Kido Yoji

Kido Yoji is a singer/producer who resides in NY & Japan.  He contacted us the other day with some kind words about OTR and he sent a few of his tracks including his latest single "Call a Romance" which will also be the title to his upcoming album, plus "AM 3:33". Real smooth/funky electro-pop tunes reminiscent of artists like Breakbot or Anoraak which I am a big fan of. So of course his music is right up my alley. I'm pretty sure you guys will dig it too, especially if you're regular readers of OTR. Listen/dl "Call a Romance" below and check out a little video clip. Have a feeling Kido will be doing real well for himself.

MP3: Call a Romance - Kido Yoji

Christian Strobe :: Arcade Fire / M83 Remixes

Up and coming German artist Christian Strobe that we posted his great track "Midnight Call" in July here emailed us the other day with news of his latest remix. This time it's for Arcade Fire's "No Cars Go". Great dancey version of this classic track that you can dl for free. In addition I never posted the excellent remix he did for M83's gorgeous track "Midnight City" so I figured now would be the perfect time to post that as well. The dl limit on "Midnight City" is done, but on his soundcloud he has a mediafire link were you can still dl that baby for free as well. Free is nice.

Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix) by Christian Strobe

M83 - Midnight City (Christian Strobe Remix) by Christian Strobe


Got sent this great little electro-pop tune "Plastic Glass" the other day by New Haven, Conn duo Deluxe. Real simple tune, but sometimes simple is better. They are just kinda getting re-started after a little hiatus. They hope to have an EP out sometime later in the year. Can't wait, for now you can listen to/download "Plastic Glass" via their soundcloud below.

Deluxe - plastic glass by 00Deluxe00

The Swiss

Australian duo The Swiss (Modular) who are the backing band for Empire of the Sun have a great new single/video out called "Double or Nothing". They are giving away this Louis La Roche Remix of the track that is a-mazing! Been playing it out tons in my DJ sets. Their self titled debut album is scheduled for release in late September. Be on the lookout for that, because if this first single is any indication we are in for a treat!

MP3: Double or Nothing (Louis La Roche Remix) - The Swiss

Voltaire Twins

Australian duo Voltaire Twins has this great electro-pop track/video out called "Animalia". The best part is they are offering the track, plus remixes by the likes of Lifelike, Purple Sneakers DJ's and themselves for free! All you gotta do is like their facebook page then you get a code that you plug in, then voila it's all yours in full 320 bit rate. All the info on how to do this can be found on their site.

The Lifelike remix just like everything he does is sick! New wavey goodness that takes the original into more club friendly territory. Been awhile since I had a new Lifelike remix and I'm loving it! Played it out all week-end long in my DJ sets. Here are those two tracks and video for you. Enjoy!

MP3: Animalia - Voltaire Twins

MP3: Animalia (Lifelike Remix) - Voltaire Twins

St. Vincent

Indie pop singer/songwriter St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has put out this great, slightly dark new video for her latest single "Cruel". The track off her upcoming album Strange Mercy, due out September 13th, is a catchy upbeat, albeit disillusioned, pop piece with an entertaining accompanying video that paints the perfect picture for the embittered lyrics.

MP3: Cruel - St. Vincent

Black Strobe :: I Feel Love (Cover)

Got sent this excellent electronic instrumental cover Black Strobe did for the classic Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder collab "I Feel Love". Very nice! Might have to sneak this into my set at some point this week-end. Listen/download that sucker via his soundcloud below.

I feel Love 79 - Black Strobe by Blackstrobe Records

Josh LeCash :: Are You Afraid of the Dark (DJ Mix)

Our hometown boy Josh LeCash who has been jumping back and forth between Miami and LA lately sent us his latest DJ Mix 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' and it is pretty sweet! Nu-disco deliciousness! He's got the new Azarri & III & Flight Facilities tracks that we posted on there, plus a whole bunch of other great stuff. Listen/download that baby below then get to dancing... You can get the full tracklisting on his soundcloud.

Josh LeCash - Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Tale of the Dead Man's Float by Josh LeCash

Fabian :: Last Flight

The folks over at Binary are at it again, bringing another great electro-pop artist to the fray. This time by the likes of LA artist Fabian. He's just released new single "Last Flight" backed by tons of great remixes by some of our faves Justin Faust, NightWaves, French Horn Rebellion and more. Digging the tune! A nice electro-pop track and the remixes by Justin Faust & NightWaves take it to another level! My faves! Listen to the tunes via his soundcloud below with a free download of the Reset! remix. If you like what you hear you can buy 5 of the tracks on Amazon or Itunes. His debut album 'Say Goodbye' is slated for release Sept 5th.  

Fabian - Last Flight (Single) by iamFabian

Washed Out :: Far Away (Live Performance)

Yours Truly managed to get Washed Out to record a Live Performance of their track "Far Away" and it is indeed soft rock of epic proportions. Real smooth and lovely. Check it out below...

Washed Out - Far Away ( version) by yourstrulysf

Work Drugs :: Swimmer Girl + Third Wave Remix Contest

Philly's Work Drugs who we've posted several times before, most recently here, recently released new single "Swimmer Girl" as a kind of last hurrah to the summer. It's a great track that falls right in line with the smooth chillwave sound that we've come to expect from them. Listen to/download the track plus check out the music video for it below.

Also, the duo has announced a remix competition for their track "Third Wave". So any of you out there with some remix skills that wanna take this on can get details/pick up the stems here.

Swimmer Girl by Work Drugs


Zambri, who I wrote about last November, is releasing their debut EP "Glossolia" November 8th on Kanine records. Caught them play a show last week and now I find myself more captivated with their distorted yet rich dueling vocals and hypnotizing rhythms. The birds eye view Glasslands (music venue in Brooklyn) has to offer, left me overrun with anticipation for their record. Download "On Call" here and check out a live performance of it they did below.

Edwin Van Cleef :: August DJ Mix

Edwin Van Cleef never disappoints with his monthly DJ Mixes and this one is no different. Real eclectic and good! From nu-disco to electro-pop, house and more. Check it out via his soundcloud below and if you dig it it's a free download. About to test this baby out on the treadmill.

Edwin van Cleef - August Mix 2011 by Edwin van Cleef

Marina and the Diamonds :: Radioactive (Video)

Part 2 of Marina and the Diamonds videos is out. This one is for new single "Radioactive" from her upcoming album. We posted the first one "Fear and Loathing" here. "Radioactive" is way more poppy and dancey than "Fear and Loathing" which is a way darker and somber affair. So maybe that was her transformation, Marina turns into this blonde wig wearing pop star. Check it...

Video Violence :: Electronic Hollyweird (Video)

Sweden act Video Violence that we first posted about here have a video for their track "Electronic Hollyweird". Another dancey electro number that should do well on the dance floor. Their debut album 'Medulla Oblongata' is out now.

Air Zaire :: Ssion Remix

South Florida artist Air Zaire that we posted about before here are back, this time with an excellent remix for Ssion's track "Psy-Chic" that will surely light many a dance floor on fire. Since it's Friday I figure it's the perfect time to post this baby up and get you in the mood for some week-end dancing! Listen/download the track via his soundcloud below and then get to shaking it! See ya on the flipside.


White Life :: Time Is Wasting (Video)

Earlier in the Summer, Baltimore's White Life released their debut album filled with electro-pop anthems with that throwback 80's feel. Now, one of the album's more standout tracks, "Time Is Wasting" recently received this odd and amusing new video. Real feel-good song, enjoying it a lot.

MP3: Time Is Wasting - White Life

Big Black Delta

Big Black Delta is the new project of multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Bates formerly of LA band Mellowdrone. Seems he has worked with the amazing M83 as a touring guitarist as well as provided vocals for their upcoming album. His reps sent his debut album for review as well as first single "Capsize" to give away from the album which is scheduled for release September 26th on Come Home Records. Great sounding slightly out of tune dark noisey pop fun. Really digging it. Maybe you will too? Listen/download "Capsize" below and if you dig it I'd be on the lookout for the album. Good stuff!

MP3: Capsize - Big Black Delta

PS I Love You / Diamond Rings :: Leftovers (Video)

One of our faves Diamond Rings that we've posted about before here has been on tour with PS I Love You. Seems on tour he would come out and sing on PS's last track "Leftovers". Guess it went so well they decided to put out a video for the track which is kind of a little documentary of their life on the road. Cool track/vid. Check it out... 

Sweet Lights :: You Let Me Down

Philadelphia solo artist Shai Halperin aka Sweet Lights that Erika posted about last year here sent us his latest track "You Let Me Down" that they are giving away. A pretty E.L.O./Beatle-esque track that apparently he recorded in one day. Pretty amazing. Lovely soothing indie pop tune that I think you guys will dig. Grab the mp3 below and check out a vid/interview he did for Shaking Through that shows him doing some of that work in the studio that day.

MP3: You Let Me Down - Sweet Lights

Mason :: Little Angel ft Aqualung

Great, I've come down with a cold, yippie! At least it happened on a Monday instead of the weekend when I work. Anyways I wanted to post a little something for you guys while I go through this formidable stack of emails waiting for me in my inbox.

You may remember Dutch electronic duo Mason that I posted about last year here. They are back with a great new single/video for "Little Angel" ft Aqualung. Great eerie stop motion video for this catchy track. That chorus is so good. Enjoy!

Mason featuring Aqualung 'Little Angel' (Original) by Mason

Azari & III :: Manic

Toronto electronic artists Azari & III who have a debut album out that I haven't heard yet, put out this great new single/video for "Manic". Uber dance floor grooviness. If this isn't a hit I don't know what is. Got to check out the rest of that album pronto. Enjoy and have a great week-end~!

Manic by Azari & III


Been hearing alot of great music from LA duo Oliver. I got this great original nu-disco track from them the other day on Too Many Sebastians called "I Need You" that is pretty amazing! Definitely a dance floor burner. They started offering it as a free download and although the dl limit had been reached on their soundcloud they have links were you can still grab it for free. They also just released a great remix they did for Housse De Racket's "Roman" on RCD LBL and my friend Joshy Josh recently told me about a great new wavey remix they did for one of our faves Penguin Prison's "Fair Warning". Seems they are off to a great start. Making some great choices and displaying great taste in music. Hear a few of the tracks below. Check out more on their soundcloud.  

Oliver - I Need You by weareoliver

Housse De Racket - Roman (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (Oliver Remix) by weareoliver

I Break Horses

Swedish duo I Break Horses are putting out some pretty epic and richly layered electronic shoegaze stunners. If you are a fan of M83, you are gonna love these guys. Their upcoming debut LP Hearts is scheduled to come out this month on the 22nd and from what I've heard so far its gonna be brilliant. But don't take my word for it, check out the beautiful sounds of the title track "Hearts" and album opener "Winter Beats" yourself! The album is available for preorder here, and for now, pick up these two tracks below.

MP3: Hearts - I Break Horses

MP3: Winter Beats - I Break Horses

Cause and Effect

Growing up in the early 90's I was a goth/new wave kid. I remember having this great 12' vinyl record by a band called Cause and Effect for a track called "You Think You Know Her". Great new wavey Depeche Mode sounding track that I couldn't get enough of.

Fast forward 20 years to the present and to my surprise I got this email this week about the same band who is still putting out music and is still surprisingly great! Seems they have a lot of releases throughout the years that I missed out on. Might have to go back and investigate those.

They have a new 4 track EP out called Artificial Construct Part 2, with Part 1 being released last year. They sent both our way and I'm digging the sounds! The boys now living in Seattle and Fullerton, California have managed to keep current with their sound and still sound as great as ever. Very contemporary electro-pop sound, something many bands have trouble doing, adapting with the times. The new single they have out is called "Happinness is Alien" and is accompanied by this great video that you can check out below along with their soundcloud. You can purchase the EP's and more on their bandcamp page. Good to have you back on our radar fellows.

Happiness Is Alien by CauseAndEffectMusic

Goldroom :: Poolside (Remix)

LA artist Goldroom that we posted about here is back with a sweet summer time remix of Poolside's "Do You Believe" perfect for well, poolside. Might work well as an opening track for you DJ's out there at the start of the night as well. My favorite time of the night, were you can start off slowly and work your way up. Listen/download it via his soundcloud below.

Poolside - Do You Believe (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Oh Land :: White Nights (Video)

New Oh Land video for "White Nights" is as creative and beautiful as she is. Check it...

White Nights by OhLand

Marina and the Diamonds :: Fear and Loathing (New Single/Video)

New Marina and the Diamonds single/video?!! Heck yes! Love her! "Fear and Loathing" is not as glam/happy as her earlier tracks/videos, but I love it! A somber come down after the realization that the American dream never materialized? Glad to have her back, can't wait for her new album. Part 2 of this is coming next week!

Marina & The Diamonds - Fear And Loathing by ImFallingUnder

The Heart Strings

London music collective The Heart Strings recently released their sophomore album 'Flap Your Crazy Wings' which they are selling at a 'name your own price' option on their bandcamp which includes $0. Loving the record! Great classic sounding indie pop album. Just give it a listen and I'm sure you will be hooked. It has this classic feel to it that makes it feel like it's been with us all these years even though it was just released. That's usually a good sign that it will stand the test of time.

Here's a couple of my favorite tracks "Good Time Are Coming For To Get You" and "Cartoon Hearts", but really there's not a weak track in the bunch. I'd pick this up asap, won't cost you a thing and it'll bring many hours of joy to your ears.

MP3: Good Time Are Coming For To Get You - The Heart Strings

MP3: Cartoon Hearts - The Heart Strings


Brooklyn duo Acrylics recently released their debut album 'Lives and Treasure' on Gung-Ho! Recordings in the UK. They sent along their first single "Molly's Vertigo" which they are giving away as a free download and it is one pretty indie pop track with a little disco tinge that could get it some dance floor love. They've gotten some great reviews so far including one on NME where they called their music "Teen heartache given pop form". Grab the mp3 and check out the video below.

Acrylics - Molly's Vertigo (Gung-Ho! Recordings) Free Download!! by Gung-HoRecordings

Henri Horrible

Miami by way of Paris singer/songwriter Henri Horrible (aka Henri Lamaire) that I worked with at Vagabond for a while has been hidden away for a bit working on his music. The other day he sent me his first track "Damaged Goods" that you can listen to below. It has an upbeat 80's pop vibe to it and his voice is pretty unique. He's already played a few gigs around town including Electric Pickle and Kill Your Idol. You can hear another of his tracks "Dancing with the Dead" on his soundcloud.

Damaged Goods by Henri Horrible

Baby Monster :: The Fear of Charlie Sunrise (Track + Video)

Wow, there is so much good stuff floating beneath the waves out there that its so easy to blink for a second and have some amazing music float right by you. Over the Summer LA's electro pop duo Baby Monster released their debut self titled full length. We covered them twice before, most recently here back in May where we anticipated the release of the album. Now, they are showing up on our radar once again, having just released a fantastic brand new video directed by Naor Aloni for the albums super catchy single "The Fear of Charlie Sunrise". Also worth noting, these guys are true artists, having produced, mixed, written and recorded the entire album themselves. That's the kinda thing we like to see!

Baby Monster- The Fear of Charlie Sunrise

The New Division :: New Single / Album

LA band The New Division who I wrote about their great EP The Rookie here are getting ready to release new album 'Shadows' September 27th. They sent along the 14 track album for review and it is excellent! Digging the whole thing! A great mix of indie and dreamwave elements makes for a very cohesive and thouroughly enjoyable album start to finish. They are giving away first single / album opener "Opium" which is a beaut and a good representation of what you can expect to hear on the rest of the record. Check out / download "Opium" below and be sure to get your hands on that album as soon as you spot it.

The New Division - Opium by dangervillage

Casiokids :: New Single / Album

Norwegian electro-pop band Casiokids that I wrote about back in 2009 here are getting ready to release new album 'Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen' October 11th on Polyvinyl. They are giving away first single "Det Hester!" and although I can't understand the lyrics (which are sung in their native language) great music and melodies sound good in any language. It's a great upbeat electro-pop tune! The upcoming album also features a collaboration with label mates Of Montreal and it seems they also toured with fellow country mates and longtime faves of mine A-Ha on their farewell tour last fall after winning a competition. Not too shabby! Grab the mp3 below and be on the lookout for the new album come October.

MP3: Det Haster! - Casiokids

Matthew Dear :: Slowdance (Video)

Almost a year after releasing his stellar album 'Black City' Matthew Dear has released an amazing fluid-like b/w video for "Slowdance". It's a beaut! Check that out below and grab the mp3 if you don't already have it. 

MP3: Slowdance - Matthew Dear

The Moor

LA duo The Moor will be releasing their self titled debut album August 23rd. They are giving away first single "Warm Winter" which is a pretty, dreamy indie track with lovely female vocals that reminds me of a great Nico/Velvet Underground track. Seems they have some big name contributors on the record including Josh Klinghoffer (PJ Harvey, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Simon Lord (Simian, Black Ghosts), and Bryan Hollon (Boom Bip, Neon Neon) as well as finishing touches by mix guru Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, The Strokes). They definitely got the right connections. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album, in the meantime "Warm Winter" should hold us up nicely in this scorching summer heat.

Warm Winter by themoor

Amadou and Mariam

Amadou and Mariam are a blind couple from Mali who met at The Institute for the Young Blind in Bamako in 1977. Both sharing a common love for music, they started a long journey together both romantically and professionally. In 1996, after touring in West Africa and spreading the word of their music, they were invited to do a six month residency in Paris. There they caught the attention of Marc-Antoine Moreau, a music executive that would secure a record deal for them as well as take on the role of their manager. They have had success in France since the late nineties and have slowly gained the attention they deserve. They have recorded with Manu Chao and performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. They finally made it on my radar when their single "Sabali" started buzzing around the nu-disco and hip hop scenes after being discovered by New York producer Theophilus. It's a sweet dance track that transcends language. Check out the video below.

Twin Sister :: Bad Street (Video)

I recently had the privilege of seeing Brooklyn's Twin Sister in concert at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, and they happened to be one of my favorite acts there. So, I was excited to see that they have just released this new video for their track "Bad Street" off the upcoming major label debut In Heaven scheduled for a Fall release. The video, shot at her childhood home in Long Island, is a tribute to lead singer Andrea Estella's roots, where she grew up with these block parties in her Puerto Rican and Salvadorian neighborhood. It's a fun, colorful and relateable literal representation of the tracks subject matter.

MP3: Bad Street - Twin Sister

Flight Facilities :: Foreign Language ft Jess

Sydney, Australia producers/dj's Flight Facilities who came out with that great 2010 indie dance track "Crave You" feat Giselle are back with a new single "Foreign Language" feat Jess that goes in more of a nu-disco direction perfectly suited for those summer time dance floors. You can stream the track via their soundcloud below and if you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes.

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language (feat. Jess) by future classic

Mathieu Santos :: I Can Hear The Trains Coming (Video)

Mathieu Santos (Ra Ra Riot's bassist) who is gearing up for the release of his debut album 'Massachusetts 2010' just released this colorful artsy video for first single "I Can Hear the Trains Coming". Great track! If you don't already have it you can grab the mp3 on a previous post I did for him here.

Now to find some jewels in my inbox... See ya soon.