The Eels Return

Been a fan of the Eels for years. Used to play 'Souljacker' by him back in the days of Piccadilly Garden circa 2002 and it always used to rile up the crowd. Seems he's back with a new album called Hombre Lobo:12 Songs of Desire available now.

His label Vagrant Records contacted us the other day with a great new video that he has for 'That Look You Give That Guy' featuring Padame from Top Chef.  Big fan of that show and most of the Bravo shows for that matter. Padame's a real cutie! Anyway's the video's pretty funny. Just gotta wait it out till the end for the punch line.

The album like the single is classic Eels. Mostly downtempo introspective guitar rock with his signature voice and delivery that he's known for. If you like this track chances are you'll dig the album. Check it out...


The new Deadmau5 video for 'Ghosts n' Stuff' is simply magical. Director Colin O' Toole captures the true essence of effortlessly floating into the unconscious that is within us. The result a bonafide state of euphoric pleasure through the powers of vision and sound while still maintaining a humorous undertone.


MP3: Ghosts n' Stuff (ft Rob Swire) - Deadmau5  (YSI)
MP3: Ghosts n' Stuff (Nero Remix) - Deadmau5  (YSI)

Oliver Koletzi

Don't know much about Berlin artist Oliver Koletzi, but his track/video for 'Hypnotized' was sent to me the other day and I was blown away. Love this song/video!

Great mid-tempo electronic groovy number featuring silky smooth vocals from Fran who I had never heard before either, but has left me mightilly impressed! Great voice and great presence in the video. Beautiful girl frolicking in the sun in an open field. What more could we want?

After investigating his myspace seems he gets different vocalists to sing on his tracks. Some in English and some in German, but all quite good! His album is called Grobytadtmarchen and is out now.

Go to his myspace to hear more tracks and and watch another great track/video for These Habits feat Pyur. German vocals, but very smooth as well. Pyur is also a cutie like Fran, except a blondie!   


MP3: Hypnotized (feat Fran) - Oliver Koletzi  (YSI)

Hallelujah The Hills

One listen to Boston's Hallelujah The Hills and you realize it's one of those bands you can't help but love. Their amazing lo-fi indie pop, complimented by big band instrumentation along with the quality singer/song writer lyricism of lead man Ryan Walsh all combine to create what, to me, defines what indie rock was meant to be.

With the recent release of their second album Colonial Drones, Hallelujah The Hills shows how much they have really grown as a band since their debut album The Collective Psychosis Begone back in 2007. Particularly loving the slower melodic tracks 'Oxus Pagoda' and 'Classic Tapes' along with the faster paced 'Blank Passports' in which they show their rock sensibility.

MP3: Oxus Pagoda - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)
MP3: Classic Tapes - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)
MP3: Blank Passports - Hallelujah The Hills (YSI)


One of my favorite new artist/producers out of Australia is Cassian (formerly known as CSK OK).

I was first introduced to his sweet disco goodness a few months back, when I posted about Miami Horror. One of the other mixes I acquired along with the Fred Falke remix I posted was the Cassian remix of Make You Mine.

Here is that remix plus a brand new one he did for fellow Aussies Empire of the Sun’s Standing on the Shore. Which by the way is the best mix of this song I’ve heard yet?

I think a trip to Australia is definitely in the cards!

Have a good weekend and for those of you in Miami, see you tonight at The Vagabond!

MP3: Miami Horror-Make You Mine (Cassian Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Empire of the Sun-Standing on the Shore (Cassian Remix) (YSI)

My Tiger My Timing

London's fabulous electro-pop five-piece My Tiger My Timing, named for a an Arthur Russell song, charmed us earlier this year with the the release of their first single 'This Is Not The Fire.' Now, having since toured the UK and collaborated with some big names of indie music like Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, they are back and better than ever! Set to release their new single 'I Am The Sound' on October 19th , along with a 6 track EP of the same name that includes both singles.

Extremely DJ and remix friendly, the new single has already inspired a hot remix by Bristol Producers Portmanteau. With the release of this new EP, My Tiger My Timing is definitely on the up and up, and I am positive you will be hearing a lot more of them very soon on a dance floor near you.

MP3: I Am The Sound (Portmanteau Remix) - My Tiger My Timing (YSI)
MP3: This Is Not The Fire - My Tiger My Timing (YSI)

Here is the vid for 1st single 'This Is Not The Fire:'

New Miike Snow Video

Loving the self titled Miike Snow album! So many great tracks on there including 'Black & Blue' which they just made this sweet video for. They got a knack for catchy pop tunes. 'Animal' has pretty much become a staple whenever I spin, particularly the Fred Falke Remix that I posted here.   

MP3: Black & Blue - Miike Snow  (YSI)


Berlin's Kindness is not much for press, only Adam Bainbridge the sole member of Kindness works with the band. So there's not much info out there about them, except their great music, artwork, and videos which are all created by Bainbridge as well. I say keep it that way, if being that focused keeps Kindness making music this good!

Stay tuned for a release from record label MOSHI MOSHI some time in October, until then enjoy this video and mp3's!


Questions is a new artist from L.A. who recently contacted us. Don't know much about him. His myspace is pretty bare bones. Seems he's just getting started. Only has 21 friends there at the moment, but don't think that will be for long.

He sent us a sick remix he did for Royksopp's 'Tricky Tricky'. One of two tracks on Royksopps new album Junior that features Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife/Fever Ray. Think that was a good choice for a remix since Fever Ray has been doing so well this year. He did an excellent job with it, slowing it down and making it darker. Plus I can never get enough of Karin's voice  :)

In addition to his remixing he also makes great original music. Like this excellent track he sent us called 'One Half Step' from an EP he recently put out. Great happy-go-lucky dancey instrumental number.

Off the Radar is all about helping out up and coming artists like Questions. Show him some love and add his Myspace to keep up to date with news/remixes, etc. Plus it'll probably make him real happy!

It's a win-win.

New Golden Filter Track

NY's blog loved Golden Filter finally release a new track called 'Thunderbird'. As usual it's sick! Their trademark style of  electronic danciness and sensual vocals that we've grown accustomed to is in full effect. As always dancefloor gold!

Can't wait for their album. Hopefully it's in the works? They have a teaser video filmed on a beach about 1 min long for this new track with the symbol for it in the picture above, but I'm gonna wait till it's complete before I post that up.

In the meantime here is the new-ness...

Midnight Juggernauts New Single!

One of my favorite bands of (07/08) Midnight Juggernauts are back with a brand spanking New Single entitled 'This New Technology'. Love these guys from down under! Their new single leaves right were they left off, kicking electronic rock ass! Can't wait for the long player which should be hitting us sometime early next year.

For now sample on this...

P.S. Pre-order the Limited Edition 7' Record with an Exclusive B-Side on their label Acephale Records here. Limited to only 500 one time pressings these will surely fly fast!

MP3: This New Technology - Midnight Juggernauts  (YSI)

Everybody Loves His Voice

No need for introductions, Erlend Øye and (and who's that other guy? I kid!) Eirik Glambek Bøe (yeah like you knew that...) are back with the soothing sounds of Kings of Convenience. The indie-pop-folk-rock-duo have a new album out at the end of the month. It follows their time proven-soft spoken-beautiful style. And judging from the postcard (I got it at their site) it seems like a tour is in the works as well.

Here is the video for the 2nd single from the album of the same name, Boat Behind. One thing to note... what's up with all the indie "vintage" videos? It's like everybody got the "70's film style" plug-in and decided to use it at once. Either way, wherever/whenever they are in the video, it is a lot better than where I am (work...on break I swear!).

MP3: Boat Behind - Kings of Convenience  (YSI)

Le Loup

Maryland synth/folk band Le Loup, who's experimental style has been compared to the likes of Animal Collective and Deerhunter, have been flying under the radar for a long time. But now, with the release of their second LP "Family" this week (September 22nd), they have been getting alot more, very much deserved, attention.

While maintaining their eclectic feel that combines the folk rock acoustics and percussion with equally prominent electronic elements, the band has greatly evolved since their 2007 debut album "The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly." They have shed the darkness of the first album to reveal a new sound saturated in hope and exuberance with its upbeat tribal rhythms and hazy vocals. This new exhilaration is especially prominent in the tracks Forgive Me and Beach House, which I am currently obsessed with! The full album is available from label Hardly Art.

MP3: Forgive Me - Le Loup (YSI)
Beach House - Le Loup (YSI)

New Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Yes! I've gotta say I've been looking forward to this for awhile now. I really love these guys! The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, who Ray wrote about all the way back late last January, are releasing a new 5 (well, 4.5 I guess since one is a remix) song EP titled Higher Than Stars on September 22nd.

Higher Than Stars
is also the name of the single, which stays in true form to their cloudy shoegaze style, and has inspired several great remixes. This release is perfectly timed for setting the mood for October's cool and gray Autumn days. That is if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere that has cool and gray Autumn days. The rest of us can use it to imagine ourselves there.

MP3: Higher Than Stars - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (YSI)
Higher Than Stars (Others In Conversation Remix) - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (YSI)

Higher Than Stars (St. Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix) - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (YSI)

Here is a live performance of Higher Than Stars in Berlin:


Many a year ago MUSE were an an up and coming UK band compared to early Radiohead. Not so much anymore. By now MUSE have proven themselves and forged their own identity in the music world, rocking it like only they can.

They're not so much an Off the Radar band anymore, but just like bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Wilco or Flaming Lips we still love them. We shouldn't stop loving bands just cause they get popular right? The criteria should be as long as they're still putting out great music and MUSE are still doing that!

This week they released new album The Resistance to much fan fare. They are the number one on Hype Machine's most blogged artists. Guess all those years of hard work have paid off, particularly in the U.S., because the UK/Europe has always embraced them.

MUSE has always had an urgency about them, like every song their playing had their life depending on it. Themes of conspiracy, revolution and war are big for them and this album continues that tradition. Just looking at the album title The Resistance should give you a clue as to that.

Starting on their excellent 2006 album 'Black Holes and Revelations' they've been putting out more dancefloor friendly tracks and this one's got a few as well. Those happen to be my favorites. Seems theirs too as they've been releasing these as singles/videos, like this one for the excellent 'Uprising'.

Here is that plus the mp3 and another favorite of mine 'Undisclosed Desires'.

MP3: Uprising - Muse  (YSI)
MP3: Undisclosed Desires - Muse  (YSI)

P.S. Did you know that Miami band People From Venus originally had the name/performed as Muse in the early 90's until they sold the rights to the UK Muse. True story.  

A Place To Bury Strangers

Does a musical genre exist called 'Industrial Shoegaze?' Because that would be the perfect classification for Brooklyn band A Place to Bury Strangers. Having earned themselves the unofficial title of "the loudest band in New York," if you like your rock with noisy guitars and that distorted garage band quality, you are gonna love these guys.

Having said that, don't get confused, they are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill dive bar playing, guitar thrashing novices. On the contrary, A Place to Bury Strangers has developed a real refinement and genius to their noise and distortion. Especially going into their sophomore album, Exploding Heads due for release on October 6th, which is shaping up to be a must have for all rock enthusiasts.

The first single off their upcoming LP, In Your Heart, for which they just released a brand new video, provides a solid example of their powerful 'wall of sound' instrumentation nicely framing their, dare I say, Joy Division-esque vocals.

MP3: In Your Heart - A Place To Bury Strangers (YSI)
MP3: Keep Slipping Away - A Place To Bury Strangers (YSI)

Also thought I'd throw in this great remix in case you like it a little more toned down:

MP3: In Your Heart (Cereal Spiller Remix) - A Place To Bury Strangers (YSI)

The Fascination Movement

A very exciting electronic pop band that was recently brought to my attention is The Fascination Movement who hail from Seattle, Washington.  Kind of an odd place for a band to have this type of sound. They sound like they should be from the UK or Europe somewhere, mostly because their sound reminds me of a young New Order. Very exciting stuff!

Recently they released new single 'Bringing Down the Walls' and it is stellar! I can't post the whole track, but the label has been kind enough to send me a promo edit for you guys to sample. They are also working on a video which I will post as soon as it's out. You can purchase the single on amazon for a only .99! You can also download their excellent Debut EP .5 on amazon for only $5, another bargain for music this good! Can't wait to hear their full length! This band shows alot of promise, we'll be keeping our eyes on them.

Here is that promo edit plus 'Radio' off their EP'Lost in the Radio...'  Soooooo good!!

MP3: Bringing Down the Walls (Promo Edit) - The Fascination Movement  (YSI)
MP3: Radio - The Fascination Movement  (YSI)

Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel, an L.A. based band, sounds nothing like anything coming out of L.A. right now. Especially since they're away touring Europe at the moment!

It took me by surprise to learn that Nite Jewel are kind of in 'Lala land.' However, in her defense, she does claim to live under a rock and is not up to date with what the masses are interested in.

The resulting outcome from their latest single, Want You Back, only proves that her reclusive nature is working in everyone's favor! So, I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and give Nite Jewel's solid first album Good Evening a listen.

Joakim Releases Milky Ways + Video Contest

Frenchman Joakim who had that great poppy track you may remember 'Lonely Hearts' releases his much anticipated follow-up album Milky Ways today! It is definitely more experimental and darker than I remember him being, but that's a good thing!

Really digging the live video he has for album opener 'Back to the Wilderness' were he's rocking it live with his band. Sounds very raw and makes me crave seeing them perform live. Must be intense!

Their record label !K7 is holding a special contest for their next single from the album 'Spiders'. They want their fans to get involved and maybe be included in their next video! Here's the info they sent us just in case there are any rock stars in waiting out there. This might be your big break!










When the evening
Fall on my shoulder
You look calm and strong

Saw the last drop
Running down the clock
still the song goes on

I don't want to lose it
You don't want to leave it
I don't want to fake it
You don't want to say it

What the spider
Left in the backyard
Is mine til we're gone

Youth is running
Out of my bones and
Soon it may be stone

I don't want to share it
You don't want to miss it
I don't want to feel it
You don't want to see it     

Good luck! I hope some of our readers win!

In the meantime here is that video I was talking about for 'Back to the Wilderness' plus 'Travel in Vain' one of my faves from the album and a sweet Metronomy Remix of 'Spiders'.

MP3: Travel in Vain - Joakim  (YSI)
MP3: Spiders (Metronomy Remix) - Joakim  (YSI)

Bang! Bang! Eche!

New Zealand
doesn't tend to send a whole lot of bands our way, but youthful dance punk sensation Bang! Bang! Eche! have really been gaining momentum outside of their little island nation down under.

The five member band defined by loud, thrashy guitars, synths, upbeat rhythms, and vocals which you could say are almost semi-rapped and mostly about partying deliver consistently high energy, high fun and highly danceable music.
The young Kiwi rockers have just released a fantastic brand new video for their song (You+Me) As Thick As Thieves, off their first self titled, self released album. They will also be releasing their follow up album Sonic Death Cuntttt this November, off which they have released the catchy first single Fist Full of Dollars.

Bang! Bang! Eche! has actually made their first, 5 track self titled EP available for free, which you can download HERE.

MP3: (You+Me) As Thick As Thieves - Bang! Bang! Eche! (YSI)
MP3: Fist Full of Dollars - Bang! Bang! Eche! (YSI)


Glass Candy's performance at The Vagabond was spectacular this past Friday! Great set and a great turn-out! The room was packed! I had no idea Glass Candy had that many fans in Miami. I guess the word has gotten out.

Before their set I got to meet the band by the merch booth and chat it up a bit. While I was there they told me about a side project Johhny did this year with the lead singer of the Chromatics called Desire which they were also selling the CD for. Of course I bought it right away and it's just as good as you'd expect from these artists. Slick minimal nu-disco loveliness! Similar to what Glass Candy and Chromatics do. Their fans will not be disappointed. The album's called II and it is also available on the Italians Do It Better label.

Here are a couple of my favorites from it for you to to enjoy! If you like these I recommend you pick it up. It's a good one!

MP3: Mirroir Mirroir - Desire  (YSI)
MP3: Don't Call - Desire  (YSI)


So the other day, I needed some music to go jogging with and I hate messing with my iPod (skipping songs, etc...) while I run. The solution, a new dj mix. And by the other day, I mean about a month and a half ago.

What came out was a bit on the house music tip. Some minimal tracks here, and some techy stuff over there. Some big club bangers (I think) and other stuff to hold it all together. I hope you guys like it (and keep an open ear to it...). This isn't Sunday morning music, but you should be sleeping right now anyways.

Some things to note in the mix.... I finally snuck "Well Now" by Jesse Rose in a mix. It is a seemingly strange "hoe- down" in the middle of this 4/4 fest but I like what happens. The Felix the Housecat is set to blow any sound system when it's played out in a club and the track before it, I should have probably let play a bit longer, there is a big break down right after I cut it over to the next song (oops). The Laidback Luke/Diplo track is something you would hear in downtown Miami (not the indie scene) back during Club Space's first iteration (circa 2000-01) hence the "Latin dub" moniker. Hey that's okay we welcome late comers too! The track builds up quite nicely. I can see some hands up in the air.

One thing, I really don't know why I put that Black Dice track to start. I had just rediscovered it and was playing it over and over again. Oh and (that's two things now) the last track is the only reason to buy the Groove soundtrack. That too was circa 2000. The movie portrayed one night at a San Francisco rave.

Hope you enjoy with open ears.

MP3: Dance-A-Long Mix
  1. Black Dice - Smiling Off (DFA Remix)
  2. Steve Barnes and Riley Reinhold - Odyssey (Remix by Remute)
  3. Capricorn - 20hz (Optimo Re-edit)
  4. The Goodmen - Give It Up
  5. Peter Horrevorts - Labyrinth
  6. Daniel Steinberg - Cry All Night (Original Mix)
  7. Osborne - The Count
  8. Jesse Rose - Well Now
  9. Rodriguez Jr. - Pandora
  10. Rico the Wizard - Spell of Love
  11. Felix the Housecat - Elvi$
  12. Laidback Luke and Diplo - Hey! (Nadastrom Hot Latin Dub)
  13. Plastique du Reve (feat. Radical Cheerleaders) - Resist
  14. Hot Chip - Hold On (D.I.M. Remix)
  15. Pearson Sound - Indelible
  16. God Within - Infinitely Gentle Blows (Scott Hardkiss' Aural Hallucination Remix)

Apache Beat

Brooklyn based band Apache Beat, who having been teasing their followers with various singles here and there throughout the year, will be releasing the first single from their much anticipated first full length album titled Last Chants, that is due for release in early 2010!

Really looking forward to this one! The single entitled Your Powers Are Magic, which is out September 29th, is fantastic and very catchy. Further fueling the fire of anticipation for its release, the album is going to be featuring some amazingly talented guest contributors from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rapture and Lightspeed Champion!

Here is a Demo version. The actual version is available for purchase on September 29th or can be heard on their myspace.

MP3: Your Powers Are Magic (Demo Version) - Apache Beat  (YSI)

Here's the video for their previous single Tropics

Zoot Woman Returns!

Big fan of Zoot Woman! So glad when I found out they had a new album out called 'Things Are What They Used To Be'. It's their third and first new album since 2003. Man that's a long time!

I have to tell you I love both their debut 2001 album 'Living in a Magazine' and their self titled sophmore album. Burned both those discs to death and I still never got bored of them! That's usually a good sign that you did something right. They make such great electro-pop music that I can't resist.

Their new album keeps in the same tradition of their previous work. Smart engaging electronic pop music.  Right off the bat with opening track 'Just a Friend of Mine' I could tell they are back full force. So funny how quickly I can tell when I'm gonna like something. No more than 30 seconds into the song is all it takes for me. They took their time with this one, I was a little worried there, but they did a great job! The only track that I recognize on the album is 'We Won't Break' which they released as a single a year or two ago and made in onto my Top Singles of 2007.

With no further ado here are a couple new tracks from their latest. I highly recommend you pick this up as well as their previous albums. All excellent!

* Tracks taken down by request from the artist.

MP3: Just a Friend of Mine - Zoot Woman 
MP3: Lonely by Your Side - Zoot Woman 

Here's their video for 'We Won't Break'.

Grizzly Bear + Michael McDonald

Grizzly Bear is back with a wonderful new video for the song 'While You Wait for the Others'. It is directed by Sean Peknold.

The video features an anonymous fencer hiding his face behind a mask as he peacefully sits there while crazy visual juxtapositions flow through his mind. There’s a lot to see here folks!

This is my favorite track off of their album Veckatimest and I’m stoked that they made a video for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Here is an mp3 of an alternate version of the song featuring none other than Michael McDonald on lead vocals. It’s a little strange at first but it grows on you, especially the last minute of the track which has that signature strong voice… he definitely sells the drama!

MP3: While You Wait for the Others (feat. Michael McDonald) - Grizzly Bear (YSI)

… if you are having a hard time putting the voice to a face, here is a Michael McDonald gem to help you out…

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget Glass Candy will be performing at The Vagabond in Miami tonight. Ray and I will be DJ'ing and the rest of the OTR crew will most likely be found near the bar!


If you've read The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, then you probably wondered what would become of these hippies future children.. San Franciso's Girls would probably make a good guess, everything about them screams what Haight Street represented in the 60's. Just watching the video for Lust for Life you want to go hang out with your friends at a park by the Bay bridge drink some cheap booze, smoke a joint or two, and give out some free love. Girls Album releases in September 15  in San Francisco and to the rest of us on the 22nd. Pre-order and get a exclusive 7'' for free!

New Fever Ray Video + Remixes

Fever Ray, who has been stirring things up throughout this year with their dark and ominous sound, has made it onto our radar several times.

Now, the sensational side project of Swedish musician Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife, has just released a brand new video for their latest single "Seven" from their amazing self titled album.

If you are into the creepy, dark and ghostly mysticism of their previous videos, this one does not disappoint.

I also threw in a couple of fantastic remixes of this song.

MP3: Seven - Fever Ray (YSI)
MP3: Seven (CSS Remix) - Fever Ray (YSI)
MP3: Seven (Martyn's Seventh Remix) - Fever Ray (YSI)

Glass Candy

Portland duo Glass Candy from the Italians Do It Better Label are gonna be performing 'Live' this Friday at our very own Vagabond!

Pretty psyched to see these guys perform in our very own playground! Been digging their music for a couple years now.

If you've never heard them before, were you been hiding?

They put out amazing minimal nu-disco music that is timeless. I bet in the future it will be hard to pinpoint exactly what era their music was made in. Could it be the late 70's? 80's? Nope it's the 00's! Ha, how the hell do you even say this decade the Zero's?

Anyways they are tight and the lead singer is mighty sexy! Can't wait to see her strutting her stuff on stage!

I will be spinning after their set as the dancing continues till the wee hours of the night!

If you live in South Florida you don't wanna miss this one! It's their Only Florida Performance! Be sure to arrive early to avoid the line and enjoy the $1 Drafts till Midnight! $10 Cover. Can't wait!

Here's a few tracks from them to get you excited, including a cover they did of the classic Kraftwerk track 'Computer Love', plus their video for 'Digital Versicolor'. See you Friday!

MP3: Candy Castle - Glass Candy  (YSI)
MP3: Digital Versicolor - Glass Candy  (YSI)
MP3: Computer Love (Kraftwerk Cover) - Glass Candy  (YSI)


L.A. band HEALTH are noisier/more experimental than I usually like, but their debut album 'Get Color' has been getting tons of blog love and many cries for album of the year. Even NIN's Trent Reznor is a fan who has sung their praises. I know cause I followed him on twitter while he was still on there.

Of all the tracks from the album single 'Die Slow' is by far my favorite and catchiest of the bunch. Recently they released a sweet video for it. Here is that plus the mp3 and a couple excellent remixes I've come across from CFCF for 'Before Tigers' and Daisy O'Dell for 'Nice Girls'. Be sure to grab the Tobacco Remix for 'Die Slow' that I posted on a mixtape here if you haven't already. Possibly better than the original, or at least as good in a more subdued way.      

MP3: Die Slow - HEALTH  (YSI)
MP3: Before Tiger (CFCF Remix) - HEALTH  (YSI)
MP3: Nice Girls (Daisy O'Dell Remix) - HEALTH  (YSI)

Mixtape :: Indie Vs Electro Edition

Is it Friday already?!? Man, that was a quick week! Well we can't leave you to the week-end wars without some fresh new music! This week we got a bunch of cool new Indie and Electro/Remixes sent our way, so I figured I'd pit them against each other and let you decide which one's are better. I have to say I love them all! Some are slower, some dancier, but all are OTR approved!

Keep that music coming


MP3: Do It For Love - Jump Jump Dance Dance  (YSI)
MP3: Isabella - Teenagers in Tokyo  (YSI)
MP3: Scout - Sailmaker  (YSI)
MP3: 1-2-3-GO! - Hot Tub  (YSI)
MP3: Say Say - Brian Cares  (YSI)
MP3: Darkwave Equals MC Squared - The Enright House  (YSI)
MP3: Naive Brother - Plus 49  (YSI)


MP3: Ask Around - My Favorite Robot  (YSI)
MP3: Going Home - EGADZ!  (YSI)
MP3: Still Wild - Gooseflesh  (YSI)
MP3: Keep Me in My Plane (Modernaire Remix) - Who Made Who  (YSI)
MP3: Basic Space (Astronomer Remix) - The XX  (YSI)
MP3: Fortune (12' Dub Mix) - NAPT  (YSI)
MP3: Footwars (Yeah! Woho! Re-Edit) - Underground Resistance  (YSI)

Here's the mediafire folder with all the tracks.

Also this week saw this cool video from Gus Gus for 'Add this Song' from their new album 24/7. Pretty sweet movie-like video and a great track. Been a long time Gus Gus. Welcome back!

Also Tomorrow Night one of my favorite bands of all time Depeche Mode rolls into town w/Peter Bjorn & John!

Pretty excited to see them again. Been more than 10 yrs since I last saw them in 98' for their Singles Tour. Their Playing the Angel Tour was cancelled in Miami a few years ago due to a Hurricane. Not this time!

Here's a rather appropriate Live Version of 'Come Back' from their latest Sounds of the Universe. Love their harmonizing. Their voices together are a little piece of magic.

'Come back, come back to me, I'll be waiting patiently'.

Yes indeed!


frYars (no that's not a typo) is the alias of London solo artist Ben Garett. There are some high expectations from this teen mastermind, who has already earned the bragging rights of having worked with Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan. After three years he is finally releasing his first album on September 14, let's all hope his second album won't take as long!

MP3: Olive Eyes - frYars (YSI)
MP3: Visitors (ft Dave Gahan) - frYars (YSI)

Thom Yorke + Radiohead

There’s some exciting news today from the Radiohead website. Apparently a Thom Yorke 12” featuring new songs, FeelingPulledApartbyHorses and The Hollow Earth will be released on September 21st. The first song is a rework of an old Radiohead song from around 2001 which also features Johnny Greenwood. The second dates back to the Eraser sessions and is ready to see the light of day!

The songs are produced by longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich and will feature artwork by Stanley and Tchock.

It also looks like Thom will be contributing a new song to the Twilight sequel later this year, so there’s plenty to keep you busy until the next Radiohead album.

In the meantime, here is an mp3 of the latest Radiohead track to surface These Are My Twisted Words and a video of Thom debuting another new song called The Present Tense at the Latitude Festival this past July.


MP3: These Are My Twisted Words - Radiohead  (YSI)


Love, love, loving this new track/video from Australian artist Beni (formerly one half of Riot in Belgium).  Doesn't get much catchier than this. Been stuck in my head for days. Perfect dancefloor number and that video with all the dancing kids is stupendous! Makes me like the track even more. Shows you that simple can be good too, usually better actually.

MP3: Maximus (ft Sam Sparro) - Beni  (YSI)

Memory Tapes

Ok, so this is getting confusing. Memory Tapes is a combination of Memory Cassette (whom Ray wrote about earlier here) and Weird Tapes, who are all the creations of New Jersey's Dayve Hawk. Follow?

Well, it appears he has been a busy man, because fresh off his release of the 'Call and Response' EP as Memory Cassette, Memory Tapes has just released a full-length debut album 'Seek Magic' and it is absolutely fantastic! Think the wistful, hazy dreamwave sounds of Memory Cassette meet the dancey electro of Wierd Tapes with strong shoegazer influences.

MP3: Plain Material - Memory Tapes (YSI)
Bicycle - Memory Tapes

Also, following tradition, he has put together this 'Magic Sequence' mixtape, where he has woven together 30-minutes of remixes and original sounds. This is really amazing.

Magic Sequence - Memory Tapes