Glitter Bones Remix Twin Sister

Chicago dreamwave/psych-pop artists Glitter Bones have taken on Twin Sister's excellent track 'Lady Daydream' that Erika posted last month here. The remix adds a dreamy new dimension to the track which, considering its title, seems the natural way to go.

MP3: Lady Daydream (Glitter Bones Remix) - Twin Sister

Also, if you wanna hear more of Glitter Bones, here is one of their tracks from their Returning The Magic album. Very Toro y Moi and Washed Out-esque.

MP3: Race To Heaven - Glitter Bones

Arcade Fire Returns!

As most of our OTR readers probably already know, you sly devils you. Arcade Fire returns this year with their new album The Suburbs their first since 2007's Neon Bible. It's scheduled for release August 2nd or 3rd depending were you live. A couple of the tracks from the album "The Suburbs" and "Month of May" have been ripped/leaked from a show/store that sold the double a-side single ahead of time and now they are all over Hype Machine, albeit mostly in crappy 128 kbps versions. I did manage to find a site posted on Pitchfork that had them both in full quality 320 kbps (which makes a big difference in how good they sound), but not sure if we're allowed to post these and I don't wanna deal with take down notices, so I'm just gonna post these up as streams for you to listen to.

So far the reviews have been pretty mixed. Some people really like the very different sounding tracks and some people are really hating them and declaring their career over before they've even heard the whole album. I for one love these! Don't know what the haters are talking about. "The Suburbs" is a lovely happy go lucky summer time anthem and "Month of May" is probably the punkiest I've ever heard Arcade Fire. Yeah they're different, but I don't see what's wrong with that. I like some variety in my music. Who wants to hear the same thing all the way through an album? Not me! Pretty psyched about these. Neon Bible was ok, but it didn't quite live up their amazing debut Funeral.

What do you guys think??

MP3: The Suburbs - Arcade Fire  (Streaming Only)

MP3: Month of May - Arcade Fire  (Streaming Only)


Chief are an indie rock band from Santa Monica, California. They are the latest signing to the excellent Domino Records which are releasing their debut album Modern Rituals August the 17th. Their reps sent over their first single "Night & Day" for us to post and I am digging it. I hear a little Walkmen and a little Beach Boys in here. Curious to see what the rest of the album sounds like.

They are starting a US Tour mainly in the East/West coast areas beginning today. Here is their tour schedule and that first single to wet your appetites.  

Tour Schedule::
May 28th – Philadelphia, PA              World Cafe Live (downstairs)
June 2nd - New York, NY                   Mercury Lounge
June 5th -  Brooklyn, NY                   Union Pool (early show)
June 8th - San Francisco, CA            Hotel Utah
June 10th – Seattle, WA                   The Crocodile
June 11th – Portland, OR                  Doug Fir Loung
June 13th – Santa Barbara, CA         Muddy Waters
June 14th - Los Angeles, CA             Troubadour
June 15th - San Diego, CA                House Of Blues (Salvation Alley Stage)

MP3: Night & Day - Chief

Crystal Cadillac

Our good friend Cosmo (aka Brett Thorngren) who we've written about before here is the epitome of a mad scientist, a mad musical scientist! I'll be hanging out with Brett at a club, he'll get an idea for a song, head out and by the next morning have a fully completed track. It's pretty insane. I guess that's how genious minds work.

Anyways Brett has recently teamed up with long time Miami artist Gil Bitton former lead singer of Endo to start a new project called Crystal Cadillac. They've sent over their first EP which includes a cover/mash up they've done with the classic Siouxsie and the Banshees track "Cities in Dust" and their original track "Love & War". The result, pure dance floor gold!

In addition to the mash-up and their original version they've also recruited fellow Miami native/friend Ryan Evans who we've written about before several times, most recently for his excellent La Roux Remix here, to do a remix of the track. That too came out exquisite. He slowed down the track to great effect, making it a more chilled out version of the original.

Here are those three tracks for you to sink your teeth into. At the pace Brett works I have a feeling we'll be seeing a full length album like next week. No, but real soon I'm sure. We'll keep you updated.

MP3: Love & War/Cities in Dust (Siouxsie & the Banshees Mash-Up/Cover) Cosmo Radio Edit - Crystal Cadillac  320 kbps

MP3: Love & War - (Cosmo Extended Mix) - Crystal Cadillac  320 kbps

MP3: Love & War/Cities in Dust (Siouxsie & the Banshees Mash-Up/Cover) Ryan Evans Remix - Crystal Cadillac  320 kbps

New Bot'Ox Single/Logo Remix

French electronic duo Bot'Ox who I wrote about previously here are getting set to release new single "Overdrive" June the 7th. The track is accompanied by remixes by Logo, Morgan Geist (Metro Area) and Welcome Stranger (Rub n Tug). Heard the Morgan Geist/Logo remixes and they are both excellent! Their reps sent us the Logo Remix for posting which happens to be my favorite. Total dance floor stomper. Press play and get to stepping!

Bot'Ox debut album to look forward to in September!?! Everybody say yeah...

MP3: Overdrive (Logo Remix) - Bot'Ox

Another Black Season

Another Black Season is the solo project of classically trained LA musician Robert Michaels. He sent over a couple of tracks for consideration on OTR and right away I was entranced by his dark synth-pop sounds. Being as I'm a goth at heart I'm always attracted to music with a dark edge to it and this is definitely it!

He sent over a demo for "Blue the Stars" which is not quite ready to be posted and "Tonight's the Best Thing" which is fantastic! Has all those signature synth sounds, dark deep vocals and catchy hooks that always reel me in. Check it out and see if you agree. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from Another Black Season, that's for sure. You can always make space for some good dark pop. Check out his myspace player link above for more goodness that you can get on iTunes.  

MP3: Tonight's the Best Thing - Another Black Season  320 kbps

Cassette Club Single/Remixes

London duo Cassette Club who had that great Passion Pit "Sleepyhead" remix we posted here, recently released their own single of original material called "4 Me". You can preview the original version of the track on their Soundcloud page here. Along with the single they released 4 remixes in all genres and styles to suit almost everyone's tastes. Their label Eye Industries sent the remixes our way for posting in 128 bit rate. Usually not my favorite, but the remixes are so good I thought what the hay, at least it'll give you a good idea.

If you dig these you can purchase the remixes on Beatport for the much better bit rate versions. If you're a DJ and are gonna be playing these out I particularly recommend you pick up the the higher bit rate versions, 128's just won't cut it on a good club sound system.

My favorite remix is the dreamwavey version by Beaumont, but the housey Quinten 909/Livian and dancey Bestrack remixes are solid as well. Enjoy!

MP3: 4 Me (Beaumont Remix) - Cassette Club

MP3: 4 Me (Quinton 909 & Livian Remix) - Cassette Club

MP3: 4 Me (Bestrack Remix) - Cassette Club

James Yuill

One phrase I've been hearing from friends near and far lately, "It's hot"! Well it makes sense since we are vast approaching June and to think we've already come this far in the year is crazy. Nonetheless, summer music along with jean shorts, tank tops and some SPF are all necessities.

James Yuill is from London and his single "On Your Own" (available through iTunes here) begins with a nice bass line and synthesizers that will get dancing in this heat, and his sweet and simple lyrics are easy to sing along to! The upcoming album Movement in a Storm due out June 21 is sure to be one of those summer albums we are longing for.

I think everyday we come across a new genre and Sunday I came across what his music is categorized as "Folktronica", apparently very popular in London and he is quickly becoming one of genre's main squeezes. Fine for me, I love both genres and I'm really digging his music. Sort of reminds me of the ease that goes along with Erlend Oye's, "Unrest" album (2003). To top it all off, I was immediately drawn to the swirl - pinwheel colorful graphic design on both his site and myspace. Hmm, me love colors, imagine that!

MP3: On Your Own - James Yuill

New Marina Cover / Penguin Prison Remix

Haven't written about the lovely Marina and the Diamonds since January. Damn, not from any lack of love, I assure you.

This week we got a fresh new email in our inbox about her. She's releasing a new single "Oh No!" on July the 19th accompanied by remixes by the likes of Grum (who seems to be everywhere lately), Active Child and more! In anticipation of the new release she's giving away a cover she's did live in Norwich of 3Oh!3's track "Starstrukk" which features Katy Perry on guest vocals and has become part of her live tour set.

Hadn't heard the track or band before, but I went ahead and did some investigative work to hear what the original sounded like and it's absolutely nothing like what Marina's cover sounds like. She totally made a banging dance track from 3Oh!3 into a gorgeous heartfelt slow piano balled. Beautiful work Marina! Man I have to see this lady sing live one day. Somehow I feel like she's taken over the torch from Tori Amos and passed it on to a younger generation.

In addition to the cover here is a Penguin Prison remix I had lying around for her track "I Am Not a Robot". Penguin can do no wrong. Great midtempo re-interpretation suitable for an indie dancefloor.

MP3: Starstrukk (3Oh!3 Cover) Live in Norwich - Marina and the Diamonds

MP3: I Am Not a Robot (Penguin Prison Remix) - Marina and the Diamonds

New Radio Dept. Single

Absolutely loving the new Radio Dept album Clinging to a Scheme released last month. Wrote about it and posted the amazing first single "Heaven's on Fire" here. Even Pitchfork gave them a best music rating with an 8.3 (read their review here). The album's been on repeat at my apartment along with the new National and LCD albums. Those three have been my obsessions for the last month or so and will most assuredly be contenders for albums of the year when the Best of 2010 lists come along in December.

Anyways this week their label Labrador sent over their second single "Never Follow Suit" (another one of my favorites from the album) being released June 16th on digital and CD with two exclusive b-sides. They've given us the go ahead to post up the track. Don't have to ask me twice! Here it is and if you haven't gotten the album yet what are you waiting for?? Get to it!

MP3: Never Follow Suit - The Radio Dept.

Faded Paper Figures Return

California electro-pop trio Faded Paper Figures who I wrote about last year here have just released album number two New Medium today May the 25th. They sent along their first single from the new album "Invent it All Again" and just like everything I've heard from them it is excellent! Simple, catchy and soothing music to ease those tensions away. They remind me of the days of electro-pop a-la the turn of the decade (2000). Figurine, Pinback, Notwist anyone? Glad music like this is still being made. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best policy.

Here is that first track/single from their new album. If you like this investigate further. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. You can pick up/preview the entire album on CD Baby or iTunes.

As a bonus here is also "North by North" a great track from their debut album Dynamo that I found in my iTunes library.

MP3: Invent it All Again - Faded Paper Figures

MP3: North by North - Faded Paper Figures

New Hopeless

Our good friend Hopeless (aka Ryan Echaus) who I previously wrote about here, has been hard at work. Penning a new song "Tears Are Not Enough", doing an eerie video cover of the 80's classic "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell, plus starting a new website and new facebook page.  Glad he's on the ball cause this guy's got talent! Add him up and keep it up son!

Here's a funny tid bit he sent me of how his new song came to be. Lol! Gotta put a smile on your face.

'So I was flying first class as I usually do, and of all people Martin Fry sat down next to me. For those of you who don't know Martin Fry, he is the lead singer of ABC. At first I was not to pleased. Obviously he knows who I am and I really didn't want to be bothered at all. I missed my connecting flight back to Hawaii and was stuck at the airport's first class lounge for at least a half an hour. Grueling, I know. 

I tried my best to cover my face but within the first five minutes of sitting down he recognized me. The last thing I need at this point is praise, I'm only human for crying out loud. Needless to say after we got to talking we both thought it would be a good idea for me to put a new spin of one of his songs. He told me that he felt I could put down the anger and torment that he was looking to capture in "Tears Are Not Enough" and being a fan of the song myself, I said, "Yo Martin, no doubt. Let's do this shit son!".

In the end, I flew him back to my studio in Miami and 2 months later, we give you "Tears Are Not Enough", the hopeless version. Enjoy!'

MP3: Tears Are Not Enough - Hopeless

Tokyo Police Club

Ontario's Tokyo Police Club is releasing their new LP "Champ" June 1st and touring with Passion Pit this summer. They put on mean live shows, so make sure you make it to one if they stroll through your home town. They're accepting challenges on their website so if you're really good at something like I don't know pogs or cranium, challenge them and maybe you'll get to face off with them!

I love the fast paced punchy youthful sound put out by this quartet. They're sound is just really tight knit and catchy. There's a lot of bands that put out an LP and then their sound kind of ends up irrelevant but bouncing around and having fun never gets old so not this band. With out further ado here's their infectious single "Wait Up (Boots of Danger)".

MP3: Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) - Tokyo Police Club

New Chapel Club Video

London band Chapel Club who I wrote about here, recently released their new video for 'Five Tree's'. Love this track, so thought I'd share. Enjoy and have a great week-end!!

Plushgun / Buffetlibre Remix

First heard Plushgun when I was sent this amazing dance remix by the boys of Buffetlibre for their track "Mixtapes". Hearing that remix made me wanna go back and find out more about the band.

Seems they are an electro-pop trio from Brooklyn, NY. They have some elements of indie pop/rock in their sound as well which I like, it's a nice mixture. Funny thing I noticed on their myspace is that they are on Tommy Boy records. That sure bring back memories, didn't even know they were still around.

Anyways here is that amazing Buffetlibre remix, plus the original version of the track which was a new track included in the Buffetlibre/Amnesty Peace Project I wrote about previously here.  Their current single is "Dancing in a Minefield" which they have recorded a live video for. Here is that as well.

MP3: Mixtapes (Buffetlibre Remix) - Plushgun  320 kbps

MP3: Mixtapes - Plushgun  320 kbps


Holy hell I just love dream wave. Yeah it's hard to tell the artists apart sometimes, but that's fine with me. I have room for all of them in my heart (and itunes). Well if you're into this trend as much as I am, add Brothertiger's blend of drum loops and distorted vocals off of his "Vision Tunnels" EP to your favorite chill out dream wave mix. Hopefully there will be more music from this Ohio bred musician.

MP3: You're Afraid - Brothertiger

MP3: Vision Tunnels - Brothertiger


Sweden's José González has a side project called Junip and they're giving away their new EP "Rope and Summit" for free. I like the sound of his vocals backed by the eclectic instruments which is reminiscent of some band from the late 60's or early 70's that I just can't quite put my finger on. Check out the title track and my personal favorite "Rope and Summit" below.

MP3: Rope and Summit - Junip

Dancing Heals

Dancing Heals is a band from Melbourne, Australia. Recently they sent us their debut single "Out of This" for review and I am loving it! A smooth flowing indie rock gem. The single also features a couple mellower tracks "Climb Out Your Window", "Chloe" plus a remix of "Out of Time" by James Kane and they are all stellar! Dancing Heals shows a lot of potential and they're off with a bang! Keep'em coming guys!

Here is that single, plus the James Kane remix to get you acquainted and possibly start a new love affair with the band.

MP3: Out of This - Dancing Heals

MP3: Out of This (James Kane Remix) - Dancing Heals

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Definitely unknown, hopefully mortals, and orchestra? Sure okay, why not!? So I know this band is from Portland and that's all any one who picked up on this track by Unknown Mortal Orchestra and posted about it knows.

So here is a little insight into how I pick what to post about. I check out my favorite blogs, go to shows, and talk to friends who deejay or play in bands and they tell me what they're listening to. I then place it on my play list entitled "could it be blog?" and then I go about my day doing whatever it is I have to do while listening to said play list. This little song "FFunny Frends" kept popping up and I said, this is definitely blog. The infectious little melody distorted vocals and guitars, it's exactly what I'm looking for. There's a guitar solo towards the end that is just the cherry on top of this little pop sundae.

Cool story I know. Check out "FFunny Frends" maybe you're new favorite song.

MP3: FFunny Frends - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

New Edward Sharpe Video/Remix

Finally moved into my new place! Did you guys miss me? Thanks to the OTR crew for holding down the fort in my absence! So proud of all the great stuff they posted.

Still not fully unpacked (lots of boxes lying around), but loving my new spot. An amazing view of Miami and the Beach that makes me not wanna ever wanna leave home. This may be a problem. Well maybe not for you guys, cause I'll be home doing posts.

Anyways I was internet-less for like 5 days there, so still playing catch up with all the OTR emails which are starting to get extensive and I have no idea what my favorite blogs have been posting for like the last few weeks. May have to have Mike to start giving me a hand with the emails being sent our way cause there's just too much stuff for me to handle by myself anymore.

Anyways got sent this new video from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for their track "Home", which apparently has been the hot-ness for the last couple of months some friends have informed me. Crazy how you can be so into music and still miss things. There's just too much music being released all the time. Stuff is always gonna fall through the cracks.

Here is that new video which is a collection of some of the bands favorite moments over the last few years, plus a Timmy the Terror remix that was sent our way the other day for their track "Om Nashi Me". Not sure what the original sounds like, but this one is some dancey goodness.


MP3: Om Nashi Me (Timmy the Terror Remix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


MIRRORS, a stylish quartet from Brighton, takes me back to when I was a kid stealing from my Mom's CD collection and obsessing over bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and New Order. Not necessarily because it sounds like them but I can imagine them pouring over the same albums soaking in the influences and taking it into the modern age. The 80's new wave roots on their recordings are undeniable.

They're still finishing up their debut album and currently touring with Delphic whom we've posted about here. Check out their demo "Hide and Seek" and sign up for their email list to receive another single entitled "Organ Song".

MP3: Hide And Seek - MIRRORS

Coachella Day 3 - Last but certainly not least!

Ah the last day of Coachella and a bit nervous for my entry, again. The festival wristbands are scanned everyday you enter so you can not use them again and again. My NYC friend I saw the day before at Hot Chip was leaving to go back to NYC that Sunday morning so I was able to meet up with her boyfriend to retrieve it from him. Although I had the wristband it was broken so I had to somehow attach one side to the other. Without thinking too much about it my friend and I were just gonna use some gum because we were already driving there. Luckily, my friend who was our pilot the whole time said, "Oh no honey, we are stopping to get you some superglue".

We stopped at CVS and I ran through the store to get superglue. Standing in line and this boy (who was apparently under 18 asked if we would buy his rolling papers so we did and he ended up paying for everything we were buying including the superglue ha!) When paying the cashier she asked, "What are you kids doing with this superglue? It's flying off the shelves!" haha I just looked at her and smiled. We got the wristband superglued together along with many other parts of my hand and objects in my purse that somehow got glued together, was quite a scene! ha First day with general admission wristband last day of show, I was thrilled. While smoking a cigarette and holding my hand out the window, I rethought this and said although it is superglued I wasn't going to miss my last day by doing this!

First up, Deerhunter! During their first song they were having technical difficulties so Bradford Cox, lead singer made up a song about Coachella that was brilliant! We got to hear about 4 songs which I really enjoyed and it was just the start of another awesome day.

After Deerhunter we were to meet our crew at Florence and the Machine in the Gobi tent. I'm not too familiar with her and the band but have liked what I heard; however, she was about 15-20 minutes late for whatever reason and you just don't do that when you have only 40-45 min to play! We ended up only hearing a bit of the first song and then left to meet the rest of our friends.

Next up, Jonsi, the guitarist and vocalist for Icelandic Post-Rock band, Sigur Ros. I had listened to his solo album "Go" a few times and liked the first few songs but didn't really give it the attention it deserved especially after experiencing him live. Woah, simply amazing and a life changing experience. I wrote about it before any of the Coachella posts here. If you ever have the chance to see him, DO IT!

I enjoyed Jonsi show so much that I didn't want to leave early to go hear the beginning of Spoon's show because I had seen them before (although they are one of my favorites)! Staying until the end was SO worth it!

A girl in my crew and I ran to go catch Spoon, who was playing at the Main Stage. They so deserved after all of their years of playing to play on this massive stage at Coachella. Her and I were in the beer tent just behind the fence to see them play which was great because we had lots of room to dance! We danced and danced, and had such a great time! Their album, "Transference", released earlier this year is my favorite one since "Kill the Moonlight" (2002) and "Girls Can Tell" (2001) because it had the same feel as these and didn't seem as overly produced. There are great songs on each album in between; however, I feel as a whole this new one was the best! It is also so far one of my top albums of the year.

Next up, Phoenix at the Outdoor Theatre. By the time we got there it was completely packed so we took a place in the back where we could still clearly hear it and have room to dance. I saw Phoenix for the first time last summer in Brussels and it was a great concert! I had been wanting to see them for so many years and was pretty close for that show so for this one and being the last day, the back was fine for me! Also at this point our feet were feeling it and me having a previously broken toe and fractured foot, Coachella was pretty rough on it so we sat down yet again in the beer tent!

Lastly, we caught a little bit of Thom Yorke but from very far back because one of the people I was with despises him (that's all I'll say) and I wasn't about to lose my crew on the last day, last show we would see! Although somehow I managed to do that by making a trip to the loo and not being able to find them but 30 minutes later! ha

We skipped to go back to the parking lot to our car for fear of just like the first night and waiting 2.5 hours in the lot when we were all just done at that point. I know my music belly was way more than just content after all 3 days! Two of us skipped, raced and laughed through the parking lot as our crew were the only ones in the lot. Damn, it was a great Coachella!

Favorite songs played!

Deerhunter "Coachella song"

Deerhunter "Never Stops"

Spoon "Got Nuffin"

Spoon "Written in Reverse"

Phoenix "Lisztomania"

Phoenix "Lasso"


Lately I've been getting a kick out of boyfriend/ girlfriend bands, especially this little duo out of Manhattan called, Cults. A relatively new band, they have an impressive first tour ahead of them, opening for Maps and Atlases. Many are raving about their single "Go outside" which has a 60's do wop feel to it, but my personal favorite is "Most Wanted". Currently they're working on a full length album, until then you can download their 7'' for free here.

MP3: Most Wanted - Cults

MP3: Go Outside - Cults

Oh, my favorite unnecessary fact about the pair, their song is "You Don't Own Me" by Leslie Gore. Which I'll post here since the band have no videos. There's always room for nostalgia, right?

Midnight Juggernauts

New track from Melbourne Australia's Midnight Juggernauts has been on repeat today. "Vital Signs" may start off as non threatening, but the drums kick in around the thirty second mark accompanied by haunting vocals and the seamless progression equaling crack cocaine to my ears. Cannot wait for "The Crystal Axis" to drop May 28th. If Midnight Juggernauts is a new name to you, their album "Dystopia" is a must have.

This track gives me the feeling in my gut I get when listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon". Fans of Cut Copy and The Presets will love this.

MP3: Vital Signs - Midnight Juggernauts

Keepaway (update)

So I came across this new track for Keepaway whom I posted about a few months ago. They are dropping their debut EP "Baby Style" May 18th on Lefse Records. I for one am super excited for this release. Check out the new track "5 Rings" and this cool video for "I think about you all the time" below.

They still remind me of Animal Collective and I still want to take them to cougar town (aka my bedroom).

MP3: 5 Rings - Keepaway

La Roux (DJ Ryan Evans Remix)

One of our Off The Radar extended family members DJ Ryan Evans has conjured up this remix to La Roux's "Bullet Proof" and took it to the dance floor at 1 am. I am loving the blend with her voice and the music. I might even say it's a better fit then the original! See for yourself below.

Keep the remixes coming Ryan!

La Roux Bulletproof (Ryan Evans Remix) 1 by ryanevansmusic


Let's imagine that Talking Heads was female, and The Clash was male and they had a child she never told him about. Like, "Oh hey The Clash this is Psychobuildings, Your child. Sorry about all the weird samples, I had an affair with Kraftwerk when he was very young."

Well in the landscape of music this is how I'd like to say this band came about but what really happened is Psychobuildings is Brooklyn resident (by way of Washington D.C.) Peter LaBier. He released a 7" on All Hands Electric featuring two singles. I like my story better.

MP3: Portrait - Psychobuildings

MP3: Birds of Prey - Psychobuildings

New Pains of Being Pure at Heart Track/Video

We've covered these NYC wonders of shoegaze indie pop that call themselves The Pains of Being Pure at Heart several times now, but I just can't get enough! I never get tired of their fuzzy melancholic sound and consistently catchy melodies, so I'm always on the lookout for new stuff from them. Today, to my delight, not only did I see they have a new track 'Say No To Love' from their upcoming 7" also titled Say No To Love, but they have also released a fantastic brand new vid for their previous single 'Higher Than The Stars'. Great stuff, enjoy!

MP3: Say No To Love - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Pony + Whatever/Whatever

Peter PONY Clement is a fixture in the NYC downtown nightlife and art scene as a DJ, songwriter, promoter, dancer, and performance artist. He originally came to study at F.I.T. but ended up crossing paths with producer/DJ duo Bryan Mette and Justin Strauss (Whatever/Whatever). Now, with PONY writing and performing the lyrics and Bryan and Justin on the boards they started work on a debut EP.

You can definitely hear the Whatever/Whatever influence on the single "Friction" and the vocals kind of remind me of a gothic Trouble Andrew. Can't wait to hear what this collaboration comes out with! Check out the single and Bryan Mette's remix under alter ego Carlton Bank$ below.

MP3: Friction - Pony

MP3: Friction (Carlton Bank$ Remix) - Pony

Hot Spa

In a few weeks I begin my double life splitting time in NYC and the Hamptons, and I know exactly the song to kick off my weekly bus trip with. This little ditty "Kiola Beach" by Hot Spa from Sydney Australia is a perfect beach companion!

Not too much to say about the music since its the only song I can find by the group, but this track is a good time. Hopefully we get a few more jams out of them since the style is so perfect for summer fun!

MP3: Kiola Beach- Hot Spa

Coachella Day 2!

I know it's been a week since Coachella Day 1 but I've been swamped with lots of new exciting, time-consuming projects for my portfolio! If you haven't read the craziness of day 1, it's here.

On day 2 I woke up refreshed and well rested, but still nervous on how I was going to get in (hoping it wouldn't be as much of a hassle as the first day). I had spoken to two friends the previous night and morning (one whom were in my crew) to see if they had any leads for my entrance. One of the girls I was staying with had a friend whom was working for one of the sponsor companies and he was pretty sure that he could help me out. We had to meet him in one of the parking lots so that he could pick her and I up on an employee golf cart. He gave me a wristband that wasn't the official festival bracelet but thought if I just wore it while on the golf cart just in case the staff was checking us back by the employee entrance. We rode right through the first check point and then right through the second one! Well that was quite a difference to the first day, fewwwwf! I was so excited for all of the bands I wanted to see that day and that I knew now I was going to see.

First stop was the end of The Almighty Defenders at the Gobi tent, which was a fun way to start the day and my first time being with my four friends I had come with. The crowd was in between still being tired and/or hungover from the day before and some people that had started swaying and dancing a little (especially those at the front, of course). That was the start of an amazing day.

I heard Camera Obscura for a second on the way to the beer tent for some refreshments and it sounded just as I had imagined, whimsical and pretty. Although I wanted to stay longer, we had an agenda to follow!

We all headed over to Temper Trap at the Outdoor Theatre and I'm glad we were able to see most of the show because they really played a great show with lots of emotion especially through the singer, Dougy Mandagi's voice. The Outdoor Theatre was really the hot spot for the day because following T.T. was Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, the XX, Hot Chip, MGMT and Dead Weather (although I didn't catch last two because I was running around elsewhere networking!).

For Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros we were pretty close up because we all really wanted to see them badly. Their song, "Home" had been our theme song the entire trip. My friend who helped me get in that day was the group photographer and videographer and she made sure to make a video of all of us in the car, dancing and singing to "Home" on the way down to Palm Desert on Friday. It was awesome!

The show was all we had expected and more. It was such a heartfelt, fun and so well instrumented show because of the chemistry between all members and especially by the lead singer, Alex Ebert and lead female vocalist, Jade Castrinos. During the show, Alex Ebert accidentally dropped the mic on a guy's forehead in the front row and gave him a nice gash that started to bleed. Alex took off his tank top and wrapped it around the guy's forehead! The guy seemed to be alright because he just stayed there the whole show and enjoyed it to the fullest like the rest of us did. Of course "Home" their big hit was played last and the whole crowd went as crazy as they could. It was a perfect ending to one of the best shows that weekend.

Our crew went for a little break after it was over and of course should have known we'd get split up from each other but the rest of the day was spent with various other groups of friends from MIA and NYC.

When realizing the XX was on, a group of us went running back to the Outdoor Theatre. Being as close as I was for the last show, I didn't mind standing back quite further as thousands of people were already close to the stage. The XX was one of my very anticipated bands on my list to see and I have to say they were just good not excellent. All the other bands had played such great live shows and the XX just sounded like the album (which I absolutely love) but there was no added goodness and extended rocking out like other bands had already done. The Outdoor Theatre is a huge stage and c'mon it's Coachella! They really needed to take it up a couple notches. Perhaps if they would have played on a smaller stage the impact would have been larger. Nonetheless, I danced and enjoyed myself especially to my favorite song, "VCR".

Over and over it was and Hot Chip was on! I've seen them 2 other times (Miami - Winter Music Conference 06 & Coachella 07) and it's always been a great show full of energy from the quirky band members and a whole lot of jumping and dancing coming from everywhere. We had about 7 of us there from Miami and all of us have done a lot of Hot Chipping & dancing at parties so we were all smiling from ear to ear and singing loud... awesomeness! I ended up standing right next to my friend's girlfriend from NYC whom was by herself (and her phone was dead so told her she should stick with me!). You never know who, when and where you are going to run into somebody at a festival of this magnitude!

Her and I ended up running through Faith No More's crowd to go meet her boyfriend at the beer tent and do some mingling and networking. We heard a little bit of Muse while being up there but at that point I was just enjoying being right where I was.

With my new group of friends I had met we went off to Die Antwood (rave crew from South Africa as noted on their site) at the last tent, Sahara, all the way on the other side of the festival. I had never heard of them and it was definitely an interesting show to see with their costumes and visuals. I would have rather seen Dead Weather but because of who I was with really wanted to see them and having to leave with them afterwards, I really didn't have much of a choice at that point. I enjoyed myself of course and danced my little toosh off with the last bit of my energy left after 11 hours of goodness.

After Coachella we went to the Armani Exchange and 944 Neon Carnival party which was a lot of fun and a whole other story! Let's just say some of Temper Trap and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros crew were there and I got to pick up an Oompa Loompa! Haha

Coachella Day 3 very soon!

Here are some of my favorite songs from that day!

Slow Animal

Summer is fast approaching, and I don't know about where you all live, but here in Miami it's getting pretty damn hot and balmy. The way I see it, nothing is better on these lazy, hazy summer days than some good fuzzy lo-fi garage rock. Which brings me to New Jersey band Slow Animal, who have not only created some amazing 60's inspired surfer garage rock, but have also made their latest four track, self titled EP available to download for free in its entirety! So gear up for the sunny season and download a few of the tracks here then head over to Slow Animal's BandCamp site to get the rest! Bring on the fuzz, bring on the reverb and bring on the summer!

MP3: Sitting Here - Slow Animal

MP3: theFUNsun - Slow Animal