Murder Mystery

In keeping with the indie pop theme of today here is some more good-ness sent our way by NYC band Murder Mystery. They've been busy recording new music after the release of their 2007 critically acclaimed debut album 'Are You Ready for the Heartache Cause Here It Comes' and have just re-surfaced with two fresh new gems "Change My Mind" and "I Am (If You Are)". Love the male/female vocal sharing duties which I'm always a sucker for. Their sound will appeal to fans of bands like Belle & Sebastian, Pains of Being Pure at Heart and the like. Check them out, if you like what you hear download those baby's! They are Off the Radar approved and cleared for posting!

MP3: Change My Mind - Murder Mystery

MP3: I Am (If You Are) - Murder Mystery

Youth Sounds

Got sent this 3 track EP called The Bit Parts by New Orleans indie pop band Youth Sounds for review and I am loving it! Great tunes sure to cheer you up if you're feeling down and only take you higher if you're feeling good. The female vocals are lovely and the music matches it perfectly. I can't get enough of the opening track "As Strangers Would" and the closer "What Is It Like". A band to watch out for. Have a gander and see if you agree...

MP3: As Strangers Would - Youth Sounds

MP3: What Is It Like - Youth Sounds

Gobble Gobble

Canadian Cecil Frena's project, Gobble Gobble, impressed me right away with his trippy music page layout he has going that it's beyond me to doubt his abilities to create some outlandish but incredibly catchy beats. After a few songs in, his music just sent my mind into a black hole. With this remix, he's managed to send Persona La Ave's "Beach 2" into another dimension. I would love to catch him on tour with Montreal's Braid this summer, but unfortunately I would have to transport myself to Canada. If you are lucky enough to do so then check out the dates here. If not, download his latest songs released on Beko's new summer release.

MP3: Persona La Ave - Beach 2 (GOBBLE GOBBLE's R. Kelly Magic Carpet)

MP3: Gobble Gobble - Lawn Knives


Loving the few new tracks Knoxville, Tennessee's Coolrunnings have released as a preview for forthcoming album Teenage Tn. Both oozing with lo-fi goodness, I particularly enjoy the more recent of the two 'I am You' with its evident New Wave qualities. Both tracks share those hazy vocals so popular right now with the many surfer-garage band inspired indie bands floating around out there at the moment, a movement in music that I have actually been quite fond of.



BONUS: Also found this pretty cool remix of 'I am You' by Manchester, UK's Star Slinger, who I also recommend checking out. He's got some pretty cool stuff.



Dutch electronic duo Mason are getting set to release a sweltering dark dance single exclusively on Beatport July the 5th and August 9th everywhere else called "You Are Not Alone". To coincide with the release they are giving away two of the remixes of the track by Paolo Mojo and Zoo Brasil in full 320! They are both excellent and prime for peak time dance floor action.

They also have an amazing animated video for the track that you can check out below. One of the most beautiful video's I've seen in quite a while! Simply gorgeous piece of art! Love, love this track/video!

MP3: You Are Not Alone (Paolo Mojo Remix) - Mason  320 kbps

MP3: You Are Not Alone (Zoo Brazil Remix) - Mason  320 kbps

Au Revoir Simone Release Remix Album

NYC indie pop trio Au Revoir Simone are getting set to release an album of remixes called 'Night Light' July 5th on Moshi Moshi Records. It will feature artists as diverse as Aeroplane, Neon Indian, Silver Columns and others remixing a track from their third album 'Still Night, Still Light'. Their reps sent along 3 of the remixes by Aeroplane, Neon Indian and Clock Opera as Free Downloads for our readers in full 320 kbps! You know those names got my attention quick. I'm digging them all! Particularly loving the Clock Opera Remix and the Aeroplane Remix! This remix record's gotta be great if these are any indication. Don't even think about it, just right click and save these! Trust!

MP3: Another Likely Story (Aeroplane Remix) - Au Revoir Simone  320 kbps

MP3: Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix) - Au Revoir Simone  320 kbps

MP3: Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix) - Au Revoir Simone  320 kbps

Blonde Redhead Returns

Been a while since we last heard from NYC's amazing Blonde Redhead. 2007 to be precise with their excellent album 23. To my surprise I found them sitting pretty on Hype Machine's most popular the other day, so I read up on some of the blogs and it seems they have given away a new track on their site in exchange for your email. Not a bad trade-off, the track is stupendous! Very nice! I can never get enough of their gorgeous music and that lead singer's sultry voice. Hopefully this means a new album's in the works. One can only hope.

MP3: Here Sometimes - Blonde Redhead

New Sambassadeur Single/Video

Sweden's Sambassadeur who released their excellent album European earlier this year (click here to check out my review/grab a couple tracks) have just released a video for their new single "I Can Try" being released July 7th. It's one of my favorite tracks from the album. Super breezy and light fare for these hot summer days. The video was directed by Philip Ekstrom from The Mary Onettes and stars the director's 8 year old nephew. Think he's got a career in cinema. He did a great job! Here is that new single/video courtesy of their label and my favorite purveyors of Swedish pop music Labrador.

MP3: I Can Try - Sambassadeur  320 kbps


Breton is an exciting new film makers/band hybrid from London. They have a new EP called Sharing Notes (second in a trilogy) which is being released July 5th physically and July 12th digitally. They sent along 3 tracks from the EP "The Well", "Penultimate" & "15X" and I'm digging them all!

Something cool they're doing for the physical release is including directions on a hand-made circuit board which shows you how to make your own synthesizer! That alone may be worth getting the physical copy of the release. You can see them making one of the synths in their video for "15X". Sounds a bit too difficult for me (I'd surely screw something up), but maybe for those of you better with your hands you might wanna try that out. It would be pretty cool, even if just for fun.

Here's a couple of those tracks in full 320, plus that video for "15X".

MP3: The Well - Breton  320 kbps

MP3: Penultimate - Breton  320 kbps

Hooray For Earth + Twin Shadow Remix

Quartet Hooray For Earth was formed about five years ago in Boston but currently call NYC their home. I was introduced to them by one of my favorite NYC acts, Twin Shadow, after he sent me a remix he did for them. They're playing a show together July 22 at Cakeshop in NYC and you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. Both acts are bright lights in the over crowded NYC music scene.

Twin Shadow recently released a new song "I Can't Wait" which can be download by entering your email on the top of his myspace page. He is also releasing another new track co-produced by Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear) as well as a remix for Surfer Blood's "Floating Vibes".

Check out the track "Surrounded By Your Friends" and it's adorable video below as well as the "Surrounded By Your Twins" Twin Shadow remix.

MP3: Surrounded By Your Friends - Hooray For Earth

MP3: Surrounded by Your Twins (Twin Shadow Remix) - Hooray For Earth

Wild Nothing

I am always on a quest to find new music to soundtrack my city life via ipod and it's always interesting how it comes my way. Wild Nothing was originally sent to my email by an ex-boyfriend but I filed it under boring just because I didn't really feel like having anything in common with this person anymore. Well I am going to have to wave the white flag because he was right. This semi melancholic youth love rock (yes I just made up a genre but most people call it shoe gaze or dream pop) is right up my alley. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is another example of "semi melancholic youth love rock".

Jack Tatum of Virginia is the creative behind the songs playing and recording everything in a home studio and tours with Jeff Haley Nathan Goodman. He released a full length entitled "Gemini" on Captured Tracks May 25th. Check out their tracks "Summer Holiday" and "Bored Games", if you like it pick up the album!

MP3: Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing

MP3: Bored Games - Wild Nothing


With a band name like Grouplove, you automatically think positive thoughts and for good reason.

After all 5 band members met on the small Island of Crete in Greece, their musical inspiration and ambition to create something together was without a doubt what they wanted to do. They made music the entire summer in Crete and realized they all had a very strong bond together and thought of returning to their respected cities seemed like such a waste. Shortly there after they all decided to continue on this music journey together and the other 4 members moved to LA where one of the members already lived. You can read their story on their myspace.

Grouplove's single, "Colours" is all over the blog scene and it's another great tune that has a fun summer feel to it. The self-titled EP came out on May 4 and can be purchased via iTunes. The lead singer, Christian Zucconi's voice reminds me a little bit of Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse which brings back some great old memories for me. Grouplove is another new indie band that is sure to keep climbing the charts with attention they have already received from "Colours" and their EP.

MP3: Colours - Grouplove

Jump Jump Dance Dance "Modern Eyes" Remixes

Jump Jump Dance Dance who's video "Modern Eyes" I posted a couple weeks ago here, are getting set to release the single digitally June 25th. As a bonus to coincide with the release they are giving away two remixes of the track by Beni (ex-Riots in Belgium) and Bit Funk. Digging them both. Funky re-interpretations are always a good thing. If pressed I think the Bit Funk Remix has a slight edge, but they're both quality remixes suitable for a dance floor near you and both in crystal clear 320 kbps! Thanks guys!

P.S. If you like the Bit Funk remix below check out his Soundcloud. He's got tons of other remixes and originals you can download for Free as well. Score!

MP3: Modern Eyes (Bit Funk Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance  320 kbps

MP3: Modern Eyes (Beni Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance  320 kbps

New Pains of Being Pure at Heart Video

NYC indie-pop darlings Pains of Being Pure at Heart who we've written about many times before just released a new video for their latest single "Say No To Love" being 'officially' released July 5th. A happy go lucky summer time video perfect for this time of the year. Check it out...

P.S. You can pick up that new track from Pains on OTR if you haven't already. Mike posted it last month here

Interpol Returns

The stylish NYC band Interpol is back with as yet untitled album #4 set for release September 14th.

Seems their infamous bass player Carlos D who participated in the recording of the new album has left the band and will not be joining them in their upcoming tour. Sad to see Carlos go as he was a big part of their sound/style. The reasons given for the departure is that he will be pursuing new goals. Hmmm, sounds like creative differences to me. It happens, especially when your with a band for so many years. Anyways the band has released a free single from the album called "Lights" as well as an accompanying futuristic/fetish/drug video that is spectacular!

On top of Carlos leaving a little more bad news for the band who was set to open up for U2 in their upcoming summer tour which was cancelled due to Bono's recent back problems. They had to schedule their own tour. That's a bummer because they were sure to make tons of new fans opening up for U2 who packs stadiums everywhere they play. Check here to see if they will be making a tour stop near you. For us Miami-ans they will be performing at The Fillmore on Miami Beach 8/21!!! Can't wait! I love that venue!

Here is that new track and video to wet your appetites. A lot rides on this new album. Could be the one to make or break them as it seems many people were disappointed with their last one 'Our Love to Admire' and maybe even sophmore record 'Antics'. Me NOT being one of them. Pfffff, the critics.

MP3: Lights - Interpol  320 kbps

New Crystal Castles Video

Just saw the new Crystal Castles video for "Celestica" on Pitchfork. She's looking good and this is one of the tracks were there's actual melody in it, yes! Now if only they could do a show were she wasn't screaming like a mad woman and cut down on the noise a bit and we'd be good. We'll keep our fingers crossed. They're scheduled to perform here in Miami at Grand Central in September.

Marco Mahler

Marco Mahler is a minimal solo artist from Portland, Oregon he is getting set to release his sophmore album Laptop Campfire Speed, June the 29th. He sent over the first 7 tracks from his new album and let us pick the 3 we like best to post for our readers. I kinda like that system. I am digging all the tracks he sent our way, so it wasn't an easy decision to make. He mixes minimal electronic music with traditional instruments for a very lovely effect. At times he reminds me of Grandaddy and he will probably appeal to fans of theirs. If you dig these tracks sign up to his email list on his site I linked above as he will be releasing one new song from the album every week.

Here's three of my faves to get you started...

MP3: The Trees Have Fallen and the Birds Are Ripe - Marco Mahler

MP3: Beautiful Monsters - Marco Mahler

MP3: I'll Just Find a Million Other Things to Do - Marco Mahler

The Foxymorons

The Texas/Tennessee duo The Foxymorons return after a 5 year break with new album Bible Stories set for release August 24th. Seems they recorded the album in a creaky basement during the freezing winter months in Nashville, Tennessee. If you're a fan of bands like Wilco or Pavement then these artists will be right up your alley. They sent along a free track from the album cleared for posting called "Skinny Cow Blues" and I am loving it! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. If this track is any indication we're in for a treat.

MP3: Skinny Cow Blues - The Foxymorons

Bible Stories Tracklisting::
1. Out of Control 
2. Skinny Cow Blues
3. This Too Shall Pass
4. Say it Aloud
5. Big Decision
6. We All Crawl
7. Sick of California
8. Mesketeers (Sweet Sixteen)
9. All You Ever Wanted
10. Bible Stories

Little Loud Remixes Memory Tapes

Don't know much about UK artist Little Loud except that they know how to do a mean remix. This remix they sent our way for Memory Tapes track "Bicycle" is top notch! It takes a while to kick in, but when it does around the 2:20 min mark it's heavenly. Wait for it... ahhhh.

MP3: Bicycle (Little Loud Remix) - Memory Tapes  320 kbps

New Golden Ages

Philly's experimental dreamwave sensation Golden Ages, who I posted about here back in February, is back with a new free EP. The new EP is being released as an appetizer for his new LP coming out sometime in the not-so-distant future! How coincidentally appropriate that the EP is titled Africa for his fantastic cover of Toto's amazing classic hit, considering that the World's eyes are on the World Cup in South Africa right now! Obviously the guy has some excellent taste in music as well as a good sense of timing!

MP3: Africa (Toto) - Golden Ages

MP3: It Doesn’t Mean Shit - Golden Ages

BONUS: Here's a few quality remixes Golden Age has recently done of tracks by the two ultra-hot-right-now Florida musicians MillionYoung and Surfer Blood!

MP3: Twin Peaks (Golden Ages Remix) - Surfer Blood

MP3: Day We Met (Golden Ages Remix) - MillionYoung


Pigeons is a three member band led by the melodious vocals of Wednesday Knudsen, followed by the talented Cater Thornton and Clark Griffin. Their debut LP, Si Faustine, is set to release through Olde English Spelling Bee on June 28. Olde English Spelling Bee is a label to watch, with many more buzz worthy bands releasing on same date such as Julian Lynch. Cerebral and rich, Pigeons stands apart from many bands trying to reach this sound by not getting to lost in a shoe gaze haze. Buy their debut LP here!

MP3: Wrong Man - Pigeons

Remix Friday

Had a bunch of cool remixes lying around so I thought I'd hit you guys up with some of those to help you get your groove on this week-end! Yay? Nay? Hope you like'em.

Thanks to the remixers for sharing their work! Keep sending them in >>>

P.S. If you're in Miami don't miss our friends Crystal Cadillac making their Debut Performance Tonight @ The Vagabond! Can't wait! See you there...

MP3: I Won't Kneel (Beaumont Remix) - Groove Armada  320 kbps

MP3: Work this City (Ryan Evans Remix) - Body Language  320 kbps

MP3: Earthquake (CJJ's Snakes & Ladders Remix) - Little Boots  192 kbps

MP3: Afraid of Everyone (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix) - The National  320 kbps

MP3: Too Long (Teen Remix) - Daft Punk  320 kbps

MP3: Keep the Lights On (Artwork Remix) - Wave Machines  160 kbps

Ashton Nyte

South African born and current US resident Ashton Nyte who used to be in goth band The Awakening just released his first US album 'The Valley'. 

His reps contacted us with his first single/video "Jennifer" and I am loving it! He has an amazing deep baritone voice reminiscent of artists like Peter Murphy and David Bowie and I am a sucker for that. In fact the people from South Africa dubbed him "Johannesburg's Bowie". Indeed he has a spectacular voice and although I haven't heard the whole album yet this first track is a heck of a start.

Here's that first video/single for you guys to sample and maybe peak your interest in checking out more from this amazing artist. You can sample/pick up the rest of his album at retailers like amazon or iTunes.

MP3: Jennifer - Ashton Nyte

New Edwin Van Cleef June Chart Mix

UK's Edwin Van Cleef who we've covered before here is back with a sweet new DJ Dance Mix for June and it's perfect timing as the week-end is upon us! You can put the mix to good use as you're getting ready to head out to the clubs or maybe if you go out for a jog. Heck, whenever you want really. Sample the mix on the soundcloud below and if you like what you hear press that little arrow facing downwards on the right there and download that baby to your hard drive. I sure did.

P.S. The first track in the mix is that great remix Alan Brake did for Visitor's track "Los Feeling" that we posted recently via you tube, but which was quickly taken down. Here's your chance to get that in mix form. 

June Mix Chart by Edwin van Cleef

Visitor - Los Feeling (Alan Braxe Remix)
Volta Cab - We Are Martians
Starchaser - A New Society (Thomas Schwartz Remix)
Benny Benassi feat. Kelis - Spaceship (EDX Remix)
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Axwell Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Fear of Tigers Remix)
Alex Gaudino - I'm In Love
Sebastian Drums & Avicii - My Feelings For You
Michael Feiner - The Feeling (Tocadisco Remix)
Chris Lake - If You Knew (Yves Murasca & BK Duke Balearic Mix)

!!! (chk chk chk)

!!! has been churning out dance hits since 1996 and consistently setting the bar higher and higher for themselves. Led by Nic Offer, they merge extremely catchy beats with a hint of punk attitude that really seems to drive the electrifying energy of their music. Any moment a !!! song comes up, the crowd goes into a dance craze, including the wallflower because the beat is that unbelievably alluring. I'm beyond excited to premiere the first song off of the album Strange Weather, Isn't it? coming out on Warp Records late August. I really see this song driving the dance floor this summer. I can't wait for what the full length album has in store!

MP3: AM/FM - !!!


UK band the Delays who I have a little history with (I was an extra in a video they recorded in Miami some years ago) are getting ready to release album number four next week June the 21st called 'Star Tiger, Star Arial'. The first single from the record is called "Unsung" which was just released this week. Always loved the lead singer's voice and in this new single his voice still shines.

To celebrate the release they are giving away the lovely opening ballad from the record "Find a Home (New Forest Shaker)" and a dance remix of "Unsung" by one of the members of the band Aaron Gilbert. Here are those for your downloading pleasure, plus their video for "Unsung" as well. Enjoy!

MP3: Find a Home (New Forest Shaker) - Delays

MP3: Unsung (Aaron Gilbert Remix) - Delays

New Don Diablo Video

Another cool video sent our way recently is from Netherlands artist Don Diablo for his first single "Who's Your Daddy" from his upcoming debut album 'Exit Studio Sweatshop' scheduled for release later this year.

The track's a pretty banging dance track and the video matches the energy of the song. They sent a couple remixes along with the video, but they were pretty bad. Only lasted about 10 seconds in my iTunes before I hit delete. Enjoy the original track/video instead, much better. The tracks officially released August 2nd, hopefully with better remixes.

Download a bunch of his remixes off his myspace page I linked above for Free! I play out his Cassius "Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes" remix tons.

New Gorrilaz Video

Don't think this is gonna last very long as their label is notorious for taking down clips, but loving this new single/video for Gorillaz track "One Melancholy Hill" from Plastic Beach. Such a soothing track. Think they made a good choice going with this one. Enjoy the amazing video while it lasts...


Daybehavior are an electronic pop trio from Sweden. Seems they have been around since 1994 and have been featured on NME and the now defunct Melody Maker. They are getting ready to release their as yet untitled third album sometime in the fall. In the meantime they've released a new single/video for "City Lights". It's a moody, mysterious piece of electronic pop music with great vocal work by Paulinda Crescentini. You can tell they're pros. The video exploring the dark city is pretty rad also. Featuring clips from Mulholland Drive. Here are those for you, cleared for posting.

MP3: City Lights - Daybehavior

New Yawn Video

Yawn who Mike posted about back in December here just released this amazingly colorful video for their track "Kind of Guy". One of the most creative video's I've seen in a while. Just wait till after that trippy dude intro. Sooo Good! The track's not too shabby either. You can get that track, plus the rest of the EP on their site I linked above for Free!

Off the Radar Wins 'Best Music Blog' Miami New Times 2010!

On behalf of OTR and our contributors (who are the best) we would like to thank our readers for voting Off the Radar for Best Music Blog in Miami New Times yearly Best Of Miami 2010! We won Editor's Choice, but I'm sure you guys filling in our name under what they missed category is what got us noticed and included on there. I don't think they even had that category before. So thanks again!

It is always a pleasure to share with our readers the best new music out there and in the end we do it for the love of sharing good music and exposing deserving artists, but it's always nice to receive recognition for all the hard work we put into the blog. I can safely say we spend hours every day researching, opening emails, listening to submissions, going to shows and posting only the best new music. We like to keep our standards high so you guys get only the best, there's enough crap out there.

Anyway's lot's of great things coming up for OTR in the near future, stay tuned! You can read what they wrote about us here or if you live in Miami pick up a copy on a street corner near you. They're free! Cheers to another great year of music in 2010 and beyond, plus congrats to all the winners who make Miami a better place to live!

Lost in the Trees

So last week while I had been sitting in a coffee shop in Brooklyn for 3 hours doodling away, I remembered to look up what shows were playing while I was visiting.

I found that 'Lost in the Trees' & 'Plants & Animals' were playing in 30 minutes at Bowery Ballroom. I had never heard of 'Lost in the Trees' but did like some of 'Plants & Animals' that I have previously downloaded so I decided to go at the last minute!

I hopped in a cab and got there one song in for 'Lost in the Trees' performance. I am SO glad that I made it and got to hear their set, it was absolutely stunning. One of the best feelings is having no expectations of a band because you've never heard them before and they blow you out of the water and spark up emotions inside of you. That's exactly what happened from seeing this show. Lost in the Trees is a musical collective from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Ari Picker, founder of the band calls their sound "Orchestral Folk Music" because their sound features arrangements which endure the dramatic power of classical music while having the singer-songwriter intimacy.

Their first album, "Time Taunts Me" came out in 2007 and their new album, "All Alone in an Empty House" comes out August 10th. I am sure the new album will be one that I will play on repeat from the sound of their set. At times when all of the instruments were exploding beautifully together and Emma Nadeau was singing, they reminded me a bit of Arcade Fire. Emma Nadeau was one whom switched between various instruments; french horn, bells, and accordion.

For their last song they brought their instruments down to the middle of the venue and played an intimate song which they had us all sing along at the end. It was the perfect ending to a great set. I am glad that I got it on video because so far I haven't found anyone that has posted it. Although you can't really see much of it because it was too dark for my camera, you can definitely hear it :)

MP3: All Alone In An Empty House - Lost in the Trees


I am totally in love with the two Tennis tracks that have popped up all over the blog scene. Lead singer's coo over the echoed guitars and the catchy rhythm's just make me giddy. Their story is as sweet as their music. As written by Underwater Peoples:

"Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, a husband/wife duo. The idea for the project began one day a couple of years ago when Alaina made fun of Patrick for playing Tennis in college, which is an elitist rich man’s sport. A year later the two fled their hometown Denver to spend eight months sailing and exploring the North Atlantic coast. During their adventures they began writing music together documenting their experiences."

They announced an East Coast tour on their myspace so keep an eye out for the dates. So far it just says August. They also have their first single 7" available for preorder here entitled "South Carolina".

MP3: Baltimore - Tennis

MP3: Marathon - Tennis

The Hundred In The Hands

If you are looking to set yourself into a late night, dreamlike state of mind alone in your room, seems like The Hundred in the Hands would fit perfectly. Duo Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman have managed to send you into an ethereal experience that demands an automatic swaying motion accompanied by a massive grin. This Brooklyn-based band blends ambient, disco, and classic pop tunes into their very first EP This Desert on Warp Records. I have a feeling this is going to be a summer time hit...

Pick up this gem here and check them out on tour if you can before they head overseas!

U.S. Tour Schedule::
June 17 - Boston, MA @ The Middle East
June 19 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
June 24 - Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
June 25 - Washington D.C. @ DC9

MP3: The Hundred In The Hands - Sleepwalkers

New Breakbot Video

France's Breakbot recently unveiled this awesome new video for his track 'Baby I'm Yours' that we covered here back in March. The vid is actually really amazing considering its an animation composed of about 2,000 hand painted water colour images from Paris artist Irina Dakeva. It's a perfect compliments to that late 70's disco feel this song has going for it.

As a bonus here's also a pretty neat remix of the track by Brussels, Belgium's Aeroplane!

MP3: Baby I'm Yours (Aeroplane Remix) - Breakbot

New All Saints Day

South Florida music fixture Gregg Foreman's project with Vivian Girls Katy Goodman, All Saints Day, seems to be making progress with another track "You Can't Be Alone" buzzing around the net as well as their first live show in my favorite city San Francisco over the weekend. They set up a bandcamp which streams a couple other tracks. I just love where they are heading and can't wait till they play in NYC!

MP3: You Can't Be Alone - All Saints Day

Morning Benders/Vampire Weekend Cover Fleetwood Mac

I once made up this study that people listening to Fleetwood Mac are incapable of being in a bad mood. This probably isn't true but it's one of the better rumors that I have started...

Indie darlings The Morning Benders (who we posted about here) and Vampire Weekend did respectable covers of two Fleetwood Mac hits. As a fan of all three, thought it would be worth sharing. The Morning Benders cover of "Dreams" probably won't back up my study while Vampire Weekends take on "Everywhere" is nothing short of adorable.

MP3: Dreams - The Morning Benders

MP3: Everywhere- Vampire Weekend