Kingsley and Perdomo

Boy I love me a good cover and when I heard local Miami artists Kingsley and Perdomo's cover of the classic Bee Gee's disco jam "Staying Alive" I was blown away! Amazing completely different re-interpretation of this classic track. Complete with banjo, it has a heavy americana/country twang that I'm really loving! Amazing how a good re-interpretation of a song can breathe whole new life into it. I mean I couldn't even decipher all the lyrics to the original, but here with their smooth delivery I can understand them all. A real special cover that you'll have to hear over and over.

The boys have an album 'Fake Smiles' out now on iTunes here with this amazing cover for only a buck, plus 9 more original americana tinged tracks that you should look into. Especially if you dig this. Enjoy...

MP3: Staying Alive (Bee Gees Cover) - Kingsley and Perdomo  (Streaming Only)


Kevin said...

Nice. I like that banjo!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the banjo, and I think the Gibbs would also approve of the harmonies.