Fujiya & Miyagi

Our friends over at Nightdrive have been doing a great job bringing cool underground shows to Miami. This Thursday, May 26th they got another one lined up at Electric Pickle for British electronic quartet Fujiya & Miyagi. Didn't really know that much about them, but after I saw the invite on Facebook I looked into them. Seems they've been around since 99'. Their latest album 'Ventriloquizzing' was released this past January. Downloaded the album and it's good stuff! Dark, grooving minimal electro-pop. They kinda remind me of a cross between Stereolab and Kraftwerk. Can't wait to check out that show!

Here's their video/mp3 for "Yoyo" that they're giving away as a free download + "Cat Got Your Tongue" one of my faves from the record as a stream for you to check out. If you like these be sure to look into the rest of that record and if you live in the South Florida area come out and to the show Thursday. I know I'll be there.

MP3: Yoyo - Fujiya & Miyagi

MP3: Cat Got Your Tongue - Fujiya & Miyagi  (Streaming Only)

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