Holy Ghost :: Wait & See Video

Finally, there's a new video for Holy Ghost's "Wait & See". This unbelievably catchy electro-pop tune just gets better with time. What better than for Holy Ghost to tape their everyday lives in N.Y.C. I love the gritty footage and recording sessions. Make sure to pick up their self-titled album that came out earlier this month! Enjoy your Saturday with this dance track!

Lykke Li :: Sadness Is a Blessing Video + Remix

Sweden's lovely Lykke Li, who has gained crazy popularity in the indie world over this last year, apparently has some acting skills as well. She shows them off in her new, highly dramatic video for "Sadness Is a Blessing" starring along side seasoned Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård. The video throws you into a tense moment immediately after some serious shit went down and kinda leaves you guessing. Good song, great video. Also have a great remix of the track by Gold Panda. Enjoy.

MP3: Sadness Is A Blessing - Lykke Li

MP3: Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix) - Lykke Li

The Silent League :: We Go Forward

The Silent League are a NYC collective originally formed in 2004 by former Mercury Rev keyboardist Justin Russo that features a rotating line-up from from many other big name bands like Interpol, Beirut, Mercury Rev, Arcade Fire, Maps & The Leisure Society. Inspired by remixes of tunes from their third album 'But You’ve Always Been The Caretaker' (2010), 'We Go Forward' is a new collection of classic Silent League tracks from each of their albums, freshly remixed by a variety of friends and collaborators like Memory Tapes, Neon Indian, Maps and others. It also includes a cover of Broken Social Scene’s "Texico Bitches" recorded with members of Maps and The Leisure Society, as well as a cover of The Chameleons classic track "Tears".  The Broken Social Scene cover is being given away as a free mp3. Great cover I think you'll dig. Look into the rest of that release if you like this one.

Here's a great quote Russo sent along with the press release.

“We don’t really care about maintaining a place in the industry. There is enough noise in the world and everyone has other work to busy themselves with”, says Russo. “We try to keep it new, detached. We make music when we think we have something to say that isn’t already being said”.

MP3: Texico Bitches (Broken Social Scene Cover) - The Silent League

We Go Forward Tracklisting::
1. Let It Roll (9OP Remix)
2. Texico Bitches (Broken Social Scene Cover)
3. Resignation Studies (Summer Strings Remix)
4. Character Assassination (Matt Henderson Remix)
5. Kings and Queens (Mark Underdown Remix)
6. Yours Truly, 2095 (Memory Tapes Remix)
7. Tears (Maps Vs TSL)
8. There is a Caretaker in the Woods (Kelly Pratt Remix)
9. Here's A Star (Neon Indian Remix)
10. The Catbird Seat (ARMS Remix)
11. Resignation Studies (Jeff Mercel Remix)
12. Victim of Aeroplanes (Anthony Molina Remix)

Autokratz :: Becoming the Wraith Video (ft Peter Hook)

New Autokratz video for "Becoming the Wraith" featuring Peter Hook of New Order/Joy Division fame? Hell yes! I never get tired of that dark electro-pop sound and Peter Hook's bass lines are amazing as always & instantly recognizable. Their second as yet untitled album is scheduled for release in June.

Oh Coachella!

Oi! Sorry for my absence, but I just got back from a 5 week job hunt roller coaster ride in Los Angeles. I didn't plan on attending this year's Coachella, but I just happened to still be out there and was able to find a ticket, so of course I went!

This year's Coachella was more laxed because I didn't have to stress for scrounging up a ticket everyday like last year, but nonetheless the music experiences are amongst the best ever! If you are up for reading last year's adventures its here, here, and here. There was a lot more organization this year then there has ever been. I will say a big thank you to AT&T for finally having more coverage and being able to send/receive texts and phone calls during the festival. What a difference!

Throughout my four years of attending, I have never been so early everyday as this year, but it was solely because there were great acts scheduled to play early.

Here are my highlights and a couple that I saw that weren't highlights like I had expected.

Friday began with The Rural Alberta Advantage and what a way to start off the festival! I have blogged about them a couple of times and now I finally got to see them live. It's always great when you go to a huge festival like this because you get to see the people from all over the world who share the love for the band as you do.

They played a nice mix of songs from their latest album, "Departing" and the first album, "Hometowns". Fort McFurry, the lead singer has a very distinctive voice, one that takes a few listens to synch in. To me his voice is a bit reminiscent of Jeff Mangum from Neutral Milk Hotel. These are the voices you either like or don't, and I definitely like it. About halfway during the show McFurry's voice was a bit shot and he mentioned that he was battling a cold. Either way was a great show and I am so glad I didn't miss it.

!!!'s (chk chk chk) show was more of an electronic-rock dance party just like their albums sound like, but with the added live energy that you'd expect and hope for. The show was a great warm up for the rest of the day. I do think that they should have played at sunset or later in the night. It's crazy that the band has been around since the early 00's and they still only got an early afternoon slot.

!!! has become more popular with their 2010 release, "Strange Weather Isn't It". They mostly played from this album although I was hoping to hear my favorite track of theirs, "Me and Guilliani Down by the School Yard" (2003), but you just can't hear it all!

We went to Cold Cave for a few songs and their synth pop sound was just like that off the album, but I didn't feel that they brought that much extra energy to the stage.

For The Morning Benders being a new band they had quite the crowd. The singer, writer and guitarist, Chris Chu had a very good stage presence and really made the show as good as it was. I do think though that there was something missing from the show, but I can't put my finger on it.

We saw one of my all time favorites, Broken Social Scene next and as usual I was not disappointed. I have seen BSS the most, tallying up to 7 times and they always put on a really great show. This was the first time however, seeing them at Coachella and they played at sunset...recipe for a classic show. Their last release, "Forgiveness Rock Record", is not my favorite album of theirs, "You Forgot it in People" (2002) is and I was so happy to hear them play great ones from that album.

Empire of the Sun was definitely on my top list to see since I had played their album over and over in 2009. The show was a very theatrical and entertaining with crazy costumes and visuals, and I would have to give them an A for that. My special someone whom I was with who is very knowledgeable in music did recognize that the band wasn't performing everything live, especially the drums. If you are going to bring out the instruments then play them!

Ohhhh Arcade Fire! They rocked it! Second time seeing them and both on the main stage at Coachella. The bands live performances have a mixture of many instruments, energy, and visuals, and they definitely know how to put them all together for an all out stellar show. During "Wake Up", the last song, they dropped hundreds of LED balloons on the crowd. I would rather not use this word but it's the only one that fits...EPIC! If you every get the chance to see them, they are a must and are definitely making music history.

The last show of the night was Cut Copy and it was an amazing way to end the night. It was a huge dance party where nobody was left out. It's a bit of a Coachella blur but I know I didn't stop singing and dancing until they were finished. Ahhhhh what a day!

Menomena, whom I have wanted to see since their first release, "I Am the Fun Blame Monster" (2003). They were a perfect way to start the day and I knew that within the first song it was going to be a quality show. We were able to get up very close because it was early in the day, and didn't have to finagle through the sweaty crowds. Each band member played at least two instruments and very well, they are a super talented band.

Being a new big fan (last year) of the Foals, I was very excited to see them. They were musically amazing, and the energy level of the band and the crowd were great. It was one of the best shows at Coachella this year.

CSS and I have to say that it wasn't as good as I hoped for, actually it was rather cheesy and didn't sound up to par. We left after a few songs to get some yummy cocktails instead!

The National made my top Coachella list this year, #1 or #2 with Arcade Fire. I have only seen them once last year in New Jersey at the Wellmont Theatre. We were standing in the very last row and at the very top that they looked like miniature people with instruments. This time, I was going to get pretty close. Just like Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene, lots of great musicians on one stage who really know how to put everything together in a flawless way. Another band that I believe are making music history with their live performances.

If you have a list of things you have to do in your lifetime, Coachella should be somewhere on that list...without a doubt!

As many videos as I took, I was dancing and shaking the camera too much so I had to venture on youtube for some better videos. I didn't want OTR readers to get dizzy! ha Some of the audio on these aren't that great so watch your volume levels, but at least you can see the amazingness that is Coachella. Enjoy!

Hooray For Earth :: True Loves

Hooray For Earth released a single and video yesterday. Been obsessing over the track 'True Loves' for a while now after seeing them perform it. Can't wait for their album to come out this summer. I think it's going to be one of the best albums of 2011. Check out the video and buy the single!

Hooray For Earth - True Loves by Dovecote Records

The Kick :: Rubicon

Got sent this great new video by upstart Swedish band The Kick for their new single "Rubicon" that just came out this month. Great track/video. I seriously need to visit Europe one day. So much stuff that I love/grew up on comes from there. It's like my homeland, even though I'm an American born Cuban boy. Must be the old spirit in me. Enjoy!

THE KICK - Rubicon by SubSpace Communications

Peter Bjorn & John :: "Second Chance" RAC Remix

RAC are at it again, remixing one of the best songs "Second Chance" on the new Peter Bjorn & John album "Gimme Some" and making it easier for us DJ's to play out on the dance floor. Not exactly sure where I acquired it, but one thing's for sure, it is excellent! Not too different from the original (something RAC are great at doing), but just enough if you know what I mean. Been playing it out every chance I get. One of my favorite new tracks! Think you guys are gonna love it. Although I haven't heard that many people talking about PB&J's new album. Did you all not like it? Or is there just too much stuff out nowadays, maybe got lost in the shuffle? This remix will definitely remind you how great of a track "Second Chance" is. Maybe get you to revisit that new PB&J album. Enjoy!

MP3: Second Chance (RAC Remix) - Peter, Bjorn & John

Foster The People + The Knocks Remix

Foster The People is a Los Angeles based three piece formed in 2009. Their songs are super feel good and catchy (Think Miike Snow, Passion Pit). Once their debut "Torches" drops in May, I don't think you'll be able to walk by an Urban Outfitters with out hearing them. For all you deejays out there they are giving out stems to remix their hit "Pumped Up Kicks". We'd love to hear what you come up with. The Knocks did an awesome dance floor worthy remix. Check it out below as well as the track "Helena Beat".

MP3: Pumped Up Kicks- Foster The People

MP3: Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Speeding Bullet Remix)- Foster The People

MP3: Helena Beat - Foster The People

Edwin Van Cleef :: "Lisztomania" Phoenix Cover

The amazing Edwin Van Cleef that we've posted about many times is back with an amazing cover of the classic Phoenix track "Lisztomania". For this cover he enlisted the help of Jane Hanley to re-do the vocals and with the feminine twist it offers a whole new shelf life to this classic track that still kills on the dancefloor whenever I play it out. Now I have a new version to play put! Thanks to Andrew (aka Party Circuit) for telling me about it. My friends rule.

MP3: Lisztomania (ft Jane Hanley) - Edwin Van Cleef (Phoenix Cover)

Bravestation :: Remix + Video

I first sang the praises of Bravestation back in August. They've released "White Wolves" a free single along with a few remixes and a cryptic video shot in the woods. Especially enjoying the Teen Daze take on the track. Head to their bandcamp to download the single and both remixes for free.

MP3: White Wolves (Teen Daze Remix) - Bravestation

Strange Talk

Australia seems to be a breeding ground for great electro-pop bands these days. Melbourne's Strange Talk being the latest making waves on our shores. Their debut self titled EP out now in Australia and released here May 2nd has had them busy touring to promote it, having already opened for the likes of The Rapture, Neon Indian & Marina and The Diamonds. Download their contagiously upbeat track "Climbing Walls" below for that summer playlist we know you've been working on and look forward to more great stuff from down under's latest dance sensation. Hopefully a US tour in the works??

MP3: Climbing Walls - Strange Talk

Shit Robot + Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)

DFA Records signed electronic artist Shit Robot is back with another great single, this time featuring the awesome vocals of Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor. The single "Losing My Patience" is available now on 12" vinyl and digitally, and features a few remixes of the track including one from Hot Chip themselves. Check out/download the radio edit of the track and watch its excellent vid below.

MP3: Losing My Patience (Radio Edit) - Shit Robot


Glasgow, Scotland indie band Galleries recently contacted us with news of their new single "Darkness Coming" being released May 7th and I'm digging it. A great driving indie rock track! You can stream the track via their soundcloud below. Can't download the new one, but they have a great self titled EP here and Rocket Science single w/b-sides here that you can download for free. I downloaded them both (8 tracks total), and it's good stuff. Here's a couple of my favorites "+Danger" and "Rocket Science" from those, plus new single "Darkness Coming". If you dig these I'd go pick up the rest of those goodies. Enjoy and have a great 420 holiday!

Darkness Coming by Galleries

MP3: +Danger - Galleries

MP3: Rocket Science - Galleries

Torpedo :: Islands in Eternity

Stockholm band Torpedo that we posted their epic first single/video "Waiting for the Fall" here just released a more chilled out track from their upcoming April 27 debut album 'We' called "Islands in Eternity". The release comes complete with remixes for all kinds of palettes. Check'em out below and feel free to download the ones you like.

Torpedo - Islands in Eternity by flagstone

Alexander :: A Million Years Video/Single

Just saw the new Alexander (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) video for "A Million Years" off his self titled solo debut album. Happy earthy video, put me in a good mood. Thought I'd share. I also found his soundcloud were you can download the track for free. Win! Album mp3's out now on Amazon for only $5. If you like his Edward Sharpe stuff chances are you'll dig his solo work too. Earthy, folky, rythmic music. Good for the soul.

MP3: A Million Years - Alexander


Preparing for the summer is always an exciting endeavor. Road trips, beach days, summer love are just a few things we all seem to look forward to in the days leading up. Even more important is the essential summer mix that ties everything together. Philadelphia's Vacationer has popped in right on time to be the first submission to everyone's play list. The dream-pop tune "Trip" with it's jazzy undertone will easily find it's way into one's sunny afternoon drives. Check out the video below and let's only hope they have more to contribute in the upcoming months!

MP3: Trip - Vacationer


Phoenix/L.A. band KNESSET recently contacted us with news of their new album 'Coming of Age' and I'm digging it. They have a great smooth indie rock sound. Their single "Bitter Hearts", "San Francisco", and "Summer Sun" are my early faves, but the whole album is solid. The record was mixed by John Congleton of Walkmen fame and features contributions from Michael Bell (Crystal Castles) and Her Space Holiday. The album is available for purchase ($5) on their bandcamp page, but they've been kind enough to let us post "Bitter Hearts" and album opener "Steady Hands" as free downloads for our readers. Score! Here are those you, plus their video for "Bitter Hearts". Enjoy!

MP3: Bitter Hearts - KNESSET

MP3: Steady Hands - KNESSET


Our friends over at Nightdrive recently released South Florida solo electronic artist Entresol's debut EP Formal Matter which features the excellent electronic/dreamwave track of the same name, plus remixes by the likes of Danny Daze (DiscoTech/Senor Stereo), Air Zaire, Hydroplane and others. The EP is available for Free via their bandcamp page and their soundcloud. Really digging the Air Zaire remix as well as the original. Dude shows alot of potential. Here's the original "Formal Matter" and Air Zaire remix for your collection. Be sure to check out the links as well, might just be a remix you enjoy better. Cheers!

Entresol - Formal Matter (Original) by nightdrivemiami

Entresol - Formal Matter (Air Zaïre Remix) by nightdrivemiami


Russian electro-pop/indie pop?? Hell yes! Xuman's reps New City recently contacted us with news of their debut album 'Golden Age' which was released this past month. They are giving away a new track from the album called "Side by Side" that is lovely slice of indie pop goodness. In addition I had a track of theirs "Panic" which is an older track of theirs I posted on an Art Basel Mixtape back in late 09'. It is straight up electro-pop dance floor gold, similar to bands I love like Bag Raiders & Miami Horror. Really impressed with these guys sound and we don't get too many bands contacting us from Russia, which makes it that much cooler. Enjoy these two gems, plus their video for "Side By Side". If I was you I'd look for/acquire this album asap. Golden age indeed. With that I bid you adieu. See ya next week!

MP3: Side by Side - Xuman

MP3: Panic - Xuman

Is Tropical :: Debut Album / New Single

London trio Is Tropical that we've written about before and their excellent track/video "South Pacific" here are getting ready to release their debut album 'Native to' June 13th on Kitsune. Seems the album was partly mixed by one of our faves Lifelike. Everything that guy touches turns to gold, so I'm sure the album will be real special! In anticipation for the release they are giving away a new single from the upcoming album called "The Greeks". Great synthy, buzzing dance floor friendly tune that will surely get you excited for that new release. In the meantime download this baby and get to dancing!

MP3: The Greeks - Is Tropical

YoYo Xo

Our good friend Miami producer/DJ Brett Thorngren (aka Cosmo) is one prolific fellow. Straight out of his recent Crystal Cadillac project that we posted last year here he's back with a brand new project called YoYo Xo with another Miami native/staple Amanda Green. This time the music has more of a punk, indie rock edge to it. He has a self titled EP out which clocks in at a punk worthy 11 mins for 5 tracks. He's out on tour now across the states with another Miami band Dyslexic Postcards. Check out their facebook that I linked above for info/tour dates and be sure to catch them if they make it to your neck of the woods. Think he's in California now just in time for Coachella. If you see him be sure to tell him Ray says hi and how much you love Off the Radar ;)

Here's a couple of my fave tracks from the EP "95 Islands" and "Emotional Feeling" to get you acquainted.

MP3: 95 Islands - YoYo Xo

MP3: Emotional Feeling - YoYo Xo


Brooklyn producer Sweaters (aka Antonio Cuna) recently contacted OTR and sent along his latest EP entitled 'Scenes in a Dream' and I am digging it! A breezy mixture of disco, funk & electro-pop similar to what artists like Breakbot are doing. If you dig Breakbot chances are this will be right up your alley. He has been kind enough to let us post the three tracks for our readers to download. Score one for the people! I'd save them all. Good stuff!

MP3: Scenes in a Dream (ft Lisa Dank) - Sweaters

MP3: These Nights (ft Juicy) - Sweaters

MP3: What You Need (ft Sunni Colon & Lisa Dank) - Sweaters

Johan Agebjorn

Sweden's Johan Agebjorn (sorry I don't know how to do the accent thingies) is the producer of one of our favorites Sally Shapiro. He's releasing an album of his own 'Casablanca Nights' with a little help from friends like Sally Shapiro, Le Prix, CFCF, Legowelt, Ercola and others. The first single sent our way for posting "Watch the World Go By" with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat is mighty impressive! Electro-pop of epic proportions! Sublime beautiful melodies, dancey beats and catchy choruses that will surely get you moving on the dance floor. I picture myself playing a track like this at a packed club with an amazing sound system in Paris around the stroke of Midnight and everyone going nuts! Too much? One can dream can't they ;).  Anyways enjoy the single free and cleared for posting, plus the album tracklisting below. The album will be out May 10th on Paper Bag Records. I'd be on the lookout for this one. If this track is any indication I think we are in for a treat.

P.S. Did you notice the nod to Miami in the artwork were it says Bank of Miami on top of one of the buildings and what looks to be a likeness of South Beach. Yay for the MIA!

MP3: Watch the World Go By (with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat) - Johan Agebjorn

Casablanca Nights Tracklisting ::

1. 8ths (Intro Edit)
2. The Last Day of Summer [with Ercola & Queen of Hearts]
3. This Case Is Closed (Remix) [with Friday Bridge]
4. Watch the World Go By [with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat]
5. Casablanca Nights [with Lovelock & Sally Shapiro]
6. Alice [with Fred Ventura, Le Prix & Sally Shapiro]
7. Spacer Woman From Mars [with Sally Shapiro]
8. So Fine All The Time [with Legowelt & Wolfram]
9. Le Noir Et Le Blanc Sur Le Plano [with Sally Shapiro]
10. Memories of Satie [with CFCF]
11. Stranger (Chill Remix) [with Halftone]

Arveene & Misk

If you're into housey electronic dance tunes, chances are you will dig London/Dublin duo Arveene & Misk. Jumpy happy go lucky dance music that will surely brighten your day. Not that you were having a bad one ;). Their label Plant Music sent us a radio edit for their track "Love and Lust" to give away, plus a remix by Tag Team Terror and the video for the track. Pretty girls in their underwear will never get old will it? Enjoy the goodness and if you like what you hear the entire release is available on Beatport.

MP3: Love and Lust - Arveene & Misk

MP3: Love and Lust (Tag Team Terror Mix) - Arveene & Misk


I swear Binary loves the dreamwave/chillwave sound just about as much as we do. Their latest signing Denver's Flashlights continue in that dream pop tradition and are quite good. They have an EP called 'Hidden Behind Trees' that will be officialy released June 6th. In the meantime you can stream the whole thing via the bands bandcamp page. They are also giving away "Glowing Eyes", track number 3 from the EP that is hell-a good and will give you an idea what you're in for. Check out the goods via their soundcloud below. Feel free to download that sucker if ya like what you hear.

Flashlights - Glowing Eyes by Binary Entertainment

Apparat Signs to Mute / Releases New Track

Guess who signed to Mute Records? Title might have given it away huh, well it's none other than one of our faves Apparat. Fresh from his set on the influential DJ Kicks series that we posted about here. He will be releasing a new album on his new label later this year. In the meantime Mute is giving away this treat from the as yet untitled album called "Ash/Black Veil". Great dark down-tempo experimental track that should get you excited for the new release. I know I am. I was gonna post the soundcloud they had for it, but it had way too many comments on the track. How annoying are those? They should disable those things. Enjoy!

MP3: Ash/Black Veil - Apparat


Since I'm a DJ I'm always looking for a good remix/mashup to play out. Particularly of a classic track that people know. For one because I get bored of playing the originals and two because it helps when people got their buzz going and they recognize the lyrics of a track and start singing along. Having said that I am pretty impressed with this Police "Roxanne" mashup I got sent over by Boston College student PRFFTT (pronounced Profit). He mashed it up the classic Police track "Roxanne" with "Cooler Than Me" by Mike Posner to great effect! Exactly the kinda thing that comes in handy at the clubs. Thought you DJ's out there could use this as well. Even if you're not a DJ I think you'll dig this. You can find more from him on his soundcloud. All free for download of course. Enjoy!

MP3: Cooler Than Roxanne - PRFFTT

The Cars Return / Sad Song Video

After 24 years years legendary band The Cars return with a new album due in May called 'Move Like This'. The first glimpse is this excellent video/track "Sad Song". Just as I remember them, it's as if no time has passed since we last heard from them minus the obvious band missing from video part. It's ok we all get old, we still love you!

The Joy Formidable

So I posted a bit about the Welsh indie-rock trio The Joy Formidable what seems like ages ago back in December of 2009 here, but kinda dropped the ball since then, because boy have they ever blown up! This band has been seriously busy making a name for themselves! As one of the major buzz-bands of this recently past SXSW, they not only have been churning out singles left and right, but they've also just come off their debut album, last years A Balloon Called Moaning (that was actually out in 2009 in the UK, but we didn't get it till May 2010) and released one of this years highly hype-worthy new albums The Big Roar. Albeit the two albums share several tracks, but that's OK, cause I can't get enough of tracks like "Whirring" and "Cradle".

The female fronted band composed of lead singer Ritzy Bryan, bassist Rhydian Dafydd and drummer Matt Thomas create a sound teetering somewhere between arena-rock and shoegaze and for me is a bit of a throwback to some of those great brit-pop rock bands of the 90's. I love it. Here are a few tracks as well as the clever new video for "Whirring".

MP3: Whirring - The Joy Formidable

MP3: The Magnifying Glass - The Joy Formidable

MP3: Cradle - The Joy Formidable

Diamond Doves

I have found music to be kind of stale over the last few weeks and kind of abandoned my new music search in favor of my go to favorites like The Faces on Pandora Radio. After feeling like my neglect was getting out of control, I was persuing one of my go to music blogs (RCRD LBL) and came across this track 'Club Night' by Diamond Doves. A menacing arrangement just over four minutes including a horns, violins, guitars, vocal harmonies as well as effects, and increasingly intense drums. This is a track best listened to loud to fully appreciate its sonically vast landscape of influence and expression. Their bio is just as intense as the music and therefore not easily foot noted so head to their myspace and read up on this eclectic group. I don't find Diamond Doves to be stale (at all).

MP3: Club Night - Diamond Doves


Discotexas latest signing is Parisian producer/DJ Zimmer. Besides his music he caught our attention as he listed some of his favorite modern producers as Alan Braxe, Aeroplane and Moullinex. Some of OTR's favorites as well. His label is giving away his debut single "Cruisin" in anticipation of his first release on the label later in the year. He was raised in California and Paris which translates perfectly in his music which has a 'west coast carefree attitude with a twist of parisian chic'. Just our cup of tea and exactly the kind of stuff I love to spin out. I think Zimmer and I would get along just fine.

In addition to the new single he also has a disco edit for Gene Chandler's "Does She Have a Friend for Me" that is pretty spectacular and a Still Cruisin' March DJ Mix that once again reinforces how similar our tastes are as it features many of our fave artists. You can download all the goodies via his soundclouds below. Good to have you on our Radar Zimmer. Can't wait to hear that full release later in the year. These should get you pumped and ready for some dancing this week-end! Enjoy and have a great one everyone!

Zimmer - Cruisin' (Discotexas 2011) FREE DOWNLOAD by Discotexas

Gene Chandler - Does She Have A Friend (Zimmer Edit) by Zimmer

Zimmer - Still Cruisin' March Mixtape by Discotexas

The Last Royals :: OMD Cover

I must admit I have a weak spot for OMD particularly their track "If You Leave". I remember having their greatest hits CD back around the time of my High School Prom circa '1992' (I know, I'm old!). I had that CD in my car all that day as I was driving around and even on my way to the big show. "If You Leave" was one of my fave tracks which I remember playing over and over. Anyways when I got this cover from Brooklyn, NYC duo The Last Royals for the track it brought all those memories right back. Amazing what music can do. One of the reasons I love it so. If you like this cover they have a couple more 80's covers including EMF's fantastic "Unbeliveable" and Sinead O Conner/Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 You" that you can get on their site here for free in exchange for your email. Sounds like a deal to me. While your there check out some of their original music as well. Good stuff.

As a bonus here's the original OMD video for "If You Leave" for all you young-ins out there too young to remember. Oh what a magical time it was. New Wave at it's finest circa '1986' and featured in the John Hughes classic movie 'Pretty in Pink'.

MP3: If You Leave (OMD Cover) - The Last Royals

Danny Deleto

Danny Deleto are an electronic duo from Ottawa/Toronto, Canada that recently contacted us with news of their latest EP 'Conversation'. Great mostly instrumental electronic music minus "War Machine" which is an electronic/hip hop hybrid. Digging their stuff particularly "Collisions" and "Womyn". They have a little Ratatat thing going that should appeal to fans of that band. They have been kind enough to let us post "Collisions" (my fave track) as a free download for our readers. Yay! If you dig this I suggest you check out the rest of their stuff on their bandcamp page. You can buy the EP for $3. 3 bucks won't break anyone's bank and you get to support an up and coming independent artist. Get to it.

MP3: Collisions - Danny Deleto

Brothertiger :: Point of View EP

Just got an email from a cousin of mine actually (thanks J. Michael) informing me that Brothertiger, who Erika actually posted about here last May, released a new EP titled Point of View just last month (March 8th, 2011) and it is pretty fantastic. Excellent feel good, chillwave electronic music for this beautiful spring weather. Check out the EP's track "Real Life" we've got for you, then head over here to pick up the rest of the EP on vinyl + digital download.

MP3: Real Life - Brothertiger


Guitaro are a trio from Vancouver, Canada brought to our attention by the fine folks over at Crash Avenue. Seems they have been around since 97' but have somehow managed to slip off the radar for many years. I got sent their latest 2010 album 'JJ's Crystal Palace' and from the sound of this new record I don't think that will be unknown for too much longer. The album is stellar! A great record with elements of electro-pop, shoegaze and a dreamy haze that is pretty irrisistable. In particular loving "Come Get Sums", "2085", "Toothpaste", "Chateau 100", "Modulo" and "Make You", but really there's not a bad track on the album. I mean I just named 6 out of the 10 tracks. Check out "Come Get Sums" and "Chateau 100" cleared for posting. If you dig these I suggest you check out the rest of that album on their bandcamp page were it's available for purchase for $9. Think you guys are gonna love it. Bands like these are exactly the reason I do a music blog like OTR in the first place. With all the crap that's on mainstream radio it's bands like these that should be getting more recognition.

MP3: Come Get Sums - Guitaro

MP3: Chateau 100 - Guitaro

Dirty Vegas Return

Been awhile since we last heard of British trio Dirty Vegas. They actually broke up in 2005 and then got back together in 2008 (thanks wikipedia). They are getting ready to release album number 3 'Electric Love' this month and they are giving away the title track "Electric Love" via their site in exchange for your email. I also got in my inbox the other day through RCD LBL's daily giveaways a great remix by the always amazing In Flagranti for their next single "Changes". Digging everything I've heard so far. Think they are on their way to a solid comeback. Check out the tracks, plus their official video for "Changes" which is a continuation of their "Electric Love" video.

MP3: Electric Love - Dirty Vegas

MP3: Changes (In Flagranti Remix) - Dirty Vegas

Matthew Dear :: Photocall Remix

Matthew Dear has released an EP called 'Slowdance' featuring remixes for that track plus "You Put a Spell on Me" from his excellent 2010 album 'Black City'. They are giving away a Photocall Remix for "You Put a Spell on Me" that is pretty amazing! Digging it more than the Breakbot remix of the same track that is also available on the EP. Real dark and dancey which equals my cup of tea. Check it out below. You can purchase the rest of the EP on the Ghostly site here.

In addition here's a cool b&w video they put together of Matthew Dear as he prepares for a live show.

MP3: You Put a Spell on Me (Photocall Remix) - Matthew Dear