Holy Ghost!

Although New York City’s Holy Ghost! have been very busy remixing everyone from Phoenix to Michael Jackson to MGMT, most people I talk to, want to know “when are they going to release a follow up to the club hit Hold On?”

Wait no more Disco Children, I Will Come Back may sound like a promise, but it’s also the title of Holy Ghost’s much anticipated new song. It doesn’t disappoint as it has Holy Ghost! written all over it. It took a while but it was worth the wait.

Now, when are we going to see an album from these guys?

MP3: Holy Ghost!-I Will Come Back (YSI)

May 68

May68 is an unsigned Manchester quintet who has been on heavy rotation in my iPod. Great electro beats, smothered with sleek synth lines, thick guitars, exploding bass lines and a solid know-how of constructing catchy melodies.

I think this quote sums up their music best: "The perfect synthesis of giddy pop euphoria and dancefloor disco sensibility." David Sue – Citylife

The band is currently in the studio working on some new songs to be released hopefully in the next few months. In the meantime, I leave you with mp3s for Last Mile and White Lies. Check out their myspace page to listen to the rest of the EP, which I’m sure you’ll love.

MP3: May68-Last Mile (YSI)
MP3: May68-White Lies (YSI)


I’m a huge fan of bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide, The Stooges and Spacemen 3, but it’s rare that a new band comes along who can fit that bill, not to mention have the attitude and talent. Crocodiles are one of those rarities!

From the first listen of their 7” single Neon Jesus, I was hooked. I love the organs and soundscapes underneath that thumping bass line worthy of Joy Division comparisons. Not to mention the high pitched surf rock licks and a great rock n’ roll groove.

This San Diego duo recently released their debut album entitled Summer of Hate. It’s a fairly clean sounding album with some great jerky rockers and a few stabs at electronic noise; although Crocodiles really shine on slower tracks like Sleeping with the Lord where they put together a beautiful build up of synths and vocals.

I highly recommend this album to fans of any of the bands mentioned above!

Here are mp3’s for Neon Jesus and the track I Wanna Kill... Have a great week.

MP3: Crocodiles-Neon Jesus (YSI)
MP3: Crocodiles-I Wanna Kill (YSI)


It's a rainy/lazy Sunday so I thought I'd post some videos/remixes for you guys while I'm couped up. Hope you like'em!

First off here is the new video from Who Made Who for 'Keep Me in My Plane'. Such a great video! Probably my favorite of the bunch. Gotta love artists with a sense of humor, people in general really.

MP3: Keep Me In My Plane (Reverso 68 Remix) - Who Made Who (YSI)

Next is Marina & the Diamonds. Was a little worried she might just be a one hit wonder, but it look's like she may be in it for the long haul. Her new video for 'I Am Not a Robot' is great! Gorgeous artsy, glammy video of her. Vivid color seems to be making a comeback in videos these days. I'm all for it.

MP3: I Am Not A Robot (Starsmith's 24 Carat Remix) - Marina & the Diamonds (YSI)

Diva extraordinairre Beth Ditto from The Gossip is not one of my favorite artists, but she's definitely a force to be reckoned with. An indie diva if you will.

Here is the 'Official' video for 'Heavy Cross' followed by an 'Unofficial' video that I found while I searched for this that was too good not to post.

MP3: Heavy Cross (Burns Remix) - The Gossip (YSI)

Finally here is the new video for Peter Bjorn & John's 'It Don't Move Me' another recent video with Michael Jackson themes (along with Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Heads Will Roll'). Pre of course, I'm sure we're gonna be seeing tons more of it now.

This is my favorite PBJ song from 'Living Things', glad it's their next single. I always play this track out when I spin, original too not a remix. Unfortunately this video doesn't quite live up to the song for me, just kinda boring, but posting it anyways since it's one of my favorite tracks so far in '09'.

MP3: It Don't Move Me (Miike Snow Remix) - Peter Bjorn & John (YSI)

Since we had the Michael Jackson reference on that last PBJ video figured I'd end this post with a video from MJ himself.

Although 'Leave Me Alone' is not my favorite track from MJ (probably Billie Jean or PYT), it's one of my favorite videos he ever did. Real creative and pasty like. He tackles tabloids/paparazzi head on with this one, way back in 87' before the Paris Hilton's of the world. Wonder if the tabloid's will leave him alone now that he's gone? Doubtful...


Seb is a 20-something musician from the city of London and a fan of Off the Radar (he's read us before). He was previously involved in the industry working for Warners, compiling James Blunt masters and fixing Michael Buble's laptop.

He has since quit that job and is ready to unleash his talent with the release of his single News for You, which he wrote and produced himself. He describes the track as a more soulful Daft Punk meets George Michael. The song definitely has an 80's feel to it with a bit of a disco-esque drive. A propulsive, dancy beat and catchy chorus keep the song moving.

We will be keeping tabs on this guy for sure as he is planning to release a full length album later this year.

Here is his single at a full 320 kpbs, as well as the video for it.

MP3: News For You - Seb (YSI)

Pony Pony Run Run

Pony Pony Run Run are an electro-rock/pop band from France.

They sound like a mixture of Phoenix, Van She and The Cars. Which equals joy to my ears!

Been jamming their new album 'You Need Pony Pony Run Run' the last few days and I'd say that's a pretty accurate statement.

The first single's called 'Hey You' and is a grooving poppy number accompanied by a great summer video for it.

Seems they released stems to the single as there's lots of remixes out there for it. My favorites so far are their own PPRR dance remix (a bonus track on the album), the completely leftfield slower take by Mondkopf and the tweeked up version by Miami's own Mister James!, who's been putting out some great remix work.

All excellent remixes with their own unique take on it. Here are those for your listening pleasure. You can buy the album on Itunes now, like right this second!

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow from Pennsylvania first caught my attention when I read that Dave Fridmann produced their new album 'Eating Us'. Dave's a genious! I pretty much like everything he touches, so I always look into any new bands he's working with. This one is no exception, another great band!

BMSR sound reminds me of Air and should appeal to fans of Air, albeit with more psychedelia, distortion and fuzz. That doesn't sound too bad right. Naw.. great stuff. A great late night record!

Try these two tracks on for size, plus a more uptempo remix of 'Twin of Myself' by Go! Team.

If you like these, chances are you'll like the album and should pick that up pronto.

MP3: Twin of Myself - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)
MP3: Fields Are Breathing - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)
MP3: Twin of Myself (Go! Team Remix) - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)

Simian Mobile Disco (RETURN)

Simian Mobile Disco are getting ready to release new album 'Temporary Pleasure' August the 17th. Their first new album since 2007's critically acclaimed 'Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release'. Can't wait! As on previous albums they collaborated with different vocalists for this one as well. Some of the artists include Beth Ditto, Jamie Lidell and Gruff Rhys (my fave!)

They recently released the video for 'Audacity of Huge' ft Chris Keating of Yeasayer. The name's appropriate. I can see this track getting pretty huge, not that any of their other singles didn't. 'Hustler' and 'I Believe' were played out to death at clubs, particularly 'Hustler' (myself included).

The new video for 'Audacity' is a gorgeous work of art! The colors are super rich and vivid. One of my favorite videos so far this year, along with Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Head's Will Roll' and We Have Band's 'You Came Out'.

Here's that plus the mp3 and a remix by Naum Gabo.

'Temporary Pleasure' Tracklisting :::

01 Cream Dream (Featuring Gruff Rhys)
02 Audacity of Huge (Featuring Chris Keating)
03 10000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong
04 Cruel Intentions (Featuring Beth Ditto)
05 Off the Map (Featuring Jamie Lidell)
06 Synthesise
07 Bad Blood (Featuring Alexis Taylor)
08 Turn Up the Dial (Featuring Young Fathers)
09 Ambulance
10 Pinball (Featuring Telepathe)

Team Rojas + (786) Debut Wednesday

Team Rojas are Miami/NYC duo EDG4R & STRAVINSKY (aka Edgar Rojas & Erick Rojas).

Known Edgar (left) a long time, even working together on a summer party we had a couple years ago called 'The Attic' at Jazid Tuesday Nights, along with Jonathan. Great guy and great taste in music! Don't know if I've met Stravinsky before, but definitely heard his name in our scene. Spinning around town at similar venues.

Team Rojas have just released a mini mix that they'd like to share called 'Before We Meet'. A precursor to the release of an Official Mix called 'Nice to Meet You' that is getting released on Turntable Lab in July! Way to go guys!

Here's that mini mix in full 320! If you like what you hear keep an eye out for that full mix and check out Team Rojas spinning in the flesh this Wednesday 6/24 at The Standard for our weekly shindig around 10PM. They will be our special guests of honor.

Before We Meet Mix by Team Rojas (28 Mins)

*** After The Standard (around Midnight) don't miss the Premiere of (786) next door at Purdy Lounge. A New Weekly Party for the New Miami with a Live Performance by Miami New Times Best Electronic Artist Panic Bomber! He puts on a hell of a show, looking forward to it. Then dancing till the wee hours with your's truly, Joshy Josh & DJPJ! Can't wait!! C u there and every Wednesday thereafter.

NightWaves + New Fever Ray Video

NightWaves are a DJ collective from L.A. who are making some amazing new wave sounding electro-pop they're calling 'dreamwave'.

A pretty accurate description of their sound and probably explains why I love them so much. Very similar to the stuff I play out when I spin.

They just put out this great Mix called The Dreamwave Hour 2 that's not letting me concentrate and find new music for you guys, so I thought I'd share the pain and let you guys suffer along with me.

Here is that plus a couple original tracks from them. Check out their myspace for more great stuff.

Wish they lived here, could use more DJ friends with similar taste in music.

MP3: Invinsible - NightWaves (YSI)
MP3: She's Electric - NightWaves (YSI)

Dreamwave Hour 2 Mix by NightWaves (72 mins)

On a similar vein here is the latest dark and eerie video (as we've come to expect) from Fever Ray. This one's for 'Triangle Walks'.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!!

MP3: Triangle Walks - Fever Ray (YSI)

Division Kent Remixed

On my way to spin for the Gen Art's Annual Shop Miami event, but wanted to leave you guys with something before I left.

Switzerland's Division Kent which I featured on a mixtape last year (see the post here) are set to release their debut album Gravity throughout Europe.

The album features a bonus second disc filled with remixes of all of their songs. A who's who of up and coming artists/remixers such as Joe and Will Ask?, Justin Faust, Love Motel & Keenhouse.

They sent us the remixes to check out/post and they're hot! Some great remixes here, perfect for the dancefloor!

Here are some of my favorites in full 320! If you like these I recommend you pick up the album. This bonus disc is great, especially for dance music lovers/DJ's. They will fit in nicely into your sets.

Say Hi

Say Hi (short for Say Hi to Your Mom) is a solo artist from Seattle, Washington.

Late on this one. Their new album 'Oohs & Aahs' was released in March but when it comes to the incredibly shrinking indie rock market with fewer and fewer quality releases seeing the light of the day these days you kinda have to grab what you can, especially if it's a quality release like this.

The first track that caught my attention from them was 'November was White, December was Grey' which I saw on Hype Machine. Such an amazing slow jam. Beautiful, beautiful track with amazing subdued guitar work, gorgeous melodies, heartfelt lyrics and that voice! Made me stop in my tracks and rush off to get the whole album. I think you guys are gonna dig it as much as I do.

Here is that plus 'Hallie & Henry' and 'Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh..' two more great tracks from the album, but really there's tons of great songs on here. If you like these I highly recommend you pick up the whole album. A dare I say it, Classic.

MP3: November was White, December was Grey - Say Hi (YSI)
MP3: Hallie & Henry - Say Hi (YSI)
MP3: Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh - Say Hi (YSI)

Free Falling

What goes around, come around... 1981. Skydiver by Neon. (What did you think I was going to post a Petty track? I did see him a concert a few years back and it was a damn good show though...).
I wouldn't mind skydiving over that skyline (hey that's my building on the left of the photo! That little white thing west of I-95). But I think most jumps in the 305 are done down south.

Come on all you disco afficionados... Let's see how long until I hear this track being played again. It was re-released in '06 as part of the Disco Galaxia compilation (along with a few other hard to find italo disco cuts). Skydiver is probably my favorite of the bunch. All these tracks are set to make an indie comeback (no way the mainstream is ready for this though... doesn't have enough autotune... or is autotune dead? H.O.V.A. gave it a death wish! damn he's good...)

MP3: Neon - Skydiver (ysi)

Joakim included the Neon track in the mix he did for Colette in '07. The best mix of the series, but you know I'm partial to Joakim. Speaking of Joakim... his new album, Milky Ways is out in September! I can't wait! So much so that I currently have his latest single Watermelon Bubblicious as my ring tone. AND now you can TOO!

Ring tone: Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious iPhone ring tone (via Versatile Records)

Oh and you know I couldn't leave you without a Joakim track right?

How about his take on Royksopp's (most ridiculously (lame) themed song and video) The Girl and The Robot? Seriously, the video is a bit ca-reepy. Does the robot have a vibrator attachment? Okay I'll stop there. Joakim smooths the track out and gives it that driving beat that he has perfected.

MP3: Royksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Joakim Remix) (ysi)

the return of a-ha

I loooooove A-ha! 'Hunting High & Low from '1985' and 'Minor Earth, Major Sky' from '2000' have to be two of all time favorite albums, yet they're very different records. 'Hunting' is more electronic while 'Minor' is more of a mature/guitar based record, but always the melodies and gorgeous vocal work by lead singer Morten Harket. Love that they have both styles to choose from, depending on your mood.

New album 'Foot of the Mountain' (out now) sees them returning to a more electronic sound of debut album 'Hunting' but with sprinkles of 'Minor' thrown in and it's just about perfect. Of the time and on par with their best work.

Went to bed listening to the whole thing on my headphones last night and I highly recommend you do the same! Gorgeous stuff. Hard to believe that these guys are still putting out such amazing music 25 years into their careers like contemporaries Pet Shop Boys & Depeche Mode.

Too bad the U.S. still lags behind and views them as one hit wonders!? They've sold more than 36 million records worldwide and are popular in South America and Europe, especially their home of Norway. Get with it U.S!

Check out these two great mp3's from the album plus the video for first single 'Foot of the Mountain' which wouldn't have been my choice for first single, but beautifully done. Can you believe he's 50? Still has that baby face.

MP3: The Bandstand - A-Ha (YSI)
MP3: What There Is - A-Ha (YSI)

We Have Band

We Have Band are an indie rock/pop trio from London, England. Tom wrote about them back in February. You can check out that post here.

Their new video for 'You Came Out' really caught my attention the other day. Great stuff! Stop animation with water colors. Ha.. Apparently it took almost 5 thousand still shots to get it right. It was worth it cause it came out great! The songs not too shabby either.

Here is that video/track plus a great cover they did for Pet Shop Boys classic 'West End Girls' that I had lying around waiting for a perfect opportunity to post. Plus a remix by Gentlemen Driver's of previous single Oh! that is also quite good.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!!

MP3: You Came Out - We Have Band (YSI)
MP3: West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys Cover) - We Have Band (YSI)
MP3: Oh! (Gentlemen Driver's Remix) - We Have Band (YSI)

Magic Wands

Magic Wands who had that great track 'Black Magic' that I posted back in August of 2008 are back!

They will be releasing New EP 'Magic, Love and Dreams' on July 6th on Young and Lost Club with lead off single 'Warrior' plus 'Black Magic', 'Starships', 'Teenage Love', 'Kiss Me Dead' and a slew of remixes! Loving everything I've been hearing from them!

They've already toured with Black Kids, CSS, The Virgins and are gearing up for a Tour with The Horrors and The Kills! Niiccceee!

Their working on their debut album so we'll keep our eye out for that. In the meantime here is their great new video for 'Warriors' plus a couple stellar remixes by XX and Defend Moscow that have been cleared for posting.


MP3: Warrior (Defend Moscow Remix) - Magic Wands (YSI)
MP3: Warrior (XX Remix) - Magic Wands (YSI)

Awesome New Republic + Panic Bomber

In keeping with the Miami theme of today here are two of Miami's biggest indie/electronic hopes Awesome New Republic and Panic Bomber who recently collaborated together.

Chances are if you live in Miami you've probably already heard about/read/seen shows from these two amazing artists. Panic Bomber just won 'Best Electronic Artist' in Miami New Times '2009' Best Of and Awesome New Republic who won 'Best Band' have been making waves on a national scale for quite some time, just embarking on a tour across America. Both well deserved as these guys are the real deal. The true indie/underground Miami scene, not the cheese you might read about or see on reality shows.

Recently Panic Bomber collaborated with ANR remixing/adding vocals to their hot new track 'Birthday'. ANR and Panic Bomber both wanted me to debut this as an Off the Radar 'Exclusive' for you! Yay for Miami! Here it is in all it's amazing glory, plus the original version which is spectacular as well.

You can download both these amazing artists recent albums/ep's on their websites for FREE! Get Panic Bomber's excellent EP 'Calling in Threats' at and ANR's stellar 'Rational Geographic Vol #1' at


Hopeless is a Miami based solo electronic artist and MC.

First read about Hopeless on a blog and since he was from my hometown of Miami it caught my eye immediately. Then by total coincidence I got an email from him a few days later.

He puts out amazing electronic/dancey music ala DFA who funny enough he sings about on a track of how they won't sign him. Hilarious!

His music and lyrics mainly reminds me of the rawness, style & vibe of early LCD Soundsystem.

Real quality stuff coming from this unsigned artist which I'm sure won't be for too much longer.

Check out these stellar tracks that he's given us the green light to post off two EP's he's already put out 'Hand Claps & Cowbells' and 'The End.' It was hard to choose which ones to post cause they're all so good!

We'll be keeping an eye on him...

MP3: DFA Won't Sign Me - Hopeless (YSI)
MP3: Suga, Suga - Hopeless (YSI)
MP3: Haircut 101 - Hopeless (YSI)
MP3: We Don't Dance - Hopeless (YSI)

Kniife Prrty

Kniife Prrty are Steve Pahl and Eric Whitney. A dark electro-pop duo hailing from the beautiful city of Chicago. After contacting us with a couple of tracks they were kind enough to send their entire self titled 12 track debut album and it's a good one!

They've been friends since middle school and have been through all the phases of music, absorbing it all along the way. From rock to their current electronic pop incarnation which started to hit it's stride when Steve gave Eric music program Reason.

Similar to Postal Service before them, they worked apart for a year on this record sending each other nearly 50 demos back and forth on Gmail until each track became 'a polished jem'. They also use samples to great effect on the record like one of Robert Deniro (from Heat I think?) on '(Let's Get) Higher'.

Some bands that they cite as influences are Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Skinny Puppy and Postal Service (mighty fine list) all of which I can hear some of on the album. If you stuck all those bands in a blender you'd get the Kniife Prrty sound.

Here are a couple of my favorites...

Check out more on their myspace and/or buy the album on Amazon here.

MP3: (Let's Get) Higher - Kniife Prrty (YSI)
MP3: Flesh and Bone - Kniife Prrty (YSI)

New Radio Dept.

If you're like me and Sofia Coppola you're probably a huge Radio Dept. fan. She included a bunch of their songs in her movie Marie Antoinette a few years ago and for good reason. They put out amazingly melodic, timeless shoegazer-esque music that let's your mind soar.

'Pulling our Weight' and 'The Worst Taste in Music' are some of the most amazing tracks to have come out in the last decade or so, particularly if you're a lover of fuzzy guitars and beautiful subdued melodies.

Their long anticipated third album is still not out, but they will be releasing a Single/EP from it first June the 24th called 'David' and supported by three other tracks. This new song continues their legacy and takes off right were they left off. You can pre-order it on their label's site here >> Labrador

How much does their new artwork remind you of Smiths covers?!

Anyways here is 'David' for you to sample, plus their classic 'Pull Our Weight' that brings back so many memories for me. If you don't already have it I highly recommend Pet Grief from them. I played that CD so much in my car that it became unplayable from all the scratches.

MP3: David - Radio Dept.  (YSI)
MP3: Pulling our Weight - Radio Dept. (YSI)

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn based band who released their third studio album, Veckatimest, May 26, 2009 on the Warp Records label. Unlike the majority of the labels’ roster (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Jamie Lidell etc.), Grizzly Bear incorporate computers, traditional instruments and beautiful vocal harmonies reminiscent of The Beach Boys’ album Pet Sounds. The band opened up for Radiohead during the second leg of their North American tour last year. Johnny Greenwood even declared his love for Grizzly Bear, on stage, calling them his favorite band. Now that’s an endorsement!

Here’s the mp3 for the song Two Weeks and a very cool video filmed on the streets of Paris featuring Grizzly Bear doing an A cappella version of the song Knife off of their 2007 album, Yellow House.

MP3: Grizzly Bear-Two Weeks (YSI)

Have a wonderful week!


Ready for the week-end?? I know I am. Minus all this torrential rain we've been getting and are gonna continue to get Friday & Saturday. Regardless people always find a way to make it out and dance on the week-ends even if the sky is falling.

Here are a bunch of dance tracks/remixes I've gotten over the last couple of weeks that I haven't been able to fit into a post. Download them, you're Ipod will love you for it!

MP3: Everybody Else (Video Memoria Rework) - Hot Gossip (YSI)
MP3: On My Shoulders (Wildlife! Remix) - The Do (YSI)
MP3: Isle of Space - James Kane (YSI)
MP3: Help I'm Alive (Twelves Remix) - Metric (YSI)
MP3: I Am Not a Robot (Shoes Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds (YSI)
MP3: We Bite (Tronik Youth Remix) - Spencer Product (YSI)

In addition here's a nice summer outdoor video by Classixx feat Jeppe & shot by Cobrasnake called 'I'll Get You'. Watching this really makes me yearn for that sun to shine through. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Buster Fantastic

Buster Fantastic is a painter and poet out of Melbourne, Australia.

Recently he decided to take a stab at music as well. He sent us this funny video for a very sad/beautiful song (his first) about heartbreak (we can all relate to that) called 'Mess of Me'.

Here is that plus the mp3 in full 320.

MP3: Mess of Me - Buster Fantastic (YSI)

Disco Not Disco

Got these great Leftfiled Disco/Post Punk compilation CD's the other day called 'Disco Not Disco'.

Trying to beef up my classic collection as I'm pretty solid with the newer stuff. Volume 1 and 2 both have some pretty good hard to find stuff.

In particular I've been loving this track on Vol #1 called 'Los Niños Del Parque' by Liaisons Dangereuses. Spanish vocals and this hard industrial type beat that's sooo good! Reminds me of the Industrial stuff I grew up listening to in the early 90's like Nitzer Ebb. Check it out...

MP3: Los Niños Del Parque (12' Mix) - Liaisons Dangereuses (YSI)

Also on Vol #1 there's this track called 'Binary' by a band called Kazino that is excellent! A more minimal new wavey dance track that is quite good.

MP3: Binary - Kazino (YSI)

Vol #2 has a few more bands/tracks that I recognize and play like Alexander Robotnick, The Clash & 'White Horse', but there's also a few great tracks that I didn't have like this track called 'Bostich' by Yello that is outstanding! I only ever heard that famous 'Oh Yeah' track by them from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I had no idea they did other great stuff like this. Might have to go back and see what else they've done.

MP3: Bostich - Yello (YSI)

As a bonus here is 'Problemes D'Amour' by Alexander Robotnick. A classic I NEVER get tired of hearing. Always reminds me of National Lampoons European Vacation. Love those Chevy Chase movies! Must have seen them a million times growing up. Still watch them whenever I catch them on TV.

MP3: Problemes D'Amour - Alexander Robotnick (YSI)


People From Venus Land in Miami

If you're in Miami come check out People From Venus chosen by Spin Magazine as one of the Top Bands to Watch in 09' spinning and performing this Wednesday, (6/3)!!

Meet and greet the band from (8pm-12am) at The Standard Hotel (40 Island Ave) were they will be doing a Guest DJ Set w/the Off the Radar Crew then walk over to Purdy next door (1811 Purdy Ave) were they will be performing LIVE + shooting footage for their New Video! All No Cover & Mucho Fun!!

Here's the info from the band on their Facebook Invite::

Off the Radar + (786) Present People from Venus!!!

PFV will begin the shooting of their New Music Video for Spin Magazine and would like to 'invite you all to come!!!'

Show Time is 12:30 @ Purdy Lounge for the Preview (786) Party!

People from Venus LIVE performance w/Video Art by Chris Video, DJ Sets by Ray Milian (Off the Radar) and of course Resident DJ Joshy Josh spinning what you love!

For Pre-Party Warm Up ♥ join us next door at the Standard Hotel (8-12) for their weekly Off the Radar Party! We will be doing a Guest DJ Set at 11 pm playing our favorite tunes alongside Tom, Ray Milian and the Off the Radar Crew!

Then we disappear and reappear at Purdy after Midnight

It's all about art punks

See you all there! Thanks!


Here's a video of them performing 'Lipstick' their first single 'Live' on South Beach a couple of months ago. We also featured them on the blog last November. Check out that write up and grab a copy of 'Lipstick' here.


Souvenir are an electro-pop duo from Spain with sexy French vocals.

They sent me their video for 'Ta Machine' and an mp3 for 'Drums, Sex and Dance' the other day and I was blown away! Amazing electro-pop with a hint of italo disco and guitars thrown in for good measure.

They were kind enough to send me a copy of their album 'Drums, Sex and Dance' and there's not a bad track in the 9 song bunch. Really digging it!

Here's the first two tracks from their album and their video to make you a believer. Then go buy the rest of it, muy bueno! Think you can buy it online at or their myspace.

MP3: Drums, Sex and Dance - Souvenir (YSI)
MP3: Ta Machine - Souvenir (YSI)

Dada Life

Swedish duo Dada Life sent me this banging video/track for 'Happy Hands & Happy Feet'.

Fans of electro bangers will LOVE this! Sounds like obliterating a dancefloor at peak time on a week-end to me.

Love the Fight Club/Masked 'Lucha Libre' theme. (From the looks of their pics seem they enjoy a little horseplay too)

Here is that video and the mp3 in crystal clear 320 kbps so you can do some obliterating of your own.

MP3: Happy Hands & Happy Feet - Dada Life (YSI)