Round Table Knights :: Ruen & Ryan Evans Remix

Ryan Evans (long time Miami DJ), has teamed up with Ruen on this funky Nu Disco twist on Dark Table Knight's title track off their upcoming full length for their remix contest. I think their take is going to be a pretty strong contender. Round Table Knights consists of DJs/Producers from Switzerland who put out a well received EP in 2010. The buzz led them to a record deal and they're releasing their full length 'Say What' February 2011. They also have remixes coming out for Modular and Loungin' Records as well as being recognized by house music legend Pete Tong for their remix of Tensakes 'Coma Cat'.

Round Table knights - Say What (Ruen & Ryan Evans Remix) by Ryan Evans

MP3: Say What (Feat. Ogris Debris)- Round Table Knights

Savoir Adore :: Infernal Devices Remix

NYC electro-pop duo Infernal Devices who I've posted about before here sent me another excellent remix! This time they remixed Savoir Adore's "Loveliest Creatures" into a disco tinged dance floor delight. Another solid remix from these up and comers. Keep up the good work Mark & Andy! You've made fans at Off the Radar.

P.S. The download from their soundcloud player below is in full wave length quality! Bonus points!

Savoir Adore - Loveliest Creature (Infernal Devices Remix) by infernaldevices

Metronomy :: She Wants Video

English electronic artists Metronomy have finally released some new stuff! We've been waiting in eager anticipation ever since their fantastic last album Nights Out way back in 2008. Now, as a forerunner for their upcoming album English Riviera coming this spring, they have put out this brilliant vid for the new albums first single "She Wants". It's an ingeniously entertaining work of special effects and continuous motion film. Loving this track too. Enjoy.

She Wants - Metronomy

Labyrinth Ear

London duo Labyrinth Ear who's remixes I've posted before, most recently here are back. This time remixing one of their own tracks "Navy Light". I haven't heard the original, so I don't know how much of a departure this is from that, but I can tell you this is one great track! Dark electro-pop goodness with lovely female vocals and beautiful melodies. That's about all it takes to reel me in. Dancing to this at your favorite club around 4 am perhaps? Makes sense. Enjoy!

MP3: Navy Light (4 AM Mix) - Labyrinth Ear

Decalicious :: Daft Punk Remix

In keeping with the electronic theme of today here is an incredible remix sent our way by Paris/Hamburg duo Decalicious. They remixed Daft Punk's track "Derezzed" from the Tron Soundtrack into a steroid dance floor monster that more closely resembles Daft Punk's previous work. They did an amazing job! I can imagine this track slaying many dance floors throughout the world. Energy, energy, energy! Enjoy...

MP3: Derezzed (Decalicious Edit - Rearranged Version) - Daft Punk  320 kbps

Welfare for the Digital

Welfare for the Digital are a DJ/producer duo from London. They recently contacted us to let us know about an EP they have out on Beatport called 'Speed of the Puma'. In addition to the release news they sent along a free mp3 for us to giveaway called "Flight of the Navigator". Loving it! A little piece of electronic heaven. An epic 8 min instrumental perfectly suited for the dance floor. DJ's out there might wanna pick this baby up and try her on for size. I know I will.

MP3: Flight of the Navigator - Welfare for the Digital

Gorillaz :: Miami Horror Remix

Having a really good day with new music. Just heard this Miami Horror (who I love) remix of Gorillaz track "Empire Ants". Didn't think I could dance anymore after last night, but this track is definitely changing that!

I'm going to sum it up like this: Oh wow!

MP3: Empire Ants (Miami Horror Remix) - Gorillaz


London Label Something In Construction put out a fantastic compilation to celebrate one hundred releases. It's free so you should definitely take a second to download.

One band I hadn't really checked out before was Los Angeles' MNDR. Their minimal electro and fun vocals are yummy pop perfect to listen to when you're getting dolled up for a night of trouble. So Fun, reminds me of 'The Blow' who I used to be obsessed with. They're currently touring with Chromeo so go to their official website to see if you can catch them! "I Go Away" is a slowed down electro ballad and I can't get enough.

MP3: I Go Away - MNDR


Working at the Ace Hotel, one of the coolest places in NYC, has its perks. Stumptown coffee, April Bloomfield's delicious food, and having the most interesting and creative co-workers to name a few. I was in the lobby grabbing a drink after my friend and fellow co-workers birthday feast and got to chatting with Alex Greiner who works in the Breslin and found out he is in an inspired four piece entitled Chimneys. The sound is folk driven eclectic indie rock and just lovely. Lush and thought provoking, to say I am impressed is an understatement. If you are a fan of Grizzly Bear you will love Chimneys. Fall in love with their track "At Polheim" below and if you are in NYC you can check them out at one of their upcoming shows.

MP3: At Polheim - Chimneys

Holy Ghost! :: Do It Again

NYC duo Holy Ghost are at it again, bringing us another dance jam ("Do It Again") sure to get us shaking it on the dance floor. We are also getting another wish from them as a debut album will finally be seeing the light of day this Spring on DFA Records. Yay! Took a few years and was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen, but I guess like the saying goes 'better late than never'. Have a feeling it will be a great dance record! Can't wait to hear it. They will also be opening up for LCD Soundsystem on tour. Talk about a dance-a-thon!

MP3: Do It Again - Holy Ghost!

Noah and the Whale :: L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. Video

Remember the Noah and the Whale post Caroline did last month? The track "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." ended up getting us to #1 on Hype Machine's Most Popular. Well Noah just put out a great new video for his uber catchy track. The more I hear it, the more I love it! Their third album 'Last Night on Earth' is scheduled for release on March 7th. Be on the lookout for that. In the meantime check out the newness...

P.S. Remember to click on the 720 option for the better sound/resolution.

The Decemberists :: The King is Dead

The Decemberists new album 'The King is Dead' was released January 19th. The album is a refreshing re-route back to their sound before 'The Hazards of Love' which didn't really make my music engine turn like some of their previous albums.

"Down By The Water" was the single they released at the end of 2010 before the album's release and I was hoping the song was a good indicator of the album's new direction. Whereas previous albums were rooted solely on British Folk that long inspired frontman Colin Maloy, he now digs heavily into an American roots sound. Having listened to the album a good five times by now, it has grown on me rather quickly.

Here's the first two tracks from 'The King is Dead'.

MP3: Don't Carry It All - The Decemberists

MP3: Calamity - The Decemberists

Bobby Birdman

Sometimes in a day I download a few albums, some bands I know and some I don't. Sometimes I forget what I download and it shows up months later while I'm listening to my library on shuffle. That's the case with Bobby Birdman's, "Only for a While". Bobby Birdman is the stage name for musician Rob Kieswetter who lives in L.A.

Although "Only for a While" is from his 'New Moods' album (2009), I somehow missed the boat on that one! Kieswetter is a member of YACHT's backing band called 'The Straight Gaze' which as of last year YACHT changed their name to Yacht and the Straight Gaze. His discography goes back to 2001 having released on various labels such as Fryk Beat and State Rights Records. He has played on albums by Bonnie Prince Billy, The Microphones, YACHT, Little Wings, Golden Shoulders, and VVRSNN. As Bobby Birdman he has toured with Hot Chip, Ratatat, and YACHT.

I'm really digging the sound of his 1950's-1960's doo-wop vocal flair combined with his electronic pop sound and am looking forward to new material to come out!

MP3: Only For a While - Bobby Birdman


Still not over this chill wave trend. Especially when bands like Brooklyn's Games are putting out more reasons to love it. I think it's just easy listening for the kids of the 80s like myself and it's never going to die. Love this video for the track Strawberry Skies feat. Laurel Halo. Chill wave shout out to it's 80's parents.

MP3: Strawberry Skies - Games

Baby Brother

I recently saw Baby Brother play a show at Arlene's Grocery in NYC and even though the snow storm made for a dismal showing these guys acted like they were playing half time at the superbowl. All of them really showed a tightly honed talent for their instruments with the chemistry between Jeremy Beazlie on lead, and guitarist Vincent Vitek really solidifying the performance. The highlight was their blues tinged rock and roll ballad "Tennessee" off their Shut Up Man EP.

Creatively, they're just getting started and I had to give credit where credit is due. Watch out for these guys in 2011. You might think I blog about these guys because they're my friends but it's quite the opposite. I am harder on them because they're my friends. Thought I was going to get punched in the face by one of their girlfriends the other day when I told them they needed a stylist. Check out my new favorite heartbreak anthem "Tennessee" below.

MP3: Tennessee - Baby Brother

High Highs :: Flowers Bloom

In case you didn't catch the incredibly talented Brooklyn-based Aussies High Highs back in November, when Ray posted their whimsical single "Open Season", now's your chance. Use these tracks as your background music upon waking as you get ready to engage in the day's activities, it can only lead to smooth sailing through to the evening. These guys leave nothing but promise with their new single "Flowers Bloom". In due time, their dreamscape tunes will be compiled into an unforgettable album. 'Til then, enjoy!

MP3: Flowers Bloom - High Highs

Druma Kina :: Cavaliers of Fun Remix

Just got sent this hot, dance-floor friendly remix of São Paulo, Brazil electro-funk artist Druma Kina's track "Walking Away" by our favourite synth loving remix genius Cavaliers of Fun, who has cranked the danceability dial on this already upbeat track up to eleven! The remix is from Druma Kina's Walking Away EP which includes this and four other remixes of this track as well as the original and two other tracks. You can pick the whole thing up on Druma Kina's bandcamp site for free here! Also, for more of our previous posts on Cavaliers of Fun, click here.

MP3: Walking Away (feat. Shell Heaven Lee) (Cavaliers of Fun Remix) - Druma Kina

Cut Copy :: Take Me Over Remixes

With all the buzz Cut Copy's new album Zonoscope is creating, I thought I'd compile for you all the whole slew of remixes the albums first single "Take Me Over" has generated. Some pretty great ones out there! I am particularly fond of the Mylo one, which unfortunately isn't available for download, but you all can have at the rest of them! Zonoscope is amazing by the way in case you haven't heard it yet. It's official release is February 7th, but we all know how these things tend to leak way early.

Check out Ray's earlier post here for the original track, and feel free to comment on this post which remix is your fave! We always love to have your feed back.

MP3: Take Me Over (Flight Facilities Remix) - Cut Copy

MP3: Take Me Over (Thee Loving Hand Remix) - Cut Copy

MP3: Take Me Over (Azari & III Remix) - Cut Copy

MP3: Take Me Over (Midnight Magic Remix) - Cut Copy

CUT COPY - Take Me Over (Mylo remix)

The Mummers :: Everlasting Light Cover/Remix

Wasn't sure whether this should be considered a cover or a remix, as its kinda half and half, but either way Brighton, UK's female fronted orchestral pop band The Mummers have taken on The Black Keys excellent track "Everlasting Light" with epic results. They layered their grandiose orchestra over The Black Keys bluesy rock & roll creating a marriage of sounds that is very easy on the ears. Throw in some added vocals from The Mummers front woman Raissa Khan-Panni and the result is a really enjoyable interpretation of this track.

MP3: Everlasting Light (The Mummers Remix) - The Black Keys

Dream Cop

Dream Cop is solo multi-instrumental artist Tommy Davidson raised in DC and currently residing in Blacksburg, Virginia. He's been getting a lot of buzz lately and for good reason. Great lo-fi/shoegazey goodness! Check out his eerie video for "Marooned". Kinda gives new meaning to the saying don't help wild animals. Have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from this talented youngster. Enjoy & have a great weekend!

MP3: Marooned - Dream Cop

autoKratz :: Opposite of Love

London duo autoKratz are back with a new EP 'Opposite of Love' being released January 24th. It is their first single from their upcoming sophomore album 'Self Help for Beginners' which is scheduled for release in March on new 2011 imprint Bad Life. A little more electro-pop than I remember them, but that won't get any complaints from me! Loving it!

Here's their video for the track, plus a North Lights Remix sent our way that I'm digging even more than the original! Dreamwave dance floor gold that will surely make it into my DJ sets.

MP3: Opposite of Love (North Lights ft Perseus Remix) - autoKratz  320 kbps

Evan Voytas :: New Video

LA based indie pop musician Evan Voytas, who Ray first posted about here, is back with a sexy new video for his latest single "Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere" from his Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere EP out now.

Not quite sure what exactly is going down in this vid, but it features the lovely Kate Moss putting on some sort of voyeuristic show in a dark alley for some anonymous perv in an old Mustang. Pretty hot really, and a somehow very fitting backdrop for this slightly dark and sensual pop track.

MP3: Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere - Evan Voytas

White Lies :: Ritual

Sophomore slump? Yea, London's White Lies don't know the meaning of that! Their second album 'Ritual' was released this week and it is one huge, anthemic rock n' roll record. The kind that aren't made much anymore. They worked with Alan Moulder of Nine Inch Nails fame on this one and I think it was a good call. He was able to capture their sound and push the envelope. First single "Bigger Than Us" is a huge anthemic rock track that lead singer Harry McVeigh jokes in an interview has like 5 choruses. He might be right on that, but my favorite tracks on the album are tracks like "Peace & Quiet", "Come Down" & "Turn the Bells" were they bring it down a tad. Something about big rock bands when they tone it down that I love. Anyways these guys have a winner on their hands. Great record you guys should check out, especially if big rock and huge choruses are your thing. It doesn't get much bigger than this and I can't get enough of lead singer Harry McVeigh's voice, like none other in rock n' roll. 

Here's their video for first single "Bigger Than Us" which has almost 2 million views! Be sure to click the 720 or 1080 options for the better sound/video resolutions.

Annex 82

A little behind in my emails so trying to catch up, but I wanted to post a little something for you guys to chew on today.

Annex 82 is a solo electronic artist from Michigan who's music has a very high new wave/electro feel to it which probably explains why I like it so (I'm a sucker for that). He's got a 5 track EP called Skylights available as a free download on his soundcloud page. Real cool stuff! Been jamming it all day. Here are a couple tracks from it "Laser Beam" and "Vice" to wet your appetites. If you like what you hear I'd download the rest of those. Very good and won't cost you a dime!

P.S. The new Cut Copy album 'Zonoscope' has been leaked and it is amazing! Can't stop playing it! Gonna hold up on posting anything from it though until we get a little closer to the release date. I anticipate many amazing remixes for it throughout 2011.

MP3: Laser Beam - Annex 82

MP3: Vice - Annex 82

Cold War Kids :: Passion Pit Remix

Pardon my absence blogosphere for I know my rapier like wit has been missed. I had a macbook catastrophe and am now blogging from my new one. In the process of trying to create a new itunes I came across this Passion Pit remix of the title track off the Cold War Kids new record "What Is Mine Is Yours" out on January 25th. I can't believe I'm publicizing how much I love this track. I can just envision myself at 3 am dancing by myself in a corner and not caring who sees.

MP3: What Is Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix) - Cold War Kids


If lo-fi shoegazey tunes are your thing you're gonna love Seattle trio Seapony. These guys just started making music in June of 2010 and they are already making a splash, getting nice write-ups on Pitchfork, NME and music blogs. Love the sound of strumming guitars and lovely female vocals!

Here is "Late Summer" which has been cleared for posting. You can hear more on their bandcamp page. Maybe not the best title for this freezing winter (except for us here in Miami ;) ), but the lovely tune will give you hope for the warmth to come. In addition to the mp3, here is their video for "Dreaming" another lovely tune of theirs.

MP3: Late Summer - Seapony

Logo :: Baab

A little late on this one as it was a non-Christmas single Logo released, but it got lost in my holiday shuffle. Heard it the other day and thought it was still worth posting. Excellent electronic dance track by this French duo who released their debut EP 'La Vie Moderne' last year on Kitsune. Potential, potential, potential. Hit the dance floor hard with this one.

MP3: Baab - Logo  320 kbps

Ladytron :: Ace of Hz

Ladytron has a new EP out (really maxi single) called 'Ace of Hz' featuring the track + remixes by the likes of Punks Jump Up, NYCPartyInfo & Tiesto? haha... They got a 'Best of' album in the works as well as an album of new material to come later this year. We'll keep our eye out for those.

In the meantime here's the excellent Punks Jump Up remix for your listening/downloading pleasure.

MP3: Ace of Hz (Punks Jump Up Remix) - Ladytron

Ali Love :: Moscow Girl

Ali Love who I've posted about a couple times before, most recently here is getting ready to release new single "Moscow Girl" January 17th via Back Yard Recordings. To celebrate the release his label is giving away several remixes of the track by the likes of Jacques Renault, Lee Foss and Mustang. Bound to be one you like. I prefer the Jacques Renault remix, but they're all good. I got to bring Jacques Renault down for an Off the Radar event a few years ago. Real nice dude!

In addition to the remixes here's the stylish ice skating video for the track. Be sure to click on the high def options for the better sound/visuals. That's about it for this week. Gotta get ready for tonight. Spinning with Miss Kittin at The Vagabond! Enjoy and have a great weekend!

MP3: Moscow Girl (Jacques Renault Remix) - Ali Love  320 kbps

MP3: Moscow Girl (Lee Foss Remix) - Ali Love  320 kbps

MP3: Moscow Girl (Mustang Remix) - Ali Love  320 kbps

PNAU / Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix

Been a while since we last heard from Australia's excellent PNAU who also happen to be part of Empire of the Sun. Seems they finally got a little free time from Empire and are getting ready to release an album of their own later this year towards September. They will be releasing new single "The Truth" soon, in the meantime their reps have sent along an early remix of the track for us to giveaway by LA's Jump Jump Dance Dance that is exquisite! Dance floor gold! Thought you guys could use this now that the week-end is upon us. Help you get your dance on. Go ahead, take it. It's free!

MP3: The Truth (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix) - PNAU

Yawn "Toys" Video

Chicago band Yawn that Mike first introduced us to here are back with a new video for their track "Toys" that just came online yesterday. It features a spinning toy flower that the director took with him throughout his travels of France, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and USA. Sheesh, that toys been to more places than I have. Enjoy!

The Holidays

Australia just keeps pumping out amazing artists don't they. The latest is in the form of The Holidays. If indie pop sounds are your thing you will love these guys. They have a great subdued sound that I'm digging. Their debut album 'Post Paradise' is out now on iTunes. Have a look at their video for "Broken Bones" with a little nod to one of my favorite movies Clockwork Orange.

In addition to the video here is an amazing remix sent our way for "Broken Bones" by CFCF who we haven't posted in a bit. He's back with a bang with this one. Stellar remix!

MP3: Broken Bones (CFCF Remix) - The Holidays


Vancouver's Destroyer, fronted by Dan Bejar, is prepping for the release of his LP Kaputt (best album name ever?) coming out later this month on Merge Records. I started following him during my college radio days and although his soft tunes have been mostly on the experimental side, he's definitely managed to keep my attention, consistently altering his sound throughout the years. Since his debut in 1996, I could safely say he's come a long way with the release of his first single "Kaputt". By creating some infectious electronic-jazz based beats for this release, I can easily see the album surprising and captivating curious first time listeners and established fans alike. Make sure to catch his album January 25th right here and if you're interested in the video, which I didn't post for the sake of not weirding anyone out, please view it here and make an opinion for yourself. In the meantime, melt away with the sneak peek.

MP3: Kaputt - Destroyer

Oh Land :: Twin Shadow Remix

Exciting news! The lovely Brooklyn based Dane, Oh Land (aka Nanna Øland Fabricius) has set the date for her debut full length album for March 15th! So, to wet your appetite, she's released this fantastic remix of the albums first single 'White Nights' by fellow Brooklyner Twin Shadow.

For more on Oh Land check out our previous coverage here, and for Twin Shadow here. Also, if any of you are lucky enough to be in NYC on the 26th of this month, don't miss her performance at the Hiro Ballroom.

MP3: White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix) - Oh Land

Radio Dept. "Never Follow Suit" Video

Here's the latest Radio Dept. video for their gorgeous track "Never Follow Suit" off of 2010's excellent 'Clinging to a Scheme'. The track will also appear on a Singles Collection called 'Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002-2010' which they will be releasing January 25th via their label Labrador in Double CD or Vinyl format.

Wire Return!

Legendary post-punk band Wire have returned with a new album called 'Red Barked Tree' that was just released earlier this week. Got their track "Adapt" sent to my inbox via one of RCRD LBL's daily mp3 mailers and I was blown away. Had to do a double take to make sure it was the same Wire and not some other band. The track is a gorgeous, shoegazey incarnation. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a band like this is still making music this beautiful so far into their careers. Not content with living on their past achievements they are still pushing the envelope, as true artists do. Enjoy this amazing track and if you like what you hear I'd look into that new album.

MP3: Adapt - Wire


Spooler are an electro-pop/rock/dance trio from Brazil who are fans of OTR and sent us one of their original tracks "Discoteca" for us to check out. Boy am I glad they did! "Discoteca" is excellent! A little piece of electro-pop deliciousness! It's bands like this that get me excited to do a music site in the first place. Expose people to great new music. You can download/stream the track directly from their bandcamp page or via our player below. They also have a 2009 EP available as a free download on their bandcamp page as well. Hope to hear a lot more from these guys in the months/years to come.

MP3: Discoteca - Spooler  320 kbps

I'm a Lion :: Charles

Swedish electro-pop duo I'm a Lion that I posted about before here are back with an excellent summer feeling new single called "Charles" that will surely warm up your hearts during this cold winter streak that's affecting most of the country. Absolutely loving this! They definitely have an ear for catchy melodies and pretty music. Best part is you can download the track for free right off their Soundcloud player below. Score one for the people!

I'M A LION - Charles by thediscoverialist

Conner Youngblood

Conner Youngblood is an artist from Dallas, Texas who recently contacted us and sent along this odd, but marvelous track called "Monsters". It features elements as diverse as dub mixed in with bluegrass banjo and as promised it works. Hypnotic little number that I'm really digging. You gotta love creative people that try different things from the usual. Good going Conner, keep up the great work!

Here's "Monster's" free to download if you like what you hear.

MP3: Monsters - Conner Youngblood  320 kbps

Morning Parade :: Labyrinth Ear Remix

Labyrinth Ear who's remix I've posted before here sent us another excellent remix they did for Morning Parade's "Under the Stars". It's got all the things I love in a good remix. Dark, catchy and dancey. I will definitely be adding this track to my DJ sets. Thought I'd share the love...

MP3: Under the Stars (Labyrinth Ear Remix) - Morning Parade  320 kbps

Here's Morning Parade's original video for the track. Pretty different from the remix, huh. Both cool though. Enjoy!

New Tennis

Been stuck inside the last few days due to a big winter storm that buried Atlanta in snow and ice, and I know most of you across eastern and central USA are in the same boat. However, worry not! I have for you the perfect escape in the form of shiny new music from Denver duo Tennis! Their latest track titled 'Seafarer' from upcoming album Cape Dory is the ultimate mental getaway, transporting you to a warm, breezy summer beach circa 1959.

I've actually been loving everything these guys have been coming up with ever since Erika first posted them here last summer. Cape Dory comes out in a week (January 18th) and is a feel good album from start to finish. A highly recommended investment as most of us still have a lot of winter ahead of us to escape from!

MP3: Seafarer - Tennis

Also, here is a vid for the track 'Pigeon', also from Cape Dory


When you start getting into super experimental music, in my opinion, there is a fine line between actually listenable and, well, just random noise. It is a line that many new artists seem to barrel over with total disregard. Swedish band Smycken (whose name translates in English to "Jewelery") on the other hand, seems to have pushed that boundary and come up with a real jewel of a track in 'Marble Slabz.' It's quite unlike anything I've heard before, yet is actually really catchy and a joy to listen to. In fact, when I first heard it, I couldn't help but listen to it several times on repeat.

Oddly enough their latest LP (and first appearance on vinyl) was a split LP with another Swedish band called Viking Jews, who are a little more on the ambient side, through their mutual label Release The Bats. While not all their other tracks show an equal range of experimental success as this one, I foresee in Smycken, another great Swedish band on the rise.

MP3: Marble Slabz - Smycken

Casa Del Mirto :: 1979

One of my fave chillwave/dreamwave artists of the last year Casa Del Mirto who I've posted about here are getting ready to release new album '1979' via iTunes on January 15th. It will also be available later in the month as a vinyl/cassette tape (hmm, are tapes making a come back?) via Mashhh! Records. So far everything I've heard from them has been amazing! Top notch dreamy pop tunes that I can't get enough of.

Here's two tracks from the new album sent our way and cleared for posting "The Haste" and "The Right Way". You might remember the video for "The Haste" that I included on their first write up I linked above. Such an amazing track! "The Right Way" is just as good! If you guys dig these I highly recommend picking up '1979' as soon as it's out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

MP3: The Haste - Casa Del Mirto

MP3: The Right Way - Casa Del Mirto

Discodeine ft Jarvis Cocker (Video)

Discodeine's got a new video for "Synchronize" the great disco track they collaborated with Jarvis Cocker that made it onto my 50 Best Singles of 2010. Of course it features the one and only Jarvis Cocker and of course it's awesome! What'd ya expect? I can never get enough of the legend. You can grab the mp3 on a previous post I did about the release here. Now let's get Pulp out to Coachella in 2011 Jarv ;) Enjoy!


So I'm a little confused and very intrigued by the recipe for New Brunswick band Honeydrum's sound. Its a touch dark, a dash of tropical, a pinch of new wave, a smidgen of garage rock and a whole lot of lo-fi bedroom pop. A strange brew, but I must say the final product is a delicious treat for the ears.

The band debuted with a three track cassette released late last November, my favourite of which would probably be 'The Cuban'. They also have music vids for the other two tracks 'Romper Stomper', which appears to be a blurred out porn film, and an equally abstract 'Don't Worry About Boys'.

MP3: The Cuban - Honeydrum

MP3: Romper Stomper - Honeydrum

Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders are a band from Helsinki, Finland formed in 2010, but who've known and played together in different projects for some time now. They recently contacted us and sent over their latest track "It's Funny Thing's Aren't Gonna Change". Great jangly indie rock jam! They are interested in music with a garage type energy with an electronic touch. I can hear those influences in their first single. They are planning on releasing an EP soon. We'll keep you updated on that, in the meantime we'd like to introduce you to the sounds of Big Wave Riders. Mighty fine!

Big Wave Riders - It's Funny Things Aren't Gonna Change by Big Wave Riders

PJ Harvey (New Video)

Here's the new PJ Harvey video for "The Last Living Rose" off her upcoming album 'Let England Shake' due Feb 15th. It's directed by award winning photographer Seamus Murphy and features both still and moving images. Seems the director will be doing clips for all the tracks off PJ's new album. The shots were taken by him whilst on a 5,000 mile road trip around England. Sounds fitting for that album then huh... Check it out.