Millionyoung :: Replicants

South Florida's own/friend Millionyoung who we've written about a few times before most recently here just played this past Friday in Miami for WMC. Unfortunatly I missed his set cause I was spinning in the other room, but I've seen him a few times before to know he always puts on an entertaining show. He recently put out this cool stop motion video for the title track to his latest album Replicants using footage from two short films "Hoola Boola" (1941) and "South Sea Sweethearts" 1938 by George Pal. Cool video for a great track! If you haven't already heard the album, you should. Good stuff! Here's the video/mp3. You can get "Calrissian" (also from the new album) in the post I linked above.

MP3: Replicants - Millionyoung

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Anonymous said...

Un vídeo . bonito y la canción....un sueño..esa isla en la que nos gustaría vivir a muchos