Inspired and The Sleep :: While We're Young (Video)

Inspired and The Sleep are super inspired. Check out their Facebook and tell me that you don't think description in their biography is cute like kittens sleeping and puppies learning to walk. Love the jangly broken up energy in all their music. The trio from San Diego California know how to inspire the fun in under three and a half minutes every time. Check out Their video for "While We're Young", might make you think about things like people drinking Yoohoo, scrunchies, or Betamax.

Goldroom :: New Remixes

LA's Goldroom that we've posted about a few times before is back with a couple great new remixes. One is for Niki & the Dove's "Mother Protect" and the other for Pat Lok's "No Shame". Digging them both, particularly the Niki & the Dove remix which he's offering as a free download. If you like the Pat Lok remix you'll have to fork over a a couple of bucks on Juno. Still worth the price of admission. Check those out below...

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Pat Lok - No Shame (Goldroom Remix) by Goldroom

Follow Me

Don't know much about Follow Me except that they are really good! They sent along a remix they did for College's track "A Real Hero" as well as the first original track they've put out called "Beyond the Horizon" and they are both tasty nuggets of dreamwave heaven! Can't get enough of them. They tell us an EP is coming real soon. Can't wait for that! In the meantime grab these two gems, free for the taking. Grab a couple more remixes they've done including a remix for Class Actress's "Weekend" on their soundcloud.

Beyond the Horizon by Follow Me

College feat. Electric Youth -A Real Hero (Follow Me Remix) by Follow Me


If indie dance punk is your thing chances are Phoenix/California band Therapist will be right up your alley. Funky basslines, dancey beats and infectious female vocals always make for a good time, especially on the dance floor. They sent along their latest EP Heart Beats which they are offering as a name your own price option via their bandcamp and I'm digging it!

Check out a couple of their tracks "Suicide Box" and "Downtown" below and if you like what you hear you know where you can grab the rest of that. As a bonus here is also a separate single "I Know What I Want" that they are offering as a free download. Choice track! Enjoy!

MP3: Suicide Box - Therapist

MP3: Downtown - Therapist

MP3: I Know What I Want - Therapist


Seeing as I am a huge Depeche Mode fan some big news that came out this past week was the new collaboration taking place between founding DM members Vince Clark and Martin Gore called VCMG. The first time these two masterminds have worked together in over three decades is always gonna make me curious. Apparently Vince contacted Martin about wanting to work on a new techno album which they worked on ala Postal Service style of sending files back and forth to each other. They will be releasing a series of EP's the first of which is called 'Spock' featuring the track and remixes followed by a full album release in early 2012. Can't wait for that!

The first Spock EP is available exclusively as a Beatport release on November 30th then other digital retailers December 13th. You can sample the track/remixes on Amazon and it certainly is a techno track. We shall see where the rest goes and if more vocals will be involved. Fingers crossed! In the meantime check out this Edit Select Remix of "Spock" I spotted on youtube. Now if only Depeche Mode would bring back Alan Wilder all would be right in the universe, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that one.

Silverclub :: No Application EP

Got sent this great track/video for "No Application" by Manchester artist Silverclub from his self titled new EP. Digging it! Fun electro-pop track with a bunch of different influences like Beck, Talking Heads, LCD. Check that out below and if you like what you hear the mp3 is free for the taking.

MP3: No Application - Silverclub

Bodi Bill :: What EP

Hey folks sorry about the lack of posts recently, but the holidays can get a little hectic. Starting today here in Miami is also my favorite time of the year the week long Art Basel events. Hopefully I can get out there and get some pics of cool art for you like I've done the last couple years. The weather gets cooler, plus art, music and cool people littering the streets. Kinda wish it was Art Basel all year long. I also happen to live in Midtown where alot of the exhibitions take place, so pretty psyched about that. Thank god I have my own garaged parking spot cause those will be hard to come by very soon.

Anyways let's get down with some new music...

German act Bodi Bill that we posted about last year here are back with a new EP entitled 'What'. They got their friend Siriusmo to rework their track "I Like Holden Caulfield" and are giving it away as a free download. Check that out below, plus their video for the title track "What".

Bodi Bill - I Like Holden Caulfield feat. Siriusmo by Sinnbus

Cavaliers of Fun :: Passengers (SaiR Remix)

Synth-pop whiz Cavaliers of Fun has made our blog many times with his wonderfully spacey originals works and his fun and upbeat remixes. Last September we shared his latest EP Sharing Space Secrets here. Now its his turn to get remixed as Portuguese fellow space-synther SaiR takes on the EP's opening track "Passengers" resulting in a smooth, upbeat dance track that can't help but put you in a good mood. Unfortunately he hasn't made it available for download, but you can stream it all you want below!

Cavaliers of Fun-Passengers (SaiR Remix) by SaiR

Fleet Foxes :: The Shrine / An Argument (video)

Recently indie folk act Fleet Foxes released this epic artistic masterpiece of a video for the track "The Shrine / An Argument" from their hugely successful last album Helplessness Blues. The animated video is a gorgeous display of artistry and compliments the bands rather eccentric and abstract musical stylings perfectly. It truly is a must see.

Casa Del Mirto :: Class Actress Remix

Italian dreamwave artist Casa Del Mirto who we've written about a few times before most recently in January released a new album 'The Nature' earlier this year which if you haven't heard you should check out, great album! Anyway's they sent along a new remix they did for Class Actress's track "Weekend" which is pretty ace with their trademark chillwave style and available as a free download in full wave quality. Check that out below, plus their video for "Snap Yr Cookies" ft Cornershop from 'The Nature' which is as delicious as a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie ;)  Enjoy!

Class Actress - Weekend (Casa del Mirto Remix) by Carpark Records

Theater of Delays

Not sure how much gonna be able to post this week with holidays and all plus always seems to be a drop on new releases holiday season, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Like this new Berlin remixer/producer Theater of Delays. He sent along three remixes he's done for Art of Noise's classic track "Moments In Love", The Rapture's "In the Grace of Your Love" and Justice's "Audio, Visual, Disco" and they are all excellent! Real subtle and subdued efforts. There's no need to make every remix a crazy epileptic dance track and these are all fine examples of that. Best part is he is offering all the remixes as free downloads. Now that sounds like a win to me. Sample/grab those suckers below. He's gonna be working on original material as well. Can't wait to hear what those may sound like. For now enjoy these fine remixes that will make nice additions to your collection.

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Theatre Of Delays Remix) by Theatre Of Delays

The Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love (Theatre Of Delays Remix) free download by Theatre Of Delays

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco (Theatre Of Delays Remix) by Theatre Of Delays


Recently ran across this gorgeously epic atmospheric dream-pop track "Sun Showers" from Fort Lauderdale artist Arrange. This one is a real stunner, embodying in sound that joyous 'light at the end of the tunnel' feeling. It is from an upcoming EP titled Five Years With The Sun due out January 24th. Got a feeling if they are all as momentous as this one it's gonna be quite the EP!

MP3: Sun Showers - Arrange

Gotye :: Making Mirrors

Don't know how it slipped my radar, but Australian artist Gotye that we've written about before here released an album earlier this year called 'Making Mirrors'. My friend sent me the video for the single "Somebody That I Used to Know" the other day and I loved it! Beautiful track/video about something we can all relate to, breaking up. Definitely an anthem for the hurt after a relationship when you find that they are now just 'somebody that I used to know'. Check out the video and scoop the mp3 if you don't already have it.

P.S. I posted a great Compuphonic remix of this track on a previous post here that you might wanna check out as well and free for the taking.

MP3: Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye

Black Light Dinner Party :: Gold Chain (Video)

Black Light Dinner Party that I posted about their new single "Gold Chain" recently here just put the finishing touches to the video for the track and sent it our way. Good stuff! Check it below and grab the free mp3 in that previous post if you haven't already. Love these guys...

P.S. That's famous porn star Ron Jeremy in there, haha.

The Rapture :: Sail Away (Video)

Although I think The Rapture is missing the contributions of Mattie Safer in their latest album 'In the Grace of Your Love' this first track from the album "Sail Away" which they just made a video for is pretty sweet. Luke's riding on top of a car throughout Brooklyn like a modern day cowboy. This is the short version, apparently there's an extended version of the video to come. Maybe it'll explain the ending? They will also be releasing a remixes EP under the same 'Sail Away' name soon. That should be sweet. For now enjoy this, their first video in like 5 years.

MP3: Sail Away - The Rapture (Streaming Only)

Adrian Lux :: Alive + Remixes

Adrian Lux that we've posted about a couple of times before is back with a new single "Alive" ft The Good Natured. Pretty cool track, especially if epic builds, dancey beats and piercing synths are your thing. Definitely a track primed for peak time dance floor plays. Sample it via their soundcloud below. There are also some pretty sweet remixes of the track by Basto, Albin Myers and more available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport that you might wanna look into.

Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured - Alive by Adrian Lux

The Ice Choir :: Two Rings

Kurt Feldman the drummer for Pains of Being Pure at Heart has a new synthpop side project called The Ice Choir. They have a new single called "Two Rings" that they sent our way as a free download. Their sound has been compared to Pet Shop Boys and New Order which I can hear and is not necessarilly a bad thing. Check it out and their video below. Sample a couple more tracks on their soundcloud.

MP3: Two Rings - The Ice Choir

The Penelopes :: Now Now Now

The Penelopes are a French duo that have known each other since they were kids and were practically brought up as brothers, with the addition of female vocalist Laura Kidd their line-up is set. They sent along new single "Now Now Now" and I'm digging it! Nice electro-pop tune that I think you guys will enjoy. The track is available for purchase on iTunes, but their reps have been kind enough to let us post the track as a free download for our readers. Score another one for OTR! Check it...

MP3: Now Now Now - The Penelopes

S.C.U.M. :: Faith Unfolds (Video)

Got sent this great video by young London band S.C.U.M. for their new single "Faith Unfolds" that will be released Jan, 2012 on Mute Records. Digging their sound, nice and dark indie rock that kinda reminds me of bands like The Horrors. The single is from their debut album 'Again Into Eyes' that was released earlier this year. Glad to have them on my Radar.

Lissy Trullie :: Madeleine

Another great track sent our way is "Madeleine" from NYC artist Lissy Trullie. Her as yet untitled debut album produced by the guys behind Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M.I.A., Santigold and TV on the Radio will be seeing the light of day in March 2012, but this first single is a great teaser! A groovy, downtempo/distortioned beaut that sounds like it could have come straight out of a Velvet Underground session from the 60's. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Can't wait to see what else she might have in store for us.

MP3: Madeleine - Lissy Trullie

Psychobuildings :: Terror Management

Hello there... way behind on emails (as usual, you guys send me way too much good stuff), but wanted to post a couple things for you on this ho-hum Monday. Hopefully make it a little sweeter with some fresh new music for your ear buds.

First up it's New York band Psychobuildings. They have an upcoming single "Terror Management" being released in a couple of weeks (Nov 29th) on iTunes and their reps sent us a few free downloads. Including the original which is a cool electro-pop track, plus a couple remixes that go in more of a electronic/nu-disco direction for the single and another of their tracks "No Man's Land". Digging them all. You can stream the entire release on their soundcloud. While you're at it check out the video for "Terror Management" which features the lead singer dancing up a storm.

MP3: Terror Management - Psychobuildings

MP3: Terror Management (Sub Swara Remix) - Psychobuildings

MP3: No Man's Land (Sammy Bananas Remix) - Psychobuildings

Juveniles :: We Are Young (Sferro Remix)

Got sent this gorgeous dreamwave remix/video of Juveniles track "We Are Young" by Sferro. So beautiful, had to post it asap, especially since the weekend is upon us. They gave us the option of posting the track as a stream or download. Guess which one I chose? Enjoy!

MP3: We Are Young (Sferro Remix) - Juveniles

French Horn Rebellion :: What I Want

French Horn Rebellion are at it again with another memorable single/video for "What I Want" that will be part of the EP out Nov 29th. The video is so good, like a mini comedy spy movie that was shot in Seoul, South Korea. They are also giving away a dance remix of the track by Golden Pony that you can get on their soundcloud or our player below. On top of everything the boys are getting ready for an Asian/Australian Tour?! Yep, keep up the great work FHR!

MP3: What I Want (Golden Pony Remix) - French Horn Rebellion

Real Estate :: It's Real (Video)

Lately the blogosphere has been buzzing with talk of this new album Days from indie band Real Estate being one of the best of 2011. Not quite sure how I missed this, because I didn't really catch on to them till about a week ago when my brother told me how good the album was! So I listened to the whole thing, and it really is a fantastic album from start to finish of good old fashion indie pop. Well anyway, here is the video they released a couple days ago for the album's single "Its Real". If you're a dog person, you'll love it, and if you have yet to catch on to this album, I suggest you do so immediately!

MP3: It's Real - Real Estate

Cloud Nothings :: No Future/No Past

Renowned lo-fi rockers Cloud Nothings recently released a new single and it seems they have strayed a bit from their former surfy/shoegazey sound and channeled the spirit of Kurt Cobain for this one. The track titled "No Future/No Past" is from their next album Attack on Memory due out January 24th, and is a lot heavier and darker than any of their previous works. Interesting change of direction, what do you all think?

MP3: No Future/No Past - Cloud Nothings

Rambla Boys :: Valderrambla EP

If fun upbeat house music is your thing then chances are you will dig Italian artists Rambla Boys latest EP 'Valderrambla'. It's basically 3 original tracks with 2 remixes by Scuola Furano & Ashton. For me to like house it's gonna be fun and this certainly is. Check out one of their originals "Cocomero" which I've been playing out in my DJ sets and they've allowed us to post as a free download in 128 bit rate. Not the best quality, but it'll give you an idea of their sound. You can stream the rest of the EP on their soundcloud and buy it on Juno in your choice of bit rate.

MP3: Cocomero - Rambla Boys

Black Light Dinner Party :: Gold Chain

Black Light Dinner Party who had that amazing track "Older Together" that we posted about here are back with a great new single "Gold Chain". Real smooth electronic pop track with his trademark vocal inflections and beautiful synth lines. These guys definitely know what they're doing! Best part as with the first two tracks they are offering it as a free download via their soundcloud or the link I'm posting below. What are you waiting for... grab that sucker!

Gold Chain by Black Light Dinner Party


I dare you to listen two fifteen seconds of the track "Nervous" and not be hooked. Pikachunes does Kraftwerk-esque beats mesmerizingly well. Been reading all about him after he tore NYC apart during CMJ festivities. I unfortunately didn't catch any of his shows and can't believe I had this track for two weeks before listening. What a panty blow torcher! Pikachunes is a Jazz student turned music producer signed to Lil' Chief records. Trimming the fat to make minimal disco pop gold, I insist you buy his record stat. Now take my dare and listen to track five"Nervous" as well as the rest of the record below. Note that "Nervous" is available as a free download.

Zakee :: Dope Girl

There's been a lot of indie/lo-fi/hip hop/R&B fusion being done lately and honestly I have never been a fan. Then all these great acts started coming out like Frank Ocean, Shabazz Palaces, and How To Dress Well making it undeniable. Zakee, another up and comer in this genre, makes rhymes sound super sexy over the chilled out melodic beat in his new single "Dope Girl". Suddenly I want my super white lover to slowly rap "That's my mother fu**ing dope girl" after sexy time. Zakee could basically say something super un sexy like "I just washed and folded my jeans" over that beat and I would still think about being between the sheets. His album "Assimilations" came out in September and I'm feeling it. Think a more hip hop TV On The Radio equaling awesome. Check out the new single and his video for "Freedom" below.

MP3: Dope Girl - Zakee

Visitor :: Monsieur Adi Remix

Since it's Friday I wanted to leave you with a great dance track for the weekend and there aren't too many out there as good as this remix Visitor did for Monsieur Adi's track "Fire Fire Fire" which is exactly that FIRE! Been playing it out in my DJ sets tons and kind of always in awe every time I hear it. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

Fire Fire Fire (VISITOR Remix) by VISITOR


Got sent this amazing video for "Wait for My Racoon" by Hamburg, Germany electronic pop duo Hundreds. Real creative vid and the music's pretty top notch as well. Along with the video they are giving away a remix of another of their tracks "Grab the Sunset" by Phon.o that is excellent as well. Nice and dark the way I like it. If you live in Europe they are on tour now so be on the lookout for that, have a feeling they'd be excellent live. Enjoy!

Hundreds - Grab The Sunset (Phon.o RMX) by Sinnbus

Portasound :: My Tiger My Timing Remix

London electronic band Portasound, specializing in synth heavy instrumental electronic jams, have successfully taken on fellow Londoners My Tiger My Timing's track "Written In Red" to create an upbeat dance track sure to have all the indie kids moving their feet. Pick that up below, and to catch you up on some of Portasound's prior original work, I threw in their pretty groovy instrumental single "Messerschmitt", which you can pick up along with a few other tracks on their site here on the previously released Messerschmitt Extended Single.

MP3: Written In Red (Portasound Remix) - My Tiger My Timing

Messerschmitt by portasound

Baron Von Luxxury :: The Last Seduction

California artist and blogger (DiscoWorkout) Baron Von Luxxury is getting ready to release his debut album in 2012. The first track he is releasing from that is this infectiously catchy disco dance anthem "The Last Seduction". The video is pretty funny. You gotta love someone with a good sense of humor. Check that out below, plus the mp3 that his reps have allowed us to post for downloading. This track will definitely be making it into my DJ sets. So fun, can't wait to see what else the Baron might have up his sleeves.

MP3: The Last Seduction - Baron Von Luxxury

League :: How Do I Know EP

London/LA psychedelic indie duo League that Mike previously posted about here contacted us with news of their second EP 'How Do I Know'. Digging the 3 track EP that you can stream on their bandcamp or better yet right from our site. Here's "How Do I Know" and "Your World" which the band have let us to post for our readers. Enjoy!

MP3: How Do I Know - League

MP3: Your World - League

Mint Julep :: Why Don't We

Got sent this amazing single/video "Why Don't We" by Portland, Oregon husband/wife electro-pop duo Mint Julep. Absolutely gorgeous track/video! Dark, melodic and beautiful. Love her voice, blew me away upon first listen. The single is set for release Nov 14th with their album 'Save the Season' seeing the light of day a week later on Nov 21st. Right in time for years end 'Best of' lists. Enjoy!

Mint Julep - Why Don't We by Anorak London

CFCF :: Night Bus II (DJ Mix)

Montreal artist CFCF that we've been covering for years now never does anything quite like anyone else, including DJ Mixes. His latest DJ Mix Night Bus II is a dark brooding beauty. Maybe not exactly a mix to get you hyped up to go dancing, but rather to unwind at home at the end of a long day or maybe in the car on the way to work to help you forget about the shitty traffic. Lovely stuff! Check it out below. If you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

CFCF Night Bus II Mix MP3 by The FADER

Night Bus II Tracklisting ::
01 wait for me intro (vangelis)
02 this city never sleeps (eurythmics)
03 stranger (jhene aiko)
04 demons/behind the bank (asap rocky/oneohtrix point never)
05 keep the streets empty (fever ray)
06 aventurescence/addiction (beaumont/cassie)
07 here in heaven/one more chance (elite gymnastics/notorious BIG)
08 tongues (d’eon)
09 sappys curry/body count (underworld/meek mill)
10 lowride/unthinkable (autechre/alicia keys)

Chris Malinchak :: No Secrets (Video)

NYC's Chris Malinchak that I posted about here just put out a video wandering the streets of NYC and the studio for his excellent track "No Secrets" ft Damon C. Scott. Good stuff, can't get enough of this track. Check it...

Metronomy :: Everything Goes My Way

The amazing Metronomy is back with a new single "Everything Goes My Way" ft guest vocals by Roxanne Clifford. As always grade A indie pop goodness. This one strums along at a nice brisk pace. Stream the track below and you can download a free remix by Psychemagik that is pretty ace as well. Takes the track into a whole other dance territory. Enjoy!

P.S. The Ewan Pearson remix for this track which is part of the single release is pretty amazing, I'd look into getting that one as well. Sooo good!

Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way (Radio Edit) by Anorak London

Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way (Psychemagik Remix) by Anorak London

Yael Meyer

Man that was one long/rainy weekend. Was so beat yesterday I did absolutely nothing and it was awesome! Anyways back to work.... Got sent this new video/single for "Fire" from LA artist Yael Meyer and I'm digging it. Real pretty indie pop tune, plus I love her voice. Her debut album 'Everything Will Be Alright' is scheduled for release November 15th. If you dig this single you can get it for free here in exchange for some basic info. Get to it.

Fire by Yael Meyer Music