Another amazing track we got sent recently was by this new band called Avatars who have a difficult name to find a website/myspace for. Their debut single is called "The Air" and it was released recently October the 18th on Urban Torque Records. A sweet syrupy electro-pop jam with soaring vocals that I can't get enough of. The track is backed by tons of great remixes including one of our favorites The Diogenes Club. You can stream all the tracks/remixes on a page Urban Torque set up here. You can buy the track/remixes on U.K./Ireland iTunes here and U.S. iTunes here.

Below is the radio edit of the track sent our way as a free download for our readers enjoyment and sure to make you a believer. Enjoy and have a great Halloween everyone!! Have fun and be careful out there trick or treating. Remember not to eat the soft candies. MP3's are OK though!

MP3: The Air (Radio Edit) - Avatars

Don Diablo / Dragonette

I guess it's collaboration day on OTR. Here's another one sent our way by Don Diablo featuring the lovely Dragonette on vocals for a track called "Animale". Complete with a sweet video, plus a dubstep remix that I will not subject you to.Why do most dubstep tracks have to have that same wah wah sound? Anyways here is the soundcloud for the track and the video. Good stuff! I wonder what those oranges in the video could be a metaphor for? Hmmm...

Don Diablo ft. Dragonette - Animale (PREVIEW) by dondiablo

Crystal Castles / Robert Smith

All over blog land, but for good reason. The Crystal Castles track "Not in Love" featuring Robert Smith on vocals is like the best song The Cure hasn't made in the last decade or so. The bit rate going around is pretty horrid 128, but hey at least you get to jam out to it till it's officially released December 6th on their new label Fiction. Which being The Cure's long time label probably facilitated the collaboration.

MP3: Not in Love (ft Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles

Germany Germany

Just in time for any dance party playlists this weekend comes Canadian Drew Harris, who's more widely known under the moniker Germany Germany. One-hundred percent indie-pop fun, he manages to conjure a slight 80's nostalgia with his dreamy danceable tunes. What catches my attention beyond that is the fact that he's been releasing free music for the masses up until now. I can definitely appreciate someone who makes music so accessible to everyone. Thaf Records has picked up on his talent and dropped his new commercial album Radiowaves yesterday! Snatch it here and hopefully we will be hearing much more from Harris in the future!

MP3: River - Germany Germany

MP3: Baptism (Germany Germany Remix) - Crystal Castles

Sweet Lights

What a sweet morning! Sweet Lights sent me their self titled album and its rich sounds immediately charmed me. This one man band actualized by Shia Halperin from Philadelphia layers harmonies over a plush instrumentation gilded in feeling both melancholic and hopeful. It's hard to pick a track to share because it really is just a lovely record I recommend you purchase. Enjoy the track "A Hundred Needle Pins" and the video for "You Won't Be There" featuring some familiar faces. Click here for a free download of his Traveling Wilburys cover of "Handle With Care".

MP3: A Hundred Needle Pins - Sweet Lights

Sweet Lights - You Won't Be There from Sweet Lights on Vimeo.

Oh Land + Yuksek Remix

Oh Land is ABOUT TO BLOW UP. This super talented musician from Denmark with supermodel looks and talent in genes is irresistible. After an injury when she was a professional ballet dancer she had to rethink her path as a performer and redirected her creative energy into music. Clearly she makes her music with the movement of dance in mind. Its as bohemian as it is candy coated pop. She is a true performance artist with creative and theatrical stage shows and is someone you need to familiarize yourself with. Check out a live performance of "Sun Of a Gun" below as well as dance floor ready remix by Yuksek. If you are in NY she is playing Nov. 9th at Brooklyn Bowl.

MP3: Sun Of A Gun - Oh Land

MP3: Sun Of A Gun (Yuksek Remix) - Oh Land

Oh Land- Sun Of A Gun (Live) from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.


Keepaway has a few new tracks floating around. Word on the street is they're going to be dropping their full length "Kompetitor" for FREE soon so keep an eye out for that. I love the combination of noise manipulation and melodies these guys do. It's not for everyone but its definitely for me. There's something very seductive about the feeling of track "Sideways Smile". Makes me think of a sloppy drunk romp but my head is usually pretty deep in the gutter. I have mentioned them a few times and am excited for a full length from this trio.

MP3: Sideways Smile - Keepaway

Silver Swans

Our friend Clyde over at Twenty Seven Records in NYC recently sent us some music from one of their newest artists on their roster Silver Swans. They are an indie pop duo hailing from San Francisco and upon quick listen they are mighty fine! He sent us an original track of theirs "Secrets", plus a haunting cover they did for The National's "Anyone's Ghost" and they are both spectacular! Being as I'm a huge National fan that didn't hurt their chances with me any. Gorgeous vocal melodies and lovely music combine to great effect. Best part is both tracks have been cleared for posting, so you guys can get in on the action. Keep an eye out for these two, I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from them in the years to come.

P.S. Congrats to The National for winning Q magazines album of the year for 2010 for their excellent 'High Violet'. It beat out Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' one of my other favorite albums of the year. You can see the full list of winners here.

MP3: Secrets - Silver Swans  320 kbps

MP3: Anyone's Ghost (The National Cover) - Silver Swans  320 kbps

New Lykke Li Single!

So it's been a while since we've heard new music from the Swedish singer, Lykke Li but just yesterday she unveiled her new single "Get Some"/"Paris Blue". I was first introduced to her when I heard Kleerup's (also from Sweden) debut album (2008) and I immediately researched to see who the sweet female vocal was which brought me to her debut album, "Youth Novels" (2008).

"Get Some" is a more intense, tougher and pounding track while "Paris Blue", an acoustic b-side tune shows her softer and more vulnerable side. Both show her full range of musical talent. The 7" vinyl will be available November 1st via Rough Trade but you can hop over to her site to download both tracks for free by entering your email address.

MP3: Get Some - Lykke Li

MP3: Paris Blue - Lykke Li

MP3: Until We Bleed (ft Lykke Li) - Kleerup

TV Girl

Loving this free EP TV Girl released via their bandcamp page. Not too much info on this San Diego based act, but I can say it's a solid four track EP. Love the sample of Todd Rungeren's "Hello It's Me" on the slightly hip hop influenced "If You Want It" as well as the feel good dream pop track "It's Not Something". Check out both below!

MP3: If You Want It - TV Girl

MP3: It's Not Something - TV Girl

Baby Brother

The music scape is filled with gimmicks. Tons of acts "banding" together and repeating something that has already been done and done well, only to say they never heard it before. One conversation over free pizza, and my first time hearing Baby Brother's music in a local bar and I knew they were not one of those bands. "Reminds me of the Exploding Hearts" I say and they enthusiastically responded that they loved them.

This Brooklyn based Quartet genuinely enjoys the music they make and embrace all their influences which vary from country to punk. Their record "Strange Things" is accessible, fun, and genuine. Check out two of their tracks "Strange Things" and "Sad Kid" below. Link to Baby Bro's facebook here.

MP3: Strange Things- Baby Brother

MP3: Sad Kid- Baby Brother

New Girls Track

San Francisco's Girls releases their new record "Broken Dreams Club" November 22, and is offering "Heartbreaker" as a free download. As the follow up to critically successful "Album" there is a bit of pressure but the buzz is good and I am loving this feel good anthem about love lost. If you have a second, read the bio on this duo. Christopher Owens, the lead singer, is a former "Children Of God" cult member and it's an interesting journey that led him to San Fran and meeting young and green music producer JR White. Check out a live performance of the song "Heartbreaker" below and the track for you to stream. If you dig it pick up that track via the link I posted above.

MP3: Heartbreaker - Girls  (Streaming Only)


Remember when you were a child and fantastical thoughts of space and science took you to an imaginary realm of blissful fascination? Well, Narwhal, a duo from Barcelona, have taken these feelings and concentrated them into an effervescent sea of sound, which, upon closing your eyes, you find yourself effortlessly floating on back to that world of wonder in your mind.

Their space-fi goodness is especially evident in the ambient waves of their track 'Galapagos', which I have below for your downloading pleasure, as well as the brilliant animated video for their track 'Whirling Ceremony' that takes you on a bitmap and blueprint journey to the future. You can hear a few more of their mystical gems on their soundcloud site as well.

MP3: Galapagos - Narwhal


Don't know much about Brooklyn based trio Kordan, in fact I just found out about them today when a friend posted their video for "Mirror" on my facebook page. After a bit of research I am loving what I'm hearing! They have a great shoegaze/dream pop sound that is pretty addictive/beautiful! A welcome addition to my collective music conscious, that's for sure.

Seems they toured with Cut/Copy back in 08' and their debut album 'The Longing' was recently released October 12th on Last Bummer Records. They used Karen O's personal costume designer Christian Joy to help create the beautiful album art work you see above. I managed to find a couple tracks of theirs on Hype Machine "Mirror" and "Closer". Which both only serve to make me crave getting the rest of that album as soon as possible. See if it does the same for you.

Enjoy these and the video for "Mirror" that started it all. Thanks to Ryan for the heads up! Have a great week-end everyone!

MP3: Mirror - Kordan

MP3: Closer - Kordan

Gemini Club :: Hey Champ Remix

Chicago trio Gemini Club who we've posted before are back. This time they are releasing their debut single "Ghost". To coincide with the single's release they put together a remix package featuring remixes by the likes of Midnight Conspiracy, Barretso, Only Children, but on top of that list of remixers was fellow Chicagoans Hey Champ. They did a great job once again with this remix and produced another dance floor winner! Smooth as can be. Best part is it's cleared for posting! DJ's/dance music lovers download this baby and get to dancing!

MP3: Ghost (Hey Champ Remix) - Gemini Club

Alex Winston

Alex Winston is a lovely up and coming 21 yr old songstress classically trained in opera and hailing from Detroit, Michigan. We were recently sent one of her tracks "Aspirins" remixed by Winston Choice Notes and I was mightilly impressed! Ethereal electronic pop loveliness. You can check out more original works from her on her myspace I linked above. All good stuff!

Here is that remix to start your mp3 collection of her, have a feeling it will keep growing. In addition here is a Labyrinth Ear Remix of another of her tracks "Choice Notes" recently sent out by RCRD LBL. Also very cool!

MP3: Aspirins (Winston Choice Notes Remix) - Alex Winston

MP3: Choice Notes (Labyrinth Ear Remix) - Alex Winston

Discodeine / Jarvis Cocker

A disco beat and Jarvis Cocker? Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Just randomly ran into this track "Synchronize" ft Jarvis Cocker by Discodeine looking through Hype Machine the other day and I couldn't believe it. Nice dance beat with Jarvis' signature snarls make it even more interesting. Can't wait to play it out. Jarvis should totally look into doing a whole disco/dance record. I'm sure it would be excellent or maybe a Pulp reunion/album/tour? That would be even more amazing!

Seems the track this will be out in November via Dirty/DFA, Discodeine's label. Check it...

MP3: Synchronize ft Jarvis Cocker - Discodeine

Goodbye Horses Covers

"Goodbye Horses" by female singer Q Lazzarus is an epic tune that came out in 1988. Since then it has been featured in several films and TV series most famously for Silence of the Lambs, but also Clerks 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Nip/Tuck, Family Guy amongst others.

The song was written and produced by William Garvey and according to him, "the song is about transcendence over those who see the world as only earthy and finite. The horses represent the five senses from Hindu philosophy (The Bhagavad Gita) and the ability to lift one’s perception above these physical limitations and to see beyond this limited Earthly perspective."

A couple of weeks ago and within the same week I came across two covers of "Goodbye Horses". The first cover is by The Airborne Toxic Event from L.A. which began performing it live at their concerts last year. This one out of the two has the same lightness in instrumentation and vocal tone as the original. The second is by the new band, Flight from Mississippi on their just released first EP which is much heavier and noisier all around.

I enjoy both, but I still think that the original is my favorite because it's just that good! Now it's your turn to decide...

MP3: Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus

MP3: Goodbye Horses - The Airborne Toxic Event

MP3: Goodbye Horses - Flight

Cosmo Black Remixes Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Australian trio Cosmo Black that I've posted about several times before are back with another amazing remix. This time for Yeah Yeah Yeah's classic track "Maps". What they've done to this track is hard to describe. Gorgeous subdued atmospheric re-interpretation that I can hear over and over again. One thing's for sure, these are some talented blokes who know exactly what their doing in the studio. What they've done with this remix and Basement Jaxx classic house jam "Where's Your Head At" that I posted here are pretty legendary. See if you guys agree...

MP3: Maps (Cosmo Black Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs  320 kbps

Clock Opera

Got sent this great remix by Little Loud for London band Clock Opera's latest track "Once and For All" which is being released on Kitsune November 1st. Real subdued electronic remix until it opens up and hits it's full stride at around the 2:15 mark. Awww... lovely.

MP3: Once and For All (Little Loud Remix) - Clock Opera

Phoenix Tix Giveaway!

Another big show hitting Miami next Wednesday, October the 27th at The Fillmore is Phoenix! Been looking forward to seeing these guys perform live for a long, long time and I've been told they put on an amazing show. Can't wait!

The show has been sold out for a couple weeks, but you can win a pair of tixs right here at our very own OTR! Just comment below with a valid email and then I'll pick a random winner this Friday the 22nd. Simple as that. Only one entry per person. Cheers and good luck!

P.S. Here is their video for "Lisztomania" one of my favorite tracks from them and one of their biggest hits. Can you imagine the crowds reaction when they play this live? People will go nuts! Can't wait! See ya there...


PHOENIX | Myspace Music Videos

Massive Attack/Thievery Corporation Tix Giveaway!

Another big show coming to Miami next Tuesday, October the 26th is the legendary Massive Attack along with co-headliners Thievery Corporation at Bayfront Park. Who knows when Massive Attack will be back in Miami again?! You're not gonna wanna miss these trip hop legends in our own backyard! Comment below with a valid email for your chance to win a pair of free tixs to this one as well! We will pick a random winner Thursday as well. Good luck!

P.S. Tixs for this great show are still available via Live Nation if you'd like to purchase some. Below is a video of Massive Attack performing their classic track "Teardrop" live, plus Thievery's video for the lovely "The Time We Lost Our Way". Can't wait to hear these played live! See ya at the show! Cheers!

MGMT Tix Giveaway!

Some great shows coming up next week in Miami including MGMT, Massive Attack/Thievery Corporation and Pheonix and we've got a pair of free tixs for each of them for you at OTR! Let's kick it off with MGMT who we all know from Kids/Time to Pretend/Electric Feel fame who will be performing for the first time in Miami next Tuesday, October the 26th at The Fillmore w/opening act Kuroma. This show sold out a while ago, but here's your chance to get in for free! Just comment below with a working email were we can contact you (no email = won't pick) and we'll pick a random winner this Thursday, simple as that!

Here is a video for one of their latest tracks "It's Working" off of their sophmore album 'Congratulations'. Which is what I will be saying to one of you very soon. Good luck!

New Mexico

New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath) are a three piece indie rock band that despite their name are actually from the up and coming music scene of San Diego, California. They sent along their latest EP Have You Met My Friend? and I am loving it! A rocking good time that reminds of the fun stoner rock party vibes of bands like Queens of the Stone Age. In particular I'm loving their tracks "Motion Sickness" and "Abused and Amused" which I'm posting below, but they're all really good and you can grab the entire 7 track EP on their bandcamp page were you can name your own price, including the recession friendly price of $0. If you like these two tracks I'm posting below I'd go grab the rest of that EP pronto. Muy bueno!

MP3: Motion Sickness - New Mexico  320 kbps

MP3: Abused and Amused - New Mexico  320 kbps

He's My Brother, She's My Sister

He's My Brother, She's My Sister is a band from L.A. reminiscent of the old time acts of the past. I can imagine there were a lot more acts like them back in the day. Tap dancing, singing and bringing all sorts of good vibes to towns far and near. A talented bunch for sure. They are on tour now with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros who are performing tonight at the Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale and tomorrow they will be performing in Miami at Transit Lounge also for a free show, so I figured now would be the perfect time to post about them and maybe peak the interest of some local Miami music lovers.

They are best seen live to truly appreciate what they do so be sure check out the video of them performing "Clackin' Heels" below. Also below is an mp3 for "Tales That I Tell" the first track from their latest self titled EP that has been cleared for posting. Download that baby and be sure to catch them if they come around your neck of the woods with Edward Sharpe. A great one two punch concert combo for sure! Here is a link to their bandcamp page if you wanna stream/buy the rest of that EP for $6.

P.S. I heard that Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros will be doing a private show tomorrow also here in Miami at Bardot. Which makes sense since He's My Brother will be in town performing at Transit. Kinda nice because Caribou is playing tonight at Grand Central so it gives us Miami people the option of seeing both shows. A win-win for Miami music lovers. Cheers to that and the amazing month of October we're having here for live music!

MP3: Tales That I Tell - He's My Brother, She's My Sister

Bishop Morocco

Apparently this gem from Toronto duo Bishop Morocco, which came out earlier this year, slipped a lot of peoples radar, including my own until recently. Well, now its time to give it the attention it deserves! With their dark yet upbeat sound echoing the style of New Wave greats such as New Order and heavily influenced by Brit Pop legends like The Smiths and Stone Roses, the two childhood friends from Toronto, Jake Fairley and Jim Sayce, reunited in the small northern European town of Groningen, Netherlands and created their self titled debut LP which came out back in June.

The albums first single 'Last Year’s Disco Guitars' is the perfect ambassador of the bands take on the 80's New Wave genre that is consistent throughout their debut album. Also, it's accompanied by a pretty cool vid and a pretty bad ass remix by Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck.

MP3: Last Year's Disco Guitars - Bischop Morocco

MP3: Last Year's Disco Guitars (Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck remix) - Bischop Morocco

The Concretes

Swedes never fail to deliver. Staples in my essential list include Dungen, Refused, and Fireside just to name a few. This time around, it's The Concretes, making a reappearance after a three-year hiatus with the release of WYWH. Lisa Milberg slightly whispers the lyrics over the disco-infused beats, adding a layer of melancholy to these indie pop tracks. The retro feel of the album creates the perfect soundtrack for lounging around one's apartment while watching the sunset. Wish You Where Here will be out November 9th on Brooklyn's Friendly Fire Recordings. Enjoy the video for their single, All Day, and Blackbird Blackbird's remix of Good Evening, which is suitable for a little dance party with others or even by yourself!

MP3: All Day - The Concretes

MP3: Good Evening (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) - The Concretes

Avey Tare

Being a major Animal Collective fan, knowing that Avey Tare, aka Dave Portner, was going to drop a solo album album left me glowing and giggly like a school girl. The reverb accompanied by the beautiful and simple beat creates an incredibly melodious and eerie tune. I can only imagine it must have been nothing but exciting to be recording the album, Down There, within an old church in upstate NY. The potentially spooky Down There will be ready Oct. 26 off of Paw Tracks Records, just in time for Halloween weekend playlists. In the meantime, put on some headphones and fall deep into the mysterious beats of Lucky 1. Also, take a look at the trippy, alligator-based imagery in the music video made by his sister Abby Portner.

MP3: Lucky 1 - Avey Tare

Edwin Van Cleef :: October DJ Mix

Need a good DJ mix for the week-end? Then look no further than this stellar October Chart Mix by Edwin Van Cleef who we've posted about before. Dude's got great taste in music and excellent mixing skills. Can never go wrong with that.

Press play and get to dancing! If you like what you hear you can download the mix by clicking the arrow on the right. Tracklisting available on the link I posted above. Enjoy and have a great week-end!

Edwin van Cleef - October Chart Mix 2010 by Edwin van Cleef

The Amplifetes

Swedish 4 piece The Amplifetes recently caught my attention with this amazingly catchy electro dance tune of theirs called "It's My Life". In the vein of artists like Miike Snow or Peter, Bjorn and John who they've worked with before, they have an ear for catchy hooks and dancey beats. Like those artists I have a feeling they will be coming up the ranks of popularity in the coming months/years, especially if they keep pumping out tunes as catchy as this.

Here is that track, plus a Blende remix of earlier single "Whizz Kid" and their eye catching video for "It's My Life".

MP3: It's My Life - The Amplifetes

MP3: Whizz Kid (Blende Remix) - The Amplifetes


Quartet "Wilder" off of UK's Rough Trade Records makes the kind of electronic dance-rock hits you want to learn the words to, because dancing alone to their music wouldn't suffice. They have it all: looks, hooks, and seamless transitions. They've been chosen by NME to go on their 2010 "Radar Tour" alongside Chapel Club who we've mentioned a few times and have also toured with The Maccabees as well as Julian Casablancas of Strokes fame. I predict once their full release hits everyone will be talking about them. Check out the track "Girls VS. Boys" as well as their music video for "Sky Full Of Rainbows".

MP3: Boys Vs. Girls - Wilder

New MillionYoung Track from Upcoming Debut Album

South Florida artist/friend Mike Diaz (aka) MillionYoung who has blown up on blog land in the last year or so and performed at our weekly (786) Wednesday party at Purdy several times along the way is getting ready to release his debut album 'Atmospheric Beast' in 2011.  It will be available digitally in January with hard copies coming along in February via Old Flame Records.

We got sent a new track "Calrissian" which is gonna be featured on the record as track #11.  It continues in the same chillwave tradition of his other tracks, mixing fuzzy electronics with traditional instruments and that's just fine by us. Why mess with a good thing?

With no further ado, check out the newness....

MP3: Calrissian - MillionYoung


Have you heard of New Orleans band Generationals? They sent over "Trust" track number 4 from their upcoming EP also called 'Trust'. An amazing jangly indie pop jem that I can't get out of my head! So catchy, absolutely loving it! It's stuff like this that really makes our job worthwhile. Being able to share music this good is what it's all about.

Download this baby so it can hold you off till that EP comes out in November on Park the Van Records

MP3: Trust - Generationals


Got sent this great electronic dance track "Whatever Happened to Miss Simpatia" by Italian artist SCHLOCK! the other day. Had never heard of him, but I am mightily impressed! Great dance floor jam sure to get you moving. They also have a soundlcoud they sent our way with tons of originals/remixes etc, that you can download for free! A virtual goldmine of material. I would totally go there and do some pillaging if I was you.

Here is "Whatever Happened to Miss Simpatia" and an excellent mix they did for "Summer '86" by Bonnaventure James to get you started...

MP3: Whatever Happened to Miss Simpatia - SCHLOCK! (ft E)

MP3: Summer '86 (SCHLOCK! Vs The Black Smurk Mix) - Bonnaventure James

Is Tropical

London trio Is Tropical are set to release new single 'South Pacific', their first track for their new label Kitsune November 8th, 2010. Backed with remixes by Crystal Fighters, Database, Yojimbo, Get People and b-side "Tan Man". Their debut album is slated for release in 2011.

Their video for "South Pacific" that was sent our way. Digging it! A nice blend of electro-pop/indie pop. Can't wait to hear more. You can catch them on tour in Oct/Nov with Mystery Jets throughout the UK. Grab a cool remix they did for NewIslands that I posted back in March here.

Class Actress/Neon Indian Cover

Just had a DUH moment after deciding I need to post Class Actress' cover of Neon Indian's "Terminally Chill". How have we never written about her on OTR? Elizabeth Harper is the beauty and the brains in Class Actress and not just another Madonna influenced Brooklyn Darling. Cooing over 80s colored sexified synths and unabashedly winning your heart. Your boyfriend might not admit it but her recently rereleased EP "Journal of Ardency" has him turned on with tracks like "Careful What You Say" and in love after hearing "Let Me Take You Out". If does admit it, he's a keeper. Check her out below.

MP3: Terminally Chill (Neon Indian Cover) - Class Actress

MP3: Careful What You Say - Class Actress

Duck Sauce

Don't you hate it when you're wrong? I do. I was wrong to ignore this track by DJ/Producer supergroup DUCK SAUCE made of one part Armand Van Helden and one part A-Trak. This single "Barbra Streisand" is funk, disco, and dance in peak form. If you can't groove to this we probably won't get along. Plus the music video is a montage of everything I love about being in New York and it's filled with cameos. Lesson learned, don't ignore an artist just because you aren't into chinese food. DANCE BREAK BELOW!

MP3: Barbra Streisand - DUCK SAUCE

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

RAC Remix Chapel Club

The Remix Artist Collective or RAC for short is at it again! This time with this great subdued remix of Chapel Club's latest "All the Eastern Girls". Sooo good! I'm pretty sure you're gonna have to hear this one many, many times. If you didn't catch Chapel Club's video for "All The Eastern Girls", I posted that about a month ago here.

MP3: All The Eastern Girls (RAC Remix) - Chapel Club

Fred Falke Remixes Marina

My favorite Welsh pop star Marina and the Diamonds meets one of my favorite remixes? Heck, yes!

On Fred Falke's latest remix for Marina's "Shampain" he brings his signature touch and produces another dance anthem! How many hits does that make? I lost count. Mr Falke's got a formula that I never get tired of, esp with lovely vocals like Marina's. We got sent the radio edit, but knowing him I'm sure he has an 6-9 min extended club version out there somewhere. If you're a DJ I'd look into that.

With no further ado, here it is... Mike posted Marina's video for Shampain about a month on a video round up here, but she looks so good in it. I'm gonna post it again ;)  Hope you guys don't mind too much.

MP3: Shampain (Fred Falke Radio Edit) - Marina and the Diamonds