Our NYC friends Streetlab which we wrote about in a Mailbag post way back in 08' here have been busy bee's this year. First releasing their debut album of original material titled "Auto. Spkr." on iTunes and now they're getting ready to release Vol #2 of their famous bootleg remix series.

The first promotional track their releasing for the bootleg series is Peter Gabriel's 80's classic "Sledgehammer". As all the stuff I hear from this duo it's a solid affair and always dance floor friendly. They also sent along an original track from their debut album called "Take Care" feat vocals from their go to girl Noelle. Pretty sweet electro pop number! These guys definitely have an ear for good music. You can preview the rest of the album on their site here.

In addition we also got sent via a separate email a Teen Remix for Streetlab's track "Rat Racer" so I figured I'd post that on here as well. The original is more electro-pop, but this remix is catered more for the clubs with grooving/bumping beats. Should work nicely there.

With no further ado here are all those mp3's in full 320 kbps for your collection. Enjoy and have a great week-end!!

MP3: Take Care (feat Noelle) - Streetlab

MP3: Sledgehammer (Streetlab Remix) - Peter Gabriel

MP3: Rat Racer (Teen Remix) - Streetlab

The Good Natured

Digging this dark electro-pop track "Your Body is a Machine" sent our way by young London artist The Good Natured which is being released July 5th. Seems she's only 18! Doing some great stuff already.

Can't post the track, but accompanying the single are a couple excellent remixes including one that I'm really digging by Zebra and Snake that you can listen to/download below, here's also her video for the track. Have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from her in 2010 and the years to come.

MP3: Your Body is a Machine (Zebra and Snake Remix) - The Good Natured  320 kbps


Boy do I love Achephale Records. They always send us such amazing music. Probably doesn't hurt that their from Sweden, a magical place for pop music. The music artists create there is totally unique and different from anything anyone else being created at any particular moment in time. It's as if their in their own little bubble away from the going-ons of the rest of the world and I kinda like it that way.

This week Acephale sent us a couple new tracks from a new artist on their roster called Korallreven which is a duo comprised of Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjader, keyboardist for The Radio Dept. which quickly explains why I like their music so much. Love Radio Dept!

Anyways both these tracks are from their first single titled "The Truest Faith" and "Loved-Up" and have been cleared for posting. Their debut album is in the works and scheduled for release later in the year. The music is dreamy pop goodness perfect for this time of the year. It gives you the feeling of the skies clearing for the upcoming days of summer. "The Truest Faith" has vocals so I like it a little better, but the instrumental "Loved-Up" is almost as good. Can't wait for more. In the meantime get acquainted with Korallreven.

MP3: The Truest Faith - Korallreven

MP3: Loved-Up - Korallreven

Cosmo Black

Australian trio Cosmo Black are getting ready to release their first original material in June. In the meantime they've gotten a little restless and put together a series of bootleg remixes they've sent our way including their latest "Cosmic Jive (Weren't No DJ)" featuring vocals from Spiders From Mars era David Bowie. Love the remix! Very smooth and chill remix, plus I'm pretty much a sucker for David Bowie's voice. Nice choice.

In addition to their latest they've also previously put together bootleg remixes for Rolling Stones "Waiting on a Friend" and PNAU's "With You Forever". Here are those for your listening/downloading pleasure...

MP3: Cosmic Jive (Weren't No DJ) - Cosmo Black feat David Bowie  320 kbps

MP3: With Your Forever (Cosmo Black Remix) - PNAU  192 kbps

MP3: Waiting on a Friend (Cosmo Black Flyin' Remix) - Rolling Stones  320 kbps

French Horn Rebellion DJ Mix

French Horn Rebellion which we got to meet/hang out with when we saw them perform with our good friends Tigercity last year have sent us a new DJ Mix called "Database Taught Us How to DJ". Indeed they have! It's a great 34 min mix that runs the gamut, but mostly just makes you wanna dance. Couldn't find a tracklisting for it, so your just gonna have to trust our opinion and/or download it and make up your own mind.

Database Taught Us How To DJ :: 34 Mins :: 320 kbps (right click, save as to download mix) 

*** As a bonus here's a French Horn Rebellion remix I came across the other day for Brooklyn, NYC duo Savior Adore's track "Bodies".

MP3: Bodies (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Savior Adore

I'm a Lion

I'm a Lion are an upstart Swedish electro-pop duo that recently sent along their excellent new track/video for "Singer Songwriter". An ode to the stereotypes most singer/songwriters are known for, hehe.. Very witty! Loving the track/creative video. We'll be keeping our eyes on them, you should too!

MP3: Singer Songwriter - I'm a Lion

(Pretty) Girls & Lasers

NYC duo (Pretty) Girls & Lasers contacted us recently with a new remix they did for Ghostland Observatory's track "Sad Sad City" as well as a mini-mix they did called A Taste of Lasers 4 which clocks in at slightly over 10 mins. Always amazed when people can pull off mini mixes that sound good and don't feel like a sensory overload. These guys managed to pull it off nicely, plus any mix featuring Two Door Cinema Club and Dragonette is fine by me. The Ghostland Observatory remix is tight as well! It will definitely be making into my DJ Sets. Maybe yours as well? Check'em out and keep up the great work boys!

MP3: Sad Sad City (Pretty) Girls & Lasers Remix - Ghostland Observatory  320 kbps

(Pretty) Girls & Lasers - A Taste of Lasers 4byprettygirlsandlasers

A Taste of Lasers 4 Mini Mix Tracklisting::
The Phenomenal Handclap Band – 15 to 20 (Den Haan Remix)
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
Classixx – Cold Act Ill (Radio Mix)
Favretto – What’s Your Name (Featuring Naan) (Treasure Fingers Remix)
Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (DCUP Remix)
Dragonette – Fixin’ to Thrill (Villains Remix)
Duotone – You Better Dance (Featuring Rebekah Star)
Michael Jackson – Say Say Say (Moonchild Bootleg)

autoKratz Release New EP

London electronic outfit autoKratz are getting set to return in 2010 with a new album set for release later in the year. In the meantime they're releasing a new EP entitled Kick which you can download for free from their website starting tomorrow here. It features two tracks, the title track "Kick" and instrumental b-side "Skin Machine". Both tracks are killer, but since I'm more of a vocal guy I'm digging the "Kick" track more. Amazingly energetic dance floor jam. The track features blistering guitar work by Primal Scream's Andrew Innes and was produced by Primal Scream's Jagz Kooner. You can be ahead of the curve and download the tracks on Off the Radar now! 

MP3: Kick - autoKratz  320 kbps

MP3: Skin Machine - autoKratz  320 kbps

New Monarchy Video

Loving the new Monarchy track "The Phoenix Alive" that I posted here. Today I saw their amazing 2001 Space Odyssey inspired video for it. Usually take a break Mondays, but with a video this good I couldn't resist. Enjoy!

The One AM Radio

I am really loving this new mega catchy track from LA indie band The One AM Radio. The song titled 'Credible Threats' is from their new 7" of the same name released last week. It also comes with a great retro style 3D music video and the glasses to watch it. Everyone else has jumped on this 3D bandwagon lately, why not music vids! Love that they went old-school with it too.

MP3: Credible Threats - The One AM Radio

Studio Brussels + Yeasayer

Scottish DJ/Production/Remix team Studio Brussels (whom we covered back in Feb here) has taken Yeasayer's amazing track 'O.N.E.', from new album Odd Blood, and turned the once upbeat song into something much more slow and somber. While the original is still my fave version of this track, the Studio Brussels remix is perfect for when you're mood is a little more bleak and actually seems quite appropriate for the songs lyrics. The remix also comes with an excellently bizarre, dark and creepy animated vid.

MP3: O.N.E. (Studio Brussels Remix) - Yeasayer

Quick Looksie from Coachella: Jonsi

I apologize for the delay but I have been traveling a lot for work and play and I must say it's been a great month!

The last couple of weeks have been filled with great music. Between getting new music, seeing a lot of amazing performances and listening to new music in my ears constantly. I have been strongly reminded how powerful music is. Every day the music you choose to play acts as a soundtrack to your life. Just like you pick your own choices to create your life.
At least that's what I like to think...just makes sense.

On that note, I really wanted to share with you quickly before I have to run off for the night (stay tuned for Coachella and NYC music highlights) one of my favorite performances at Coachella - Jonsi.

Jonsi (from Sigur Ros) just recently released his first solo album, "Go" on April 5. Prior to seeing him at Coachella, I had listened to the album 3-4 times and liked the first couple of songs the best. "Liked" quickly changed to amazing, beautiful, and pretty much life changing after each song was played on that stage. The show was on Sunday from 5:55-6:45 at the Outdoor Theatre, which was the second biggest stage. The weather was starting to get cooler from a pretty warm day in the desert and I was with my Coachella crew from Miami whom I stayed and traveled with from L.A. They were a great crew because they all like myself appreciate music very much and that is so crucial on this kind of adventure. Jonsi came out wearing a very appropriate outfit that made him blend in seamlessly with the desert landscape, a shamanic Indian-kitsch outfit to be I've read.

With the start of the first song "Go Do" (first on album), hearing his angelic voice and the combination of the other instruments played with great melody, I just knew it was going to be a fantastic show. It was that and more. One of the best things about a show like this is looking around and seeing so many people smiling, dancing, or even just swaying a little bit in a small area and being able to see something so special. Some concerts you never forget how happy you felt at that time and place. This was definitely one of those for me...I still get goosebumps and a big smile on my face thinking about it. If you ever have the chance to see him, do it!

Here are two clips in the meantime to familiarize yourself with him if you haven't already. One from for the first song of the live performance "Go Do" and the other must be a new song because it's not on the album. I've listened to it already 8 times while writing this!

New MAU Track + Remix

Portugal trio MAU which I previously posted about here recently sent us a new track "Sounds Like Sounds" off their upcoming debut album Backseat Love Songs. Great high energy instrumental dance track that borders on being industrial. I can see myself mixing this track right into an old school Nitzer Ebb or Front 242 track. In addition to the track they included an ODD Remix for it. The remix is a bit more accessible with some added vocal samples. DJ's have at it. They're both good, just kinda depends what time of the night it is and who you're spinning for. Enjoy and have a great week-end!!!

MP3: Sounds Like Sounds - MAU  320 kbps

MP3: Sounds Like Sounds Short Edit (The ODD Remix) - MAU  320 kbps

Laura Escude

Got sent this amazing track/video for LA artist Laura Escude the other day who is gonna be releasing her debut album Pororoca on June 15th. Haven't heard the whole album yet, but this title track/video they sent our way for "Pororoca" is exquisite! The song has a little new age kinda feel to it, but it doesn't step over into the land of cheesy. Beautiful instrumental electronic track and the video only accentuates and enhances the beauty of the track. Amazingly beautiful video.

Seems she is one of the leading authorities on Ableton Live being the first person in LA certified to teach the program. She is also a skilled violinist and composer and frankly by listening to this track you can tell. Very talented lady indeed. Can't wait to hear more. Here's a taste...

MP3: Pororoca - Laura Escude  320 kbps

RAC Remixes Temper Trap

Remix Artist Collective or RAC for short who I've posted about before here and here have sent us a sweet new remix they did for Temper Traps track "Sweet Disposition". Just like everything I've heard from this remix collective so far this one's another dance floor winner. Sure to get you boogie-ing till the wee hours of the night at a club near you. Keep'em coming RAC and as for us, we'll just keep on dancing.

MP3: Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix) - Temper Trap  320 kbps

AXXE + Cavaliers of Fun

Master of that throwback synth sound, Cavaliers of Fun is back with another fantastic remix after the incredible success of their mix of Dragonette track 'Fixin' to Thrill' that I posted here back in November. This time he has worked his magic with Montreal dance-electro duo AXXE's perfect party prep song 'Saturday Night' resulting in a smooth disco dancefloor piece with Cav of Fun's signature sound all over it.

MP3: Saturday Night (Cavaliers of Fun Remix) - AXXE

Operator Please

In keeping with the Australian theme we have going on today wanted to write about the young Australian indie rock band Operator Please. These talented youngsters are about to release their sophmore album Gloves in May. They sent the album our way for review and it is a solid affair! A combination of indie rock and catchy poppy hooks. Digging the whole thing. They have a bright future ahead of them. The lead singer reminds me a bit of a young Beth Ditto from The Gossip with similar power and presence.

Their first single is called "Logic" and it is accompannied by this great video for it. They've been getting tons of blog love, so they are well on their way. With no further ado get to know Operator Please. I have a feeling they will be in it for the long haul.

MP3: Logic - Operator Please

Ted & Francis Cover Flight Facilities

So apparently Australian duo Ted & Francis were asked to do a remix of Flight Facilities track "Crave You", but it seems the boys couldn't figure out how to improve upon the original and decided to do a cover of the track instead. That turned out to be a brilliant idea! Love this mid-tempo electronic interpretation. The male vocals add a whole other dimension to the original which had more of a sweet as candy feel to it. There's room for both, no?

MP3: Crave You (Ted & Francis Cover) - Flight Facilities  320 kbps

Tame Impala

Obsession has struck me again and this time it comes in the form of psych rock from Tame Impala. This Quartet from Perth Australia is on Modular records and creating quite a stir before they drop their debut full length "Innerspeaker" in May (June in the UK and US). Definitely a throw back to bands like 13th Floor Elevators and The Pretty Things. Check out some tracks from their EP below and keep an ear out for the full length.

MP3: Desire Be, Desire Go - Tame Impala

MP3: 41 Mosquitoes Flying In Formation - Tame Impala

Montauk + Remixes

Not much info on Montauk's myspace, but upon further research seems they are a Swedish duo. They sent along this killer electronic piano jam of theirs called "Holiday" complete with a holiday inspired video and tons of remixes by the likes of Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Visitor, Justin Faust with more to come from Tronik Youth, What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow and more. They definitely know the right people!

Besides the original version which is probably my favorite, digging the remixes by Justin Faust and Visitor which is ex-Cobra Dukes. Here they are for your listening/downloading pleasure in full 320 kbps.

MP3: Holiday - Montauk

MP3: Holiday (Justin Faust Remix) - Montauk

MP3: Holiday (Visitor Remix) - Montauk

Peace Project

The fine gentlemen over at Buffetlibre have been hard at work the last 2 years putting together this amazing project called 'Peace' between them and Amnesty International featuring musicians from all over the world contributing 180 exclusive unreleased tracks for AI's campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world. Anyone who contributes money to this project receives the entire catalog of music in full 320 bit rate with the proceeds going directly to Amnesty International in their efforts. 

Not only is this a great cause, but you also get to own all this amazing music from such great artists as:: The Crocodiles, Mogwai, A Place to Bury Strangers, Bonde De Role, Ra Ra Riot, The Antlers, Dan Deacon, Stereo Total, Tahiti 80 and many, many others! Do something good and get something good in return, sounds like a great idea to me! Head over to their Official Site here to find out more and contribute to this great cause!

Here's a little taste of some of the great music being offered. Here's two exclusive tracks that I picked out for you. "Don't Save Your Love" from A Place to Bury Strangers and "Nothing to Be Done" by Crocodiles. That's only two, now go get the other 178 amazing tracks!

MP3: Don't Save Your Love - A Place to Bury Strangers

MP3: Nothing to be Done - Crocodiles

New National Track

As excitement builds on The National's new album High Violet being released May 11th they've released another track from the album on Pitchfork called "Afraid of Everyone" and just like the first track they released "Bloodbuzz Ohio" it is amazing! Cannot wait for this album! Have a listen. If you didn't pick up "Bloodbuzz Ohio" yet you can get that on a previous post I did here.

P.S. Couldn't sign off without wishing everyone a Happy 420!! One day it will be legal and we'll be able to smoke it openly the way cigarettes are, which by the way are a lot worse for your health than pot is. Ditto for alcohol as well. Roll up a fattie and enjoy some amazing music everyone! Cheers!

MP3: Afraid of Everyone - The National  (Streaming Only)

The Stars Return!

Well the Stars are always out there, but Canadian indie-pop band Stars are getting set to return in 2010 with new album The Five Ghosts being released June 22 on their own label Soft Revolution Records. It's their first new album since 2007's In Our Bedroom After the War.  Boy does time fly, feels like that was a new release I was reviewing just the other day. Didn't realize how much I missed the Stars till I heard new single "Fixed" premiered on Stereogum. Her voice is always so lovely and their music so good. Can't wait for the album!

They are gonna be doing a tour in June were they will be performing the new album in it's entirety with the encore tracks to be chosen by fans. Ageless Beauty, Ageless Beauty, they gotta play that one! Vote on their site here. They also do an amazing cover of "This Charming Man" by The Smiths. Hopefully that will be one of the encores as well.

Check out the new track, album tracklisting and tour dates below.... They're also gonna be performing at Lollapalooza this year in August if your going up to Chicago for that. They're right smack in the middle of the line-up.

MP3: Fixed - Stars

The Five Ghosts Tracklisting::
01. “Dead Hearts”
02. “Wasted Daylight”
03. “I Died So I Could Haunt You”
04. “Fixed”
05. “We Don’t Want Your Body”
06. “He Dreams He’s Awake”
07. “Never Been Good With Change”
08. “The Passenger”
09. “The Last Song Ever Written”
10. “How Much More”
11. “Winter Bones”

Tour Dates::
06/01 – Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
06/03 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
06/04 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/05 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
06/06 – Houston, TX @ Free Press Summerfest
06/08 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
06/09 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
06/15 – Seattle, WA @  The Triple Door
06/16 – Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door
06/17 – Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theater
06/19 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
06/20 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
06/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour
06/23 – Los Angles, CA @ The Troubadour

As a bonus here's an 'un-official' video of the Stars covering The Smiths "This Charming Man". Ohhh sooo good!

New Blur Track!

Blur released a limited edition 7' vinyl in the UK of a brand new song "Fool's Day" for record store day this past week-end. Of course that sold out like a flash! Luckily Blur's manager decided to give the track away via the band's website here in exchange for your email/number, etc. That's great news! Been a long time (2003) since we've heard anything new by the amazing Blur.

With this track they take off right were they left off. Short, but sweet and lovely. We can only hope this leads to a full length album/tour. It would be amazing to see Damon Albarn front and center and not behind a screen pretending to be a cartoon :) Come out, come out wherever you are... Your fans await!

MP3: Fool's Day - Blur  320 kbps

New LCD Soundsystem Video for Drunk Girls

Like most people can't get enough of the new LCD Soundsystem "This is Happening". Possibly their best album yet! The only track that I don't like that much is "Drunk Girls". Just doesn't quite match the vibe of the rest of the album in my opinion. Kinda feel like it would have been better served as a b-side. Then they go and release this crazy video for it this week. Kinda makes me like the track a bit more now. Damn you James Murphy!

The Depreciation Guild

The Depreciation Guild is a three piece out of Brooklyn. They've been making music together since 2005 and have a new album coming out called "Spirit Youth". They make sweet dream pop for the kids to fall in love to. Makes me want to hold hands on sunny days in the park, share ice cream cones, make sweet love, etc. Even though there's some use of effects on guitars and vocals their music is too tidy to be called shoe gaze.

Bonus facts: Kurt Feldman and Christoph Hochheim are also members of Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Anton and Christoph are twins! What is it about my posts and twins???

Check out the track "My Chariot" below.

MP3: My Chariot - Depreciation Guild

New Scissor Sisters

So I have been kind of missing in action lately and I have to apologize but I also have to point the finger at those excellent EP's by Twin Sister that I posted about, and the new LCD Soundsystem. They have been seriously taking all my free listening time!

New York band Scissor Sisters is releasing a new album this summer entitled Night Work and they've previewed the track "Invisible Light" on their website. The track itself is a haunting dance piece with an end of days feel. To me it sounds like it was produced by Pink Floyd and Cut Copy. That being said I'd dance into the apocalypse to this for sure!

MP3: Invisible Light-Scissor Sisters

New Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us are back with an upcoming new album titled Again and Again that will be released May 7th! They previously gave us a taste of the album when they unveiled its track 'Never Known Love', now, their latest single 'Forget Me Not' will be available on April 20th, and we've got this smooth dance remix of the melancholy pop ballad for your listening/downloading pleasure!

MP3: Forget Me Not (Second Date Remix) - Thieves Like Us

Gypsy & The Cat

Probably one of my favorite discoveries recently is Australian duo Gyspy & The Cat. Their music is pretty magical! It has this amazing 70's/80's classic soft rock/pop feel to it, but with a modern twist that sounds timeless. Absolutely lovely stuff. Reminds me a bit of the way Van She's "Kelly" made me feel when I first heard it. Has a bit of that energy, like you've somehow already heard it. It was already there somewhere deep in your subconscious.

Their tracks "Till Tomorrow" and "Jona Vark" are amazing! Unfortunately can't post them as they are gonna be releasing them soon, but I recommend you check out their myspace link above and have a listen.

Their track "Time to Wander" remixed by Joan of Arc is being featured on the upcoming Kitsune #9 Compilation and the band have given us permission to post it. It is one of the most beautiful tracks I've heard in a long time. So breezy and light, makes my mind soar just like the lyrics say 'Tiiiiiime to Wander'. This is what good music should do, inspire you and help you forget about your problems even if just for 4 minutes at a time. Prepare to fall in love with Gypsy & The Cat!

MP3: Time to Wander (Joan of Arc Remix) - Gypsy & The Cat

Panic Bomber Discipline EP Remixes

A month ago I wrote about Panic Bomber's new Discipline EP as well as a new ANR Remix here.

This week Panic Bomber released new remixes for tracks from the Discipline EP and the best news is you can get them all for FREE!! Just head over to Panic Bomber's website, hand over your email and then you get a link sent to your inbox were you can download a shiny new mp3 in full 320 kbps.

Besides the excellent ANR Remix which I previously posted, I'm really digging the Jeremy Glenn Remix of "Perfection and Grace". Richard knows me well as he thought this would be the track I would dig the most and he was absolutely right! An excellent dancefloor ready electro-pop tune that will fit perfectly into my DJ sets. Thank you Sir!

Here's that remix for you to download, but head on over to his site and check out the other goodies as well.

*** On a side-note Panic Bomber will be Performing Tonight for the Fridays at The Vagabond 2 Year Anniverssary!! This party has been Miami's Best Indie/Electro Party 2 years running, which is an eternity by Miami standards! So congrats on that! Tonight should be amazing! See you there...

MP3: Perfection and Grace (Jeremy Glenn Remix) - Panic Bomber

Rock n' Rolling to Coachella!

So I'm very excited to be driving down to Coachella right now with my friends and to be able to experience this music festival for the 3rd time. Each year has been phenomenal! The weather is beautiful and I couldn't be happier, except for that fact that many of my friends won't be with me. However, thanks to the internet I am able to share all of this with them and you.

Today I will be seeing (in order of times) DJ Lance Rock, Yeasayer, Hockey, Aeroplane, She & Him, Ra Ra Riot, Passion Pit, Grizzly Bear, La Roux, LCD Soundsystem, Fever Ray and Whitest Boy Alive. Wow and that's justttt the first day!

As the only member of the OTR crew fortunate enough to be able to make this trip, I will be the one whom will be blogging about the festival after I get back to Miami on Tuesday.

I've heard some of the new LCD album (This is Happening) and it is amazing!! This will be my 3rd time seeing them at the festival and both times were so goooooood! So with that I share with you my favorite tune so far "Dance Yrself Clean" (the first track from the album due May 17th). At about 3 minutes in, it drops and the synthesizers come in and makes me want to dance, dance, dance! I'm in love!

The Dig

In keeping with the rock theme of today wanted to do a little post about up and coming NYC indie rock band The Dig.

First heard about them through a booking agent when I was booking Boy Crisis. I asked the agent which bands she was into and one of the bands she mentioned was The Dig. Can't say enough about word of mouth promotions, they're usually the best, especially if the source is good.

Anyways I went on to do a little research and found a couple of tracks of theirs on Hype Machine for "Two Sisters in Love" and "You're Already Gone" and they both knocked my socks off. They remind me a bit of The Walkmen and at times of Supergrass (who RIP called it quits this week after 17 amazing years), but with their own little twist. Really good stuff! Just got their album and still kinda digesting it, but wanted to post these two tracks so you can get started with them at the same time as me. Let's do this together shall we. 

Their debut album Electric Toys is officially released on June the 6th and they are currently on tour with The Joy Formidable. Check their myspace link above for the tour dates. Seems to be mainly up north, you lucky bastards! We always get jipped down here in Miami.

In addition to the tracks here's a live video of them performing "Sick Sad Morning" also from their debut album at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.

MP3: Two Sisters in Love - The Dig

MP3: You're Already Gone - The Dig

We Are Standard

We Are Standard are an indie rock/post punk band from Spain. Recently their reps contacted us and sent us their excellent self titled debut album being released April 26th on Mushroom Pillow. It was recorded in the span of 8 months of back and forth travel between Spain and the UK and it was produced by Andy Gill of Gang of Four fame. Here's some of what their press release had to say about Andy::

The idea behind putting Andy Gill at the controls was to give the band a more minimal sound “We figured he’d strip down the recording, take out some instruments, and give the songs space to breathe. We were expecting something like an electro version of Entertainment! What we didn’t expect, but were equally thrilled to find, was a producer and a band testing the limits of studio production”. ‘We Are Standard’ was polished off and mastered by Simon Davey (Chromeo, Amy Winehouse, DJ Shadow, Scissor Sisters).

Fans of angular type rock bands like Gang of Four, Franz Ferdinand or even The Rapture will love this record! Really great guitar record and great guitar records are hard to come by these days. My favorite songs from the 9 track album are track #3 "The Last Time" their new single released April 5th which has this great borderline R rated video for it as well as a great Arthur Baker Remix of it sitting pretty in the track #8 spot. Also loving "Bye, Bye, Bye", "Easy", "Dont Let The Children Play Around", plus "The First Girl Who Got a Kiss Without a Please" which happens to be the track they've let us post as free download. Sweeet-ness! This track and video will give you a pretty good idea of their sound and hopefully get you excited to find out more about this great up and coming Spanish band. They definitely made fans here at Off the Radar!

MP3: The First Girl Who Got a Kiss Without a Please - We Are Standard

Richard Ashcroft and The United Nations of Sound

I was just about done for the day when I log onto Facebook to see this shiny new video on my friend Joshy Josh's page for Richard Ashcroft's new band RPA and the United Nations of Sound. The track is called "Are You Ready?" Being as I'm a huge Verve/Richard Ashcroft fan I had to post it right away. Hope this video lasts as most of the videos I saw on youtube seem to have the embedding disabled. I really hate that! I think the name on this one managed to sneak through some of the filters, but sure that won't be for long. Pretty damn good track/video of him training and asking 'Are you Ready?' for a big comeback of course. Doesn't much show his face till the end, but that silhoutte and voice of his are unmistakeable.

Hope the rest of the as yet untitled album being released June the 7th on Parlophone is as good as this first single. I can always use a little Ashcroft in my life. They're gonna be doing a European Tour starting in June to coincide with the albums release. The album was recorded in New York, Los Angeles and London, and produced by Chicago hip-hop pioneer No I.D. Read more on his website I linked above. Good to have you back Richard!

The Futureheads Return!

Sunderland UK natives The Futureheads are getting set to make a comeback in 2010 with a new album called The Chaos being released June the 1st via NYC label Dovecote Records.  I remember how much I loved the The Futureheads self titled 2004 album that came out around the same time that I was heavily into Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. These guys were always like their punkier cousins and I loved them and their lead singers distinctive vocal style. They got many plays from me when the indie rock sound was king.

Fast forward to 2010 and I kinda phased out of them for a few years now, but upon hearing their new tracks "Struck Dumb" which has been cleared for posting, plus "Heartbeat Song" which they put out a dating game type video for and I quickly remember why I liked them so. They are quirky and have this amazing energy that they manage to capture in short 2-3 minute bursts. Like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Only thing is the musical landscape has changed a lot since 2004 so wondering if people will take to the album/band as they once did.

They will heading on a tour across America this Summer (their first US tour in more than 4 yrs) to try and take back some of that initial momentum they had. Here are the first confirmed shows with a West Coast schedule to be announced shortly as well. You can pre-order the album here.  

June 1 - Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (Record Release Party!)
June 2 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
June 3 - Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
June 4 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat
June 5 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells
June 7 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club
June 8 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
June 10 - Toronto, ONT @ Mod Club
June 11 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
June 12 - Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

MP3: Struck Dumb - The Futureheads

Two Door Cinema Club / Ted & Francis

Our favorite Irish lads Two Door Cinema Club are back with a new single/video for their track "Something Good Can Work" off their stellar debut record Tourist History out on Kitsune. As everything I've heard from them it's another pop gem. They're on tour now in the States opening up for Phoenix on some shows! Wish I could see that! Check their myspace link above for the dates.

In addition to the new video I found this excellent dancefloor friendly remix for "Something Good Can Work" by another favorite Australia's Ted & Francis. They're label mates with Two Door on Kitsune and have a self titled EP out of their own with a full album in the works. Can't wait! Both these bands are tops. They got their fingers on the pulse.

MP3: Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club  320 kbps


Istanbul, Turkey based indie/electro trio Solardip have been busy the last couple years. Having released their debut album Dip Inside in '09 and now having just released their sophomore EP Diply In Love this month, they are on a roll! Both albums are available in full and free on their website and are oozing with their signature heavy beats with audible Nu-disco, French electro, and synth-pop influences. Very much worth checking out. Can't beat two full free albums! Here are a few tracks that I thought represented them well.

MP3: Tonight - Solardip

MP3: Stage Diving - Solardip