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So apparently legendary electronic act The Chemical Brothers released a new album earlier this year called 'Further' that completely slipped my radar. Goes to show you how much music is out there. Shit always slips through the cracks.

I first came to know about this last week when I was hanging by the bar for our weekly Wednesday night party (786) that we throw at Purdy. We were having some shots when all of a sudden Mike Deuce (our guest DJ that week) played this great nu-disco track that immediately caught my attention. I asked Patrick (Nightdrive) if he knew who it was, he didn't, so he went to ask Mike. When he came back he told me it was a Lindstrom / Prins Thomas remix of "Swoon" by Chemical Brothers. Woooa! I should have known. That Lindstrom and Prins Thomas are two righteous dudes! Even more surprising to me was that it was a Chemical Brothers track from a new album that I had completely not even heard about. Think I'm getting old here, slipping. Could be that or maybe that I've strayed from CB in recent years.

So I did some reasearch and it seems the new CB album is a back to basics kinda album with no guest vocalists, minus this one girl doing sparse phrases here and there, plus them doing most of the vocal work. Gonna have to check that out, if nothing else out of respect for these electronic legends.

In the meantime here is that Lindstrom/Prins Thomas remix of "Swoon" for you, plus a another excellent remix I found by Boys Noize that is also quite good! Plus as a bonus, here's a track by Lindstrom and Christabelle called "Lovesick" from a new album that he has put out on his own that I found when researching for this post. Christabelle's voice is superb! Great collab! Gonna have to look into that album as well. Incredible how much stuff you find when you do a little research. It's like that 80's new wave Fixx classic goes "One Thing Leads to Another". Seriously...

MP3: Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix) - Chemical Brothers

MP3: Swoon (Boys Noize Summer Mix) - Chemical Brothers

MP3: Lovesick - Lindstrom and Christabelle


Eileen said...

Check out Four Tet's amazing remix of Linstrom and Christabelle's 'Lovesick' here- Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Laura said...

Lol you asked Patrick.....