Cassette Kids

The Aussies seem to have a thing for electro-pop these days, which is cool because they are continuously providing us with great bands that keep our parties pumping. Case in point, Sydney female fronted quartet Cassette Kids, who create indie dance rock tracks clearly aimed at becoming dance floor imperatives. Having recently toured with the likes of Lilly Allen and The Presets, they are set to release their debut LP titled Nothing on TV in Australia this March. Off which comes their most recent single 'Spin' that they've released a brand new video for directed by the creator of vids from the likes of Midnight Juggernauts and Cut Copy.

'Spin' is also to be the subject of a whole slew of remixes. The first being the 'Big House Remix' by London's electro remix whiz Russ Chimes which is a DJ must-have and the perfect track to get you hyped up for your weekend antics. Oh, also worth noting, Cassette Kids will be playing at SXSW this year, so if your going, be sure and check them out.

MP3: Spin (Russ Chimes Big House Remix) - Cassette Kids

MP3: Lying Around - Cassette Kids

Velo + Velo Remix

Velo is an unsigned band from London that created a buzz after their remix of Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed' topped Hype Machine's most searched a few weeks back. It's probably my favorite remix of that track even though there are other strong contenders such as the Penguin Prison remix (as posted by Ray) and Russ Chimes remix to name a few. Velo's sound has an 80's dance feeling melded with that Modular Records sound branded by bands like Van She, Bag Raider's, etc. Their myspace is made up of really strong demos and I'm excited to see who snaps these guys up and where they're going. If you're interested in keeping up with these guys, follow them on twitter. Check out the remix and the original track 'Trading Alibis' below.

MP3: Trading Alibis - Velo

MP3: Starry Eyed (Velos Wild Eyed Edit) - Ellie Goulding

Christian TV

Christian TV is an artist from Detroit that sent me us a couple amazing remixes he did for Mike Snow's 'Animal' and Xx's 'Infinity' the other week. This past week-end I played out the 'Animal' remix Saturday at the Vagabond and right away I had two people coming up to me paper and pen in hand asking, 'Who did that remix??' Thought it was kinda funny as they came back to back, but it told me right away I need to post these babies up pronto.

The Mike Snow remix has a great dub-step beat, so if you like dub-step you're gonna love this! Even if you don't like dub-step you'll probably still dig this. He did a great job with it and the vocals are crisp and clear. The Xx bootleg is a bit more of a laid back electronic remix with a bumping chorus. I'm really impressed with both remixes.

As I was looking at his myspace for a pic to post I noticed he had some great original tracks on his player as well as a hot video for one of his originals 'When She Turns 18' that's pretty ace! Seems this kid's well on his way.

MP3: Animal (Christian TV 2010 Beast Mode Remix) - Miike Snow 

MP3: Infinity (Christian TV Bootleg Remix) - The Xx

February Aeroplane DJ Mix

Aeroplane puts out these monthly mixes and a couple of days ago they posted a new one for February and as almost everything they do it's golden! A smooth 55 min mix of amazing-ness! Thanks to Alex for sending it my way.

Listen/download it from their Soundcloud link below.

Aeroplane Feb Chart Mix :: 55 Mins 192 kbps 

01. Golden Bug : "Flamingo"
02. On The Prowl Presents OTP Party Breaks #1 : "Lifetime Groove"
03. Black Van : "Yearning"
04. Bottin & Rodion : "Galli (Give It Up)"
05. Hannulelauri : "Injury Time"
06. The Holidays : "Moonllight Hours" (The Swiss Remix)
07. Burns : "So Many Nights"
08. Slice & Soda : "Year Of The Dragon" (Villa Remix)
09. DyE : Nike
10. Fern Kinney : "Baby Let Me Kiss You"

Groove Armada

UK's Groove Armada is getting ready to release their 6th studio album Black Light March the 2nd. Yesterday they released new single 'Paper Romance'. There's tons of remixes out there for it including this excellent one that my friend Ryan sent me from Classixx with an awesome New Order type vibe to it. I also got a cool She Is Danger remix that is a bit on the darker side which I always tend to favor.

Here are those two remixes, plus the excellent video for 'Paper Romance'. Seems Groove Armada will be doing a small US tour including a couple gigs at Ultra here in Miami in about a month for the yearly insanity that is Winter Music Conference.

MP3: Paper Romance (Classixx Remix) - Groove Armada

MP3: Paper Romance (She is Danger Remix) - Groove Armada

Alex Metric Remixes Gorillaz

Alex Metric put out this amazing remix last week of Gorillaz new single 'Stylo' that really takes the original up a notch and helps make the track more of a dancefloor jam. The original is great, but prob was not gonna be getting too much peak time dancefloor action. This remix changes that. Thanks Alex! All the DJ's of the world thank you for this one.

MP3: Stylo (Alex Metric Remix) - Gorillaz  320 kbps

People From Venus Release Debut Album

Local heroes of mine People from Venus are finally getting ready to release their Debut Album 'Toot Toot Yeah!' They sent me a copy of the record and it is amazing! Everything I knew they were capable of and more. In celebration of the release they will be real busy next week. First Monday, March the 1st in association with Wasabi Fashion Kult they will be holding an album listening party at Bardot, this swank little lounge here in Miami were yours truly will also be spinning. Pretty excited as it's my first time spinning there. Then on Wednesday, March the 3rd they will be having a Release Party for the album with a Live Performance at a weekly party I throw called (786) at Purdy Lounge. The last time they played at (786) was for our preview party almost a year ago. They rocked the house! Excited to have them back. Sometimes good guys finish first! People from Venus deserve all the praise being sent their way, not only are they amazing musicians but their also amazing people. It's almost like their from another planet (sorry couldn't resist).

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from the new album 'Girl From Planet Earth' and 'Static', plus a sweet dance remix Cosmo did for 'Future is Wild' also from the album and a Cosmo track called 'Control' featuring Paul Isaac lead singer for PFV that is stellar! I played it out last week at the clubs and it sounded amazing! People were loving it! Hopefully these tracks will get you excited for the events. If you live in the South Florida area you should definitely make it out. Gonna be a blast! I posted links to the facebook invites above if you need more info.

MP3: Girl From Planet Earth - People From Venus

MP3: Static - People From Venus

MP3: Future is Wild (COSMO Remix) - People From Venus

MP3: Control feat Paul Isaac (People From Venus) - COSMO


'Mouthful of Diamonds' has been on repeat ever since I discovered the genre bending duo Phantogram's debut album streamed on NPR. Phantogram made up of Sarah D. Barthel and Joshua M. Carter released Eyelid Movies on Barsuk Records February 9th of this year. The duo from Saratoga Springs, New York fuse together an electronic style with samples and delayed guitars over hip hop influenced beats and moody vocals. Sarah's voice floats like a dream over the complex sonic layering and there is a great male/female vocal dynamic throughout the album. There has been a lot of comparisons with artists like the XX and Portishead and though I see the similarities I find more optimism hidden in Phantogram's music. I also heard a lot of good things about their live show through a friend who recently saw them at Union Hall in Brooklyn. Definitely won't be missing their next NY show! Find both the track and live performance from Cutting Room Studios in NYC below.

MP3: Mouthful of Diamonds - Phantogram

New Caribou Video

Earlier this month Erika posted this great new Caribou track 'Odessa' here. Today I saw the video for it and it's just as spectacular as the track. Check it.


Keeping with the Canadian theme today appropriate since the Winter Olympics are taking place there now is hard hitting duo Japandroids. They will be releasing 5 limited edition 7' singles this year coupled with b-sides and covers. The first one is 'Art Czars' with a cover of Big Black's 'Racer-X' being released in April on Polyvinyl RecordsSome great stuff! Heavy, but with melody in there as well. Really get's me pumped.  

MP3: Art Czars - Japandroids  320 kbps

Broken Social Scene Returns!

The Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene is finally getting to release new album 'Forgiveness Rock Record' on May 4th. Their first since 2005! Boy does time fly! They're giving away the opening track from the record 'World Sick' as a free download and like all things BSS it's pretty epic, clocking in at almost 7 mins. Sure tons of people will be excited for this one. It's already all over Hype Machine. With no further ado some BSS newness to start off your week right...

MP3: World Sick - Broken Social Scene  320 kbps


After this exceptionally long, cold winter, nothing seems to bring on the Spring like some fresh, new, jaunty and super folky indie-pop. So, meet Parisian duo Mondrian. I'll admit when I first heard the two tracks this French band sent me, I was a wee bit on the fence, but after a few times listening, and viewing their fabulous music videos, I found myself getting quickly attached. Utilizing breezy acoustics and eclectic artsy singer-songwriter vocals, band members Roman Oswald & Morning Crash claim to make "both rescue music and prescription medicine music." Just the audio tonic you need to ease your where-the-hell-is-Spring blues.

MP3: Tofu farmer - Mondrian

MP3: Very Wary - Mondrian

The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders from San Francisco first caught my attention as they were/are on Hype Machine's most blogged artists. Always check out who's on top there to see what all the buzz might be about. Sometimes deserved, sometimes not so much so. In the case of Morning Benders I think it is well deserved. Their sound is being compared to that of the Beach Boys which is not typically my favorite (except for the originators), but they pull it off really well with a contemporary twist. Seems their upcoming album Big Echo coming out March 9th on Rough Trade is produced by one of the guys from Grizzly Bear. Now things come more into focus.

They've put out two tracks from the album for Free Download already and they are both pretty amazing. In particular 'Excuses' seems to be the stand out track with some gorgeous harmonies! Already being hailed as one of the best tracks of the year. It's still pretty early for that, but I can see why people are so excited.

Here are those plus a video of them performing 'Excuses' live with tons of musician friends packed in a room. Beautiful stuff!

MP3: Excuses - The Morning Benders

MP3: Promises - The Morning Benders

Mojib Mashup of Unkle + Radio Dept. + Duke Spirit

Got sent this excellent mashup of 'May Day' by Unkle with Radio Dept. and Duke Spirit by Swedish producer Mojib the other day that is pretty extraordinary! I love all these bands so it caught my attention right away and upon first listen I quickly became infatuated with it. Here is a press statement they sent that kinda explains it all.

'Mayday Revisited' is a one-off single from Swedish music producer Mojib (Staffan Ulmert). The track reconstructs the song 'May day' released in 2007 by UNKLE featuring The Duke Spirit. Using the vocals of Liela Moss the track is being mashed together with lo-fi indie act The Radio Dept. Mojib then adds his own piano and acapella melodies. The result is a unique fusion of alternative indie, rock and electronica.

He did an amazing job! Right click, save as... You're gonna want this track in your music library.

MP3: May Day Revisited with UNKLE and The Radio Dept. - Mojib 

We Are Enfant Terrible :: Teenagers Remix

Got sent this new Scion Fluokids Compilation with 5 tracks. Most of them suck. Cheesy generic sounding crap, but this one track 'Snap Dragon' by France's We Are Enfant Terrible Remixed by The Teenagers was the stand out track. It's got that classic Teenagers feel. Hadn't heard anything from them in a minute. Think you guys are gonna love it. It passed the OTR filter test that is my ears.

MP3: Snap Dragon (The Teenagers Remix) - We Are Enfant Terrible  320 kbps

Golden Ages

If you've been waiting for the next big thing in the dreamwave movement, I think you might want to check out Philadelphia's Golden Ages. With heavy influences from the likes of Memory Tapes, Panda Bear and Washed Out, Golden Ages puts a unique spin on the relatively new genre. Mixing wall-of-sound psychedelic synths ala Animal Collective and heavily distorted vocals that seem to be less about actual comprehension and more about blending in with their overall spacey resonance to saturate you're senses in melodious euphoria. The kind of music you just wanna crank up, lay in bed and let it take you to that far off happy place in the outer reaches of your mind. Their new album, Tradition, is available digitally through their label Deerhaus.

MP3: Everything Will Be Alright - Golden Ages

MP3: Be Cool - Golden Ages


Got sent some excellent electronic dance tracks the other day by French artists Euphorie. Pumping electronic dancefloor jams. Any DJ's/dance music lovers out there will dig these. Peak time craziness. Love their track names, pretty much a sucker for anything with Bots or Robots in the title. They also paid us a nice compliment about the Off the Radar. Thank you! So cool to hear people in France check out our blog. Keep up the good work!

MP3: Bots Attack - Euphorie  320 kbps

MP3: My Lipids - Euphorie  320 kbps

Diogenes Club :: Urban Torque Transmissions DJ Mix

UK's The Diogenes Club who I previously wrote about here sent us a new hour long DJ Mix called Urban Torque Transmissions. Played it out at the beginning of my (786) party last night and I was digging it! It features a lot of similar stuff to what I spin/post on Off the Radar, plus a bunch of tracks from the band themselves. Thought you guys might dig it. Below is the download link and tracklisting.


Urban Torque Transmissions Mix by The Diogenes Club (60 mins) 320 kbps

Urban Torque Transmissions Tracklisting::
1. Black Kids - I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You (Twelves Remix) - Almost Gold
2. Van She - So High - Modular
3. The Diogenes Club - Tete - Urban Torque
4. Tesla Boy - Fire - Mullet Records
5. Lindstrom & Christabelle - Baby Don’t Stop - Smalltown Supersound
6. Pnau - Baby (Breakbot Remix) - Etcetc
7. Stardust - Music Sounds Better with You - Roule
8. BB & Q Band - Dreamer - Cooltempo
9. Dusty Kid - Nemur - Boxer Recordings
10. The Diogenes Club - Tie Ourselves Around - Urban Torque
11. Scope - Audio Tonic - Urban Torque
12. Midfield General - Disco Sirens - Skint Records
13. Yuksek - I Like To Play - Fiction Records
14. Barbara Mason - Another Man - Metronome
15. Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood - Island Records
16. The Diogenes Club - Early May - Urban Torque
17. Booka Shade - Sweet Lies - Get Physical
18. The Diogenes Club - Come Back to Us - Urban Torque
19. Junior Boys - Hazel - Domino
20. Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane remix) - XL
21. Mario Bastinov - Caribbean Girl - (TDC Part 1) - Unknown
22. X-District - Color Correction - Playhouse
23. Zoot Woman - Automatic - Wall Of Sound
24. Zapp n Roger - So Ruff So Tuff - Lastrada Entertainment Co.
25. Lindstrom - The Magnificent - Smalltown Supersound
26. The Diogenes Club - Do You Know How To Feel It? – Urban Torque
27. Telefon Tel Aviv - My Week Beats Your Year - Hefty Records
28. Anoraak - Nightdrive With You - Endless Summer Recordings
29. Casio Social Club & XS Night - More Love - Mullet Records
30. Zoot Woman - Nobody Knows (Part 2) - Wall Of Sound
31. Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love - Profile Records
32. Michael Mcdonald & James Ingram - Yah Mo Be There - Qwest Records
33. Lovebirds - Tuesday - Teardrop
34. BB & Q Band - Genie - ZYK
35. Midnight Star - Midas Touch - Solar
36. Eat More Cake - Red Sky - Urban Torque
37. Latryx - Lady Don’t Tek No - Solesides
38. Kool And The Gang - Fresh - Best Records
39. Aretha Franklin - Jump To It - Arista
40. Long Distance Analogue - Plecked Medium - Mullet
41. Toto - Africa - Columbia
42. Tom Browne - Brighter Tomorrow - Arista
43. Five Star - System Addict - RCA
44. Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore - EMI
45. The Diogenes Club - Untitled - CDR
46. Art Of Noise - Moments In Love - ZTT
47. Radiohead - Talk Show Host - Parlophone
48. Mario Bastinov (TDC Part 2) - Caribbean Girl - Phonica

Lali Puna Returns!

I've been waiting for the day when we finally get some new music from the amazing Lali Puna and the day has finally come! After 6 years since their 2004 album Faking the Books during which I think lead singer Valerie had a baby Our Inventions is finally set for release April 2nd on their longtime label Morr Music!

I got a copy of the album yesterday and it was worth the wait! Already heard it a few times through. An amazing record that is everything we've come to expect from these amazing musicians which includes one of the guys from The Notwist who are pretty amazing in their own right.

So far my favorite tracks are first single 'Remember?' where she proclaims 'Will You Remember Me?' (appropriate after a such a long absence) plus 'Move On' & 'Everything Is Always' which reminds me of early them, but they are all classic Lali Puna. Simple glitchy downtempo electronic pop music that they do so well. Long time fans will not be disappointed and maybe they will make a few new ones along the way. Glad to have them back! Please don't leave us for so long next time...

Here is Remember? which they posted for free download on Pitchfork, plus the album tracklisting. Be sure to pick this baby up as soon as you get a chance, you won't be disappointed. Also if you live in Europe seems they will be doing a tour there soon. Lucky you!

MP3: Remember? - Lali Puna

Our Inventions Tracklisting::
1. Rest Your Head
2. Remember?
3. Everything is Always
4. Our Inventions
5. Move On
6. Safe Tomorrow
7. Future Tense
8. Hostile to Me
9. That Day
10. Out There Ft. Yukihiro Takahashi

Richard X Remixes Goldfrapp

Never realized how few good pictures there are available for Richard X until I tried to find a good quality one for this post. The beautiful Alison from Goldfrapp will have to suffice.

Anyways once again Richard X pulls out another amazing remix. This time it's for Goldfrapp's 'Rocket' from their upcoming album Head First due March 23rd. Can't wait for that one! Goldfrapp are kind of chameleons. Wondering which Goldfrapp we will be getting this time. Although by the sound of first single 'Rocket' it looks like it will be pure pop, which is fine by me.

MP3: Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix) - Goldfrapp

New Golden Filter Track

Had this new Golden Filter track last week, but didn't post it cause I thought they were taking it down. Today I check Hype Machine and it is everywhere! Guess they're not taking it down...

Here is 'Hide Me' the opening track from Golden Filter's debut album Voluspa which will finally be seeing the light of day April the 26th on Brille Records. Golden Filter is giving it away on their site in exchange for your email.

As usual great stuff albeit a bit more subdued that what we've previously heard from them, but since it's gonna be the first track on the record it makes sense. They definitely got their sound down to a science. Like previous Golden Filter tracks it's only 128kbps which kinda sucks, but hey at least we can get an idea what we will be getting come April. Save up your milk money for this one kids.

MP3: Hide Me - Golden Filter

Jump Jump Dance Dance

Posted an excellent Grum Remix of LA electro-rock duo Jump Jump Dance Dance's track 'Show Me The Night' last week here. Today I found a shiny new video for the original. Pretty cool track/video! Glad to see color is still in fashion in 2010.

Wolfmother (Remixes + Video)

Australian rockers Wolfmother are getting ready to release new single 'White Feather' off their latest album Cosmic Egg Feb 22nd.  The single got the remix treatment by some pretty big names in dance music like Sebastian Tellier, Bang Gang Dance and Burns. Their reps sent the remixes our way for Free Download on OTR! Sweet! I'm digging the Bang Gang Remix the most, but here are the three for you to decide.

In addition here is the video for 'White Feather' which premiered last week. These guys remind me so much of Led Zeppelin. Closest thing to them nowadays I'd say, especially his voice.

MP3: White Feather (Bang Gang 'Black Leather' Remix) - Wolfmother

MP3: White Feather (Sebastian Tellier Remix) - Wolfmother

MP3: White Feather (Burns Remix) - Wolfmother

Passion Pit 'Live' in Central Park

Got 22 mins to kill? Then check out Passion Pit performing Live in Central Park!! A great little set to help get your work week started. This is only one track 'Little Secrets' from the performance. Follow the Baeble link here to check out the full set.


Yup, Valentines day is tomorrow and you might need a song to hold each other/cry to. This lovely song "The End" by the group Peasant reminds me of that part in romantic comedies where the lovers are in a spat and they play the sitting by the phone montage so it might fit in with your Valentine's day plans just perfectly. The sound is reminiscent of Elliot Smith in its melancholy love songs emphasized with Damien Nicholas DeRose's facile lyrics, acoustic guitars, and piano. Simply put, it's uncomplicated and beautiful. He has one album out "On the Ground" and a new album "Shady Retreat" out March 2nd on Paper Garden Records so check them both out!

MP3: The End-Peasant

Tiger & Woods

Larry Tiger and David Woods are making disco influenced bangers that will make deejays and music heads drool. They want to keep themselves "shrouded in mystery" so I don't have much info to give, but I guess good music should really speak for itself. Insert obvious Tiger Woods joke here.

MP3: Gin Nation - Tiger & Woods

Sambassadeur Returns!

Since I posted Radio Dept today thought I'd stay on track and post another band that I love from Labrador Records, Sambassadeur. They will be releasing their third album European on Feb 23rd and it is exquisite! That water in Sweden is some pretty magical stuff.  Been listening to European the last few days and I'm pretty sure it is their best album ever!

Anna Persson's vocals are so beautiful and the instrumentation so lush. I put this record on and just fade away. A very stress reducing record. Smoke some good stuff or grab a glass of wine and press play, you won't be disappointed. I wonder if this will be the record to break them to a bigger audience the way Radio Dept has. They definitely deserve it. Such an amazing band that I never get tired of hearing.

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks, but I highly recommend you pick the whole thing up, not one bad song in the 9 track album. Simply lovely, beautiful music that must be heard in it's entirety to be fully appreciated.

MP3: Stranded - Sambassadeur

MP3: Albatross - Sambassadeur

Radio Dept. Returns!

Radio Dept.'s highly anticipated new album 'Clinging to a Scheme' is finally getting set for release April 21st on their longtime label Labrador Records. In the meantime they will be releasing first single 'Heaven's on Fire' a month prior on March 24th with the b-side being a cover of Sade's 'All About our Love'.  

Labrador has been kind enough to let us post the new single in full 320 bit rate quality! I am absolutely floored by the new single! Sublime classic sounding Radio Dept. with an amazing intro sample that goes straight into their trademark pop sound that they do so well. It instantly transports me to another place and time like the best of their music always does. This one will be on repeat until the album comes out. I will be sick of this track by the time the album arrives, maybe. Go time, go...

MP3: Heaven's on Fire - The Radio Dept.

Nicole Simone

LA's Nicole Simone will be releasing her self titled Debut EP March 9th on Crystal Ship Music. They sent her EP our way and I am loving it! Her music is sultry cabaret sounding music that would fit perfectly in a David Lynch movie. She writes all her music with that nostalgia of classic movies in mind. As she performs in front of red velvet curtains you are transported to another place and time somewhere in the 20's or 30's. She's got some famous friends too. The amazing Jason Schwartzman guests on drums and banjo on first track 'The Wedding Song' and her music has already been featured in a couple of movies including the Sundance film The Good Life starring Bill Paxton, Zooey Deschanel and Harry Dean Stanton.

Her first single 'Melt' has this amazing movie like video shot near the Joshua Tree desert. The video is an homage to one of her favorite films Wim Wender's 'Paris, Texas' as well as inspired by French New Wave Directors such as Jean-Luc Godard and Louis Malle. She looks absolutely stunning in it! Looks and talent. She's got it all. She's well on her way.

Here is 'Melt' which has been cleared for posting plus the accompanying video I was talking about. 

MP3: Melt - Nicole Simone

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

I recently ran across this new video for 'Poison' from Helsinki, Finland's Jaakko Eino Kalevi and was captivated. So I did my research, and, unfortunately, not a lot of information was available (unless of course you can speak Finnish and read his myspace.) Fortunately, I was able to get him to send me several great tracks from his upcoming album Modern Life, which is available in March, and was once again thoroughly impressed with what I heard. Including the intriguing single 'Poison' from the video, the track 'Flexible Heart' I thought was also exceptional, along with funky French jam 'Macho'. Innovative and eccentric in true Scandinavian style.

MP3: Poison - Jaakko Eino Kalevi

MP3: Flexible Heart - Jaakko Eino Kalevi

MP3: Macho - Jaakko Eino Kalevi

FM Belfast

Par Avion is a feel good indie pop track from Iceland's FM Belfast. In these bitter cold and snowy days we're seeing in the North East, it's nice to put on a track like this and melt the proverbial snow for a minute or two. The duo came together after making a song as a christmas present for friends back in 2005. They have some notoriety back home from their "How to Make Friends" LP and are looking for the same in the US (albeit more than a year later). Let's call this a "non summer jam"...

MP3: Par Avion-FM Belfast

Mumford & Sons

Epic love song alert! Mumford & Sons, a four piece from West London, make heartfelt music that not only gets its emotion across through it's lyrics but through bursts of piano, banjo, violin, and guitar that seem to speak just as much as the words. They're recording their debut album with Markus Dravs who has seen success with Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, Björk's Homogenic and The Maccabees’ Wall of Arms so keep an eye out! Till then make sure to check out their four song EP "Sigh No More" they released in January. Fans of bands like Band of Horses, Phosphorescent, and Kings of Leon check out Mumford & Sons! Enjoy the song White Blank Page below and take advantage of their free download for the song Sister.

MP3: White Blank Page- Mumford & Sons


Everything about this song "Yellow Wings" by Keepaway, the band formerly known as "In", screams pop perfection to me. The progression of the beat into the more organic instruments and the youthful lyrics just ease away stress. Based out of Brooklyn this band is turning heads. If you are a fan of Animal Collective or MGMT one listen and you'll be hooked.

There isn't a lot of info on them out except they finished their EP titled "Babystyle" and you can read an interview they did as the band in here.

MP3: Yellow Wings - Keepaway

Mint Chicks

Anybody else love it when visionary bands give fans a chance to voice their devotion through creativity? What I mean is, WHO DOESN'T LOVE A CONTEST?! New Zealand's Mint Chicks is providing you a chance to make their video for their new single "Bad Buzz". If cinematography is not your forte, then maybe design them a t-shirt? So you're not an artist and you don't have a video camera? Remix "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!", or if you're more of a musician than a DJ, cover it! Each contest has a fitting prize, check it all out HERE!

MP3: Bad Buzz - Mint Chicks

MP3: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! - Mint Chicks

Study their last video Hot On Your Heels to see what you're up against!


It's not too nippy for Tanlines this time of the year. Ironically, the Brooklyn duo's EP "Settings" is scheduled for release on March 9th right in the middle of winter and it has a very tropical feel.... May help warm your bones....definitely warmed mine.

You can pre-order their vinyl release here.

Plus, they'll be playing a few shows at SXSW if you want to catch them live.


MP3: Real Life - Tanlines

MP3: Bejan - Tanlines

The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys really don't disappoint in their sophomore album Be Brave. These fine young gentleman from Austin had me in a whirlwind last year with The Strange Boys and the Girls Club, which I thought was one of the best rock albums of 2009. Now, with a new album being released on February 23, and a long tour ahead (with a few spots opening for Spoon!) maybe 2010 will be even more successful!

Take a listen to their single, sharing the same name as the album, "Be Brave" and another song off their new album "Night Might".

MP3: Be Brave - Strange Boys

MP3: Night Might - Strange Boys

Priors + Grum

Parisian electro-pop duo Priors recently released their Debut Single 'What You Need'. It's a great track and it is accompanied by some great remixes by the likes of Grum, Hey Champ, Allen Walker and DCUP. They sent us over the four remixes to share with our readers and they are all excellent and varied. Love that!

It's hard to pick which ones to post, so think I'm just gonna post them all and let you decide which one is better. If you like them and want better quality versions of the remixes, even more remixes or the extended version of the single head on over to Beatport or Juno Download.

MP3: What You Need (Grum Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (Hey Champ Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (DCUP Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (Allen Walker ReWrite) - Priors

Since we are on the subject of Grum I got a couple excellent remixes from him that have been making the blog rounds, so thought I'd include them in this post as well. One is for Goldfrapp's 'Rocket' and the other for Jump Jump Dance Dance's 'Show Me The Night'. Both are soooo good! Nu-disco jams perfect for those late nights at the clubs as you dance in the dark with the strobe lights in full effect.

MP3: Rocket (Grum Remix) - Goldfrapp

MP3: Show Me The Night (Grum Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance