Ima Robot

Back in 2004 I was really into this band from LA called Ima Robot. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and was feeling pretty depressed, so a lot of the tracks on their debut record particularly "Scream" about lost love really hit home. 

Fast forward to 2010 and now Edward Sharpe (lead singer for Ima Robot) has broken through in the indie world and is probably more well known than Ima Robot, but glad to know he hasn't abandoned the project. They will be releasing album number three 'Another Man's Treasure' October the 19th. Their reps sent over first single "Ruthless" and I'm enjoying it! More mellow that I remember them, but just right. Can't wait to hear the whole thing and see if his new found status helps propel this project further ahead. I hope so.

Here's the "Ruthless" mp3 for your listening/downloading pleasure, plus their amazing video for said track.

MP3: Ruthless - Ima Robot

Deep Sea Arcade

Speaking of hot spots of the last few years Australia has to be one of the top contenders for that award as well, although more for the electronic pop/dancey side of things. This week I got sent this track "Keep on Walking" by Sydney, Australia band Deep Sea Arcade that cite their influences from bands like The Zombies and Stone Roses.  I can definitely hear that. Rocking 60's psychedelic/shoegazey goodness from down under? Heck, yes!

Here is their track "Keep on Walking", plus a great dance remix by Aeons I came across for their track "Lonely In Your Arms" and their psychedelic video for it. They tell us to expect their debut album sometime in 2011. Sweet!

MP3: Keep on Walking - Deep Sea Arcade

MP3: Lonely in Your Arms (Aeons Remix) - Deep Sea Arcade

Infernal Devices

One of the hot spots for new music the last few years has to belong to Brooklyn, NYC. I went there on vacation last year and I swear I never saw so many hipsters in a concentrated area. Tons of young, good looking artsy people. All looking like they were in an indie band and dressed to kill, kinda surreal. Must be pretty inspiring to live in a place like that with so much creativity all around.

Anyways I got another new act for you from there. This time in the form of electro-pop duo Infernal Devices. They are getting ready to release their EP Lost in Sound Oct 1st. They sent over the first single from the EP "Fast Enough" as well as a remix they did for Xylos track "Not Enough" and I am digging them both! Dark, catchy, synthy goodness.

Check it out below and see what you guys think. If you dig these and want more, their EP will be available Oct 1st on their site here for only $4. Shortly thereafter at online retailers like iTunes/Amazon. Keep up the good work guys!

MP3: Fast Enough - Infernal Devices

MP3: Not Enough (Infernal Devices Remix) - Xylos

Carl Barat (Libertines) Solo Debut

Got sent this video for "Run With Boys" by Carl Barat (frontman for The Libertines) who will be releasing his eponymous solo debut album next week Oct the 4th via his label Arcady Records. Great upbeat poppy number and a whole lot different from The Libertines stuff, which I think is a good thing. Break away from your old image/style with a fresh new start. Check it and see what ya think...

Eat More Cake Remix Stardust Classic

London 4 piece electronic act Eat More Cake recently sent us this great remix of the Stardust's classic house track "Music Sounds Better With You". Great chilled out re-interpretation! Thought you guys would appreciate it, especially all you DJ's out there (like me) who are always looking for new remixes of classics to play out. This one might not work prime time, but early in the night as your building up your set or at the end as you're coming down might fit in nicely. Enjoy!

MP3: Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake Remix) - Stardust  320 kbps

Them:Youth New Single

London indie rock outfit Them:Youth are back with a blistering new single "Toothache" that will be officially released Nov 1st on their own label Big Hand Recordings. You can get the track now though on their site in exchange for your email. I previously posted about their first single, the excellent "Fever Rising" here with their video, plus an excellent dreamwave remix by Muffin if you wanna scoop that up. Here's "Toothache" for ya, which is a whole lot better than a real one of those, ouch!

MP3: Toothache - Them:Youth  320 kbps

Casa Del Mirto

Got sent this great EP The Eternal by Italian chillwave artist Case Del Mirto the other day and I am loving it! Not one bad track in the 6 track EP. Seriously great stuff! Best part is they are giving the EP for FREE! Can't complain about that. If you dig artists like Washed Out, Neon Indian or Million Young this will be right up your alley.

Here are my two favorite tracks "The Sun" and "Jacket and Shoes", but like I said they're all pretty sweet, if you dig these I'd pick up that EP here.

MP3: The Sun - Casa Del Mirto  320 kbps

MP3: Jacket and Shoes - Casa Del Mirto  320 kbps

Here's their video for "The Haste" which is not on the EP, but real good also! Enjoy!

LCD Soundsystem/Sleigh Bells Miami Show + After-Party Giveaways!

Another amazing show lined-up for next week that I've been super psyched about for quite some time is LCD Soundsystem along with opening act Sleigh Bells. They will be in Miami performing next Wednesday, October the 6th at The Fillmore in Miami Beach. Can't wait for this one! If you live in South Florida you're not gonna wanna miss this great show that might be their last album/tour! Their latest record 'This is Happening' has been stuck on repeat for quite some time on mine and many taste makers playlists. It will surely be topping many 'Best Of' lists come December. Can't wait to be at the show jumping to all my favorite tunes of theirs. Never seen them perform before and heard they put on an amazing live show!

For this show we have two prizes to giveaway. First prize is two tickets to the show along with access to the after-party being held at the Florida Room on Miami Beach. Not only will you get to attend the show and after party, but you and a friend will have complimentary drinks on us all night long! How amazing is that?? Great show + after-party while you booze it up on us! Big win!

The second prize is two tickets for the show for you and a friend! I'd take either of those two prizes to be honest. All you gotta do is comment below, maybe tell us how big of an LCD fan you are with a valid email address were we can contact you. Then we will randomly pick 2 winners this Friday, October the 1st. Simple as that! Comment, comment, comment and good luck!

Just in case you don't win and don't have your tix's yet, I'd hurry and get'em at Live Nation here before they sell out!

Here's LCD's hilarious video for "Drunk Girls",  plus Sleigh Bells video for "Infinity Guitars" who should not be overlooked either! Can't wait, see ya there!

Yeasayer/Washed Out/ANR Tix Giveaway for Miami Show!

The amazing Yeasayer along with lo-fi act Washed Out and Miami's own ANR will be performing next Tuesday, October the 5th at The Fillmore in Miami Beach starting at 8:30 PM. The Fillmore has been kind enough to give us a pair of Tix's to giveaway for the show along with a CD of Yeasayer's album 'Odd Blood'. If you're interested in attending and live in the South Florida area (outside may prove a bit more expensive), leave us a comment below with a valid email address were we can contact you. We will then be picking someone randomly Thursday, September the 30th. Simple as that. Good luck!

P.S. Tixs for this show are still available for purchase on Live Nation here just in case you don't win. I'd check this one out, heard Yeasayer is pretty amazing live!

Here's a few videos from the bands to get you excited for the show... Cheers!


Finally the season is changing, and with my recent move from Miami to Atlanta this week, I actually get to experience all the wonders of Autumn again! What better way to say goodbye to Summer and usher in these cooler days then with some excellent fuzzy, lo-fi dream pop! Connecticut artist GhostWaves provides us with just that. His latest track 'Something I Can Reach', a pulsing, ultra-catchy piece of danceable brilliance, will have you thinking you've died and gone to reverb heaven. His take on Best Coast's summer anthem 'Boyfriend' ain't too shabby either.

MP3: Something I Can Reach - GhostWaves

MP3: Boyfriend (GhostWaves Edit) - Best Coast


Glasser is LA solo artist Cameron Mesirow. She has been getting a lot of buzz lately and is getting ready to release her debut record 'Ring' September 27th. I got a copy for review and I'm digging it. She's like a mixture of artists like Imogen Heap, Bjork and maybe even Fever Ray (although not as dark). Loops, ethereal vocals and swirling sounds abound.

She is giving away single "Home" on her site and it is definitely a great place to start. One of the best tracks on there, it will give you a good idea as to her sound. My favorite track from the album so far is #7 "Mirrorage". A bit darker which I'm always a sucker for.

Here is "Home" for you to sample/download, plus her video for album opener "Apply" which is like a drug induced trip out. No mushrooms required.

MP3: Home - Glasser


Got this great track the other day called "Rabbits in a Hurry" from RCRD LBL for an artist called Superpitcher that got my attention. Seems he's a German solo artist who recently released his sophomore album 'Kilimanjaro'.  I grabbed the record and I'm enjoying it. Electronic goodness that is mostly down-tempo, at times experimental and at times bordering on dancey like for the single "Rabbits in a Hurry", "Black Magic", "Country Boy" and "Friday Night".  I think my favorites though are when he gets darker and slower like on "Who Stole the Sun" and the instrumental "Moon Fever". Perfect late night fare.

Check out the single "Rabbits" below, if you like that I'd recommend further research. You can sample the whole thing on his bandcamp page. I'd get this one pronto.

MP3: Rabbits in a Hurry - Superpitcher

Android Automatic

Android Automatic is a solo electro artist from Detroit, Michigan who recently submitted his track "Dreaming in Color" from his latest EP 'After Summer' for us to review. Real cool electro meets disco track. It definitely got my attention. I then proceded to check out his fairtilizer page were he has more music to stream, including a couple more from After Summer and ummm yea, I like him! A nice mix of electro/synthey vocoder goodness. Especially recommended if you dig bands like Kraftwerk.

Check out the excellent "Dreaming in Color" cleared for downloading below, if you like that then head over to his fairtilizer/myspace pages I linked above and listen to some more.

MP3: Dreaming in Color - Android Automatic  320 kbps


Our friends Rebel from Miami are getting ready to release their debut EP 'INTRCPTR' this week with a show/CD Release Party scheduled at the always fun Fridays at The Vagabond party. You can see the Facebook invite here. Can't wait for the show! They played at our weekly Wednesday night party (786) at Purdy not too long ago for our 1 Year Annv and they blew everyone away! Had all the cool kids from Miami bands in attendance, dancing and taking notes.

They sent over their EP for us to post a track to get you guys excited for the show and maybe make some new fans if you reside outside of MIA. They deserve it, not only are they great musicians, but super nice fellas as well.  

Here is their single "Stampede", from the EP to wet your appetites. Rock n' roll is alive and well!

MP3: Stampede - Rebel  320 kbps

Here's also an interview the band did for Antisteez that I saw today. Thought I'd include it here to get you better acquainted with the band.

My Pet Saddle

If you like the sounds of The Black Lips, The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) or The Intelligence then you will enjoy My Pet Saddle hailing from Fullerton, California.

MPS incorporates a little more of a 50's rock n' roll vibe on some tracks which is what drew me in the more I listened to their debut album "Laughin at Me". Growing up I listened to a lot of 50's and 60's tunes, had wallpaper with records on it and a sweet ol' pink Cadillac toilet dispenser to match my obsession, ha! This album is right up my alley!

The album came out last month and for now you can only buy their album at their shows (soon on iTunes), but you can stream the entire album on Soundcloud. Here's a track for you to sample/download in the mean time.

MP3: Il Fait Beau - My Pet Saddle

Gold Panda

More electronic goodness sent our way by the Ghostly Intl label, this time for UK solo artist Gold Panda. He recently released his debut album Lucky Shiner (Sept 7th) which you can stream in it's entirety on their mini-album site here. Hard copies will be available October 12th.

They sent over three tracks from the album for us to give away to our readers "You", "Same Dream China" and "Snow & Taxis" and I'm digging them all! Beautiful electronic glitch-pop yumminess that has been getting praise from heavyweights like Stereogum, Pitchfork, Fader and Other Music. Not too shabby company! You can count OTR as another mightily impressed. Catch him opening up for Autolux in their current U.S. tour.

Here are those three tracks for you to download, plus their beautifully shot video for "Snow & Taxis".

MP3: You - Gold Panda

MP3: Same Dream China - Gold Panda

MP3: Snow & Taxis - Gold Panda

Fossil Collective

UK duo Fossil Collective recently sent us a track called "On & On" from their debut EP Honey Slides and that is pretty fantastic! Gorgeous mid-tempo folky-pop track with a classic sounding flair that has been stuck on repeat. Along with the track they have this amazing stop motion video for the track that matches the brilliance of the track. Great job guys! You've made fans at OTR!

Here are those for your listening/viewing pleasure...

MP3: On & On - Fossil Collective  320 kbps

Wolf People

Alright, I know what you're thinking. How big is this pack of wolf bands? My guess is, as long as the bands with the word "deer" in them keep growing in numbers, there'll be "wolf" bands around. I'm particularly excited about this London-based band. Wolf People follows in the vein of the Black Keys - this band's sound seems to have jumped aboard a time machine, having missed the boat on the heydays of rock, roll and revolution half a century ago, inventing something entirely unique in its attempt to mimic the masters of the day. Their new album, Steeple, was recorded in the Welsh countryside, its isolation and eeriness echoing throughout each track. I loved taking a long drive to listen to this entire album, burning through a pack of cigarettes, thinking of how much I would have loved to have lived during the sixties and seventies, though bands like this one will always somehow compensate for that. Steeple is due out on Jagjaguwar Records on October 12th.

MP3: Tiny Circle - Wolf People

MP3: Painted Cross - Wolf People

Deerhunter Returns!

Deerhunter will be releasing their 4th LP Halcyon Digest September 28th. After lovin' on their last LP Microcastle, seeing them at Coachella this year and writing about them here, I am pretty excited to hear the new album!

Today I was drawing and listening to some new music in my headphones (which to me is always the best way to hear new music, because you hear every little sound) and I came across this song "He Would Have Laughed". I instantly fell in love with it's melody, instrumentation, his heart-breaking tone of voice and the journey the song has taken me on. It is on repeat, with lots of love...

MP3: He Would Have Laughed - Deerhunter

Axe and the Oak

Miami, like any other major city, breeds special talent and thankfully for us, my good friend Myles Kaplan is part of that growing influence. Axe and the Oak's heavy bass line and calculating drums are perfectly complimented by the haunting vocals. One thorough listen is enough to send me into the similar trances that favorites like Echo & The Bunnymen and Bauhaus have been doing since I was 15 years old. I've always felt that classic acts like the aforementioned would only be humbled by knowing that true fans can evoke similar feelings with their own music. Luckily for you and I, this unsigned gem will be playing live at the Monterrey Club in Ft. Lauderdale on September 25th. Enjoy the ear candy and make sure to check them out!

MP3: Rise and Fall - Axe and the Oak

Blackbird Blackbird

San Francisco dreamwave artists Blackbird Blackbird are getting set to release their latest album 'Summer Heart' on vinyl September 28th via Arcade Sound Ltd. The album is available for purchase now through their bandcamp page as well as free downloads of their three previous EP's. I streamed 'Summer Heart' today and I was mightily impressed! Real beautiful stuff! They do short (mostly 1-2 min tracks) of atmospheric dreamy electronics with beautiful female vocals. Pretty soothing stuff!

Their reps sent over a track from the album for us to post called "Pure" that will give you a good idea as to their sound, but I highly recommend further research/downloading than just this one track. In addition, here is a Niva remix for "Hawaii" that I had in my iTunes and didn't even know about. Soooo good!! With that the week-end begins! Have a good one!

MP3: Pure - Blackbird Blackbird  320 kbps

MP3: Hawaii (Niva Remix) - Blackbird Blackbird  320 kbps

New Political Radio Dept Single

I don't usually like when artists mix politics and music, but when a song is as beautiful as "The New Improved Hypocrisy" by The Radio Dept it's hard to resist. It's about their country's Swedish elections being held this Sunday and their current government. It's their second political track since 2008's "Freddie and the Trojan Horse". If political change can happen by releasing music as beautiful as this, I'm all for it!

Here is the track being offered by their label Labrador as a free download (right click, save as to your computer) and the lyrics below.

MP3: The New Improved Hypocrisy - The Radio Dept.


Reallocating property
We engender transformation
We’re not concerned with poverty
Just the rebirth of a nation
No time for hesitation
Not even on occasion

This will be our legacy:
A vengeful population
It’s part of our conspiracy
And our motivation
And who needs integration
When we’ve got isolation?
It’s the rebirth of a nation
The rebirth of a nation

We don’t mind democracy
We have our ways around it
This new improved hypocrisy
Will help us to impound it
An old school education
Will show this generation

New Cribs Video

Here is the latest video for The Cribs track "Housewife", featuring the legendary Johnny Marr (The Smiths/Electronic) on guitars. How surreal must it be to have Johnny Marr in your band!?!? I know you from somewhere? Oh yeah, my upbringing. The video is real dark and gothy with a vampire/zombie theme. The sound (at least on this one) seems to be going in a more of a Horrors type of direction. Digging it!

New Drums Track / Miami Show Saturday

The Drums reps just sent over a new track for us to giveaway that they've only played out live called "When I Come Home". A happy little indie pop number and since they're gonna be performing in Miami Saturday at Grand Central with Surfer Blood I figured now would be the perfect time to post it.

As a bonus, here's a great Twin Shadow remix I came across recently for Surfer Blood's "Floating Vibes". Verrry nice dreamy re-interpretation!

MP3: When I Come Home - The Drums

MP3: Floating Vibes (Twin Shadow Remix) - Surfer Blood

Dekade :: Naked & Famous Remix

Youth Kills sent us this remix London duo Dekade did for "Young Blood" by The Naked and Famous, who Mike posted about previously here. Pretty amazing remix! I can't stop listening to it, someone HELP!!! Apparently it made it to the upper echolons of Hype Machine's most popular, making it to the Top 5 and I can totally see why, spectacular remix! Check it out for yourselves... then be sure to right click, save as.

MP3: Young Blood (Dekade Remix) - The Naked and Famous  320 kbps

Raveonettes Cover Classic Stone Roses Track

This Raveonettes cover of the classic Stone Roses track "I Wanna be Adored" has been out for a minute, but for some reason I never got around to posting it. Really great cover of this classic SR track! The video was commissioned by Dr. Martens to celebrate their 50th Annv. I used to be obssessed with those shoes in my adolescence, as I'm sure many of you were as well. Here's the info on the promotion...

"To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Marten, we asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track which represents the spirit of the people who've worn DM's over the past 50 years. We also asked 10 directors to make videos for each of the tracks. Here's the latest from the Raveonettes covering the Stone Roses"

Cosmo Black Remixes Basement Jaxx Classic

Australian trio Cosmo Black that I've posted about before here sent us this excellent remix of Basement Jaxx classic track "Where's Your Head At". Can't even count how many times I played this song back in the day. Nice to have this sweet re-interpretation in the arsenal. Thought you guys might appreciate it too.

MP3: Where's Your Head At (Cosmo Black Remix) - Cosmo Black  320 kbps

New Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

Swedish duo Lissi Dancefloor Disaster that put out that insanely catchy indie dance track "Oh My God" that I posted here are back with a new video for their latest single "Moshpit Lovers". Another excellent track from them! They show a lot of promise and are definitely filling the void left by indie dance bands like Le Tigre. How I miss those days...

After 20 Years, The Vaselines's New Album!

Yesterday was a great day for new music releases. What I had most been anticipating? The return of The Vaselines with their new album off Sub Pop Records, Sex With an X. The Vaselines had twenty years ago released one epic album, Dum-Dum, an album that would stand the test of time and become an instant classic for generations to come. Their new release strays not from their original musical formula, catchy and simple guitar strums, gentle harmonies and quick, continuous beats. I hope this Scottish duo doesn't wait another twenty years before putting out another album.

MP3: Such a Fool - The Vaselines

MP3: Sex with an X - The Vaselines

New French Horn Rebellion Single

French Horn Rebellion's reps sent over their upcoming single "This Moment" which is set for release November the 1st with their debut album 'The Infinite Music of the French Horn Rebellion' seeing the light of day two weeks later November 15th. Digging all the stuff I've heard from the album so far. This might be my favorite track yet. Catchy, fun dance number. Reminds me a bit of Tigercity who they toured with. Maybe some of that influence rubbed off. Which would by no means be a bad thing.

The best thing about the track is we get to post it a full month and a half before it's released! Nice! Right click, save as...

In addition to the track, here is a more chilled out remix for "This Moment" by Young Empires, plus a funny video they filmed for the track whilst on a shoot for Collective Magazine. Gotta love a good sense of humour, and FHR have plenty of that.

MP3: This Moment - French Horn Rebellion

MP3: This Moment (Young Empires Remix) - French Horn Rebellion

New Chapel Club Video

Chapel Club's reps just sent us their new video for their latest single "All The Eastern Girls". Pretty fancy looking video. Digging it and the color palette. If you didn't already grab it, last week I posted a remix of the track by Breton here.

Party Supplies 'Home' Remix

Although the original "Home" by Edward Sharpe is an instant indie/folk classic and hard to top, here is a completely different dancey dub remix for it by Party Supplies (who have a difficult name to google!). Good for any DJ's out there who wanted to throw this into their dance sets. I know I'm always looking for those. Enjoy!

MP3: Home - (Party Supplies Remix) - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

World War

I was recently introduced to Queens native indie pop artist World War, aka singer/songwriter Biet Simkin, by a friend of mine up in NYC who fell in love after recently seeing her perform live, telling me I had to do a post on her asap. So, having a listen myself, I couldn't help but agree. World War creates endearing pop ballads melding a great range of influences from country/folk to synth pop, merging catchy, hummable melodies with somewhat heavy, somber and heartfelt lyrics.

She is currently working on creating new music for an in-the-works album, but in the meantime here are a few great tracks she sent my way for you all, plus the vid for the folky track 'Not Married'. Keep an eye on this one, there's a bright future here!

MP3: The First Time - World War

MP3: Not Married - World War

MP3: Threw You Away (Demo) - World War

Weekend Video Roundup

Since we all love music videos, and we all know MTV sucks, how about another installment of OTR's Weekend Video Roundup! Because how else are you gonna keep up with all the great new vids out there?

OK, so I've been sitting on this one for like a week now and not sure why because this is such a great video. MGMT's 'Congratulations' vid featuring a Jim Henson-esque birdlike creature leading them through the desert whilst losing pieces along the way may not make a whole lot of sense, but its fun, creative and kinda sad. I feel sorry for that poor thing!

MP3: Congratulations (Spell Your Name With Numbers Remix) - MGMT

On now to the latest from our favorite Welsh woman, the adorable Marina & the Diamonds and her new vid for 'Shampain'. Walk-of-shame zombies? Very clever.

MP3: Shampain (Pictureplane Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds

Finally, this next video is the first I've seen/heard of Los Angeles band Seasons, but I think I'm gonna be keeping an eye on them from now on. This vid is pretty great. Strange clothmen, gorgeous redhead, surreal settings, all playing out to the indie psych-folk sounds of their track 'Light, Lost' seems to be a winning equation. Sorry, no MP3 for this one though.

James Returns! U.S. Tour Kicks Off in So FL

One of my all time favorite bands James is back in 2010! Releasing not one, but two mini albums this year. First the 'The Night Before' earlier in the year and recently 'The Morning After'. Absolutely loving them both! Tim Booth's vocals/lyrics and music are as beautiful as ever, if not more so now, with the added wisdom of age. The records are a great one-two punch. 'The Night Before' being more upbeat/classic them and 'The Night After' being a more somber affair, but both equally as beautiful! Love the contrast/concept. To make things easier for U.S. audiences they are releasing a cleverly titled 'The Morning After the Night Before' combo of the two albums on September 14th.

The album release is timed to coincide with their upcoming tour of the States in September and October, their first tour of the U.S. in years. The best part is they're gonna be kicking things off in our very own South Florida at Culture Room on September 20th! So excited for this show! I've had my tickets for over a month. Never seen them before and Culture Room is such a small space for such a big band (at least in my eyes). Makes me a little upset thinking they should be playing bigger venues, but at the same time it's nice to be able to see them in such an intimate setting away from the masses. Kinda like I always loved my James, my own little (not so secret) secret. The way I like it.

Although not easy to pick, here's a couple tracks from the album(s) to stream "Tell Her I Said So" and "Porcupine". If you like what you hear I recommend picking this baby up. It'll be available on Amazon Sept 14th here. See you at the show!!!

MP3: Tell Her I Said So - James  (Streaming Only)

MP3: Porcupine - James  (Streaming Only)

Here's a live video of them performing "Waltzing Along" (one of my faves) in Manchester/2006. Gonna be so amazing when people start singing along to hits like "Laid" and "Say Something" at the show. It will definitely be a moment to remember.

James U.S. Tour Dates::

20th – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
21st – Lake Buena Vista, FL – House Of Blues
22nd – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
24th – Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero Theatre
25th – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
27th – Washington DC – 9:30 Club
28th – New York, NY – Webster Hall
30th – Toronto, CA – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

1st – Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre
2nd – Chicago, IL – The Vic Theatre
4th – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theatre
5th – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
7th – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
8th – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
9th – Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market
11th – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
12th – Anaheim, CA – House Of Blues
13th – Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box

Chapel Club / Breton

I love when artists I dig remix each other. Just great to see how the artist interprets the track in their own style. Here's a remix sent our way by two bands we've written about before Chapel Club and Breton. On this one Breton remixes Chapel Club's "All The Eastern Girls" to great effect. It's got a dark, dancey vibe that I'm always attracted to. Thought you guys might enjoy it. 

As I was getting Breton's link I noticed they have a video for their track "The Well". Pretty sweet sci-fi looking vid! If you dig the track you can download it on a previous post I did for them here.

MP3: All the Eastern Girls (Breton Remix) - Chapel Club

Holy Ghost! RAC Remix

RAC have to be one of the busiest remixers out there at the moment. They're remixing everyone these days. Here's a new one they sent our way for Holy Ghost!'s "Static on the Wire". Haven't heard the original version of this yet, but I imagine as with all their remixes RAC never do anything too crazy to the tracks, they just kinda fine tune them a bit. Maybe make them a little more suitable for the dance floor. That seems to be the case with this one as well, and that's totally fine by me. Still waiting on that Holy Ghost album. One day, one day...

MP3: Static on the Wire (RAC Remix) - Holy Ghost!  320 kbps

Aeroplane "Superstar" Video/DJ Mix

Aeroplane is back with new single "Superstar" scheduled for release September the 13th on Wall of Sound. His debut album 'We Can Fly' is scheduled for release later in the month on September the 27th. Dig the track! Heavy vocoder action, plus as with all his tracks, dance floor friendly.

Here's the video for "Superstar" were they're poking fun at superstar's crazy outfits. Can't help but think it's mainly a jab at Lady Gaga's shock get-ups. In addition to the video, below is his latest DJ Mix for August that was sent our way. Superb as always! Press play and let your mind fly away....

Aeroplane August 2010 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

August Mix Tracklisting::
1. Marbeya Sound - No Anchor
2. Hannulelauri - Zombie Tropicana
3. Dana Bergquist - Acapulco
4. Drop Out Orchestra - Baby Come Home ( Sit On My Ritz ) Dub Mix
5. Cosmonauts - El Toro ( Italo Dub )
6. Kasper Bjore - Heaven ( Muzzle Flash Remix )
7. Mark Seven - Pillow Talk
8. Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf ( Tornado Wallace Remix )
9. Diskokaine - Hall of Shame ( Hannulelauri Remix )
10. Julie Walehwa - I Mind ( Weirdo Police Remix )

New Belle & Sebastian!

As one of my all time favorite bands, I am always super excited to announce when Glasgow's Belle & Sebastian come out with new stuff. Their latest track, titled 'Write About Love' comes from an album of the same name that is to be released October 12! I love how they have evolved while staying so true to the sound that we have all grown to love them for since their origin way back in 1996! They continue to put out solid album after solid album of super catchy indie-pop melodies and extremely relatable lyrics, and from what I've heard from this one so far, it will be no exception.

Here is the track 'Write About Love' along with a great interview and live performance video for a few other tracks from the Write About Love EP including 'I Want the World to Stop'.

MP3: Write About Love - Belle & Sebastian