Music Go Music

L.A. based Music Go Music is living the fantasy that many Blondie enthuastics day dream about. A few members of Bodies of Water probably knew this was too good to keep it between the band and decided to let us in their time machine. Back to when Phil Spector was a king, ABBA was Prom Queen, and everyone wanted to be Debbie Harry. Why let that spirit die in the past? Here are a few MP3's that have not left my Recently Played playlist in months.
Also here's just one of many videos that are titled Live on Face Time, I suggest you watch all of them for the costume changes alone (not to mention the great music!)

New We Have Band

The oddly named London indie electro pop trio We Have Band, whom we've covered a few times before, most recently here, is back on our radar again with the recent release of new track 'Honey Trap'. This upbeat track is a teaser for what we have to look forward to with the bands first full length album coming out some time in early 2010! Been enjoying all the fun and eccentric sounds they've been putting out thus far, so needless to say, I'm kinda excited about this one.

Also, some great news for our local Miami readers! It appears that We Have Band will be in town this week for Miami Art Basel performing Thursday, December 3rd at Jalouse Party @ Le Baron!

MP3: Honey Trap - We Have Band


This week I got these two hot remixes sent my way for London duo Faithless. One is by Gui Borrato who you can never go wrong with. Here once again he delivers a dark housey dancefloor stomper perfect for those late nights at the disco. The second remix is by Jerome ISA whom I had never heard of before, but this remix is tight as well. Also a great housey number and both free and clear for downloading and in full 320! In addition to the remixes below is an excellent fan video for the original track which the band must have liked as it's posted on their myspace.

Excited for the weekend! So weird when you have a holiday in the middle of the week. It's like you have two week-ends back to back, but I'm sure none of you will complain and neither will I. If you're in Miami be sure to visit us at The Vagabond! Saturday Lil Louie Vega will be in the house to celebrate 1 Year of his bi-monthly dance ritual residencies! Oh man, it's gonna get hot!! See you on the dancefloor!

MP3: Sun to Me (Gui Borrato Remix) - Faithless 

MP3: Sun to Me (Jerome ISA Remix) - Faithless 

Boy Crisis

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! So great to spend quality time with loved ones and fill up that tummy with yummy food!

The other day my friend Lolo from Sweat Records here in Miami recommended a band called Boy Crisis for OTR. Today I checked out their myspace and boy was she right! This Brooklyn based band is tight! Great catchy electro pop sure to get your blood pumping and your body dancing! Loving them!

Here is their totally awesome video for 'Fountain of Youth', plus an excellent Wallpaper Remix and another jam from them 'Strawberries'. Enjoy!

MP3: Fountain of Youth (Wallpaper Remix) - Boy Crisis  

MP3: Strawberries - Boy Crisis  

New Yeasayer Video

Today I am thankful for the new 'Ambling Alp' video by Yeasayer. And all the wonderful music that is put out into this world on a daily basis, for it is the driving force that inspires me as an artist. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers here at OFF THE RADAR! We love you!! :) Oh and thanks to Mike Unger for introducing me to the band Yeasayer here earlier this month.

Groovemine Interview Part 1

Groovemine just did a 3 part series called Listening to the Blogs about Music Blogs and their importance in todays musical landscape.

They interviewed me for OTR as well as 8 other music blogs they dig and seperated the answers into 3 parts.

Here is Part 1. Stay tuned for the other ones as the questions get juicier.

Makes for an interesting read and it is cool to see all the different backgrounds/points of views of different bloggers/sites out there.

Music blogs really are filling a void left in todays musical climate particularly when it comes to promotions/exposure for up and coming indie/underground artists.  The big corporate labels are still doing their thing, pushing mostly crap.  

Hope you like it and thanks to Groovemine for picking us!


Viking is a producer/DJ from Richmond, Virginia. Previously I posted a remix he did for The Sounds here. Recently his reps contacted us with some new stuff he's been working on including this excellent remix for Amanda Blank's 'Shame on Me'. He did a great job! Really digging it. They also sent us a Cazals Remix, but the link was dead on arrival. Maybe we'll get that one up here soon too. Seems we are one of only few key blogs that they've been sending these remixes to. Go OTR!

In addition to the remix here is a sweet DJ Mix in full 320 that he did called 'April Showers Bring May Flowers'. There's a link to it on his myspace, but just in case your real lazy below is the tracklisting and here is a direct link. Lots of dancey stuff. Think you'll dig it.

MP3: Shame on Me (Viking Remix)  - Amanda Blank  

'April Showers Bring May Flowers' 
1. Yuksek - Tonight
2. The American Dream Team - Money (VIP Remix)
3. VIKING - Blood Candy
4. The Bloody Beetroots - We Are From Venice
5. Digitalism - Taken Away (Disco Trash Music Remix)
6. Usher - Love in This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix)
7. T-Pain Ft. Chris Brown - Freeze (VIKING Remix)
8. Kanye West - Homecoming (Discotech Remix)
9. Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Jimmy2Sox Remix)
10. Futurecop! - Transformers (Ghosthustler Remix)
11. Hot Pink Delorean and Fantastadon - Party Favour
12. Fukkk Off - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
13. Cazals - Somebody, Somewhere (Blamma! Blamma! Remix)
14. Designer Drugs - Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania Computer Club & Rrrump Remix)
15. Kid Cudi - Dat New New (VIKING Remix)
16. Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
17. Feed Me - The Spell
18. Fake Shark Real Zombie - Designer Drugs (Designer Drugs Remix)
19. Kap10Kurt - Dangerseekers
20. The Bloody Beetroots - Warp 1.9 (VIKING Tag Team Edit)
21. Akon - So Damn Beautiful (VIKING Remix)
22. Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
23. Junior Boys - In the Morning
24. Daft Punk - Something About Us


Flairs is an artist from Paris. Recently his reps contacted us and sent us this amazing 8 bit animated video for his new track 'Trucker's Delight'. Wow! What an amazing video! Makes me wanna go buy an original Nintendo. Love it! One of the best videos I've seen in a while. The track's not too shabby either! Had to post this sucker right away.The EP of the same name was released yesterday (Nov 23rd) as a vinyl/digital release.  

Here's the video plus an excellent Gopher's re-work.

MP3: Trucker's Delight (Flairs Vs Gopher Remix) - Flairs

Jonathan Boulet

When I first saw the video debut, 'A Community Service Announcement' by Jonathan Boulet, I just kept watching it over and over again with the biggest smile on my face. It is one of the most visually inspiring videos/songs of 2009. This fantastic 21year old, skater-boy from Sydney, Australia is the newest addition to the Modular clubhouse. Modular People: The musical home to great bands such as: The Presets, The Whitest Boy Alive, Chromeo, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and Cut Copy.

The video was directed by the cutting edge, creative masterminds from Special Problems, who are also responsible for 'This New Technology' video by The Midnight Juggernauts that Ray posted here in October. Boulet's debut album will be released December 4th, 2009. His uplifting voice and eclectic beats in 'A Community Service Announcement' is only a preview to what the album has in store for us. I am very impressed by this emerging talented musician and beyond words excited for his revolutionary debut!!

MP3: A Community Service Announcement - Jonathan Boulet

MP3: A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf Remix) - Jonathan Boulet

New Golden Filter Video

Back in September, Ray posted the fantastic track by The Golden Filter titled 'Thunderbird' here. Just wanted to include the video for your viewing pleasure. Also threw in this great upbeat disco remix by Belgian producer Villa as a bonus! Enjoy :)

MP3: Thunderbird (Villa Remix) - The Golden Filter


Million Young is a new artist from our very own South Florida. I met him at the Junior Boys show recently were he gave me an artsy hand drawn CD of his in the DJ booth. I remember thinking how cool he does his own artwork on these. Then lo and behold a month or two later and he's featured on Big Stereo and had his EP 'Weak Ends' reviewed on Pitchfork with a respectable 7 rating (read the review here). Pretty darn good by PF standards. He's definitely got the right promotions/hype behind him and it's well deserved. The kids got skills!

He puts out wavey, dreamy sounding electronic pop music that is soothing and lovely. Just my cup of tea. It fits in perfectly with artists like Washed Out or Memory Tapes. So far 'Mien', 'Cynthia' and 'Youthless' are my faves, but everything I've heard so far is quite good. The kid has a bright future ahead of him. He might have to buy shades :)  

Here are those tracks for you to right click, save as. Then enjoy over and over on your own time. Not that we don't like you loitering around these parts.

MP3: Mien - MillionYoung

MP3: Cynthia - MillionYoung

MP3: Youthless - MillionYoung 

Trailer Trash Tracys

Trailer Trash Tracys release 'Candy Girl' may have been released back in September, but somehow got lost in the lo-fi shuffle. Not undiscovered to many, especially since performing sold out shows with The xx's under their belt, this London band has struck a chord with me. Maybe it's the repetitive drumbeat, with the sweet lyrics that makes me think this dark melody could have been in any 90's movie about being a 20 something. Or maybe I'm just living that 90's movie, with this pop tune playing in the background.

MP3: Candy Girl - Trailer Trash Tracys

Hurricane Bells

Hurricane Bells is a Brooklyn based band created/fronted by Longwave vocalist, Steve Schiltz. Been a fan of Longwave for a while, so I was pretty excited to hear about this new project. Their label Vagrant sent me their debut album Tonight is the Ghost that was released Nov the 11th and it's a winner! They have a great mellow indie rock sound that is fresh and lovely, plus Steve's voice is always soothing for the soul.

Seems their track 'Monster' was featured on the new Twilight New Moon Soundtrack released last month so that's sure to give them some huge exposure! I haven't gotten into those movies, but I see press for that everywhere.

Their first single is called 'This Year' and it is accompanied by this great heartfelt video starring none other than toys! Can't remember what those toys are called but I remember having a bunch of them as a kid.

Here is the video/single plus the excellent 'The Winters in New York' which our NY readers know can be pretty rough. Here's some great music to ease the pain and warm your heart. If you like what you hear you can purchase the album on their label Vagrant's website here in full 320. 

MP3: This Year - Hurricane Bells 

MP3: The Winters in New York - Hurricane Bells 

New Passion Pit Video

Passion Pit just released an out of this world video for their track 'Little Secrets' one of their catchiest tracks off their hugely successful debut album Manners which has to be topping many a 'Best of' list for 2009. Great, happy go lucky track complete with children's choir. Who wouldn't like that? 

Unfortunately they've disabled the embedding for the video so you're gonna have to click the link here to check it out on youtube. Still don't understand why labels/artists do that? To find out were all their hits are coming from? Anyways it's a great track/vid. Check it out and here is the mp3 just in case you don't have it. I posted it back in May, but what the hey.    

MP3: Little Secrets - Passion Pit 

Edwin Van Cleef

UK's Edwin Van Cleef just released his Debut EP for his catchy dance anthem 'Overtaken' on Beatport yesterday. It comes complete with remixes by FM Attack, Mille and Neo Tokyo. This guy's already played live on the same stage as Futurecop! done remixes for Grum and received support from Radio 1, so he's well on his way.

His label Space Disco has given us permission to post the Radio Edit for 'Overtaken' in full 320 and the excellent Mille Remix in 128 bit rate. If you like what you hear you can buy the EP in full 320 Exclusively on Beatport.

In addition here's an excellent DJ Mix in a series that he does from time to time also called Space Disco. This one is Vol #3 and it features many of the artists we love/cover on OTR like Sally Shapiro, Sounds of Arrows, The Gossip, Keenhouse, Fake Blood and more.

Here are those plus the DJ Mix and tracklisting. Enjoy!

MP3: Overtaken (Radio Edit) - Edwin Van Cleef 

MP3: Overtaken (Mille Remix) - Edwin Van Cleef 

Space Disco Vol #3 Mix by Edwin Van Cleef (54 Mins) 

Space Disco Vol #3 Tracklisting::
Sally Shapiro - Moonlight Dance
Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (Cagedbaby Remix)
Duchess Says - Black Flag (Emperor Machine Remix)
Tensnake - In The End
The Boxer Rebellion - Semi Automatic (FC Kahuna Remix)
Azari & III - Hungry for the Power
George Cochrane - My Synthesizer Won't Behave
The Boxer Rebellion - Flashing Red Light Means Go (Plugs Remix)
Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix)
Burns - First Move (Fred Falke Remix)
The Sound of Arrows - Into The Clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)
Keenhouse - Civic Transit (Fabian Remix)
Killa Kela - Everyday (Lifelike Remix)
Phonat - Love Hits the Fan
Poka - Your Affection
Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
Wolfgang Gartner - Push & Rise
Edwin van Cleef - Overtaken (Neo Tokyo Remix)

SFA NYC Performance

Do you like Super Furry Animals? Free Shows? The answer to both of these should be a big hell yes!

Then you, like me will be very happy to know you can check out this amazing show that SFA did in NYC's Highline Ballroom in September in support of their latest album 'Dark Days, Light Years' for Free! They incorporate many of their big hits which makes for an almost greatest hits type set. If you have some time kick back and enjoy this concert in it's entirety. The video below is a clip for 'Crazy Naked Girls', click here to see the full 76 min performance. 

Baeble Music you made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. You can also catch other great live shows on the Baeble site including one for Friendly Fires here!

New Animal Collective Video

Animal Collective has recently released a trippy new video for the track 'In The Flowers' from album Merriweather Post Pavilion. The vid is a strange, almost creepy, psychedelic collage of lo-fi film, random animation, time lapse and some ballet and puppetry shit thrown in to create a perfect visual compliment for the song, which, by the way is really, really good.

MP3: In The Flowers - Animal Collective

Cavaliers of Fun + Anagramme Remix Dragonette

Cavaliers of Fun, who I wrote about here back in August, have recently joined forces with Portuguese electronic artist Anagramme to give us this brand new amazing remix of Toronto electro sensation Dragonette's huge track 'Fixin To Thrill'. They've replaced the original versions heavy rock elements with some breezy electro pop disco flare, resulting in an incredibly catchy dance floor anthem. Check it!

MP3: Fixin To Thrill (Cavaliers of Fun + Anagramme Remix) - Dragonette

Kent Returns!

Big fan of Kent! They are one of the biggest rock bands in Sweden, unfortunately they're not as known around the world. In the late 90's they tried to reach outside their fan base by recording albums with English vocals on 'Isola' in 97' and 'Hagnesta Hill' in 99' in addition to recording in their native tongue of Swedish which they had always done. That was around the time that I got into them and fell in love with them. Both those albums are amazing! I highly recommend you look into both of those. Unfortunately their experiment wasn't as successful as they would have liked and they kinda gave up on the idea of recording albums in both Swedish and English and now only record their albums in Swedish. Check out this great post on Indie Paws if you wanna go more in depth on their entire history, album by album.

Recently they released their 8th album titled 'Rod' and even though I can't understand what their singing about their music is still as amazing and beautiful as ever! This new album sees them flirting more with electronic elements than the albums I grew up listening to, but they still have a good balance of rock and electronics and their trademark dark and moody flavor is still there. 

Their first single from the album is 'Tuntarna' which they've put out this great video for.  Here is that plus a high quality live performance and a couple tracks from the album. Keep it up Kent! You still have fans all around the world that love you guys, even in Miami! Who would have thought?

MP3: Taxmannen - Kent 

MP3: Vals Fцr Satan (Din Vдn Pessimisten) - Kent

Bakers at Dawn

Ok, gotta admit, this is really lo-fi, even for me (and Lord knows I do tend to love my lo-fi), but the Malmö, Sweden based musician Bakers at Dawn aka Marcus Sjöland's new album You Must Hide Your Love Forever is actually quite good! The album, which is free for download in its entirety from label Peppermill Records, provides song after song of experimental, melancholy acoustic goodness. I've provided you all with a few of my faves, plus the great new video for 'Mesmosphere.' Hope you all enjoy!

MP3: Mesmophone - Bakers at Dawn

MP3: Might - Bakers at Dawn

MP3: Love - Bakers at Dawn

Samuel & The Dragon

With a name like Samuel & The Dragon you would think this London duo were manifested on the pages of childrens story books. Instead this hauntingly dark act with crisp electronic beats and organic vocals, comes from a long history of musical theater. Not surprised then that they are signed with Moshi Moshi (Hot Chip, Florence and the Machine).

Expect to hear a million remixes of 'Diamond On A Boat' in the upcoming months. 'Diamond On A Boat' is scheduled for release November the 16th. Here is the video, plus the mp3 for the beautiful/brooding 'Rising Up'.

MP3: Rising Up - Samuel & The Dragon

Lifelike + Cougarettes (Remixes)

Love Lifelike! Everything he touches turns to gold. Even turning a mediocre rock track into a beautiful dreamwavey dance track like the one he did for Plastiscines 'Barcelona'. I mean the girls are gorgeous and all (you have to check out the video), but not the best track in my opinion. This remix turns it into a whole different entity and I'm liking it. Ahh, the power of a good remix.

MP3: Barcelona (Lifelike Remix) - Plastiscines 

Speaking of a good remix, the Cougarettes remixed one of my favorite themes to one of my favorite movies of all time Clockwork Orange! Man I love that movie. Stanley Kubrick is the ultimate filmmaker and that might just be his ultimate masterpiece. They managed to turn the ominous theme from that into a dancefloor jam. A-ma-zing!

MP3: Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes Remix) - Wendy Carlos 

Saint Etienne Remixes Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Been a minute since I heard any news on Saint Etienne, but today I awoke to this beautiful flowing remix they did for Pains of Being Pure at Heart's 'Higher than the Stars' waiting for me in my inbox. Gorgeous re-interpretation. Had to post it right away. I'm sure you guys will agree. Here's to hoping they're working on some new original material as well.

MP3: Higher Than The Stars (Saint Etienne Visits Lord Spank Remix) - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 


The lovely Sambassadeur from Sweden/Labrador Records are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming new album 'European'. Haven't heard them in a long time, forgot how amazing they are! 

Their label just contacted us with their gorgeous new track 'Days' and as almost everything Labrador puts out it is exquisite! Lovely breezy indie-pop filled with strings and perfect for this time of the year. Can't wait for the full length!

Here is 'Days' in it's full 320 glory!

MP3: Days - Sambassadeur

Bad Lieutenant

Bad Lieutenant is a new project from Bernard Sumner of New Order/Joy Division/Electronic fame and also features Alex James (Blur) and Stephen Morris (New Order/Joy Division) on several recordings. If you're like me you probably grew up listening to these bands and will be excited about this new release. I know I am! I managed to snag a copy of their debut album 'Never Cry Another Tear' and it is everything you would expect from these living legends. Graceful melodic guitar rock with a pinch of electronics for the 21st century. Fans of New Order and Electronic will not be disappointed. I can't post a track, but they have a video for their first single 'Sink or Swim' that is pretty sweet. The album is out now. You can preview/purchase the album on amazon.

Long live Bernard and his trademark delivery. 30 years on and I still love him!

P.S. Bad Lieutenant are also coming to do a limited US Tour in NY and Chicago! I hear you can expect to hear New Order and Joy Division tracks at the show! If you can catch them with The Pixies I'd go see those. What an amazing line-up! Two living legends on one incredible night!

Wednesday, Nov. 18 at Park West, Chicago
Thursday, Nov. 19 at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago with THE PIXIES
Saturday, Nov. 21 at Webster Hall, New York
Monday, Nov. 23 at Hammerstein Ballroom, New York with THE PIXIES

New Grizzly Bear Video

As if the video for 'Two Weeks' wasn't amazing enough, Grizzly Bear has done it again for 'Ready, Able'. The video is a stop motion masterpiece!! The track is another spectacular hit by this great Brooklyn based indie band. Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for this oh-so-delicious visual treat.

MP3: Ready, Able - Grizzly Bear 

New Yeasayer

Love, love, LOVE Brooklyn's Yeasayer! Been obsessed ever since I first heard the brilliance of '2080' off their previous album All Hour Cymbals. So, needless to say, I am filled with anticipation for their upcoming album ODD BLOOD due for release next February through Secretly Canadian!

To give us a taste of whats to come, they have recently released the albums first single titled 'Ambling Alp.' If it's any indication of what we should be expecting, this one is gonna be a contender for best album of 2010! So much more polished and put together than their previous work, I am infatuated with this song!

Could this get any better? Well, actually, yes! How about if I told you there's already an absolute genius Memory Tapes remix? Amazing.

MP3: Ambling Alp - Yeasayer

MP3: Ambling Alp (Memory Tapes Remix) - Yeasayer

New Two Door Cinema Club Video

Two Door Cinema Club, who I just recently posted about here in late October, have just released this great new video for their single 'I Can Talk.' The single will be released on November 16th with some fantastic remixes from the likes of French Horn Rebellion (which you can stream/download from my previous post) and Crystal Fighters which I've provided for you here!

MP3: I Can Talk (Crystal Fighters Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club

November Mixtape

Can you tell what beers we were drinking last night at my friends place. Most of them say the name, but a couple don't. Fun times! Funny thing is this was just sitting by the counter when I went to grab a beer. Someone took the time to put this together. Pretty sweet.

You ready for another mixtape?? Here's some cool dance tracks that have been sitting in my memory banks. Also known as my shitty computer. Hopefully that will be changing soon though. I see a sparkling new IMAC on the horizon...Awww, the light! Can't wait!

Enjoy these. Lots of gems here and all OTR approved! Have a great week-end!!!

MP3: Pick Up The Phone (Richard X 12' Remix) - Dragonette 

MP3: Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Allez-Allez Remix) - It's a Fine Line 

MP3: She Found The Diamonds - Get Shakes 

MP3: Gold In The Fire (Demo) - Monarchy 

MP3: Something Golden (Renaissance Man Remix) - Le Corps Mince de Francoise 

MP3: Dirty Mouth - Monsieur Adi 

MP3: Paranoiattack (The Sneekers Remix) - The Faint 

Troels Abrahamsen

Troels Abrahamsen is the hottest electronic sound to come out of Denmark. Originally a member of the danish rock band Veto, Troels Abrahamsen is still a refreshing novelty. His energy vibrates through his music and easily entraps ears around, swaying the heaviest of moods. If you want to listen to a genuine experience, Mr. Abrhamsen is the ticket.
For new music updates check out his blog

MP3: Swaat - Troels Abrahamsen

MP3: End Scene - Troels Abrahamsen


Bot'Ox are French electronic duo Julien Biffaz and Benjamin Boguet (aka Cosmo Vitelli and one half of Tekel). They seem to have a fascination with crashing cars. Most of their tracks feature titles like cars, motorcycles, crashes and now steel. In just five releases, Bot’Ox have cemented their place on the international scene with productions on prestigious labels such as DFA, DC recordings, Grand Central and their own label I’m a Cliché.

Following up their succesful single 'Crashed Cadillac' comes their newest musical twist in the form of 'Blue Steel' (haha Zoolander) feat vocals by Anna Jean and it is mighty fine! This new track is more on the poppy side with lots of vocals which I always love. They will be releasing their new EP also titled Blue Steel as a vinyl/digital release (which is really a glorified single) with b-side 'Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show' next week November 9th on their I'm a Cliche label.

The video for 'Blue Steel' is pretty sweet! Cars hitting things in slow motion. That's always fun. Be sure to check out their video for Crashed Cadillac on their myspace link above as well. Here is that new video plus a couple of their tracks and a Yuksek Remix. Loving these guys sound! Think you guys will too!

MP3: Grand Central - Bot'Ox

MP3: Arab Drift - Bot'Ox

MP3: Rue de l'Arsenal (Yuksek Remix) - Bot'Ox

Fan Death

London's Fan Death are getting ready to release a New EP called 'A Coin for the Well' with the first single being 'Reunited'. In addition they also have a full album on the way. Lots to look forward to from these lovely ladies!

Here is their excellent video for 'Reunited'. If you go here and give them your email address you can download the track for Free! Wish it was better bit rate than 128 though.

Bodega Girls

Boston band Bodega Girls are indie dance rock at its finest. Fully and proudly embracing the hedonistic, wild and raunchy party scene they represent so well. Their sex crazed and soul saturated upbeat sound is party music pure and simple.

Particularly loving their highly dance-able latest track 'Ain't that Cold' and their awesome recent remix of Passion Pit's 'To Kingdom Come.' However one also can't deny the controversially titled track that put them on the map, 'She's Into Black Guys'. So enjoy, download and let's get this party started!

MP3: Ain't That Cold - Bodega Girls

MP3: To Kingdom Come (Bodega Girls Remix) - Passion Pit

MP3: She's Into Black Guys - Bodega Girls

Digits + Halloween Re-Cap

Halloween is over! That was awesome!! I have to say this years costumes seemed a whole lot more creative and amazing than ever. Friday people were slacking a bit with costumes, so I didn't know what to expect Saturday, but those worries soon abated as tons of people came in dressed up almost as soon as the doors opened. Guess they were saving up their energy for Saturday's festivities.

Some of my favorites were Ryan Evans as Pinnochio, Carmel as Kiss in full make-up and gear. Also these two people that came dressed up as X-Men characters Nightcrawler and Mystique. Wow! Amazing! But really there were tons more, I just can't remember them all :)  Luckily there's tons of pics out. Thank God for the camera!      

Here's a pic a neighbor of mine took of Ryan and I by the DJ booth at one point. Willy Wonka it was this year for me.

Anyway's it's Monday so it's time for some New Music!

Last week Toronto based solo electronic artist Digits sent us a copy of his debut album 'Hold it Close' and I am loving it! He's like a heavenly mix of Erlend Oye vocals with Junior Boys type beats/electronics. Needless to say I love both those artists so it's no surprise I'd love this. The chorus of slow burner 'Sarah' sizzles!

Here's that plus 'You're Going to Age' and 'Nonstop' also very, very good and more danceable! Enjoy!

MP3: You're Going to Age - Digits

MP3: Sarah - Digits

MP3: Nonstop - Digits