London duo Monarchy who had that excellent track 'Gold in the Fire' which I posted on a November Mixtape here and is a track I still play out quite regularly are getting ready to release new single 'The Phoenix Alive' on April 19th. Just like 'Gold' it continues in a similar electro-pop/rock vein, in other words it's sick! Love their style! An edit of the track is gonna be the closing track on the upcoming Kitsune #9 Compilation. So it looks like they are well on their way. If that's not enough there's also an excellent Kris Menace remix floating around that takes the track in a wholly different darker pulsating future.

Here are both of those tracks for you to wrap your heads around...

MP3: The Phoenix Alive - Monarchy  320 kbps

MP3: The Phoenix Alive (Kris Menace Remix) - Monarchy  320 kbps

The Temper Trap + Michael Woods

Got sent this excellent house remix the other day by London based DJ/Producer Michael Woods for Australian band The Temper Trap's track 'Science of Fear'. It's a dark dancefloor jam sure to get house heads riled up. The original version (sent our way previously) is pretty sweet as well. Temper Trap has more of that indie rock/electronic vibe that I tend to like. Love that sample they use about 2 1/2 min's into the track. Seems they will be performing at Coachella if you find yourself there and wanna check them out.

MP3: Science of Fear (Michael Woods Remix) - The Temper Trap

MP3: Science of Fear - The Temper Trap

All Saints Day

An old friend of mine Gregg Foreman (one of the talented musicians often supporting Catpower) recently posted a track he worked on with Katy Goodman (of Vivian Girls) via his facebook and of course I jumped on the opportunity to check it out. The result is a dream filled three minutes of reverb guitars and echoed vocals entitled "It All Will Change". Three minutes I really wish was five but I guess it's good to tease your audience and leave them wanting more. They're going under the name All Saints Day and I am excited for more from them!

MP3: It All Will Change - All Saints Day

Broken Social Scene Release Double A-Side Single

Ray's previous post here unveiled Broken Social Scene's (BSS for short) first album release "Forgiveness Rock Record" since 2005 (finally!!!) which is out May 4th on Arts & Crafts with a Free Download for 'World Sick'.

On March 24 they revealed details for their first ever Double A-Side single for "Forced to Love" and "All to All". You can sample the tracks on the player below and if you like what you hear you can purchase the tracks at Gallery AC or iTunes. I highly recommend this very inexpensive purchase! Each song carries a plethora of instruments that layers in different ways making them both completely unique. One of their great characteristics! "Forced to Love" is lead by frontman and lead vocalist, Kevin Drew. "All to All" - I believe- is lead by Lisa Lobsinger, if you know otherwise, please share!

So 5 years to release a new album? Well although there were two other BSS member's solo releases (Kevin Drew's Spirit If in 2007 and Brendan Canning's Something for All of Us in 2008) in between the upcoming release and their self-titled album release in 2005 there was also a BSS book, "This Book is Broken" and lots of touring... They were always very busy bees! I did enjoy both Drew's and Canning's releases but I have to honest, they were both missing something to me. That something was allll the energy that makes up BSS.

Ever since I saw them live for the first time, I truly fell in love with them (more than just having heard their albums over and over). They are a band you have to see live at least once or if you're like me 7 times! The first time I saw them was December 14, 2004 at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom and they opened for the Pixies' on their reunion tour. During BSS's set, I was one of the only people dancing my tushy off and the guys in front of me kept looking back thinking "she's going crazy to this band"! Keep in mind back in 04' they weren't nearly as well known as the Pixies.

It was my last night on that trip and it was one of those magical nights where I got to hear my favorite band live while standing next to a nice NYC boy on a very cold night. Before the rest of the swarm of people left the venue, I rushed out to go meet my friends and when I looked up it had just started snowing. I will never forget that night and the feeling I had leaving there. I'm hoping the new release will give me those sweet BSS butterflies!

Here's their player to sample the new tracks, plus the video for one of my all-time favorite BSS songs that always gives me that feeling!

New MGMT Video for Flash Delirium

My friend Juana posted the wacky new MGMT video for 'Flash Delirium' on my Facebook. Thought I'd share the goodness. Really digging the new album 'Congratulations'. Much more psychedelic and with less obvious hits than their debut album 'Oracular Spectacular'. Curious to see if the masses will take to it like the first one. If they do it can only be a good thing for music and for them, as it will mean a longer career.

Leaked Tuesday w/The National + LCD Soundsystem

The National's highly anticipated new album High Violet that Caroline wrote about here, recently had first single 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' ripped after it was played on Radio 1. As a result they decided to take matters into their own hands and release the track on their website as a free download in 192 kbps or 320 kbps in exchange for your email. Sounds like a sweet deal to me! The track is nothing short of spectacular! That baritone voice of his is so amazing it gives me goosebumps. If this is any indication of what lies ahead we are in for a major treat and a contender for album of the year. High Violet is officially released May 11th. Sneak a peek at the amazing first single...

MP3: Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National

Another album that is highly anticipated this year is the as yet untitled third album from LCD Soundsystem that is also due in May. Been reading on some blogs that this may be LCD's last album? Hope not! Anyways they released a new track from the album called 'Drunk Girls' that is a pretty straight forward party song reminiscent of songs like 'Fight For Your Right to Party' by Beastie Boys and the like. I can picture this being a pretty big fist pumping party anthem on the dancefloor already.

Update:: Just as I posted this LCD Soundsystem finally revealed the artwork/album title for their new record which is gonna be 'This is Happening'. Check that out above! Enjoy!

MP3: Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem

Penguin Prison + RAC

Two artists that I've previously written about Penguin Prison and RAC have collaborated on a great new remix for Penguin Prison's track 'Worse it Gets'. Absolutely loving this! Can't get enough of it. It's got this sweet nu-disco/pop sound that's pretty infectious. Perfect track to usher in the Spring time. Listen to it at your own risk as it may cause carpal tunnel syndrome from pressing repeat so often. You have been warned.

MP3: Worse it Gets (RAC Remix) - Penguin Prison  320 kbps

Tater Tots with Twin Shadow

My very first post on OTR post was on the lovely and talented Twin Shadow. A few weeks ago I went and checked him out when he played at Le Poisson Rouge and was blown away. He has almost a full band supporting him (at that point he still needed a drummer) and a handful of songs on top of the one's demo'd on his myspace. His stage presence is undeniable. His voice is just haunting and the guy can shred.

I lured him with the promise of gin and tonics to sit down and answer some questions for me since I have been curious since yellow balloon first burst out of my speakers of what's to come. We sat at the bar where we munched on tater tots and shot the shit. Turns out we have Florida roots in common and though it has nothing to do with the name, Twin Shadow (George) does have a twin sister! He is working on a releasing a full length on Terrible Records (Founded by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor and Lust Boy's Ethan Silverman) so we'll probably be seeing mostly remixes from him till the records done. I hope we don't have to wait too long for that record because I love his music!

Here's a remix he did for fellow Brooklyn based band Bear in Heaven as well as another one of his tracks "Castles in the Snow".

MP3: Lovesick Teenagers (Twin Shadow - Twins In Heaven Remix) - Bear In Heaven

MP3: Castles In The Snow - Twin Shadow

Florrie + Fred Falke

So it's pretty obvious I'm a sucker for dance music with female vocals and though this genre has been beat to death with "new artists" there are still the gems worth mentioning such as La Roux, Ellie Goulding, etc. Well here's another one and she goes by Florrie. She's easy on the eyes, multitalented, and releasing tracks with Fred Falke. She's a professional drummer out of London and has been working playing in the house band for Xenomania Record's label artists. At only 20 years old she's following her dreams and well she's hot on their tail. You can find her two tracks with Fred Falke on her website for free or just cheat and check them out below.

MP3: Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix) - Florrie

MP3: Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix) - Florrie

Goldfrapp 'Rocket' Video

Goldfrapp's video for first single 'Rocket' off of her latest album Head First has been out been out for a few weeks now, but I somehow never got around to posting it. Here it is. The album released last week is pretty sweet! As the last couple albums from her it's very dancefloor friendly. If you don't already have them I posted a couple excellent remixes of 'Rocket' by Richard X and Grum last month.

WMC Re-Cap + Jukebox Collective

WMC is finally over! Thank God! It gets a little too hectic for me and over saturated with events. There's so many things going on at the same time that a lot of events end up being slow or dead and the really good events sometimes aren't as packed as they should be cause there's so much going on. Traffic/parking is also a mess and some of the people can be pretty cheesy.  

That being said it wasn't all bad, I did enjoy some quality events. Boy Crisis were amazingly cool dudes! We had a blast hanging with them Wednesday at Purdy for our weekly (786) party. I also really enjoyed the Sunset Cruise w/Sasha, Digweed and Tommie Sunshine Thursday afternoon/evening. That's always one of the events I most look forward too. Afterwards me and some friends went to see Golden Filter playing nearby at this private penthouse party at the W with breathtaking views of the Miami skyline. It was like they were playing just for us too, cause most of the people there didn't even know who they were. Mostly corporate types who had no clue. I posted some cool pics from that and the sunset cruise on my Facebook page here, you can see one of the pics above.  

Friday was total chaos at The Vagabond w/Erol Alkan, Aeroplane, Rory Philips, Classixx, Jessica 6 and more. I ended up closing out the night in the Bar Room spinning from 3 am until 6 am! I was beat, but it was worth it! An epic night! All the guys on the bill including Erol Alkan posted on Twitter the following day how it was the best party of the year/WMC. I reposted those tweets on our Off the Radar Twitter account if you wanna check that out. Add us up if you haven't already.  

Stayed in from the storm Saturday and Sunday and it was everything I thought it could be. Peace and quiet. Saw that new movie Hot Tub Time Machine Sunday afternoon with my girl. If you need a good laugh you must check that out. Funny flick.

Anyways after that crazy ass week let's get back to what we do best, bringing you new music!

Jukebox Collective is a London based band who's reps recently contacted us. They sent us some of their music. They describe their sound as having a DFA disco punk dance sound reminiscent of bands like The Rapture/LCD Soundsystem and I'd have to agree. Should work nicely on a dancefloor near you. Seems they recently broke into Hype Machine's most popular charts with their track 'Lost & Found' topping out at #15. Their second single 'Icon Parade' will be officially released June 10th on Supremo Reords, but you can catch that track, plus a couple more tracks from these up and comers on Off the Radar now! Enjoy!

MP3: Icon Parade - Jukebox Collective

MP3: Lost & Found - Jukebox Collective

MP3: Black Light - Jukebox Collective


One week with out internet has left me way behind on new music so I have spent the last two days immersing myself in the unknown tracks floating around my favorite music sources and this track "I Think I like U2" by Jamaica has definitely stuck out! They have a track on the new Kitsuné compilation (Ray posted about it here) and the band formerly known as Poney Poney is currently finishing up their first album under the production of Xavier de Rosnay (of Justice fame) and Peter Franco. The sound is that uplifting french pop rock sound and I can't help but throw in the beloved Phoenix as a reference. Loving the feeling of the punchy guitars, it almost reminds me of butterflies when you have a crush! God I need to get this french language down and get to Paris!!

MP3: I Think I Like U 2 - Jamaica

Secret Cities

While North Dakota wouldn't be most peoples first guess for the spawning ground of indie musics next big thing, one listen to Fargo's Secret Cities might change your mind. Having recently signed with Austin label Western Vinyl, they've just released their first single from their debut LP Pink Graffiti which I believe will drop this June. The trio create an addictive and intriguing blend that I guess one might define as psychedelic-acoustic-electro-dream-pop? Whatever it is, its really good, and really catchy! Just check out the debut gem 'Pink Graffiti Pt. 1' for a taste of the goodness coming our way!

MP3: Pink Graffiti Pt. 1 - Secret Cities


WMC is upon us and we're excited about our WMC Showcase Tomorrow (Wed, 3/24) at Purdy Lounge feat. Boy Crisis (NYC) in their Exclusive/Debut Miami Performance! We're flying in these 5 great guys all the way from the big apple for this special event. Real excited for the show, plus all our amazing friends who are involved :: Off the Radar, (786), Shuffle Inc., Bandits, Miami Mayhem, BFGF, Hopeless, Wizard Sleeve and Purdy! A fine group of up and comers if we do say so ourselves.

Advance tix's for reduced rate are over, but you can still purchase tix's at the door on the night of the event for $15. Arrive early as Purdy's not too big and WMC can get pretty hectic. If it gets full we might have to hold the door. Doors open at 10 PM.

Fabrika highly recommended our event! You can read their endorsement here ::

There's also a nice write up on the Miami New Times Music section were they talk of how one of the Boy Crisis founders used to crash on MGMT's dorm room floor and how they got started. You can check that out here :: 

Also our friends over at Sweat Records gave us a little shout out as well here ::

Here's our Facebook evite ::!/event.php?eid=331272762764&index=1

Can't wait! Hope to see all your pretty faces there!

Off the Radar/(786)

As a bonus, here's a sweet dub step Nero Remix of 'Dressed to Digress' that I've been playing out lately. They will also coincidentally be spinning in Miami for WMC at a bunch of spots from Ultra to Mansion and White Room. Check his myspace link above for those.

MP3: Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix) - Boy Crisis

Scion CD Sampler V.29 :: Plant Music

Scion once again has put out one of their samplers and sent it our way. This time it's focused on artists on NYC label Plant Music from DJ duo Dominique Keegan and Stretch Armstrong who have been releasing music for over 10 years. The tracks run the gamut from electro-pop to disco, house and more. My favorite part of the CD is the beginning which features more of the electronic dancey stuff.

Track #2 is a new track by The Glass called 'Four Four Letter' that is a great nu disco, groovy number. Also digging track #3 by Clubfeet which is a DJ Kue Remix for their track 'Count Your Lovers'. Loving them both, they passed the Off the Radar filter. Enjoy!

MP3: Four Four Letter - The Glass  320 kbps

MP3: Count Your Lovers (DJ Kue's Sunrise Remix) - Clubfeet  320 kbps


If you love Phoenix as much as me then you'll probably trust their opinions/tastes. Seems Paris band Fortune is one of Thomas Mars from Phoenix favorite new bands. After hearing the two excellent remixes they sent our way from M83 (another one of my favorites) for 'Mission' and the Blackjoy edit for 'Gimme' I think I'd have to agree! Sooo good!

They're releasing both their new EP 'Gimme' (really a single) and their debut album 'Staring at the Ice Melt' Today, March 23rd via digital outlets like iTunes/Amazon. Must get a hold of those!

Check out these two excellent remixes and you'll probably agree. Go to their site here and give them a couple of emails and they'll give you a bunch of remixes they've done for bands like Phoenix, Pony Pony Run Run, My Tiger My Timing as well! Score!

As a bonus here's their video for 'Bully' which is on the new record and will give you a chance to see the boys in action.

MP3: Gimme (Blackjoy Edit) - Fortune

MP3: Mission (M83 Remix) - Fortune


About to get hectic in Miami as WMC starts today! Not sure how many posts I'm gonna be able to do this week, especially since our WMC event is Tomorrow at Purdy with Boy Crisis, so kinda wanted to get a few posts in today so it can hold you guys off for a bit. If you're in town we better see your asses at Purdy Tomorrow! Check out all the info for the event here.

Last week I got this excellent remix from Is Tropical for a London band called NewIslands. Turns out NewIslands is the new project from the ex-lead singer for The Departure (David Jones). No wonder I like this track so much. I loved The Departure's first album and that amazing voice of his. Must have played 'All Mapped Out' a million times circa 2004/2005 when The Bravery, Franz Ferdinand and The Killers were the big new thing. I like to call that era the indie rock peak. So many amazing memories of those years. Anyways without further ado check out this excellent remix, plus their video for the track. Their debut album will be out soon. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

MP3: Out of Time (Is Tropical Remix) - NewIslands

The National Premieres "Terrible Love" on Jimmy Fallon

The National is one of my absolute favorite bands so as any obsessive music junkie who loves a band as much as I love them, I am counting down the days to their highly anticipated new release, "High Violet", out May 10 (UK), May 11 (everywhere).

In the last year, the band has played new material to hungry crowds all over the world and from all that I have heard and seen in the videos, this album is to be of no disappointment after the very successful "Boxer" album (May 2007), one of my all time favorite albums. The National played recently on Jimmy Fallon and premiered the first song that will be on the album, "Terrible Love".

Everything about this song reminds me of why I fell in love with them and how good it feels to be giddy about an album. It's a stunner. If you love them, watch this NOW, you will fall in love with them all over again. If you haven't heard of them, learn them. If you don't like them, shame on you because they are absolutely brilliant. I can't tell you how many times I have already watched this. May 11 is going to be a beautiful day.

High Violet Tracklisting:::
01 Terrible Love
02 Sorrow
03 Anyone's Ghost
04 Little Faith
05 Afraid of Everyone
06 Bloodbuzz Ohio
07 Lemonworld
08 Runaway
09 Conversation 16
10 England
11 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Cassette Club

Another amazing remix sent our way is by London duo Cassette Club. They remixed Passion Pit's 'Sleepyhead' to great affect! Probably the best Passion Pit remix I've heard so far! Very well produced with crisp bass lines and sharp synths. This will surely be making it into my DJ Sets.

Seems the boys are also producing their own original material. First single '4 Me' is out now on Beatport. Listen to the track on their myspace link above. Pretty sweet stuff!

MP3: Sleepyhead (Cassette Club Remix) - Passion Pit

Rockets Remix

Rockets who's MAU remix I previously posted here sent us another excellent remix. This time for a track called 'Crystal Caves' by Butterfly Bones. Such a great tune, absolutely loving it! It's a minimal nu-disco track that I can hear over and over and not get tired of. If you're a DJ this will work nicely in the beginning of your sets as your building up or at the end as your coming down. Check it out!

MP3: Crystal Caves (Rockets Remix) - Butterfly Bones  320 kbps

Kitsune Compilation Vol #9

The influential Kitsune Compilations are back in 2010 with Vol #9 being released April 26th. As always it features cutting edge new artists, plus some well known artists (similar to what we do here at Off the Radar). Can't wait to hear the new Holy Ghost track as they've only released two original tracks in the last few years. Hope this means their album's on the way?! Fingers crossed!

Here's a great little mini-mix by JBAG that features 13 of the 18 tracks on the comp and is a good teaser for the release. I never thought you could fit that many songs into 5 mins without sounding like total chaos. Great job JBAG!

MP3: Kitsune Maison 9 Mini Mix by JBAG

Kitsune Vol #9 Compilation Tracklisting::
1. Washed Out - Belong
2. Gamble & Burke - Let’s Go Together
3. Penguin Prison - Animal Animal
4. Jamaica - Short and Entertaining
5. Crookers feat. Yelle - Cooler Couleur
6. Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
7. Yuksek - Supermenz (We’re Not)
8. Fenech-Soler - Stop And Stare
9. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
10. Logo - La Vie Moderne
11. Silver Columns - Brow Beaten
12. Holy Ghost! - Say My Name
13. Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix Kitsuné Edit)  
14. Gypsy & The Cat - Time to Wander (Joan of Arc Remix)
15. Feldberg - Dreamin’
16. Your Nature - Forward Motion
17. The Good Natured - Your Body Is A Machine (Zebra & Snake Remix)
18. Monarchy - The Phoenix Alive (The Octans Edit)

Rainbow Arabia

"Inspired by the purchase of a Lebanese Casio that played microtonal scales and Arabic beats, Rainbow Arabia's propulsive first effort The Basta EP showed a lot of promise blending bossa nova, electro-pop, goth/post-punk, and Middle Eastern music."

Think of early M.I.A. meets Out Hud, mixed with a little Marjoram. The band was cool enough to post an entire remix album on their blog. Click here for the free album

Check this out if you need a little preview:

MP3: Rainbow Arabia - Haunted Hall (We Are The World-Happy ghost remix)

Helsinki 78-82 + Villa Nah

Off in Finland we have Flipper and Koobra of Top Billin's project Helsinki 78-82 making "big city house" club bangers and we have villa nah making 80s new wave goth style dance tracks. They met in the middle and created the lovely "So lifelike". Nothing too crazy just a delicious little dance track. Perfect for fans of bands like Cut Copy. Check out the track and the video for Helsinki 78-82 blood pumping track "cruising".

MP3: So Lifelike featuring Villa Nah - Helsinki 78-82


I love finding out about up and coming bands. I love when said bands give away their EP for free. I love when the EP is REALLY GOOD. Todd Goldstein of the now defunct Brooklyn band Harlem Shakes has been writing and recording under the name ARMS since 2004. In 2009 when Harlem Shakes disbanded he brought in Tlacael Esparza to play drums and Matty Fasano on bass and vocals. Since then they have been writing songs together and recently put out an EP as a preview of what you can expect from their debut full length. The music itself is vocally driven progression of musical layering. The guitar and drums create a perfect little craddle for the melancholic songs. Check out one of the many good tracks off the EP below.

MP3: Heat & Hot Water - ARMS

Dag for Dag

Here's another great band hailing from Sweden, Dag for Dag (with two dots over the "o").
They are a two-piece band from Stockholm. Comprised of two siblings (Sarah Parthemore Snavely and Jacob Donald Snavely) who were separated and then left to search for eachother their whole lives.

Hop over to their site for their full story, photos, videos & more!

Their debut album, Boo was released in February digitally everywhere.

The guitar, the piano and both vocals, gives the album an overall dark, heavy and melodic tone that I can't stop listening to from beginning to end!

MP3: I Am the Assassin - Dag for Dag

Ryan Evans :: Garden Spring Mix

Just in time for the Spring my homeboy Ryan Evans who I spin with week-ends at The Vagabond just posted this sweet Garden Spring Mix for your listening pleasure that features many of the tracks that get you boogey-ing on the dancefloor.

Here's the tracklisting/soundcloud. You can download it right off the soundcloud off that little arrow pointing downwards. Do it!! I just said that with my best Ben Stiller impersonation. So you kinda have to download it now. K, thanks!

Garden Spring Mix by ryanevansmusic 

1. Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions
2. Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Hot Toddy Remix)
3. Breakbot (feat. Irfane) Baby I'm Your's
4. Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Classixx Remix)
5. Keneddy - Karate
6. Hot Chip - One Last Stand (Album Version)
7. Chromeo - Night by Night (U-Tern's Aeroplane Blend)
8. Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
9. Cut Copy - Far Away (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
10. Dj Mujava - Township Funk (Crazy P Remix)


Taking Hype Machine by storm the last week or two is Parisian artist Kavinsky. He recently released an EP called Nightcall which is star studded. Produced by Guy Manuel from Daft Punk, mixed by SebastiAN and featuring guest vocals by Lovefoxxx from CSS. Wow, talk about pedigree! The EP features two new tracks 'Nightcall' and 'Pacific Coast Highway' plus remixes by the likes of Breakbot, Jackson and more.

We can't post the tracks, but here are the Soundclouds for you to sample. Daft Punk lovers will love these! Should hold you off till we get some new-ness from the masters themselves.

In addition to these here's an excellent dancier remix MMMathias sent our way for 'Nightcall' as a Free Download!

Mathias wanted us to mention he will be on the Oz/Trashbags Tour in Australia from 9th to 19th of April. Confirmed gigs so far are::

9th - Trashbags, Melbourne
10th - Trashbags, Sydney
16th - Empire Hotel, Brisbane

Nightcall by Kavinsky

Pacific Coast Highway by Kavinsky

MP3: Nightcall (MMMathias Remix) - Kavinsky  320 kbps

New Panic Bomber EP + ANR Remix

Miami's own/good friend Panic Bomber just released a new EP yesterday called Discipline on YYZ Records. He was kind enough to send a copy our way and as everything this man touches it is golden! All three tracks are solid! He just keeps pumping out them catchy electronic dance jams like he has an unlimited reservoir. My two favorites are 'Discipline' and the slow jam 'Perfection and Grace'.

He and his his label have been kind enough to let us post 'Discipline' on Off the Radar as a Free Download! Sweetness! For a limited time if you purchase a Panic Bomber T-shirt on his site that I linked above you get a Free Link to the Discipline EP as well. Not a bad deal. Music and threads for $15. If you just want the EP you can get the three tracks for a cool $3.

In addition another Miami favorite ANR have remixed 'Perfection and Grace' and sent it our way for distribution. They did an amazing job with this as well. Real subdued/clean remix of the track.

Here is a teaser video for Discipline that looks like it's gonna be an out of this world color explosion! Can't wait to see the finished product. I'll post it as soon as it's released.

MP3: Discipline - Panic Bomber  320 kbps

MP3: Perfection and Grace (ANR Mix) - Panic Bomber  320 kbps

She and Him

She and Him's new video for their single In the Sun almost makes me forget how cold Zooey was in 500 Days of Summer and how boring she was on Top Chef. M. Ward, you're still cool. Hopefully she continues her acting range in music videos and no longer feels the itch to go on the big screen. Then I could totally forget 500 days of Summer happened and go back to loving She and Him all the time. Will this glee-tastic video help heal your 500 days of Summer wounds?

MP3: In The Sun - She & Him

Evan Voytas

Evan Voytas is an LA based singer/multi-instrumentalist. A couple weeks ago his reps sent me his latest single/video for 'I Run with You, Spirit Animal' and for some reason I tried to ignore it. Then I found myself humming the chorus in my head time and time again till I finally realized, it's a pretty damn good pop song! Hope you guys aren't as stubborn as me and accept it for the great little number it is.

MP3: I Run with You, Spirit Animal - Evan Voytas

Broken Bells

Broken Bells is a collaboration between Shins lead singer James Mercer and Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley fame as well being a well known/sought after producer. He produced Gorillaz Demon Days record as well as last years not yet officially released Dark Night of the Soul. The album is self tilted and was released March 9th. Seems this collaboration is not just gonna be a one off but more of a long term thing, which is nice as they will have time to try new things.

It's a great album though not too dissimilar to a Shins record, which I imagine is hard to get away from when you have James Mercer on vocals. It is a mostly a mellow/downtempo record. What happens with me and slower records is that maybe they aren't my favorite right off the bat, but they tend to be growers and over the long haul usually become some of my favorites. I get the hunch that's what's gonna happen with this one. Definitely a great record to jam out to in your car on your daily commutes or late at night.

The first single is called 'The High Road' which reminds me of a Travis song and has an accompanying video of them walking the streets of the night and all that they encounter along the way.

A couple of my early favorites from the album are 'Your Head is on Fire' and 'The Ghost Inside', but like I said that might change with time. These are solid tracks though and will give you a good idea what to expect from the record.

***Update:: Broken Bell's label have asked us to take down these two tracks, but they have allowed us to post first single 'The High Road' + 'Vaporize' track 1 and 2 respectively from the record instead. Both great tracks that will give you a good idea of their sound as well.

MP3: The High Road - Broken Bells

MP3: Vaporize - Broken Bells

WMC Miami 2010!!

Our favorite local Friday Night Party at The Vagabond once again has one of the sickest line-ups for WMC this year! Love that you don't have to deal with the South Beach craziness to catch this sick line-up that includes heavy hitters like Erol Alkan, Aeroplane, Classixx, Rory Phillips, Jessica 6 'Live' and more! Just head on over to were we always go party Friday Nights, The Vag! That was easy.

Another legendary event that takes place every year is the Sunset Cruise Thursdays with Sasha and John Digweed! Last year's event was soo much fun!! I mean free booze, free food, great music and amazing people while you cruise the Miami waterway and the sun is setting. Doesn't get any better than that, trusts! Here are some pics I took at last year's event here. It is limited capacity (due to being a boat and all), but they will be selling 100 tickets to some very lucky people! Here's the details... Good luck!

Thursday March 25th, 2010
The Legendary
9th Annual Sunset Cruise

Due to a capacity of 500, only the 100 Most Interesting people will be chosen to purchase tickets to this event. If interested, please tell us what makes you "Most Interesting" with creative stories or photos and if you are are chosen you will be contacted. Email:

Plus we are very excited about our very own WMC shin-dig!! Off the Radar, (786) & Shuffle Inc's WMC Get Down Wednesday, March the 24th @ Purdy Lounge w/Boy Crisis (NYC) in their Exclusive/Debut Miami Performance!! Here's the info/flyer for that! Buy your tickets now at ticket leap here! All in all shaping up to be an exciting WMC! Can't wait! See you out and about!

Russ Chimes Expressway Mixtape :: Part 1

Russ Chimes Mixtape?!!? Hell Yes! Here's the link to Part 1 of his Expressway Mixtape. Really like the Part 1 from the title cause that probably means there's more to come! Sweetness! Jam out to this mix sure to get your week started off on the right foot, or left, either one is fine. 

 Expressway Mixtape Part 1 by Russ Chimes  (64 Mins // 192 kbps)

Expressway Tracklisting::
1. Russ Chimes – Raceway 036 Intro
2. Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
3. Phonat – Love Hits The Fan (Bestrack Remix)
4. Axwell – In The Air (Grum Remix)
5. The Vanish – Hold On (Russ Chimes Remix)
6. Andrea Doria vs. LXR – Freak Me (Phonat Freak Remix)
7. Popmusichi – Once Again
8. Louis La Roche – Malfunction
9. Patrick Alavi – Come 2 Me
10. Strip Steve – Breakin’
11. Ladyhawke – Magic (Donnie Sloan Remix)
12. Rhythm Droid – Sunrise On Planet Tokyo
13. Denzal Park – Filter Freak (DCUP Remix)
14. Tronik Youth – Disco Suks (Aston Shuffle Remix)
15. Steed Lord – Remember Me (Russ Chimes Remix)
16. Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)
17. Wolfmother – White Feather (Bang Gang Edit)
18. Wolfmother – White Feather (Burns Remix)
19. Tony Senghore – If You Came Here
20. Reset! – If We Try (Russ’ Love Anthem Guitar Solo Edit)
21. Danger – 04h30
22. Dr Kucho – Kung Fu Funk
23. Cassius – 1999 (Reset! Remix)
24. Burns – Fourteen
25. Kavinsky – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)


Yet another great band hailing from Iceland, Reykjavik's Seabear has just released their solid sophomore album We Built a Fire, and I'm loving its heartfelt folky feel. The septet's elegant and melodic use of instrumentation and honest lyricism create a sincere and all around pleasant listening experience. Seabear are amongst the ranks of the many amazing bands playing at SXSW this year, which will be the first stop on their first N. American tour.

MP3: Lion Face Boy - Seabear

MP3: Cold Summer - Seabear

MP3: Fire Dies Down - Seabear