The Veda Rays

Brooklyn indie rock band The Veda Rays who have roots in the South Florida music scene recently completed new album 'Gamma Rays, Galaxy Rays, Veda Rays' which they sent our way and will be officially releasing September 6th. Digging the album! It's a dense, moody rock record that sparkles and shines. The album also features guest guitar work on track #8 "Deleted" by another South Florida native Juan Montaya formerly of Torche. All in all a great record and a band that should be on your radar.

Here are the first two tracks from the album "All Your Pretty Fates" and "Honey Pot" which they have been kind enough to allow our readers to listen to/download if you like what you hear and I for one think you will. Enjoy!

MP3: All Your Pretty Fates - The Veda Rays

MP3: Honey Pot - The Veda Rays

Ruen & Ryan Evans :: New Remixes

Hometown boys Brandon Pendleton aka DJ Ruen & Ryan Evans continue churning out one good remix after another. Their latest are for Givers track "Up Up Up" & Hey Champ's "Silver City" that I just posted so I figured now would be a good time to post these babies up as well. As always solid remix work that should get them booties moving on the dance floor. I constantly throw their remixes in my sets and they never disappoint. Feel free to test them out for yourselves. Need more? Check out their soundcloud to score a whole lot more.  

Givers - up up up (Ruen & Ryan Evans Remix) by Ryan Evans

Hey Champ - Silver City (Ruen & Ryan Evans Remix) by Ryan Evans

Hey Champ :: Anything At All

Chicago's Hey Champ that we've written about a bunch of times in the past are back with a new EP 'Anything At All' out now and just in time for the summer. They released a video for fan favorite "Silver City" were they hit up favorite Chicago haunts and apparently it's getting play on MTV? Hmmm, wonder were they'd play this in between all the crap ;)  Enjoy!

Silver City by Hey Champ


Labrador is at it again with another stellar act on it's roster. This time in the form of electro-pop duo Pallers. After 3 years spent in apartments, villas, basements and cabins in Stockholm, Miami (hometown what, what) and Cape Town the duo is finally ready to release their debut album 'The Sea of Memories' September 27th. The first taste from the album is first single "Come Rain, Come Sunshine" which is being officially released July 26th. It is a sublime piece of electro-pop heaven! Absolutely gorgeous stuff, particularly when that chorus comes rolling in. It doesn't try too hard it just is, beautiful that is. Cannot wait to hear what else might be in store for us on their debut album. In the meantime the nice folks over at Labrador have been kind enough to clear the track for posting in full 320 bit rate quality and almost a full month before it's released! Score! Grab that baby below and be on the lookout for the album come September.

They've been getting tons of great press from heavyweights like NME, Under the Radar, Spinner, and Nylon Magazine.

Here's a great quote they got from the mighty NME. "The pair continue to display a preternatural gift for electronic pop, and while they may prefer to remain ensconced in the studio and avoid the limelight, the expansive 'Come Rain, Come Sunshine' stands as a sky-scrapingly grand gesture."


MP3: Come Rain, Come Sunshine - Pallers

Noah and the Whale :: Life is Life Video

New video for Noah and the Whale's track "Life is Life" off their excellent album 'Last Night on Earth'. I probably post them too much, but I can't help it, I love'em! If you missed the RAC remix I posted for their track "Tonight's the Kind of Night" earlier this month you can grab that here. Been playing that track in my DJ sets tons lately. Don't forget to press 720p or 1080p options for better high def viewing/sound on the vid.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults :: New Track / EP

LA band Letting Up Despite Great Faults that I first wrote about back in 09' here are getting ready to release New EP 'Paper Crush' on August 2nd via Old Flame Records. They are giving away a new track from the EP "Teenage Tide" that is an amazing piece of shoegaze loveliness. Perfect for the summer, I can't get enough of it. Listen/grab that baby below or via their soundcloud and be on the look-out for the EP come August. Sure it will be a winner.

MP3: Teenage Tide - Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Static Fingers

Its always great to see talented musicians surfacing from places way off the beaten path. Well, Off the Radar is proud to debut up and coming chillwave whiz Static Fingers, emerging on the scene from the unlikely and virtually untapped central state of Kansas. While he doesn't have a whole lot of material out at the moment, his first single "Tranquil Turbulence" is a glistening atmospheric gem of a track that takes chillwave to a new level of chill. Fingers crossed an EP is on the way, but until then, enjoy our first taste.

My Tiger My Timing :: New Single

London female fronted five piece My Tiger My Timing, who I posted about way back in September of '09 here, is finally on the brink of releasing their debut album this August. To hype up the new album, the band has released its first single "Endless Summer" which is, you guessed it, a catchy albeit slightly cheesy summer jam. But what the hell, its fun. Here is the track and its accompanying appropriately straight forward summer fun video.

Endless Summer by mytigermytiming


Recently found out about Australian band Mitzi who seem have some history winning competitions as a duo a couple years ago and now have beefed up to a 4 piece. Loving their electro-pop/nu-disco sound, but if you guys check OTR regularly you know how much I love that. Here's their excellent new track "All I Heard", plus a little beefier dance floor remix of the track by Cassian. Enjoy and get to dancing!!! Have a great week-end everyone!

MP3: All I Heard (Radio Edit) - Mitzi

MP3: All I Heard (Cassian Remix) - Mitzi

Richard Powda :: City and Colour Remix

NYC's Richard Powda that I posted about a few months ago here is back with a sweet remix for City and Colours track "Fragile Bird". He did a great job, loving it and everything I've been hearing so far from this up and comer. Keep'em coming Richard!

MP3: Fragile Bird (The Bird Suit's Richard Powda Remix) - City and Colour

Pdex :: Rick Astley Remix

As a DJ I'm always looking for cool remixes of older tracks to throw into my sets. This week I got this great remix sent our way by Pdex for one of my cheesy 80's favorites Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". Hadn't heard anyone do a proper remix of this one yet and he did a great job giving it a modern feeling facelift. Now hopefully people won't look at me too weird if I decide to throw this into the mix.

MP3: Never Gonna Give You Up (Pdex Remix) - Rick Astley

Get People :: Crystal Fighters Remix + New EP

London electro-pop trio Get People have a new EP called Rain Tears coming out in July. They enlisted the help of Crystal Fighters to remix the title track "No Tears" who did a great job! Digging it! You can check out/download the track via their soundcloud below. Below is also the one of their original tracks "Away" from the upcoming EP that they are giving away. All in all a great new band on our radar. Merci!

Rain Tears (Crystal Fighters RMX) by GET PEOPLE



NYC by way of Kansas artist Cody Critcheloe (aka) Ssion is gonna be releasing new album 'Bent' June 28th. So far he's released two great tracks from it "Listen to the Grrrls" that you can listen to/download below and his latest "Psy-Chic" which is a high energy dance floor number 'about doing crystal meth and buying stuff', ha, their words not mine. My favorite track that I've heard from him so far! Stream that sucker below and be on the look out for the album next week, have a feeling it will be a good one. His vibe reminds me a bit of Fischerspooner. Has it been long enough for that to be cool again? Maybe a little longer, but he's putting his own spin on things and adding a pinch of pop to the mix.


SSION- "Listen To The Grrrls" by dangervillage

Johan Agebjorn :: Watch the World Go By Video

Johan Agebjorn sent us his new video for "Watch the World Go By" ft Lake Heartbeat & Le Prix. Amazing video that totally matches the vibe of the track and perfect for the summer! Check that out below. If you missed the mp3 we posted previously, you can grab that here. His album 'Casablanca Nights' is out now.

Adult Swim :: Singles Program

Adult Swim have brought back their second annual Summer Singles Program in which they give away a new single every week for 10 weeks starting in June from a bunch of cool artists including :: Best Coast, The Rapture, Active Child, Ford & Lopatin and more. So far they are three in. They also produced the video for the Best Coast track "Gone Again" which I'm digging and you can see below, plus Ford & Lopatin's "Too Much Midi (Please Forgive Me)". Keep checking back on their site for a new tune every week. I'd especially remember to check back on Week 8 / July 26th for that new Rapture track.

MP3: Gone Again - Best Coast

MP3: Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me) - Ford & Lopatin

Aeroplane :: Remixes

Been awhile since I heard something new from Aeroplane so I went looking around and here's a few cool remixes I found floating around. Not sure if they're new or old, but they're new to me. One's a super dancey instrumental disco remix Rex the Dog did for his track "My Enemy", the other two are remixes he's done for Australian indie pop duo Gypsy & the Cat's "The Piper's Songs" and a Black Van feat Holy Ghost! remix for "Moments of Excellence". Digging them all so thought I'd share. Enjoy!

MP3: My Enemy (Rex the Dog Remix) - Aeroplane

MP3: Moments of Excellence feat Holy Ghost! (Aeroplane Remix) - Black Van

MP3: The Piper's Song (Aeroplance Remix) - Gypsy & the Cat

Mathieu Santos

Ra Ra Riot bassist Mathieu Santos is getting his debut solo album ready for release later this year on Barsuk. They are giving away first single "I Can Hear the Trains Coming" and it's a cute Beatle-esque indie pop tune. Check/grab that below.

MP3: I Can Hear the Trains Coming - Mathieu Santos

De La Montaña

Recently stumbled upon this great, eclectic little Berlin based band calling themselves De La Montaña. The troupe's lead man Madison Velding-VanDam, who is actually from Ann Arbor, Michigan originally, draws his influences from a wide range including his love of indie rock and folk, the strong electronic scene in nearby Detroit and 80's pop as well as his travels to Chile and finally Berlin, Germany (picking up fellow Chilean and German band members along the way) where the band is currently working hard to make a name for themselves in the music scene. This diverse array of influences has culminated in a fantastically original sound and along with some catchy hooks and quality lyricism, I see these guys catching on fast! Always an honour to be amongst the first to catch on to these acts that you just get the sense are on the virge of a blogosphere explosion!

Here are a few tracks as well as a great video for you to enjoy and get a taste of what we can expect from these guys. Also take the time to visit their bandcamp and hear more!

MP3: Golden Soul - De La Montaña

MP3: City Slicker - De La Montaña (STREAM ONLY)

The Rapture :: New Track

Want to be excited? The Rapture has a new album 'In The Grace Of Your Love' coming out in September. If this seven minute dance number is what they're bringing I am definitely buying! "How Deep Is Your Love" is a perfect track from the Rapture we all know and love.

DFA White Out Sessions - How Deep Is Your Love? by The Rapture from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Hooray For Earth :: Live Video

Hooray for Earth's masterpiece of an album "True Loves" was released earlier this month. There is something really empowering in their song structures and unique sound. Songs like "Bring Us Closer Together" just can't help but build adrenaline. If you haven't picked up this album, I strongly recommend that you do! They have been the most exciting band to me this year. Watch them perform "Realize It's Not The Sun" with the talented sisters from Zambri at glasslands earlier this month.

Hooray For Earth - "Realize It's Not The Sun" from CANNONS on Vimeo.

Housse De Racket :: Roman

French electro-pop duo Housse De Racket that I last wrote about last year here are back with a great new single "Roman" that they are giving away off their forthcoming sophomore album 'Alesia' scheduled for release August 22nd on Kitsune. Just as everything I've heard from them it's electro-pop gold. Subdued and lovely pop track clocking in at a speedy 3 mins long. Should get a few butts moving on the dancefloor and prime for remixes. Check it...

MP3: Roman - Housse De Racket

Breakbot :: Fantasy feat. Ruckazoid

Breakbot is back with a new single/video for "Fantasy" feat. Ruckazoid that continues in their trademark disco/funk sound. This one borrows heavily from late 70's/early 80's Michael Jackson, particularly the singers voice, wow. You sure Micheal's still not alive? The video's about the usual art school drawing of a nude subject/fantasy thing, but aren't they usually old people at those. Much nicer to paint someone as cute as her. Enjoy!

P.S. You can catch Breakbot in the video as one of the painters. Knee high socks should be a dead giveaway.

MP3: Fantasy (feat. Ruckazoid) - Breakbot


I'm home! Did you miss me? LA & San Francisco were amazing! Loved everything about it, particularly the fact that it was nice cool jacket weather in June, unheard of in Miami. Anyways wanted to get started right away, although I have many emails to go through. It might take me awhile to get fully caught up. Here's one that I was about to post before my trip, but I ran out of time.

Goldroom is the solo side project of Josh one of the dudes from Binary's Nightwaves. With his side project he continues with a similar nu-disco tradition that we all know and love, but with a little added carribean flair on "Morgan's Bay" perfect for summer. He has three tracks up on soundcloud with "Morgan's Bay" being offered as a free download. Check that out below, you can sample the other two on his soundcloud I linked above. He's gonna be busy remixing Penguin Prison as well. Can't wait for that, in the meantime enjoy this goodie.

Goldroom - Morgan's Bay by Goldroom

Panda Bear :: Surfer's Hymn Video

First off, sorry for the delay in posting. Been having some internet woes. Anyway, just saw this great dark new video for Panda Bear's track "Surfer's Hymn". Great chill track and the video, made as a tribute to all the surfers taken by the sea, is a fantastic concept. Also, for the more electronic inclined, thought i'd share this great little electro remix of the track as well.

MP3: Surfer's Hymn (Actress Primitive Pattern Remix) - Panda Bear

The Denzels

The Denzels 'Slow Death' EP has been thrown into a lot of my playlists ever since meeting one of the band members out at a bar in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. The Denzels surf laced, melancholic indie rock is just catchy. Their songs are well written and recorded which makes it simply just really easy to listen to. It's a dash of The Drums, The Strokes pop sensibility, with just a touch of The Walkmen's shoe gazed guitars. They're a melting pot of New York cities most successful acts. The snare and guitars off the track "Montrose Next Door" are sonic romance. Can't wait to hear more from these guys. Download the full (and free) EP off their bandcamp!

MP3: Montrose Next Door - The Denzels


In the mood for some eccentric electronic? Check out Austin's new glitch-pop genius Corduroi. He has been busy creating some pretty interesting music lately. Most recently of which is his heavy-on-the-samples track "The Everglade Leafhouse" that borrows from Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens and Dirty Projectors. Also check out his awesome and innovative video for "All Ways". After you enjoy these two gems here, I highly recommend head on over to his Bandcamp page and listening to his debut album Anything For Now, in particular the super chill track "My Dear".

MP3: The Everglade Leafhouse - Corduroi

Girlfriend Records

Girlfriend Records is an 80's inspired label/collective. They recently contacted OTR with news of their latest release from one of their artists Toque and it some hot stuff! Electro-pop deliciousness. Loving both their tracks "Xtro" and "Kenny G". Best part is they are releasing it for free just to get the word out. If they keep putting out music this good it won't be long before they are well known. In addition to Toque they also have a few other great artists on their roster like Le Prix who has this instrumental new wave sounding track called "Eyelash OK" that is pretty amazing and sounds like it could have come straight from the past or the future, you decide. Best part is they are giving away her music for free as well. Pretty amazing. Kudos to Girlfriend Records for releasing such excellent music. You can hear/grab more of their goodies via their bandcamp page. Below are a few of the tracks I talked about for you to check out/download.

P.S. On a side-note I'm gonna be taking a little vacation this week to LA and San Francisco so I won't be posting till sometime next week when I return. I informed some of the OTR crew so hopefully they will hold the fort till I get back. If you would like to meet up while I'm on the West Coast or have any leads for DJ gigs or places I should check out while there feel free to email me at as I'll be checking it from time to time. Maybe lead us to some cool local spots, I always prefer that to the touristy things. Cheers!

MP3: Xtro - Toque

MP3: Kenny G - Toque

MP3: Eyelash OK - Le Prix

Noah and the Whale :: RAC Remix

Noah and the Whale get the remix treatment from RAC and once again they come through with another winner. As usual with RAC's subtle remixes they give it just a touch and voila they come up with a pretty electro-pop re-interpretation. Love the message of the song too. 'Tonight's the kind of night, where everything could change.' Who doesn't like that, especially if things haven't been going your way. That plus I can never get enough of Noah's voice. Enjoy!

MP3: Tonight's the Kind of Night (RAC Mix) - Noah and the Whale


Meet London's electro-pop newcomers League, a duo composed of a former architecture and a former journalism student who dropped out to pursue a life of beach bumming and music making. The result is an intriguing, upbeat blend of synth laden electro-pop, psychedelia & surf rock. Here are two shining examples off their Golden Maps EP released earlier this year.

MP3: Two Wild Hearts - League

MP3: Golden Maps - League

Johan Agebjorn :: Le Matos Remix

Sweden's Johan Agebjorn who I posted about his excellent debut album 'Casablanca Nights' here just sent us an amazing remix by Le Matos for his track "The Last Day of Summer" ft Ercola & Queen of Hearts. Stunning electro-pop disco feeling remix that has a huge summer vibe, as it should with a track name like that. Grab this baby and run! DJ's you better be playing this one out in your sets this summer. Represent! If you missed his debut album I'd grab that as well. Excellent album!

MP3: The Last Day of Summer (Le Matos Remix) - Johan Agebjorn ft Ercola & Queen of Hearts