Goldroom :: Otono Mix 2011

As I usually do on Fridays I wanted to leave you with something dancey to get you excited for the weekend, especially since Halloween is upon us. Sure to be tons of craziness happening. Here is the latest DJ Mix by LA artist Goldroom who we've posted about before. Real smooth mix. He kinda has similar tastes as OTR so you're probably gonna hear a bunch of tracks on this that we've posted before. Good to hear it in DJ Mix form. You can grab the tracklisting on his soundcloud. Enjoy and have a fun/safe Halloween weekend!!

Goldroom - Otoño Mix 2011 by Goldroom

Saint Motel :: Puzzle Pieces (Video)

LA indie pop band Saint Motel that I posted about previously here has put the finishing touches to their video for their excellent tune "Puzzle Pieces". Love this track, came out on my iPod shuffle on the treadmill the other day and it gave me a huge burst of energy. They did a great job with the video as well. The download limit for the track I posted previously has been met, but you can still purchase it on iTunes here. Cheers!

Skai Nine :: Indigo / Pulse

Washington DC electronic artist Skai Nine that we posted about earlier this year here is back with a couple great new singles "Indigo" & "Pulse". Digging them both! Great instrumental electronic tunes. Best part is he is offering them as free downloads via his bandcamp page. Check them out below and if you like what you hear you know where to get'em.

Pulse by Skai Nine

Indigo by Skai Nine

Breton :: Edward the Confessor (Video)

London band Breton that we've posted about before here have an excellent new video for their track "Edward the Confessor". Intense is the best word I could use to describe it. Great track/vid. Check it...

Foster the People :: Remixes

If you're a DJ like me I'm always looking for some cool new remixes to play out. Here's a couple Foster the People remixes sent our way recently that are pretty sweet. First off is Boston artist Prfftt that I posted about before here. He sent along an excellent dance remix for their biggest hit "Pumped Up Kicks". Although I've almost gotten tired of hearing this track it has to be considered one of the biggest singles to come out this year. This remix will provide some new life to the track and will certainly get you shaking it on the dance floor, at least for a few more months. We also got sent this excellent remix by NYC's The Soundmen for Foster's less burnt out "Call It What You Want". They did an amazing job with this one, really digging it. Seems the download limit on that one has been reached but they have a direct dl link on their soundloud. There you go. Two fab remixes. Check them, download them, then get to dancing.

Pumped Up Kicks 2Night (Final) by PRFFTT

Foster The People - Call It What You Want (The Soundmen Remix) by The Soundmen


If you're a fan of chillwave than you are gonna wanna check out Cali duo Dempsey. These young up and comers contacted us with news of their new self titled 6 track EP they have out and after giving it a quick listen I'm digging it. In particular my favorites are "Late Night", "Flashback", "When We Were Younger" and "Never Knew". Smooth as a babies bottom and dreamy as a late autumn sunset. Best part is they are offering the whole thing as a name your own price option on their bandcamp which can include $0. Check out the mp3's for "Late Night" & "Flashback" below. If you dig these I'd look into getting the rest of that EP.

MP3: Late Night - Dempsey

MP3: Flashback - Dempsey

Walter Sobcek :: Miami

Being from Miami I can't help but be irre·sisti·bly pulled towards posting a track with our city's name, especially if it's from one of our favorite artists Walter Sobcek and the fact that it's a fantastic track! Beautiful downtempo electro-pop tune that I can play over and over. On a side note I got to meet one of the Parisian duo's members Stefan when he spun at our weekly Wednesday Night (786) party at Purdy Lounge. Super nice dude who did a killer set. Hopefully we can get him back behind the decks as he lives in Miami part of the year. For now stream the radio edit of the track and download a free dancier remix of the track by Pharao Black Magic that is really great as well. You can buy the original + additional remixes in your choice of bit rate on Juno here.

Walter Sobcek - Miami (Radio Edit) by Walter Sobcek

Walter Sobcek - Miami (Pharao Black Magic Remix) by Walter Sobcek

The Pale Corners

Something about them Swedish people and pop music. Maybe it's the cold or water or something, but they definitely know how to make great pop music. This latest band sent our way The Pale Corners (not to be confused with the darker/more psychedelic Still Corners Mike posted earlier this week) definitely knows good pop. Their track "Fireflies" which is being officially being released December 1st on Since Records is an exquisite slice of indie pop goodness. I feel like I can play this song over and over and not get bored of it. The sign of a good pop track. It kind of reminds me of the classic track by Lightning Seeds "Pure". Best part is they are offering the mp3 as a free download. Check it below. If you like what you hear (which I'm pretty sure you will) just right click, save as. Enjoy!

MP3: Fireflies - The Pale Corners


Got sent these great remixes and an original track by Belgium artist Maxime Firket aka Compuphonic. Talk about smooth, the remix he did for Crystal Fighters track "Plage" is icy cool! Press play and let your mind soar. There is also an excellent remix he did for Gotye's track "Somebody That I Used to Know" and his own original track "Sequoia" that are both superb. One thing's instantly clear, this guy's got talent. Best part is all the tracks are free for downloading. It's a win win. Grab these babies asap, they will make fine additions to your collection.

MP3: Plage (Compuphonic Remix) - Crystal Fighters

Compuphonic - Sequoia (Original Mix) by Low Life Inc

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (Compuphonic Remix) by Low Life Inc

Still Corners

Earlier this month London based band Still Corners released their new album Creatures of an Hour via Sub Pop which I have had on constant stream since hearing it. Its a unique and hauntingly pleasant work from start to finish, and at times even slightly eerie. Singer Tessa Murray's chilling vocals, slightly reminiscent of Isobel Campbell, combine with the experimental downbeat pop to create an all around enjoyable listening experience.

Below are a few tracks that you can preview/download for free. Then head over to the bands bandcamp and preview the full album! Also, check out the video for "Cuckoo" below as well.

MP3: Cuckoo - Still Corners

MP3: Into the Trees - Still Corners

Bonus Track:

MP3: Eyes (Rogue Wave cover) - Still Corners

Blondfire :: Where the Kids Are (Video Premiere)

LA brother/sister duo Blondfire recently contacted us about premiering the video for their new single "Where the Kids Are" which is scheduled for digital release November 1st. After listening to the track/watching the video we are definitely happy to oblige. Great indie pop track that gives me a bit of an MGMT vibe and should appeal to fans of that classic sound. Her voice is really lovely as well, think you guys will dig it.

Check out the stream/video which has a bit of a Lord of the Flies theme going. I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from these two. Their self produced album 'Win the Game' is forthcoming.


Fuck Art, Let's Dance!

There's a yearly event in Miami called Fuck Art, Let's Dance! so kinda thought that's what this was about when first saw email, but nope it's a trio from Hamburg who does catchy indie pop instead. Check out their debut single/video for "The Conqueror". Good stuff! If you like what you hear you can download the track plus a remix by Autodidakt that's also pretty sweet. Only bad thing is they're in 128 bit rate so if you dig'em you may wanna find some better versions. Enjoy!

Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - The Conqueror (Original) by Low Life Inc

Fuck Art, Let's Dance! - The Conqueror (aUtOdiDakT Remix) by Low Life Inc

Zimmer :: Horizontal Disco

Discotexas artist Zimmer that we posted about previously here is back today with a new 4 track EP 'Horizontal Disco'. Digging it, particularly first track "Looking at You". Check out the stream/video for it below. If you like what you hear they're available for purchase on beatport.

Zimmer - Looking At You by Discotexas

Martin Solveig & Dragonette :: Big In Japan ft Idoling (Video)

If you need a burst of pop in your musical diet today chances are this latest track/video "Big in Japan" (thought it was about Alphaville at first) for Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft Idoling will do the trick, at least it did for me. The video reminds me of scenes from a Wes Anderson movie. Love that dude! Enjoy...

Martin Solveig - Big In Japan (feat. Dragonette & Idoling!!!) by JustDoHits

Moon Boots

Can never get enough of some funky nu-disco like this latest track from Moon Boots "Off My Mind". They sent the track plus a remix by Rogue Vogue and I'm digging them both! Their EP of the same name 'Off My Mind' is out next week Oct 24th on the French Express label. Apparently Aeroplane featured this track on his latest mix and I can see why, good stuff! Stream the track below and grab the remix for free! The track is available via iTunes here for $.99 if you'd like to add that baby to your collection.

Off My Mind by Moon Boots

Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix) by Moon Boots


Australian group Cadillac are getting ready to release their self titled Debut EP on Future Classic October 24th. One of the members of the group Marcos Cabral remixed their track "Make You Feel" which they sent our way and I'm digging it! A great mixture of disco, house and pop all rolled into one. Best part is they are offering the remix as a free download. That's great news for us. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear be on the the lookout for that release come next week.

Cadillac - Make You Feel (Marcos Cabral Remix) by future classic

Low Roar

Reykjavík (via San Fransisco) artist Low Roar, aka Ryan Karazija, has all the melancholy eccentricities we've come to expect from artists inspired by Iceland's beautifully rugged landscape and harsh, frigid winters. With an overall folky feel highlighted by electronic accents, the upcoming self-titled 12 track album, set for a November 1st release, is hauntingly breathtaking from start to finish. He has made available for free download the albums last track "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" which you can pick up below, then head over to Tonequake Records to pre-order the full album!

Low Roar - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Edit) by INDIGENOUSPromotions


Got sent this great dark electronic instrumental track "66" by up and coming Australian producer Fables! It got my attention right away when they called it "Blade Runner Funk". How cool is that? It will definitely appeal to fans of artists like Daft Punk. Stream the track via their soundcloud below. If you like what you hear you can purchase it plus remixes on Amazon, iTunes or Beatport. Although Amazon seems to have the best deal for it at $.99 each.

'66 - FABLES! (Out Sept. 8th on BEATPORT) by Teenage Gang Records

M83 :: Midnight City (Video)

Not sure how I feel about the new M83 album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming', a little disappointed actually. Think they should have condensed the album into one disc of their best material instead of a two disc set, but one thing is for sure "Midnight City" is definitely one of the best singles to come out in 2011. Sure it will be in the running for best tracks when the end of year 'Best of' lists come along. Check out the amazing movie like video for it with kids with X-Men like powers which was just released yesterday.

Chris Malinchak :: Vilette EP

If you read OTR regularly you can tell I'm not a huge house guy, but once in awhile I get sent some stuff that is really great and breaks the mold. Like this new release Vilette, a 3 track EP by NYC artist Chris Malinchak. It's a great mixture of house w/disco and synths that is just right. Real soothing pretty stuff. In particular I'm loving the first two tracks "No Secrets" ft Damon C. Scott and "Accolade". I can play these two tracks over and over. Check out the streams below, if you like what you hear you can purchase them on iTunes. Easily worth the $.99 each. Enjoy and have a grand week-end!!! See ya next week...

Chris Malinchak - No Secrets (ft. Damon C. Scott) by FRENCH EXPRESS

Chris Malinchak - Accolade by FRENCH EXPRESS

Behling :: Red Sun Remix

Behling which is one half of duo Behling & Simpson recently sent us a remix he did for London artist Saint Saviour's track "Red Sun" that is pretty sweet. Has a fuzzy, electronic, shoegazey feel to it that I'm digging. Best part is it's available as a free download so thought I'd pass that along to you fine folks. See if you'd like to add it to your collection like I did. Enjoy!

Saint Saviour - Red Sun (Behling Mix) by Mixmag

Geoffrey O'Connor

Loving this track "Whatever Leads Me To You" by Australian artist Geoffrey O'Connor, the frontman for the band Crayon Fields. 'Vanity Forever' is his first album as a solo artist under his own name and this first single is a beaut! Gorgeous track that takes me back to the hey days of 90's brit-pop. Like a mixture of David Bowie & Jarvis Cocker, it's an exquisite sultry track. Download the track below and check out the stylishly colorful video for it.

MP3: Whatever Leads Me To You - Geoffrey O'Connor

The Ropes :: Lack of Technology Made Me A Killer

NYC duo The Ropes recently released this stunning electronic indie-rock single "Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer", which they have so generously made free for your downloading pleasure. The track is the lead single off a brand new EP of the same name, which is streamable and purchasable in full on their website. Ray first posted about The Ropes waaay back in '09, and it sounds like they have really grown into their sound. Really enjoying this new single!

Lack of Technology Made Me a Killer by The Ropes

Free Surfer Blood / Spam Allstars Show Friday (10/14) at Bayfront

You like Free Shows? Everyone does right, especially if it's a good one like say Surfer Blood, Spam Allstars and Ketchy Shuby. This Friday (10/14) starting at 6 PM all said bands will be performing under the open sky at Bayfront Park. South Floridians better get your buns out there, cause this is a good one! Be sure to bring a blanket and some smokes. Entertainment is on the house...

Here's a new Surfer Blood track "Miranda" from their latest EP Tarot Classics that I posted recently here.

Surfer Blood - Miranda by Too Good For Radio

Newtimers :: Falling

Stockholm, Sweden duo Newtimers are producers/songwriters who would write songs for others until they decided to have a go at it on their own. Their first single is called "Falling" and it is a mixture of electro with an R&B twist. Digging it! Be on the lookout for their upcoming debut album 'Ego'. For now you can download their new single for free via their soundcloud below. Enjoy!

Newtimers - Falling by Newtimers

Black Twig :: Lake Song

If you're a fan of bands like Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine chances are you will dig this new track "Lake Song" sent our way by Black Twig who I believe are from Finland. It's their first single from their upcoming debut album 'Paper Trees' scheduled for release Jan 2012 on Soliti Records. Fuzzy shoegazey goodness that you can download for free via their soundcloud below.

Black Twig : Lake Song by Soliti

Northern Lite :: Black Day

I'm a sucker for deep male voices and German band Northern Lite's lead singer definitely qualifies as having one of those. Love their track "Black Day" that they sent our way. Great mid-tempo electronic track that chugs along at a brisk pace. Check out their video for the track and grab the radio edit of the track that they are letting us post as a free download for our readers. Their new album 'I Like' is being released Nov 25th.

MP3: Black Day (Radio Mix) - Northern Lite

Mike Marlin :: The Magician

Got sent this great track/video called "The Magician" by London artist Mike Marlin. It's the first single from his upcoming album 'Man on the Ground'. Absolutely lovely track that I've played over and over since I got it. He's got an amazing voice with real heartfelt emotions tugging at your heart as it chugs along. Can't wait to hear more from him. In the meantime check out the stream of the track which is being released this week Oct 14th and the video which features a bunch of world class sleight of hand poker players doing their thing.

The Magician (Radio Edit) by Mike Marlin

Scenic :: Another Sky

A friend of mine Aida sent me this great track the other day on Facebook called "Another Sky" by Australian band Scenic. Just as the name implies it is a scenic beauty. Gorgeous mid-tempo dreamy electronic track. Best part is it's available as a free download which means we all win. Download this baby asap. Listen to more on their facebook page I linked above. Great stuff, including a solid Magician remix of the track.

Scenic - Another Sky by future classic

Phantogram :: Nightlife LP

Got some great news for your Sunday afternoon! It appears that Phantogram, the electronic duo that wooed us all last year with their track "Mouthful of Diamonds", will be releasing a brand new mini LP titled Nightlife on November 1st! And whats more? We've got the LP's lead single "Don't Move" here for your end of the weekend enjoyment!

MP3: Don't Move - Phantogram

Clubfeet :: Last Words (Remixes)

Australian trio Clubfeet that we posted about back in 2010 here just released a new single "Last Words" that is pretty sweet. To celebrate the release they are giving away two remixes of the track by RAC and C90 that are both excellent as well! Since the weekend is almost upon us thought I'd post those babies for you to get you ready for some weekend dancing. Enjoy!

Clubfeet - Last Words (The C90s Remix) by helloclubfeet

Clubfeet - Last Words (RAC Maury Mix) by helloclubfeet

White Birds

If you like your lo-fi on the super lo-fi side, Philadelphia's White Birds have just what you need. Their hazy melancholy sound will have you drifting away on an effervescent sea of reverb. Pick up their single "Hondora" below and then check out the appropriately ambiguous video as well.

MP3: Hondora - White Birds

Junior Boys :: Miami Show + It's All True

Junior Boys is performing tomorrow night here in Miami as part of Bardot's 2 Year Annv. Kinda snuck up on me. Excited to check them out for a 3rd time! Every time I've seen them perform live they have been nothing short of extraordinary. As I was listening to their latest album 'It's All True' which was released this past June on Domino Records I noticed me and my cohorts completely forgot to mention anything about the release. Problem I have sometimes of posting more the stuff that gets sent our way than stuff I may be listening to on my own accord. Also the fact that there is way too much music being released all the freakin time. Stuff inevitably falls through the cracks.

Anyways this latest album is not one to be forgotten or ignored. It's another fine album from the Canadian duo. Like all their albums it's minimal, subdued electronic loveliness that takes time to fully absorb, but if you do you get rewarded with little treasures. A bunch of great tracks on this one including "Itchy Finger", "A Truly Happy Ending", "The Reservoir", "Second Chance" and more. A fine addition to their arsenal. Check out a couple of those tracks below, if ya like what you hear the album's out now. Now back to getting psyched for the show!!!

MP3: Itchy Fingers - Junior Boys (Streaming Only)

MP3: A Truly Happy Ending - Junior Boys (Streaming Only)


J.Viewz is the brainchild of Brooklyn based producer/songwriter Jonathan Dagan. He recently released his album 'Rivers and Homes' in which he collaborates with different vocalists/musicians on each track giving the album a nice range of styles. The first single from the record is "Salty Air" and it has a nice soothing chillwave vibe to it. Check out the stream/video for that below. He also has a great live video of him and his band performing "Waffles" that showcases how exciting his live sets can be. Pretty amazing!

Salty Air (ft Noa Lembersky) by J.Viewz

If The Kids

Soundlcoud is back up after two days of being down. Incredible how dependent music promotions have gotten on SC. Most people send me soundclouds to listen to/post and when it goes down kinda shuts me down like if the power went out. Can't hear new stuff or post.

Anyways Parisian indie dance duo If The Kids recently contacted us about new single "Set You Free". It's a super hype indie dance track that should get your head and hips swinging on the dance floor. In addition they sent us another hype track "Tell Me What You Want" as a free download for our readers. They remind me of bands like Le Tigre or Revlon 9 for their pure dance intensity. Check out the goods below.

If The Kids - Set You Free by Six07Press

MP3: Tell Me What You Want - If The Kids

Ice Cream Social

If minimal, electronic, sega/nintendo sounding music is your thing chances are you will love Irvine, California's Ice Cream Social. Sam the man behind ICS sent over his latest single/EP 'Positron' and I'm digging it! The 3 tracks all run under 2 mins and combined are probably shorter than most single tracks, but one thing's for sure they will have you pressing repeat many times. Check out/dl "Positron" and "Terra Nova" below. Grab more free goodies on his bandcamp.

MP3: Positron - Ice Cream Social

MP3: Terra Nova - Ice Cream Social

Stefan is Stefan :: Offspring Remix +

I was never much of an Offspring fan back in the 90's. Thought they were too frat boy rock for my taste back then, but not too long ago we had a 90's theme party at The Vagabond and in the process of getting music for that event I got a couple of Offspring tracks "Self Esteem" and "Come Out and Play". Thought those tracks aged well. They sounded good some 17 years later. Anyways randomly a few weeks ago I got sent an Offspring remix for "Self Esteem" by Stefan is Stefan from Portland, Oregon that sounds nothing like the 90's and totally like today. Real great remix that I've been throwing out in my sets to positive crowd reactions. The track unfortunately has only 231 plays and 10 dl's in almost a month of being out. It definitely deserves more love than that. Check it/download it below.

In addition to his remix he also has some really great original tracks like "Lumpa Manila" and "Purple" that definitely deserve some attention as well and are also available as free downloads. Check out/dl "Purple" below, find more on his soundcloud.


PURPLE by Stefan Is Stefan