Cloud Control

Melodies, Tambourines, and hand claps OH MY! Cloud Control, a quartet sky rocketing from Sydney Australia, is rich in melody and truly original while still eliciting a hint of nostalgia. It slightly dips in the world of progressive rock and surf rock while keeping a pop sensibility to them. They certainly had me at first listen! They're album "Bliss Release" has received plenty of praise in Australia but still doesn't have any solid release dates in the UK or US. They have a few EPs such as "This Is What I Said" that are available on itunes but I am so in love with the tracks I've heard, I will have to splurge on the import full length. See for your self below!

MP3: Gold Canary - Cloud Control

MP3: Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why) - Cloud Control

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Kevin said...

Cool band, thanks for posting! I also like their video for "There's nothing in the water we can't fight" that's up on their myspace.