Scorpio Loon :: Things I Like To Do

Here's an unusual and a little bit eerie story from our regular submissions. Apparently Argentinian born and London raised Larry Alvarez (aka) Scorpio Loon never released or even let close friends or family hear his music while he was alive. This went on for 30 years. Last year in 2011 after he passed away and according to his will, his family was finally allowed to release his catalog of music. The first track they are releasing "Things I Like To Do" was recorded around beginning of the new millenium. It is an exquisite piece of indie pop goodness with a Beck-esque type of flair. To think that everything we will ever hear from him is after his death is kind of eerie and strange, but there is no denying the man had amazing talent. Can't wait to hear what else might be in store for us in the months/years to come. For now enjoy this amazing debut single.

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Seems an unlikely story