How this Australian 3-piece slipped my radar for the last couple of years I won't ever know (sidenote: they were in my iTunes already). Not wanting to contemplate it much, just going to let the flood gates to their dirty dreamy electro/rock open. Art vs. Science is LIVE at Bardot (Miami) tonight, and there couldn't be a more intimately intense place to catch their live show. After seeing them at Bonnaroo this past weekend I can surely say this band has taken "having great energy" to new levels. Even though listening to their tracks on whatever outstanding equipment you may use still gives you a charge, you won't grasp full appreciation for these guys until you see them live in their silver metallic moon suits. This afternoon we'll be giving away 2 tickets to Art vs. Science's show tonight on OTR's facebook, otherwise you can get your tickets here if you're in Miami tonight.

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