Munk :: Them Jeans Remix

Through out late 08' through most of 09' I was obsessed with this track "Down in L.A." by German artist Munk. Particularly the Shazam Remix that I posted here. I lost track of how many times I played that out in my DJ sets. Such a feel good summer type anthem, I couldn't get enough of it.

Seems they are releasing remixes of the track including the Shazam remix and this excellent re-interpretation by Them Jeans that has been cleared for posting. Sweet-ness, you guys are gonna be stuck hearing me play this out again for another few months, haha... Cop that single with all those new remixes at your usual online retailers like Beatport, iTunes or Amazon here for only $5.

MP3: Down in L.A. (Them Jeans Remix) - Munk  320 kbps

Midnight Conspiracy :: Tiga Remix

I hate Midnight Conspiracy for making me post about them twice in one week! Hate, hate, hate...

MP3: What You Need (Midnight Conspiracy Summer of '87' Remix) - Tiga  320 kbps

I'm telling y'all it's Sabotage!!?!

Alex Metric who had that amazing Stylo remix that we posted previously here is back with another amazing remix. This time for Beastie Boys classic "Sabotage". Been playing it out for a few weeks now to great crowd responses on the dance floor. This week they released an 'unofficial' video for it as well by Comix VJ's so I figured enough wait, time to post this baby up! I love when remixers remake classics like this. They're instantly recognizable and always work well on the dance floor, especially as the night wears on and people are a bit on the tipsy side. Try her out for size and you'll see what I'm talking about.

MP3: Sabotage (Alex Metric Re-Edit) - Beastie Boys  320 kbps

New Grum Video/Single

Craving some mullet action and 80's buddy cop bro-mance? Then check out this funny new video from UK's Grum for their latest single"Through the Night", the album opener from their debut album 'Heartbeats'. Pretty funny stuff and surprisingly well acted. I recommend you pick up the album at online retailers like amazon. Many great tracks on that record, especially if you're into 80's sounding electro-pop and even some nu-disco like "Can't Shake this Feeling", pretty irrissistable stuff!

Hermanos Inglesos

Don't know much about Belgian duo Hermanos Inglesos (spanish for English Brothers) until earlier this week when I was sent this amazing animated video for their track "Wanderland" at which point I became an instant fan! Seems they released their debut album 'The Wander of You' earlier this year which I haven't heard yet. The tracks I have heard on their myspace I linked above are a bit harder dance floor numbers, but this newest single "Wanderland" ft vocals by MeMe has a much more poppy feel to it and it's no wonder that would be the one I'd be more drawn to. I'm a sucker for good pop.

In addition to the amazing video their reps sent this excellent remix of the track by Superlijm that is also very, very good and cleared for posting! Yay! Check out the goodness and get to dancing in your rooms/clubs people!

MP3: Wanderland (Superlijm Remix) - Hermanos Inglesos

Error Operator

Error Operator is the alter ego for a renowned House/Electro DJ and Producer from London who remains anonymous. He recently contacted us with word of his new album 'Mistakes' being released in late September at most online retailers. He sent along his Soundcloud, Twitter and this press pic above which are basically the only things he has set up for the project. No website/myspace/facebook, etc.

You can stream 8 of the tracks on his Soundcloud link above. Really cool minimal experimental electronic music! Particularly love when he uses samples like on tracks "A51", "Miller" and "Follow" which he has sent our way for our readers downloading pleasure. Check it out and see what you think. Don't see any of his tracks on Hype Machine so we may be one of the first ones posting this. Enjoy!

MP3: Follow - Error Operator


RickoLus is a multi-instrumental solo artist from Jacksonville, FL. His reps contacted us recently about his new album 'Youngster' which was just released yesterday July the 27th on the Circle Into Square label. They sent along this awesome video for his track "Photograghs" that is pretty bad ass and quickly caught my attention! Great creative video mixing animation, old photos of his and live video footage. In addition they sent along two tracks from the album "Kid" and album opener "No Future". Digging them all, particularly "No Future" and "Photographs".

Check out the goods, if you like what you hear you can get the album on Amazon or other online retailers. Buy it on Circle Into Square's site and you get bonus tracks as well (16 total) for only $9. Pretty sweet deal!

MP3: No Future - RickoLus  320 kbps

MP3: Kid - RickoLus  320 kbps

White Arrows

Craving some good indie rock? There seems to be a bit of a drought the last couple of years. At least compared to 2004/2005 when they were all the rage. Well we've got a good one for you, LA band White Arrows. They sent along their soon to be released (late August) self titled debut EP and I am digging it. 5 great original tracks, plus a couple of remixes by RAC (who are busy as hell remixing everyone lately) and KKS. Recommended for fans of bands like Gang of Four or Franz Ferdinand (how I love their debut album, still a classic!).

White Arrows have been kind enough to let us post their single "Coming or Going" as well as the RAC remix of the track. RAC as always does a good job and gives the track a bit more of a dance floor groove. That's always good too! The RAC remix will be featured on Entourage soon as well! With no further ado get to know White Arrows. I'm sure many will in the coming months.

MP3: Coming or Going - White Arrows

MP3: Coming or Going (RAC Remix) - White Arrows


In case you haven't already noticed, the theme of this summer has definitely leaned heavily in the direction of Lo-Fi, 60's inspired, surf/psychedelic rock. If you're as big of a fan of this trend as I am, then let me introduce you to it's next big thing, Guards. Don't know much at all about this band other than the little info their bandcamp site provides, as they are nowhere to be found on Myspace or Facebook. However, the fact that their new self-titled EP is jam-packed full of fuzztastic lo-fi goodness and is free in its entirety is really all the info you need!

Guards EP is incredibly solid and I've provided a few of my fave's here including 'Sail It Slow' featuring a cameo from Cults! After you check these out, I highly recommend heading on over to their bandcamp site and snatching up the rest, including one featuring Chairlift's Caroline Polachek!

MP3: Resolution Of One - Guards

MP3: Sail It Slow (feat. CULTS) - Guards

MP3: Long Time - Guards

New Jamaica Video

Feel the need for some head banging action?? Check out this funny new video for Jamaica's latest track "Short and Entertaining" featuring Sepultura's Igor Cavalera and a bunch of friends doing their thing. So funny had to post right away. Enjoy!

Midnight Conspiracy :: Crystal Castles Vietnam Remix

Seems Chicago's Midnight Conspiracy are fans of Crystal Castles as they've remixed another of their tracks. This time "Vietnam" from their latest album. Mike posted their remix of "Crimewave" previously here. These kids got their feel on the pulse as everything I've heard from them is top notch dance floor gold! Have a feeling they will be going far. Just have a listen to this and see if your feet don't start-a-tapping.

P.S. Read that Crystal Castles lead singer starting punching some guy in the face recently at a concert after she got groped after stage diving into the audience. The guy said it was an accident. I'm not taking any sides cause I wasn't there, but she should prob stick to keeping her feet on stage if she doesn't want that happening again. What do you expect would happen when you jump into the middle of a young drunk crowd at a packed show? I mean sometimes they land on someone's head and you put your hands up to protect yourself. That hand can land anywhere.

MP3: Vietnam (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) - Crystal Castles  320 kbps

Another Black Season :: New Single

In keeping with the dark pop theme of today LA artist Another Black Season who I wrote about previously here are back with a fresh new single "Here in This Moment" along with an ultra sexy b-side "When I Hold You".  He was kind enough to send both tracks our way and they are excellent! Fans of bands like Depeche Mode, Wolfsheim or 80's synth-pop bands in general will love Another Black Season's sound, which basically means me, haha. I know there's a few more of you out there like me as well. About time for a resurgence of the good stuff. Keep it up brother!

MP3: Here in this Moment - Another Black Season

MP3: When I Hold You - Another Black Season

Russell Dean Stone

London's Russell Dean Stone an OTR fan recently contacted us and sent a couple of his own tracks "Weapon" and "Leather" ft Rat Scabies on drums of legendary punk/goth band The Damned. Loving them both! He's got a dark electro-pop/goth sound which when done right is my cup of tea and he brews it just right. Maybe he'll be your cup of tea as well? Test run these two tracks and see what you think. Keep up the good work Russell!

P.S. London is the biggest viewer of our site followed by NYC and our hometown of Miami. Love you guys! I like to think of it as the essential triangle. Thanks for listening!

MP3: Weapon - Russell Dean Stone

MP3: Leather ft Rat Scabies - Russell Dean Stone

First Base

Sometimes, you just want to listen to music that doesn't require much brain power on your part. There's much to appreciate about simple, fun and upbeat music that has no hidden meaning behind it - it is what it is, and it makes you feel good for being just that. Toronto band First Base composes that kind of music perfectly with their garage-rock hits. She's Boy Crazy is their second 7" release, this time on Play Pinball! Records. Easy and energetic, these pop rock jams will stick in your head and have you jumping. Listen to I'll Be Your Hangover from their latest release and kiss your bad mood good-bye.

MP3: I'll Be Your Hangover - First Base


Time to give back to our loyal readers (Sorry International fans, next time, only for U.S. residents) with a fun little scavenger hunt contest. The prize? Sony Qlasp headphones - lobe linger is a good thing. Crystal clear, in- ear sounds. Clips on and hangs on tough for whatever misadventures you'll find yourself in. This past week, I can't get enough of my pair of Piiq headphones, searching for new music and even going back to favorite albums. It's such a different experience listening to music with these on, they definitely paid attention to detail for our listening pleasure.
OK so let's get started with this contest, I'm going to list a few questions, and you can just answer back with the correct answers and corresponding YouTube video down below in our comment section. Please leave your email with your answers. First person who answers each one correctly get a shiny brand new headphones! Let's begin!

1) Which star of the Die Hard Franchises also made a blues harmonica album?
a. Samuel L. Jackson
b. Alan Rickman
c. Bruce Willis

2) Which rap song features the lyrics, "What they eat don't make us shit?"
a. Doo Doo Brown by 2livecrew
b. Slob On My Knob by 3 Six Mafia
c. Real Talk by R. Kelly

3) Which wiseguy from the movie Goodfellas made an explicit rap album in 1998?
a. Ray Liotta
b. Joe Pesci
c. Paul Sorvino

Good Luck!
Thanks to Trey Perkins for helping me find these ridiculous questions!

**If you're not a lucky winner, I encourage you to check out these new Sony headphones here . Many models, colors and price points for all you music lovers.

Jai Paul

Jai Paul may just have 2 songs to offer at the moment, but believe me, it's enough to hype him up. Recently signed to XL Records, this North London lad is on his way to the top. His brilliant track BTSTU, will have you thinking Prince, Hot Chip, followed by a mental agreement with me, this is reeeeaaaaaallly good. Expect a debut album in 2011, until then, turn the volume up.

New The Count & Sinden/Mystery Jets Track!

I came across this automatic dance hit last night and couldn't resist posting it right away! Check out Michael's recent post about the Brit indie pop rockers here if you'd like to get a better idea of what these guys are capable of. Otherwise, take my word for it, this song will keep your energy level on a maximum high. The Count & Sinden have been must-have dj's for a while now, and thanks to their succesful London based Mega Mega Mega club nights hosting Mystery Jets for a guest dj gig, collaborative talks have been in the works. After Dark is the first single for The Count & Sinden, who are expecting to drop their first LP, Mega Mega Mega, on August 23rd off of U.K.-based Domino Records. Until then, enjoy this whirlwind of a dance hit and hopefully you'll hear it out on the floor any one of these days!

MP3: After Dark - The Count & Sinden (ft. Mystery Jets)

Midnight Juggernauts Release The Crystal Axis

It's always a good day when I get new music by one of my favorite Aussie electro-rockers Midnight Juggernauts or Juggies as some fans like to call them. They are in the process of releasing their sophmore album 'The Crystal Axis' the follow- up to their totally awesome 2008 debut album 'Dystopia'. Depending were you live it may be out already (Australia) or out soon (UK). A little confusing to be honest, but I'm sure their fans will figure it out.  

August 2nd they will be releasing a limited edition 1000 vinyl pressings of the record on Acephale Records that you can pre-order here. Acephale sent us a b-side from the record "Michael's Deadline" + a remix of one of the tracks from the album "Lifeblood Flow" by Turkish Prison for us to give away and get fans excited. Loving them both! I for one am very excited to grab this new record and see what direction they are going in.

Here are those tracks, plus their latest video for "Vital Signs" that's been around for a bit, but I don't think we ever got around to posting. We posted "Vital Signs" here if you wanna grab that. Yay Juggies!!!

P.S. Just as I finished writing this I managed to snag a copy of 'The Crystal Axis'. So far, real good!!

MP3: Micheal's Bones (B-Side) - Midnight Juggernauts  256 kbps

MP3: Lifeblood Flow (Turkish Prison Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts  320 kbps

Felix and Volcano!

Felix and Volcano! are an indie pop/experimental outfit from New Hampshire that recently contacted us with their new EP Grow Rich that you can purchase for any price you wish to set here. We recommend you do just that, not only is it great stuff, but you can set your own price! Particularly loving their tracks "Boku-Maru", "Shaadows" and "FRMD?" which also happen to be the ones they recommended we check out. Guess they know our tastes here at OTR. Here's a couple of those tracks to wet your appetites. Keep the great music coming people...

MP3: Boku-Maru - Felix and Volcano!  320 kbps

MP3: Shaadows - Felix and Volcano!  320 kbps

ANR Return

Miami duo ANR who we've posted about many times before have to be one of the hardest working bands around. Releasing 2 mini albums last year as well as a solo album for lead vocalist MJ earlier this year, they are now getting ready to release another full length album 'Stay Kids' in October on 10K Islands. You can check out the cover art above. They are giving away a track from the album on their site "The Endless Field of Mercury" in exchange for your email which seems to have become standard practice these days. Loving the subdued track, but then again when don't I love everything they put out. By far one of my favorite bands from my hometown for many years! They seem to always be on the verge of breaking through to super stardom. Let's see if this album is the one to do it, but then again I'm sure they would prefer having a long career rather than a flash in the pan short lived fame. Here's to hard work and dedication. ANR know all about that. 

P.S. Below is the video for "The Endless Field of Mercury" put together by Jamie Harley who's done videos for Memoryhouse and Memory Tapes.

MP3: The Endless Field of Mercury - Awesome New Republic  320 kbps

Rich Kid Soundsystem

South Florida band Rich Kid Soundsystem sent us this rocking hip hop/pop hybrid track this week called "A Little Bit of Time". I had never heard of them before, but it looks like they are a new band just having formed this year in March according to their bio and already picked up by Ford for an upcoming internet campaign. It's a little more hip hop than we usually post on OTR, but when the chorus kicks in it's undeniably pop. Catchy as hell! Absolutely loving it! Check it out and see if you guys agree. They were kind enough to send the track to us in full 320 bit rate, so grab this baby and play it out at your parties. I'm sure it'll be a hit on the dance floor! Keep up the good work boys!

MP3: A Little Bit of Time - Rich Kid Soundsystem  320 kbps

Miniature Tigers

I just came along Miniature Tigers the other day while checking out some new music. Although the Brooklyn via Phoenix based band's name didn't jump out at me because of all the other band names that include tigers, bears and wolf's, oh my! The song, "Gold Skull" did jump out at me! The song is produced by Neon Indian's, Alan Palamo and is the first single from the forthcoming album, "Fortress" due out July 27th on Modern Art Records. Morning Bender's, Chris Chu is the producer for all songs except for Gold Skull.

The song reminds me a little bit of a mix of early The Unicorns and Of Montreal for it's dreamy sound layered with the vocals rolling over the synths. It is now on repeat!

MP3: Gold Skull - Miniature Tigers

Panda Bear

Ever since Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, informed us back in May that he'd be releasing Tomboy in September, I was anxiously awaiting for a taste of what he could possibly have in store. Person Pitch has become an essential piece in my collection that I figured Tomboy would make me fall in love all over again. With the recent release of the first of a series of 7" on D.C.'s Paw Track, my mind has been going wild with anticipation of what could be in store on the upcoming LP. I have a feeling these limited edition 7" might hold me over for a bit, but at this point it's safe to say that the full-length will undoubtedly be one of my favorite albums of the year. I don't stand alone with this thought, considering the 7" is already sold out on Paw Tracks, but no worries, you still have a chance to play it on loop by purchasing it online right here!

MP3: Tomboy - Panda Bear

New Evan Voytas Single

LA artist Evan Voytas who I previously wrote about here is back with a pretty new single "I Took a Trip on a Plane". A great indie pop slow jam. Caught myself enjoying it the other day on my iTunes shuffle, when I did a double take. Who is this?? That's usually a good thing. Hope you like it as much as I do.

MP3: I Took a Trip on a Plane - Evan Voytas

New Drums Single/Raveonettes Remix

Care for a jog? Here's the video for The Drums latest single "Let's Go Surfing" being released Aug 16th on Moshi Moshi / Island. It's the catchiest track on their self titled debut record and along with album opener "Best Friend" one of my two faves. In addition here's a remix The Raveonettes did for the track in their trademark garage rock style. I like the original better, but it's pretty cool too. Enjoy!

MP3: Let's Go Surfing (The Raveonettes Remix) - The Drums  320 kbps


LA synth-pop band LexiconDon from the excellent Binary collective/blog are getting ready to release their debut album 'Pink + Blue' on Itunes in August. Their reps sent along first single "December Sunset" as well as remixes by the likes of U-Tern and Keenhouse. I'm digging them all, particularly the original and the U-Tern remix. Good fun synth/nu-disco fun for the summer. Can't wait to check out the album! In the meantime here's that single/remixes to hold us off...

MP3: December Sunset - LexiconDon

MP3: December Sunset (U-Tern Remix) - LexiconDon

MP3: December Sunset (Keenhouse Remix) - LexiconDon

New Dragonette Single

The lovely/talented Dragonette is back with a new double single "Our Summer/Volcano" being released July the 27th. Her reps have been kind enough to send "Our Summer" our way in full 320 bit rate and as everything I've heard from her it's pure fun party music! Right after the release of this single she will be releasing a remix album called 'Mixin To Thrill' which will be released digitally Aug 3rd or you can get a physical copy while she's on tour this summer. Get the tour dates and more info on her site I linked above. If you're a remixer you can pick up an accapella version there also. Go ahead, show us how you'd do it.

MP3: Our Summer - Dragonette  320 kbps

New Ali Love Single/Remix

London artist Ali Love who we've written about before here is back with a new single "Smoke & Mirrors". His reps have sent along a radio edit and a Bottin remix of the track for our readers downloading pleasure in full 320 bit rate! I love that! The track is cool and the remix takes it up a notch and more into club land territory. He will finally be releasing his debut album 'Love Harder' in August. Keep and eye out for that. In the meantime enjoy his new jam. 'Smoke & mirrors on the dance floor, tonight, beautiful lights...' Yea!

MP3: Smoke & Mirrors (Radio Edit) - Ali Love  320 kbps

MP3: Smoke & Mirrors (Bottin Remix) - Ali Love  320 kbps

New Cut Copy Track!

It's a great day when I receive a notice in my inbox of a brand new Cut Copy track! One of my favorite bands of the last few years, so I'm pretty psyched! They've completed their as yet untitled third album which will be mixed in August with a scheduled release date of early 2011. In the meantime they are giving away a brand new track "Where I'm Going" via their website here in exchange for your email. Ummm that sounds like a deal to me! The track is more poppy and less electronic than the stuff on their amazing last record 'In Ghost Colours' which was my favorite album of 2008. We shall see once the album is released if this is the new direction that they are going in. In the meantime you can catch them playing new and old favorites as they do the festival circuit this summer including Lollapalooza in Chicago which I'm contemplating going to.

Now wrap your heads around their new tune that I don't see on Hype Machine yet. So we may be one of the first ones posting this!

MP3: Where I'm Going - Cut Copy  320 kbps

New Single from The Knocks

New York party starters The Knocks, whom you might know from the numerous brilliant remixes they've given us in the past, have a brand new single titled 'Make It Better'. This is the duos 2nd official single and I gotta say I'm pretty excited about it. It's been a minute since I've heard a new dance floor track as infectiously catchy as this one. The perfect anthem for those hot and balmy midsummer nights, this song may just lead to the extinction of the wallflower! The single is being released July 27th on a limited 7″ that will include a B-Side as well as a remix by Emil & Friends. Whats more, they've also announced that leading up to the release they are gonna be leaking about seven awesome remixes by the likes of DOM, Pink Ganter, Monsieur Adi & more! Nice!

MP3: Make It Better - The Knocks


Altars sweeping vocals that seem to wrap themselves around stream-of-consciousness synth beats is probably a better way to end your night. So effortlessly beautiful, their sound is organic enough to think it grew from the soil, watered daily with TLC. Instead this band grew from another form of tlc, like the singing karaoke to ridiculous 90's R&B songs kind. Singer Melanie Ann Berlin was spotted by her future band mate Bernie P. belting out jam after jam at a Korean karaoke bar, and with that the charismatic Atlars was born. Sometime later, a fellow Silver Apple enthusiast, Brendan Brehm joined the duo to make some sweet tunes.

Single 'Falling Slowly' has quickly found a home in my daily iTunes rotation. You can hear the full album here. Also if you happen to be lucky enough to be in my hometown of San Francisco, go check them out at Amnesia Saturday night.

On a side note, Altars is an ideal example to why I love coming home to an email submission from a band . Don't be shy, us contributors love to hear what you got. You can do what Atlars did, and email a contributor you think would dig your sound. Keep 'em coming!

MP3: Slowly Falling- Altars

Cold December- Altars


Just label this little number under "Songs not in Mel Gibson's Ipod." Aussies Pikelet's second album Stem has been out for some time now, but that doesn't mean we should ignore their latest video for standout track 'Weakest Link'. Evelyn Morris' bedroom pop vocals harmonize quite nicely with artist Laura Cashman's adolescent like stop-motion music video. This dulcet tune correlate directly with imperfect images of Morris coyly dancing embodying her wallflower lyrics. Pikelet might not have the biggest roar, but it has enough bite to keep wanting a bit more. Fitting for a quaint Tuesday, Enjoy!

MP3: Weakest Link - Pikelet


Danish electro-pop duo Dato who I previously posted their excellent dance track "Dance Imod" on an Art Basel Mixtape here are back with a fresh self titled debut album. They sent over two of the new tracks from the album "How Many Times?" and "I Don't Wanna" and I am loving them both! Excellent electro-pop jems that should be right up our readers alley. They're not the best quality versions (128 kbps), but they will give you a good idea as to their sound. If you like what you hear and wanna get better quality versions you can preview/purchase the album on iTunes here, albeit a Danish version of iTunes as I can't understand the writing. The music is universal though, good everywhere! OTR recommends you pick this baby up!

MP3: How Many Times? (Feat. Jannie Linnebaek) - Dato

MP3: I Dont Wanna (featuring Danny Andersen) - Dato

Tired Pony

I think supergroups are awesome for obvious reasons. When you mesh several musicians from various bands with different sounds, the collaborative sound that is born is a beautiful thing. Such is the case with Tired Pony formed by Gary Lightbody (leadman of Snow Patrol) and includes other well known musicians such as Richard Colburn (Belle & Sebastian), Peter Buck (REM), and Scott McCaughey with cameo appearances by M. Ward, Tom Smith from The Editors, and Zooey Deschanel.

The first album "The Place We Ran From" came out on Monday, July 12th in the UK and will be out September 28 in the US. Their sold out debut show is tonight in London.

"Point Me At Islands" was available as a free download for one day via their website and I was able to snag it. Upon first listen I knew I really liked it. It gave me that nostalgic feeling of driving on a road trip with my friends and being in the middle of nowhere with all the windows down and the sun shining!

Lightbody said that this type of album (Country tinged) is something he's always wanted to do and needed to get out of his system... can't wait to hear it in it's entirety!

MP3: Point At Me Islands - Tired Pony

Cosmo Black Debut Single

True to their word electro-pop Australian trio Cosmo Black that I posted that great David Bowie bootleg back in April here are releasing their debut single "The Night Becomes the Morn". They've been kind enough to send the track our way and I'm happy to say that it's a little piece of electro-pop gold! Loving it! The single is backed by a remix by DCUP that is equally as good and takes the track in a more nu-disco direction. Loving them both! Real dance floor friendly for all you DJ's out there (hint, hint). Best part is they're free to download and in full 320 bit rate! Grab these babies and run...

MP3: The Night Becomes the Morn - Cosmo Black

MP3: The Night Becomes the Morn (DCUP Remix) - Cosmo Black

Edward Sharpe :: Turbotito / RAC Remixes

Got sent this excellent electronic/dancey remix for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros track "Desert Song" by LA/Coppenhagen DJ/remixer Turbotito. Pretty much 180 degrees different from the original. A slow folky track turned into a bleeping buzzing electronic number. Yay, now I can play a track of theirs out at the clubs during peak time! I can get away with playing "Home" early or late, but I don't know if it would work in the prime time dance blitz. Thanks for hooking that up Turbotito!

Below is the original version of "Desert Song" for comparison's sake as well as a another sublime remix our friends over at RAC sent our way for "Home".

How much does Edward Sharpe look like Jesus??? Just like those old biblical movies they used to show on TV when I was growing up. Save on brother!

You can buy the deluxe edition of their excellent debut album 'Up From Below' featuring live versions of "Up From Below"/"Carries On", plus a demo version of "Home" and their videos on iTunes here.

MP3: Desert Song (Turbotito Remix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

MP3: Desert Song - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

MP3: Home (RAC Mix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

New Kisses

Back in March, I posted on LA band Kisses' debut single from their album The Heart Of The Nightlife titled 'Bermuda.' A track that I obsessed over and still think is one of the best of the year so far. If you haven't picked it up yet, I suggest you go check that post here. Now, they are back and have struck gold again with the albums second single 'People Can Do The Most Amazing Things'. While the feel of the track is quite a bit different, a little darker and more melancholy sounding then the sunny summer anthem that 'Bermuda' was, I think it shows this bands ability to successfully accomplish a nice range of moods within their smooth dream-pop sound. The single's 7" is due for release on August 3rd, but for now pick up the track right here!

MP3: People Can Do The Most Amazing Things - Kisses

The Telepathics

In the constant search for awesome new music, Sweden has consistently come up as a recurring hot spot for eccentric and eclectic electronic gems. That has proven itself true yet again with my recent discovery of this Swedish and Italian electronic outfit calling themselves The Telepathics. While they don't have a whole lot of stuff to listen to as of yet, or a whole lot of personal information available for that matter, the brilliant, breezy, soft synth and reverb laden tracks they have up so far speak for themselves. The most solid of which is probably '23:59' which I have below for your listening/downloading pleasure. Kinda think we could be hearing a lot more from this duo in the EP perhaps? At least I hope so!

MP3: 23:59 - The Telepathics