London by way of Sheffield artist Fairewell aka Johnny White's PR people sent us this lovely track/video for "Born Under a Bad Sign". They describe his sound as 'Radio Dept or M83 through some type of shoegaze filter'. I think that just about sums it up right. Real pretty tune! Check it out/download that baby below. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Fairewell 'Born Under A Bad Sign' by Sonic Cathedral

Apparat :: Song of Los (Video)

Got sent this great new robot video from Apparat for their beautiful new single "Song of Los" which was just released this week as well as his new album "The Devil's Walk". If this track is any indication we're in for a treat. Check it...

Apparat - Song Of Los by Mute UK

Amanda Mair

At only 16 yrs old Swedish singer Amanda Mair signed to one of our fave labels Labrador is a star on the rise. Just check out this second soaring single of her's "Doubt" which Labrador are giving away as a free download. Gorgeous melodic pop at it's finest. She's working on her debut album to be released sometime in the Winter. Can't wait, in the meantime this track will surely keep you warm and pressing repeat many times.

MP3: Doubt - Amanda Mair

Slowdim :: Spirals EP

I love me some good strumming guitars and the boys in Boston band Slowdim know how to do that well. Check out their latest EP Spirals that has a 60's vibe to it with a dreamy pop feel that I can't get enough of. The tracks are available as free downloads via their bandcamp page.

Here's a couple of my faves "Wishing Well" and "Don't Cough Me Out". Fans of bands like Wilco will find this right up their alley.

MP3: Wishing Well - Slowdim

MP3: Don't Cough Me Out - Slowdim

Summer Camp :: Better Off Without You

UK duo Summer Camp that I posted about previously here are gearing up to release new album 'Welcome to Condale' Nov 8th. First single "Better Off Without You" was sent our way and cleared for downloading. It's a great indie pop gem that shows growth from the first stuff I heard from them. Her voice is sounding really strong and the songwriting has gotten better. Makes me curious to hear the rest of that record. The track also has this great split screen video mixing 70's movie footage and the band that you can check out below. In addition they also made a cool little art zine to accompany the release that you can check out here. Keep up the good work SC!

MP3: Better Off Without You - Summer Camp

Deep 88 :: Don't Play Minimal Play Minigolf (Video)

Got sent this great movie like video for Deep 88's track "Don't Play Minimal Play Minigolf". Gotta love artists with a sense of humor. Reminds me a bit of a Napolean Dynamite type of character. Oh and the music is pretty amazing too. House music that doesn't suck. Couldn't find his facebook, but here's his soundlcoud. Enjoy!

Deep88 - Don t Play Minimal Play Minigolf by deep88

RAC :: Smashing Pumpkins "1979" (Cover)

The amazing RAC who remixes just about everybody recently passed 10K fans on Facebook. To celebrate he did a cover of one of his favorite tracks Smashing Pumpkins classic track "1979" with his wife handling vocal duties. Real nice cover and the female vocals really add something to the mix. Love when they do covers and change vocals to the other gender. If you like what you hear you can download this baby right to your computer like I did. Enjoy and congrats to the RAC!

RAC - 1979 (ft. Liz Anjos) by RAC

Carlos Llanos :: Nixed Pop (DJ Mix)

Hometown Miami boy Carlos Llanos that I posted before here is back with another stellar DJ Mix called Nixed Pop. Once again he shows why he's one of the best at what he does. Dark electronic dancey disco deliciousness that will have you pressing repeat on more than one occasion. Check it out below and if you like what you hear you can download that baby right to your hard drive. You can get the tracklisting on his soundcloud.

NixeD PoP by Carlos Llanos


Nice to see some great indie rock coming out of my current home of Atlanta. Carnivores, who call ATL home, are no small time act either, having opened for the likes of Best Coast and Black Lips as well as receiving praise from the likes of Jarvis Cocker! Today is the release day of their latest 7" with singles "Prom Night" and "Second Impulse", the later of which they have made available for free download! Pick that up below and check out the video as well.

Carnivores- Second Impulse by doublephantom

If you like what you've heard, here are their tour dates so you can catch them live:

9/27/2011 @ Schubas - Chicago, IL (w/ PS I Love You)
9/29/2011 @ The Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI (w/ Mood Rings)
9/30/2011 @ The Ball Hall - Chicago, IL (w/ Mood Rings)
10/1/2011 @ Asshole Castle - Chicago, IL (w/ Mood Rings)
10/2/2011 @ Poplar Lounge - Memphis, TN (w/ Bake Sale, Mood Rings)
10/29/2011 @ Highland Inn Ballroom - Atlanta, GA (w/ Bake Sale, Sealions)

Is Tropical :: Lies (Video)

Is Tropical's new video for their single "Lies" has two things I love wild birds and boobs, but really mainly just the boobs. Gorgeous girl for this gorgeous single being released on Kitsune Oct 31st. You can also get the track on their debut album 'Native To' available now on Amazon or iTunes.


Holy Ghost! :: Hold My Breath (Video)

Holy Ghost! just released their new video for "Hold My Breath" yesterday on Rolling Stone. It's basically a collage of a bunch of their pics since they were kids. Great track from their self titled debut album that came out earlier this year. Check it...

MP3: Hold My Breath - Holy Ghost!

Twin Shadow :: New Single

Whoa, seems like just yesterday I met a drummer-less George Lewis Jr. after a show at Le Poisson Rouge. So much has changed! Drummer, check! Critically acclaimed debut LP, check! Touring non-stop and playing every festival, check! Well it seems like we will be getting a follow up record early in 2012. He has a new single floating around the internets titled "Changes" and it's such a sonic adventure, it's hard to believe that he takes you so many places in just a little over three minutes. It's inspired by a song they started covering on tour called "Circus Is Gone" by a band called Bagarre. I am excited to see where his follow up goes. Stream "Changes" below and head to Twin Shadow's website for the free download. Check out a live video of the band covering "Circus Is Gone" below as well.

MP3: Changes - Twin Shadow

Warm Ghost :: G.T.W.S. Video

Several days ago I shared the dark electronic track "G.T.W.S." from Brooklyn duo Warm Ghost. Well, apparently they have just released this great trippy new video for the track as well! It is a psychedelic kaleidoscope of imagery that, while normally you'd feel like you'd have to be on something to fully appreciate, the amazing beat is enough to put you in an mesmerized state. Check out the video below, then if you haven't already, go to the previous post here and pick up the track.

Ryden Ridge

Ryden Ridge is a young up and coming artist from Providence, RI who makes some great dreamy minimal electro-pop music. His rep recently contacted us with news about his new album 'Peacemaker' which was just released this week and I'm digging it. You can stream the whole thing via his bandcamp page. He is giving away three tracks from the album "Pretend", "Belong" and "I Know You" as free downloads. Check out two of those below.

Thanks for listening, hope you all get to dance, rest, eat, laugh, love and have tons of fun, it is the weekend after all. Cheers!

MP3: Belong - Ryden Ridge

MP3: I Know You - Ryden Ridge

Warrior Line

Warrior Line are an engaged couple from LA making some really cool dark electronic music. They recently sent us a remix they did for Lemondade's track "Lifted" which I'm digging and is available as a free download. Well, well, well better grab that then... Here is also an original track of theirs "Howl of the Lynx" that I heard on their soundcloud and caught my eye, I mean ear. Good stuff, enjoy!

Lifted (Lemonade Remix) by Warrior Line

Howl of the Lynx by Warrior Line

Monarchy :: You Don't Want To Dance With Me (Video/Remix)

The new Monarchy single "You Don't Wanna Dance With Me" ft Britt Love that I posted earlier this week just got the video treatment and it is mighty fine! In addition they sent us a remix of the track by Bondax that is free for the taking if you like what you hear. Check those out below...

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (feat. Britt Love) - Bondax Remix by Monarchy

Dominant Legs :: Invitation

With the kind of back-story we all hope would happen to us, after being laid off from his office job, Ryan Lynch of San Francisco band Dominant Legs said goodbye to the mundane to pursue his passion and teamed up with fellow band member Hannah Hunt to create some excellent bubbly, nostalgic pop-rock. Now with their imminent LP Invitation set for release on September 27th, they have a bright future ahead of them! Especially if the whole album shapes up to be as great as these two tracks! Feel good music at its finest.

MP3: Hoop Of Love - Dominant Legs

MP3: Where We Trip The Light - Dominant Legs


The other Paris, France submission I got is from new artist Sintropez. Not only is the name great, but the music matches right up there. Their single "People" sent our way is top notch electronic danciness. Makes me wanna visit Paris, all of Europe for that matter. Check out the video for "People" and the soundcloud available for streaming.

People by Sintropez

Dead Rock Machine

Got sent a couple of great recommendations from Paris, France so thought we could focus on that location today. First up is the electronic duo Dead Rock Machine. Heard their new single/video for "There-Alone" and I was instantly hooked. Great electro-pop dancey tune that I'm sure you guys will dig. Best part is they are giving away the track as a free download via their soundcloud below. Check out the vid/grab the mp3. Start your day off right. Their new EP will be out Oct 24th so be on the lookout for that.

Dead Rock Machine - There-Alone by deadrockmachine

Surfer Blood :: Tarot Classics

South Florida band Surfer Blood who have been getting tons of amazing press the last couple of years are getting ready to release a new EP entitled 'Tarot Classics' Oct. 24th on Kanine Records. The first single from the EP "Miranda" was premiered on Pitchfork and it is a rollicking good time that you can check out below. Talk about big time, the boys are even gonna be opening up for The Pixies in an upcoming tour! Pretty mind blowing stuff. Keep making us proud.

Surfer Blood - Miranda by Too Good For Radio

Warm Ghost

Brooklyn duo Warm Ghost create simple yet surprisingly sophisticated experimental electronic pop that is extremely Autumn appropriate. As seen in this single titled "G.T.W.S." off their upcoming album Narrows, layering echoing vocals on top of a steady, bleak robotic beat with slight moments of uplifting electricity. The bands name holds true to their sound, with elements of hopeful warmth rising through the cold, ghostly roboticness. Narrows is due for release September 27th and you can pre-order it here, and in the meantime you can pick up "G.T.W.S." below.

MP3: G.T.W.S. - Warm Ghost

Also here is a short teaser vid for the upcoming album.

Tennis System

L.A. band Tennis System recently released this great single from their upcoming album 'Teenagers'. The track titled "Hey, We Tried" is a great little rock track almost reminiscent of an early Brit pop sound mixed with the fuzzy surf rock of bands like Wavves. Pick up the track below, and for our NYC readers you can catch the band tonight at Public Assembly and tomorrow night at Pianos.

MP3: Hey We Tried - Tennis System

Golden Bear

Austin, Texas band Golden Bear recently contacted us and sent us their new album 'Alive' for review and I'm here to tell you, it is mighty fine! A solid indie pop/rock record from start to finish. Don't believe me? Of course you don't. How about a couple tracks to make you a believer?

Check out "Prospect Park" and "Who We Are " that the band have been kind enough to let us post as free downloads. Also check out their video for "Who We Are", funny stuff.

MP3: Prospect Park - Golden Bear

MP3: Who We Are - Golden Bear

Monarchy :: You Don't Want To Dance With Me ft Britt Love

Monarchy continues putting out unique and amazing electro-pop tunes. Their new single "You Don't Want To Dance With Me" ft Britt Love is different from everything they've done so far, but it's still solid gold catchy goodness. They re-worked the album version into a duet. Check it out via their soundcloud below. The original version from 'Around the Sun' is available on iTunes. Sure this version will be available at some point as well.

You Don't Want To Dance With Me (feat. Britt Love) by Monarchy

Toy Camera

Drew Harris from Germany Germany that we've covered before here has a new side project with Steph Thompson (aka) Stefaloo called Toy Camera. They have a new EP out called 'Blissful Youth' that is some real nice soothing minimal electronic music with lovely female vocals. Digging the 5 track EP which coincidentally is available as a free download via their bandcamp page. Check out a couple of my faves "Tall Trees" and "Summer Days".

MP3: Tall Trees - Toy Camera

MP3: Summer Days - Toy Camera

Swimming :: Neutron Wireless Crystal

Nottingham, UK band Swimming are getting to release second single "Neutron Wireless Crystal" October 17th. They sent along the track for review and I'm digging it! Real catchy indie pop tune that will have you humming the chorus long after it's ended. They also sent along a great remix by Trenchurian that takes the track into a whole other dreamier direction. Best part is that one's available as a free download. Check those out below...

01 Neutron Wireless Crystal by partisanpr

Swimming - Neutron Wireless Crystal (Trenchurian remix) by partisanpr

Cut/Copy :: Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution (Video/Remixes)

One of my faves Cut/Copy has a new video for their latest single "Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution" off of 'Zonoscope'. This one has a Planet of the Apes theme, kinda funny. Really dug the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie wonder if that's what inspired them to do this.

In addition to the video I had a couple remixes for "Blink" by Toro Y Moi and Tornado Wallace sitting pretty in my iTunes so figured I'd throw those in here as well. Enjoy!

MP3: Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix) - Cut/Copy

MP3: Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution (Tornado Wallace Remix) - Cut/Copy

Edwin Van Cleef :: Never Be Alone At Night EP

The amazing Edwin Van Cleef that we've posted a bunch of times before is back with a new EP entitled 'Never Be Alone At Night' available now on beatport. It features some great new original tracks including the title track with vocals by Gemini Club, plus a bunch of remixes that he's giving away for free and a new September DJ Mix. Loving them all! Thought I'd share the goods...

Never Be Alone At Night EP. by Edwin van Cleef

Edwin van Cleef - September Mix 2011 by Edwin van Cleef

OTR :: OMD Interview

Synthpop legends Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark or OMD for short are gonna be in Miami performing Live this Friday, September 16th at Grand Central for only the second time ever. I got a chance to interview frontman Andy McCluskey. Hear how I had a John Hughes/OMD prom experience as I jammed out to their greatest hits CD on that fateful day, what you can expect to hear at the show and how he doesn't really listen to music blogs much.

In addition here's a couple of their biggest hits "Enola Gay" and "Dreaming" to get you psyched for the show as well as their video for "If You Leave", their biggest U.S. hit off the the John Hughes classic movie 'Pretty in Pink'.

OMD Interview 9/14/11 by Off the Radar Music

MP3: Enola Gay - OMD (Streaming Only)

MP3: Dreaming - OMD (Streaming Only)

Louis La Roche :: Gimme Gimme / The Wall

UK's Louis La Roche who had that amazing remix of The Swiss track "Double or Nothing" that I posted here is gonna be releasing some new original material. A double a side release "Gimme Gimme" and "The Wall" which will be available via beatport Sept 19th and everywhere else starting Oct 3rd. Both tracks are from his forthcoming album 'Hello You'.

His reps sent along some remixes of the track "The Wall" by Shook and J Paul Getto. Both are pretty sweet with The Shook remix being offered as a free download. Thought I'd pass that along to you fine folks. Enjoy and be on the lookout for that release next week.

Louis La Roche - The Wall (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

LOUIS LA ROCHE - The Wall (J Paul Getto Remix) out Sept 19 2011 by J Paul Getto

Class Actress :: Weekend

The lovely Class Actress that Erika's posted about several times most recently here in July has just released a new track "Weekend" from her upcoming album 'Rapprocher' due in October. It's another sweet electro-pop tune from this talented lady that I got to see perform live at our very own Vagabond. That album is sure to be a winner. Can't wait! For now enjoy this beaut.

MP3: Weekend - Class Actress


I love my job, particularly when I get sent amazing music like this great electro-pop/dreamwave tune "Not By Desire" sent to me by St Paul, MN solo artist Byron Yang who works under the moniker of Mannarose. Gorgeous track/vocals that left me in awe upon first listen and left me pressing repeat many times. The track is part of an EP he has out called 'Wilderness in Paradise' that you can stream on his website or soundcloud. Best part is he's giving away "Not By Desire" in full 320 bit rate quality. Download this baby and run. We'll be keeping our eye on this up and comer, so should you...

MP3: Not By Desire - Mannarose

Kamp! :: Cairo + DJ Mix

Polish electro-pop/chillwave trio Kamp! that we posted about last year here are back with a great new chillwave tune called "Cairo". The track available now on beatport (iTunes, Amazon, etc after Sept 22nd) is backed by remixes from Moullinex, JBAG and Social Disco Club. Digging them all! Particularly the original and the Moullinex and JBAG remixes. They also have a video for the track which is kinda forgetable stock footage kinda deal so I'm not gonna post it, but this DJ Mix they sent along as well is pretty sweet and available as a free download. Enjoy the goodies and if you like what you hear go grab those tracks. Great stuff!

01 - Kamp! - Cairo (Original Mix) by Discotexas

02 - Kamp! - Cairo (Moullinex Remix) by Discotexas

03 - Kamp! - Cairo (JBAG Remix) by Discotexas

Kamp! - mixtape 01 by Kamp!

Miami Horror Covers Church Classic

A little late on this as it seems it was released last month, but this Miami Horror cover of The Church classic "Under the Milky Way" is the best cover I've heard since Van She covered "Don't Fear the Reaper". Sooo good! Been playing it non-stop. Thanks to Air Zaire (aka) Adam Santucci for sending it my way.

MP3: Under the Milky Way (Church Cover) - Miami Horror


Gotta love music recommendations from good friends. Always one of the best ways to find out about cool new stuff. Right up there with cool music blogs like OTR of course ;)  The other day my friend from NYC Lindsey told me about this great new band called Widowspeak that was getting tons of buzz up there. I picked up the self titled album and sure enough she was right! Real pretty mellow indie tunes with lovely female vocals. The whole album is excellent! If soft is your thing this will definitely be up your alley. Her voice kinda reminds me of Mazzy Star.

Check out a couple tracks "Harsh Realm" and "Nightcrawlers". If you dig these I'd pick up the rest of that record. Great stuff! Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

MP3: Harsh Realm - Widowspeak

MP3: Nightcrawlers - Widowspeak

Northern Introvert

Got sent this great track/video entitled "Physica" from Leeds independent electronic artist Northern Introvert. Great instrumental electronic tune! It's off his latest album 'Think' which he describes as having "a highly broad range of styles, but all feature a trademark sound which aims to provoke thought and emotion to the listener, almost like a soundtrack" and is available for purchase now. If you like this one I'd investigate further, pretty amazing stuff!

MP3: Physica - Northern Introvert

The Embassy

If there is one thing the Swedish can do is write a good pop tune. Gothenburg,  Sweden's The Embassy is a fine example of this. They are gonna be releasing 'Life in the Trenches' on September the 27th via Service. It's a compilation of obscure or unreleased tracks spanning their career so far from 2001-2011. Their label sent along "Flipside of a Memory" for us to post for our readers and it is one fine indie pop gem. Check it out/download it below. Good luck finding their facebook/website with a name like that though, I sure as heck couldn't.

MP3: Flipside of a Memory - The Embassy

Miracle Fortress :: Miscalculations (Video)

Love, love, love Miracle Fortress' new album which Michael wrote about here. Their music video for "Miscalculations" just happens to be like a summer yearbook for me. Makes me sad it's almost over and it's time for cold. Yuck. Anyways watch the video, you don't have to be from New York to appreciate the cutesy.


I have just run a super covert operation stealing my roommates computer (I drowned mine a few months ago), and checking out Oberhofer after some one I know (who knows my music tastes all too well), told me I would love them. Turns out they were right.

Oberhofer is the brainchild of twenty year old Brad Oberhofer. He moved from Tacoma, Washington to Brooklyn. They recently announced signing to Glassnote Records who will be releasing their first full length in 2012. The melodies are nostalgic and the songs stick with you. If you're a girl, you pretty much just want to be the subject of these songs. If you're a guy, you should probably put one of their songs on a spotify mix for your crush. I suppose my roommate can't be too pissed that I put good music on her computer. Check out two of their tracks "Away FRM U" and "Gotta Go".

MP3: Away FRM U - Oberhofer

MP3: Gotta Go - Oberhofer

Light FM

Light FM is an indie pop band from LA by way of Chicago. They sent along their forthcoming album Buzz City Kills being released October 1st on Moonboot Records for review and I'm digging it! A nice combination of synths, guitars and catchy hooks. Dig his voice. They are giving away the first track from the record "Mercy" which is a nice example of their sound. Seems buzz from their first self released record 'Let There Be Light FM' got them noticed by The National, Ra Ra Riot, Grandaddy and Billy Corgan who all asked them to play with them. Not too shabby. They will be on tour in the fall opening up for the Smashing Pumpkins. For now listen to/download "Mercy". The opening synth riff on this one reminds me of Fischerspooner's classic track "Emerge".

MP3: Mercy - Light FM

The Magician

The Magician (aka Stephen Fasano) is a Belgian artist formerly from Aeroplane. After the split he struck out on his own and put out a bunch of great remixes. Now it seems he has his own original track which will be coming out on Kitsune October 3rd called "I Don't Know What To Do" feat vocals by Jeppe who you may remember from that super memorable Classixx track "I'll Get You" that was played incessantly a couple years ago (myself included). Loving the track! A great electronic/housey number that will definitely be making it into my DJ sets as well as many others I'm sure. The release will also feature remixes by the likes of Fabian and Plastic Plates. Seems he is well on his way to reaching the success he achieved as a member of Aeroplane. Stream/preview the track via his soundcloud below...

He also recently put out a new DJ Mix simply titled Magic Tape Fourteen that is pretty ace as well and a free download, so figured I'd include that in this post as well. It already has over 16K plays and over 5K dl's in just 2 weeks of being released! Pretty impressive. Enjoy!  

The Magician feat. Jeppe - I Don't Know What to Do (Original) by Kitsune Maison

Magic Tape Fourteen by TheMagician

The Young Professionals :: 20 Seconds

Man I am swamped with new leaked albums by M83, The Rapture, The Drums and more. Trying to digest them all to see which ones I dig and which ones I don't, but so far they all seem pretty darn good. The M83 album is a double disc! :)

Anyways after the long weekend I am also swamped with email submissions. I went through a bunch of them last night and here are a few of the ones that stood out.

First up is Israeli dance/electronic duo The Young Professionals. You may remember the excellent track/video "D.I.S.C.O." that I posted in July here. Well they are back with another great single/video for "20 Seconds" which is another club stomper. Should work well in prime time at a club near you. I know I'll be testing her out in my DJ sets. Check out the video and stream the track via their soundcloud below. Their debut album '9:00 to 17:00, 17:00 to Whenever' is scheduled for release 9/12/11.

20 Seconds by The Young Professionals

Cavaliers of Fun :: Sharing Space Secrets

We at Off The Radar have had a pretty good relationship with the up and coming inter galactic synth pop genius Cavaliers of Fun over the past few years. We have followed him closely through his earlier work and his various brilliant remixes. Now, we are pleased to announce his first EP titled Sharing Space Secrets through label Holographic People. I quite enjoy the EP's summary/concept: 'Convinced that the world as we know it will end in 2012, Sharing Space Secrets’ five tracks about love, childhood memories and other space issues will be the bible for those who want to survive the final days. Cavaliers of Fun himself is safe in his own private galaxy where it's already year 2112.'

The EP's title track "Sharing Space Secrets" has been made available as a free download via Sound Cloud, so pick that up and stream the rest of the tracks as well!

Cavaliers of Fun - Sharing Space Secrets by Holographic People

Andrew Ward :: DJ Mix 2011

Since the weekend is upon us I wanted to leave you with a little DJ Mix to help get you in the mood for some week-end dancing. This week I have the latest DJ Mix by Miami transplant Andrew Ward who arrived on our shores not too long ago and has managed to blend right into our little indie subculture here. I DJ with Andrew Sundays in the Purdy Backroom for Chocolate Sundays as well as our Wednesday Night Party at Purdy (786) and we even rocked the main room at The Vagabond a few weeks ago. Super nice fellow with great taste in music as you will see once you press play on this excellent mix. Grab the tracklisting on his soundcloud.

You can also catch Andrew doing a Live Set on WVUM's long running weekly show Electric Kingdom on Thurs, Sept 22nd. Be sure to tune in for that. You can stream the show online via WVUM's site beginning at 7 PM EST.

Enjoy the mix and have a great week-end!! Cheers!

Andrew Ward - Demo Mix '11 by Andrew Ward (Official)

M + A

Looking pretty in my inbox this week is this lovely minimal electro-pop tune by Italian duo M + A for their track "Liko Lene Lisa". Great jingly track with some nice horn action. The track is available as a free download via their soundcloud below. Seems over 10K people have already downloaded that sucker. Not too shabby. Their debut album 'Things. Yes' is scheduled for release November 7th on Monotreme Records. You can start your collection with this one.

M+A 'Liko Lene Lisa' by Monotreme Records


Got sent a couple great electronic, experimental/lo-fi tracks "Komu" and "Detail From a Larger Work" by UK artist Setspeed on the Bass Music label. Real cool chill instrumental electronic stuff which I enjoy listening to from time to time. They are letting us post one of the tracks for our readers to download at 128 bit rate, but if you dig'em I'd go to their label's site I linked above or beatport to buy them in better quality. Worth it. You can also stream them on soundcloud. Particularly digging "Komu" that you can check out below.

MP3: Komu - Setspeed

Alligator Indian

Garage music lovers I have a nice little treat for you today by the name of Alligator Indian. A trio that resides in NC. They sent us this great little number called "Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe" that is a 2:15 min burst of energy. I'm 99.3% sure you will love it, especially if garage rock is your thing. Listen/download that baby below, then get to dancing!

MP3: Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe - Alligator Indian