Flow Machines :: Hi-Res

Got sent this great new electronic pop album 'Hi-Res' by Manchester artist Flow Machines that was just released February the 25th. Digging the variety of sounds from more mellow/instrospective "Any Other Day" to more disco dance minimalism on tracks like "Silent Disco". Best part is he is offering the release as a pay what you want option here. Check out those two tracks, plus "Synchronize" which has been made available as a free download and the video for "Any Other Day" below. If you like what you hear you know where to get the rest of that.

MP3: Silent Disco - Flow Machines  (Streaming Only)

MP3: Any Other Day - Flow Machines  (Streaming Only)

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Risetelo said...

Escuchando "Any Other Day" me he relajado.....me he evadido durante unos minutos ....un 10!!