The Raveonettes Return

Even though I love The Raveonettes one criticism I had of them is that all their albums sound pretty similar. As amazing as that might be I always wished they would change up their sound just a tad and try some different things. Well it looks like that wish may finally be coming true. Their fifth album 'Raven in the Grave' is getting set for release in April on Vice Records and they are giving away a free track from the record called "Forget That You're Young". A beautiful melodic track that sounds very different from their previous material. The press release also talks about how it is a departure for them. Check out some of what the band had to say about the new record.

"I think we have finally hit on something quite important and different for this album," explains Sune. "This is the first Raveonettes album we've done which doesn't feature the signature Raveonettes surf drumbeat. None of the tunes have any real sunshine to them. It's all very un-Rave." "It has a mood of ethereal defiance," Sharin adds. "It's dark but not bleak, like the single minded determination caused by crisis that is not quite hope but just as powerful. It's the perfect winter soundtrack just in time for spring".

I for one am excited to hear this one. Check out "Forget That You're Young" and see if it does the same for you.

MP3: Forget That You're Young - The Raveonettes


AJ said...

Great, they are a fantastic band, but i agree a bit same same on the past albums. I am looking forward to checking this one out if it is a bit different.

Anonymous said...

digging the new sound. but, um, it still does sound like them. not necessarily a bad thing, tho.

Michael Unger said...