London electro-pop duo Echoes recently contacted us with a bunch of great material including a remix for Martin Solveig/Dragonette's track "Hello", a DJ Mix, videos and some original tracks including "Love Won't Save You Now". Digging them all! They definitely show a lot of potential. Here's some of the good's to get you better acquainted with the boys. If you like what you hear they have more on their soundcloud that you should check out.

MP3: Love Won't Save You Now - Echoes

MP3: Hello (Echoes Remix) - Martin Solveig & Dragonette

ECHOES Mixtape #2 (Hello Sunlight) by Echoes Music


Risetelo said...

Yo quedo con la canciĆ³n ""Hello""....un 10

Carsan07 said...

Love Won't Save You Now - Very catchy tune!

Carsan07 said...

Tiesto sampled "Hello" in his set at ULTRA this weekend. Badass version, obviously ULTRA-FIED, but nonetheless catchy as hell!