Baby Monster

LA electro-pop duo Baby Monster that Erika wrote about last year here are getting ready to release their self titled debut album June 27th on Big Stereo. On the way to the release the band is giving away a track each week from the new album. So far they've put out three that you can see/grab on their soundcloud here. Here's "Mr Success" which they just posted today and "Russian Lights". Keep that soundcloud handy and you'll have a few more tracks before the album's even out.

MP3: Mr. Success - Baby Monster

MP3: Russian Lights - Baby Monster

Figures :: Velo Video

Figures that we posted about last week here just finished up their video for their excellent instrumental electronic track "Velo". Love the color palettes they used. Check it....

Radioseven :: An Escape

Anonymous Canadian electronic producer Radioseven that we posted about previously here is back with a new EP entitled 'An Escape'. Just like the first material he sent us it is a beautiful slice of electronic instrumental loveliness. In particular I'm digging the tracks "Stellar Cartographer I" and "To Be Young" that I'm posting below. If you dig these I'd head over to their bandcamp as the entire release is available with a 'name your own price' option. Score one for the people!

MP3: Stellar Cartographer I - Radioseven

MP3: To Be Young - Radioseven

Chains of Love

Gotta say I am loving a lot of the new music coming out of my birth nation of Canada lately. The latest of which I recently stumbled on is Vancouver band Chains of Love. While I know the whole retro/throwback/surf-rock/garage-rock thing isn't exactly groundbreaking these days, this female fronted 6-piece pulls off that gritty 60's girl band sound so brilliantly, they almost reinvent it. Hell, they could have been right there with The Ronettes, the Shangri-la's or the Crystals! I just picture myself beach bound in a bright red '67 GTO Convertible listening to this on a fuzzy AM radio. I love it.

MP3: All The Time - Chains of Love

MP3: Breaking My Heart - Chains of Love

Digitalism :: I Love You, Dude

German electronic duo Digitalism is back with their sophomore album 'I Love You, Dude' scheduled for release in June. The record has been leaked online. The reviews are kinda mixed with some people digging it and others kinda slamming it. I'm still kinda on the fence about it, but I do love the first single/video for "2 Hearts". It's the most indie-like track on the record and should be a big hit for them. Check those out below. On their website you can grab "Miami Showdown" an instrumental track from the new record in exchange for your email as well.

MP3: 2 Hearts - Digitalism


Canadian electro-pop duo Bikini recently released their video for "ACheerlaeder". A great swirling electronic pop track. The video does the track justice, giving great party vibes. There's even a little Duran Duran homage when the boys are all dressed up on the speed boat and the wind is blowing their hair. Topless girls never hurt the situation either. Check out the track/video below.

P.S. If your in the South Florida area the amazing Aeroplane is gonna be in the house Tonight rocking the decks at The Vagabond. Can't wait! Make sure you put on those comfy dancing shoes. See ya there...

MP3: ACheerlaeder - Bikini

Skai Nine

Washington DC based solo electronic artist Skai Nine recently contacted us with news of his new album 'Jasmine' and it is absolutely lovely. Chillwave electronic goodness to soothe away any problems that might be on your mind. The tracks "Stronger", "Ocean" and "Azul" are my early favorites, but really it's a solid album all the way through. Best part is you can name your own price via their bandcamp. Don't you wish everything was like that. Like your cable/car payment etc, haha. Anyways check out "Stronger" and "Ocean" below. If you dig these I'd grab the rest of that record. Quality stuff!

MP3: Stronger - Skai Nine

MP3: Ocean - Skai Nine


Boston band Thousands recently contacted us with a real nice message and news of their new self titled two track EP and it is pretty amazing stuff! Math rock to the max! The tracks are 9 mins and 13 mins respectively and they are massive. I'm not usually a fan of instrumental rock as I love lyrics and melodies, but these tracks are so good those minutes go flying by. They are giving away both tracks "Braille Teeth" and "Six Records of a Floating Life" via their bandcamp. You can also check out/download both tracks via our players below, but if you like them I'd get the better quality versions on their bandcamp. The tracks were so long they kept timing out on our server so I had to bring down the bit rate a tad. Enjoy!

MP3: Braille Teeth - Thousands

MP3: Six Records of a Floating Life - Thousands

The Horrors :: Skying

London's The Horrors announced that they will be releasing third album 'Skying' July 11th in the UK and July 26th in the U.S. on XL Recordings. It was produced and recorded by the band in their self built studio in Dalston, London. Excited to hear what direction they might be going in. I really dug their 2009 album 'Primary Colours' which was a bit of a departure for them. They are streaming a track from the new record "Still Life" that is pretty sweet! Slow and dark with a post punk 80's new wave feel to it. In other words brilliant! Definitely one of the top albums I'm looking forward to hearing this year.

The Horrors [Still Life] by robot_657

Skying Tracklisting::
1. Changing the Rain
2. You Said
3. I Can See Through You
4. Endless Blue
5. Dive In
6. Still Life
7. Wild Eyed
8. Moving Further Away
9. Monica Gems
10. Oceans Burning

Fleet Foxes :: Helplessness Blues

Just realized that we had yet to cover/review Fleet Foxes sophomore album Helplessness Blues, released earlier this month. Been a while coming, this one, considering their debut effort was back in 2008. Like their debut, Helplessness Blues is a work of good solid, folk rock. So, if you like this type of music, or where a fan of there debut album, you will definitely love this one as well. The album is packed full of folk ballads nicely blended with an indie rock sensibility. I for one am glad to have them back. They are one of the many, many bands that I am greatly looking forward to seeing this July at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Here are several of my favourite tracks and a video from the new album. Enjoy.

MP3: Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

MP3: Battery Kinzie - Fleet Foxes

MP3: Montezuma - Fleet Foxes

Starfucker :: Julius

Portland indie pop band Starfucker aka STRFKR who we posted about their excellent sophomore album 'Reptilians' here are back with a new single/video for their track "Julius". Another great tune from these up and comers. If you didn't see their amazing fan made videos on that first post I'd go back and visit those. Sooo good! Keep up the good work boys!

MP3: Julius - Starfucker


Figures is a new electronic project featuring James Delay and Jamie Blanco. Kinda had their debut track "Velo" for a bit now. Was waiting for the video they were working on to come out (nothing yet), so figured I'd post it before it becomes obsolete. Really great tune! Instrumental electronic loveliness. Here is the track plus an excellent remix by Cosmonauts via their soundcloud. If you like what you hear you can buy the tracks on iTunes.  

Velo by Figures

Velo (Cosmonaut's Italia '90 Remix) by Figures

Saint Motel

LA indie pop band Saint Motel recently contacted us with news that they are giving away their infectious new single "Puzzle Pieces" so I had to share this beaut with our readers. So good, can't wait to hear more. In the meantime make like a bandit, download this baby and run! Video for the track is in the works. We'll keep you posted.    

SAINT MOTEL - Puzzle Pieces by saintmotel

Fujiya & Miyagi

Our friends over at Nightdrive have been doing a great job bringing cool underground shows to Miami. This Thursday, May 26th they got another one lined up at Electric Pickle for British electronic quartet Fujiya & Miyagi. Didn't really know that much about them, but after I saw the invite on Facebook I looked into them. Seems they've been around since 99'. Their latest album 'Ventriloquizzing' was released this past January. Downloaded the album and it's good stuff! Dark, grooving minimal electro-pop. They kinda remind me of a cross between Stereolab and Kraftwerk. Can't wait to check out that show!

Here's their video/mp3 for "Yoyo" that they're giving away as a free download + "Cat Got Your Tongue" one of my faves from the record as a stream for you to check out. If you like these be sure to look into the rest of that record and if you live in the South Florida area come out and to the show Thursday. I know I'll be there.

MP3: Yoyo - Fujiya & Miyagi

MP3: Cat Got Your Tongue - Fujiya & Miyagi  (Streaming Only)

Short Circuit

Our friends over at Binary have a new artist Short Circuit who they are releasing the debut album for 'Late Night Drive' next Monday, May the 23rd. They sent along the record for us to review and I'm digging it. Vocoders, synths and dancey beats. What's not to like? They are giving away first single "How We Speak" via their soundcloud that you can check out/download below.

Short Circuit - How We Speak by Binary Entertainment

DiscoVERY :: Summer Mix 2011

Looking for a sweet new DJ Mix to wrap your head around? Then look no further than DiscoVERY Music Group's latest Summer Mix 2011. They are fans of OTR's and after hearing their mix I am a fan of DiscoVERY! They have similar tastes to ours so if you dig OTR chances are you will dig this mix as well. From disco/nu-disco to electro-pop and back again. Been playing this mix on repeat at the apartment the last few days. Think you guys are gonna love it as much as I do. If you like what you hear be sure to click the arrow on the right there and save this baby to your hard drive for further listens. Recommended!

DiscoVERY Summer Mix 2011 by DiscoVERY Music Group

13 & God

It's been 6 years since we last heard from 13 & God. A collaboration between The Notwist & Themselves members. Their new album 'Own Your Ghost' was just released yesterday, May the 17th. I'm a big fan of The Notwist and their lead singer's amazing voice so glad to see they have something new for us to digest. The first single from the album is called "It's Own Sun" and it has this amazing animated video for it. Check that out below, plus a sweet remix for "It's Own Sun" by Antonionian that I spotted on Hype Machine & "Old Age" track #5 from the album that they're giving away as a free download. Good to have you back boys. Hopefully a new Notwist album wont be too far behind.

MP3: Old Age - 13 & God

MP3: It's Own Sun (Antonionian Version) - 13 & God

The Death Set

Brooklyn punk art band The Death Set have a new single out "We Are Going Anywhere Man" off their sophomore album 'Michel Poiccard'. They're a little heavier than most of the stuff we post on OTR, but after seeing them perform at The Vagabond recently, I became a huge fan! They put on a hell of a fun live show. In between tracks they would play little snippets of classic hip hop tracks then they would annihilate with some of their hard rocking punk tunes. Some serious energy these guys put out which makes for some seriously fun shows. They remind of early Beastie Boys party mentality except with a punk rock edge. If they come to your neck of the woods I highly recommend checking them out. You'll probably become a convert like me.

Here's their video for "We Are Going Anywhere Man". It's a basically a little party they threw with some close friends at hand. Here's also their soundcloud for "Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap" one of the more memorable tracks that I remember from their live show. You can buy their album/singles via their labels page here.

Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap by The Death Set


Toronto's Austra has caught my eye with it's strangely beautiful vocals, cryptic electronic beats, and provocative music videos. Their debut LP "Feel It Break" was released today and loving what I am hearing so far! The classically trained Katie Stelmanis pens most of the songs herself and though most of the promotional photos are of her solo, she is supported by drummer Maya Postepski and bassist Dorian Wolf. There is quite the buzz surrounding this trio. Check out the track "Lose It" below and the (NSFW) video for "Beat and Pulse".

MP3: Lose It - Austra

AUSTRA "Beat and the Pulse" by domino

Germany Germany :: Adventures

Canada's Germany Germany who we've written about before here is back with an excellent new album called 'Adventures'. He sent the new album our way for review and I am loving it! Been playing it non-stop! He is inspired by artists like Postal Service and DNTEL and I can see the influences, particularly for DNTEL. Dreamy, electro-pop goodness. Some instrumental, some with vocals, but all really good! He just started selling the 17 track album on his bandcamp this past Sunday for only $5. Well worth the price! This kid is only 20 yrs old and already showing tons of promise. I would keep my eye on him if I were you. I have a feeling he will be giving us amazing music for many years to come. Check out a few tracks which he has let us post below. If you dig these I would run to get the rest of that record. Sooo good!

Here's a great quote he sent along in his press release about his music making process...

"Music production is like analog photography - I'm always excited by the opportunities for creativity in experimentation, and I always prefer to create something unique rather than something perfectly produced through formulas and digital precision."

MP3: Too Fast - Germany Germany

MP3: Take Me Home - Germany Germany

MP3: Just Go ft Steffaloo - Germany Germany

KIT :: Those Words

Paris electro-pop trio KIT that we've posted about before here are back with a great new track they sent our way called "Those Words". Absolutely gorgeous electro-pop! The kind of stuff I never get tired of hearing. Dancey, sultry goodness. They remind me of Revlon 9 who I used to play a long time ago. Anyone remember "Someone Like You"? They're along those lines. Think you guys are gonna love them! These guys must be great live. If you live in Europe I'd try to catch them somewhere. Hopefully they make the trek to the states at some point. Finger's crossed! For now enjoy this tasty treat.

MP3: Those Words - KIT

Music To Know Festival

Been hearing whispers about a festival happening in the Hamptons this summer and they finally released all the details. I have spent a lot of time in the Hamptons and it's exciting to that music is going to be part of the summer scene. The festival entitled Music To Know or MTK has Vampire Weekend and Bright Eyes headlining with a lot of bands we have mentioned on Off The Radar over the last few years like Chromeo, Tame Impala (one of my favorite albums and live shows of 2010), Young Empires, and The Naked and Famous. Also really excited about Ra Ra Riot as well as M. Ward. For a full line up and ticket information head to their website. One band we over looked worth mentioning is Fitz and the Tantrums. Sometimes things are just too big to be on our radar.

Fitz and the Tantrums is rousing horns combined with organs and killer beats for a timeless sound that is bound to have you tapping your feet. The combination of Fitz and Noelle Scaggs vocals is just undeniable and so fun to see live. If you don't have their album 'Picking Up The Pieces' stream it (and buy it!). Check out the official video for my favorite tune by them "Moneygrabber". I remember Fitz being a Hamptons fixture in my first few summers out there and am sure he will feel right at home on that stage.

FM Belfast :: New Album / Single / Video

What a great day this is! Been looking forward to the day I could announce that the energetic and eccentric Icelanders FM Belfast would have new releases to announce, and they did not disappoint! The fun loving nature of the band comes through in the highly relateable concept behind their upcoming sophomore album Don't Want To Sleep, which is simply summed up by band member Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson saying, "It's sometimes hard to go to sleep when you have so many fun things to do", and is brilliantly demonstrated in the fantastic promo video!

The album is set for a June 21 U.S. debut and they supposedly have a North American tour in the works for this fall! Really hoping to get to see them. Kinda feel like their show would have amazing energy. For now, enjoy the promo video as well as the album's first single "New Year". Really love these guys!

MP3: New Year - FM Belfast

Walter Sobcek :: Keren Ann Remix

The amazing Walter Sobcek that I got to hang out with when they spun at our weekly (786) party recently here in Miami are in the middle of recording a new EP. In the meantime they decided to do a remix for Keren Ann's track "My Name is Trouble" just cause they loved it so. Boy are we lucky they did, another stellar remix! A sleek and lovely slice of electro-pop heaven. Subdued and gorgeous work, it's obvious these guys know what they're doing behind the controls. Can't wait to hear that new EP. In the meantime enjoy this amazing track that will restore your faith in the power of a good remix. That is if you had any doubts to begin with. 

Keren Ann - My Name Is Trouble (Walter Sobcek Remix) by Walter Sobcek


Well, you can definitely tell what season we are in, because the warm weather sounds are emerging in full force. Not that this is a bad thing! Have a sneaking suspicion that this latest track by Orlando, FL band Saskatchewan is gonna be the gem of a lot of your summertime playlists, or at least it ought to be. Great catchy feel good track. Enjoy!

MP3: Dreamboat - Saskatchewan

Washed Out :: New Album/Single

We at Off The Radar have been big fans of Washed Out (Ernest Greene) since his beginnings, having first posted about him way back in August of '09. Now, I'm super excited to announce that this summer he will be gracing us with a shiny new album! The LP titled Within and Without is set for a July 12th release, and judging by our first taste of the album with it's track "Eyes Be Closed", it sounds like its a further refined version of that great chillwave sound we've come to expect from Washed Out.

MP3: Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out

Art Imperial

If you are planning on heading to the beach anytime in the near future, you may want to add Toronto surf-rock inspired musician Art Imperial's new EP Surf Suburban to your collection to set the mood. Following the same path as other great indie bands such as Best Coast and Wavves, this summery album is set for a strategically timed May 14th release. Check out/pickup the albums first track here, then head one over to their bandcamp and listen to the rest.

MP3: Feel Dumb - Art Imperial

The Sneekers

Lithuanian electronic duo The Sneekers contacted us with news that they are giving away a radio edit for their track "Computer Love". That equals good news for us as the track is excellent! Subdued and lovely electro-pop. Maybe I'm getting old, but that hard stuff really isn't for me. Any time I hear a track sent our way blasting crazy techno right from the get go it only takes me like 5 seconds to hit stop and move on to the next one. Some of those guys can learn from music like this. Easy as you go... Hear more from them on their soundcloud here.

MP3: Computer Love (Radio Edit) - The Sneekers

Little Majorette

Sweden is at it again producing another great act. This time it's indie pop trio Little Majorette. They got together after working on other artists music and then liking it when they did it themselves better, so they decided to have a go at it. Glad they did cause it's lovely stuff! Here is their latest video for "Never Be the Same", plus their mp3 for "Overflow" that I spotted on Hype Machine. Both fantastic tunes! Prepare to fall in love with Little Majorette.

MP3: Overflow - Little Majorette


Falcon is a Brooklyn band featuring members of Longwave. Their debut album 'Disappear' is set for release May 17th. They sent along the opening track "Say Goodbye" from the record which on top of being an amazing indie rock tune was also mixed by the amazing Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev/Flaming Lips/MGMT). No wonder I like it so much. Anything Dave touches turns to gold. The album was inspired by the movie Into the Wild. Here's what the lead singer had to say about the album.

“It is a brief and moody record,” Rosen says of Disappear. “I was inspired to write the songs for this record after seeing the Sean Penn film Into the Wild. During this time I was also expecting my first child. There is a side of me that loves nature and solitude. The idea of vanishing from NYC and my responsibilities was an alluring temptation to me at the time.”

Read more about Falcon on their PR page here.

MP3: Say Goodbye - Falcon

Teen Rework Stars "Changes"

Got sent this great rework by Toronto artist Teen for Stars track "Changes". It says remix, but the vocals sound different so it's more of a cover/rework. Gorgeous stuff! A sleek/smooth nu-disco reinvention that I can't get enough of. Check out/download the tune below.

MP3: Changes (Teen Remix) - Stars

Friendly Fires :: New Album 'Pala'

Our generation knows the Internet has really lent itself to the exposure and availability to hear bands near and far. When I come across a band that I'm really into and hear that their new album is finally coming out, I can't help but get really excited.

It's been awhile since we heard anything new from Friendly Fires, but it was worth the wait! "Pala" their sophomore album is due out May 16, but with the luxury of websites like Hype Machine, we can stream the entire album right here and now. The band hails from a town in England, St. Albans Hertfordshire. They actually formed their first band a post-hardcore band, First Day Back at the age of 14. If you want a little more background, you can read their Wikipedia here.

I saw Friendly Fires at CMJ back in 2008 at the Fader Fort and I had just recently heard of them before then. Their 20 or so minute show was my favorite one of the bunch and I definitely put them on my "need to buy album" list. They had a fresh and energetic presence on stage. I became a big fan of their self-titled debut album released in 2008 that gained them a world wide presence very quickly.

I am on the 2nd round of listening to 'Pala' and it's already keeping me on my toes and intrigued. They've got that something special! Below are two tracks from their debut album "White Diamonds" and "Paris".

MP3: White Diamonds - Friendly Fires

MP3: Paris - Friendly Fires

Strange Talk :: Eskimo Boy

Australia's Strange Talk that Mike posted about recently here have a new video for their track "Eskimo Boy" from their self titled debut EP featuring some lovely ladies frolicking on the beach. Won't get any complaints from me. Song's a top notch electro-pop tune. Check out the goods...

MP3: Eskimo Boy - Strange Talk


A band that slipped my Radar is Portland, Oregon electro-pop trio Reporter. A friend recently gave me their debut album 'Time Incredible' that was released in 2010 and I am loving it! Been jamming it the last few days. A great combination of electro-pop with a nu-disco tinge that equals a very current sound. They have a new track out on some blogs called "Skin Like Fire", but the bit rates on those are pretty horrid so I won't post it, but I'd look into it and any other new releases they may have coming out. Here's a couple tracks from their debut album "Silent Running" and "Click Shaw" to give you an idea of their sound. Delish!

MP3: Click Shaw - Reporter

MP3: Silent Running - Reporter

Carlos Llanos DJ Mix

Looking for a fresh DJ Mix for your weekend? Then look no further than my friend Carlos Llanos latest mix, especially if disco, italo & new wave are your thing. I had the pleasure of spinning with Carlos for 2 years at Circa Saturdays which was one of the most successful indie parties ever in Miami. Insane times we had, so much fun! In addition to being one of the nicest people I know he is also one of the best beat matchers out there. His mixes are so smooth and flawless, I can't tell you how many times I was in awe watching him spin. Check out the mix via his soundcloud below and if you like what you hear be sure to download that baby by clicking the arrow on the right there. You can check out the tracklisting on his soundcloud page. Now get to dancing!

Carlos Llanos disco-wave-synth-italo mix by Carlos Llanos

Sam Roberts Band

Montreal singer/songwriter Sam Roberts & his band release 4th album 'Collider' next Tuesday, May 10th. They sent along the record which features a pretty duet "Longitude" with Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell that they are giving away as a free download. Digging it and the rest of the album which was recorded in Chicago. I had never heard of him before, but I'm digging this. He has some nice indie swagger and a lot of heart and soul that comes through in the music. Some early faves include "Sang Froid", "No Arrows", "Streets of Heaven" and "Longitude". Here's "Longitude" for you to listen to/download. If you dig this be sure to check out the rest of that album.

MP3: Longitude ft Elizabeth Powell (Land of Talk) - Sam Roberts Band

Frankmusik :: Do it in the AM

New track/video "Do it in the AM" from Frankmusik. As most of what he does it's catchy as hell. This one's got some hip hop thrown in by LA's Far East Movement. That looks like one fun party at the end there. Check out the soundcloud/video below.

Frankmusik - Do It In The AM feat. Far East Movement by Interscope Records

Tape Singles Club :: Dead Boy Robotics / The Machine Room

Tape is a recording studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. They are putting out split singles of artists that have come their way and they love called Tape :: Singles Club. The first two bands to make the cut for Volume #1 are The Machine Room and Dead Boy Robotics. Loving both these tracks they sent our way! I can see why they chose these two bands for their first release. The vinyl/digital release for this will be May 23rd via their site. They have a couple soundclouds were you can stream the goods below. If you like what you hear be sure to scoop these up when their released later this month. Quality stuff!

DEAD BOY ROBOTICS - 'EVER' by Tape Singles Club

THE MACHINE ROOM - 'GIRLY' by Tape Singles Club

Miracle Fortress

Montreal artist Miracle Fortress has created in his upcoming album Was I The Wave? a dazzling atmospheric electronic work of audio art, as clearly demonstrated in the albums flagship single, "Raw Spectacle". The album comes out this month via Secret City Records and kicks off a Canadian & U.S. tour. We've got the single, a remix by Pantha du Prince, as well as Miracle Fortress' U.S./Canada tour dates. Enjoy.

MP3: Raw Spectacle - Miracle Fortress

MP3: Raw Spectacle (Pantha du Prince remix)- Miracle Fortress

Tour Dates:
06/09/11 – Toronto ON @ The Phoenix
06/10/11 – Ottawa ON @ Maverick’s
06/12/11 – Cambridge MA @ The Middle East
06/14/11 – New York NY @ Webster Hall
06/16/11 – Washington DC @ Black Cat
06/17/11 – Philadelphia PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
06/18/11 – Charlottesville VA @ Jefferson Theater
06/20/11 – Atlanta GA @ The Earl
06/21/11 – Nashbille TN @ Mercy Lounge
06/22/11 – Louisville KY @ Headliners
06/24/11 – Chicago IL @ Metro
06/25/11 – Pontiac MI @ Pike Room