The other night I was at a bar in my neighborhood in Brooklyn when I struck up a conversation with the DJ. I was complimenting him on his song selections and we ended up chatting a bit. I told him I write for a music blog and he told me he was in a band. I checked out his band to find a truly inspirational story about four guys in Tehran Iran who's love for "western music" drove them to illegally record their first record and move all the way to NYC so that they could make music freely. Made me think about freedom of speech and how sad it is that some countries ban something as beautiful and precious as music and creativity. Not only did they record illegally but played illegal shows in basements and secret clubs. As said by the lead singer Raam:

"Playing in the undergrounds of Iran was by far the most exciting thing I had ever done in my life. We've played many shows over here in the States, but only a few can compare to those crazy underground gigs. Music is something you can't take away from the people; no matter how hard certain governments try, kids will always find ways to have fun."

Hypernova's sound is full on dance rock. Dark gothy lyrics and guitars and drums that are made for sweaty dance floors. I'm glad these guys stuck it to the regime and found away to make music. They're second album "Through The Chaos" was released in early April. They've been compared to Interpol, Joy Division, and She Wants Revenge. They opened up for Sisters Of Mercy. They sound pretty much like success.

MP3: Fairy Tales - Hypernova

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these guys sound awesome!