Body Language :: Vacationer (Remix)

Got sent this new Body Language remix for Vacationer's track "Trip". Digging the sounds. A mid-tempo slightly calypso sounding remix that's pretty much 180 degrees different than the original. Love when they do that. Check out the track below which is being offered as a free download and the original track for comparison sake.

Salad :: Givers (Remix)

Australian artist/remixer Salad that we posted about last month here is back with another great remix. This time it's for Givers track "Up Up Up". Think he did a great job. Real up tempo fun happy dance remix that should get you moving on the dance floor. What's not to like?! Check it out below and if you'd like to have that baby on your iTunes you can grab it on his bandcamp page as his soundcloud download limit has been met.

Follow Me :: A Mission Nocturnal

Follow Me that we first posted about here are back with a new original track called "A Mission Nocturnal". It's a tasty instrumental dreamwave nugget that you can check out below, and if you like what you hear press download cause it's free for the taking. Enjoy!

Monolith :: M.I.A. Bad Girls (Remix)

Just in case you need something a little heavier in your musical diet today check out this tasteful Monolith dub-step remix for M.I.A.'s "Bad Girls". Pretty sweet and free for the taking.

As a bonus here's also M.I.A's video for "Bad Girls" just in case you haven't seen it. Although probably not many of you. The video has almost 12 million hits! Pretty unbelievable how big she's gotten. I remember bringing her to her first Miami show at I/O Lounge many years ago when she was just starting out. Seems like an eternity ago.

Bravestation :: Signs of the Civilized

Toronto indie band Bravestation that Erika posted about a couple times before, most recently here are back with a new single "Signs of the Civilized". It's a mid-tempo beaut that should be considered a bridge into their upcoming album that will be released in the next few months. Check out the track below which if you like is being offered as a free download. It's a good Tuesday indeed.

Flow Machines :: Hi-Res

Got sent this great new electronic pop album 'Hi-Res' by Manchester artist Flow Machines that was just released February the 25th. Digging the variety of sounds from more mellow/instrospective "Any Other Day" to more disco dance minimalism on tracks like "Silent Disco". Best part is he is offering the release as a pay what you want option here. Check out those two tracks, plus "Synchronize" which has been made available as a free download and the video for "Any Other Day" below. If you like what you hear you know where to get the rest of that.

MP3: Silent Disco - Flow Machines  (Streaming Only)

MP3: Any Other Day - Flow Machines  (Streaming Only)

Tako Tomago :: Hydro (EP)

Another cool EP sent our way is 'Hydro' by Tako Tomago. Not sure where (he/they) are from, but digging the sounds. Like a cool electronic/psychedelic soundscape perfect for mid afternoon listens. Check out a couple of my fave tracks "Lizzy" ft Avery Moore and "Faded Denim" below, if you like what you hear you can click the art on his Tumblr site here and get transported to mediafire link with a free download of the EP. Sounds like a deal to me. Enjoy....

Best Friends

Figure you can't really go wrong with some good, gritty British garage rock, so check out Sheffield, UK band Best Friends. Their new EP Throwing Up comes out officially March 26th, but the 6 track album is available to stream in full already on their Bandcamp site, plus they've made its first track "Wasting Time" available for free download!

New Gorillaz ft James Murphy & Andre 3000

New Gorillaz track "DoYaThing" ft James Murphy and Andre 3000 dropped yesterday as part of a Converse campaign and it is just as good as you'd think it would be. Best part is it is being offered as a free download on the Converse site! Best grab that sucker....

MP3: DoYaThing - Gorillaz ft James Murphy and Andre 3000  (Streaming Only)

Wildlife Control :: Analog or Digital (Video)

Unsigned Brooklyn / San Francisco indie rock duo Wild Control just put the finishing touches on their video for "Analog or Digital" and sent it our way. Real cool vid that was shot in a single continuous take from sunrise to sunset at Ocean Beach in San Francisco using a combination of stop motion and time lapse. The results are pretty cool. Shows you don't need the biggest budgets just good ideas. Track's pretty sweet too, check it out...

The Gordon Setter :: Bright Night EP / Remixes

The Gordon Setter is an electro-pop duo from Milan, Italy who recently contacted us about their latest EP Bright Night and upon first listen I was hooked. Real catchy dancey electro-pop that I never get tired of hearing. In addition to the EP they've got tons of remixes for their tracks including an Ercole and his Brother remix for their track "Tropical Night" that is sooo good! Really digging their sounds. Best part is they are offering all their tracks/remixes as free downloads! Can't beat it and we are happy to help up and coming artists.

Check out their Bright Night EP below and that remix I was telling you about. If you dig these go to their soundcloud and load up on even more goodies.

Ladyhawke is Back!

It had been awhile since we last heard from New Zealand's Ladyhawke and frankly I missed her. She's got a really cool voice and great pop sensibility. Plus she always gets remixed to the max and some of them are really amazing. Like this new Punks Jump Up remix for her first single "Black White & Blue" from her upcoming album 'Anxiety' which is scheduled for release in March. Check out the track/video/remix below. Good to have you back Ms. Hawke, don't stay away for so long next time. 

Joywave :: Koda Vista (EP)

NYC band Joywave recently contacted us about the release of their new EP Koda Vista which will be seeing the light of day in March. The first taste of the new record is "True Grit" which blew me away upon first listen. Atmospheric synth laden indie jam with great vocals. Thinking these guys have a bright future ahead of them. Check out that first track below which if you like is free for the taking. You can pre-order the rest of the EP in a bunch of different bundle options via their bandcamp. Can't wait to hear the rest of that, for now this track will have to hold us off. Enjoy!

Disco Pusher :: New Remixes

NYC duo Disco Pusher that we wrote about back in 2009 here contacted us with a treasure chest of new material. 19 new remixes and original works which are all free for the taking. Amazing how prolific these guys are. Check out their excellent remixes for Cut/Copy, Goldfrapp and Dragonette below. If you like what you hear go to their site here or their soundcloud and plunder some more.

Nightlife :: Radio (EP)

I love new music, especially when they come as a recommendation from one of our readers. It's like the circle of sharing is complete. Nightlife is a fine example of that. They are an electro-pop duo from Ann Arbor, MI who were brought to our attention and I am digging the sounds. Minimal electro-pop with pretty female vocals is kinda my weakness (although I have a few).  Check out their video/track for "On the Run", plus the EP title track "Radio". She sure is pretty. The kicker is their EP Radio is available as a name your own option on their bandcamp?!?! Yep, might wanna get that.

Monsieur Adi :: Fire Fire Fire (EP)

One of our fave Parisian electronic producers Monsieur Adi has just released his new EP Fire Fire Fire through his own imprint Technofavrik. He's released a few streams from it the last few weeks "Requiem", "Fire Fire Fire" and "We Are the Romans". "Fire Fire Fire" is an amazing sci-fi sounding thrill ride and "We Are The Romans" is a solid dance floor jam, but my favorite of the bunch has to be "Requiem". A real pretty mid-tempo daft punk inspired vocoder beaut that only becomes more special when you find out it was an ode to his mother who passed away. With lyrics like 'I loved you more than you'll know, you made me feel so complete. I miss you more than you'll know, you made my life so sweet' you can't help, but love it even more. Check out the tracks below and if you like what you hear be sure to pick that baby up.

Off the Radar Live DJ Mixes

About 10 days ago Off the Radar was invited by WVUM (UM's excellent college radio station) to be on their show Electric Kingdom. A long running electronic/dance show currently hosted by Amber which features tons of great DJ's and tunes throughout the years (the week before us Danny Daze was on the show). Anyways I had spun there a few times, but for some reason we always had a problem recording the set. Meaning they were all one time only events, never to be heard again. Fortunately this last time we got that sucker recorded and we are pretty happy with the results. I did the first hour then our boy Andrew Ward jumped on and did the last hour. Check out the mixes below and if you like what you hear they are free to download. Feel free to repost the mixes wherever you'd like, the more the merrier. You can get my set list on OTR's soundcloud here and Andrew's set list on his soundcloud here. Thanks and hope you enjoy them!

Thieves Like Us :: Bleed Bleed Bleed

Thieves Like Us, who made a name for themselves back in 2007 with their excellent single "Drugs in My Body", are back with what is now their 4th full length album titled Bleed Bleed Bleed. The album was recorded out of their homes in Berlin and Paris, and its one track that they've released for streaming thus far, "Maria Marie", shows they are still living up to the stylings of that classic New Order track the band derives their name from, continuing to blend that synth pop base with a shoegaze feel. The new album is out officially on March 20th.

Thieves Like Us - Maria Marie

Red Alder :: Winterdress

Bleak and beautiful, this new track "Winterdress" by Red Alder (aka Kelsie Brown), released earlier this month, is a frigid reflection of her surroundings in her home state of Washington. Sometimes a hauntingly melancholy track like this really hits the spot, and this spacey lo-fi piece really drifts you away to that cold, awe-inspiring, wonderous and lonely wilderness. Check this out and if you like it, you'll definately wanna head over to her bandcamp and pick up some of her previous works as well.

Theater of Delays :: Superlover (Remix)

One of my recent faves Theater of Delays is back with another excellent remix. This time it's his first 'official' remix for Superlover's "Sequential Circuits" that you can check out/download on his soundcloud. Like I jokingly wrote on his facebook page the other day I said "stop making so many amazing remixes". In the last few months my DJ mixes have been filled with remixes from this up and comer and it doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime soon.

As a bonus here is the original version of the track which is also quite good and free for the taking on their soundcloud as well.

Cygne Noir :: Celebrate Love EP

Our good friend and former contributor Danny Ashe moved to Germany a couple of years ago, got married and started a new project called Cygne Noir. He just put the finishing touches on his debut EP Celebrate Love and I'm here to tell you it is mighty fine! Great mix of electronic and traditional instruments, plus his voice is sounding as excellent as ever. Check out a couple tracks from the EP "Broken Walls" as well as "Kiss Me" below and I'm sure you'll become a believer. You can stream the rest of the EP on his soundcloud. Good to have you back doing what you do best, making great music.

Stu & the Joo :: Cappucinos and Your Mom (DJ Mix)

Stu & the Joo are a couple of fellows from Durban, South Africa who are big fans of our little blog here and sent us their latest DJ Mix which is right up our alley. Dancey nu-disco electronic goodness. Great mix that features a bunch of our favorites. Figured since it's hump day a good DJ Mix might help you get through your work week. Press play then get to dancing in your cubicle. Tracklisting's up on their soundcloud.

Papa :: I Am the Lion King (St. Lucia Remix)

Got sent this sublime remix for Papa's "I Am the Lion King" by St. Lucia that is top notch. Nice smooth electronic remix that I can hear over and over. If you like what you hear it's available as a free download. As a bonus here's the original version which is more on the indie side and available as a freebie as well on their soundcloud.

Linkoban :: Like This

Although not the typical kind of stuff we post on OTR (dupstep/hip hop hybrid) this latest video "Like This" by Linkoban sent our way definitely caught my attention. There's star power in this girl that's hard to ignore. I can sense some M.I.A. swagger in there. If you like what you hear you can buy the track on iTunes.

Rolls Boyce :: Aero EP

Rolls Boyce are a DJ Team from Hamburg who (have a funny name) and have just released their debut maxi single/EP Aero. They sent over the two tracks "Aero" and "TAYB" for review and I'm digging them. "TAYB" has a great organic house feel and "Aero" is a little more on the darker electronic dance side (so of course it's my fave). Good introductions to the duo that makes me curious as to what else they might have in store for us. Check out the tracks below and if you like what you hear they're free for the taking.

Jolie Cherie :: No Matter What

French electro-pop? Don't mind if I do... Check out this sweet 80's inspired electro-pop tune "No Matter What" by Parisian trio Jolie Cherie. Even though I can't understand the lyrics good music is universal, plus I'm pretty sure she's singing about super sexy shit. In addition to the track here's also a video they put together of a bunch of mostly 80's/90's TV clips that I remember watching as a kid and makes me feel old. I guess we've all been Americanized. Enjoy!

Bruxxelles :: Nu-Disco DJ Mix

It's pretty crappy weather in Miami today (lots o rain), but as we like to do Fridays wanted to leave you with a cool DJ mix to get you psyched for some weekend dancing. Hopefully it's not raining where you're at and it stops here at some point. This week we have an excellent nu-disco DJ mix sent our way by Canadian act Bruxxelles who also happen to be big fans of Off the Radar. Really great DJ mix featuring a lot of our faves Oliver, Edwin Van Cleef, Bit Funk, Alex Metric, Aeroplane and more. Check out/download the mix below and you can check out the tracklisting on their soundcloud. Great stuff that should easily get you in a dancing mood. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Fanfarlo :: Shiny Things (Yeasayer Remix)

Haven't heard much from the eccentric and always excellent Yeasayer lately, but like two years ago they consistently topped my charts. Needless to say, when I stumbled upon this new remix they did of London band Fanfarlo's latest single "Shiny Things" I was pretty damn excited! In true Yeasayer fashion, it is a bizarre and entertaining take on the track. Check it out!

Fanfarlo - Shiny Things (Yeasayer Remix)

Parisien II / Tomorrow's World

Kitsune always put out so much great music. They have a new compilation 'Parisien II' showcasing emerging artists from this amazing city and beyond coming out February the 13th. The first track from it is "So Long My Love" by Tomorrow's World. A new side project from Air’s Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Lou Hayter the keyboard player from New Young Pony Club. Love both those bands so it's no surprise this new track is pretty fantastic. Check out the soundcloud below and be on the lookout for that release next week. Seems like there's a bunch of really cool bands to wrap our heads around.

1. Tomorrow’s World – So Long My Love
2. Juveniles – Ambitions
3. Owlle – Free (Parisien Mix)
4. LESCOP– La Forêtdans
5. About The Girl – Tiger Evolution
6. Nameless – Angelina
7. Birkii – Holy War
8. BeatauCue – Kiho
9. We Are Knights – Tears
10. Wolfpack Beartrack – Modern Realm
11. Slowdance – Airports
12. Exotica – Spectrum (Radio Edit)
13. LA//KVLKD – Zephyr
14. Pyramid – The Race

15. SingTank –The Party (Lucas Sorel Remix)
16. KIT – Those Words

Fotoshop :: Worries

Helsinki, I imagine that must be a beautiful place. Artist Fotoshop from that mystical land contacted us and sent their latest track "Worries" and we are liking what we're hearing. Nice chillwave tune that you can check out below. Press play and then let your mind fly away.

Topless :: Say You Love Me

Is freestyle making a comeback? Possibly. Topless latest single "Say You Love Me" has all the classic signs of a freestyle track; great production work, synths and samplers. It's a fine example of the genre. The video's pretty funny/memorable as well. Check those out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Resistor :: Video Games (Cover)

I pretty much hate Lana Del Rey except for a good remix here and there I feel she is another fabricated star, but this cover I got from Philadelphia artist Resistor is so sweet and sounds so different it's almost like a totally different song. Real pretty electro-pop re-interpretation that he's offering as a free download. Who can say no to that? Give it a listen and see if you can resist.

Inspired & The Sleep :: New Single

San Diego California based Inspired & The Sleep has a new single out in collaboration with London based Hi54LoFi records. Basically it's a compilation of love songs meant to be an audible Valentine's day card. "I Love You and Stuff" is available exclusively over Bandcamp and comes with a postcard that features a free download for your loved one. Check out the full compilation here. Check out Inspired & The Sleeps new single "What I Want And What I Need" below.

Madam Trashy :: Book of Dead (Video)

One of my favorite bands to see locally, Madam Trashy, has a new creeptastic video out. Such a fan of their live performances. These guys play loud and really take me back to a time where good guitar playing reigned supreme and not everything was so lo-fi or computerized. Been finding myself more into Rock 'n Roll and even Country lately as my obsession with collecting old vinyl gets worse. Check out the video for "Book Of Dead" Below. If you live in the New York area they are invading Spike Hill in Brooklyn for the whole month of February every thursday.

Peter Zohdy & Michael Senna :: All in Vain EP

Got sent this great new Maxi Single/EP All in Vain by Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy who are from Coppenhagen, Denmark. Fun dancey track with an 80's new wave vibe to it that is totally my cup of tea. They also have a bit more housey remix by Blond:ish, plus a digital only track "Dirty Talk". Good stuff, check them out below. If you like what you hear you can buy them on beatport. Enjoy!


Zonen are an experimental instrumental electronic band from Sweden who make music on their phones and computers inspired by things like John Carpenter, Goblin and Sci-Fi movies. Things near and dear to my heart as well. They sent along their soundcloud which has tons of great tracks from them, many as free downloads. I can imagine their music being featured in sci-fi or horror movies like Dario Argento's even now as I'm listening to "Spillror Av Hopp". Check out that one, plus their latest "En Ny Tid" that has a heavy Goblins feel to it. If you dig these go grab some more goodies on their soundcloud.

Jubilants :: Antics (Salad Remix)

Got sent this great remix by Melbourne, Australia artist Salad for Jubilants latest track "Antics" which will be featured on the upcoming Kitsune compilation. He did a great job! Real dancey disco rendition that should work well on the dance floor. Best part is it's a free download. Check it out below, then get to downloading.

Fridays at The Vagabond :: First Fridays w/ WVUM + Krisp Starts Tonight!

Fridays at The Vagabond which is a party I am a resident DJ at is getting ready to start a monthly series with WVUM called First Fridays were they bring in a different DJ from the station every month as well as a kick ass local band. Tonight is the first one with DJ Jonas and Krisp who are one of my favorite up and coming bands from the MIA, so should be a great one! If you show up before 11 it's free and they just incorporated a new drink special $5 PB&J = (PBR + Shot of Jameson or Jager all night). Now you know I love those! It's kinda like they made it just for me ;) I'll be spinning in the Bar Room from 12-3ish. Come hang...

As a bonus here's the new DJ Mix from one of my favorites Lifelike. It's like a prime time set. Heavy and hard which should get you pumped for some weekend dancing. Tracklisting's up on his soundcloud. Have a great one!

Walter Sobcek :: Miami (Video)

Speaking of cities we love Walter Sobcek recently completed a real pretty video for their equally pretty track "Miami" featuring a stunning model going up and down the streets of South Beach. I love seeing videos like this, being from Miami sometimes we take for granted how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to live right next to the ocean. Almost makes me wanna go to the beach now, almost haha. Enjoy!

Goldroom :: Angeles

Goldroom has a new single dedicated to the city they love Los Angeles called "Angeles". Another smooth electro funk winner. Love the real bass and guitar action. Check it...


Betablock3r are an electro-pop trio from Los Angeles who recently contacted us. Their music is a mixture of bands like Miami Horror, Bag Raiders and Sound of Arrows. In other words, great stuff! Real dancey electro pop, perfect for the dance floor. Check out a couple of their tracks "Long Nights" and "Hot Damn" below. You can check out a couple more on their soundcloud.

Proof I Exist :: Suburban Sci-Fi

Got sent this great indie pop track "Modern Day Love Song" by Cleveland solo artist Proof I Exist off his debut album 'Suburban Sci-Fi'. Super cheery track with a surf rock feel that totally got me in a good mood. Maybe it'll do the same for you? Check out the track below if ya like what you hear the whole album is available as a free download via his bandcamp. Sounds like a deal to me.

Three Nights at The Electric Pickle

When we heard about the celestial lineup that The Electric Pickle had in store for Miami the last weekend of January we knew right away that we'd be ending every night of the weekend there, or beginning every morning. What we did not realize was that we were in for a early and heavy dose of Winter Music Conference. One thing that was definitely confirmed Monday afternoon by just about everyone we interacted with, was that we looked like we had a lost weekend!

JESSE ROSE :: Friday, Jan 27th

The London native Jesse Rose is attributed with having kick started the ‘fidget house’ movement, which is a form of house music that relies upon heavy sample manipulation. He is truly a sage when it comes to playing intuitively, and his set at The Electric Pickle proved to be nothing short of perfection. We believe that this mostly comes from his "I am just going to play some of my favorite records" attitude, which we could not approve of more.

 BENOIT & SERGIO :: Saturday, Jan 28th

Benoit & Sergio grew up thousands of miles apart, in Paris and Iowa respectively. They met in 2008 at a party in Washington DC. The duo draws from influences mostly uncommon to the house-and-techno zeitgeist bands like Talking Heads and Pavement as well as electronic-music contemporaries like Isolée. Their live Saturday set consisted of both of them on vocals as well as a keyboard, playing predominantly new material though not leaving out more renowned hits like 'Everbody'.

MAYA JANE COLES :: Sunday, Jan 29th

Twenty-four-year-old London house producer Maya Jane Coles came thundering on to the charts with her 2010 single, 'What They Say' attracting worldwide critical and public adoration. We did not make it to her American debut performance at The Electric Pickle last April, just after Winter Music Conference WMC.  Ever since then we've been held down and forced to hear all the raving reviews about her ensemble.  Sunday night the moment we turned the corner onto North Miami Ave. and started walking towards The Electric Pickle's front entrance we knew we were in for a treat. Turning the next corner at the top of the stairs we realized that WMC had come early this year. Coles, who is known for playing notoriously long periods of time kept the room completely packed and everyone going crazy for 4 hours or more (we left in the third hour), because we unlike mostly everyone else there had to wake up Monday!

Upcoming events at The Electric Pickle ::

WAIFS & STRAYS :: Thursday, Feb 2
SLOW HANDS Live + SOUL CLAP vs. WOLF+LAMB :: Saturday, Feb 4
CARL CRAIG :: Friday, Feb 10
GET LOST MIAMI 7th Session (WMC closing event) :: Sunday, March 25
lineup includes Amirali (Live), Art Department, Craig Richards, Danny Daze, Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything, Fur Coat, Guti, Luca Bacchetti, Maceo Plex, Miguel Campbell, Mr. C , Russ Yallop, Shaun Reeves and Subb An

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster :: As We Plz EP

Just out with a new 5 track EP called 'As We Plz', is one of Sweden's best experimental art electro-pop bands, Lissi Dancefloor Disaster posted last February here. The As We Plz EP is their latest addition to their past singles "Glowing Hearts" and "Moshpit Lovers" as well as their arsenal of great remixes. My favorite track and new video which just came out is, "I Will Not". The Swedish duo is made up of Josefin Lindh and Johan Tilli, who named the band Lissi Dancefloor Disaster after Johans former cat Lissi. Anyway, even if I didnt care for the great grooves that they put out I was already sold on THE KITTENS!

CANT :: Dreams Come True

A solo project that slipped my radar earlier last year is Grizzly Bear's producer and bass player Chris Taylor's CANT, which is Chris's first venture on his own. The Seattle native comprised a solid 10 tracks for the Dreams Come True LP, and I can honestly say, not only am I impressed that he recorded the entire album in just over a week's time, but I am glad he went that route rather than an EP first. Straying between a lot of surface satisfaction and emotional nonchalance "Too Late, Too Far" as well as the album's title track "Answer" are my favorites.