Zoo Kid

South East Londoner Zoo Kid might be young enough for a curfew but that won't get in the way of his music being played globally at the wee hours of heartbreak. For this unsigned 16 year old BOY already has a lot of deserving hype, with comparisons to this years nearly flawless James Blake album and lyricism to greats like Morrissey. In track "Out Getting Ribs" his cerebral punch of emotions can makes one feel as if everything is going to be okay, but at same time everything is lost. Didn't know many kids at 16 who were taking song titles from the late Jean Michel Basquiat pieces for songs that can make your heart drop. Don't you wish you were doing that at 16 (heck even now) instead of being filled with self loathe?

MP3: Out Getting Ribs- Zoo Kid


Swedish post rock trio Fredrik are gettting ready to release their 3rd album 'Flora' April 12th on Kora Records. They are previewing the entire album via this beautiful youtube video featuring a little wolf figurine strapped to the hood of their car as they explore the woodsy terrain of the bands scenic hometown of Malmo. Not only is the album amazing, but you get the great visuals that flow with the music perfectly and give you a sense of their inspiration for making such lovely music. Their reps have been kind enough to send us track number 4 from the album "Rites of Spring". An epic down tempo post rock track reminiscent of the music you'll find on the rest of the album. Gorgeous stuff!

MP3: Rites of Spring - Fredrik

Elektrisk Gonner

Got a great new project sent to in my inbox from Denmark/French artists called Elektrisk Gonner. They are a mixture of a bunch of different genres :: electro, pop, rock, hip hop, noise which makes them hard to categorize, but one thing's for sure, they are excellent! They recently released their self titled debut EP (see the amazing art work for it above) on Platinum Records which features two tracks "Adam Knows" and "Panoramic Targets" with remixes by Bikini Machine and Bumblebeez. Their debut album 'Yer Fire' is not too far behind scheduled for release in May. They have a crazy video for "UKNOWHATIWANT" from their upcoming album that features one of my favorite things, boobies! Lots and lots of them in all shapes and sizes. I think almost everyone enjoys those or at least can appreciate them. The track is an uber catchy hyper active indie dance jam featuring Peaches style electric guitar riffs. They've been kind enough to send the EP our way for our readers downloading pleasure. Good news for us! Check out the goods, literally.

MP3: UKNOWHATIWANT - Elektrisk Gonner (Streaming Only)

MP3: Panoramic Targets - Elektrisk Gonner

MP3: Panoramic Targets (Bikini Machine Remix) - Elektrisk Gonner

A Gap Between

I'm not sure where A Gap Between is from (doesn't say on his facebook page), but I think it's kinda better that way. Matches the mysterious nature of his lovely music. His track "Neon Signs" that he sent our way is exactly what I love about chillwave. Gorgeous synths, dreamy vocals and perfect breaks. Ideal music to listen to as the sun is setting and the night's adventure's are about to begin. Absolutely gorgeous track that I can't get enough of. I seriously played this song at least 5 times in a row when I first got it. Did it again as I was writing this. Really glad he contacted us and sent this beaut our way to share with our readers. I hope he keeps doing exactly what he's doing. The man's on to something.

P.S. There's a couple more tracks and a remix you can check out on his facebook that I linked above, in addition here's a video he put together for "Neon Signs" using footage from the movie Black Swan.

MP3: Neon Signs - A Gap Between

Rimer London :: Love Dagger

Got sent this great track/video from Amsterdam solo artist Rimer London called "Love Dagger" ft Cata Pirata. We've posted about him before here. This new one's a smooth electro-pop number. This man's got tons of experience under his belt opening up for Kraftwerk when he was in duo Comtron as well as being a member of electro-pop group Le Le. Under his Rimer London moniker he released an EP in 2009 called 'Intercity'. His debut album should be seeing the light of day soon. We'll be keeping an eye out for that. In the meantime enjoy this goodie.

Rimer London - Love Dagger - Magnetron Music by Low Life Inc

SebastiAN :: Embody Video

New SebastiAN video for his latest track "Embody". Another video with a kid dancing all over the place. Telling you guys that's the new hotness. It's directed by So-Me who last gave us the video for Duck Sauce's "Barbra Streisand". Enjoy!

Sean Drake :: Miami Music Week 2011 DJ Mix

MMW (which should be WMC, long story) is finally over and I'm glad! I'm getting old. Hate when things are packed. Too many people, too much traffic, too many annoyances. It's like that Pulp track goes "everybody hates a tourist, especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh". Anyways my good friend Sean Drake who I spin with at The Vagabond opened up for John Digweed this past Saturday and he recorded his set. Good thinking! A great 3 + hour disco set that will help you get your week started and hopefully speed things along till next weekend. Check it out below, if you like what you hear download that baby.

Vagabond Miami Music Week 2011 Warmup by misterdrake

The Albertans

Contrary to their name, the Albertans formed not in Alberta but the province next door, British Colombia. However while they reside in Vancouver, this excellent indie pop five piece came from a myriad of locales across Canada and even the U.S. and spent their early days as a band touring the roads of North America in a propane-fueled short bus. A rough journey that would take them all the way to New York to record and back to Vancouver again. Which brings us to now and the vibrant album they just released this month titled New Age! The albums flagship single "The Wake" is a fantastic indie pop gem with a hell of a hook. Glad I stumbled upon these guys (and girls), think they will definitely find their niche.

MP3: The Wake - Pikelet

Cut Copy :: Need You Now Architecture in Helsinki Remix

You know a song is brilliant when you slow it way down and strip it to the bare minimum in the true style of fellow Melbourners Architecture in Helsinki and it sounds almost more amazing than the original. Love, love, love this version of the track, perhaps mostly because it really does sound like it could've been a Talking Heads track!

This remix is gonna be one of many appearing on a coming soon release of "Need You Now". So keep your eye out for many more great remixes surfacing over the next several weeks.

Cut Copy is playing a sold out show in Miami tonight for those of you lucky enough to have tickets. Their shows in NYC in early April are also sold out. However, they'll be in Atlanta on Monday which still has tickets available so for our ATL readers, best get on that!

MP3: Need You Now (Architecture in Helsinki Version) - Cut Copy

Anoraak :: Crazy Eyes

Anoraak's next single "Crazy Eyes" is pretty sweet electro-pop/funk dance jam. It will be released soon with remixes by Russ Chimes, Pacific! and a Disco Version which has been made available as a free download. Check out the track via the soundclod below and that freebie Disco Version for ya. Album 'Wherever the Sun Sets' to be released later in the year? Can't wait! You can stream a few other tracks that are gonna be on it including a Sally Shapiro collab on his soundcloud.

Crazy eyes by Anoraak

MP3: Crazy Eyes (Disco Version) - Anoraak

Exclusive Premiere :: The Cloud Room Returns!

Who can forget The Cloud Room's international hit single "Hey Now Now"? Ray once put it on an "Off The Radar" compilation and the song became the anthem of my first summer in New York City. It was the "Sweet Disposition" of 2007. Burning bright, selling sodas, and overshadowing their debut record. Disappearing from the music scene and taking the time to regroup isn't something bands do with success but if the three songs I have heard off their five years in the making album 'Zither' is any indication, they did what they needed to do. Taking the time to "get this music" out of their heads and into a cohesive and blissful cacophony. Within the eclectic instruments, harmonies, arrangements, and time consuming scrutiny of their product, emerges accidental indie pop that is sonically magical. Preview 'Crashing In Love' and 'Sonik Youth' as well as download 'Waiting' below. Watch for the release of 'Zither' in April.

MP3: Waiting - The Cloud Room

MP3: Crashing in Love - The Cloud Room (Streaming Only)

MP3: Sonik Youth - The Cloud Room (Streaming Only)

The Vaccines

While I was posting about the great new Kills album 'Blood Pressures' on Facebook a friend recommended I check out The Vaccines debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? and boy am I glad I did. A great indie rock/shoegazey record with traces of bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, The Horrors and The Ramones. Seems they have been the buzz band in the UK for a bit now, but they totally slipped my radar in Miami. They are gonna be touring the U.S. opening up for Arctic Monkeys in May and their album is set for release in the states on May 31st via Columbia records although I think it was released this week overseas as it's already out at my usual spots. If you're like me and just finding out about them well it's not too late. Here's a couple of favorite tracks from the record the single/video for "Post Break Up Sex" and "A Lack of Understanding" to get you acquainted and on the bandwagon.

MP3: Post Break Up Sex - The Vaccines

MP3: A Lack of Understanding - The Vaccines


In keeping with the London theme of today here is another London band called Strangers that recently contacted us. They have a dark electro-pop sound and were influenced by a lot of the same bands that I was like Depeche Mode. They have a new EP called EP1 that is available on iTunes. They sent the soundcloud for the first track "In Chaos" that you can stream below. They've also sent us a Paper Crows remix of the track which is track #4 on the EP that has been cleared for posting. In addition here is their video for the track that was filmed using only 2 iPhones. Nice!


MP3: In Chaos (Paper Crows Remix) - Strangers


London electro-pop duo Echoes recently contacted us with a bunch of great material including a remix for Martin Solveig/Dragonette's track "Hello", a DJ Mix, videos and some original tracks including "Love Won't Save You Now". Digging them all! They definitely show a lot of potential. Here's some of the good's to get you better acquainted with the boys. If you like what you hear they have more on their soundcloud that you should check out.

MP3: Love Won't Save You Now - Echoes

MP3: Hello (Echoes Remix) - Martin Solveig & Dragonette

ECHOES Mixtape #2 (Hello Sunlight) by Echoes Music

Schlock! :: Star Whores

Italian producer Schlock! that we posted about previously here sent us news of his New EP 'Star Whores' consisting of remixes/bootlegs that he's done over the last couple of years. A mighty fine collection that shows his range. Love his style, it's subtle and beautiful electronic dance music right along the lines of the stuff we post on OTR.  Think you guys are gonna dig it. Best part is all the remixes are available as Free Download's via his bandcamp page. Can't complain about that!

Here are a couple of my favorites Early to Bed's "Weathervane" remix and Logan Lynn's "Burning Your Glory" remix, track 1 and 2 respectively off the new EP along with a video he put together for the "Weathervane" remix. Keep up the great work sir!

MP3: Weathervane (Schlock! Remix) - Early to Bed

MP3: Burning Your Glory (Schlock! Remix) - Logan Lynn

Video Violence

If hard hitting electro is your thing, chances are you will dig Sweden's Video Violence. They sent along a new video for a remix they did for Gravitonas track "Religious" that is pretty much a banger! Do people still use that word? We'll whatever the modern day equivalent for that is what this would be. In addition here is an original track of theirs I found floating in my iTunes called "Action Junkie" that I'm digging. They have tons more stuff, a lot of it downloadable on their soundcloud. Feel free to plunder.

MP3: Action Junkie - Video Violence

MP3: Religious (Video Violence Remix) - Gravitonas

Fenech-Soler :: Stop and Stare Video/Single

New Fenech-Soler video/single for "Stop and Stare". Apparently one of their members got diagnosed with cancer, but it looks like he will be all right as it was diagnosed early and they will be back on tour in a few months. We wish them all the best! Love their music!

MP3: Stop and Stare - Fenech-Soler

Alien No. 155 :: Sunday Sun Glare Puzzle DJ Mix

Need some good music to help you through treacherous Monday? Then look no further than this excellent DJ Mix called Sunday Sun Glare Puzzle ('I Dance in My Bedroom Session') sent my way on Facebook by Alien No. 155/Aide Stamo from Albania. A gorgeous chill indie/electronic mix that I've been listening to all day! Sooo good! Thought I'd share my medicine with you and maybe make her some new fans as well. If you like what you hear contact her and tell her you heard it on OTR ;)

For some reason the embedding for the player isn't working, but you can stream/download/get the tracklisting for the mix on her soundcloud here. Enjoy!

Stray Kites

Got a nice little ditty in my inbox over the weekend from Balkan pop duo "Stray Kites". The single is called 'Misanthrope' and it's off their upcoming second LP 'Mieux". It's the perfect spring time track with it's clapping, fast acoustics, and toy piano. Check it out!

MP3: Misanthrope - Stray Kites

Waskerley Way

With his unique, energetic and deeply layered breed of electronic indie pop, Waskerley Way is perhaps the best export from Newcastle, England since the brown ale. His new LP Waterfall, which seems to have some sort of ongoing cat theme, is available on his bandcamp site as a name-your-price download and is really quite fantastic. Here are a few tracks for your listening/downloading pleasure, then I highly recommend heading over to his site and checking out the rest.

MP3: Haram Haram - Waskerley Way

MP3: Ghost Cat - Waskerley Way

MP3: Sense of Humour Remains Largely Intact - Waskerley Way

Peter Bjorn and John :: Gimme Some

Another album that has been leaked for quite awhile is the new Peter Bjorn and John record 'Gimme Some'. This one's been leaked since like January. Wanted to wait till we were closer to the release date March 29th before I posted about it. For some reason I haven't listened to it much, not because it's not good, it is, more like I felt guilty that I had it so early so was kinda pretending I didn't have it, haha. Anyways I think we are good now. The album is classic Peter Bjorn and John! You will not be disappointed with this record. It has a little of everything, some rocking tracks "Black Book", "Breaker Breaker" to indie pop tunes like first single "Second Chance" and "May Seem Macabre" that they do so well, but there's really no bad tracks here. Get this baby as soon as you can. I think it's safe now.

In addition here is their messy video for "Second Chance". Enjoy!

MP3: Second Chance - Peter Bjorn and John

MP3: May Seem Macabre - Peter Bjorn and John

Adam Kesher

French electro-pop band Adam Kesher is getting ready to release sophmore album 'Challenging Nature' April 11th on Disque Primeur. The album was produced by Dave One (Chromeo) with addl mixing by Zdar (Cassius), A-Trak, and Pierrick Devin (Alex Gopher, Cassius, Cut Copy). Needless to say an all star cast behind the record probably means the album's not gonna be too shabby. Check out the track "Hour of the Wolf" from the album with a remix by the always amazing Lifelike that turns it into a full on peak time dance jam. In addition here is their video for album opener "Hundred Years Later".

MP3: Hour of the Wolf - Adam Kesher

MP3: Hour of the Wolf (Lifelike Remix) - Adam Kesher

The Strokes :: Angles

The new Strokes album 'Angles' has leaked and it is mighty fine! I can hear some Cars influences on a couple tracks, 80's samples, some new things with the way Julian sings and we still get the same great guitar licks we love from them, but most importantly for me is that they tried to push the envelope and not do the same formula Strokes record. All in all a great record I recommend you pick up. It's official release date is next week March 22nd.

Check out a couple of my favorite tracks. The excellent album opener "Machu Picchu" and "Games", plus their video for "Under Cover of Darkness" which is probably my least favorite track on the record, but the one that sounds most like classic them hence why they probably released it first. Enjoy!

MP3: Machu Picchu - The Strokes

MP3: Games - The Strokes

WhoMadeWho :: Knee Deep / Remix

WhoMadeWho recently signed to Kompakt will be releasing a new mini-album entitled 'Knee Deep' on April 26th. The first glimpse of the new album is this remix they are giving away for the track "Every Minute Alone" by The Circle who also happens to be their drummer, but has also done remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, Trentemoller and Chromeo. Not sure what the regular track sounds like, but digging this dancey remix. Knowing them I'm sure the album will be great though. For now enjoy the newness.

MP3: Every Minute Alone (The Circle Remix) - WhoMadeWho

Blende's Disco Aperitif DJ Mix

Got sent this DJ Mix by London duo Blende the other day that they did for Colourful Radio in London. Seems they are trying to get some more exposure sending the mix to a few blogs they like, including yours truly. With a DJ Mix this good I don't think they will have any problems getting this out there. One great disco mix (it's got Charlie's "Spacer Woman", Talking Heads, Metro Area, In Flagranti and Alan Braxe!) trust me I hear lots of DJ mixes and this is a great one! Press that little arrow on the right of the soundcloud player there and download this baby. Recommended.

Blende's Disco Aperitif Mix by blende

The Kills :: DNA

The Kills are offering a free track from their anticipated new album 'Blood Pressures' on their site called "DNA". If you remember I posted the excellent "Satellite" previously here. This new one's just as good! Another slow burner for sure. They're two for two so far. Can't wait to hear the final product out April 5th on Domino Records. For now wrap your head around "DNA".

MP3: DNA - The Kills

ConRank :: Snow Patrol Remix

I always loved Snow Patrol's lead singer's voice so when I received this gorgeous remix of the track "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" ft Martha Wainwright by ConRank I knew I had to post this baby right away. He calls it drumstep, but I just call it one beautiful down-tempo remix. See if you guys agree. The soundcloud below has a download option in full 320 bit rate quality. Sigh.. Makes me wanna go back and listen to my old Snow Patrol albums. Might have to do just that. Enjoy!

Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright (ConRank Drumstep Remix) - Set The Fire To The Third Bar by ConRank

Millionyoung :: Replicants

South Florida's own/friend Millionyoung who we've written about a few times before most recently here just played this past Friday in Miami for WMC. Unfortunatly I missed his set cause I was spinning in the other room, but I've seen him a few times before to know he always puts on an entertaining show. He recently put out this cool stop motion video for the title track to his latest album Replicants using footage from two short films "Hoola Boola" (1941) and "South Sea Sweethearts" 1938 by George Pal. Cool video for a great track! If you haven't already heard the album, you should. Good stuff! Here's the video/mp3. You can get "Calrissian" (also from the new album) in the post I linked above.

MP3: Replicants - Millionyoung

Elastic Summer

NYC band Elastic Summer contacted us the other day with news about their self titled debut EP. Seems they just got together and started making music last September. Hmmm, seems their off to a good start. Loving their carefree indie pop sound that matches their name. Pretty breezy tunes that makes me wish I was on an island sipping on a fruity drink (or maybe a Coconut) underneath some palm trees on the beach. Check out their tracks "Coconuts" and "Super Powers" below. If you like what you hear you can get the EP for free on their bandcamp page in exchange for your email. It's a win win for us people. Keep up the good work!

In addition to the tracks here's a cute acoustic video I saw on their site were they cover The Strokes track "I'll Try Anything Once". Be sure to click on the 720 option for the better audio.

MP3: Super Powers - Elastic Summer

MP3: Coconuts - Elastic Summer

Caribou :: Jamelia Video

Caribou recently released this gorgeous new video for their equally beautiful track "Jamelia" off last year's hugely popular Swim album. It's a bit dark though, and very fitting of the track. A lot like the video for the the albums huge single "Odessa" which we posted here awhile back. Loving their consistency.

MP3: Jamelia - Caribou

MP3: Jamelia (R3volve Remix) - Caribou

The Subs :: Face of the Planet Video

Got sent this great video/single for The Subs "Face of the Planet" which is the first track of their upcoming album 'Decontrol' that will be out at the end of March. Great electronic dance floor tune + kids dancing in videos are always memorable to me. This kid gets down in a subway, terrorizes an old lady and gets dealt with by the authorities, but ultimately manages a getaway, haha. Enjoy!

P.S. It's WMC in Miami this week. If you're in town Class Actress, Million Young, Larry Tee & Residents will be rocking The Vagabond Tonight! Should be a blast! See ya there...

Wolfgang Jay

Chicago indie rock/synth band Wolfgang Jay recently contacted us with news of their new album 'And We Move' and I am mightilly impressed! They sent along two tracks from the album for us to post "One Piece at a Time" and "Walker" and I'm loving them both! In particular the slow grooving "Walker" is out of hand, so good! Had my iTunes on random the other day and when "Walker" came on I had to do a double take. What is this??? Check out the two tracks below. If you like what you hear you can buy the album for $7 on their bandcamp page. Love Chicago! Such an amazing city.

MP3: Walker - Wolfgang Jay

MP3: One Piece at a Time - Wolfgang Jay


Kauf is an LA musician formerly from my home state of Florida. He recently contacted us with this amazing track of his appropriately called "Relocate". I seriously can't get enough of this slow grooving hypnotic electronic jam. Gorgeous stuff! You can stream the track on his soundcloud player below and if you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes and Amazon for only .99. I would totally do that, so worth it! Plus if it'll help him quit his day job and focus on putting out a full length album, I'm all for that!

Relocate by Kauf


Anonymous producer who goes under the moniker radioseven recently contacted us with some of his music and I'm digging it. Dreamy minimal electronic music that he says he made mostly late at night or early in the morning which I think comes through in the music. Great tunes! Check out "don't think" and "hopeful", plus his video for "explorers" made from archive NASA Apollo footage. If you like what you hear you can get the entire EP for free from his bandcamp page. Gotta love that!

MP3: don't think - radioseven

MP3: hopeful - radioseven

Walter Sobcek

The amazing Parisian duo Walter Sobcek one of whom also happens to call Miami home (at least part of the time) just put out this amazing remix of You!'s track "Heart". We're friends on Facebook and when they posted this free remix today I was floored. An amazing driving remix that gets me pumped. Needless to say I had to post this baby right away. If you don't follow them you should. They've got an amazing ear for music. I linked their facebook page above. Now enjoy this beaut!

MP3: Heart (Walter Sobcek Remix) - You!


Portland indie/electro-pop band Starfucker just released new album 'Reptilians' this week on Polyvinyl and sent over a free track from the album called "Death as a Fetish" that is pretty sweet! Great keyboard riff! I sampled the album and it's excellent! They also have some really great fans who've made two memorable video's for their tracks "Hungry Ghost" and the kick-ass-ish "Quality Time". Definitely a band to look out for. They'll be touring all across the US including SXSW. Tough name to sell, but hey if the music's good I think people flock no matter what you're called. Check out the goods.

MP3: Death as a Fetish - Starfucker


Berlin electro-pop trio Bullmeister sent us their new track "Baby" that is a pretty sweet piece of indie dance goodness. They also enlisted the remix help of Lifelike which is a smart move and even more fantastic version than the original! Check out the tracks on soundcloud below with download options in tact. Score!

The boys also have a great track called "Girls Beautiful" being used as the opening theme on Germany's Next Top Model with the gorgeous Heidi Klum. There's a video for it, but having trouble finding an embedded version I can post in the U.S. Stupid restrictions! You can see the video on their site I linked above.

As a bonus here is also an Electronic Press Kit of the boys in action that is pretty sweet and will get you better acquainted. Enjoy!

Bullmeister - Baby by Low Life Inc

Bullmeister - Baby - Lifelike Remix by Low Life Inc

Torpedo :: Waiting for the Fall Video

Exciting Stockholm band Torpedo that I posted about previously here recently released their new video for their excellent track "Waiting for the Fall". In a world were 'epic' gets thrown out alot this is one that might actually deserve that description. Filled with great costumes, location sets and color palettes. It's like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie, Mad Max if you will. Can't wait for their debut album 'We' being released April 22nd.

P.S. Be sure to click on the 720 or 1080 options to see it in it's full high def glory.

Richard Powda

Maybe a little late for Valentine's, but this beautiful mostly instrumental electronic track by NYC's Richard Powda is meant to be enjoyed all year long. Gorgeous stuff! Check out the soundcloud for "Valentine" below with a free download option. In addition here's his video for the track. A lovely journey through the streets and nightlife of NYC. Gotta love it.

Valentine by richardpowda

Villa Cola

London three piece band Villa Cola recently contacted us with news about their new EP She. Loving it! A great combination of guitars, synths and melodies that gets me every time. Check out their colorful video for "Lost Days", plus the mp3 for the track and "Thrills in Disguise" below. If you like what you hear you can get the entire EP for Free on their bandcamp page. Whaaa? Awesome! Now if someone would only book me to DJ in London so I could see the home of so much amazing music and art. Sigh...

MP3: Lost Days - Villa Cola

MP3: Thrills in Disguise - Villa Cola

Acid House Kings

Man does Labrador ever put out anything that's bad? So far I'd say the answer is a resounding no! Got another email from Labrador regarding one of their artists Acid House Kings who will be releasing new album 'Music Sounds Better With You' on March 22nd. The band previewed four tracks from the new album on their site to see which one the fans liked best and the winner was "Would You Say Stop". I can see why. A gorgeous wistful pop tune! The kind that gets stuck in your head and has you humming it for days on end. Best part is their giving away the track for free so I guess the big winners are us! Check it and be on the lookout for that album.

P.S. Labrador always puts out the highest resolution pics for their artists. They take forever to upload, but they look soo good! 

MP3: Would You Say Stop? - Acid House Kings

The Rural Alberta Advantage :: Departing

So far my new favorite album of the year is The Rural Alberta Advantage's sophomore album, 'Departing'. I wrote about them back in December here with the anticipation and release of their new single "The Stamp" from the new album.

'Departing' was just released last Tuesday and it's been in my heavy rotation. It doesn't veer far away from the first album except maybe a few more slower songs, but that's totally fine in my book! The new album's sound is consistent with their first release 'Hometowns'. I thought perhaps at first that could reflect negatively in that they haven't progressed and it could be a bit boring, but as listen more and more I fall more in love with it.

If you aren't familiar with the band give both albums a few good listens. I hope you find them just as great as I do. 'Hometowns' has a lot of sentimental value to me and "Departing" came out at another important part of my life where great music like this just makes everything better. Enjoy!

MP3: Muscle Relaxants - The Rural Alberta Advantage

MP3: North Star - The Rural Alberta Advantage