Late Summer Video Roundup

Thought I'd make good use of my weekend and roundup some of late summers amazing new music videos for your Monday viewing/listening pleasure. What better way to say farewell to August and kick off September, right? Got some great stuff!

What's better than ghosts, pirates and hand puppets? How about ghost and pirate hand puppets on an epic journey through heaven, sea and earth set to a great Dan Deacon song! I am really loving this new video for Dan Deacon's catchy and eclectic song "Paddling Ghost" off his album Bromst. Fun, Creative and a perfect song and video for transitioning into Fall.

MP3: Paddling Ghost - Dan Deacon (YSI)

Speaking of being perfect for setting the mood for the approaching Autumn season, New York based indie rock band The Walkmen recently gave us this gorgeous and dark new video for their song "On The Water". The animated video perfectly captures the feel of the ominous music that provides its soundtrack.

MP3: On The Water - Walkmen (YSI)

This video for Austin quartet The Octopus Project's great song "Wet Gold" from their So Golden Beds EP is way to good to pass up. It kinda has the feel of a strange dream with its stormy seas, green monsters and colourful shell crabs set to its musical backdrop consisting of a whimsical blend of bells, handclaps, instrumental accents and electro-entwined melodies.

MP3: Wet Gold - The Octopus Project (YSI)

The new video for Brooklyn band The Antlers song "Two" has dark lyrics steeped in strife and is slightly reminiscent of Bright Eyes’ “A Perfect Sonnet.” However, rather than being a defeatist piece it's more a song about overcoming. The beautifully animated video attests to this idea of hope, despite the morbid lyrics, by representing the music as multiplying colourful orbs emitting from their instruments that float out the bands window and across the New York City skyline. Amazing song and video and the perfect Fall listening!

MP3: Two - The Antlers (YSI)

La Dolce Vita

How can you tell when you got some sick remixers with amazing ears on your hands? Easy, when they keep putting out incredilble remixes!

La Dolce Vita are production duo/DJ's from Chicago that kept sending me track after track of amazing remixes from the likes of artists I love like The Faint, Passion Pit and now their latest for The Sounds.

At one point I was include them in a mailbag, but with this many great remixes I felt it was appropriate to give them their own spotlight on Off the Radar.

Don't take my word for it though, just check out some of these remixes/dancefloor stompers they've already put out. Some of the best remixes I've heard so far for these tracks!

With these kind of instincts we're bound to be hearing some great original music from these gentlemen in the near future. You can bet on that!

Washed Out

Riding the current music tidal wave we've come to know as "Dreamwave", Columbia, South Carolina musician Washed Out has been making his way onto the scene with his chilled out sounds in the spirit of recent major acts such as Neon Indian and Memory Cassette.

Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, recently digitally released his 6 song EP Life of Leisure, which provides us with the perfect chill soundtrack for going into the Autumn season. With its haunting synth melodies, upbeat baselines and foggy vocals, his music represents everything we've grown to love about this new Dreamwave genre, while maintaining his own unique loungey perspective.

MP3: Hold Out - Washed Out (YSI)
You'll See It - Washed Out (YSI)

Feel It All Around - Washed Out (YSI)


The XX are a London based band that has been getting tons of love and buzz in the blog world lately. They're actually the number one most blogged band on Hype Machine at the moment.

They released their self titled debut album earlier this month. I got my hands on it a couple of days ago and I have to say all that praise is well deserved!

Their music is kind of hard to describe. A dark minimal rock band with back and forth male/female vocals and flowing basslines.

So far they've released two singles/videos for 'Basic Space' and 'Crystalised'.

Just like their music their videos are dark and minimal as well. That dark/minimal vibe kinda reminds me a bit of Joy Division, even though their music is not really that similar. It's just that damn dark vibe! I'm a sucker for that...

Here's a couple tracks and their video for 'Crystalised'. I recommend you pick this up, especially if you like your rock minimal. Beautiful stuff and a great debut album!

MP3: Crystalised - XX (YSI)
MP3: Heart Skipped a Beat - XX (YSI)

The Raveonettes Return!

Woke up this morning to a sparkling fresh new gem and news from The Raveonettes! Sweet!!!

Seems they are going to be releasing new album 'In and Out of Control' October 5th in the UK through Fierce Panda Records.

I adore The Raveonettes! Been a fan for years. Seen them perform a few times and they are always amazing live! They are like a transplanted classic rock band who went through a time portal from the past to rock our time! That's how I'd best describe them. Keeping the spirit of rock n' roll alive and well! Thanks for that!

This new track they sent us 'Suicide' is classic Raveonettes and I LOVE it! Why mess with a good formula? Didn't realize how much I missed their sound and their beautiful voices.

MP3: Suicide - The Raveonettes (YSI)

'In and Out of Control' Album Tracklisting::

01 Bang!
02 Gone Forever
03 Last Dance
04 Boys Who Rape (Should Be Destroyed)
05 Heart Of Stone
06 Oh, I Buried You Today
07 Suicide
08 D.R.U.G.S.
09 Breaking Into Cars
10 Break Up Girls!
11 Wine

Here's a video of them performing 'Suicide' at a club during the Lollapalooza Festival a few weeks ago in Chicago.

P.S. How much do they look like Sid and Nancy in their new press pic!?!


BFGF short for Boyfriend Girlfriend are an electro-pop duo from Miami.

Their music/style is a throwback to the electroclash days of the early part of the decade. Reminding me of artists like Peaches, Chicks on Speed or Adult. It's lo-fi dancey electro-pop fun.

Chris V their programmer along with singer Me She also provide great visuals to their live shows as well as providing entertaining aerobic dance moves.

Recently they played at a party I put together Wednesday Nights at Purdy Lounge called (786) and they killed it! Got everyone jumping and having a great time!

If you missed them they are gonna be rocking it again this Friday (8/28) at the Vagabond! If you're in the area be sure to check that out.

Here's a couple tracks they sent our way, plus their video for 'Anthem' featuring a cameo by their amazing little dog 8 Trac who even get's a shout out in the song.

MP3: The Sweet Heart - BFGF (YSI)
MP3: Love Letters - BFGF (YSI)

Future Classic Festival

Our friends over at Contagious Musiq are putting together what's shaping up to be one of the most complete Music Festivals featuring local talent this city has ever seen called Future Classic Festival. It is being held at Soho Studios (2136 NW 1st Ave., Miami) on Saturday, September the 12th from 4PM-2AM.

With the exeption of headliners N.E.R.D. it's a who's who of Miami talent from Awesome New Republic to Afrobeta, Spam Allstars, Locos Por Juana, Suenalo, Mayday, Artofficial, The Hongs, Elastic Bond plus many others!

In addition to the live acts they are also incorporating many of Miami's finest DJ's including: Danny Daze, Contra, Tom Laroc, Induce and yours truly!

There will also be a food court featuring many local restaurants, art installations, a video game area, skate ramp exhibitions, dance exhibitions and a music shopping section manned by our friends over at Sweat Records.

It will be interesting to see how the support will be in a town notorious for not supporting local talent. Either way it is a damn fine attempt and for only $20 way worth it!

Get your tix's at More info and links to their facebook/twitter/myspace is on their website

See you there!

God is an Astronaut

God is an Astronaut is a three piece band I recently discovered on one of my favorite blogs Night Magnets (formerly Ohhh Crapp).

Seems they've been around since the beginning of the decade. They're from Ireland and they put out this amazing other wordly post-rock electronic music that lives up to their name.

Grandiose, melodic and beautiful! It is simply stunning! Think you guys will love this as much as me. How could you not??

Here's a few tracks plus their gorgeous video for 'Coda'. 'Fall from the Stars' is my current fave, but 'Forever Lost' is not too far behind.

MP3: Fall from the Stars - God is An Astronaut (YSI)
MP3: Forever Lost - God is An Astronaut (YSI)
MP3: Coda - God is An Astronaut (YSI)

Monsieur Adi

Monsieur Adi who I wrote about earlier in the month here. Just completed and sent us another excellent remix! This time for the Visitors track 'Los Feeling'. Loving it! Very dreamwavey/electro-poppy dancefloor jam. Here it is in full 320! Keep'em coming Monsieur...

MP3: Los Feeling (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Visitors (YSI)

Cavaliers of Fun

Eccentric UK solo act Cavaliers of Fun, is just what his name entails. Lots of fun! Taking you on a fantastic space journey via the 1980's through amazing retro synth solos, catchy, danceable rhythms and poppy, upbeat vocals with the histrionic intent that if the world is gonna end in 2012, we might as well have a good time our last three years!

Ricco Vitali, the man behind Cavaliers of Fun, has yet to complete this great galactic voyage in the form of a full album. But his new, yet nostalgic, mellow feel-good sound in his tracks "Secret Galaxy" and "2012" makes me optimistic for where he has yet to take us in the future.

Frankly, I was sold at retro synth.

MP3: Secret Galaxy - Cavaliers of Fun (YSI)
MP3: 2012 - Cavaliers of Fun (YSI)

COF also has this great remix of The Teenagers song "Feeling Better".

MP3: Feeling Better (Cavaliers of Fun Remix) - The Teenagers (YSI)

Something for the Week-end...

Naw not the heels, although I'm sure my girlfriend would want every single one of them!
How about some musical goodness? That's what we do at OTR!

God how I love Fridays! I think it's because it's the beginning of the week-end and the potential is all there, waiting for you. It's like that amazing Cure classic 'Friday I'm in Love'. I always feel that way. I'm sure most of you would agree!

It doesn't hurt that I also have the honor to spin at an amazing party every Friday Night at The Vagabond were the crowd is very open minded and I can totally go Off the Radar! Believe me that ain't too common in Miami. It's almost like they crave to hear new stuff and I'm glad to provide it. Can't beat the feeling when the room is full, everyone's dancing and you got a few drinks in you! Cheers to that and your week-end!

Here's some stuff to guide you through it. Maybe play one or two out if your a DJ or just prep up at home or on in the car on your way out to the club. I recommend doing both! :)

Cicada who I wrote about last year and posted that great Twelves Metropolis Remix of here are still promoting their excellent album 'Roulette'. 'Psycho Thrills' is the next single and they did this great video for it. Here is that plus a couple of my album faves!

MP3: One Beat Away - Cicada (YSI)
MP3: Green Light - Cicada (YSI)

Speaking of the week-end Calvin Harris new album is called 'Ready for the Week-end' and is out now. Ready for the week-end is also the name of the first single/video from the album. If you haven't seen it, you have to! The girls are pretty gorgeous and that never hurts a video's chances. The vivid colors in videos are also still in full effect for 2009! Got a little diva action in there too. In addition here is a Fake Blood Remix plus the excellent album opener 'The Rain'.

MP3: The Rain - Calvin Harris (YSI)
MP3: Ready for the Week-end (Fake Blood Remix) - Calvin Harris (YSI)

Another favorite of mine who just released an album is Sally Shapiro with 'My Guilty Pleasure'. Perfect name, cause that's how I feel about her, as well other contemporaries like Annie. I can't help loving them! Amazing dance anthems, quality productions and great vocals. Silky smooth pop that's tops! Here's a couple tracks, plus her cute video for 'Love in July'.

MP3: Moonlight Dance - Sally Shapiro (YSI)
MP3: Love in July - Sally Shapiro (YSI)

Memory Cassettes put out a couple dreamy videos for their dreamy music from their latest EP 'Call & Response'. Here is my favorite one for Surfin'/Body in the Water.

Finally I leave you with some newbies! Fresh new remixes... Some more dancey, some more chill, but all top notch!

MP3: Maximus (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) - Beni (YSI)
MP3: Animal (Fred Falke Remix) - Miike Snow (YSI)
MP3: Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) - Health (YSI)

Here's the mediafire folder if you wanna download all the tracks in one go.

That should you keep you busy for awhile. Have a great and safe week-end! Rock the music! If you like what we do tell your friends to head on over...


Nebraska Pop Festival

The folks over at Nebraska smack in the center of the U.S. are having their first ever Nebraska Pop Festival at the end of the month August 27th-30th and they contacted us to help spread the word on the event which benefits their college radio station.

If their college radio station is anything like ours 90.5 WVUM here in Miami it's probably one of the only good sources of music on the radio, so I felt obliged to help spread the word. Particularly to any of our readers who might live nearby.
Below is the info/line-up/poster Matt their stations program director sent us. They also included a 19 track zip file filled with many of the bands that will be performing. Some great Off the Radar stuff here! Who knows how many of these artists/bands may go on to become big names.

Here's the email they sent us...

My name is Matt Beat and I am the program director for Mavradio (, the college radio station at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

I am writing you to let you know about the first-ever Nebraska Pop Festival, a benefit for the station. All proceeds made from the festival will go directly to the station.

The Nebraska Pop Festival will be held on August 27, 28, 29 and 30th of 2009 (those dates being Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be all ages. The show held on Thursday requires those attending to be 21 years and older.

24 indie pop bands from New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Milwaukee, Omaha, Lincoln, NE, Lawrence, KS, Ames, IA, Des Moines, Denmark, Brazil, and Indonesia will perform.

Ticket prices are 8 USD in advance, 10 USD at the door each night (5 USD at the Thursday night show). Four-day passes are available for 25 USD at

Nebraska Pop Festival 2009 Lineup::

Thursday August 27th @ Barley Street Tavern. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (This show is 5 USD at the door)

1. The Argyle Wishlist (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
2. The Sleepover (Lincoln, Nebraska)
3. Magic Crayon (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
4. Honey and Darling (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. The Tinycakes (Chicago, Illinois)
6. Pennyhawk (Ames, Iowa)

Friday August 28th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Spiders For Love (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Transmittens (Lawrence, Kansas)
3. Mr. and Mrs. Muffins (Jakarta Indonesia & Seattle, Washington)
4. Talking Mountain (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. Poland (Seattle, Washington)
6. Strega (NYC, New York)

Saturday August 29th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Electric Needle Room (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Hanwell (Des Moines, Iowa)
3. Labrador w/ special guest Dereck Higgins on bass(Copenhagen, Denmark)
4. Mammoth Life (Lawrence Kansas)
5. Thunder Power (Omaha, Nebraska)
6. Cleemann w/ special guest Dereck Higgins on bass (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sunday August 30th @ The Waiting Room. Start time 7:00PM with end time at 1:00AM (ALL AGES SHOW)

1. Sweet Pea (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Andrew K. Butler (Lincoln, Nebraska)
3. Cowboy Indian Bear (Lawrence, Kansas)
4. At Land (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. The Mother Z's (Chicago, Illinois)
6. Darren Keen (Omaha, Nebraska)

Here is a free 19 track mixtape from the bands playing the festival…

Here is a link to the NPF poster


Matt Beat

Paul And The Patients

Brooklyn, America's indie music hot spot, has given us yet another great rock band in Paul and the Patients.

Having been perfoming on the New York scene for about a year now, front man Paul Holmes' fuzzy vocals provide refreshingly relevant yet dark lyrics and melodies paired with upbeat rhythms. The resulting sound is what one bio described perfectly as music reminiscent of hazy recollections of long nights out in dimly lit bars and the following gray and guilty mornings.

Their debut EP To The Lions provides five solid tracks. Two that I found particularly noteworthy are 'Blogspot', which ironically criticizes the blog induced standard of cool in the modern indie music world, and the more gritty sounding 'Complaint 15', in which Holmes' really stretches his vocals, one of the factors that helps keep the album from feeling too poppy. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from this quality quintet in the future!

MP3: Blogspot - Paul And The Patients (YSI)
MP3: Complaint 15 - Paul And The Patients (YSI)

Here is a live performance of 'Complaint 15' at the Delancey in NYC.

Mailbag :: International Edition

Time again for some mailbag action! A bunch of great remixes/tracks/mixes sent our way that I haven't been able to fit into a post. I feel bad just letting them sit in my playlist when they should be heard by all!

This month it's an International Mailbag as the contributers come from all over the globe! From UK, France, Argentina, Romania, South Africa & US! Love it! Keep'em coming and keep on reading! My direct email for submissions is Now let's get started!

First off here is an excellent midtempo electro-pop track sent to us by UK, Leeds artists 2020 Soundsystem. This is an unreleased track. Why? Choice cut if I do say so myself!

MP3: Satellite (Unreleased Track) - 2020 Soundsytem (YSI)

Next up is DJ JMP from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He sent us this great remix for Autokratz track 'Can't Get Enough' plus a full mix that is quite good! Even has a little Nitzer Ebb sprinkled in there! Sweet!

MP3: Can't Get Enough (DJ JMP Remix) - Autokratz (YSI)

DJ JMP Promo Mixtape Aug 2009 (1 Hr 27 Mins) 128 Kbps

FFFAIR hails from the beautiful Paris, France! Man I have to go visit there, and all Europe for that matter! FFFAIR is an electronic artist and he sent us this beautiful instrumental track called 'TTTOP'. Lovely stuff! Check out more on his myspace.


Next we have this excellent housey/electronic remix sent to us by DJ Topo & LMK for 'Sleepy' by Hypnotic Hour. It's an excellent dancefloor number! Think you guys will dig this as much as me. Try this out on the dancefloor at peak hour, I think you will be satisfied with the results. DJ Topo hails from Romania! Like I said we have an International Mailbag on our hands today.

MP3: Sleepy (Topo & LMK Remix) - Hypnotic Hour (YSI)

DJ Lapse hails from South Africa. He sent us this killer disco re-interpretation of Felix Da Housecat's 'We All Wanna Be Prince'. Ace as well!

MP3: We All Wanna Be Prince (Lapse Disco Mix) - Felix Da Housecat (YSI)

Wake Up! who hails from Brooklyn, NYC sent us a couple solid remixes. One for what has to be one of the most remixed/played songs of the last couple years Empire of the Sun's 'Walking on a Dream' and one for Lupe Fiasco's 'Paris, Tokyo' which matches the International theme we got going on today. Both are solid re-works!

MP3: Walking on a Dream (Wake Up! Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)
MP3: Paris, Tokyo (Wake Up! Remix) - Lupe Fiasco (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a couple remixes sent to us for The Sounds. The first one is from Hey Champ from Chicago who's been tearing it up lately with some amazing remix work including this groovy summer remix for The Sounds 'Beatbox'. Then we also have an excellent dance remix by Viking for The Sounds single 'No One Sleeps While I'm Awake'.

MP3: Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix) - The Sounds (YSI)
MP3: No One Sleeps While I'm Awake (Vikings Remix) - The Sounds (YSI)

Here's the mediafire folder if you wanna download all the tracks in one go!

There you have it! 9 Tracks and a Mix! Definitely an International Mailbag this month! Check out the artists myspace links to delve further into them and keep the great work coming! I have more great submissions, but some of them I wanna focus on individual posts for. Particularly for the artists who sent me 3 or more tracks. Keep an eye out for those soon...



Yacht are a duo from Portland, Oregon. They have a lengthy explanation of what exactly they see themselves as on their myspace if you want to delve further.

They just put out and excellent new album called 'See Mystery Lights' on DFA last week. Been listening to it the last couple of days and digging it!

It's like the most indie artsy band I've heard on DFA. Their usually more straight up dance. Glad they put this out though, it's good for record labels to not get pigeonholed and just be known for one genre of music.

My favorite tracks so far are 'The Afterlife' and 'I'm in Love with a Ripper'. Sure you've heard 'Summer Song' too which is also quite good and apparently dedicated to James Murphy which first caught the label founders attention.

The first single from the album is 'Psychic TV' with an accompanying provocative religious themed video for it. Here is that plus my two fave tracks. Enjoy!

Simian Mobile Disco Release Temporary Pleasure

Well at least if you're in the UK. It seems the import version has been released today with the US domestic version seeing the light of day on August 31st. Jeez so confusing when they scatter the release dates.

Anyways I managed to get my hands on a copy of 'Temporary Pleasure' from SMD and it is mighty fine! Great summer party record!

We've already heard the amazing 'Audacity of Huge' (check out a previous post here) which I've been jamming out at the clubs the last couple of months, but the rest of the album is just as solid.

More of a poppy record with lots of vocals than I would have thought from them, but I love pop and vocals so you won't hear any complaints from me!

Some big name guest vocalists on this one including: Gruff Rhys (SFA/Neon Neon) on opener 'Cream Dream', Beth Ditto (The Gossip) on 'Cruel Intentions' & Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) on 'Bad Blood'. Which also happen to be my fave tracks along with 'Audacity of Huge' and the dancey 'Off the Map' ft Jamie Lidell with a similar name to ours and even having the lyrics 'I know a place under a bridge and Off the Radar'. Sweet!

Highly Recommended!! Pick this baby up!

MP3: Off the Map (ft Jamie Lidell) - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)
MP3: Bad Blood (ft Alexis Taylor) - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)

The Knocks + Peter, Bjorn & John

Just ran across this highly danceable remix of Peter Bjorn & John's "It Don't Move Me" by The Knocks and loved it! From Manhattan's Lower East Side, The Knocks have a history of great dance ready remixes including an amazing mix of Passion Pit's "Sleepyhead" which i had to throw in.

MP3: It Don't Move Me (Knocks Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John (YSI)
Sleepyhead (Knocks Remix) - Passion Pit (YSI)

The Knocks are definitely not the first and only ones to have realized the amazing remix-ability of this great track however. Although it may not be as dance club friendly, Weird Tapes also came up with a brilliant interpretation of "It Don't Move Me" that I definitely recommend checking out.

It Don't Move Me (Weird Tapes Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John (YSI)

The Sound of Arrows

The Sound of Arrows who had that amazing track 'Magic' that I posted back in February are back with an excellent new track 'Into the Clouds' with an appropriately dreamy video for it.

How do you say dreamwave? Doesn't get much more dreamwave than this, soaked in pop nostalgia.

Here is that video/track plus a sweet remix they did for Jamie Long's track 'Years' which is also quite dreamy! Can't get enough, take flight!

MP3: Into the Clouds - The Sound of Arrows (YSI)
MP3: Years (The Sound of Arrows Remix) - Jamie Long (YSI)

Portugal. The Man

“It’ll be alright” says Portugal. The Man… and I agree!

Portugal. The Man is a breath of fresh air at a time when good Indie Rock bands are few and far between. Originally from Wasilla, Alaska these guys, who now reside in Portland, Oregon, are a four peace band who incorporates an Indie sound with hints of soul, blues and folk music with a little psychedelic thrown in for good measure. How come I hadn’t heard of them before?

I first came across these guys a few months ago before they released their fourth album Satanic Satanist. Quite a prolific band, who since 2006 has released 5 albums, including an acoustic version of said album called The Majestic Majesty, and 4 EPs.

Here are mp3s for “People Say” and “The Woods” from the Satanic Satanist album and a video they shot with a live acoustic version of “People Say”.

Download these songs and go to their myspace to hear more. If you like what you hear please support the band and go buy the albums.


MP3: Portugal. The Man-People Say (YSI)
MP3: Portugal. The Man-The Woods (YSI)

One For The Team

Minneapolis based band One For The Team, whose mellow indie pop sound is slightly reminiscent of bands such as Mates of State and Matt & Kim isn't exactly brand new on the scene. Having released their debut album "Good Boys Don’t Make Noise" in 2006 and their sophomore album "Build It Up" last year in 2008. However they've recently been making waves with the release of their latest EP Build A Garden.

Here is the brand new video for their song Garden from the Build A Garden EP.

Great song and great video. Kinda makes me wanna go to Paris again!

And thought i'd throw in another recently released video that came out back in July of this year for their track Ha ha

MP3: Garden - One For The Team (YSI)
MP3: Better Job - One For The Team (YSI)


Miami band Modernage apart from being great friends have been rocking the Miami music scene for quite some time. Opening up for big acts like Bloc Party, The Walkmen, The Stills, Elefant and playing all the big parties along the way. Doing us locals proud!

For some reason they've slipped our Radar. Could've sworn I had written about them before.

Recently local Miami DJ Ryan Evans remixed their track 'Creatures' off of their latest EP Sirhan, Sirhan to great effect. A great downtempo electronic reinterpretation of the track. Really digging it!

Here is that plus the original version and their amazing heartfelt stop motion video for it.

Who says Miami doesn't have great artists? Keep rocking it guys!

MP3: Creatures (Ryan Evans Remix) - Modernage (YSI)
MP3: Creatures - Modernage (YSI)

New Julian Plenti Video

Fresh New Video from Julian Plenti (aka Paul Banks/Interpol) for 'Games For Days'. Pretty sweet vid! Like a mini movie. Still trying to figure out the plot though. Evil twin? Pretty good acting job by Paul. Loving this album! Highly recommended! Grab a couple more tracks from it on a previous post here.

MP3: Games for Days - Julian Plenti (YSI)

French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion are duo/brothers from Brooklyn, NYC.

Seems they produced the first MGMT EP's and funny enough they seem to have a similar look.

Recently their manager contacted us for consideration on OTR and after hearing their music we had to oblige. Great stuff!

They have an EP out called 'Beaches and Friends' and are currently on tour with Database and hard at work on their debut album.

They've already had some big name remixers work on some of their tracks like The Twelves & Hey Champ. The Hey Champ rework is my fave!

Here is single 'Up All Night' with it's accompanying funny video done on the streets of Brooklyn it seems, plus that Hey Champ Remix for 'Beaches and Friends' and an excellent Remix they did for Magic Magic.

Viva La Rebellion!

MP3: Up All Night - French Horn Rebellion (YSI)
MP3: Beaches and Friends (Hey Champ Remix) - French Horn Rebellion (YSI)
MP3: Sleepy Lion (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Magic Magic (YSI)

The Aston Shuffle

The Aston Shuffle from the looks of their myspace are a fun loving DJ duo from of course Australia. Home of the best dance music on the planet the last several years.

Besides remix work they recently started putting out some of their own original material like this excellent track/video for 'Do You Want More' with an asian game show theme. Aren't those just the best! So funny! Watch out for the surprise ending. Damn!

Here is that plus a superb dance remix for Bunny Lake's 'Into the Future' that is the hottness!

Con Men

How I love receiving great music in my inbox!

Con Men is an artist based out of Berlin, Germany.

Recently he sent us this amazing track of his called 'Assurance'.

Love the metallic monotone delivery of the lyrics 'It has never been worse, it'll never be better'. So true! Hard to appreciate the beauty of now and not letting the highs of life get you too high or letting the lows bring you too down.

Such a gorgeous, heartfelt track with tons of emotion. I can't get enough of it.

He's currently shooting in Paris, but he promises to get us more material soon.

In the meantime enjoy this amazing track and video from this brand spanking new artist.

MP3: Assurance - Con Men (YSI)

Miami Horror

Melbourne has done it again!

Miami Horror is a 22 year old DJ/Producer, who has been busy for the last year or so remixing the likes of Pnau, Datarock, Midnight Juggernauts and The Presets.

His tracks and remixes are soon-to-be dance floor classics… FOR SURE!!!

I’ve been listening to this a lot for the past 2 weeks on my way to school every morning and it just puts me in a perfect frame of mind. I’ve been so busy lately that I hadn’t had a chance to post it for you guys, so here is the mp3 for the song Make You Mine!

I’m not gonna bore you with “it sounds like this” and “reminds me of that”… just listen and dance! I've also added a remix of the song by Fred Falke.

Miami Horror is currently touring and planning on putting together a touring band with keyboards, bass and drums… and that is never a bad thing!


MP3: Miami Horror-Make You Mine (YSI)
MP3: Miami Horror-Make You Mine (Fred Falke Remix) (YSI)

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost is the nu-disco side project from San Diego artist Anthony Ross. Love the artwork/logo!

Recently he sent us two great dance remixes! One for Passion Pit's 'The Reeling' and another for Felix Da Housecat's 'We All Wanna Be Prince'. Ha, true!

Both made it to the Top 10 on Hype Machine's most popular tracks and are top notch! Think you guys are gonna love them, particularly on the dancefloor!

Here they are. The Felix Da Housecat remix is not the best bit rate 149 VBR, but hey you can get an idea. The Passion Pit remix is in full 320!


MP3: The Reeling (Grey Ghost vs Discostello vs Dadon Remix) - Passion Pit (YSI)
MP3: We All Wanna Be Prince (Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz Remix) - Felix Da Housecat (YSI)

Monsieur Adi

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, but I've been sick as a dog! Still not feeling good, but wanted to get in here and post some music for you before the week-end hits.

Monsieur Adi is an artist/remixer from Milan, Italy that contacted us recently. He has many similar influences as OTR including Bjork, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, etc. Notice he takes a little que from Daft Punk in not fully showing his face in his press pics.

Anyways he sent us two excellent tracks! One an original of his called 'We Are the Romans Pt. II', plus a remix of Frankmusik's '3 Little Words' that got entered into a competition and won! Not too shabby. Loving them both!

Here they are in full 320!

Check out his myspace for more, including a great remix of Marina & the Diamonds 'Obsessions'.


2Horsemen are Felipe and Rabih. An electronic production duo from the hot spot of São Paulo, Brazil.

Seems they are just getting started, but I'm already digging where their heading. Great electro-house dancefloor jams!

They sent us these two workings of their first track 'MOMEN7UM' in Original and Nightmare version and both in full 320! See which one suits you better. Think I'm leaning more towards the Nightmare one. Darker always wins with me.

More in the works... Stay tuned.

MP3: MOMEN7UM (Original Mix) - 2Horsemen (YSI)
MP3: MOMEN7UM (Nightmare Mode) - 2Horsemen (YSI)

Miike Snow

Miike Snow unlike what their name might imply are actually a three piece band from the amazing land of Sweden. Been hearing/reading alot about them in the blog world.

First learned about them through their remix work, like the excellent one they did for Peter Bjorn & John's 'It Don't Move Me' that I posted awhile ago here.

Seems they released their self titled debut album back in June. So far from the new album they've released two singles. First was 'Burial' a more downtempo atmospheric track and now 'Animal' which is a bit more indie rock and reminds me of bands like Passion Pit who funny enough they did a remix for.

Variety is a good thing and after previewing the album it looks like that's what this album's all about. Variety! We like that. Recommended fare!

Here's their first two videos. 'The Burial' video is so gorgeous and amazing! Seems like they shot on location on the streets of India or something. Matches the song perfectly. The 'Animal' video's not too shabby either, albeit more like a traditional band video.

In addition here's a few tracks for you including a Crookers Remix of 'Animal'. You can download a bunch more remixes for free right off their myspace. Score!