoy great music courtesy of our very own!

Tonight we Welcome Guest VJ Chris V, plus introduce our sweet New Drink Specials :: $3 Grolsch Beers & $7 Vodka drinks. Happy Birthday Juana!

MP3: Anthonio (Fred Falke Remix) - Annie (YSI)
MP3: Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix) - The Gossip (YSI)
MP3: Magnificent (Fred Falke Remix Edit) - U2 (YSI)

Golden Filter

Here's the two latest remixes and last for awhile for Golden Filter.

I particularly like the Little Boots remix for 'New In Town'. They're both great, just had a bit of an overdose on Empire of the Sun lately. Been hearing them out too much.

What I really want is new original material from GF! Debut album please... we're waiting!

Check out their myspace pics section here for this great photoshoot did for a magazine. Great 70's looking spread called Ghosts. The two above are from that.

Here's also their video for Solid Gold. The first track that sparked my interest in them, as well as many others I'm sure. Don't think I ever posted it, so here it is.

MP3: New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix) - Little Boots (YSI)
MP3: We Are the People (The Golden Filter Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)

'More' Peaches

Just in case you haven't seen it yet, here is Peaches colorful new video for 'More' from her latest 'I Feel Cream' out now. Great album! Probably my favorite of her's since her debut all those years ago.

Here's a couple tracks from it just in case you need further convincing... Lose You is sooo good!

MP3: Lose You - Peaches (YSI)
MP3: Mud - Peaches (YSI)

Passion Pit / Mister James

Passion Pit who our own Tom Wareham wrote about back in February are set to release their debut album 'Manners' next week May the 19th.

Seems they are getting alot of buzz in the blog world. Seen them in most blogged artists on Hype Machine a few times.

Actually found out about this new release after hearing Miami's own Mister James do a killer remix for one of their tracks 'Little Secrets'. I was gonna post the remix and in the process of looking for the original for comparisons sake found out about the new album.

I've only heard a few tracks so far, but if these are any indication of the rest of the album it's gonna be a great one! Joyful indie pop and synths to get you singing along and bring your spirits up. Not enough of that these days.

Here's a couple tracks from their upcoming album, plus the spectacularly restrained Mister James remix. Enjoy and mark your calendars to buy the whole thing next Tuesday!

Manners Tracklisting::

1. Make Light
2. Little Secrets
3. Moths Wings
4. The Reeling
5. Eyes As Candles
6. Swimming In The Flood
7. Folds In Your Hands
8. To Kingdom Come
9. Sleepyhead
10. Let Your Love Grow Tall
11. Seaweed Song

** Due to Danny's recommend for 'The Reeling' I noticed they have a sweet video for it. Here's that for you as well! Enjoy!

The Vanish

The Vanish combine two of my favorite spots for music, Australia & New York City!

Seems The Vanish (now in NYC) are a transplanted Australian electronic pop duo that made the plunge and quit their day jobs for that elusive music dream.

From what I 've heard so far they may have made the right decision.

They've put out a self titled EP and are working on their debut album to be released later this year.

Here is a little bio they have on their myspace.

About The Vanish::

'The Vanish was born in 2008 when two workmates decided to shun the grind of their New York City jobs, pack up their desks and disappear. Suddenly aware that life isn’t a rehearsal, they took a gamble on the music game.

It’s the creative extension of their days playing together in teenage punk bands growing up in Australia - and this early influence remains. They now deal with the issues of identity and conformity faced in their previous nine-to-five lives over a boiling fusion of post-punk, nu-wave and electro.

Both experienced DJs and seasoned instrumentalists, The Vanish combine these aspects through a tapestry of late-night electro, rocking verses and crunching guitar chords.

DJ sets and live shows - bringing in drummer Ben Yabsley - will span across Australia and the United States in 2009.'

We'll be on the look-out. In the meantime here's a few MP3's to get you aquainted.

MP3: I Don't Speak French - The Vanish (YSI)
MP3: Hold On - The Vanish (YSI)
MP3: Heartbeat - The Vanish (YSI)

Ryan Evans

Our hometown boy (via LA) Ryan Evans who I spin with every Saturday Night @ The Vagabond for the infamous weekly Back Door Bamby party just sent me this Nu-Disco Mix he did well, Just Because!

It's a smooth mix with lots of tracks you will recognize executed to perfection.

Funny Ryan and I kinda started beat matching around the same time and I have to say we have both gotten a whole lot better. It's like they say 'practice makes perfect' and we've been getting tons of that the last few years.

In addition to Saturdays @ The Vagabond you can find Ryan mixing it up every Friday Night @ Buck 15, as well as Rokbar and many other hot spots around town. He's also working on his own music which he promised to send us as soon as it's ready.

Keep up the great work Ryan!

Here's the Tracklisting::

1. The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer (DFA Version)
2. MGMT - Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix)
3. Bell x1 - Flame (Chicken Lips Mix)
4. Holy Ghost - Hold on
5. Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
6. Gorrilaz - Dare (DFA Remix)
7. Metro Area - Dance Reaction
8. Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows (Knightlife Remix)
9. YACHT - The Summer Song (Feat. Claire L. Evans)
10. Hot Chip - Over and Over (Solid Groove Remix)
11. Ocelot - Our Time (Treasure Fingers Remix)
12. Villains - Rock it
13. Kano - I'm Ready

Just Because Mix by Ryan Evans (44 mins)

The Horrors

Sophmore album from London's The Horrors 'Primary Colours' released yesterday is already getting rave reviews and cries for album of the year on many blogs.

After listening to the album last night on my lovely headphones I can say it definitely deserves much of that praise.

The album is said to be a big departure from their first album 'Strange House' which didn't get nearly as many positive reviews.

In this new album they capture the spirit of bands like Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen, Jesus & Mary Chain as well as newer bands like Interpol & The Editors which also draw from similar influences with the difference being that with this record they also mix in shoegazer influences like My Bloody Valentine to create their own sound. They also got Portishead producer Geoff Barrow to produce this record which might account for the excellent production values and smooth flow of the album.

The record reminds me of M83's brilliant album from last year 'Saturdays = Youth' which did a similar thing in mixing 80's influences with their own style to create something exciting. This is the closest feel to that I've heard so far this year.

See what you think... Here's the opening and closing track from the album, plus their video for 'Who Can Say'.

MP3: Mirror's Image - The Horrors (YSI)
MP3: Sea Within a Sea - The Horrors (YSI)

NYC / Marcus Rombo / Adrian Lux / Fan Death

I'm back from NYC!! That was a fun/tiring experience... I didn't realize how much you walk when you're in NY. My legs/feet were sore as hell for like the first 3 days I was there. Wish I would have taken more comfy shoes. Us Miamians are a car culture. We drive around 15 mins just looking for a closer parking spot when we go anywhere. Must keep them in great shape which is a side benefit to living there I would imagine.

I must say the subway system is pretty sweet! You can pretty much get anywhere for like $20 a week with that Metro Card. Rents more expensive, but without a car payment and insurance and stuff I think like that it all kinda evens out. If it wasn't so cold for so much of the year I think I would totally live there. There's so much to do and see. It would take me months to see everything.

My favorite area was the Bedford Area in Brooklyn which was near to were we were staying. It was full of young hip professionals dressed impeccably wherever you turned. On my last day I was hanging out with my girlfriend and we went to this vintage shop called Beacon's Closet which was pretty amazing. Only thing is we ran into it last minute before we had to head to the airport, so we kinda had to rush, but they had great stuff. All for like $15 a piece. A little more expensive than Red, White and Blue or Salvation Army, but worth it because you don't have to go through all the crap to find the gems. All the best stuff is hand picked for you. Everyone there (including staff) were these uber cool hipsters. Plus they played a great psychedelic 60's soundtrack while you shopped. That was nice way to end our vacation.

Here's a few pics. There's way more that we took. If you wanna see them they're on my Facebook.

I'm a bit behind with the new music and all, but I'll be catching up in the next few days.

In the meantime here is a sweet remix that Marcus Rombo sent us that he did for Adrian Lux's 'Can't Sleep'. As everything I've heard from Rombo it's top notch quality stuff. Here it is in full 320 bit rate.

In addition here is a sweet cover Fan Death did of Q Lazzarus' classic Goodbye Horses. I love the original of this and this cover is almost as good!

NIN/JA Kick Off US Tour in South Florida >>> Friday

Nine Inch Nails and a ressurected Jane's Addiction are gonna be kicking off their US Tour this Friday (5/8) here in South Florida!

Haven't seen NIN perform in years, probably since the late 90's and never seen Jane's Addiction perform. Pretty excited to see what they're up to these days. The only show I ever saw with NIN was in the mid 90's at the Miami Arena for The Downward Spiral and it was pretty amazing! Still remember when they played 'Hurt' towards the end of the set while their video was playing decaying things sped up and in reverse. Pretty spectacular!

'1989's' Pretty Hate Machine by NIN was one of the first albums to get me into alternative/industrial music. A mixture of rock and electronics that is still my favorite.

Janes Addiction were also in the mix. Ritual de lo Habitual anyone? That album cover still looks amazing! Although Jane's Addiction were never my favorites (I prefer individual tracks from them), I've always loved Perry Ferrell as an artist and for his creativity. I remember how weird/cool Jane's Addiction looked when I saw them at an MTV award show one year. They looked totally out of it and way ahead of their time. Been Caught Stealing helped break alternative music to the mainstream.

Anyways, in anticipation of their show this week here are a few classic tracks including an industrial sounding b-side from 'Sin' that I love 'Get Down Make Love' + a couple live performance clips. You may recognize Superhero from a very popular HBO show. It's the opening theme song for 'Entourage'.

MP3: Get Down Make Love - Nine Inch Nails (YSI)
MP3: Superhero - Jane's Addiction (YSI)
Down In It - Nine Inch Nails (YSI)
MP3: Stop - Jane's Addiction (YSI)


In Flagranti kill it with their choices of samples in their newest LP Brash & Vulgar. Most definitely the most cohesive of all their releases, it sets the standard pretty high for dance music in 2009.
Not quite a savior of disco, Brash & Vulgar however methodologically spews forth track after track of driving beats that will subconsciously make you succumb to the the chicken head dance. (I don't know where I got that one from...).

Here, in case you don't know how to do it... (blog credibility is now hitting an all time low...)

Okay, hold up! Don't surf away yet! In Flagranti! Brash & Vulgar! Dance! Go!

I don't want to call it house music or disco but it's dance music for sure. Some tracks may lean to one style and others defining their own. All of them though are in your face.

The album eschews sexuality without becoming too corny a la Sebastian Tellier (he has just started annoying me more and more lately). Mainly by leaving the two guys of In Flagranti (Sasha Crnobrnja & Alex Gloor) out of the equation.

At Codek Records you can listen to samples of all the tracks with names like: she bend each leg alternately and how did the affair end?

Oh and you'll be hearing me play this song out this entire summer:

MP3: I Hadn't Screwd Around Before (ysi)

Along the same lines of Dirty Soundsystem and their dirty edits and dirty album covers maybe we should call this style of music Smut House? (Dirty Disco is already taken...).


There have been some great remixes coming out lately and in some cases, they are better than the original. Here are a few of the ones I've been spinning...

Australia's music scene is blowing up with artists like Cut Copy, The Presets, Empire of the Sun & PNAU.

This is a great track to begin with and Fred Falke turns it into a funked-out, nu disco groove. The bass is more prominent and is accompanied by dreamy synth lines.

MP3: Embrace (Fred Falke Remix) - PNAU (YSI)

Another group I've been into as of late is Melbourne, Australia's Vandalism.

Smash Disco is a great club jam with killer electro synths, techno beats and awesome female vocals. The remix by Kam Denny turns this one into a dance number that's perfect for the floor.

MP3: Smash Disco (Kam Denny Remix) - Vandalism (YSI)

The final track is from none other than Blackpool's Little Boots.

She is most known for her club smash single Stuck On Repeat. Her newest song New In Town, which is taken from the upcoming album Hands, is a poppy one that reminds me a lot of Annie.

While the song itself is sub par, Fred Falke once again works his magic and transforms this one into a killer dance song with added guitar licks and synths that really bring the track over the top.

MP3: New In Town (Fred Falke Remix) - Little Boots (YSI)

Bananaz On The Dancefloors!

A couple of internet goodies I stumbled across recently.

First up, the Gorillaz documentary Bananaz is available to stream online before it's official DVD release on June 1.

I am definitely going to peek inside the minds of those that created one of the most interesting cross-media projects of the past decade (couple decades possibly?). The Gorillaz feature film never did really pan out, but the strength always leaned towards the music anyways (except in the case where the visuals merged with their music for their amazing live shows).

Check it out on Babel Gum.

Next up, party-centric taste makers Mad Decent just released a app for the iPhone causing every hipster from Koreatown to Williamsburg collectivity whisper, "why didn't I think of that?"

I hope plugging the iPhone into the soundboard does not become a 2am trend every week. It's cool the first time, oh and the 2nd time with the lasers. In fact, I expect the dance floors to go bananaz when they hear the air horn. I dunno why I think it's just a natural reaction we are born with. People just go nuts on the the dance floor when the air horn (or if you're George Acosta, train horn)

Just don't over do it guys... Two weeks MAX.

Peep that over here (link to the iTunes store).

And what better way to wrap this post up than with a Diplo remix of a track from the Gorillaz rock opera Monkey: Journey To The West.

MP3: Monkey Bee (Diplo Remix) (ysi)