Russell Dean Stone

London's Russell Dean Stone an OTR fan recently contacted us and sent a couple of his own tracks "Weapon" and "Leather" ft Rat Scabies on drums of legendary punk/goth band The Damned. Loving them both! He's got a dark electro-pop/goth sound which when done right is my cup of tea and he brews it just right. Maybe he'll be your cup of tea as well? Test run these two tracks and see what you think. Keep up the good work Russell!

P.S. London is the biggest viewer of our site followed by NYC and our hometown of Miami. Love you guys! I like to think of it as the essential triangle. Thanks for listening!

MP3: Weapon - Russell Dean Stone

MP3: Leather ft Rat Scabies - Russell Dean Stone

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Caroline Geys said...

awesome! well those are 3 GREAT cities...that's for sure!!